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Current literature shows that the moment of input to biological

systems from emotional energy and from intentional relaxation/meditation corresponds to the moment onset of resonance coherence in the nervous or glandular plexi (cf EEG cross hemispheric coherence, EKG coherence). This model of resonance entrainment and cascade fits well the "Sentics"(Manfred Clynes) musical wave geometric model of EMOTION. The "waterfall" of emotions long wave ONLY cascades into the short wave of cell biology (UV/"Blue Fire") when the RATIO of sonic/emotive input is coherently shaped to "crack the wave, down the whip" into the cell. This model for coherent emotion is explored as the basis for "ecstatic process", suggested to be a most self-empowered and high leverage therapeutic approach to AIDS and Cancer. A brief review of the sectarian and non-sectarian approaches to ecstacy suggests this

may be an effective modality for completing the appropriate feedback loop between what you choose to feel and eat, vs. your pain and joy, which the malpractice "lost responsibility for your own health" debacle, seems to have untied.


An historical purview of religious history quickly reveals that social rites designed to achieve ecstacy, were the glue holding every spiritual tradition together socially, which has ever stood the acid test of time. From the rite of "Baphomet" of the Templars, to the Dervish turn, to the quaking of the Quakers, the theme of coherence/"memory of the pattern" embeddedness in the tapestry of context, endures. This author feels that the map of the spread of AIDS in Africa illustrates where Tribal (ecstatic) ritual declined...

In summary, the ability of a culture to offer a path to ecstacy IS clearly it's ability to deliver context/identity to its individuals and their immune system. The reason for this in terms of the poetry of indigenous peoples is perhaps best explained by photos of tears of joy in the eyes of the dancers. For those who would like a bit of humble physics to explain ecstatic process, we offer these words.

Physics of ecstacy/"coherent emotion":

This writer spent his graduate years working with the world famous psychophysiologist Albert Ax, differentiating fear vs. anger in electrical terms. Since that time, it is our view that the most dramatic breakthrough in the description of the physiology of emotion is Manfred Clynes' work "Sentics" (cf NOVA series "What is Music?", also cf text:"Music, Mind, and Brain"). The shape of pressure as touch (as wave) used to express emotion is shown to not only clearly identify which emotion is evoked, but also to be archetypal for emotional expression IN CULTURES AROUND THE WORLD. All this terms of of a simple wave shape which is known by ratio. (How did YOUR mother know YOUR hug without seeing YOU?).

Of course, if we are to believe that fundamental physics most fundamental unit of scale 1.61*10-33cm IS ratio, THEN we are using ratio to ID everything. Ratio is a mathematical term for what an information theorist would call "context dependancy". This may explain why Jeremy Campbell's book "Grammatical Man: Information, Entropy, Language and Life",concludes that the high signal to noise information carrying capacity IS context dependancy... "self-correcting".

Here is ratio identifying emotion:

The principle is similar to a cowboy learning to crack a whip.

If he (or she if you read Tom Robbins) is to make the whip
crack into the short wave, the shape you massage onto
the rope in the long wave end, must shape between scales
elegantly in "order" to make the whip crack. The lo-phi long wave
golden mean ratio identified with love idealizes this
add and multiply wave beat cascade pattern. The high quality
coherent light which engineers cell metabolism is a braid.

The programming of this shape designer for cells begins in the long wave sonic "piezoelectrics" of the glands. (In liquid crystal muscle & nerve, changing sound pressure to electrical pressure is called "piezoelectric" meaning electric fire.)

Feeling identity reaches cells through hand holds between the long and the short wave, because at first our attention focuses only broadly on the long wave. Suppose you needed access with your vision a dance the size of cell division, but couldn't get your focus resolved that small. You would instead use a kind of lens between worlds of scale. This is like the ratio of the germ was retained in your vision, even when it passed across scale in the microscope. The body's microscope to get feelings into cell walls is a wave cascade, which also retains ratio while changing scale.

We can touch bodies, but not cells with the focus of our attention. So to reach cells, with the shape of our attention, nature has provided the wave geometry cascade we call E-motion. This motion across worlds is our conscious tool to access/impact atoms or galaxies from our own living room.

So this is the physics of why only coherent emotion, which is ecstacy,

reaches into cells. Joy, awe, and love electrically braid the orderly weft and woof of membrane we call cells' immune/identity. Immune disease, like all sources of pain is a simple feedback from biology to suggest a change toward order in the ways we choose to think, feel, and eat. Pain is useful invitation to give attention, only focus creates order, enacting the law which makes disorder/destructive interference become SELF-cancelling. Where there is dull pain, your attention can make it sharp and burn, and then tingling healing takes place.

Pain killers diffuse attention creating only death. Anything which prevents waves from focusing... like a flame is the focus of heat, prevents the creating of order/healing/memory/life. Pain killers are immune suppressant; they prevent us from knowing who we are because they prevent feeling.

To braid a coherent membrane for a cell to have self/not-self, it takes order in the high frequency braid which made that membrane. Immune function is a measure of the cell walls ability to know what is part of itself, and what is part of it's not-self. This occurs when the spectral frequency signature- energy content of a cell wall becomes a library in foldedness for all the ways it has stored the shape of touch. If the complete spectral gamut of emotion is present folded into the membrane (as standing waves which by their coherent phase/emotion, know how to share), then when the disease virus knocks at the door, at any frequency, there will always be a harmonic
tensor (ringing chime of the right length) there to answer. Virus's are information memes (as genetic material is electrically a stable wave resonance bubble) which can only replicate where the field is permissive. Coherence creates it's own field. Prepare it, and wholeness will come. (This is why did the disease bugs died in Dr. Tom Dooley's blood.)

Ecstacy is to the cell, like lightening is to DNA in primal soup. Both add spin. Spin is the way we add dimension. Adding high frequency spin adds more symmetry, more shareability to a wave nest. It is what "puts twinkle in the eye" by adding coherence. The sharpness control on your TV adds hi frequency. A cell membrane with ecstatic joy folded onto it's surface is like a tapestry made of fine silk, compared to one made of coarse burlap. Which one has bigger holes?

When a soap bubble loses spin it pops. To add spin to a soap bubble, you must touch it at the right phase angle.

The map for possible ways for touch to add memory to folded surface membrane is called toroidal symmetry, among light bubbles.