Nourished By Spin; Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle

by Dan Winter

The world and memory is made of simple pressure waves which by learning to dance in sym-metry, learn to stay alive. We've learned that symbols and feeling loves rush are simple lessons, in how to catch spinning donut fields by their throats in such a way as to eat their spin. People are like tai chi water wheels, who by catching spin in their wave envelopes, can either eventually bend galaxies of light into their wishes, or be completely washed away to death by lack of symmetry/spin/ & share-ability in their waveforms. The choice is as simple as at each moment knowing how to "be nourished by spin" in any situation.

Hygiene for Focus / Attention / The Charge that Builds Euphoria and Bliss ..

The Highest Form of Information Absorbtion:

For Schools..


1. Diet - Live Food, Genetic Diversity (Avoid Corn, Wheat, Soy), Hi Quality Protein - Organic Eggs, Fresh Fish. Avoid Overcooking.. Drink ONLY Fresh Squeezed of Spring Water..

Do not make the soul-killing - MONTSANTO MISTAKE: "Do not eat angry DNA- means that monocultured foods (WHEAT - CORN - SOY) cause mucous and make you angry and stupid like that DNA's plasma. Genetic diversity is the electric way harmonic inclusiveness produces intelligent / implosive gene plasma"

2. Hygiene of Environment - Grid Engineering for Bliss: Embedable Magnetism, Increase Sun, Living Charged Air, Eliminate Metal, Magnetic Pollution..

3. Move for Bliss: Tai Chi, Eurhythmy, Yoga, Sacred Gymnastic, Sufi Dance.

4. Rites of Passage, Vision Quest .. to learn Soul Purpose - Enable Genetic Bliss..


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This letter will be a series of hints, on how to locate the spin which feeds the soul, at every turn of the eyeball. Since spin is only supported by the mirror-like symmetry which sacred geometry teaches, then these lessons could be called sacred geo-metry and.... homebuilding, eating, traveling, loving, dancing... etc. The point is that pure principle shared at the center of all spins, like ever-present lightening, will animate your thoughts and your body, if you know where the spin donut throats are centered at every turn of your road.

First... get to know what it is that both you and the collective mind want. You and the ONE mind both, want to consume AWARENESS. Awareness is what happens when enough donut -shaped pressure waves converge at ONE POINT to become recursive and self-embedded.
The process of locking pressure fields symmetrically enough to get spin centers reaching out to farther and farther horizons of "feed back loops" called awareness is what the electrical structure of the heart and brain were precisely designed to ac-complish. Elements of the pressure spinning around farther and "far pavilions", can then be pulsed into you. So your field can then begin to collect data or "sample" the pulses, about what is spinning, even beyond your fingertips.
Awareness happens when recur-sive nesting happens. Recursive nest-ing happens when fields become "self contained". Just because we have named the wave suction like attrac-tive phenomenon we feel when this fractal attractor occurs, "conscious-ness", and "gravity' does not mean that they need to be inherently mysterious.

Firstly, it is as easy as noting when you are in an airport, whose twinkling eyes you cannot help but look toward. We caught you, you were falling in love with awareness again. The higher frequency content in the spin membrane of eyeballs that do indeed twinkle, is there because the spin could nest. Eyes cannot hold spin if the rest of the body cannot electrically hold spin. The rest of the body, cannot elec-trically hold spin, if the microclimate cannot hold spin... etc. The point is that only spin systems which can nest one inside the other, "self-con-tained" perfectly, like a fractal, can hold awareness.
It is not enough for the eyeball unto itself to be in symmetry, with the structure of its own scale. It only works, if there is a whole nest of bigger and littler spin systems, which can pass their spin (memory) unimpeded up and down between big spin circles and little spin circles (these are technical terms here). The connection between big and little, is ONLY kept spinning when waves discover the solution for how to get from here to there, big to little. This little secret was discover-ed by waves who did not wish to die, many turns ago. We as people would be well to hear their whisper. These clever waves said, oops continuity of memory/pattern/and spin, is better than interference and death. We will do the little trick re-quired to live forever. We will enter the very "particle"-ar kind of symmetry which makes nesting possible. We will enter the fractal.

