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An Edited Transcription
This article is part of a COMPENDIUM of Information Presented at REVIVING ANCIENT WISDOMS, A Forum on Earth Grid Engineering & Sacred Geometry, North Carolina, Fall '93 as compiled by DARLENE and edited by Vincent M. Bridges and appears here with the permission of The Fifth Way Mystery School.

While dreaming last night the impulse was clear. We should look at the various faces or facets of what is called ecstatic process put in very practical terms. Last night we approached ecstatic process as we danced and as we circled and as we groped.

In conversation about ecstatic process, or Ecstasy, or bliss, and its bio-logical function we'll pursue certain areas of focus: We'll talk about a kind of "Plumbing 101," or ecstasy in the body: what the plumbing is. We'll talk about the psychodynamics of ecstatic pro-cess, which is to say "what are the kind of thoughts that permit ecstasy? Then we're going to talk about the hygiene of ecstasy spiritual hygiene in general as a mechanism of charge. Then we're going to talk about the effect of human ecstasy on the environment, both on the bio-region and what leaves the planet when people enter the ecstatic state... and how that becomes food for the earth.

We should understand ecstasy in the human condition as a necessary requirement for the survival of the cell and the body.

One definition of ecstasy or ecstatic process that's been proposed is "that activity over which humans schedule wars." If you really distill most wars they are over who shall have the privilege of teaching ecstatic process. The Israeli's and the Arabs, every indigenous people, and the Quakers quaked and the Shakers shook and you get the flavor... the Sufi's danced and the dervish turned.. Irish, Yugoslavian, Isreali, & Iraqi wars are over which indigenous people shall have access to the land as memory, and their access to ecstatcy's long wave is intimately connected there.

Cultures which survive must have ritual activity for entering into symmetry, or riding the long magnetic wave of information context from land into people into cells. However the world as a whole has this kind of trepidation about who shall have the privilege of teaching how the seed shall crystallize because once the seed is planted in a womb, it only takes one seed of perfect symmetry and the whole womb crystallizes. So the world will not have two forms of ecstasy, ultimately it wants only one and it must be perfect. This seed of perfect symmetry/sharing is the perfect geometry coherent loving emotion engenders.

The fear of the cult, is really a fear that some symmetry may take root in our collective unconscious that might be not perfect sharing. We begin to acknowledge how crucial the description of ecstasy is to history. The spread of AIDS in Africa followed the areas where tribal dance was forgotten. We can relate ecstatic process directly to the survival of the immune system. When you add spin to membrane only then can it make self/not-self decisions. Spin is the only activity which keeps a bubble from popping.

Government can't make decisions about food or health or politics unless first there is an agreement on what people are for. You can't have government without agreement on what's truly important about our condition. So we need to understand the role of emotion in the human condition in a rather galactic metabolism before we can have any hope of having a government.

We can't really know how to have the health department restrict the hygiene at McDonald's unless we have a definition of what people are for. There's no criterion on which to base any decision unless we have agreement on the function of the human condition inside a great and vast living being.

This is context for why it's critical we understand how the human condition massages the Earth's magnetic bloodstream, or gravity bubble to feed star systems. Knowledge of coherent emotion in the creation of energetic environments is a necessary requirement before we are able to have civilization, particularly one which can belong to an interplanetary government.

Question: I'm hung up. Before you go on... so that I can really hear you... You made what to me was a big leap when you said that ultimately there's only one system for reaching ecstasy. How did you get there? I mean, there seems to be incredible avenues to ecstasy. I don't follow that leap.

The challenge is to see the principle of ecstatic process which is very much the entrance into symmetry.

Let's make it a bit personal here, to try to get at that.

When I was in the Gurdjief school, I was pretty much sexually continent, not necessarily by choice. I had been in an all boy's high school and gone to a Jesuit College. I was double Scorpio so I had a certain amount of charge. Plus, I encountered the first real food diet I had ever en-countered, where the blue flame was very condensed.

There we studied these La-Ti-Fa breathing & concentration excercises. We would do sacred gymnastics some days instead of eating. You wouldn't be hungry because the order of charge is the food. I began to have experiences in response to this discipline, which was the ability to consciously move attention around inside the body. I felt, palpably, the effect of attention was in the body creating a field effect, which was described as "feeling." If you could put your attention in your little finger, keep it there, and then realize that there was a tingle, an aura, a presence that grew there specifically as a result of the fact that you put your attention there. And then you realize that on the violin string where you choose the place of stillness, the cascade, the aura. the nesting of donuts of field effect domains, occurs specifically around the geometry of the still point. Simply, where you place your attention would determine where the field effect would grow. And that was called "order" or "life."

Ecstasy in the human
condition is a necessary
requirement for the survival
of the cell and the body.

These disciplines of the geometry of attention in combined with the sacred gymnastics... Has anyone studied posture-induced ecstasy? If you kind of regard the body as a gelatinous sack where the pressure on the glands deter-mines the geometry of the flow of sonics that makes a kind of word sonically, out of what can ring through the glands magnetically and so is, in a sense, posture. I'll give you a gross example. Tlt the base of your spine back (belly forward) so that instead of your solar plexus being out beyond your center of gravity, it aligns over your center of gravity, this opens a liquid switch which Gurdjief called the "organ Kunda-buffer" which permits the liquids from the very base of the spine, which is in the shape of a straw, to be sucked up the spine. The permission for those fluids to be pumped, begins with one of its primary switches, the tilt of the base of the spine which is associated with the belly dance, & Tai Chi's "pelvic tilt".

This is the introduction to this plumbing concept that the ability of the blue fire of eros and ecstacy to be massaged like a serpent up the wave envelope of the spine by the sonic pump (the gland sonic emotions), is switched by conscious activity. This is an example of a posture that, by "assuming the position" you literally assume the place in the flow where this magnetic cascade can sweep through the body like an RF field sweeping through the crystal, melting the crystal and recrystallizing it.

If you have a germanium crystal and you want to purify it, you take a radio frequency field effect, like a coil disk, and you sweep along the body of the crystal selectively melting the crystal just within the zone of the field effect. This is like the heart of gland softened or melted or "made wet/touched" by the ecstatic field. In the repeating ritual of melt/recrystallize, the matrix sorts out self from not self and what fits the weft and warp falls into the crystal and what does not fit the weft and warp is pushed forward out of the crystal matrix.

