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This concept that membrane harmonics gone coherent/recursive becomes a specific approach to UNDERSTANDING CANCER -how to create'permission to touch' among membranes (more biophysics pictures and references) at ../cancer

Newly Updated 7/99 Discussion of BRAIDING Disciplines Versus Genetically Engineered food at: Origin of Religion: Hygiene Instructions without Pure Principle

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"So if we have learned anything, IT IS THAT THIS GOLD POWDER MINING FAIRY TALE is literally just the smoke screen cover story for the real VALUABLE COMMODITY OF THIS GALAXIES TRADING HOUSES. The PRIZE is now and has always been HOW TO GET DNA & GENE'S WHICH COULD LITERALLY ENTER INTO STARS! (For which the Gold atom was merely a little detonating trigger, when in the context of glands which could TAKE OVER THE STEERING THRU LIGHT SPEED..)

Now we have discussed elsewhere, that this skill to get DNA braided so that it's field effects EMBED implode themselves into anything outside them. (../embedability ) And that this skill to get the structure of DNA aligned into this perfect self-containment, apparently emminates from the Heart. It's simple a sonic pony tail from a coherently ecstatic heart, does the braiding of your DNA which lines up the short waves (codon sequences) to the long waves (long sonic envelopes in DNA's braid). This then allows the slinky wave mechanics to add and multiply recursively up and down the ladder, accounting for the wave velocities eventually heterodyning or simple beating thru lightspeed. (../superDNA ) Faster than light implosion lightning at the center of DNA is measureable (William Pensinger) (same for gold filaments under hi amps!). For the physics of how this properly heart induced implosion accounts for the gravitation we call black holes etc. (the solution to Einstein's quandry to model the geometry of inPHIkni implosion to understand why black holes bend time).. please see: ../predictions .

SO IN SUMMARY this gland induced but GENETIC ability to embed your DNA fields and therefore YOUR FIELD OF AWARENESS, into ANY FIELD OUTSIDE YOU, eventually leads to creating centering and gravity force, which bends light, and thus is creation as a wave mechanic. (STARFIRE for real). The purpose of this conversation is to put those clues together with the Gold Powder controversy to get some perspective on how best indeed to stir up the brain./ heart juices into a STAR fire which is SUSTAINABLE and SELF-steering as a wave / worm." ...continued at ../goldpowder

please see new DNA braiding with animations at ../predictions/

ref How to Touch (to love), fr dan winter

Manfred Clynes: superconductor music and much more

If we interpret the physiology by which human feeling, or
"Emotion", penetrates the cell, we may unlock other important linkages nesting us in our
bursting biosphere. We had the opportunity to gather some data from the sonic
signatures of the heart, which confirmed other literature underscoring the
importance of "coherence" or resonant ordering of the "ringing" body. The overall picture
emerging suggests that the glands learn specific resonance patterns (you could think of them
literally as musical chords - known by ratio -) which may be an individualized instruction set,
or alphabet, programming metabolism. (emotion programming immunity?)
The layers of folded emotional tapestry may be like the discipline of a high level computer
language, nesting in each turn, in some cases thousands of the machine code (or codon)
instructions in the cells. Braided waves when coherent ARE membrane, and they are DNA.
This could be the context of braid upon braid, (1) which sets the
morphic resonant key code sites on or off in the DNA ladder... which is not a single twist, but a
helix on a helix on a helix...

It is important that we do not conceive of the forces in the cell as being made of multiple
substances . Essentially, what the UNIFIED FIELD concept is, whatever its vintage, is that
geometry (geometrodynamics) connects the fields: all of them. The idea of a universal (or zero
point, background) substance which flows into all of form, is not only championed by Einstein,
but also by every religion that ever stood the test of time. Zero Point physics underlies
important new energy technology. (2)

The "particles" newly named in atom smashers, are known as RESONANCES. They are
the nodes which stand for a moment on a guitar string, strung on the background of
something very continuous. ("String theory" need not be altogether esoteric.)
In order to grow comfortable with the power of emotion to shape the cell, we need to take
this concept of ONENESS quite literally. You might ask yourself, how could light,
electromagnetism, sound, and gravity be differentiated only by wavelength? Of course light
and sound swap ideas daily: have you ever watched a sonic hologram (orderly sound waves)
modulate or change an optical hologram? It is instructive to consider how it is that short
waves of light are made to share hats with the long waves of sound, in an orderly nest.
Consider the helical coil spring like axis of quartz which makes it piezoelectric (coupling
phonon/sonic waves to electrical waves). When you pull on the ends of a spring (think of a
"Slinky"), your larger motion pulling out the ends of the spring, create a much shorter but
quite powerful motion pulling in just slightly on the sides of the spring. (Your "slinky" gets
just a bit skinnier as it gets longer.) This means that in general a helix is a universal way of
coupling long waves to short waves. It is biology's lever, to couple little worlds to big ones.
Geometry has linked one nest of pressure, with another, across the spectrum.
It is useful to take our understanding of the rather intimate connectedness, of all
fundamental forces, to a logical conclusion, which we may summarize here:
Our universe is ONE substance, it is a GEOMETRY OF PRESSURE, of one continuous,
uninterrupted, wave surface.

