Tetra and the PHI-re Breath:

The Sacred Geometry of Transcendance:

Creating a Pentagonal Merkabbah


from Dan Winter and Steve Hanauer..4/98

new 4/11/2000: Sacred Merkabbah Frequencies-Tuning Attention/Implosion Sounds- Anatakarana and the Rainbow Bridge

basic intro to the visuals of this article at Physics of Phi (lots of pics)..

Is this an ultimate way to unlock the key to maintaining the PHIre of life?

Think about it: Is there ANY other way that multiple waves and phases could FUSE non-destructively... excerpt in recursive heterodyning (Phi)? Heterodyning and Powers of Phi, by Rick Andersen VISUALIZE THIS AS THE WAVE BUBBLE YOU CALL YOUR ATTENTION WANDERING AROUND IN ETHER"S JELLO.

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see how heart biofeedback "LoveBug" Measures Merkabbah Charge field (available now) around the Heart by double spectrum analysis to see the onset of Phi in the RATIO of contained harmonics (in heart voltage).. this is the ratio of concentric dodeca which create the Merkabbah field (see below)..

updated by Winter on 12/98, with thanks to Shakura Rei (see below)

Please See Shakura's article and new graphics at: Merkabbah Tilt-The Next Step

new transcend tilt animation of the geometry of transcendance:merkabbah next step..

Which way should your tetra cube (incube-ate) spin? See the Drunvalo / Flower of Life vs Anna Hayes conversation..

 Nourished by Spin: The Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle.hygiene discipline around lifestyle and diet:

Addiction, Gurus & Sex Juice vs PRINCIPLE of Ecstatic Communion



Practical Ecstatic Exercises "to Zero Point"

Sufi Dance: Ecstatic Movement Instructionals: Peaceworks Resource Materials

Geometric Translation from Hex to Pent Structure, thru the pentagonal geometry we can directly connect to the universe. (to embed is to inhabit is to ground is to get leverage on the field.. take back the night..)

and to SING the merkabbah try this!

The FAQ of Dodeca "Contact" Merkabbah:

Shakura Rei helps us simplify by asking me questions.. Dan Winter

To be able to accurate visualize the true geometry of merkabbah is to better align the charge fields around your body. Human focus creates the centering force which keeps donut fields concentric. Implosion or thru light speed (the true Merkabbah) happens AFTER the star tetra (which is a cube) tils back 32 degrees into dodecahedra. (see Gold and the Grail.3DValentine...and see accurate wave map of why this embedding is the solution to disease..a distribution problem)

Q. Why does the tilted dodec form a complete and true merkaba.** That's really all I want to know-- but in plain
A. .technically it is the tilt of the CUBE [dbl tetrahedra} into the dodec which forms merkabbah (mark
of pressure which can stand... merk=mark, ab=from, ba or pa=puff of pressure/PAter) Once the cube has found a way to nest on this 4th axis of spin or dimension, the new dodec edge is PHI{dodec edge is .618 of its contained 1.0 edge cube} and thus triggers or literally ignites the PHI ray(fire) pressures to begin implode converge thru light speed in
PHI knit.. now if that 4d dodec were to tilt again (wratchet) that WOULD be DNA.. the ultimate
superconductor wormhole..
> 2 tetra made cube with octa in center, cube on outside..
> That symmetrty alone merely INCUBEATES emotion, holding it INTO the root two octave harmonics (incubation or contained in a membran/put a hex on you). It is only when that cube further nest its 3D into another spin: a 4D Dodecahedron.

>re-pent and be saved=made shareable-distributable as a wave..

>we get PHIcycle. Physical=embedded=get leverage on the field because of the wind generated toward center/implosion effect resulting=same as to MAKE gravity..the siddhi of floated is "debt paid" to gravity.. you become more charge fractal than the Earth under you/more attractive..

>to get grounded/inhabit is to embed..("Let's get Phicycle")

Q. What are root two octave harmonics? (incubeation like the star tetra makes)

A. Multiples of the square root of two, like the ratio between all notes on the piano etc. This is the ratio of edges of a tetra in a cube..in a cube.. in a cube.. Like a cubic building CONTAINS or HOLDS WITHIN the emotions of its inhabitants, whereas a PENT building broadcasts or distributes or unpacks or tests for shreability - the emotions (long wave coherent gland magnetism) of its inhabitants.

** ONLY when that whole cube, tilts back by 32 degrees and spins around that new axis into dodecahedron (pictures below), does the first ratio .618 occur..**

Q. [Is there another way to express that ratio, since I don't know math? In the merkaba we're used to saying '34 X 21' for a spin. How would .618 be expressed? What is the ratio for the speed of light?

A. {PHI Golden Mean = 1 + square root of 5 over 2,key to the
velocity of light in air ref Munck's code new link at ../heartsun/HeartofSun.html ,
34,21 are just two elements in the fibonacci progression which approaches PHI at its limit.., } **
(edge of dodec to edge of cube..).

> At only this moment does the adding AND multiplying of nondestructive (touch permissive) wave interference beat THRU THE SPEED OF LIGHT.** Because this is LOng wave PHI ratio, this is called Loph. (see how to measure at heart biofeedback.)

Q. What's the ratio of the speed of light?

A. Speed of light is originally a scale not a ratio, see the way when light speed C is nested in powers or multiples or log functions of PHI the Golden Mean, that creates Gravity: PREDICTIONS FOR A NEW PHYSICS OF GRAVITY & AWARENESS BASED ON RECURSION (important animations & new equation for gracity G=C^PHI*n, completing why E=MC^2).