So, in the purifying of the geranium crystal, you sweep end to end, selectively melting and then allowing recrystal-lization, and then all of the dross, that which does not fit the matrix, is literally gathered at one end and swept off. These strong sonic/electric fields pass through your body, if you allow them. Sometimes you then spit up mucous or otherwise find your body empowered to select what fits it's nest, as your focus your fire. The self/not self decisions are able to be made, particularly as a process of this meltdown.

Anyway, to finish the personal note: I began having these kundalini kinds of experiences. Very fortunately, I met Lee Sanella who wrote the book, "Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence?" at about that time. So I was able to gather the information so that I knew that I was not going insane, which was very important, and indeed learned the medical description of the phenomenon. But it was really a description of the passage of charge through the body and all that charge means: "where pressure nests there is mind."

My inner voice which at that time spoke to me in an instructive way. I was a church organist first, then I played the organ in bars so I knew most of the old music. In my inner voice... I would hear a song and if I could remember the words to the song I would often burst out laughing because I realized what a very concise sense of humor the collective voice whoever was singing had. It became a very good way to get instructions for me.

Hearing instructions at that time... I went to the sea of Galilee and I spent maybe two weeks or so in these extreme
kundalini experiences. I had been to Egypt. I had been in the pyramid and I had been in South America and I had been to Findhorn. Obviously we all have our magical sort of trail. What I began to notice was that the clouds were specifically responding to kundalini and that, the earth was very, very clear in saying when I might begin and when I must end these experiences. This was like life or death because if you go too far the glands get overexcited and the nadis get burnt, to use Yogic language. So it was life or death to be able to hear these instructions about when to practice this electrical kind of fire.

Like, when I was in Lima, Peru. It is commonly known there that it never rains. And, in fact, when I was in Lima and had these experiences the mist just came down, the clouds touched the earth and it began to precipitate. I learned later that there are many things which can seed the clouds but that the principle is what we wish to understand. And this is the principle of crystallization of Christos in gen-eral, which is the planting of the perfect seed of symmetry or sharing.

If you think of a water vapor existing in the clouds in a distributed inertia where the size of the vapor is such that the water is embodied in a relatively short and fractionated way. Supposing you're doing cloud seeding: what do you plant, molecularly? You plant something tempting enough, which can be called literally a fractal attractor of symmetry around which to give permission to touch. For the water vapor molecules to touch each other and enter into this risky condition of sharing, called symmetry, is to ride for them a very long wave which is entering the community called droplet.

Remember when you take the Star of David and you cut it out in wood and you properly carve and craft it so that the over and under pattern is properly enacted in the grain structure of the wood. Then you put that in your field and bless it and the clouds columnate and it effects the preci-pitation, sometimes for whole bio-regions from one simple seed of symmetry. Or the orgone principle of cloud busting which uses columated pipes in a fast-flowing river.

We're looking at the principle of precipitation and cry-stallization in general here in order to understand the ser-vice that human ecstatic process renders to the ecosystem.

Question: Excuse me, Dan. Define columate.

In optics they say, columate, I usually say columnate. They both mean the same thing, as in Phil Callahan's explanation of coherence in a laser yesterday. Soldiers march in orderly row: ecstatic discipline done such that the steps of all have entered a rhythm.

It's easiest to understand columation or onset coherence in water or air by telling the simple story of the sensitive lady who visited the farm once who insisted I remove the screen from the window because it was fractionating the air. She couldn't harvest the memory of the pine needles in the braid of the air.

She was right. At the bottom of the flow form (water braid cascade), if you take the water and put it through a screen, it loses its ability to germinate seeds and float logs and segregate solids by mass. The braided coherence is undone by the fractionating screen, like
your marvelous intentions collapsed thru the narrow keyhole of the police officers hurried attention.

Columation is entering into the discipline of the long wave: the issue of Christos, the principle of Crystallization.

Question: Columation with the cloud busting pipes. How is that done? Are the pipes a particular length for that?

Ideally, they would be a length which would be a sonic harmonic to the natural resonance long wave braid or meander of the river into which they were placed. They would be a harmonic integra or harmonic octave ratio. So that if you wanted to be able to sing an oratorio, you need to know the key.

Cloud busting with pipes is relatively trivial in principle compared to the principle of teaching a young person with twinkling eyes how to put a hole in a cloud with their mind. Which we often use as an example because the instruction was simple. You realize that wherever the universe sees pure intention it will pour in the inertia necessary to bend the light. That's called love. The child with pure intention is particularly good because the universe will bend light for them because they're so pure. We can get that way.

If the child asks permission of the cloud and then focus-es there, particularly if this is a nice fluffy cumulus cloud, then the child will see a hole form in the cloud. The child might ask, "Did I hurt the cloud?"

What we need to understand is the principle of how that works. Remember, we talked about the vapor just wanting an excuse, a permission, a seed of symmetry, a hint of how to share, to enter the droplet state and, thus, precipitate or crystallize. The psycho-kinetic coherent focus of mind, physically provides the vortex seed of symmetry to the cloud. Precipitation from vapor to drop, there around that seed, is the "hole" in the cloud. The vapor is short wave, needing a locus of symmetry, in order to nest into long wave the droplet.

So now we can understand a bit more about how enter-ing the discipline of symmetry in ecstatic process has an effect on the weather of bio-regions. We can call it magick, like Vincent's license plate, but Phil Callahan always says that magic doesn't repeal the laws of nature, it just re-quires understanding the principle at a higher level.

The paper on desertification and patriarchy tracked the spread of the Sahara desert around the belly of the globe. They discovered they were making a map of the spread of hard patriarchal cultures. The onset of patriarchy appears to "cause" the spread of deserts that where it is illegal to hug on the street, you create deserts... to prevent touch is actually to prevent rain.

We need to understand the physics of that, which is really quite simple. When people have permission to touch in a circle, or in symmetry, what happens is the electrical waves in their body are limited in general by the conductivity of the skin. The air is much more of an insulator than is human tissue. Waves that bounce back and forth within our skin are limited in the experiments in symmetry they can do to the length in the size of the body itself. If the waves inside the body wanted to learn symmetry about really long waves, which could be
wave/information/context the size of the earth's mind, the only way to do those "experiments in sharing" is touch. Prevent touch, and ONE mind does not crystallize from the many.

