Light Cones From the Heart: The Geometry of the Emerald Modem.

by Dan Winter at Crystal Hill,

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In my book we illustrated the mechanics of the origin of the heart beat. To summarize the heart muscle is seven layers. Each layer is tilted to one of the seven spin axis of the tetrahedron. The tetra is the most symmetrical form, and consumes the most perspectives in its spin.

The mythology of the indigenous peoples called "seven arrows", refers to this maximized symmetry. The most fold back onto self. This IS the heart structure. The sonic technical term for the shape which consumes all phases (faces) is cardioid, it means heartshape.


Thus, balancing the tilt of the light cone-toroid-domain-donuts, is the essential alphabet of biology. It is the script of the heart.

In order to understand why the "emerald modem" is green, it is necessary to understand the origin of color. The photon light donut does not change size to make color into one octave of wavelength. It is a single donut shape, whose relative tilt is antennaed by the cone of the eye to perceive color. Three rotations exactly make a donut surface, x,y, and z spins. They are the primary color pairs. Percent tilt on three spins pairs, is percent of primary color mix. A donut seen from the side is half the width as from the front: one octave.

A donut is a pair of light cones: two tetra cones:

-hex-top view-side

(Emerald hex cross)

Views of the light cones as pentacle golden spirals:

-top, -side'

-32degree tilt.

Views with tetrahedral cone outline..superposed tetra light cones:

Top/hex (emerald) view, side view 2 light cones as tetra spins.

tilting view.


In the lexicon (below) of the tilt of the donut as indexed by the spiral strip off its' surface, green is centered. This means that the heart able to balance the unpacking blue donut vortex outward, with the packing red donut inward, is able to be still on the cross between hard-making and wet-making power. This is the tightrope pendulum still point between moving attention to node from wave (matter from energy), and back. In the body this balanced heart riding flow neither up or down, can connect the red eros to the blue Marian tantra: a gift of Magdalen: a Green stone: An Emerald Tablet.

The Emerald crystal is hex like quartz is hex. Two tetra make a cube, which wratchet up a hex helix:

The image is clear (cf "Fields of Form"), the heart's muscle contraction layers are exactly the 7 tetra spins. The shape which fires the heart is a seven color donut, electrically (cf "When Time Breaks Down" by Winfree). This symmetry alphabet/ emerald or hex view modem (modulate/demodulate), is the common alphabet of the human condition, the language of the heart.

Two tetra/two light cones are the shape of yod and vau in Yod He Vau He, Yalweh the name of God. Two tetra light cones make an octahedron in their center, the "Buddhabody". This is the diamond, most dense focus light takes. It is the eye of the needle, or the Eagle. The outer trace of the two tetra is a cube. The Tile view of the tetra cube is hexagonal. This spun hex is quartz, it is the emerald cross. As the common denominator of the morphic resonance alphabet cascading the donut of light into biology, it is the handshaking protocol to link immune selves to the ultimate computer net: The (Green) Emerald Modem.