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In the new book "Ecstasy and Immortality" - Pages 169-181 (conclusion) are excellent summary- Practical Lifestyle Instructions.

NEW: BLISS Process for Young People: Musical Recipes for Euphoria- Self Empowered BLISS Without Drugs- from RAINBOW SERPENT (includes 'Politics of Bliss' magazine article)

A1:Simple Exercizes to "Zero Point"

Caducceus-Breathing the Heart to Bliss-

Nourished By Spin; Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle, Practical hygiene from spin geometry

fun part of learning to hug better. ..HOW TO TOUCH..

4/5/2000: Flora - the Iron Man and Restoring Bliss Amperage to Blood (Hygiene 102)

Ecstatic Process and the healing of the immune system


Braiding DNA, Is Emotion the Weaver?-WAVE GEOMETRY OF EMOTION

 3/10/99 Origin of Religion: Hygiene Instructions without Pure Principle , Instructions in Hygiene

Kundalini: A Web Conversation

MAJOR Update- 99- Understanding the Cellular Geometry of Cancer - Bliss Forgottten?

4/21/2000: Sweet Ecstasy-On the Natural Biological "Sweetness" of the Ecstatic Process, & How to Achieve it

5/13/2000: Natural Law - 'Party"- Sustaining the Wave That is DNA

10/14/2000: How the Worm Turns-BLOOD RITES: Defining the Difference between a Parasite and Empowerment 1-Dragons versus Parasites 2-Politics and Energy Economics of Orgasm.3-The biological basis of elitism and "the divine right" rule - BLOOD-RITES.4-Diana was NOT the Target (Another Bloody rite).

6/4/2000: Sound Choices:Picking Audio Harmonics to Heal by Element & Color (& more on Solar Heart Igniting Each Atom/Anu/Heart 'Rapt'urously)

6/1/2000: The Purpose of Genes: Bliss vs. Money? How would Government Based on the VALUE of Bliss look?

5/16/2000: Virus Music Tuned by Heart- Rife-Merkel-Naessens

5/13/2000: Natural Law - 'Party"- Sustaining the Wave That is DNA

5/8/2000: Solar Wars & Amenti's Halls: DNA Imploding/Ensouling as Political Key to Who Steers the Sun's 'Streaming Media'


11/7/99: Pure Principle is a Richer Name than God or Good or Evil for the Whispers of Your DNA in Your Ear Another View after David Icke.. Fear vs. Awe at the Mysteries..11/20/99: See Men PoliSee

11/15/99: Addiction, Gurus & Sex Juice vs PRINCIPLE of Ecstatic Communion

12/19/99 PICTURE and EKG harmonic explanation added to

4/5/2000: Healing Anger: Musical Key to a Fractal Back Yard..

3/30/2000: Communion of Saints-White Powder Gold Cakes to the Star Penetrance of Menstrual Blood and Sperm

4/14/2000: Turning Inside Out: Wave Guide to Heart learning to Feel? Labyrinth and Star Mother as Wave Guide, includes orig:Heart Intelligence and DNA

10/4/99 Ritalin:Poisoning the GEOMETRY of Attention in our Young? )

Blue Fire Creativity & A Bioenergetic Model of AID's & Cancer


what is the connection between MERKABBAH Tetra Meditation, Phi, GoldenMean & This Fractal Embedding Stuff?

Light Cones From the Heart: The Geometry of the Emerald Modem.

Can Intent Steer Waves?

The LABYRINTH in Principle.. Turning Inside Out=Slip Knot Creating Matter=Being Born?

Is This Recursion? Practical Biofeedback to Awareness

Understanding PAIN as an Invitation to Focus Awarness/ Align Waves/ &Create Order-Coherence.... an Alternative to the "War on Pain"

The Sacred Geometry of Lucid Dreaming

Geometric map for navigating the time tunnel during Shaamanic or Death experiences

Gold Powder and How to USE it.. Deep Alchemy

Dying Trees Branching Geometry: Updated

apologia for sting? (dan winter stories)

 9/22/98 Genetic Engineering in Food/SOUL-LOSS in DNA

7/19/99: The Mariposa Effect by Tom Swain: Become a DISTRIBUTABLE wave.. The butterfly of the heart takes wing

9/13/98 Well Tempered & Phi Cyclic..

