Turning Inside Out: Wave Guide to Heart learning to Feel?

The Labyrinth and the Star Mother as Wave Guide Instructions for Turning Inside Out -

A Necessary Skill for Heart's Choosing to Embed (Love).

(Animations of Turning Inside Out Principle - Nesting in the Original Illustrated Paper: Heart Intelligence and DNA Programming )

from Dan Winter , 4/14/2000 , url : http://www.danwinter.com/insideout , other articles at http://www.danwinter.com/sitemap.html

The possibility of FEELING the turning inside out process in the heart, begins with seeing the spin path / wave guide. It is like the anthropop telling you ... TO CLEARLY SEE IN YOUR INNER VISION the entire "projective geometry' contiguous unfolding wave path of the ROSE from bulb, to bud, to flower, to bulb ...

When you can create the wave shape as a complete bubble including the time element (4D) as a living form...

then you are ready for the spiritual work creative visulization does with the optical hologram of the brain, to shape matter out of light.

Another example is seeing the movements of our Solar Systems planets as a continuous 4D spiral using the time axis extension. The resulting vision shows us how the solar system functions as a kind of sperm or tear drop in a galactic living metabolism. (pic at Seed and the Egg: Earth Inseminates Galaxy )

So here is our Question about TURNING INSIDE OUT: (let's turn this around in our Heart's...)

Subject: Star Mother, From: Pam (ananyomous),Thu, Apr 13, 2000, to Dan Winter

"Hi, ... Can you tell me what the phrase 'turn the box inside out' means to you? ...

Hello again, to add a bit more information about my request. Turn the box inside out is an enigma to me. A collequillism
of my childhood from the time I can recall. This is part of the enigma. I always thought everyone knew it. Not so. I didn't
find this out until very recently. When I was a child I knew of the fourth dimension and had a 'shelf' on the wall above my
bed where an etheral-formed lady would cross over to me. The fact that there wasn't a real concrete wooden shelf on the
wall there never occurred to me. I did nightly tasks before going to sleep, such as breathing exercises and concentration
exercises that five year olds don't know anything about. I just thought everyone did these. I consider myself to be math
illiterate. I am quick to learn it and apply it, yet I can't retain it in proper categorization and process. therefore, math

I don't know how you can help, but know from your website that you have the ability to categorize and process where I
cannot and perhaps you can assist me to understand the principles behind the theory of turning the box inside out. I know
that the 'starmother' is right, as is the form of the 7 circuit labyrinth. Thanks so much for the forum, I would very much
appreciate hearing from you on any aspects of it. Pam

5:34 p.m. April 13, 2000

I think the picture of the Star Mother is wrong in that the inside sphere should be moving when you are in it, and the
outside sphere should not move. All around you should be still while it is moving within you. It is like the gravity is
reversed, you move within the still sphere, the opposite of us being 'still' on our moving planet. Is it possible to make
the equation do that When I woke up the first thought I had for today was that I would be still today. To be still, all
things around me still, my breath is relaxed, there is complete calm, which is sustainable. Inside the energies renew,
vibrate. It is so very difficult to relate without sounding as though my ...... prescription needs refilling. I would be so
grateful to hear any response you would have. Thanks again, Pam."


Star Mother: (Cube nest darkened for clarity):

(Octa/Star Tetra/Cube nested in Dodec-Icos-Dodec ..inPHIknit stellation ... same as Merkabbah )

First, (see how the dimpling little wormhole in the egg is the beginning of becoming a fetus pics at...

Labyrinth's and Turning Inside Out!

Notice how the LABYRINTH IS this turning inside-out-ness on the surface of a donut as a simple 'shadow on flatland', 2D projection of the 3D donut - dimpling.



Then, we realize that depicting these donut waves into nests in 3D is what the Platonic solids are!

The pent nesting of the cubes in the dodec, by creating PHI / Golden Ratio, becomes the Archetype of what it is to turn inside out..

Do you see now, that where the 5 cubes nested inside the dodec in the star mother, is the first time the Golden Ratio occurs around the tetra and the cube.

(black dodec edges =.618 of each 1.0 cube edge : red, purple, green, blue, yellow)..

This starts the dimpling vortex into center point..


This is called the perfect "Spin Path to the Zero Point" or Implosion, or "black hole" etc. It is the geometric basis of what causes capacitance to "turn into" what we label gravity in atoms and planets (orbitals enter recursion/ PHI harmonics permitting non-destructive compression to center).

This cube symmetry in 4D -dodec / tesseract? is also why the 32 degree tilt of those cubes to embed them in dodec, is the bliss tilt of the (sacro cranial pumping) chin angle of the sphinx. Sphinx Gate to 4D: The Function of "Royal Blood" in Regulating Climate

And this is why discovering the Golden Mean ratio in the heart harmonics tells us when BLISS / COMPASSION (feeling the outside as if it were inside) is happening (because the heart's field magnetic domain donuts start imploding... centering... 'Turning Inside Out!').


