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Omni magazine featured an article some time ago describing something called the "Kluver" form constants. These were geometric descriptors synthesized from the shapes for passageway seen in common by both near death experiencer and psychadelic drug users. They actually present to our view what may turn out to be a supplement to the "Tibetan Book of the Dead". Specifically, these synthesized archtypal forms may help us shape our conscious focus as we traverse the world between "death and life" and between the dream and waking worlds.

It is survival related to our collected memory to know how awareness is distributed at death, and during shamanic/ecstatic experiences. There are very specific pathways to negotiate in the fractal attractor we call consciousness, in order to take our spin/memory contiguously between worlds.

The trick or key to knowing how to keep our memory whole at death, resides in knowing how pattern is stored in general as wave systems migrate upward harmonically in higher spin symmetry. This is not only geometric abstraction, but practical instruction on how to live forever in memory with no inconvenient discontinuity caused by unconscious dying. As mind is recursive focus among waves, this is the geometric doorway (of Golden Mean foldedness) TO HIGHER DIMENSIONS. This is the only way awareness can distribute itself as spin.

Picture your awareness and way of calling memories to mind, as a nice pretty nest of donuts one inside the other reaching out. The way these donuts or field domains call distant memories to mind is by setting up the conditions of fractality in symbol. Let's take an example, suppose you wish to analytically reach a concept you may have set into the remote recesses of your memory long ago in school. You are quite aware that you can not directly call to mind the equation or abstraction you require. But if you call to mind the shape of the classroom, and personality of the teacher, you may gradually resonate toward more and more detail in the remote reaches of your memory. What you do in your "fantastically analytical mind" is set up many elements of image "self-similar" in form to the idea you wish to retreive. Then actual phase lock to the required memory is by a process, which may well be described as "morphic resonance" or retrieval by likeness alone in the universal language of pure shape. The point is, that a series of links ultimately reaching into the distance of symbolic relationship, is acheived (as Whitehead described "sailing into abstraction"), by setting up a series of more and more self-embedded ideas closer and closer to the required detail.

The conceptual leap, we ask you to make here, is to see the process of reaching into that abstraction, as specifically the activity of getting the fractal of self-similarity built like a bridge between you and the conceptual distance you seek. The likeness unto what you seek, by which you call to mind elements closer and closer to the actual goal of remembering, may reach there either by fractal self-similarity in space or of fractality in time. You may call to mind more and more pieces of your situation at the point in either time or space at which you stored the memory. The point is that memory itself like symbol and optical holograms, relies on resonance linkages ultimately by phase locking harmonics of pure shape. This kind of phase locking can transcend the scale of small or large, most ideally when the form used to do the link obeys the laws of fractal or self-embedded self-similarity. In other words, the wave geometry of the song you use to recall a certain love affair, ultimately creates a shape link to those intense emotions. Feelings and "words" (spin nets of pressure with enough symmetry to stand as wave) actually braid a resonant image in an acoustic geomety of pressure into the very braid of DNA and geo-dance of pheromes and psychoactive hormones, and piezoelectric pressure sensitive recording medium called muscle. All of the net of similitudes which enable "total recall" collected together amount to none other than idealized "embeddedness"... or literally how to fold space or time for maximum shareability as info-pattern. What creates a mind "sharp as a tack" is a set of mnemonic devices which are self-similar to their objects. They thus psychokinetically enable their "symbols to participate in the reality to which they point". Once we understand the fractal phase discipline which psychokinesis requires, we are closer to the emotional/mental focus required to acheive immortality in memory.

This is ultimately why, the self organizing golden mean spiral as it maps the seven color moebius strip on the self organizing toroid donut shape of all fields, makes the shadowgrams we call English and Hiburu alphabet letterforms. To symbolize IS TO EMBED. To get the wave shape compressed inside, morphically resonant to how it is outside.. turns you inside out when you symbolize it (represent its wave turns folding sequences). The map becomes the terrain when the symbols (true alphabet letters symmetry language of light) are perfected embedding (Golden Mean Spiral). Meditating on this: true origin of symbol for a moment, let us return now to how this same road map to embedability is a map to biological immortality.

To really see deeply what this onset of recursion means to the one universe of deathless wave memory, we must understand deeply the principle of fractal recursion which creates the wave attractor we call consciousness itself. In computer lingo, the more the data may be arranged fractally, the MORE IT CAN BE COMPRESSED. Since data compressibility goes toward infinite when the shape of the data set itself BECOMES FRACTAL, this is also the limit of how shareable the information is. As compression increases, ability to distribute grows exponentially. This is as true of integrated circuit chips, as it is of the form of human memories as elements of spin needing compression. This points us toward the computer and spiritual concept itself which says that memory/distribution of idea or shape, is a test of shareability. Shareability among waves goes to infinite, when all aspects of wave interference are eliminated. In 2D, simple octave wave harmonics attempt to get enough wave symmetry to permit survival of spin inertia. We call this MUSIC, and base it on cubic powers of two in ratio. In 3D or more spin symmetry, this system for persuading waves NOT to fight..quickly breaks down.

The wave interference of cubes nesting as waves of geometries based on powers of two, quickly creates whole nasty nests of destructive interference if we beat or heterodyne their wave fronts. (When waves interfere or beat, they add AND multiply). So only the Golden Mean ratio solves the problem of wave interference in 3D and higher spin systems. This is because this is the only ratio which permits wave fronts to both add and multiply as they nest. This is why the Golden Mean ratio arranges pent stars, and deca DNA helix, and the dodeca-nest fractal upon which DNA/EarthGrid and 12 faced Zodiac are based. (Merkabbah/mark-of-pressure). This is the most spin dense possible perfect fractal in 3D. The Golden Mean ratio is the key to wave embeddedness and fractality in all of N-dimensional spin systems. It is the densest possible 3D fractal, and the geometry of Merkabbah and of Love, as THE touch permissive wave shape. Only this most self-aware (by compassion) love attractor has what it takes to been the light, and thus make creating among waves possible.

