The WHY behind Prechter & Elliott Wave...

small wonder they call perfect onset predictability in the stock market, the HOLY GRAIL of market analysis. Golden Mean PHI recursion is the only resonance path out of chaos, it's onset shows onset of EMOTIONAL COHERENCE, and then you look at the picture of its geometry:

(spin path of 3D Golden Mean spiral down a 60 degree light cone into fractal 3D dodeca/icos)
it IS the grail..
don't give up until you drink from the silver cup
of sweet braid
golden fleece
piezoelectric geometry of song in the blood (sang graal)
cup within cup, never overflows .. data infinitely compressible with no memory loss..


from dan winter

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Here is a quote from PI THE MOVIE web site- along the picture there of Dan Winter. Many believe the harassment from Hebrew Rabbi's of the math genius who figured out how the stock market emerges from Chaos based on Golden Ratio - is based on the story of Stan Tenen's vicious harassment of Dan Winter- for discovering the Golden Ratio is the true origin of the Hebrew Alphabet.: - and all paths out of CHAOS which require compression to self organize (like the stock market - Prechter /Elliot wave predictors based on Golden Ratio).. "Dan Winter is a very smart, very weird math guy, and a founder of the San Graal School for Sacred Geometry." - "Chaos Theory can be generally defined as the study of forever-changing complex systems. Discovered by a meteorologist in 1960, chaos theory contends that complex and unpredictable results will occur in systems that are sensitive to small changes in their initial conditions. The most common example of this, known as the "Butterfly Effect," states that the flapping of a butterfly's wings in China could cause tiny atmospheric changes which over a period of time could effect weather patterns in New York.

Although chaotic systems appear to be random, they are not. Beneath the random behavior patterns emerge, suggesting, if not always revealing, order. Recognizing that the stock market is a non-linear, dynamic, chaotic system 's Max Cohen (Sean Gullette) applies the principles of Chaos Theory in order to determine the pattern behind apparent random nature of market prices.

Apart from the stock market, Chaos Theory can be used to model other highly complex systems, including everything from population growth to epidemics to arrhythmic heart palpitations. When applying chaos theory, it is revealed that even something as seemingly random as a dripping faucet has an order behind it. "


When Chrisopher Carolan found in"Spiral Calender",
time's spiral at square root of Golden Mean,
he found the same spin ratio as the EKG harmonics
at the moment of love.

The Mayan spiral calender taught embeddedness
to relative spin (time).
Solar Cycle Geometry=DNA CODONS=I CHING
Also see Viral and Inhabitable nature of time as spin in:
The Lucid Dreamer

by Sheldon Bryce, 1996, % Rio Sabe Loco, PO Box 65715, Tucson, AZ 85728,

Background: Just Intonation is based on roots of two ratios. This 12th root of two series of our musical octave creates spin harmonics which CONTAIN but do not distribute spin pressure. Pure PHI based musical scales which I have pioneered, (Professor Wayne Kirby, Music Dept, Univ NC, Asheville), is perfect DISTRIBUTION of spin with no storage or containment. This is more than metaphor for the sharing of spin/service called economics. The square root of PHI spiral spin path is in the Carolan "Spiral Calender", and in the frequency signature of the EKG at the moment of love.(Refs below). This is the bridge between spin containers, and spin distributors.

Prechter's elliott wave theory found that when stock volumetric analyses produced wave fluctuations whose duration and or volume approached golden mean (mathematicaly optimized recursion), at those moments the stock market movement as a whole became predicatable..
(literature or web key words for searches: prechter, elliott wave theory.. they use my work..)

What he did not understand was that the reason the stock market became predictable when it's volume curves were most recursive was that as a resonating system at those moments it was becoming self-aware.

The mathematical definition of self awareness is the onset of recursion in the harmonic content of any biological oscillator. This is the core of my work on the clinical basis of recursion.

The Mathematics of Self-Awareness: - A Proposal For A Global Media Self-Awareness Feedback Project.


Recursion and Fractality create self awareness and gravity

Treating the stock market like a biological oscillator, since it truly is, we see that it like any oscillating system, seeks the only path to survival out of chaos. Mathematically speaking for oscillators, this only path out of fractionation, is fractality. The onset of fractality in an oscillator, is the onset of maximum embeddedness in the geometry or shape of the harmonics which make it up. So, we find the onset of maximum sustainability or attention or pressure/energy density (stock prices are measures of density of ability to hold human energy/service) corresponds geometrically to the flame of pressure containing spin information where waves agree to compress by fractal algorhythmn. Couldn't Get a Better Squeeze.. Practically speaking in a clincal setting as we have described, this means that attention deficit is healed when the brain harmonics become self embedded . That is the EEG harmonics enter a PHI power series; PHI/Golden Mean OPTIMIZES SELF-EMBEDDEDNESS. This is the mathematical principle I have suggested as the operating essence of Marty Wuttke's work in clinical basis. He feeds back optimcal harmonics to steer the brain wave harmonic content to complete a fractal. He succeeds replicably in a clinically measured setting to cure addiction and attention deficit.

I was lead to discover the perfect geometry of self-awareness in biological oscillators, when we found that at the moment a person reported intense feelings of compassion (embeddedness), the EKG harmonics became coherent related by powers of PHI the golden mean. (Many articles & pictures on the web page captioned at the top of this article.) The stock market is merely attempting to become sustainable as a wave system containing human spin energy. As the feedback rate goes up, (media focus on the market), it's only choice out of chaos is the discovery of perfected recursion, PHI. This makes wave systems sustainable & thus predictable because it permits waves to nest (heterodyne arithmetically and geometrically/ add and multiply) with perfect absence of interference. Economically, PHI the Golden Mean for the money in the market, IS PHILOTAXIS, maximum exposure minimum superposition.

The density of the internal media/feedback algorthmns (media focus on the market) becomes such that as a system such info spin density can produce only recursion/self-awareness or destruction.

The reason that the golden mean, which is mathmaticaly idealized recursion, produces self awareness among any resonating wave system is that only this geometry produces the inifnite (torus field) nesting/info density associated with fractality and God or the collective mind. (only fractal data is infinitely compressible, therefore infinitely shareable with no energy investment).

The usefulness for realizing WHY PHI is the key to monetary shareability, is to realize the perfect geometry of shareability as distributed awareness in general.

So analagously we have found that at the moments the harmonics of the EKG become PHI recursive, compassion/love occurs because the heart learns the skill to embed. At those moments we have measured the impact of ekg harmonics on dna braid, and tree capacitance at a distance.. coherent emotion fabrication of ecosystem..

So analagously we can now predict when the harmonic tensors in the cascade of ELF harmonics in the schumann earth grid resonance, become recursive, then the earth is becoming self aware. Below is a desciption of how to use golbal media internet and biofeedback between EKG, EEG & ELF SCHUMANN to optimize that process. This is the solution to chaotic weather and culture.

cf heartbeat earth project..The Mathematics of Self-Awareness: - A Proposal For A Global Media Self-Awareness Feedback Project.

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