Another example of the primal GENESIS of turning inside out - ness, in the ORIGINS of things is the Topo Map of how to turn yourself inside out on the surface of a magnetic field, which is the FIRST WORD OF GENESIS in the bible:


(above) Note that when you look at the Golden Spiral map on the (7 color) donut, from the SIDE (outside looking in), you see the side view of the spiral flame letter which makes the letter B, Bet (First letter of Braeshith).

(my actual computer plots of the golden mean spiral animated on the surface of the donut tilting to tetra views creating Hebrew letterforms as simple 2D shadows - alphabet of symmetry of perfect embedding-symbol-making, have been removed to due to Federal Order).

So then, re-orienting your view stepping from the outside in, walking on that spiral on the donut, TOWARD THE INSIDE OUT, the next stopping place 1/6 the way in, standing now on the tangeant line tilted on the donut from the next tetra symmetry view...

you look again directly at the CENTER of the donut...

and the shadow of the SAME SPIRAL FLAME LETTER you now see, is the Hebrew letter Resh.. (the NEXT letter in Beraeshith)..

You keep doing this rotating yourself in 'consumed perspective' around the donut until at last then you have relocated yourself to standing now EXACTLY INSIDE THE CENTER OF THE DONUT LOOKING INSIDE OUT INSTEAD OF OUTSIDE IN,

and the shadow of the same spiral strip (delineating the 7 color map), is the Hebrew letter HE, (looks like the symbol "Pi" above). Means 5 - ness also in Hebrew. 5 or Pent is the geometry of the ratio Phi, which by perfecting recursion/embedding starts this dimpling process.

The 'point' here is that , it is when waves learn how to turn inside out, that the start storing spin. This is called 'mass'. Thus this topological road map to turning inside out is THE BEGINNING of creation.

So now we know why, the first word "Braeshith" of the Bible, means 'IN THE BEGINNING'.

Fabre D'olivet ("Hebraic Tongue Restored") more accurately transliterated it (by studying ONLY the SHAPE of the letters)..

"At first in Principle"... or I translate it : "At First In principle- the turning inside map to the origin of THING- ness (matter out of light)."

Do you see how this is all based on KNOWING THE MOVES TO MAKE TO TURN INSIDE OUT.

Since as an egg starting the turning inside out, (ectoderm and endoderm switch places) is how you became a fetus/baby, this 'putting the moves on' is truly 'the first move you ever made'. (pic at labyrinth link).


So now we are ready to look at what happens in the HEART when the Heart Muscle learns the EMOTION of turning inside out.

Sucked into the vortex of the fractal making / imploding donut fields... is FEELING (for what WAS outside you, entering INSIDE you..)

This is the topological map to COMPASSION.

Note the importance of these pictures...


in the ORIGINAL PAPER : Heart Intelligence and DNA Programming

(reprinted below) I wrote when the Heart Math Institute first paid me to travel there to teach them how to do EKG spectrum analysis (before 1992)

(Thanks to Rollin McCraty for editing)


Heart Intelligence and DNA Programming
A Pilot Research Report by Daniel Winter at the facilities of the
Institute of HeartMath, Boulder Creek, California August 1992

About the Author
Daniel Winter received his degree in psycho-physiology (magna cum laude) from the University of Detroit. He has multi-disciplinary training in electrical engineering, psychology, psycho-physiology, and bio-physics. Dan has worked with MIT in x-ray astronomy projects. Dan is worked with well known (psychophysiologist) Dr. Albert Ax who was able to electrically measure and discriminate between the emotions of fear and anger.


It is well known that a person's emotional state has a powerful effect on their health. There is an abundance of documentation linking negative emotion to hormonal secretions that increase the aging process, add to the stress placed on the immune system and ultimately manifest in disease. Duke University researchers recently discovered that teenagers who have tendencies towards anger and hostility have a ten times greater chance of dying from cardiac arrest as adults. The University of London School of Medicine recently released a thirty-year study which showed that negative reactions to stress are more destructive to health than is cigarette smoking.

While the impact of negative emotions on health has been well documented, the impact of positive emotions on health has received little attention. One such study carried out at Harvard University showed that individuals who experience "care" had higher levels of the antibody salivary IgA which is known to enhance the immune response.

This article summarizes phase one of a joint research project I have undertaken with the Institute of HeartMath. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the electrical and sonic links between cardiac electricities, mental processes, emotion, brain electricities and DNA programming. We will also demonstrate that the frequency content of the QRS complex can be consciously affected.

This phase of the research focused primarily on the cardiac electricities, as the correlation between EEG (brain waves) coherence and health benefits and the sonic resonance between the heart and the brain has already been confirmed. It is our intention to show that the heart electricities contain an encoded intelligence which is ultimately responsible for higher brain functions. We believe that the heart acts as a transformer allowing two-way communication between scale or dimensions of organizational intelligence and is the doorway to true intuition and DNA programming. The spectrum analysis graphs shown in this paper indicate that it is possible to consciously affect the frequency content of your own heart. It is also apparent that when love is being felt, the ratio between the power spectra peaks of the EKGs is the same ratio as the structure of the DNA.