So how was it that we ever became confused enough to think that we could NAME the
substance of a thing, when all we were really doing was naming its shape? For one answer,
let us consider the problem of gravity. At first encounter we might be confused and think:
"since it is unlike other forces in that it only ATTRACTS mass, and does not repell, it MUST(?)
be a "fundamentally" different substance..?" However...

Suppose we encountered the forces near the center of a tornado and noticed.. everything here
is drawn up. Then we encountered a vortex down into the ocean, and notice.. everything here
is drawn down. Do we say: AHHH, these are obviously fundamentally different forces?? No,
we agree they are both standing wave, flow forms made of the same "stuff": water and air.

So too, just because gravity appears to flow in one direction, we should not conclude it's
substance is somehow "separate" and unattached. This will become increasingly important as
when begin to notice how many of our conscious ways of conceiving of emotion, deal with their
"gravity". Similar to the geometric relationship of gravity to electromagnetism(3), to
understand emotion, we need to describe an information path down the ladder of wave lengths
from the long sound waves the glands appear to make, when they "emote", to the shorter
electromagnetic "pressure" waves which fold to make cell membrane and gene. More about
gravity later.

As we look closer we will find the electrical and resonance characteristics of
emotional activity largely identified in terms of frequency signature. Therefore we need
to extend our physics background just a bit in that direction.
We have suggested that geometry, as the arbiter of wavelength, is the meeting ground
between the "forces of nature". It turns out that wavelength is also the ONLY description
we need to get all of biology (later we will add phase "angle" as a quality of wavelength).
This is very conventional physics: it is called the "Fourier" principle. This law states
that every shape no matter how complex can be assembled or woven from a simple sum of
pure sine waves.

Another example is the complex sound of a violin string. It is an additive mixture of
numerous harmonic pure tones.
Now visualize these sine waves again rotating around to 3D. While a sphere or donut is a
relative pure tone (as a kind of vibrating bubble), you could still produce the very folded
surface of a living cell membrane- if you wove together enough pure tones. This idea is
used extensively in mathematical biology: "Structural Stability and Morphogenesis"
(Rene Thom), which describes mathematically why biology's shapes are so elegant and
wave-like. It is as if pure math has concluded that the reason biology is so nested and
orderly, is because a choir learned how to sing well. Clearly however, electrophysiology
would on the surface suggest that the singers choreographing biology in the body are dozens
of octaves above our best soprano (or above the sounds of the heart for that matter). We
will develop more on the notion of how geometry in biology builds bridges between
frequencies (choirs of angels, if you will).

But first let us see if we have sufficiently simplified, hopefully unto elegance, our
physics. We have said that since the universe is possessed of only one substance, the only
thing which the naming of things differentiates is shape. Now we have said that the only
thing which differentiates shape is frequency (signature). AND, the Fourier idea tells us
that there is really only ONE SHAPE: THE SINE WAVE. Now this "8" like shape in 2D,
depending on which way you spin it about its center, makes a DONUT (TORUS) in 3D. This
donut like shape with a significantly small center is comprised of a pair of vortex or tornado
like shapes. Interestingly the donut or smoke ring like shape turns out to be the only
shape which hydrodynamic physics says, can stand or exist in a universe made of only one
substance. An easy way to understand this issue, is to ask yourself: "is there anything a
smoker can make which will last, besides smoke rings?". Or ask yourself how to make
something if all you have to work with is One substance everywhere, a kind of universal
inertial soup.. (fluid & compressible). You need a flow form that will "hang" together.
The pair of vortex like motions which make these toroids are stable because, you could
cut the flow form on the x,y,or z axis, and find rotation around all of them. (Cut your
donut 3 ways, making 2 figure eights at right angles, and one big outer circle with a
center hole). This is essentially a way for three gyroscopes to spin on one center. Since our
compressible substance has momentum, when it spins, it stores inertia.

Rotation stored inertia is our ONLY definition and measure of mass. This is why matter
can be literally understood as light gone in circles. Next time you have a gyroscope in
your hand, note how it resists changed of position, on the one axis it spins on. If you nested
three gyroscopes, your flow form is imperturbable on all three axes. (And therefore is THE
primal stable standing wave, a "multiply connected topology"). Thus "centering" creates
gravity, a well known principle in Tai Chi.

Rotation is the only way to store inertia, and therefore create mass. Further, rotation is
also the only way to create periodicity, and thus our only definition and measure of time.
Further since FOCUS is the way the flow is made to converge and spin, it is the only way
to create in this "universal cosmic jello". This is the mechanism by which the lens
creates the orderly sequencing of harmonics called a rainbow. The Universal One wave
image of the interference beat nodes origin of the atomic table above, also could well image
the way converging a wave to a point of focus segregates the harmonics, thus creating
"rainbows". Focus is a principle we will also come to understand as powerful in the realm of
the geometry of pressure of human emotion, as emotion also creates orderly harmonics.
The relation of emotion to gravity needs plumbing.