So the waves figured out that the pattern of the nucleus in geometry had to be the same but littler than (fractal to) the pattern in the elec-tron shells. This fractal recursion between electron and nucleus created the wave suction we call gravity, by making possible sharing and not fighting between the waves on the outside of the atom, and those on the inside. This principle of embedded pat-tern geometry is also helpful for example if you happen to be a landscape elemental who just fell in love with a people. People tend to be littler than landscape ele-mentals who routinely envelope bioregion wide lightning storms, in their wave bodies, So, the vast landscape angel uses fractality, recursion, to sweep little people into their love. Suppose you made whole mile long stretches of hillside into something which was the SHAPE of people, only bigger. (Like the body shapes in the hills around Glastonbury, England for example). Then you as the landscape angel, could get your magnetic spin, nested down into a people, with whom you might hap-pen to be in love. Indigenous people used this quality of foldedness on the lands gauge.. "el-land-guage".. to initiate their shamen into the dream time. Magnetic flux concrescing or converging from faces on the land ("simulacra"), into the glands of people, fractal to the lands magnetic fold shape, is an ideal way to get memories the scale of continents, into peoples bodies. Thus begins a physics for aboriginals use of large stone formations as libraries to be accessed at will. This quality of lands shape getting to be anthropomorphic or people shaped, was called "Simulacra" in John Michell's book by that title. If you want to feel the memory of a whole tectonic plate, visit the center of the Eagle's brain in the map of central Pennsylvania.. Be nourished by the spin.

The concept of information and energy traveling between structures by virtue of the resonance created between related shapes, is called "morphic resonance". This spin energy which may include many spectra, while tested in principle, has been considered somewhat magical in physics and information theory (Rubert Sheldrake et al). However, when the elements of complex spec-tral harmonics, are linked by phase (which pure shape is), we can much better begin to understand how informa-tion may travel great dis-tance when complex shapes send spin messages from place to place. These mes-sages may be thought of like the packets on internet des-tined to mailboxes which match shape codes for rout-ing. Viruses which affect each other at a distance are an ex-ample, they are identified by the infinite series coherent frequency signatures which biological struc-tures/shapes epitomize ("Structural Stability and Morphogenesis").
Since coherent magnetic fields moving BETWEEN frequency signatures, turn out to be gravity, perhaps we should now begin to think of astrology as the science of knowing how to best eat spin.

What does it mean to consult your astrocartography before making any move? We should know how the fractal cascade of gravity's scalar magnetic wind between frequencies will massage our glands, before we set sail in that wind. We used to say, astrology was not the science of cheating the wind of gravity, it was merely knowing which way the wind was blowing, known BEFORE you choose the angle of your sail. This metaphor takes on a nice deeper richness, if we look at Hilarion's phrase: "magnetism is the wind on which love travels". Magnetism is indeed the stuff which carries love, if our studies on the harmonics in the heart electricities at love's moment are correct. When the heart's harmonic nesting works, then abra-cadabra.. the tree hears the wind. Its what hap-pens when the tree's charge envelope is braided into the harmony of human love...

A wave "mechanic" (geometry) carried the magnetic wind of elec-tricity from the fractal heart to the listening tree. The donut fields gathered to nest by one-pointedness, found that hi leverage still place from which to share life giving spin. The fun part is now knowing that this nice little braid cascade recursion of wave donuts getting their pressures nested to fold all inside out through one slip knot to ... elsewhere, IS EXACTLY WHAT WE HAVE IRREVERENTLY BEEN CALLING GRAVITY. How else could we perceive gravity as going only one way, in but not out? IN order for the spin to GO somewhere, (obviously those gravity waves were not going to their deaths), they must be traveling INTO THE FRACTAL... They know that inside the inside out.. inside the self-contained recursion nest, they will find a place to unpack their spin memories... into even finer detail. Gravity draws the threads of memory through the wormhole vortex , where all fields are unified.. Thus the information/mind of pressure can nest to where they (and the feedback of spin they contain called distributed awareness) could not otherwise travel. THEY GO TO OTHER SCALES, USHERED THERE ONLY BY FRAC-TAL RATIO. This trip to other scales.. requires an "air" line ticket, namely fractality & recursion neatly danced.