 STOCK MARKET GOLDEN MEAN PATH TO PREDICTABILITY FROM CHAOS (any oscillator becoming self aware=harmonic PHI)

 9/21 OverTone Chanting,Harmonic Choir 3D Color Landscape FFT:Ratios Cascade to Transcend Measureably.

 12/98 Monsanto Murders Most Food Seeds on the Planet, follows up with Millions Dead of Aspertame/NutraSweet

 7/04/99: Ray El An's Dream 'The Gold Sarcophagus' -The PRINCIPLE behind the ancient gold and the golden ratio 'sarcophagus' teaches us biological survival thru compression, literally cellular transmutation.

7/04/99 :How Does Emotion create Membrane/Immune/Spin & Braid DNA..

1/99 Is Embedding a Mathematical Opposite to Cancer as Wave FractionationI

2/24/99 Taking Recurrence to Hand..A Story:, lucid dreaming geometrically

8/22/99: Gold Powder vs Heart.. Alchemy's Darker Moments

 7/21/99: Eye of the Sun: How To Embed for Aug 11 & Ur Na Sha Imprinting

3/16/99 How to Use Millennium and August Solar Eclipse Magnetic"STILL POINTS" to RE-PENT..

Health Empowered Suggestions

Complementary Modalities: If you change your lifestyle to make your cells happy - they will reward you with sweet joy!

(NOTE these are only practical immediate suggestions from one group of friends to another - and are not in ANY way to be taken as medical advice - we simple say - here is a friendly report on how WE got healthy - in CASE you would like to do the same).


1. Drink ONLY -living spring water, and fresh squeezed fresh fruit or vegetable juices. Nothing else.(herb tea if custom requires - then with quality spring water - heating water does not serve life ). 80 to 100 percent of what you eat should be alive / raw / uncooked. Elminate most or all highly processed foods - highly mixed - 'homogenized' means dead. Most any food or drink that has spent much time in contact with any metal you can be assured contributes only to death.

2. Eliminate ALL wheat, dairy, corn, soy - including all bread and soy products made from these. This is because the DNA in them is mostly sad and spin lost from too much mono-culture. You can tell what to eliminate from what makes too much mucous.(When grains are desired try Quinoa, Millet, Amaranth, Oats)

3. Eliminate all stimulants, all caffeine, all sugar, all alchohol, tobacco, and drugs.

4. Sleep, live and work in a place where magnetic fields are pristine and quiet. Eliminating most metal from everything possible that you touch and live next to.

5. Do eat hi quality protein once a day. Raw fish, organic eggs, etc. (midday better than late).

6. Eliminate all fried food. Eliminate eating any oil that has been heated. (use only raw expeller pressed oil).

7. Do eat high quality raw oil - flax, olive, 'Udo's'.

8. The AIDS membrane is a leaky membrane - so practice holding charge by SPEAKING only when it serves bliss.

9. Do eat RAW (unheated) mixed excellent nuts (except eliminate peanuts) perhaps with banana and a little fresh squeeze Orange on it for breakfast. And here is a suggested lunch - carefully plan nicely rice avocadoes, mashed with lemon and or lime juice, sea or mineral salt, plus excellent raw olive or other raw oil, plus chopped raw sweet / red peppers, and or tomatoes organic.. (Like a Guacamole) Dip with other raw veggies.

10. Deep bath with deep breathing daily . (If at ALL possible eliminate ALL contact with Chlorine water).

11. Ozone Enema once or twice and month - 'Colema'

12. Do Aerobic kinds of excercise at least every other day. Try for a breath rate, heart rate curve which looks fractally like a caddeuceus. Find NATURE to do it in.

13. Start a regular strong bliss practice - Yoga, and or Tai Chi / Sacred Circle Dance / Eurhythmy / Sacred Gymnastic / Sufi Dance.

14. Meditate daily in a regular place - noting the energy of Sunrise / Sunset . (Access to Still point).

15. Put a high priority on getting into living / sleeping / working space which has - REAL quiet, excellent tree braided air, and pristine magnetic lines.

16. Take a very high quality MultiVitamin and Mineral supplement daily.

17. Practice deep breathing FREQUENTLY. Begin to notice each time you stop breathing - ultimately stop stopping your breathing except when you feel bliss.