Symmetry is literally the permission to touch. Touch happens and this wave that was inside my body suddenly has permission to enter a much longer circuit

When the wave gets permission to touch, what happens is the natural self selection among waves is permitted. The natural self-selection among waves is this: order is self-replicating and disorder is self-cancelling. But, permission to touch or focus enacts the law.

Pain "killers" prevent disorder from focusing in attention into order. Fear of pain is simply fear of focused awareness in general, which is to choose the dissolution of wave memory we label death...

To choose fear is to enter the asymmetry of electrical resistance, which destroys spin, and thus creates death. Any wave that resists touch/phase lock has its inertia self-cancelled; its memories are lost, it dies in the only sense in which death is possible. Thus the wave discovers that it's in-form-ation was not sharable. That's what the wave learned by dying, which is what we learn by dying. (A way of filtering out un-shareable memories). Anytime the wave or the person tries to store unsharable information, it dies. But the wave or the person that stores totally sharable information lives forever.

Eternal life remembers only pure principle; a harvest of memory that is infinitely useful to the galactic core and so can make it right down to the center of the vortex and be everywhere at once... like the principle of the electron, or of pi, phi & e, or the principle of what love is as an infinitely distributable wave path.

Let's talk about what thought forms. Remember, we're going to talk about the hygiene, the plumbing, the psycho-dynamic and then the bioacoustic habit of ecstasy. Let's talk about the psycho-dynamic now.

Supposing you're driving down the road and you're thinking about something that happened in your family. Suddenly in your thought, you bump into high voltage. You'd been meandering about like a wandering glissando. Momentarily a thought that is infinitely sharable occurs to you.. perhaps something about love or great human connectedness... and at that moment you feel a quick electrical rush sweep through your body.

What is the physics of that?

Sometimes when you travel along the west coast you realize the land is in pain and you see these clouds that cannot rain because they're afraid to touch the land. You realize that this wetness, which is literally a description of a willingness to, or a permission to touch. Wet-making power and word-making power are all etymologically derived from the word Ieve Eve, feminine versus Adam, hard-making, Adamic/Red-Making, Dense making/packing/dry making. This wetness quality is the issue of the membrane in AIDs and cancer. The AIDS membrane is wet and leaky, the cancer membrane is hard and not touch response/contact inhibited.

What's happening when you're driving down the road and you tripped over a sharable thought and then you felt an electric rush is literally the inertia, or spin, of the collective hologram has fallen into symmetry. You have become attractive in a magnetic sense. Your thought hologram has become a fractal enough attractor to be a better place for

We're looking... to understand

the service that Human Ecstatic

Process renders to the eco-system.

waves to land than the surrounding gravity grid. Waves only go where they are invited by symmetry. Give them symmetry or give them death. Mind waves.

Supposing you're out there and dancing in this circle and there's a sacred dance teacher and its a long wave you're doing in this dance. You're trying to decide what thoughts you would like to have if you want to be able to enter an ecstatic state. What waves/thoughts are infinitely shareable?

The ecstatic state was designed, biologically, to be very positive feedback. What nature provided was that this geometry of touching sonic pressures in the upper glands actually squeezes from the flowering brain the nectar which tastes sweet and drips onto the base of the back of the tongue. This form of sweetness makes ice cream almost painful by comparison, actually, once we've learned to fabricate our own long wave. Sweetness is a long wave carbohydrate chain; sweetness is a measure of braidedness.

When we've learned to fabricate our own memories into long waves which are context rich then we don't hunger for the other kinds of sweetness which smoke up the fire. You can see the young girl who has naturally biologically bloomed and is really ready for ecstatic process. Only emotional frustration at not reaching ecstatic union, leads her to chocolate. The appropriate hunger for this harvest of sweetness goes into a direction which is a kind of chemical short circuit for the body's ability to synthesize and metabolize its own long waves long great chains.

We are very tempted to want ecstasy. Biologically, we're programmed for it. Our cells know that electrically if they don't get permission to make a phone call home, which is what lightning is for, then the cell will die because there is no communication with the home office and no way to get instructions. The cells know it's a survival matter to achieve ecstasy.

For our children, that means they will do anything. And it is appropriate, we should honor them for being willing to do anything to achieve ecstasy because it is right. They are correct. If we as a culture, as a civilization, lose the me-mory of how to teach ecstatic process, then our children will die.

We need to look at the rites of ecstatic process as they were chemically induced in the shamanic, for example, versus the rite of ecstatic process which might be called the sacred dance of the kinesthetic approach. Drugs without discipline short circuit natural ecstasy. The inner muscles to make our own fire are lost. No God-making power for the galactic core here.

In the hygiene of ecstasy we're going to describe, it is necessary for survival to be able to recognize the difference between fractionated memory and contextual memory. This is the language that helps us recognize the difference between a blue fire that can really experience the coupling of the collective mind - the grail cup/chalice, versus the separate pieces of fire sparks darting about through stubble not remembering what excuse they gave themselves to imagine themselves separate from the one flame in the first place.. all my thoughts are secret mentality.

Take a computer animation of many little dots and you assemble those dots into a skull, and then you can animate it and spin it, but then the dots could kind of fall apart and settle down and turn into a pile of dust. The density of the optical hologram is like those dots in the computer animation.
They're little fireflies or sparks darting about. They have not quite yet remembered how to hold themselves together in such a way as to sustain flame, which is a name for biology - as oxidation the slow flame. So, the sparks in the optical cortex ...

Remember, the synapse is a description of a spark gap, right, even though Carl Pribram says there's nothing flammable in the synapse. It's really a Fourier transformer if anybody understands this... If you want to feed a tesla coil, you use a square wave because the square wave is harmonic rich. That means if you analyze the sharp edges of the squares, it takes a lot of really high frequency harmonics. The tesla coil can eat rich diet of frequencies from the square wave. So it's well fed. That's why you use a spark gap to feed a tesla coil.

The synapse is a spark gap. Here are these arriving differentiated potassium gradient waves across the membrane of the axion dendrite moving along in the insulator of the mylon sheath (which is what dissolved in "Lorenzo's Oil"). If you can't have an insulator you can't get high voltage and if you can't get high voltage or high pressure in the optical hologram the plumber knows that its going to leak. The leverage in the optical hologram to bend light is high pressure.