Planets perceive the cascading magnetic lines moving between scales, which is the increased info density gravity braids, as an erotic bloodstream which biology only serves if people emote coherently and undertake conscious grid engineering. This is a deep and abiding clue to the nature of human/planetary symbiosis, both focused on evolving awareness/recursion.
Now here are we the little mag-netic people.... Jesus (I-is-us) said the one unforgivable sin was to blas-pheme or act against the holy spirit.. Our great friend Jim carefully looked up Holy Spirit in his concordance to the roots of language, and found that this phrase meant sinning against "rotation,, preventing the "turn" into the "shallow cup". The grail is the name for the cup shape possible when recursion nests... magnetically, sonically, & optically, it's all the same.- (when pressure breathes a repeating/recursive pat-tern, it is mind). The holy spirit is the name for the wind which enlivens the magnetic field... when it is nested. If you sit your house under a 60 cycle power line, you are sinning explicitly against the possible "whole-liness" of this spirit. You will not find your spin informed by the holy spirit there. The breath of the spirit, is possible only where nested-ness is alive. 60 cycle power lines were invented in a time when these kids did not understand from whence their bread (their spin) was buttered. Lack of information context (rats nests) in the magnetic lines crossing your bed, accurately predicts like the simple law of messed up prisms, which part of your body will die first. Death is the death of recursion. Life is the name (is the shape) for the el-turn into the eye of phi (optimized re-cursion): El-eye-phi. Discontinuity of memory inconveniences the practicers of dying, because they have not learned how to share memory through the slip knot.

Now back to tracking the stars. We can now predict where the stars are crossing in the sky, by graphing the change in charge between the plates of a capacitor (Greg Hodowanec and Bill Ram-sey). Those stars apparently are busily at work braiding spin into our envelopes. Light massages of charge are just how we tracked the heart getting into the trees. When Bentov tracked the phase lock of the heart's beat to the brains liquids, he used this same charge amplification and called it a "capacitive accelerometer". Now just such "charge amplification" tracks the stars sending messages to our capacitors. Funny thing, the stars sending hand signals to our capacitors all these years, and us not even knowing... It is not just the capacitors among our radios, which have been gathering star signals for info about stellar navigating, subtly and unbeknownst to us.. EACH MUSCLE CELL AND NERVE SYNAPSE HAVE BEEN DOING THE SAME THING ALL ALONG.
Of course, a little wiggle in one envelope of charge in one brain synapse, is not going to inform your head how to navigate star systems. But when a long term pattern of little wiggles is gathered --­p; in ritual like a rhythmic sampling dance ­p;­p; then your body can get the messages the stars are sending. This is not unlike the Polynesian native collecting the pressure waves on his canoe. Subtle patterns on the buttocks and suddenly he "knows" what direction Hawaii is, even though his canoe is 2000 miles away.

Now we might ask, why is it so important for the evolution of awareness, for us to catch the messages of the stars geometry? We once noticed that vast landscapes on sacred ground in southern England around Glastonbury, and southern France around Rennes Le Chateau, are exquisite natural form-ations in the shapes of star-systems frozen on the land. SomeONE went to trouble to make a map, which we literally tripped over. Again there was fractal building going on.
The moral to this story is that stars make recursive and self-aware wave nest bodies "in their image and likeness", too. They wove a nest out of gravity's eddies, in which could blossom like spontaneous combustion, out of a nest of pressures, nascent self awareness, on a whole 'nother scale: PEOPLE ... HUMAN AWARENESS ...THE BIOS OF LOGOS.