We hope this research will inspire others to investigate the heart and its electricities from a new perspective, as this work especially shows that there is more to learn about both the physical heart and its electrical system. It is clear to us that the heart is a far more complex organ and controls more bodily functions than is currently understood. Some of the conclusions in this article may stretch the imagination. All I ask is that before you take a stand on what you know, consider taking a neutral position and let time prove these findings right or wrong, or better yet, join in the research effort to verify the findings at a deeper level.

What is Coherence?
T he term coherence can be used in several contexts. It is often used to define two or more wave forms that are phase-locked together so their energy is constructive. It can also be used to describe a single wave form, describing an ordered or constructive distribution of power content. Ordinary light from incandescent light bulbs is known as incoherent light. Incoherent light moves randomly, with light waves traveling chaotically in all directions. One might think of average human thought as random and incoherent. Conversely, laser or star light is coherent and is highly focused, with all light waves traveling in step, similar to soldiers marching in step. If the energy produced by an incandescent bulb were to be made coherent, the resulting focused laser-like beam could burn a hole through a steel plate.

One can extend the above analogy to the production of coherent thought or cardiac electricity as shown by increased brain wave and heart electricity coherence. There is evidence that increased brain wave coherence is associated with psychic events such as psychokinesis and remote viewing. The key principle is that coherent consciousness or focus is the key to communication between dimensions or across scales and can go beyond ordinary waking consciousness. Coherent consciousness is also the primary component in self-stress reduction and its attendant benefits on immune system health. Going from incoherent random mental and emotional energy expenditures to coherent energy is as powerful a transition as the difference between incandescent light and the brilliant energy of a laser beam. The heart electricities have been shown to become coherent when an individual is highly focused on loving or appreciating someone or something.

Heart electricity is the dominant force in the human system and will cause the brain and its sub-centers to phase-lock with it when it is radiating coherent energy patterns. The heart is the doorway to higher dimensional communication and understanding. Loving causes the coherence and ratio necessary to send energy up or down the harmonic series from the higher organizational dimensions to the DNA. It appears that through conscious, focused loving and caring it is possible to reprogram and empower the DNA to program the individual cells to work in harmony with the whole system.

My first attempt at confirming the harmonic connection between the heart electricities and the ratios necessary to communicate with and empower the DNA began several years ago in the sleep research lab at Millard Fillmore Hospital. With the aid of Dr. Bruce Middendorf, we were able to obtain several interesting plots produced by a young yogi who said he was "sending love to the people in China." We did get some amazing harmonic series in the spectral content of the frequency signature of his EKG. I was convinced that something surprisingly musical and ordered was happening to the electrical resonance of the heart at peak emotional moments, but we had only several hours of data from one subject and this orderly resonance cascade had shown up only a few times that afternoon.

After several years, Rollin McCraty and associates at the Institute of HeartMath happened upon my manuscript, Alphabet of Symmetry of the Heart. In May, 1992, I visited for a week of data-taking and analysis. We took many hours of digitally sampled EKG data from a dozen of their staff at random times, day and night. They would relax and listen to the music "Heart Zones" which they have designed to reduce stress. This music is specifically designed to facilitate the activation or contact with one's own heart frequencies. It seems to aid in the attunement of the brain to the center frequency of the heart electricities which balances the mental and emotional aspects of one's nature. We also ran tests without the music and this showed that once one had trained oneself in this process, the music was not necessary to achieve attunement to the heart frequency. I have no doubt that the music does facilitate this process. This research was conducted in their new 32-channel sound studio which is electronically networked to their research facility. (Doc Lew Childre's next project with the Institute is the development of tonal patterns that appear to harmonically link with the DNA to enhance T-cell strength in people with AIDS and other immune disorders.)

At times, the evidence of coherence in the results was so incredible that visiting physicist Nick Herbert needed to see the hardware inputs to confirm that the equipment wasn't going haywire. In our research, each plot on the spectral landscape represents the averaging of the harmonic content or spectrum analysis of approximately 5.5 seconds of EKG, which represents several cardiac cycles. The harmonic resonances (shown in the graphs which follow) would not be possible with this length of averaging time if they were not stable and phase-locked. We would sample during another series of heartbeats, and plot that power spectra to create a landscape over time of the frequency signature. When long valleys appeared in the landscape, we suspected the heart was up to something orderly. Most of the amplitude in the harmonic ordering was in the 0 to 40 hertz band width. (From other studies, we know it extends into several hundred Hz, but the EKG machine we used only had a band width of 45 Hz.) I have concluded that the harmonic ordering visible in the EKG power spectra is resonance coherence. This conclusion is due to the long length of the averaging time of the data.