Visualize the proper completion of the dodeca merkabbah by considering how universal it is: Anu/DNA/Earth Grid/Zodiac/Merkabbah/Ezekiels Wheels/City of Revelation = ALL are the concentric PHI dodeca of perfect embedding/PHIllotactic.

As the charge envelope nest geometry you arrange by aligning field centers with focus, gets into the GRAIL GEOMETRY, the spin momentum (=mass) gets a spin path out of the circle INTO THE LINE (=energy). To "translate this vorticity" requires the Golden Mean "Yellow Brick Road" because this allows the NON-Destructive wave unpacking to occur. See THE PHYSICS OF Phi, Compression, Implosion, Gravity, Time, and Love

So to draw this line from the circle "sword from the stone" harmonics need to stand on each others shoulders. This perfect PINING or yearning (see grail) recursively adds and multiplies not just the waves lengths, but also the VELOCITY of the nested wave fronts. (The geometry pictures are just a way to see wave lengths "phase lock" themselves together without hurting each other). So in the dodeca merkabbah they get enought "squirt gun" escape velocity from mass thru the speed of light by In-PHI-knit braiding (the grail). The pure phi fractal is derived from perfect nesting or branching or embedding called PHIllotaxis in nature. Thus SYMMETRY is just a name for the perfect way to GET SHAREABLE (which is to say distributable as a wave). This is the same wave memories and magnetics become sustainable/immortal. This spin path to getting a self sustaining self organizing frctal attractor going as a PHI wave mechanic is called CONSCIOUSNESS. Which really is just another name for EL turn in PHI ratio.. El eye PHI.. turn into the focus of recusion = LIFE. It's mirror opposite, LIVE spelled backwards is to more in the backwards direction AWAY FROM RECURSION/EMBEDDING.. THE DEFINITION OF EVIL - merely the mirror of live.. It is embed or die.

Summary: the Golden Mean PHI dodecanest Merkabbah is just the only way to get thru the speed of light,out of this cocoon with your memories intact. The resultant proper Braiding DNA is variously called "getting a soul", "creating superluminal implosion in genes", "learning to lucid dream and bardo navigate".

> THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THIS MOMENT WHEN THE (METATRON'S) CUBE tilts back, in the same 32 degree tilt angle of the chin of the sphinx, into the DODECA merkabbah:

Q. What is Metatron''s cube?

A. Usually depicted as the hex view of spheres in a cube (the flower of Life), is actually the key to nesting the cube hex into the dodec which has a hex view! The dodec is door to next axis of spin or dimension.


Q. *What does he mean by "spins"?

A. Shareable spin is when wave length divides evenly into circumference/rotation. This is another name for quantum mechanics. The unified field means everything is made of waves, and particle was just a name we gave to little heart shaped slip knot envelopes of waves (see ANU), which stored some INERTIA like a gyroscope. (This is the ONLY definition physics has ever had for MASS.)

This ultimately the only way waves create a shared phase front.. LITERALLY THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE A POINT.

visibly.. below, can you see to the left how this is the ONLY way ANYTHING ever "came to a head"!

above: this coming to a point, the opposite of pointless, is NEVER possible for ANYTHING unless it's pattern is nested in this perfect recursion/embedding.. Literally, the waves phase fronts have no other way to AGREE to MEET sustainably or non-destructively.. This would be a side view of how to enter merkabbah in 3 D, (see top animation this article) details at MAYAN TIMESTAR. ANGEL BREATH & PHI

> The way the harmonics nest when the 5 cubes get into merkabbic dodec is in PHI knit,

Q. Explain in PHI knit.

A. To add and multiply recursivelt repetitively non-destructively thru the speed of light is to be in PHI knit, literarlly properly knit by PHI!} causing the destruction of all waves not compressible compassible in the lo phi discipline. (see again grail )

Q. What does, " compressible compassible in the lo phi discipline" mean in plane er plain English?

A. Feelings not distributable get only heat in this in phi knit compression.. see Scale Invariant .

> TO INVITE IN ALL OF SPIN is to EMBED and that is called Love or Compassion. ASSUMING THIS POSITION poses NO RESISTANCE and creates no heat (Phire), during rapture (charge imploding)(Sun's climaxing).. Whereas, FEAR which is "stop the (spin) world I want to get off", resists all spin, creates heat, and during COMPRESSION (rapture) experiences destructive interference (painful Phire). The PSYCHOLOGICAL requirement to get into this charge envelope is to examine all your waves (memories) and hold only those which are shareable/distributable. If you try to do the GEOMETRY without the PSYCHOLOGICAL WORK, the personality fractionates, and you get only the BORG form of sustainability. (mechanical and not self organizing wave sustainability.) This path to hive mind/telepathy and no compassion, leads to Draco/borg/ loss of all long memory thru death/soul etc. (loss of implosion in DNA, literally the DNA becomes dizzy, and un self steering.) This path is the DIRECT RESULT OF CLONING, GENETIC ENGINEERING, GOLD POWDER EATING, and everything similar which does not SELF empower. For an excellent example, see the effect of wheat which is now monocultured, genetic engineered jailed DNA screaming in PAIN, mucous fractionating the soul genetics rapidly out of our children. Another example is the kids at Montauk who COULD TRAVEL IN TIME WITHOUT COMING BACK GENE SCRAMBLED had a measureable braid discipline (Boson 7) in their DNA!

Summary: Waves which find a way to enter non destructive compression/compassion perfected by PHI knitting,
become storeable/shareable/distributable immortal.. Baptist ministers version of re-pent to be saved.