This is not just pleasant abstract-ion, it is cosmic instruction about how to inhabit the face of Earth as a sequence of magnetic folds in order to inhabit spin in general. Inhabiting spin, is to distribute recursively, the looping feedback called self-aware-ness/mindfulness, among a phase locked geometry of pressures. This distributed awareness, is breathed into a space when symmetry Christ-all-izes.
So, here is a concise review of hygiene ideas... entitled:

BEING the Magic of Awareness...
This mindful inhabiting of spin can be practiced practically, everyday. The following is some practical advice on including Ecstatic Process in simple daily life..

First it is important to realize just how critical regular ecstatic and joy intense activity is to the maintenance of the immune system. If you give your four billion cell bodies the honor to accept it's wisdom, it will tell you of its need to periodically act in such a way as to bring ALL your attention to the present... and by doing so, periodically conduct a "bringing to a point" or critical digestive assembly of separate memories, into one sense of overall meaning.
Many human bodies will con-tinue to gain weight, if nothing is done to bring memories to focus, and thus to "consume perspective" & harvest memory or spin for the oneness. This sense of digestion also extends to the EMOTIONAL digestion of memory. Think of this as bringing spin to the flame to see what fits oneness, thus enabling you to sort out a filing cabinet which might otherwise become cluttered.

The purpose of human activity is to increase the amount of spin which can be folded into the body. This relates to choice of water, oil, and mineral to make electro-lites hold dense electrical foldedness. Without great symmetry/ purity/charge in what we consume nutritionally and emotionally, information density/awareness cannot grow. Think of your cell waters as a medium for charge, which at maximum self-contained-ness is called love. Serve this recursion/nestedness of spin in yourself, as it is imbedded connectedness to everything that is shareable. You will find your horizon of who you can feel for with compassion, growing like a flower petal.
In practice, this means several things:

1. We need to follow the spirit of the "twinkling eyes lifestyle", so our tissue issues will not overheat & foul up like an unbalanced water wheel when the river rushes.
2. It is vital that your home be magnetically alive. This means you need an altar or sacred space in your home which you regularly charge. Crystals are OK, but they can sometimes become overfilled with electrical charge leftovers. Your "medicine bundle", and special sacred items.. some paramagnetic stones, symmetrically arranged, using your OWN dowsing, are helpful..

3. If your home is not in a physically quiet, AND magnetically quiet environment, DO YOU AT LEAST HAVE A PLAN FOR GETTING THERE! Noise or power line messes are the OPPOSITE of an ecstatic and eternal life style!! Not all of us can live in a pristine paramagnetic stone kiva over a quiet sacred spring.. but we can at least make gentle dedicated moves in that direction. Isolate the wiring from the people space.. Live in a structure with the least metal possible (but copper is better than steel, aluminum is terrible for people's magnetism).
Curved and or pent shapes are always better than cubic where possible. The edge length ratios of adjacent walls tells you whether you are in-cube-ating, or phi-cycling into lo-phi (lo-ve). To phi-cylce (the best essence of physical) is to resonate into recursion which creates self-awareness which is what the uni-versal mind gathers to itself. In your home this means pent or spiral and curved structures based on recursion, will help your awareness become "self"-contained. You may find that careful arrangement of the symmetry of the major organic masses of your home, produces a resonant or "sweet" spot, that you can then always go to, when you wish to "pull the (spin) elements of your "self" together. It is not sufficient for the inside of your home to have a nice magnetic ring to it, induced (inductively) by structural symmetry. Please locate your domi-cile by finding the place where the magnetic donuts on YOUR LAND all circle to center nicely. Then your memories can do the same. Your own dowsing, or a friends, are needed to site the stones and the beds. Other-wise "pandemonium may break out upon the scene". Gradually assemble a living space where your home is fractal to its magnetic landscape, that way you can em"bed" yourself inside. Then your ideas will have leverage on your land directly, by the morphic resonance which fractality idealizes.