The Institute of HeartMath
T he staff at the Institute of HeartMath, which was founded by Doc Lew Childre, has many years' experience in helping people access the self-regenerating energy of heart attunement. They provide seminars, produce music, and publish books that give specific steps to help people manage and focus their own mental and emotional energies through heart intelligence for more efficient living. In my experience, they have an amazing capacity to transform any environment with the field of feeling they radiate from the heart. This is particularly true of situations where stress is transformed by the simple decision to appreciate from the heart at a moment when anger or resentment would otherwise have depleted one's energy and health.

They are a close-knit organization where the feeling of family is strong. Many of them have worked together for 20 years, and coherent emotion has fed their cells and the earth around them. They often speak of the way negative emotions produce destructive hormones in the body and how the ability to orchestrate the geometry of one's own emotions may be the most empowered lesson for self and planetary transformation we can learn. I was intrigued by the level of self-management, harmony, and creativity they all seem to embody.

F rom the coherence I found in the EKG readings of the dozen people I tested, I was curious about the process they went through in their development. I learned in interviews with several of them that their system of HeartMath can teach anyone how to access their own heart intelligence. They all went through a gradual transformational process in which their physical, mental and emotional structures changed and became more efficient. They said it takes practice but the changes are real and happen faster than one might think if you sincerely try to attune to the heart and follow its direction. They described it as making moment-to-moment choices from an objective perspective that has more width of intelligence than normal mind-centered thinking.

Many cultures have discovered that the biological "reason to be" or "soul-purpose" radiates directly from the heart, yet medically we have failed to discover this. It is probably because we have had no mechanism to understand the process by which the information of cellular identity radiates directly into the body through the heart. Now, with some data in hand, it appears quite clear that the heart does indeed take on a musical or sonic pressure geometry very akin to what we might think of as a coherent energy source. This event is measurable on the spectrum analyzer replicatably when someone who knows "how to love" intentionally does just that.

From a psychological perspective, it is well known that one of the most important elements which permits a person to radiate intention, integrity and direction in their lives is the conscious knowledge of one's "soul purpose" or "mission." In a sense, no directions radiate to the DNA and immune system from the heart unless there is a conscious link-up to the core of one's being.

The Energy Field Surrounding the Heart

The toroidal, or donut-shaped, wave fields that surround the heart when it fires. These fields are fractal - fields within fields radiating out from the heart.

T o further understand these ideas, it would be useful to examine the description of the shapes of the electrical field of the heart beat as published in the book When Time Breaks Down, by Arthur T. Winfree, Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and the Program in Applied Mathematics at the University of Arizona. In summary, the technical data shows that the shape of the electrical wave or field around the heart when it fires is essentially toroidal, or donut shaped. Furthermore, the way those donuts of voltage or electrical pressure form around the heart is a fractal (see page 5) or concentric nest of one donut inside the other. This can be viewed as worlds within worlds, each larger field containing all the inner fields within it. Although not yet proven, it is probable that the relative size of these toroidal fields relates to the relative wave lengths contained in the EKG. Thus, the heart muscle's ability to phase-lock into resonance around a central focus would correspond to its ability literally to ring out further up and down the harmonic series. In other words, the heart is essentially able to download a broader frequency band width of harmonic instructions when it fires in the condition of relaxed but centered or "phase-locked" resonance. Coherent emotion (love?) permits a greater content of these harmonic instructions, to be downloaded or "demodulated" or "impedance coupled" from the long wave into the short. The shape which idealizes this "translation of vorticity" spinout, or unpacking from short wave to long, is the Golden Mean spiral. When this path, which permits the circle to talk to the line (matter to energy), goes two ways at once, it looks like the fractal image of the heart itself!

The Golden Mean spirals traveling in opposite directions create the image of the heart.

The principle of interference among waves is that order or constructive interference self-replicates, and disorder or destructive interference self-destructs.



A visual representation of Constructive waves, where the long and shorter waves are all in phase.


Destructive waves - where the long and short waves are out of phase, causing destructive interference. (Noise / heat /incoherence). These waves will not travel down the harmonic series.

From the viewpoint of information science, we can understand the principles of this umbilical connection to "singularity", from the mechanism which makes a hologram at every point, information complete. In terms of optical coherence, taking a bite out of a hologram requires swallowing the whole thing. What this means is that each little light node or bubble in the hologram must be in complete phase or wave spacing discipline with respect to the whole. In this way each node or vortex point contains complete information. Each one is a perfect infinite harmonic series, phase-locked in a "multiply-connected topology" with the whole picture. The result is that anywhere in the hologram where there is a bright node or focus, there is by definition, a wave in "sync" with the entire image. Remember, matter is just a hologram with a weight problem.