Merkaba Tilt
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 15:28:19 -0500
"Shakura Rei" <starship@ee.net>Are you ready for the next step in developing your merkaba? The star
tetrahedron takes us to the door, but we need the dodecahedron, based on the
PHI Golden Mean ratio, in order to become super-luminal and enter the
timeline wormholes. Getting through the speed of light is only possible at
the moment the head tilts back 32 degrees, and the cube (formed from the 2
star tetrahedrons) settles into the dodecahedron.

So what does that mean, in simple language? In order to explain this, and
hopefully give it meaning to you, remember that the merkaba is based on the
sacred geometry of love and compassion, which is the ability to nest (or
"embed") geometric fields into the heart. For our organic merkaba (as
opposed to a metal merkaba = space ship) to be complete and able to
transcend the speed of light, it must consist of embedded shareable and
totally distributable, non-destructive waves. Love, of course, is the
ultimate shareable emotion and universal unifying force. So the trick is to
get love geometrically embedded into our merkaba in such a way that its
waves are ever distributable, and launch through the speed of light. The PHI
ratio does that, but first we need to get our merkaba forms aligned.

For those who don't quite understand this sort of thing, the PHI Golden Mean
ratio is approximately 1.618033988749894848204586834365638117720309180. . .
. It is such that the ratio of the whole to the larger portion, is the same
as the ratio of the larger portion to the smaller portion, infinitum. So the
waves continue to add and multiply forever and ever -- nondestructively and
shareable -- through the speed of light.

With the star tetrahedron merkaba, the geometry allows us to hold and build
energy within our field, but it does not allow the waves to implode
nondestructively, therefore it is not a complete merkaba and cannot enter
warp speed and propel us through dimensions.
So let's look at the geometric progression, and the manner in which we can
get our merkaba up to speed.

If you've been building your merkaba, you have visualized a star tetrahedron
around you. Geometrically within that star tetrahedron, where they cross,
sits an octahedron. You may have been taught in some merkaba techniques, to
visualize an octahedron outside of your tetrahedron. This is not only
incorrect, but not necessary, as the octahedron exists within the two
tetrahedron, without any intention of developing it on your part. See color
image below for this and further explanation.

By joining the edges of the tetrahedron, one produces a cube. The
dodecahedron surrounds the cube. When one tilts the cube 32 degrees, it fits
perfectly into the dodecahedron, generating the PHI Golden Mean ratio at
their edges. Specifically, when the cube tilts into the dodecahedron, the
edge of the dodecahedron becomes .618 (PHI) of the cube. Only at this point
do the waves propel constructively across infinite harmonics, and through
the speed of light.
In the above image you see two red tetrahedron (star tetrahedron). If you
look carefully, you can see a small red octahedron in the center where the
tetrahedron cross. Note the yellow cube which is formed from the edges of
the star tetrahedron, and that the tilted cube fits perfectly into the green
dodecahedron. Surrounding it all is a blue icosahedron. Image courtesy of
Dan Winter.

Let me say that this article and following technique is not for those who
have never activated their merkaba, but is for those who already do the
tetrahedron merkaba meditation. There are a few such techniques on the
market, and a few people who claim to teach advanced merkaba fields.
Unfortunately these techniques vary, so it can be very confusing. From my
own personal experience, I learned the basic version taught by Drunvalo
through the Flower Of Life organization. I then took a workshop from an
individual who was traveling around the country, professing to teach
advanced merkaba techniques. However, no matter what technique I learned,
from him or anyone else, my higher Self told me that it was not complete;
there was always something missing. I wasn't sure what that was, but I was
determined to find out. I got a clue of the missing piece after taking the
advanced course. He taught various geometric forms other than the
tetrahedron, referring to them as other merkaba fields. When I left his
course I knew the missing piece had something to do with the geometric
shapes, but as close as he came, he still didn't have the complete picture.
At least not complete enough to satisfy my Self.

About a year later I spent some time with Dan Winter. In our conversations
we discussed the merkaba, and he mentioned that the head needed to tilt back
32 degrees, entering the PHI golden mean ratio, before it could actually
transcend the speed of light. Well, I didn't know PHI from pie, but when he
said that every cell in my body twinkled, and I knew I had finally found the
answer. I tried the technique, as did my friend, and the sensation was
amazing. It was not like any merkaba activation we had ever experienced.

The 32 degree tilt is also the tilt angle of the chin of the sphinx, and
corresponds to the pump mechanism of the kundalini. You may experience this
yourself when you do the technique. When your head tilts back and your
merkaba spins faster than the speed of light, you may notice that your anus
involuntarily contracts, and your kundalini becomes active along your spine.
See Dan Winter links at the end of this article for details.

I understand that the head tilt is now being shown in one of the Flower Of
Life videos, though I haven't seen it personally.

Ok, enough already; you want the bottom line. Lets put it all together and
make it useable. It's easy and fast.

First, sit with your spine straight, as you want your central channel
unobstructed. Come to the point in your meditation in which you visualize
your star tetrahedron around you, and you say, "equal speed." Exhale or
blow. Next inhale and visualize a cube around the tetrahedron and say
"34/21." Exhale or blow. Inhale and see a dodecahedron around the cube and
say, "9/10th the speed of light." Exhale or blow. Inhale and tilt your head
back about 32 degrees and imagine your cube tilting back into the
dodecahedron. Say, "faster than the speed of light." Exhale or blow. Notice,
as the head tilts back, that a type of pump is formed from the tilt of the
head, the straight spine, and the angle of the sacrum. Relax with the head
resting back, and notice if your spine becomes hot or tingling as your
kundalini activates. Also, be aware of the terrific spin of your merkaba.
You may find yourself almost locked into this position, as it feels
cleansing, open and awe inspiring. When you are ready, straighten your head
back to its normal position.