4. Take a fairly deep warm bath daily. Leave the soap out of the water initially. Perhaps a little natural mineral or sea salt.. Submerge yourself and breath deeply for a while. Round breathing, in through the nose and out the mouth. This is most of the rebirthing ritual, which simply means re-bonding with the matrix of the infinite fractal. This technique of warm bath in live water & deep relaxed round breathing plus tantra was the prescription for eternal life in "Jitterbug Perfume". (Chlorine and fluoride in the water definitely are absorbed in your skin, if you can get better water than "citified" water by a short drive to a friend, try that and compare how you feel!.) Dream of someday bathing in a natural warm spa at the bottom of a flow-form.. ours at the farm is almost complete.

5. Combine the above with gentle investigations into tantra and kundalini.
Note: round breathing is a relaxed process of breath where you notice that the gentle completion of the in-breath should take exactly as long as the out-breath. Then perfect inform-ation infinite cold-fire lightening stillness will be approached if the depth of each succeeding breath graduates toward the still-point in a perfect damped sine wave (each succeeding breath is about .618 depth of the preceding one.)
Tantra is a process where the gathered sweet "blue-fire" juices of eros/lovemaking, are permitted to sit gathered and rich at the base of the spine, before orgasm. This gives the root of the spine time to draw the sweetness upward to the top of the brain, nourishing the high end growth of the nervous system.

6. It is usually most helpful to consult a homeopath-naturopath, and a good bodyworker occasionally. It is very important that these critical services be provided by someone whom you relate to with genuine love and caring.

7. Notice when and where your body wants to sleep, and make a genuine attempt to honor your body's wishes. Prepare your sleeping space like you would a wedding bed. Bless it. If there is a magnetic rats nest crossing your bed, you WILL DIE prematurely. Electric blankets and water bed heaters are very bad news for living cells. Every electric dohickey within reach of your bed is wiping out magnetic bloodlines to your cells. GET RID OF THEM. Sleep on natural fibres and wood or best above live paramagnetic stone. The metal coils in your mattress are focusing magnetic holes into your body.
Do not permit any metal items or synthetic fibres to be part of what you wear or carry. This may sound hard, but try a couple days with natural fibres and no metal & then muscle test your body. For an example of body strength crash, just try your arm strength with vs. without your metal watch.. (one with a battery is particularly harmful to yor magnetic aura).

8. Ecstatic means waves of "Eck" approaching stasis/stillness. Approach the stillness gently. Do it exactly like a gradual musical chord which eventually helps the singer to reach another note higher or lower. You can easily try sacred circle dance by yourself, or with 1 or 2 gentle and reverent friends. (or use our Sacred Circle Dance Film). Try a little favor-ite music which is gentle in pace and which has in the past made you tingle just a little bit. Try stepping simply in a circle while focusing your vision on feelings of compassion. Permit your movement to become just a little bit hypnotic, while truly dedicating yourself to the love you feel radiating from your inner voice. Breath in the "round" (balanced in vs out times), in the nose, out the mouth. As you gently slow to stillness for a moment, also permit your breath to gently slow to stillness also for just a moment. Just before sunset is a good time for ecstatic process. Do you have a stone circle or natural or wood structure to do it in? Little or no wiring is best.

9. Always take every excuse to get out from under non full spectrum fluorescent light. Warm pink, and mercury vapor light are particularly bad. Ananda teaches the darkness retreat. Alternating with real daylight this can open up the light sensors to pick up subtle (aura like) waves in the brain. Strongly recommend this be combined with the "kiva", experience. This means you enter under-ground somewhere, particularly magnetically alive. You will find your aura washed and re-grounded to Mother Earth's information rich magnetic bloodstream.

10. In order to live the continually eck-static, continually in touch with the leverage of stillness, we must hear our genes whispering in our ears like lightening saying "your bliss is this way." Learn to follow inner urges and intuition like a phone line to miracles. The more relaxed and gentle you are feeling, the easier it will be to be totally intuitive.

11. As you become more aware of the need NOT to hold your breath, actively seek out quality braided AIR. Fans and cars and heavy metal fractionate AIR. Trees and hill and quiet and natural green braid air. Braided air feeds the soul and awareness. Fractionated air creates impatience, short attention span, and death. "Choose life" by choosing to live in the quiet by the trees! Walk barefoot on healthy quiet Earth, then put on synthetic shoes and walk on concrete in a noisy city. Imagine you were a living cell. Upon tasting the difference might you not quit and choose death if were stuck in the wrong place?