It goes around and around adding spin..memory..dimension.. by superposed axis of symmetry

Its always the same archtype of shape superposed.. adding spin..

"form constants"..

All life forms are based on the recursion which pent geometries make possible.. This is why we call life the L eye of phi.. El-I-ph(i). It is the el turn into phi recursion which creates life, self-awareness among wave fronts discovering how best to call all pressures to center at once.

So now we are ready to grok with some impact more of the deep and wonderful mysteries of collective mindfulness, and memory that doesn't die. When memories discover the FORM of fractality, they then become distributable and thus deathless... as simple wave fronts looking for ways to conserve their spin.

We have recently written extensively about the way in which the harmonics contained in the heartbeat at the moment of compassion, create a recursive nest. It is the embedded possibility of nested recursion among the fields around the heart, which have enabled us to measure the EKG changing DNA's braid angle at the moment of coherent compassion. And we have measured the EKG entraining a tree at these moments of onset coherence in the music of the hearts electricity. The point is, it is the geometry of embeddedness itself that allows our biological systems to swap and massage shape with environments, even much larger or smaller than peoples bodies.

The way in which the spin of our memories/emotions reaches out is by moving ratios between scales. The perfected ideal of this "spin path to the zero point" of infinite compressibility of shape/shareability, IS ITSELF FRACTAL RECURSION.

So what is it we can learn from this about how to negotiate the inner image space at death and ecstacy. Here is what the Kluver form constants teach us. After extensive interviews of people who have come back from death in coma etc., and of folks describing psychedelic experiences, a map of the underlying geometries of passage was made. What is amazing is how common and universal these passage shapes were. Further it is amazing how well they confirm the idea that simply superposing the pressure of wave spinning one nest on top of another, completely produces our physical and psychological idea of dimension. It is as if folding one set of pressure bubbles into another set, WHICH ALREADY HAPPEN TO BE SPINNING IN ANOTHER WAY, adds a wave harmonic to the pressure bubbles there which we have been conveniently labeling matter (as a short hand physics nomenclature for "how much spin stored by symmetry inertia" sits at those wave nodes.).

In each top image we see a primal vortex pair donut. On an oscilloscope if we couple two oscillators we can make a figure eight lissajous. If we add a third oscillator to those two, we can produce a donut. In a sense this is the primal entrance into 3D.

If this 3D donut kind of array learns how to tilt and spin in such a way as to nest their wave edgelength 1.0 into the golden mean ratio .618, then by spinning that cube into literally the next dimension, we have the dodecahedron. (Each face of the cube gets a .618 gabled roof to make it a dodecahedron.) The principle is the next access to recursion (Golden Mean), IS access to the next dimension (the next axis of symmetry). The dodec is a 4D cube!

Then if we wratchet the dodec down a slinky path, with the 10 steps per full turn & (Golden Mean spacing and Golden Mean Angle), we map the geometry of DNA. This helix is a 5D cube.

Finally when the DNA helix is brought to a point along the braid, we can permit even longer waves to nest. This "longer wave envelope massaging" sets up the vortex pair for the donut light cone.. which......

Becomes revolved into the cube in the next higher spin. Thus biology and memory go round and round adding spin and recursion to wave nodes to increase potential self-awareness.

In the kluver form constant summary these paths are compared to what folks see in the near death experience. Recall to mind the scene in the film "Ghost" when the hero's Earthly concerns are finished, and he wanders down the long vortex tube toward the light. Getting memory distributed into another world (of spin) requires keeping your wave node pattern identified even inside out through the other end of the vortex. It similar to the homework assignment given to the student shaman. Withdraw your awareness into the eyes of the eagle flying overhead. See the exquisite focus and worldview from there. Experience eagleness from the inside out. Now once you have retreived the eagles experience and memory, can you withdraw your memory back into your present, like some insoluble but distributeable liquid? The shaman will tell you only pure intention permits you to split your awareness such that you can be up to your ass in alligators, and yet still sincerely be about the business of draining the swamp. Multitasking requires a (phase) disciplined (recursive) "together" mind.

So what the people near death saw was first a vortex cone geometry, then a rotary circle (dodeca spin up donuts) like geometry.

Then they saw this turn into a slinky, tube helix.

Then they saw this long tube narrow (become "massaged") to a point starting a longer vortex form.

Traveling between worlds of inner awareness is exactly like adding spin by geometry to get more symmetry. If you know the map you can get from here to there. This could be handy if you would like to avoid the inconvenience of discontinuity of memory called death. Simply draw through the vortex with you the threads of your spin/memory. The nice part is that the only thing which can come through these nice maps of added spin, is SHAREABLE spin. This means that any time you dwell upon unshareable memories, you are creating death for yourself.

Dwelling on that thought for awhile, realizing that the galactic core may not wish to share much about football rules, leaves us with only pure principle itself to study. There we will gather the spin eternal. Symmetry is a pure principle for example.

Reference Article: "Cartographer of Consciousness" by Brian Van Der Horst, .."Ron Siegel probes the hallucinating brain to chart hidden features of our mental landscape" Omni, Sept.1980..

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Heinrich "Kluver" Form Constants