Anyway, here comes the wave along the axion dendrite, and all these waves arrive at this spark gap synapse. If they arrive in time, in the fractal of time, which is to say if they arrive in phase, if they "face" each other, if they phase lock, then and only then does the synapse fire. So it is an add/ summate heterodyne Fourier transform function which does the test for symmetry. Every synapse is constantly testing for shareability in the pressures it can distribute. (Memory)

QUESTION: Say that again.

It's an add, multiply Fourier heterodyne. When waves meet, they can both add and multiply. That's why the Golden Mean is the only way for the waves. That's why it's called the Golden path, the yellow-brick road be-cause it's the only path that allows waves to do what they must do, add and multiply. That's why its based on phi, phi cycles, and the pentagram. Love is literally "Lo-phi."

Waves get together, they form these hetero-dynes, they add and multiply. When they get to the synapse they're doing this test for sharability. So these are the fireflies, these are the little sparks reinforcing themselves. If you add ecstatically induced psycho activity which dopes the synapse, you lower the threshold at which the wave summation permits the firing. Super conductive flux density is psychokinesis.

There was a study done at MIT which said that if you count the rate of firing at the synapse in the high optical cortex in proportion to whether you're focusing or doing something called, technically, saccadic activity, which is shifty eyes. "Would you buy a used can from this man?" They measured the rate of the firing in the optical cortex according to whether you were focusing or shifting your eyes and they proved that, in fact, the density of the fire was greatest when you focused.

The thing is, literally, if you do not have pure intention, the physics is that you literally cannot focus. Focus and
The ecstatic state was designed,

biologically, to be very positive


pure intention are the same thing, because in the collec-tive hologram, there's no such thing as focus that doesn't have pure intention. That's where pure intention is achie-ved, that center of the vortex, because only there is the test of symmetry, or sharing, passed.

The point is that when you focus, you get the density of fire in the optical cortex up to the geometry of flame coherent enough to literally bend the light. Matter is a hologram with a weight problem. The optical cortex is a hologram for learning the coherence to bend light.

I use this story a lot, but it's good. It's the problem of the lady with a mirror and a magnifying glass that were too heavy for her purse. And so she went and she had a hologram made of her mirror and magnifying glass so they would be light. The guy who made the hologram for her showed her, before she paid her money, that she could see other items inside the hologram through the mirror and it worked. And it's true. This is Optical Physics 101 where you look in your hologram made of a mirror, you can see things reflected in the mirror that are inside the hologram. And the magnifying glass works in the hologram to magnify other items in the hologram.

When she got home she realized she had a problem: she couldn't see herself or anything else outside her hologram, reflected from there. She went back and demanded a refund. The creator of the hologram said, "Well, what I will give you is a little bit of the light I used to make the hologram in the first place." When she stood in that light, then she could see herself. This is true Optical Physics 101, because phase coherent light of the same phase discipline then would allow her to interact with things inside her hologram.

This is the problem of a thought or dream that wants to bend matter. It needs phase discipline. The map to phase discipline, which is a map to the tilt of photon donuts, is our field effect qunatum cookery. This is ability to think in the language of light and thus create.

Wave focus is the only principle needed to create. The ability to bend the light is all you need to do to create because that persuades light to go from the line, which is called energy, to the circle, which is called mass. When you take light and bend it into a circle, if you persuade it to enter the circle, you have to persuade it to enter symmetry because that's the only thing that permits waves to stand in a circle. Waves aren't dumb, they don't touch un-symmetric nests: it would kill 'em!

This permission to enter the circle, which is to enter symmetry, allows the line to store its inertia. The storage of inertia is the only definition and measure physics has ever had for mass. So, to create mass, you bend light into a circle. It's only tempted to do that when symmetry is presented because otherwise it knows that its memories will be lost. We are beginning to understand, if you want to get information into the optical cortex, enough to bend the light, you need this whole geometry of focus we call ecstatic process.

This is the psycho-dynamic. We've mentioned effect on the environment. It isn't just making rain, which ecstatic process does, but it literally gives permission to touch which creates environments which are sharable by de-finition.

You know how the earth will come to mind wherever there are children dancing barefoot in the mud. Clouds
form in the symbols of the I-Ching above a yogi dance. The ecosystem has feeling in the bandwidths of our collective and individual emotions. We've met powerful wome who do little else but travel about the earth being instructed from the inner voice on how to pour love into fault lines. We can measure the effect on the magnetic field of a tree 200 feet away, of the heart going into coherence, becoming a sonic laser. We begin to realize that the effect on the ecosystem of the onset of biological coherence is dramatic and lasting. Imagine a whole planet going ecstatic at once coherence: the physics of rapture!

This could be tempting enough for us to want to study, now that we've looked at some of the plumbing... A plumber could understand that once the pelvic tilt is in place the blue fire could be pumped. What is the role of coherent heart sonics in massaging the envelop of the snaking current?

It's necessary to sort out the confusion among sexual energy and ecstatic energy. Is it separate? Is it one? In that, we'll get a better handle then on the justification for what we'll get to when we talk about the hygiene for ecstasy.

The cell is like a child's xylophone. This is, again, an old story. A lot of you have heard me tell this story before but it's helpful. If we want to understand how blue fire... You know how it's called the blue light district? Or, "you're looking very blue today." Or, it's close to our term "horny" because literally the liquids of the upper ventricle cavities of the brain are called ventricle horns and the liquids crystallize in the presence of the coherent sonics and become horns, which actually shape the geometry of the electromagnetic aura as well. So this "blue," as in "you're looking blue today" and "you're horny," are all words for our understanding that your blue fire hasn't passed, instead it's been stored as charge and that was thought to be unfortunate.

However, to understand where this blue fire comes from, we need to under-stand just a little bit about cell metabol-ism. The cell takes these long waves in as food and breaks the protein chains down. What it then does is, the biophysicist would say, "The cells become an engine for making high quality ultraviolet light." That's a very acurate, biophysical description of what a cell is. It's a highly ordered UV to violet-blue light transformer which drives cell mechanics.