Here is what I do to maintain twinkle:
a) I avoid red meat & poultry (or, at least I choose the stuff not filled with
artificial hormones & antibiotics)
b) I avoid all dairy products (I use calcium supplements & get calcium from
kale, sesame, etc..) I observe immediate problems with mucous and colds
from dairy.
c) I choose only oils which are raw, and expeller pressed (usually require
refrigeration) olive and safflower are good. Most oils on the store shelf
are gasoline distilled and very dead and help others to die.
d) I choose LIVE Veggies, and fruit, (Radiation or microwave treated foods
are also death trying to happen inside us.)
e) I use WHOLE GRAINS!!!!! (Quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, brown rice are
good) I avoid wheat... even whole wheat is still a genepool in pain from
monoculture: result mucous. Whole oats are wonderful. Fresh ground
whole oats & blended flax seed & good oil= great bread/pastry/pizza
crust. If you must grind and fractionate your grains and your memories,
can you do them fresh ground and coarsely ground? Here is my break
fast recipe, almond milk (&/or rice dream) and almond amazake, less
than boiled, add soaked whole &/or coarsely fresh ground oats, quinoa,
brown rice.
I usually add Earthnet green algae nutrition powder.. (very rich).
f) I undercook or consume raw. HEAT KILLS ORDER!!!! Microwave is
worst, electric heat 2nd worst, then gas, then wood.. heat in sequence of
life destroying ability.
g) I don't mix fruit and grain. I suggest study at least a summary of macro-
biotic principles... however I DO suggest quality steamed or broiled
seafood periodically. Recipe :nice fresh salmon, cover with some undi
luted frozen or fresh squeezed OJ, sprinkle with dill, and broil lightly-8 or
so minutes per side. Serve with wild rice or quinoa and lightly steamed
fresh beans or broccoli.. I drink little or nothing during meals, it dilutes
digestion and mineral absorption (I believe excess mineral deposits on
bones from body fluids-arthritis- is related to this dilution). I make a con-
scious effort to note how I feel during the hours after eating, to help me
choose food more wisely each day.
h) I never eat anything fried.
i) I never take any stimulants or pain "killers".. or alchohol. Caffeine strips
the body of it's own ecstatic juice making equipment.
f) I drink ONLY quality spring water (I like EVIAN< CRYSTAL Gyser,
Volvic etc...) I Never drink very hot or very cold anything. "Carbonated"
beverages dump only mind killing carbon dioxide to your brain... this
includes "Carbonated" waters. I avoid chlorine & fluorine waters like
they were slow death, because they are. Tell your water utility you want
flowform/reed-wetland/ozonated water, and not chlorine death. Store
your water in glass in a cool, dark, and paramagnetic space (away from
metal & synthetics as much as possible).
i) I avoid sugar in EVERY form.. RAW honey or chopped dates are useful
occasionally in small quantity.
h) If your food was not prepared by someone with love, you will be eating
and dreaming their impatience or anger!!!!!
j) Food should touch wood or glass.. Touching metal is bad, (it shorts the
field), touching aluminum in ANY form is a kind of electrical spin death
to food!! This means use glass cookware(& undercook!).
k) The daily supplements I use are: calcium, alfalfa, b-complex.. I recom-
mend some form of the blue-green algaes, I have found the complex of
products offered by EARTHNET particularly helpful, and more reason-
ably priced on the algae products. We can send you a little catalog from
Crystal Hill. Muscle testing is an excellent way to check your body for its
unique supplement needs.

From: "Haik Muradian" <>

April 2002

Dear Dan - It is an enJOYment sharing this email with you thanks to your sharable AWARENESS.

It would really be an experience in Bliss to study your CDs and learn to function from the inside out.

I have read your article "Nourished by a Spin". I have a few practical and theoretical hurdles to pass before properly groking the contents.