Consider consciousness as the attractive drawstring which radiates like a cascade through the embedded frequencies: "a fractal attractor." Then by the above metaphor, the very existence of focus is evidence of pure intention. That is, a light vortex or foci cannot stand as wave, unless its inertia is coupled with the all. By achieving focus, we already have achieved pure intention, which is the only real limit to interaction with density. Purity is what limits the amperage or current flow through our mental and emotional waveguide. Focus permits only coherence. This is why prisms create rainbows. Light bends around the focus point to permit only the spin tilt angles of the photon which are sharable (tetrahedras maximum of seven spins) to pass.

Another way of looking at this is that intelligence or self-awareness is the part of ourselves that can enter into singularity, or the point of balance, between dimensions of awareness and survive to enter into a higher or lower dimension of awareness. It is the aspect of us that keeps drawing us back to balance. It is what keeps us on track, until we can wake up enough to enter into the next level of evolution or awareness of ourself and how our energy system works. Once we awaken to the next level we then start to work on reaching the next more efficient level of awareness.It becomes easier as we evolve through the fractal series of dimensions of awareness.


What is Fractal?
F ractal objects are objects that are composed of sub-units that resemble the larger scale shape. These sub-units are in turn composed of yet smaller sub-units that also look similar to the larger one and so on. This is analogous to looking in a mirror while holding a second mirror in your hand that is facing the first mirror. An infinite series of reflections can be seen, with each reflection getting smaller until the eye can no longer discriminate the images. If you change the distance between the two mirrors, the scale will change but the ratio remains constant. Mathematically speaking, fractals maintain the same ratio while changing scale. It is this geometry that allows electrical and light frequency harmonics to exchange energy across great distances of wave lengths. The ratio 1.618 "Golden Mean" is the most efficient ratio when energy is transferred between scales. When energy is phase-locked with this ratio, it cascades between frequencies without losing momentum or memory of itself. In examining the spectrum analysis of the EKG when love is being sent to someone, the ratio between the frequency peaks is 1.618. The fractal design of the heart uses this principle to send energy cascading down the harmonic series to the DNA. The geometry of these wave nests looks exactly like DNA as viewed from the top.

Heart Geometry
I f we look in the body where the greatest amount of electrical focus can stand as a wave, we arrive at the heart. This is because the geometry of the heart muscle contains all the symmetry or mirror sharing between spins. Specifically, the seven discreet layers of heart muscle are arranged in exactly the spin angles of the seven arrows of spin of the tetrahedra (the seven arrows of the heart.) Spin is always the activator of symmetry, or persuasion to share. Unfolding spin into usable wave lengths is what the Golden Mean fractal heart shape is all about. The transformer for maximum entry of spin or energy into the body is the heart. There is a weathervane-like spiral strip off the donut torus shape at the center of the heart. Since all the spins about the heart focus here, this "element" or essential ingredient to symmetry would know immediately the heart axis or phase as compared to the donut-shaped pressure waves surrounding it. This densest center of the heart would then affect the sound of the heart projected onto the wall of the pericardium, the cave surrounding the heart. This part of the heart affects the phase of the sonic energy that vibrates both the pericardium and thymus.

The umbrella-like screen for this projector is the thymus located around the heart, the site where immune instructions are translated. The thymus uses these sonic shadows on the wall of the cave to know which wave length ingredients to crochet into cellular identity. This is because only phase or wave-sharing coherence makes cell membranes possible. Membranes are libraries on which turns of fold or shapes of touch can be shared. The point here is to understand that concentricity of focus - literally the convergence of electrical and sonic pressure - is exemplified by the muscular and toroidal electrical structure of the heart itself. If the orderliness or coherence of electrical energy grows, then radiance to the immune system of the body expands. Hologram theory tells us that wherever the pattern essences for building bodies come from, they must be information-dense or packed. Informationally, we might think of this as survival-critical information, umbilicus to the soul. Getting this wiring connected without shorts or interference is key to health and mental and emotional stability. High frequency ordering, or information density, is what the living cell does. For example, food's long-wave energy is transformed to short-wave energy that is usable by the cells through the steps in cellular metabolism. This information-rich ultraviolet blue short wave light drives our cellular metabolism. High quality ultraviolet light choreographs cell replication. This "blue light" is the cell's life energy source, which flashes measurably at moment of DNA braid cell division.

QRS Frequency Content
There is much support for theoretical arguments that the healthy heart beat is a temporal fractal and that the heart's anatomy is fractal-like. Spectral analysis of the EKG's QRS complexes reveals a broad band frequency spectrum with most of the frequency content or power below 30 Hz, yet extending several hundred Hz. Ary Goldberger of Harvard Medical School has confirmed that changes in the geometry of the heart's branching conduction system can alter the frequency content of the QRS complex, independent of any changes in myocardial conduction.


