See Men PoliSee

"to a scorpio apology for sting is spelled apologia
and it means reason for... as in creates awareness..

which is what comes and goes from the male stinger"

"weren't any such structures as spinal vas deferens"....?- Tailbone horsehair microtubule waveguides harvesting UV blue fire at the blue dish... The stinger becomes a straw at the Kundabuffer moment see Gurdjieff... Spinal excipients pump out calcific block first... kunda lingum - green stone - Why must bliss BEGIN with tears? (../kundalini )

from dan winter , 11/20/99 url: ../seemen

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A postlude to the Heavy Sai... Baba Addiction, Gurus & Sex Juice vs PRINCIPLE of Ecstatic Communion , ../addiction ...stimulating conversation..

In order to see how men politic, see how semen makes a body polis. (Something more than a tongue in cheek...) To have the pole or vertical blind spring, djed, mygalic tower...

DNA uses its haploid half double helix...

which is on the one hand biology's most desperate arrow squirting thru the superluminal...

and on the other, biology's greatest departure from pure fractal embedding (of which eggness is the opposite..). As such it is definitely MOST at risk of being a very unsustainable wave. (Ever see a seed NOT desperate for a THE stairway into biologic immortal sustainability... EGG.)

It is one thing to use the inertia of this arrow as a lever into time (see the role of tantra at Montauk and Incunabula ( Incunabula, Tantric wormholes and the bardo bridge, the antenna cocoon for human eros to produce shaamanic time tunnels - It is another, to make that sustainable. The real tantric romance is that sustained penetrance requires access to an egg fractal enough (mothers mother embedding) to non-destructively ground the voltage.

Maleness folds in. Make red / make hard / make dry / make separate. (See DESERTIFICATION, Patriarchy and "Hard-Making Power" , physics tells us why laws against hugging prevent rain: nothing seeds the columnation of magnetism.. the precipitator - ../desertification/DESERTFY.html )

Versus Ieve : to Make word / make wet / make blue / make unfold.

The seed making urge is centripedal, yang, and was called ADAMIC which meant both HARD MAKING POWER , and RED MAKING POWER. ('Hebraic Tongue Restored..Roots of the ADAMic Race' by Fabre D'Olivet). Spin is segregated unto spin density (mass) when spin gets phi-cycle. The photon donut's converging side tilt is calibrated by the phase angle measuring cone, which physics naively labels RED. Sometimes I see RED I am so angry that they refuse to teach the kids that what they are naming is the CONverging PRINCIPLE itself. (Try tilting the phi flame letter on the 7 color moebius photon donut - to adom: hiburu for red, and check your spin path.) The ADAMic race became Adomic with the atomic race. How much can we make separate: shall we live in apart meants. Let's build an adom smasher.

I too am happy we drop the trite anal-ysis of Sai Baba personality and consider only pure principle.

I am glad others have measured the quantity of their semen which enters the spine tailings and pumps during kundalini... soon we shall refine how to taste good QUALITY hygiene when you do. (Belly up to the bar for your Ozone enema... only kidding/optional .. see Twinking Eyes Lifestyle at Nourished by Spin Hygiene for Ecstatic Lifestyle link below...)


Lesson in adiabatic process (chemistry's definition of energy conserving which they the chemists conserved from the energies of magic..)..

1. Semen, like urge to touch, when stopped is the definition of anger (see the function of the poison pellet -other wise known as football - in the balinese cockfight...).. If there were ecstatic means for the urge to touch to be expressed among men, football would not need to exist, and the 'bonfire of those vanities" would not collapse from the inside out. What is Testasterone poisoning at one end of the tail bone is the snake venom of bliss at the Amygdalic snakes mouth. (Sanchidaan & The Legend of Billy Jack.)

2. The politics of making semen illegal called churchianity has its root chakra in the fear that the Niburu borgs would get thru the door into time.. .eliminating the payroll of the Hiburu priests. The same Inquistion politics murdered 1/4 of the women in Europe. The fundamental original urge of the Niburu Hiburu was the creation of DNA hygiene/sex politics. Remember Sumerian watered down is GENESIS, the bible story. Summaire in Celtic means Dragon/Draco. The "Chosen Race" were merely those who bothered to steer their genepool with a little hygiene, which became politically incorrect after Hitler failed the compassion vs. telepathy test. A steered DNA is a worm with a will.