For more information on the Golden Mean, and the 32 degree angle tilt, see ../sphinx

Tetra Cube Goes Dodec, Becomes Merkababbah but Requires Total FEELING..

advanced geometrically annotated suggestions on the next step in the Merkabbah Meditation


Dedicated to Santosh whose letter is immediately below, and Metatron with thanks to Shakura Rei

(Shakura further suggestion: I was hoping you would give more comments about the speed of spinand how that relates to activating the merkaba. Also, you disagreed about the cube in the end. I think it's important that you explain why the cube is not appropriate there. It would much more elucidating to the public if you nit-picked it apart more, and explained the hows and whys, and then concluded by giving the entire technique in its new format (as you wouldperceive it, at any rate). )

12 Whale conscious beings form into two counter rotating fields of energy aligned with the geometrics of Metatrons cube and they spin,and they spin and they force into their spin only that which resides within the frequenciies of compassion,the highest thoughts and feelings ,only for the word of God and the work of God.

And from the middle there dost appear a ball of sparkles and colors like you never did see,the angels eye.And Metatron winks Kindly at me.to invite me to a party at his place,only there was no way I'd be able to remember any more than I allready do,that we're allready having after dinner mints,if you know what i mean?So I decline his offer and watch,dumbstruck,at the vortex of sheer geometry going on ,every thought instantly appearing in mini hologram before me.Do you get me Dan?Metatron asks? would you like to step in? little boy.

But not just me dan,everyone,follow the Sirians routine,the correct geometric sequence,AND MOST IMPORTANT-DO NOT FORGET!!! PURE INTENT.- off we go. The power of this meditation,if carried out with correct proceedures,could ground into this earth once and for all the final kicking power which rolls the ball off the cliff so to speak.The powers that be are wishing that they may ride into the central core of this planet using a vortex aligned with the Geometrics of Metatrons cube and started by a group of twelve beings,all of whom show them selves to be dedicated in their service to the light.

This vortex will be dual perpose in that it will allow free flow passage,ascenscion out of the planet,for any beings still trapped here,but most importantly,a superhighway in,held open by Metatron and policed by her also,(Don't lke that word),but yeah-no nasties in,only nasties out-with love of course.

The Meditation itself is a basic Metta Meditation,but their are specific visualizations the participants must hold onto for the beginning part,as that gets the inertia of the circles/spheres started,after that that ever increasing principals of love and compassion pour into the spin,and from there on in.This stuff makes me shiver when i'm writing it down!

Dan,could you just think about an interlinked mekaba of twelve points of consciousness, in the configuration of Metatrons cube.

Could you tell me about that please?


Shakura Rei's merkaba experience:


I do the mudra's as described by Dru -- alternating fingers, inhale and visualize the male tetrahedron and exhale visualizing the female tetrahedron. Do this 6 times.

[Even though the purpose of this is to clean the chakras, I use other techniques for that as well, so I do not find this one particularly useful on a daily basis other than assisting one to enter an altered state.]

Begin spherical breathing process by forming a ball in the solar plexus with 3 breaths, pulling the prana through the central channel from the earth and the sky; blow to extend the sphere around the body; feed the sphere with three more breaths; raise sphere from solar plexus to heart.

[I was guided to raise it from the heart to the throat, and sense that it draws in higher vibrations which are complimentary to building the merkaba. ]

I sit in a half lotus, with my spine straight.

In one inhale and exhale, I focus my attention on my star tetrahedron while being aware of a larger tetrahedron which extends much further our from my body; project to it "equal speed" and blow.

In another breath I project, "34:21" and blow.

Another breath I project, "9/10th the speed of light" and blow.

Originally, after 9/10 speed of light, I said "faster than the speed of light" and blew.

In the beginning I felt an energy swirl at this point, but not too strong.

After a few times the sensation diminshed.

I have now added to this process a 32 degree head tilt backwards while I say, "Faster then the speed of light."

[ The sensation is so strong when I do this, that I am overcome before I can blow, and feel that blowing is not necessary at this point. The first time I did this, I had an awareness of multicolored geometric forms spinning at warp speed around me. I sensed they were not all spinning the same direction, or even in synchronisity, rather each form seemed to have it's own characteristics or identity. This may have just been my projection, so I can't say for certain that each form was spinning independently of the others. I found myself rather thrown backwards, with my head not wanting to return to an upright position. I wondered, if I straighten my head, will the spinning stop. I did straighten it, and the spinning sensation did diminish greatly, and may even have stopped. The question is, does it continue spinning when we are no longer tilted? Without telling Bob my experience, I suggested that he do the tilt while saying "faster than the speed of light."

He did and also had a dynamic sensation. I've continued doing it this way and have a strong sensation each time, though some times are strong than others. I think a tilt of 32 degrees does not give as strong of an effect as a greater tilt. I really don't know how far my head goes back, but I think it's more than 32 degrees.

notes from Dan Winter

Note here the 32 degree tilt as the head gently rolls back at the key moment when the cube nests into the dodec (true merkabbah).

At this moment the pelvic tilt opening "organ kundabuffer" acheives a symmetry with the cranial tilte opening the gates of the occiput (sphinx), permitting the final sacro cranial juice pump out the mouth of the amygdala. This is the mouth of the reptilian brain in this geometry of plumbing choosing to feed its best to the high bird brain.

The key understanding of all this is..

2 tetra made cube with octa in center, cube on outside..