I humbly request guidance as to properly achieve sustainable non-destructive compression. I have had a number of Kundalini awakenings, each successively smoother than the next, but all being quite rough nonetheless. I am so relieved to finally have found a voice that can articulate the experience from firest hand perspective with the understanding required to share steer-ability.

It is ironic that I spent seven years as a staff member at the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions (Chicago) only to find the mirror to experiences shared through the heart of a theoretical physicist. I was first exposed to your material back in Chicago during my late night net-surfing, but the environment was not fractal enough to support the opportunity to closely study the materials presented. Now that I live in Reunion Island, I am somewhat closer to the environmental resonance that would permit greater embed-ability.

Please permit me to request some clarity for practical applications and a greater depth (density) of understanding. My knowledge of math being marginal at best, it is the experiential GRAVITY of Awareness that I seek to stabilize.

Here are a few questions which I really appreciate you shedding some light on:

1) Other than allowing individuals generous access to your material on the web, please provide other concrete examples of "making memory 'sharable'".

Answer from Dan-

Example 1: Dead indigenous ancestors are stuck in the rocks in the land and its magnetic lines - due to massacre . As a result, magnetic lines are tangled -

as a result - the rain stops (drought in Perth for example) - You go on land at good time (alignment of stars or sunrise sunset -) you find magnetic cross point where feeling is strong - you do a dance - set intention - and FEEL the pain and memories of those who died - meditating and RESTORING TO SHAREABLE - MAKING DISTRIBUTABLE - HARVESTING BACK TO DNA central FIRE - AGNI HOTRA FIRE RITUAL ON LAND..

as a result - those ancestral magnetic domains - dreamspell GHOSTS- use your fire - the implode BACK into the field effect of the collective 'mind' (DNA's central

holy communion)... then having been APPRECIATED and their pain FELT AND SHARED- they are able to return ..

result: RAIN. (magnetic flow had stopped when symmetry stopped... water flow requires magnetic flow.. because-



Example 2: You drive down the street and suddenly stop thinking about trivia and you FEEL something shareable - like how LOVE affected the life of a young child - or WHY weather responded to your PASSION ..ETC... anything which is so full of pure principle that ALL THE DNA NEEDS TO HEAR YOU AT THAT MOMENT - pure principle is immortal. Result: Your DNA and your blood and your hair - RING - stand up. You became a fractal attractor for CHARGE capacitance.. life force. Remember: Death was invented by biology to gently teach us to stop storing un-shareable feeling - waves which could not distribute .

Feel only pure principle - and you tingle so much - with so much charge (life force) you never die. Try that in pristine country.


2) How can you describe, in feeling, to "'teach' waves to 'agree' ­ fuse by imploding"

Answer from Dan- Imagine you are wave. You are not dumb. You would only fall into the place - where you would not be destroyed. That is exactly what being compressible means - because it allows waves to share the space necessary to become fold dense / information dense. That process of surviving compression - for waves and for people - is what mind does among waves. Mind inhabits fire because PHI's ray(Phire) is the place waves agree. Feel your passion - you feel fire - because the slip knot waves which are you begin to gather. E pluribus unum. From many : ONE.


3) What phase disciplines do you recommend are NECESSARY for successful compression. I have been a TMer for several years as well as having taken active part in other religious/spiritual traditions/organizations ­ yet throughout I felt there was a missing variable which always prompted me to go outside myself through many of these institutions which also required escalating expenditure of resources. Moving inside out rather than outside in is the only solution. The 'group' mentality did not suite me however hard I tried to fit in, nor did I feel any attraction to converting others to the metaphysical persuasion(s) that many of the traditions I was affiliated with asked of me. I felt that was a severe infringement of the freedom to direct their own path in their own way and in their own timing.

Answer from Dan:

The TM people measured the heart and not the head. The TM people NEVER MEASURED COHERENCE ITSELF. The internal coherence measure, was first done by HeartTuner ( ). Heart centering is the most fractal. That movement from head to the heart of the matter, is the next step past TM. Cohering the vacuum (creating matter out of light) starts with COHERENCE in the Heart.