EKG waveform showing the QRS complex


The research at IHM (Institute of HeartMath) has shown a direct correlation between the frequency signature of cardiac electricity and positive mental and emotional states. Through our observations it appears that the rhythm, amplitude and frequency modulation of the heart electricities all contain information or intelligence that are linked to our mental and emotional aspects as well as to the physical cellular systems, such as DNA and the immune system. Power spectrum analysis of the EKG reveals that feelings of sincere love or appreciation generate remarkably different frequency contents in the EKG than those produced when stress is experienced. Even more remarkable was Doc Lew Childre's ability to consciously direct and control the frequency content of his EKG by switching his focus from care to love or appreciation, etc. The power spectra shows peaks or frequency contents which are spaced by a repeating ratio. This ratio of spacing changes as the subject changes their focus. The geometry of these ratios appear to be harmonically linked to the immune system and DNA structure. We are tempted to postulate that coherent emotion, and even perhaps love, is teachable and accessible with feedback tools. We further postulate that onsetting coherence in heart resonance will eventually be proven to be a direct conduit to immune health.
Encoded Heart Intelligence
T here is mounting evidence indicating that the heart is the master oscillator or controller of the human system. Current theory suggests that the brain controls all the body's functions and is the seat of emotion and intelligence. I am not suggesting that the brain does not play a key role in these functions. However, I am suggesting that it is only part of the puzzle. We postulate that the heart electricities play a far more important role in brain function than previously believed.

It is well known that the cardiac electricities are the dominant electrical force in the human system, although the source of the heartbeat is still a mystery. Another piece of this puzzle is starting to emerge - the discovery of the fractal structure of the physical heart and chaos theory of the heart rate. Before these discoveries, the classical notion of homeostasis relating health to constancy was that perturbations are likely to cause a loss of regularity in the heart rate. The chaos hypothesis predicts just the opposite, namely that a variety of disease states which alter autonomic function may lead to a loss of physiologic complexity and therefore to greater, not less, regularity. When the heartbeat becomes regular and loses its complexity, there is a high risk of sudden death through heart failure. Aging has also been associated with this loss of physiologic complexity along with a number of other diseases. The term "complexity" is used here to include the fractal type of variability found in the heart's structure. The nonlinear complexities of cardiac electricities cannot be quantified by the use of traditional statics such as variance. The advancement in chaos theory and computer power has made these new discoveries possible, but it's still only one step closer to understanding the dynamics of heart electricities.

We postulate that the ordered randomness found in the cardiac electricities and nervous system, which have been termed chaos, contains encoded intelligence and is only chaotic from the perspective of not understanding the intelligence that it contains. This is analogous to a TV signal in which both FM and AM modulations are used to transmit intelligence or information. If the receiver of the signals does not understand the complete technology or the language of the information being transmitted it would appear as randomness with some sort of organization, yet chaotic.

The existence of an electrical body or organizing field of intelligence that forms around all living organisms is well established and has been measured. This field contains the system's intelligence which organizes the structure of the body down to the atomic level. It is the fractal structure of the physical heart which receives and transforms this electrical energy and the information encoded within it. The brain acts as a demodulator of this information and then communicates with the cellular systems of the body. The flow of information is duplex, traveling both up and down the harmonic series of scale. Each heartbeat is like a phrase or part of a song that sends organizing instructions throughout your system. We just don't have the intellectual understanding of this language yet. A series of these beats or packets of information make up what could be called a song or "event," such as climbing a hill. When you climb a hill the body expends more energy and a whole series of complex events must take place: the heart beats faster and harder, supplying more energy and information throughout your system. We are suggesting that it is the next level of organizing intelligence that runs this show and that it is through the heart that all this information flows to make up the events of life.

We can map the brain neuron by neuron and perhaps eventually understand the wiring structure, but what then? The brain is just the machinery of the mind, which is far more complex than the brain itself. Where does the mind receive its instructions? We are suggesting the source is the heart electricities and by learning to listen to its intelligence, it will facilitate our understanding of how the mind and brain function.

The Golden Mean
F rom the many hours of coherent EKG data
sampled, it appears that the center frequency ratio of the cardiac electricity is the Golden Mean ratio of 1.618 with modulations between 2 Hz and 1.42 (which are also geometrically and harmonically important but beyond the scope of this article). The main point is that 1.618 is also the ratio of the DNA structure and is the only ratio that allows complete information or geometry to cascade down the harmonic series without loss of power or geometry.

One 360 degree turn of DNA measures 34 angstroms in the direction of the axis. The width of the molecule is 20 angstroms, to the nearest angstrom. These lengths, 34:20, are in the ratio of the golden mean, within thelimits of the accuracy of the measurements. Each DNA strand contains periodically recurring phosphate and sugar subunits. There are 10 such phosphate-sugar groups in each full 360 degree revolution of the DNA spiral. Thus the amount of rotation of each of these subunits around the DNA cylinder is 360 degrees divided by 10, or 36 degrees. This is exactly half the pentagon rotation, showing a close relation of the DNA sub-unit to the golden mean.