What the cell does, it takes these long waves the food and it massages them coherently into shorter and shorter wavelengths. It becomes, literally, a cadduceus ladder. Each rung on the ladder biophysicists would describe as an enzymatic pool. All of the energetics of cell metabolism are stored in groups by wavelength like a marimba. Then when the energy passes to the next wavelength up the ladder, it goes from the midocondria to the DNA precursors to DNA. At the level of DNA, the light has been massaged to a very coherent, high quality light, which took a lot of work to make, That's the blue fire of the cell. Hard membrane: no UV trade with neighnbors= not contact inhibited= cancer. Leaky opposite= AIDs. Membranes are a language of pressure.

Gathering this blue fire among the cells is accomplished in something which a biophysicist might call foreplay. Use attention like a snake charmer to gather the blue fire. The massage of attention is what we do in lovemaking and it is very sweet. In tantra all of the highest and best sweet nutrients of the cell are pumped to the upper brain wherethere could then be an explosion of growth, an unflowering of sorts. The planet herself becomes aware of nectar available to distribute.. as in the Icelandic tradition of Kundalini as a "great mast of God"..
When we measure the spectral content of the EKG at this moment when we're sending love, in the chest we only measure a harmonic series up to 40 hertz. We measure the same EKG at the crown of the head and we get a whole harmonic series up to 1000 hertz. This is the thousand petalled lotus.. unfolded in symmetry "space"... a connection is made.

Just a little final piece of this puzzle is, the heart is contained in a sac called the pericardium, which is based on the geometry of the hat of Osirus which is exquisitely designed to focus sound. The sonics of the heartbeat are then focused.

In one direction, the sonics of the heartbeat impinge on the thymus. In this mea-culpa beating of the thymus, the thymus does a spectrum analysis of the heartbeat in order to pick up which wavelengths, which tinker toys, it is then going to the able to use to make the nest we call the immune system. The thymus was not intended to shrink. MDs think that's normal it is not normal. It means the thymus was not receiving love coherent sound of the heart.

That's why it's called the song of the heart. The center structure of the heart is the flame letter and the geometry of the electrical wave that converges at the heart to cause it to fire is a seven-colored donut, electrically. The heart's muscle is seven layers of symmetry; seven layers of muscle based on the symmetry of the tetrahedron. The sequence in which you press these muscles determines how you throw the blood into a vortex. The heart is not a pump it never was. The heart throws the blood into a vortex. The coherence of these vortices is what carries the whispers of the heart into the extremities.

It's like a 3D Wankle engine. Our family business is a motor business and we learned that you can create any direction of motion in 2D with just three simple magnets. It's called a 3-phase motor, and you change direction by changing the polarity of the wires on the 3-phase motor. But if you want to make a vortex in any axis in 3D, what do you need? You need exactly 7 magnetic fields in the symmetry of the tetrahedron because you could braid everything that could be named from the geometry of vortices in the symmetry of the tetrahedron. (This tetra is a superset of all platonic symmetry, so it is how donut fields nest in general.)

So the heart can create vortex donuts in the blood in any axis in 3D. The 7 layers or 7 arrows of the heart muscle respond to the angle of approach of toroidal donut-shaped triggering electrical pressure waves ("When Time Breaks Down" by Arthur T. Winfrey). The body gets its magnetic field nest words/instructions from the soul when the heart is coherent.

The heart is doing this wonderful job of being a geometry of pressure, holding the blue fire making gravity by symmetry. Now behind the heart is the spine. The spine harvests this sweet juice. We gather it in foreplay and then, instead of releasing the blue fire downward, we relax enough to be still in the blue fire. Then it simply stands and grows as tantra and kundalini.

The Plumbing 101 for this pump is described in a lifetime of work called, "The Sacrocranial Pulse" literature by Upledger in Florida. You can measure the pulse of the spine's fluid pumping. He proved that it is physiologically impossible to be depressed if that pump is working. On the other hand, if the pump is not working you are, by definition, depressed. That is to say, you have not gained access to ecstatic process.

The way it works is that the heart's sonics are the snake
charmer's flute that massages the envelope, the geometry of pressure, to make the pump work. That massaged envelope is how the liquids of the spine, which are comprised of the same liquids as the upper ventricle cavity of the brain, carry this harvest of sweetness up to that memory. This is called enJOYment. Nectar drips from the upper brain whose cells explode with nutritent.

This is what the waitress at McDonalds really means when she says "enjoy your hamburger" : Fold the spin of this food into the blue fire. In our culture, at least we remember that that if it is not taken to the blue fire, memory has not been harvested and it has not been enjoyed. (In our recent geometric analyses of the Sentic musical wave shapes of Emotion..) Joy is based on the wavelength ratio of 1 over 6, which is the hexagram. This flower, when held still, is complete in the plane .When the cup runneth over to the lo-phi state, there is love. Phi- ratio is based on the pentagram. Lifting the hex off the pent is the cube in the dodeca-, the entrance to the next dimension. We pick up our cross and follow the principle of Christos off of Flatland with love.

In the Sentic's literature, it was shown that the way you would hug someone to express emotion is archetypal around the world. Emotion establishes a simple set of ratios as waves, like you're trying to crack a whip. You only put the wave on the whip once, but if the ratio is right, then the whip cracks. That's what a hug is, to make an impression. Which is to stand this wave on the surface memory/brain.

This index of the wave ratios of emotion was the same in Polynesia as it was in England. This was called the geometry of pressure, the geometry of touch. A Universal language.

QUESTION: And the ratio is one to six?

Well, let's take the way you hug someone to express emotion... You should do this two people get together and they share squeezes. They each close their eyes "Now I send love/now I send joy." See if they get what you sent them as touch before you tell them. And then look at what that geometry of pressure was, as a wave shape prescription for hugging.

Anger is a very sharp onset of pressure. It is literally a "jerk." Joy comes later, one sixth of the duration into the overall hug, the point of maximum pressure onsets most slowly it is tantric. The point of maximum pressure in the overall duration of the wave shape of the hug that says love is .618 into the duration of the event. Phi low-frequency phi ratio. The soft love. When you say "phi," you actually create the beginning of the spiral as your lips curl in then out.