3. The Solar system if you blink slow enough look like a sperm? Seed and the Egg: Earth Inseminates Galaxy. The trace of all the planets over ONE precession as a sperm like TEARDROP is nicely imaged in "Theory of Celestial Influence" .. illustrates the beautiful cocooning sperm: ../seedandegg/index.html The Earth grid wratcheting Dodec leaves a magnetic etching inside the Solar System body exactly like DNA in the Halploid Sperm. The GAIA'S Lactic Core - Milky Way Awaits (Star) Seeding. Centering Force for Gravity Bodies (Angel birth = Sustainable Star Metabolism) begins with the same electrical convergent urge we call seed making.

4. Semen crystalized is a cancerous cell wall, semen leaky is an aids. (see graphics at ../cancer ) Plumbing 101 for ecstatic sacro-cranial juicing requires a massaged pressure embedded by phi phonons: The Heart sonics of bliss. (../isthisrecursion/apta.html ) Snake charming peristalsically.

4. Fundamentally, only DNA set free, gets enough heterodyne shoulders to pine into time. ... HEADLINE- See Men: Worm Gets Head!. So bliss in the sex juice can only be spontaneous combustion. This is the physics of Virgin Birth, documented in kundalini women. (Sanella). Ultimately it is only Charge itself which splits the egg, sperm is merely the vehicle for the tornadoeing force. Graphics at ../dimple .

5. Blissful DNA is free to unfold non-destructively / phi cycley, this creates the visible blue fire UV cocooning which is a superluminal time bubble in tantra (incunabula link above..). Adiabatically conserved DNA Haploid sting sperm can be the motor for this successful dimpling ONLY in the case of Hygiene. (Hint dizzy genetically engineered non-embedable DNA in wheat is the motor for little more than smoke and mucous..) Suggest: Nourished By Spin; Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle , ../nourishedbyspin/nourishd2.html


I recommend particular attend to the Wim Borsboom last note below. Excellent intro to the phonons of sacro cranial pumping (../isthisrecursion/apta.html ) As in what lies Amygdalically beyond the gates of the occiput....: Ask yourself, why must the bliss switch head tilt back of the Merkabbah ( ../merkabbah ) be an exquisite spinal symmetry reversal wave of the tail bone tai chi pelvic tilt which opens the tail bone pump switch Kundabuffer like a flower. 'Ride the LONG WAVE Uncle Joe'...(from "Surfers of the Zuvuyu" by Jose Arguelles: TIME CORRIDOR ENTRY!)

In response to Wim's query about the female parallel for kundalini juice, a friend (James) suggests there is ejaculate. Yet the fundamental electrical envelope of egg/fractal making is clearly charge reception/grounding vs: charge projection. What the reverend mothers of Dune always knew was male perogative, time penetrance.. was the reward males got for risking life so far from female fractal memory of the skull touch /Orion Queen / hive mind. (../honey ) Why are the Draco Queen's angry today? E liz a beth. From lizard worm born.

Remember however, prescience in time squirting was to be condemned to never enjoying something unseeable... (God Emporer of Dune). Every moment needs its sting. We created amnesia at death's still points to create that. (Mathematical Origins of Catasrophe Theory: How in a Contiguous Wave Sytem Do You Get Discontinuity? / Separateness... the Fundamental Question of Quantum Mechanics - What Quantizes? That urge to Seperate Making Power is the origin of both separateness and Maleness. A deep mystery about Patriarchy's is they can only sustain while the Solar System is on the 13,000 year CONverging squeeze Doppler Shift side of our half wave around the galaxy. For me I'd rather squeeze a woman.


Conversation Review below:

Subject: Re Sai Baba,Fri, 19 Nov , "Rachel" <>
Hi Dan,

I'm just responding to the first part of your message re gurus, esp. Sai Baba.