That symmetrty alone merely INCUBEATES emotion, holding it INTO the root two octave harmonics. ONLY when that whole cube, tilts back by 32 degrees and spins around that new axis into dodecahedron (pictures below), does the first ratio .618 occur..(edge of dodec to edge of cube..). At only this moment does the adding AND multiplying of nondestructive wave interference beat THRU THE SPEED OF LIGHT.



This is because the way the harmonics nest when the 5 cubes get into merkabbic dodec is in PHI knit, causing the destruction of all waves not compressible compassible in the lo phi discipline. Feelings not distributable get only heat in this in phi knit compression.. (see grail pine cone..)




above Dodec cube tilt superposed upon the 32 degree chin angle of the sphinx image from John Anthony West


above, octahedra (diamond light body) born by simple inevitable embedding when 2 tetra's lock properly in star (cube).









final note from Santosh: How do we lock on?

With our intention placed within the bandwidth of compassion.Once our intention is interwoven with cosmic intention,our Merkaba field is constantly open to intercommunication.The light is switched on so to speak,and all movement need only be necessitated by thought.The Merkaba is a vehicle that works on auto pilot,you just have to give it the right program.

Much Love. Santosh.

from dan: one suggestion:
mention that the 32 degree tilt is the tile angle of the chin of the sphinx picture at

you can only really feel your head tilt back into this AWE position when you do electrically EMBED and that is measureable (heart biofeedback)

this corresponds to the launch from the reptile brain stem
to the bird brain, "secret place of the lion" symbolized by that sphinx...

I also think it would be helpful to suggest that the pscyhodynamic
of the moment when you choose to let you chin open out
into that "awe" position, corresponds to:

1.the moment when you believe you have found something shareable to feel
(end of secrets)

2. the moment when you move from head to heart center of gravity

3. the sacro cranial juice pump moment which says as you mechanically open
the "gates of the occiput" (ref:

You consciously choose to allow the harvest of your spine base ecstatic juices to
pump to the hi bird eck-static brain. This means that you have the confidence to
know that you have hygiene packed below your tail bone straw something
suckable which will knot smoke up your pineal fire. If poor nutrition, or erotic
hygiene, have packed pollution at your tailbone (blue tantric dish), you will
unconsciously not choose to tilt your head into awe. The "heart biofeedback" measures
this moment as a change from multiple of two (hex flower ) to a multiply of PHI
in the INTERVAL between harmonics in the heart's power spectra. (as revealed
in the second order frequency signature, \heart biofeedback )
After a hexing you re-pent to be saved (a wave rendered distributable
"phi-cycly", after hex incubation.)

dan winter


If Deanna Emerson is right (author of Mars Earth Enigma"), then one origin of
the Skull and Bones myth of Magdalens true grail/embedded bloodline (origin of
templar/pirate/&CIA-also psychoactive substance traders)
is her true star home origins: (below image)-
bones was stinging tailbone cross of serpens "the serpent", and skull was the
grail cup container of "corona borealis" the crown of radiance.
last image at ../orion/orionheart.html


which is just like where the serpent feeds the eagle
in the other end of the appalachian chain:


snake holding and
containing the
amygdalic "head" of the reptilian
brain in the vicelike grip raptor of rapture
being the same
tantric kundalini
juice pumping operation



(mechanism of the pump)

jaw lowers, skull raises, gates of occiput open,
head is gripped vicelike, heart sonics snake charm pump spin juice:
serpent feeds eagle.






Are you ready for the next step in developing your Merkabbah light body. The star tetahedra Merkabbah is based upon the tetrahedral hexagonal geometry. In order to become a stargate, superluminal, or able to enter the timeline/wormholes, we need the pentagonal geometries of the pent star and dodecahedron based upon the PHI ratio.

The geometry of Incubation:

In the hex geometry, which in 3D is a hex shadow of a tilted cube. This geometry allows us to hold and build energy within our field, in preparation for later releasing it. The hex geometry is the gate before the wormhole, but because it cannot implode, or cascade inward as a wave nondestructively, the hex geometry will never take us into the wormhole. This is because the edge length of the hex is the same as it's radius. So the rotational component of its spin is exactly phase locked to it's linear component. (The matter versus the energy stay locked in stasis.) The spins lock where they are, they do not walk BETWEEN frequencies, and do not transcend.


When Dr. Ed Wilson at the Monroe Institute played octave harmonics based on incaubation and powers of two, in the opposite earphones, the brain wave mapper showed measureable dissociation. This meant that the brain lit up opposite and separate the hemispheric opposite side extremes. Later when Dr. Wilson played PHI fibonnaci harmonics in those same headphones the brain CROSS hemispheric CENTRAL CROWN lit up coherently, this later came to be his DEFINITION of transcendance. The reason for this is because the brain cross hemispheric interferance between harmonics could add and multiply heterodynes (interferance waves) repestedly, recursively, and in-PHI-knitly non-destructively in the PHI ratio.

The Geometry of PHI-Cycle.. Transcendance:

The geometry of nested pents and dodecahedron create this PHI ratio, and are required for the visualization to complete transcendance, which is simply the motion of harmonics BETWEEN frequencies in an inphiknit cascade, which PHI permits. Fortuneately, a very clear visual animation of the relationship of the tetra-cube-hex falling back into the dodec- 4D pent PHI structure is available. This is the logical and necessary next level of the Merkabbah light body training. Actually what was called the motion into Merkabbah, was realy the translation thru light speed which ONLY the pent - PHI moment of cube into dodec generates. Specifically, the edge of the dodec is .618 of the hex cube, ONLY at this point do the waves start interfering constructively across the different harmonics, to launch the wave front velocity thru the speed of light. This has been called, entrance into the Christed body, or light boby. It is literally the "translation of vorticity" INTO INFINITE harmonics which PHI permits.