The hex is an experience in joy which is completed on the plane. In the hex, one over six the wave shape for joy the witch fixed the spell. When the radius equals the edge length, the wave is stable on the plane, as the hex view of the cube. This is the basis of the Mayan pyramids in-cube-ation. Whereas, in the Egyptian pyramids, when you add the ratio phi to make them phi- cycle, then you have lifted the cube up, off the plane by a 32° tilt which is the basis of precession.

It is necessary to sort out

the confusion among Sexual

Energy and Ecstatic Energy.

We have a fractionated grid here folks. (Picking up the Cosmic Fractal Biocrystal model) This cube here, which every dodeca- contains... What I did, I took this cube, this simple cube, right, and I lifted the cube up off this plane thirty-two degrees and then I could look down at the new tilt. Now, if I spin the cube on this new axis of symmetry and blink five times, I've got the dodecahedron I've entered the next dimension of spin. I've added a harmonic to the wave pressures at the nodes, which is what we find in the heartbeat at the moment of love the harmonic series, the growth and it enters the next dimension of spin.

From the hex view to the pent view, I went from joy to love. The harvest of sweetness is at the crown of pent.

QUESTION: The head associating with the hex...?

No. Actually, it's like you don't expect the child to give love until its cup is at first full, in the sense of the bond of power. In the Gurdjief gymnastic of "forming twos", it was joy, pride, awe, anger, pity, fear. Joy is the incube-ated harmonic root two octave contained which is first poured full as a container. Then, in love the great experiment in give-away can happen which becomes other centered magic. This creates a center of gravity in a longer wave. Which is what Castenada meant by "entering the eagle's eye" you might have trouble remembering you were draining a swamp when you got up to your ass in alligators. You thought you were pouring out memory but you needed something insoluble to enter the infinite liquid in order to be able to be there when it came back. That which is insoluble is pure intention, which was the philosopher's stone.

So, are we yet close to the place where we're ready to discuss the hygiene? First, do we understand the principle that only love can bend the light...

What is the specific nature of pure intention? One language might be: pure intention is where all spins converge.

So that essentially to ask permission to bend light is to move your water wheel to the center of the vortex steering that light. Remember, in the Bucky Fuller analog of biology: "as a slipknot on a rope of light." Now, you can put a slipknot on cotton and then it's braided into wool and then into nylon. You move the slipknot along. The slipknot is first cotton, wool, and then nylon. And then Bucky Fuller says, "What is the slipknot?" It is not cotton, wool, or nylon, so much as it is only the memory of turns. That is biology; a memory of how to bend light.

Knowing how to bend the light was literally permission to enter the center of all symmetry. The real key ingredient there is to recognize that ultimately there is only one intention that's bending the light. Let's translate that to...

We have personified the principle of evil and given it a name: live spelled backwards. As we have personified the principles which we call angels, we have tended to personify principles. (Angle-ish=English, Angles=angels, arc-angles, etc.) Which is okay, but what is harvested or remembered is the principle itself. To have personified evil as live spelled backwards, you have this recognition that there is a principle. Someone who chooses to pour out their memories into disorder ultimately serve order.

For example, someone might be living for the privilege of going to Las Vegas to gamble and drink. That's what they live for that's their ecstatic process. But the
psychoanalysis of gambling has been related to the thana-tos, the urge to die.

You see, the human condition is programmed to fixate on whenever there is an intensity for flow. Blue fire. Which is why the child fixates on the roller coaster ride. The human condition will fixate or return to any situation that maximizes charge. That's the way cells were designed: to seek maximum information density or continuity of foldedness. (Like computers bored with floppies now that CD's are tasted).

We can experience the charge of our beingness flowing through us. Death is only a discontinuity of memory. Discontinuity in memory (separateness), is the natural death of intention not pure, inertia not shareable, spin not folded for infinite distribution. Fractionation, as entrance into separateness, is perspective consumed in parts without compassion for the whole.

If we see someone whom we think does not have pure intention, by simply not choosing to give them the inertia of our focus, that memory will self-cancel. The degree to which the intention was impure is the rate at which it will self-cancel. And we need to take no action other than giving our attention only to what serves at the highest level we can imagine, Withdraw attention from the childishness of secrets and owning. Instead of owning things/ideas/land simply be a custodian for maximized sharing.

Let's conclude with thoughtful suggestions about hygiene.

We're coming to grok that most human interactions are essentially over the issue of charge or spin. You walk up to someone, you walk into a room, you decide who you're going to hug next... You were really waltzing over, saying, "There's some spin over there." Now I'm spinning more, I have more memory. And yet when the waterspout goes back into the clouds, we measure the loss of weight of the body when the soul leaves when they die at 14 ounces, and we say that the body has lost mass this is the weight of the soul.

Really what's happening is you've withdrawn spin. The waterspout went back into the clouds and we call that death. We're hungering to be at the center of memory. We are organs of perception for a collective mind. When we relax enough to walk into a room and permit our eyes fall on what the collective mind wants to see, then we get the privilege of being in the center of spin. That's why, since God does spit out mediocrity, we all want to be in the Guiness "Book of World Records."

The collective mind wants to explore the limit of every new principle. Whatever in our life is an expression of the boundary condition, that's what the collective mind is most interested in- in us. Which is cool. It's fun. That means that when the cell joined the body, it got to be more different, not less. From the Celestine Prophecy, all human interactions are fundamentally about charge. When we are with someone we don't enjoy spending time (or spin) with, it is because we know that we are not gathering charge, we are losing it.

At the end of the day, we could equate gathered charge/ spin, to memory folded nicely enough to be storeable/shareable. This is the growth of the soul, as servant to collective memory/mind. This is what is meant by "follow your bliss or you'll die inside."

COMMENT: You'll stop spinning.

Right. What we really hungered for was spin or charge or memory. That's what we wanted in love. Love is the ultimate expression of that. Life: El-I-phi, Love: El-O-phi... (El = turn)

Let us translate that into hygiene. What does that mean in terms of what we will do every day so that we can live where the charge is?

That means we'll go to a place like Vincent found, where the ley lines cross . Here is the pressure, here is the charge. Remember what Prof. Callahan said, "The virgin mother only appears where the magnetic lines cross in stone." You couldn't precipitate the ectoplasm of the hologram if you didn't have the substrate to work with.

You go to somewhere where the ley lines are bleeding and you too will bleed. Your work may be there. You know when you need to be charged and you know how to do it. Then when you go out into the world and you do your work of distributing your charge, you won't let your gyroscope spin down too far.