Read an interesting book a while ago re the subject - LORD OF THE AIR by
Tal Brooke (1976).

Tal was a devotee of Sai Baba until some sexual encounters took place and he
became disillusioned with his 'master'. In it he talks about Sai Baba's
mystical powers being related to some occult practices. A short quote..."dug
up some unpleasant stuff among the local villagers at Puttaparthi about the
original source of Baba's occult power. Something about an ancient lingam
on a hill."..."But there's another side of this,' I added. There is an occult
aspect about the semen. Check this out. Phil told me that semen is used in
really heavy occult stuff. The vital essence of life or whatever. Phil told me
he suspected that sperm from the Veda school kids, stored for a solar year,
was the source of Baba's power." Apparently, Sai Baba has boarding schools
on his ashram for young boys.

Basically he accuses Baba of being an hermaphrodite, who liked to unzip the
trousers of young men...and then collect their semen in a handkerchief! His
book is quite an eyeopener on someone who is supposed to be an avatar.

He writes, "By this time I was experiencing a new reaction to Baba. I
sensed in his own manner a controlled caution towards me. As he brushed
by, I felt a sweeping nausea within myself, revulsion and a deep indignation
of spirit. It was as though the spirit that inhabited the bright-robed body
was putrid, foul and horrifying.....Baba whirled round in a state of fury,
spewing out words. He knew who it was. His black eyes boiled. 'Rowdie,
complete spoil! Go, get out here...' I have seen this sort of thing crush
people before. But as I looked Baba in the eye nothing earth-shaking
happened; I had not perished, as I half expected. I held my dignity, and
looked at this imposter with an implacable conviction. He had been found
out, his authority over me was gone, and I knew that what resided within his
shell was neither divine nor yet entirely human. Baba spun round and
marched off in a huff, while the onlookers studied me curiously. Wendel
hurried over to question me about the incident. Smiling with relief, I was
hard put to explain my overwhelming sense of release and freedom.......The
enchantment - the spell - under Baba was gone for ever."

Subject: heavy sai... follow up?,Fri, 19 Nov

looking for miracles may be the same as the schizophrenia of physicists
who say spirit or mind is separate from matter... waves are different
'stuff' than particles..

needing to believe some waves (us VERSUS them) are

From:"Simon Granville" <>

So now believers can put their lives back together after finding out that Sai Baba is just like everyone else. Unfortuantely, they will shortly find someone else to fill the gap that Sai Baba left, until they learn that they are the creators of their own reality.
The point is not Sai Baba and his sex life the point is the mind of the seeer who creates the Sai Baba in the first place!
Subject:From: Brad Smith <>, Thule Foundation

Poor guy shouldn't have a "belief" system.

Here's the actual facts on sai baba.
He is a metaphysical magician, using yogic powers to do "tricks".
He uses the sperm of his young devotees (the most volatile metaphysical
substance in the world) to "create" something from apparently nothing.
The sperm can be used like a liquid battery and energy contained
"stored" in another dimension for use later when old sai baby rubs his
fingers and some of that phony gris gris comes a pourin out into the
laps of his expectant dupes (oops I mean devotees).
Simple as that, a charlatan's charlatan.
Subject: Re: Gurus&Sex Juice vs PRINCIPLE of Ecstatic Communion ,Fri, 19 Nov ,
gurus-secret pedeophiles connect

i've noticed a connection here esp. since my guru who seemed to possess
the best of true qualites for 10 yrs i followed him turns out to be a
pedophile or at least a wannabe pedeophile.... could this be an ultimate Power trip?? or what you think is the connection..
rgds, darren
from maureen h:
Hugh has done some very excellent work and I can only hope that Carol
will be not be devastated. Is there definitive proof? First Grandma Devi

and now Sai Baba. What's going on? Sorry if you feel I am butting in but

many of my friends are from many different religions and I would like to

prepare them for what might be forthcoming.
Thank you,
+ Maureen

ubject: [K-list] sex juice (was: heavy sai... follow up),Sat, 20 Nov , "percyval" <>
To: "kundalini-list" <>
WARNING: this post contains a frank discussion of male sexuality and
so stop here and delete if you might find this offensive...