This power spectrum graph shows Golden Mean ratio spacing between the power peaks in the frequency content of the EKG, extending up past 45 Hz. Results of this kind would be highly improbable unless there is conscious intention and focus. (Inset later note added here, this 1.618 prox interval between harmonics shows up on Septrum 2 order fft as 1/x value - .618 )

The mind/brain can literally learn to tune to the heart frequency; it just needs to know the right "access codes." When it learns to stay tuned to the heart center frequency, then balanced energies can flow up and down the harmonic series and the human system takes on a new level of operating efficiency. This can add energy and clarity to what ever one engages in and feels good to the mental, emotional and physical aspects of our nature. It is the lack of this communication between the mind and the heart that leads to stress and lack of efficiency.

The Heart's Balancing Function
The heart is a balance organ whose function is to balance and regulate the physical, mental and emotional natures. (The importance of balance is not yet fully understood, but I believe it will be discovered to be the key to energy efficiency in many areas in the near future.) The lower the frequency of a wave, the more power or force the wave contains. Another way of saying this is that the closer to balance or singularity a wave is the more power it has. Most of the power contained in the heart beat is in the low frequency range below what is audible. Heart energy originates from balance or zero and radiates from there; then it rests or returns to zero, regenerates and fires again, sending energy throughout your system. It is when the heart no longer returns to its balance point of regeneration that ventricular fibrillation occurs.

It is widely believed that there is no such thing as a free energy machine, yet there are individuals who have the ability to live and fully function with very little or no food intake for extended periods of time. Once instrumentation is developed which is capable of measuring the energy output of living beings, I believe it will be easy to show that the amount of energy output from most people will far exceed the caloric input they consume. Where does this additional energy come from? My conclusion is that it originates from the same place as the heartbeat - a less dense octave in the harmonic series. Geometrically, we know the ratio which allows energy and information to change scale or dimension without loss of power. This is the same ratio as the one the heart is operating on when sincere love or appreciation is experienced. The fractal structure of the heart is designed to transform this electrical energy from one dimension into another, and from the point of view of the physical dimenson, this energy is free as long as balance can be maintained. A deeper look at heart geometry could be the key to understanding and developing a new source of planetary energy.

Wave Relationships in Heart Electricity
C onsider the relationship between the electrical pulse of the heart, called EKG, and what it pushes as a strictive wave of pressure into the bloodstream. The relationship in muscle between the electrical wave and the sound wave, or phonon, is called piezo-electricity. This refers to the principle of coupling between mechanical or strictive pressure versus electrical pressure called voltage. The mechanics of the piezo-electric connection in crystal or muscle (as liquid crystal) occurs because of a helical stairway shape in the molecules. If you wring out a braided rope, like you would a wet towel, the long wave pull end to end is "coupled" mechanically to the short wave move inward tightening the braid. It's like you had a slinky between your right and left hands. When you pull the slinky apart, the sides of the slinky move inward or closer together, mechanically coupling the long wave of your hand motion to the short wave of the slinky's braid. This is an important clue to the information relationship of the long wave to the short. A coherent, orderly braiding is required to couple them. The short or electrical wave is more information dense; the long or sound wave is more information unpacked or accessible. This is the heart of the matter, the principle of ALL connections across scale or dimension. Emotion allows attention or feeling in the long wave of sound pressure to reach into the short wave life of cells.

This helps us to understand why helical braiding is nature's choice for the structure of piezo-electric quartz, and for DNA. These structures are the wave braids which permit information to reach between worlds of scale by ratio.

As mentioned earlier, the heart muscle is shaped like seven layers of nested donut or torus-shaped muscle. This is the shape of all natural wave fields. So, essentially the "geometry of pressure" or "shape of the hug," which the muscle folds around the vortex of blood in the heart, is also the shape of the electrical wave which triggers that muscle. In other words, by looking at the wave shape of heart electricity (by spectral analysis or frequency signature) we are in actuality looking at the shape of the pressure wave being squeezed into the bloodstream. It may not be too romantic to think of this as "the whispers of the heart" reaching out into the far corners of the body.

By looking at the shape of the heart electricity we are actually looking at the shape of the mechanical pressure wave being sent to the far corners of the body by the heart.

The heart is not a simple pump. Ralph Marinelli in Royal Oak, Michigan, has documented that the heart moves blood by generating tornado-like vortex momenta. The coherence of these orderly little tornadoes in the blood is what then travels throughout the body. They remember the instructions of the heart from the shape of the pressure waves in the EKG-triggered heart muscle, which pushed them into their aorta world. So when we find an orderly harmonic series in the EKG, we may be finding the whispers of the electrical "soul," reaching out musically to touch each cell around the body.