The challenge here, is that even as the witch would only move from hex to fix, to pent to send, when she was CERTAIN her intentions were pure. So too, we can only spin our magnetic glandular images thru light speed into the collective domain penetrating the common sort wormhole of implosion into time lines, IF we have prepared our inner image scape to only attempt to radiate in this was, SHAREABLE IMAGES. If not, as the witch knew, the pent (dream) spell, would come back and sting the sender. This is very much like the necessity of sorting memories for which are shareable in order to die properly, carrying only the sorted and geometrically distributable spins thru the wormhole, into soul memory.


Steve Hanauer in collaboration with Dan Winter, has prepared a sequence of breath and visual image sets, to move you thru this doorway. First you prepare by looking at the realtionship of symmetry and implosion to the ultimate sorting. And then when you feel ready, to actually carefully FEEL the 32 degree tilt back of your breath tetra-cube into the dodecahedron, with the accompanying computer animation. The intention memory back thru the egg of your mother, into the fractal of all eggs, as taught in the Merkabbah schools is used here.

This is the ultimate step thru the Merkabbah into the time wormholes.


see here, an example of this 32 degree tilt from hex to pent, to transcendance in the SPHINX mystery:

literally the exact tilt angle of the chin angle of the sphinx taming the reptilian brain juice into bird brain ecstatic pump


entitled "Gateway to 4D: Royal Blood and Regulating the Water"



Sacred Geometry of the Heart

outline of the opening phase

. Experience how love truly is the key to everything through the Sacred Geometry of the heart at the moment of feeling unconditional love and compassion. Embed -Ability, the ability to nest fields of energy in our heart IS the Sacred Geometry of compassion. The tingling feeling of caring for someone is actually the aligning of the wave forms in our heart... a way to learn coherent emotion.

Love radiating through our heart is the ultimate universal unifying force. By creating the shareable feelings of unconditional love, compassion and joy in our heart chakra, we align ourself to the Earth and universe, thereby staying in harmony with the cosmos. In choosing these feelings, which create the heart harmonics, we accelerate the willed evolution of our DNA.

Through a series of exercises see and feel how our heart is the gateway to perfect health, spiritual unity, immortality and higher dimensions.
Seminar participants will be offered geometric visualizations and kinesthetic exercises to:

Consciously contact our inner child and subconscious mind.


Release and heal the etheric and physical body energy blocks through tonal energetic emotional release.


 Experience the sentic signatures of love vs. joy in the shapes of touch.


 Feel the braid in our DNA by entraining/phase locking our brain to our heart at the moment of compassion.


 Create the immortal heartbeat, which is fractal, using the PHI breath and the PHI tones.


 Experience our heart's gravity sphere [concentering charge envelope] of unconditional love.


 Energize and activate the heart chakra with the shamanic breath.


Fractally nest in dyadic and group heart attunements. Love is the only eternal recursion.


 Several of these active exercises will be accompanied by the related sacred geometric computer animation series including the sacred geometry of the heart, sun, stars, and love.


Dan Winter's background includes graduate studies in psychophysiology and biofeedback, specifically the relationship of our heart's harmonics to love. He spends most of his time traveling globally teaching Sacred Geometry. He is the author of the books Embedability of the heart biofeedback and has produced over 50 videotapes.

Steven Hanauer is a researcher and teacher currently focusing on developing practical exercises on the feeling and consciousness aspects of Sacred Geometry. He has been a healer for 24 years and metaphysical teacher for 18 years. His teaching combines 30 years of extensive reading, research, direct life experience and practices, and intuitive knowing to create a synthesis of knowledge spanning from ancient teachings to modern scientific research.


THEN, WHEN THE CUP OVERFLOWS, RATIO BETWEEN HARMONICS GOES TO PHI-CYCLE.. AND IT''S TRANSCENDANT QUITE LITERALLY, SEE BOTTOM HARMONIC FFT OF FFT: 1.618, (in pent the edge of the contained hex/cube is 1.618 the edge of the embedding pent /dodec, this sets up the continuous heterodyning cascade which goes superluminal... "Christed Body" merkabbah)

the merkabbah meditation connection:

the question:


Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 22:48:04 -0500 (EST)

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Subject: where to start?


A friend told me about your website a while ago and today in meditation I

received prompting to visit it. From what I have managed to udnerstand I

really resonate with it and want to learn more.

I do not know where to start, though. I know basically about fractals, but I

do not understand what you mean by Phi ratio, which seems at the base of

everything. I do the Merkabah meditation, how do Merkabahs figure into this

whole thing? They use tetrahedrons and sacred geometry so I figure it all

must come together.. this seems like the big missing piece, your website I


Another problem, I donot have functioning physical eyes (light perception

but nothing really useful) thus pictures and graphs and the like do not do

me any good. I can understand though in mathematical terms and the like,

though. (I got a D in Euclidian geometry because my teacher for some reason

couldn't understand why I didn't learn visually and take appropriate

notes.. weird.)

I continue on my spiritual path and have scratched the surface with some

concepts you touch on, but I do the Merkabah daily as I said, I like that

the best, and other chakra/energy things.. The Mayan calendar and

DNA/cellular memory/interaction interest me also.

Could you please tell me a good starting point that introduces all these

concepts simply? does the Fibbonacci series figure into all this?

Thanks for your help man.