From: alingimp <>
> Apart from this, I don't really see how your recent posts are in any way
> relevant to the main topic of this list, namely K and it's manifestations. I
> thought this list is about K and not about spreading rumours and
> accusations. Even if Sai Baba really were an imposter, I couldn't care less.
> It is up to each individual to follow whoever and whatever they choose, no matter if I share their views or not.

hi Karin,

i agree with you about the many recent posts about Sai being a bit much, and
most of Dan Winter's stuff does not make sense to me, partly because i
rarely understand what he's saying...but i did find that post about gurus
and sex juice to be on topic...the transformative power of semen when
up instead of spurted is the main point of that post, and i have found that
to be a most relevant some ways, semen can parallel k-flow, when
running internally up the spine to have a transforming affect on the brain
and nervous system, as is often discussed in tantric texts...

this may seem strange coming from a sexual hedonist like
celibacy is one of the last things that i would ever consider for myself,
but i have recently been experiencing major transformation and ecstasy from
withholding ejaculation...i do this in conjunction with lots of time focused
on sexuality, tantric stimulation, and ejaculationless tantric
to me it is a hyper-sexuality rather than celibacy...

i used to believe that the tantric idea of the semen physically moving into
the brain was only metaphorical, and have read that it is physiologically
impossible...but i have found that after a week of intense tantric
stimulation and ejaculationless orgasms, that if i finally ejaculate, there
is only a very small amount of semen...if i merely abstained from
stimulation without the tantra, i would build up a very large quantity of
semen after a week's where did it all go? i think that the tantric
stimulation got it physically moving up my spine to my brain, although this
is not the only possible explanation...

anyway, my general level of ecstasy/bliss/loving euphoria has increased
drastically over the last few months while i have been doing this... i do
actually have a physical ejaculation about a couple of times a month, so i
haven't found that complete abstinence from them is necessary...this would
compare to my previous norm of having about one a day...but for me, it is
the combination of withholding the ejacualation along with extended orgasms
(often longer than 30 minutes*) that makes the magic...

(* for info on extended sexual orgasms, see Alan and Donna Bauer's book,
"ESO: How You and Your Lover Can Give Each Other Hours of Extended
Sexual Orgasm"'s an inexpensive paperback that is carried by

i don't know if this would work for everyone, and i don't really understand
the implications for females, but this new practice of mine has been
transforming me and empowering me in the most incredibly beautiful
way...there are those who consider this to be the "left-handed path"...well,
i'm right-handed, but get a lot less tired by occasionally switching off to
my left... so, i guess that means that i'm "ambisextrous"...*grin*

anyway, i do believe that Dan Winter's purpose in his post was to point
toward the magic inherent in this sex juice by showing how Sai was allegedly
using it, and valuing it...i didn't hear his purpose being to attack him,
but he did get in his jabs in along the way...*grin*...




Subject: Re: [K-list] Gurus&Sex Juice vs PRINCIPLE of Ecstatic Communion, Sat, 20 Nov 1999 13:56:12 EST,CC:

<< I tried to explain how large scale harvestingof human glandular juices, uv blue fire aura / ecstatic/sex juice , was the raw material Sai Baba needed for Vibuti production. >>

I have been aware of this since about 1970 ! There was also a book written
a LONG time ago , I think called " Lords of the Air" in which a devotee told
of Sai Baba "milking him " for his semen, which he then very carefully
wrapped up in a silk handkerchief , if I recall.


Re: [K-list] Gurus&Sex Juice , Sat, 20 Nov ,"Wim Borsboom" <>
Dear Tom,

Dan Winter wrote:
>I tried to explain how large scale harvesting of
>human glandular juices, uv blue fire aura / ecstatic/sex juice , was the
>material Sai Baba needed for Vibuti production.

Tom wrote:
>a devotee told of Sai Baba "milking him " for his semen

This thing is very complex and we should not put this into the category of
sexual deviations or aberrations, there is a long hidden (subconsciously
transmitted) history on this since primordial times.
Let me just write down some of my experiences and thoughts on this.