Heart/Brain Sonic Resonance
A nother puzzle piece supporting this is the sonic resonance the brain has with the heartbeat. Bentov showed that the sounds coming from the heart phase-locked or arranged the sound ordering in the liquid ventricles of the brain. He later came to believe it was this sonic ordering which set up the conditions necessary for superconductive ecstasy in the brain. Bentov built a sensitive capacative accelerometer to measure the sonic thrust of the heartbeat which causes a ringing sound in the brain which can be heard. This ringing sound is often heard by meditators and many non-meditators when they still the processing of the mind. Bentov started his research in this area by having many meditators tune an oscillator to the same frequency they heard in their ears. He then determined that this frequency was a direct harmonic of the heart sonic. Bentov showed that the heart controlled the brain resonance, and when phase-locked, a standing wave is set up that can be physically heard. Orderly sound collimates the fluids contained in the ventricles of the brain toward conductive crystal, and gently massages the gland centers to their secretion of psychoactive hormones. The heart sounds set the beat to start the sonic superconduction in the brain ventricles whose psychoactive chemicals are largely responsible for our perceptions of reality and our mental and emotional reactions to stimuli from both internal and external sources.

It also appears that low frequency coherent sonics program the immune system by projecting on the thymus gland as if onto the walls of the cave. The thymus is the radiative source of most of immune system chemistry. It is like a sound dish umbrella around the heart that vibrates in resonance with the sonics of the heartbeat. Whenthe thymus shrinks, apparently so does its ability to receive instructions from the heart sonics.

The Wave Shape of Emotion
M edical research has proven that the emotional state of mind programs the cell's health more than perhaps any other factor (or it can be said that negative emotions distort the accurate flow of information). Dr. Manfred Clynes, author of Sentics, is well known for his work in mapping the wave shape of emotions and the invention of a pressure transducer and related equipment to measure the wave shape of emotion. His work has been tested in many different cultures around the world.

The chart above shows the wave shape of the basic emotions. Notice that the Golden Mean ratio 1.618 appears again in the emotion (frequency) of love. It is interesting to note that the ratio 1/3 is the ratio of hate and in a wave form this ratio creates destructive interference among waves. This can be likened to the mechanical waves traveling down a cowboy's whip. If the wave shape is correctly programmed in the long wave at the handle of the whip, then the whip cracks at the short end. If an interfering wave motion is programmed into the whip it will not snap. Positive emotions are constructive or coherent waves and cause the long wave to transform or "crack" into the short waves imparting its energy to the smaller scale ratio such as the DNA. I think of this as Energy Motion, or E-Motion.

Brain Wave Coherence
T here is another clue to the emotive feeling state creating geometry in the electromagnetic field of the body. This clue is in the extensive body of literature correlating ordering in brain waves, or EEG, to psychological states. Power spectra analyses (frequency signature) of EEG (brain waves) has shown that under certain unstressful and consciously focused conditions coherence exists within the power spectrums of the brain waves. MIT physicist Larry Domash has published elaborate data which illustrate that cross-hemispheric EEG ordering or coherence, correlates to the health benefits of intentional relaxation. It also seems that onsetting coherence ordering in brain electrical resonances correlates to shared information in a group or telepathy between several people. This was also documented in the "Mind Mirror," EEG spectra research of Cade et al, in "Awakened Brain." The spectral range of significant EEG resonance coherence found in these studies are the same resonances we found significant in the EKG power spectra.

C urrent research at the Institute shows a possible link between coherent cardiac electricities and DNA programming. (& Braiding DNA, Is Emotion the Weaver?) The output of the EKG machine is fed into a spectrum analzer which shows the frequency content of the heart beat. When people who are skilled in mental and emotional self-management focus on loving or appreciating, the frequency content of their EKG (heart electricity) changes in a significant way. The distribution of the power content of the heart electricity is normally scattered and cancels out. This is called incoherent. However, when love and other positive feelings are being experienced the distribution dramatically changes to a coherent and ordered pattern. This, by itself, is amazing, but even more amazing is the fact that the mathematical ratio between the power peaks is the same ratio as the Golden Mean ratio. This ratio is the one one that allows electrical power to change scales or harmonic octaves without losing any of its power or information carried in its modulation. The DNA of every cell in our bodies is built upon this same ratio. There are many other examples of this ratio in cellular structures, but this discovery is especially important because it shows a direct link between the heart electricities and the DNA. In other words, the electricity of the heart programs the DNA much like a radio wave is sent through the air to your radio. The DNA is like a radio receiver and the heart is like the transmitter.

There is also new evidence appearing in the spectrum analysis showing that the heart electricities contain a highly ordered or encoded intelligence that is ultimately responsible for the instructions sent to the DNA. These waves from the heart are affected by people's emotions and thoughts, so when people are processing negative emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, etc., the electricities are affected in a way that blocks the proper flow of information from reaching the DNA. If these types of negative patterns are experienced repeatedly over time it eventually manifests in disease. The symptoms of this are already well documented. Doctors and researchers have known for many years that negative emotions and thoughts are the main cause of aging and many diseases. These negative patterns have also been linked directly to heart disease. New research also indicates that conscious generation of "heart frequencies" such as love, care, and appreciation has a positive, beneficial effect on immune system health and brain function, and can reverse the effect of negative stress patterns in the mental and emotional nature.

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