(asciiexp@concentric.net) http://www.concentric.net/~asciiexp


thoughts from dan winter:


you get two tetra's spinning by directing the braid density of

O-X-Y-Gene of breath thru attention..


that makes an octa (diamond) in the center of the two opposite nested tetras

and a cube if you connect their outer points..


the idea that you can get thru the speed of light by visuallizing their spin increasing



(each of these cubes are near 32 degree tilt =sphinx chin angle

from top/bottom face of dodec)



5 cubes fit in dodec

but it's really one cube you blink five times as it spins on the

new axis (the next dimension)..

note dodeca is symmetry of dna/earth-grid & zodiac for the reason that fractal embedded gives spin leverage across scale, between worlds.. origin of psychokinesis.



cube was hex, tilted 32 degree into pent, flower of el-eye-PHI.


the reason you only get thru the speed of light (and become a time traveler)

by that hex to pent moment IS........


because light waves interfering in the cube two ratios will destroy each other, as they wander up the scale..


whereas when that cube nested in the pent dodeca..

then the edge ratio of the cube to the dodec

was PHI (Golden Mean)

stellate that dodec to dodec /icos/dodec/icos.........

edge ratios alls PHI Golden Mean

... .618. 1.0, 1.618.., 2.618.., ... infinite

all waves add and multiply happy and constructive

(phi-bonacci goes to PHI ratio if you do 1,2,3,5,8,13,... and don't stop...ever..)

(PHI is when the waves get finished experimenting how best to share, good for people too..)



wave fronts add and multiply not just their wavelengths



result: biology's only naturally occuring door thru light speed, into time..


the visualization and breath are appropriate assists into door,

but major help needed from DNA braided into sustainable implosion,

by LOVE.. feeling of compassion rushes EKG PHI PHONONS

into DNA braid = soul making..

above, ekg phonons (sound current and voltage waves),

becoming EMBEDDED (PHI HARMONIC) at the moment of compassion,





time door soon, (sun burp/photon cloud/time tsunami/wave zero)

only merks' ab from bah

marks from pressure..

(soul embraided DNA/ glandularly coherent emotion)

gets memory thru black hole (same as dying or dreaming lucid)

by perfect geometry of implosion

(compassion=skill to recur/turn inside out)


dan winter



ready for more?

see new:

Blood Of Merkabbah:When Messiahs are Vampiric?

your 2/24/99
Mon, 08 Mar 1999 08:39:59 PST
"david f, To: dan

I have been greatly enjoying your pages for a few years. I'm am
perplexed over the 2/24/99 addition. In one part you praise the
Merkabbah meditation in The True Merkabbah Breath, but all the
following information makes one suspicious of the Melchizedeks,
including Drunvalo. Why would anyone trust doing a meditation offered
by a so-called Draco rep. Maybe I missed something. Go figure.


Ans: from Dan Winter:

your question is helpful because it underlines the need for more clarity

I believe the star tetra as a potent symmetry for arrange the
body's capacitive envelope serves  a necessary
containment function..

however I do think the danger is profound of not
realizing the need eventually when the cup runs over
to tilt that into pent(dodec)
and make what was
(when something shareable is at heart)
to be made distributable


borg astral feeding




so far, flower of life  teaching has failed to teach when to re-pent

a major indication of failing to graduate from the reptilian
brain stem, where hive mind is possible..
but heart love is not taught

ron holt is working with me on this..

how shall we express this more clearly?

dan winter

reprinted here to complete the description of the merkabbah / stellation geometric, is the ../scaleinvariant article...

Scale Invariant = Perfect Embedding = Gravity = Self Aware

from Dan Winter, 10/97 / return to Sacred Geometry master index ../sitemap.html


mayan time star

star mother

cosmic fractal biocrystal

star dumbell groups from crooks atomic table

tabular data set rearranged to be fractal and therefore compressible



The unified field means a single compressible medium with waves moving through the jello, stores the spin patterns inertia we have been calling at once: matter AND mind. In both cases, matter and mind occurs among waves when a self organizing centering force is created. Forming this "fractal attractor" keeps wave pressure fronts converging into this self organizing "implosion", which is the only truly "self-reproducing automata".

In order to understand how wave fronts store their pressures in a way which permits them to add and multiply concentrically non-destructively, let us look at examples of why mind inhabits flame (phi's ray or fire):

mayan timestar animation exerpts

we begin embedding a revolved 3 D sine wave into phi ratio lengths

here we revolve a sine wave into more it's true 3D "pressure equilibria" map:


then we nest it's pressure's recursively in such a way that the wave fronts nest concrescently (crests summing). This forces them into PHI's Golden Ratio (the requirement for repeated heterodyne wave addition geometrically seeks out by natural selection waves adding and multiplying into .618 ratios). This is called Phi's Ray or simply FIRE for short.

This grail symmetric is the key to PHIlotaxis, the ratio of all natures perfect branching - making 'maximum exposure', 'minimum superposition'. This is another way of saying this PHIre shape.. (which mind/recursion 'inhabits') is the perfect way to SHARE (compress/distribute) the LIGHT.. (anything made of waves which is everything).

Note that the symmetry of this inphiknit stellation of dodeca-icosahedra is exactly the shape of the Earth Grid,

the dodeca wratchet into DNA, (../superDNA)

and the 12 faced zodiac...

FOR A REASON... LIFE cannot exist without perfect embedding. This is the key to geomancy long wave magnetics to literally 'assume the position'. (All earth movers need to check their ley lines first to prevent the bleeding of embedding force/phi mag-netic... which stabilizes gravity, holds atmosphere, makes climate emerge from chaos, & facilitates human eck-stacy).

because of scale invariance,

the pressure (or voltage) wave fronts get "permission" to all non-(phase)-destructively approach the same center:

"permission" to turn inside out, or implode..

concrescence.. crests which nest..