At some point during the *male* K process (don't know how this functions
women, I have inquired previously to the list but did not get any responses)
semen does not produce sperm anymore and the semen turns into a glandular
secretion. The epididymi's functional involvement differs from the process
where semen/cum/sperm is used for procreative purposes. The epididymi
is in my case, any corroboration or comments from other male Kundalites
would be greatly appreciated) separated from my testicles into two sweet
organelle like blobs. Just touching then will send me into ecstasy if I want
that. The testicles, which are as far as I know very sensitive to pressure
and could be very painful, are now totally insensitive to pain and the
lightest squeeze again can put me easily into ecstasy (any corroboration
from the guys here?)
One way or another, (Dan Winter spotted the same process, he refers to it in
one of his webpages) this glandular secretion goes up into the spine through
a tiny orifice and gland, propelled by reverse pelvic rocking. The reverse
pumping, if I may say so, is directed more backwards-and-up than
forward-and-up. This additional glandular supply increases the
cerebro-spinal-fluid inside the cerebro-spinal-canal inside the spine, the
meninges and the five paired ventricles that are dispersed throughout the
brain, from 125 cc to a possible 250 cc. Much of this is actually minutely
documented, although very poorly translated, in original Sanskrit yogic
literature. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika is very clear on this. Just find a
translation that is complete, it does not matter if it is bad, one can
easily read between the lines. Ignore lines that sound like obvious
commentary interjected by ignorant commentators.)
When the amount of CSF (cerebro-spinal fluid) gets over a certain threshold
some of it drips from the third paired ventricle down on top of the soft
palate and/or on the back of the tongue. The sensation of the pressure
release and the dripping is extremely sweet. This is what is referred to as
'nectar', 'soma', 'ambrosia', 'amrita', elixir, 'love potion' etc. Not that
the taste of the liquid is sweet, it is not, because the liquid is actually
alkaline in its very nature. Its consistency is like Jell-O, or more
properly stated it IS the consistency of jelly fish. In fact it is the
original sea-creature in us before we started to surround ourselves with
calcium accretions and other appendages. I have memories and realizations
of this, so does my wife. Ppl. that have used magic mushrooms and coke
conveyed similar experiences to me.
When the CSF pressure is high and the spinal column is in excellent shape as
to curvature and flexibility in the "three degrees of freedom" (this seems
almost a prerogative) the fluid emanates from the canal into all the nerve
pairs that extend from the spine around and forward to the front of the
human body, the various nerve plexes or chakric energy centres. I postulate,
I have seen this functionally by introspection (?:-!) but I don't know if
the nomenclature that I use is right, I postulate that the soma substance
('soma', I like that word because of its 'somatic' portent) gets transported
in minute amounts of stuff/vibration/energy along the nerval dendrites
underneath the myelin sheathing. When the energy pulses reach the front of
the body the sensation initially felt as sweetness but it can increase in
intensity to the highest states of ecstasy. Orgasmic ecstasy as by nearly
everyone is one-sevenths of the (at least) 7 ecstasies that can be
experienced. Each ecstasy having a slightly different ring (vibration) of
sweetness and intensity.
About Vibuti, I have been able to extract some of my nectar and was tempted
to process it, but never felled compelled enough to use it in my practice.
Jesus used the same stuff in his cures. I found that miracle cures are not
always lasting and too dependent on the healer, or vibuti supplier. Complete
healing in the final analysis can only be instigated AND maintained AND
consummated by the healing person. I come from a line of 'healers' that
started with Aka(demos), healer of the people, the very guy who invented the
arrow head and other stone tools, we are helpers, hand holders only, tool
makers only. I find that most alternative healing practices, even if we
call them holistic, are still un-whole, we need to heal (ourselves) at the
root. I will help clients to get to the root quickly and avoid the
round-abouts. We should not transplace suffering, pain and ailment with the
fascination of the miracle however inspiring, short lived as they are and
hard to maintain by the fascinated as they are externally brought about...
even if the divine source and divine enrages are implemented.

Love, Wim