Soon, whoever invented cities is going to apologize.

However, the possibility of an exquisitely charged city does exist. Steve Nelson suggests that Charlotte is an example. Washington D.C. also has rich geomantic history. That's what the Masons were doing they were making charge. The body politic is really a body of charged spin patterns the scale of bio-regions. Tut radiated charge by ritual, effecting whole landscapes.

Let's try to finish with very practical understandings of what we do in order to be charged. The elements of hygiene which permit charge, have to do with who you touch, what you eat, where you live and what you think about which would be to say, how you pray.

Let's be very general. Elements of hygiene. In the who you touch category, sometimes it is your work to let somebody come up to you and hug you, even though you don't want that because you unconsciously know you're giving away your charge. Like, who touched my garment, right? Who touched my braided foldedness. My raiment.

Ultimately you know, in your sense of love or foldedness in the heart, you can restore all charge. So anyone who wants to touch you, you let them. Anyone who wants to fall in love with you, you let them.

That doesn't mean you give yourself away. But anybody who wants to be in love with you, you say, "Wonderful. I am here. Love me: I will serve you as well as I can and I will let you hug me any time it's not inconvenient for me. That's totally fine you can behold it." This will permit us to love many at one time. A hologram becomes one from many when "the topology is infinitely multiply connected."

This is called distributed momentum. It was called extended family in the Essenes & the Cathars.

COMMENT: Distributed momentum?

Distributed momentum. Yes. Right. You see, what permits cell metabolism to work is something called the triplet state electron which is an electron that found a way to distribute its momentum among thousands of molecules down the chain, which was the wagon train into Jerusalem for Jesus extended family, you see. Right?

You see, this is the only way that memories really achieve shareability over a long wave. This is called "permission to touch."

On the other hand, it means that you recognize to yourself and your inner voice that somewhere is your bliss. And you're
attracted to some person, for whatever strange reason, and you absolutely put a priority on following that attraction. Your soul has this hunger, and you have been telling yourself for six lifetimes that this hunger is perverse and been repressing it. Actually, it's the clue to your soul. So whatever it is, if this is your urge, follow it lovingly.

Like, here are four billion cells that got together. They've been here for four billion years and they took a vote. There was some consensus process. And whatever they want is probably interesting.

So this is what's meant by following your bliss. This is also what's meant by always looking for twinkling eyes. The physics of twinkling eyes is like resolution in optics. The high frequency component of membrane is what makes it resolved and sharp on the edge. That's why the sharpness control on your TV amplifies the high frequency. When you look for the twinkling eyes you're looking for those who've harvested the spin rich, high frequency lightning, in ecstatic process.

You see this little girl out there. What was her name? Paige. Very twinkling yes. But she's lived here, all these magnetic lines and the gene pool flowers very magical. So you look for twinkling eyes. And if you're attracted, you look for excuses to hug.

So we're getting the flavor about who you would be with. This is what's meant by "pearls among swine." You know that your job might require you to be among those of no charge. But when you have the opportunity to choose who to be with, you choose charge. It's simple, very straight forward.

So this was the elements of who you touch. Now, this element of what you eat... Did you ever bite into an apple and feel a tingle in your cheek? How many have done that bite into an apple and felt a tingle in your cheek? Did anybody here ever eat some apple sause and feel a tingle in their cheek?



COMMENT: Too fractionated.

In the simplest language the long waves was there stored. Then I busted up the long wave and I had only short waves. That's why they say that in the east they eat their grains whole. In the west, we grind them up. Which means that in the east, they are interested in the long wave in the west we are interested in the atomic race, which is experiencing the most segregated momentum. The shortest wave, most sub-adamic. They wanted to call it a part I call they wanted the most dense, hardest memory possible to harvest. And they wanted the densest separateness they could find.

This experience of separateness, called patriarchy lasted for 13 thousand years.

The point is that when we choose to eat foods that are whole, that still have the spin or charge... In the store, if they really knew what freshness meant, the very physics of radiating food is the dissipation of charge. The aura, the freshness, the blue fire of the vegetable, exists because the magnetic field of the earth is still spinning in the plant.
The elements of hygiene which permit

charge have to do with who you touch,

what you eat, where you live, and what

you think about which would be to

say, how you pray.

So you went out there and you consumed the perspective of the earth.

That was what was meant by eating vegetables that you grew together on mineralized soil in the middle of a stone circle where the devas were happy and it was near the mountain where the ley lines crossed. Then there was love in the field and children were nearby dancing barefoot in the mud. Then you, as a community, ate the food together and it was psycho-active. We experienced this at our farm. We learned that really live food makes drugs boring. This is psychoactive food. That's what we are hungry for. We only ever wanted to consume memory. That's why when you drink water, when you're thirsty, you walk over here and you say something inside me says, "thirst." Remember, water is folded surface. Water is space to unfold memories on that surface. I need space now to unfold my memories I will go drink water.

If I drink water that is exquisitely folded charged, spun then a very little bit will be plenty of space to unpack my memories. But if I drink dead water, I might have to drink quarts every hour and I will still be thirsty. This is what's meant by "if you drink this water, you'll never thirst." If you find water that is charged, your body will have to spend a whole lot less time sorting out the self from the not self.

That is why, too, if you're over or under weight... What flesh is, is memory awaiting the opportunity to be harvest-ed. If we carried flame around with us, there would be nothing waiting in line for the harvest.

The necessity to recognize fractionation is survival-related. Relax enough to let your inner voice tell you what your soul needs as food for communing. I

Consider pasta, for example. You take wheat alive, full of life, natural and you monoculture for generations so the gene pool is crying out in pain. Then you bromate it, you grind it up, you bleach it, you store it for six years and you take out all the enzymes, all the minerals, all the light, until it's totally white, so rats are too smart to eat it. That's why they make a law that they have to bleach it because rats won't eat it. They're not dumb enough.

Then after you store it for another ten years as white flours, all the spin is totally gone. It's absolute fractionation! You put some dead water with it, you mold it and then you store it for another ten years and then you serve it. I mean, we're exaggerating a principle here but you see...

Next to it is quinoa. Now quinoa is a whole grain. It's spiral-shaped. It stores memory. In fact, the Spaniards said the Incas couldn't eat it because they recognized that this is what was making the Incas kingly the protein completion of the quinoa and the amaranth.