Also, paths which use the TRADITION as the excuse to tell you that you must do something are disempowering. The ONLY thing which instructs you to the FIRE is the PURE PRINCIPLE of what makes fire. Traditions based on pure principle are not religions or mythologies. They are a science based on hygiene, which worships to personality or miracle concept. They show you the path to fire within by making your inside picture (compassion) self similar to what is outside you (the shape of feeling in magnetism around you). So that your fractal attractor compassion - invites the outside - in - non-destructively.


4) Can you please elaborate experientially on how to practically understand the principle, which states "waves which do not become distributable by phase ordering/union/implosion, are self canceling".

Answer from Dan: When the raindow teaches the photon to share better, by squeezing only into the shareable spin symmetries (7 spin axes of the tetra = 7 color photon tilts called rainbow) - the other wave lengths (tilts) which could not share - are cancelled out. The same happens to bio-magnetics as memories in DNA at the moment of COMPRESSION called DYING. IF enough shareable memories are stored - then enough coherence exists in DNA as field effect (soul / dreamspell) to carry memory into the next life. Practice for death is bliss / tantra / and the lucid dream. The cocoon of charge around your DNA and glands is navigable (soul) if you emotion / heart is coherent. Because FIRE steers.

5) Please describe experientially what it means to "generate fractal 'self-similar magnetic arrays' to stabilize gravity".

Answer from Dan:

Resteering magnetic lines into fractal (dodeca) alignment with paramagnetic stones , stone circles, labyrinths , well dowsed and aligned - fabricates micro and macro climate, and stabilizes gravity. Place cylindrical capacitors into and pent fractal and measure the negative ion - gravity making effect. (Townsend Brown et al.). Long wave magnetic alignment using dolmens to re-attract atmosphere was called 'planet taming' in "Two-Thirds" (Arcturian book - david Mayers and David Percy - Aulis Press, London). Teaching genepools to use collective coherent earth magnetics and collective coherent emotion, feeds their gravity bubble :"Coherent Emotion Feeds the Earth" (Gurdjieff).

6) Is the present Hebrew Alphabet an appropriate source of meditation as is recommended by some students of the Kabbalah? Visually scanning the Zohar, including the 72 names of G-d is one of the tools used? Is this in harmony with your findings?

Answer from Dan:

The gematria of filling your optical cortex with the sonic / optic hologram which is the 3D shadow of the golden mean wave compression spiral of the donut torus, into ONLY tetra symmetry is good for in-cubeating matter. BUT the tetra - helix in DNA which results from using only the tetra braid results in only GOLEM - un-ensouled ones. Yalweh did not know the physics of ensouling DNA. ( compare - books with orion article / ophanic alphabets).

7) Are these particular Music CDs you recommend?

Enya, Nana Mouskouri, Sufi Dance Music?

8) Do you have a listing of materials that can better help me to grok the concepts shared be they through multimedia CDs or videos? Where can I find the video: The Biology of the Blue Fire: Ecstatic process, Coherent Emotions and the Immune Health"?

Mostly the articles: How To's/Coherent Emotion/Practical Uses/Sacred Twinkle Hygiene 1 - INDEX

The Biology of the Blue Fire: video we are re-doing in Byron Bay - stay tuned. Another film : Purpose of DNA is good - email wil at


9) Is the HeartTuner available for Mac users?

Heart Tuner - info :

- Mac user notes there mention current Virtual PC 5 emulation results in gradual getting behind in real time display - needs frequent restart - should be better in faster macs soon (USB in).. meantime Mac support is limited.

10) I have come across a program named the Cybershaman software but something always kept me from getting it. What is your understanding this software and do you recommend it.

I will look... soon.

11) May you truly live out your hearts highest spiritual aspirations towards greater and greater expansive awareness for the glory of lo-Phi.

Thank you Dan for your generosity of spirit. It is truly a perfect example of sharing.

I look forward to your email response.


Haik Muradian
(Aka ­ Haec Mhuridiun)