Then we notice that this wave summation in 3D produces a form of wave nesting most able to embed multi axis spin pattern, geometry. The geometry of maximum "SCALE INVARIANCE" is dodeca-icosa because the 3D x,y,z coordinates of infinite dodeca-icosa stellation are all simply a power series multiplying GOLDEN MEAN or PHI times itself. This means that the distance from any vertex in this IN-PHI-KNIT nest to center is always a multiple of the GOLDEN MEAN. These pictures illustrate this perfect embedding.

SCALE INVARIANCE here means that the pattern held between the waves (which we have been calling MATTER and MIND), can be held even if the form or wave nodes are packed or unpacked into the infinitely small or large. Because of this scale invariance, the pressure and spin density of these waves crossing in this way, can converge infinitely to center. This is the geometry of perfect implosion which Einstein needed in order to understand how black holes bend time. More siginificantly for this conversation this is the geometry for the one way wind inward of magnetism which Einstein called the "magnetic monopole", WHICH IS THE DEFINITION OF GRAVITY. In other words, gravity occurs among waves ONLY when the geometry of this only significant possible centering force, RECURSION OR NESTING PERFECTED, is organized. Thus the work it might take for example to get data rearranged so as to be fractal and therefore perfectly compressible, is the same work which nature must do to make gravity. Predicting how much gravity force in a wave quantum is as simple as evaluating it's recursiveness.

For example if we look at the true multidimensional perspective of the symmetry of the outer electron sub-shells, we find that they are PHI recursive. (reference also Randy Masters work on the PHI harmonic series in Hydrogen's spectral emission lines.) Specifically, the atomic table is built entirely by simply nesting s,p,d,and f subshells recursively. They are said to have 2,6,10, and 14 "electrons" respectively. Well electrons are only names for the amount of inertia stored in spin vortex. Since they are stored as vorex pairs, this means that each PAIR of vorex is a name for a torus or DONUT. (The revolved sine wave, toroidal domain shape of every field.) So now, instead of naming 2,6,10 and 14 electrons, we see we have been naming 1,3,5,and 7 tilted donuts.

3 Donut pairs make a 6 vortex cube.

5 and 7 donut vortex pairs make the 5/7 spin group labeled "star dumbell" in Occult Chemistry's and "Psi Perception of Quarks" clairvoyance.:

note that the 5 tetra tilt by 32 degree creates the same dodec/icos which 5cubes do.. this is phillips actual model for star group valence..


Now compare this 5 spins inside, 7 spins outside to the entire "Heart of Sun" article. Notice that this 5 spin 7 spin perfect slip knot has always been how you tie up a "White River Junction" among waves so that inertia is stored (matter is created).

top anu primal sub-atomics braid by quark 3some into hydrogen, per phillips "psi perception of quarks" justification of "occult chemistry's clairvoyance to modern quark sub-atomic physics literature.., bottom note geometry of this primal slip knot anu which ties up the inertia of light into matter, 5/7.. (in HeartSun article same shape then becomes human heart and suns heart.. perfect turning inside out sorts for the shareable as doorway slingshot to next spin dimension in each case..)

Now note that if the 7 spin group is at once, the 7 spins of the tetra making "containment" (also reference Armand Wyler, icosa as 7 spin, 5 real rotations or symmetry axes, plus 2 mirror thru center or "pseudo" rotations)...

AND the 5 spin group is the 5 tetra cube in dodec.. making the perfect "projection" or distributor of spin for INSIDE the 7 "spin containment". The 7 spin tetra is in the cube which incube-ates or contains. (Wave inertia in power two or octave ratio cannot unpack non-destructively, so it is contained or incubated.)

When the 7 spin tetra cube is THEN wratched 5 spin into dodec, you have turned inside out perfect implosion, and tied the slip knot we call matter. Theosophy's greater maze, nesting tetra cube inside, and stellated in-PHI-knit dodec icos outside, is then a picture of the valence symmetry of completed electron shells. Notice that this most perfect of fractals shell completion into noble symmetry is all chemically named GOLD. Implosions perfect embedding sorts for only ALL shareable waves, so the heart electrically GOLDEN has proven shareable magnetic vectors (intention).

In summary, acheiving scale invariance among waves in all these descriptions, produces the projective geometry of waves which by this processing in fractal recursion, are made into most distributeable or shareable fronts.

(see the shareable distribution, model courtesy Jonathan Quintin,

This nest is called "Lesser Maze" in Theosophy, star mother in model,

2 central red tetra -edge square root of 2-, embed half edge octa in very center,

the 2 tetra make yellow cube - edge 1-, nested in light green dodec - edge .618, stellation blue from green dodec out to dark blue icos - 1.0, icos dark blue edge=1.618).

This perfecting of the distribution of the patterns of pressures, a dynamic recursion, causes the waves to self organize a continuing CENTERING flow. This hydrodynamic continued concentering is called gravity. (as an inertial phenomena). As an electrical phenomena, we have labeled this self-organizing concentering "self-awareness". (Reference Marty Wuttke, attention deficit clinically eliminated when brain waves are arranged to this geometry of embedding. Pictorial article on this site entitled: "Is this Recursion?".)

Electrical recursion IS attention because it allows waves of charge (ECK) to stand in stable non-destructive self embedding. (ECK in STASIS or ecstacy). (Marty also eliminates addiction using the same process, which is simply false attempt ecstatics).

Stand at attention now.


Dan Winter