QUESTION: And quinoa is a grain?

It's a whole grain, and it's a spiral. It cooks instantly. It's similar to buckwheat. If Mc-Donalds could invent buck-wheat because it cooks up faster than popcorn and tastes great, they'd make billions. But since nobody can invent it, nobody markets it and you can't find it in the grocery store. But it's the ultimate fast food and it's whole grain. You get the flavor here. Whole grains are not even available in the store because they are too cheap to make money with.

After a while you don't need the density of dairy, you can get the whole vegetable and you recognize charge.

And the thing about oils. Every oil you see in the store you look down the whole aisle of oil. If you got to the place where they made it and looked in where they dumped the gasoline to dissolve the oil out of the fresh vegetables, then they boil off the gasoline and the oil that's left is what they have in the store. Any oil that does not say "whole expeller-pressed," and most likely needs refrigeration, fits that description in the store measurably cancerous the minute it's heated. Yet, whole oil with the enzymes and minerals in there is survival-related for the cell. One tea-spoon of whole raw olive oil is like survival-related for the week for the body.

You don't really need me to tell you anything. You just get the flavor that anything, chances are, that is storable is not good for you.

QUESTION: What does that mean?

You see, the very process of storing the life took energy. That's why our energy system doesn't work: because we try to store energy instead of sharing it. If energy was distributed instead of stored, there would be no shortage. That's what an experiment in sharing is. Distributed momentum/charge/awareness is how many become one. Prepare the field....

That means that yes, life is volatile. It's like walking the edge of the sword between wet-making and hard-making, between liquid and crystal. At that liquid-crystal moment, that's life. So it is. It is a tightrope. But that's what makes it fun! So the point is that all the laws that were passed for why it is illegal to serve whole turbanato sugar for many years was because it was not storable. Whereas, when you bleached it, then the rats won't eat it. It was storable, therefore it was legal. They knew that the sugar would leach the minerals right out of the body. The rats were too smart.

On a very practical level, it is good to evolve a metabolism in which you drink and eat far less. Eat and drink only charge. There's absolutely no reason to be fanatic about it, but if you habitually know there's a place you go where there's only dead food, focus on not going there.

Now, there's a place you know where you always get live food make excuses to go there, wherever it is. And eventually your life changes.

COMMENT: At the moment, there really isn't a process to store anything?

Only symmetry stores. Lift your memory up off the cross of time and space, which is to move out of the circle onto the line, which is to make an L or a phase shift. You want to be able to move your attention without losing memory from the circle to the line if you did it directly, you would crash. Do it in the perfect translation of vorticity, which is the Golden Mean spiral which is the flow form: separateness to infinite connectedness. Yellow brick road to a green stone. Lo-phi: Love.

During that process, anything that was stored by the not self is expelled as, for example, mucous. Let's think, why does dairy and heavy grain monocultured wheat create mucous in the body? They're very yang, packed, folded long chain products.

"Give me symmetry or give me death!"

Wave constantly to find structure.

The body would prefer to fabricate its own long waves after weaning, because that is to fabricate memories which are worth har-vesting. As long as you're fabricating your mother's mem-ories, before weaning, you haven't produced anything the universe will perceive as sweet. At the point of weaning, you say, "Mother, stop hugging me! I want to make my own memories now." And you stop eating dairy.

What the immune system does when you eat dairy anyway is: it says, "Oh, I'm not sure whether that's self or not self. I better make this membrane (mucous) so I don't digest myself." Which is what the acids that digest dairy would do without mucus. They would digest the cell memories outside-in.

This whole process that stored the memory in the dairy or the heavy wheat is additional weight to unpack. At this time, you know how we're all looking to have our memories be harvested, unpack our memories to make them shareable? Well, we don't need additional weight to un-pack. Anything that's then folded in an unshareable way...

You see, real wild cattle still have a twinkle in their eye. Yet in the David Suzuki series: they showed the cows after a dozen generations in the feed lot and compared the dullness in their eye to the people waiting in line in the bank. They've stored too many unshareable memories, separateness up/ twinkle down.

So then, the hygiene for ecstatic process includes some things about entering a sacred space at a regular time at a regular place. Having your altar, having your place of charge, knowing where that is. It includes having your umbilical cord hooked up to your intuition all of these things. I guess it would be a "high gene" designer.

Let's get to the last thing that we'll talk about which is the ritual of ecstatic process. You know how we were standing out in the field last night and we all wanted ecstasy. There we were. We were quite serious. We wanted ecstasy. I mean, this is what it was about really. We were circling about a flame. Flame is a name, chemically, for when pressures flow in such a way as to keep a wave standing

(which is to say, a geometry of pressure). That's the name of the flame. We're trying to arrange ourselves into fractal symmetry. We had to get the drumbeat into symmetry. We had to get our bodies into symmetry. We had to get our timing into symmetry. We had to get into symmetry with the right spot on the land.

If a new form of symmetry is to be entered, there is always the exquisite element of discipline. This is what I'd like to suggest a bit about in closing the element of discipline. In the sacred dance schools, we would learn a new sacred gymnastic and stop doing an old one, almost always as soon as we had learned it. We need to recognize that if we want to enter into a pattern that is going to have more pressure and more memory and more fire for our lives, it is going to take discipline. And not painful discipline. Real happy, joyful, relaxed discipline.

We have been working at filming the last section of the videotape we made on ecstaic process with three MDs, including the one from Scotland. We filmed eurhythmy and Sufi dancing. Then, on this last speaking tour west, we bumped into different teachers of Sacred Circle Dance in three cities. Each time, in three of the cities, the dance that was led first was, by coincidence, the same.

Ecstatic process occurs in each of us when we finally finish the last stroke on the painting that absorbed enough of our intention so that the whip cracked and all of the attention of the soul was there in the "be here now." The waves nested, mindfulness converged. The dance is a step on the way to that. It is not that in itself. The dance is a way of entering into the pressures of symmetry. The pressures of symmetry happen in the stillness of the dance, spiralling in. »&laqno;

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The Hygiene for Ecstatic Process includes

entering a Sacred Space at a Regular Time,

at a Regular Place...

Nested Awareness is a Fractal in Time

and a Fractal in Space...

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