When you pull the plug in a round sink, a round drain hole creates a point of focus for a
flow form, and there is much to be learned about gravity. The water forms a vortex. The
direction the vortex flows will probably tell you what hemisphere you're in.(corriolis forces).
In many sinks, if you stir the water for a minute in a circular vortex BEFORE you pull the
plug, the vortex will form in the direction you stirred even if you wait a year before pulling the
plug. Alternating counter-rotating stirring, is a method used powerfully to charge
agricultural liquids, in the Anthroposophic tradition. The vortex is a flow form that
remembers; it may be the only memory the universe needs. Notice in the sink that on the
periphery the wave shape is a long wave. And see the wave shape or length nearer the drain
hole is much shorter.

This way of connecting short waves to long waves in one watery vortex, was used by Victor
Schauberger to generate electricity in an egg shaped vortex of water only.(4). Flow-form
technology uses the braiding technique in water. It is described extensively in Schauberger's
book "Living Water". By using deflectors to create a braid in rivers and streams he increased
their ability to float logs, nourish plants, and resist flooding. Also there pictured is the info
regarding the egg shaped water flow form for electricity generation. The caddeuceus like
braid in water is being developed for agriculture and sewage treatment commercially. (by
Waterform Inc, Bill Misely, box 522 , Camden, ME 04843.)

Think of little slip knot bubbles in the ether or zero point background universal flux. When
they move in a line, we call them energy. When they converge to a circle we call them mass.
The difference is the inertia stored by rotation. As they converge from a line, to a circle, notice
the changing shape of the wave path. The arc, or sharpness of the bend, is gradually
transformed from the trace of a long wave, to that of a short one. In hydrodynamic terms this
is called "translation of vorticity". So in direct terms, energy is momentum in a line; mass is
momentum in a circle. Think what happens in any atom of mass. The momentum is first
guided centripetally to the larger wave envelope of electron shell, then converged down into
the shorter wave called nucleus. Geometry, or symmetry, has created a vortex, whose stability
is the net wave guide motion toward center. Momentum leaves through the center in shorter
wave lengths, than it arrived, creating gravity. Gravity is the NET momentum moving
BETWEEN long waves to short ones. It is geometry tempting the inertia stored in longer
waves to collapse into shorter ones. Shorter waves, have smaller envelopes, and thus gravity
moves toward further segregation of momentum: SEPARATENESS.

Gravity is a universal bloodstream whose equilibrium requires something to translate the
vorticity back up the ladder of wave lengths, toward oneness. Here we have a context for
developing an understanding of how conscious emotion, using recursiveness, self-awareness,
or feedback (focus), creates coherence, and unfolds the horizon of identity or mindfulness. In
Gurdjieff's terms, coherent emotion pays the debt of gravity. Levity in emotion, is levitation in
the yoga siddhi. Jose Arguelles (5) advises us to "ride the long wave". Emotion by learning a
specific alpha-bet woven sequence of phase shifts, or turns of mind, braids the serpentine focus
of feedback , like a charmed snake, back up the ladder of wave lengths.

We shall consider below what this coherence generating activity does for the membranous
self/not-self envelope of immune identity. We should also study the evolution of the gravity
coherence body of the planet, whose biomass membrane is woven by conscious emotion.
Gurdjieff said, conscious emotion was food for the body of the planet.

The disorder in a cryogenic metallic "liquid" is massaged to order by coherent sound. Thus
phonon (or sonic) LONG wave coherence orchestrates superconductivity. This sonic ordering
chides the childish water molecules from liquid, toward (super ordered) crystal, permitting
cell metabolism to take place. (Specifically, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, in "Electronic Biology and
Cancer" describes the mechanism of the highly distributed -long wave- electron triplet state,
as carried on the highly woven backs of the highly ordered cellular waters.)

At the planetary level, the watery thin film surface is sonically choreographed to crystalline
membrane/mind, by the long waves: Joy, whale songs.
We can look closer at the relation of coherent emotion, to the unfolding of cellular and
planetary identity, once we have articulated a few more details about an archetype of how ALL
wave ratio or phase, alphabets are generated: atomic, cellular, or planetary.

What makes sine waves nestable into the bubbles we call cells, is not only frequency,
but also something called phase. The easiest way to conceive this is to visualize the way
the peaks and troughs of light waves must all line up in columns to make laser light. Ben
Bentov discovered the brain sonics become in phase with the heart, during intentional
relaxation. Meditation literature documents the two halves of the brain become in phase,
as the health benefits of meditation unfold. Phase locking is also what happens when two
computers use a common crystal beat, to talk very fast to each other. Visually, if you play
two sine waves, one on each axis of an oscilloscope, their phase angle is the tilting of the
pattern they make. If you display an octave (the signals are at the ratio 2 to 1), and it is
phase locked, the picture will be a figure eight which stands still. By phase locking, we
refer to the accuracy and stability of how the frequency ratios "stand" with respect to each
other. Thus in a very specific sense, the tilt angle of the donut IS the phase angle, a
refinement of RATIO. So to store and reproduce slip knots of light into matter, you must
have an elegant system for storing "tilt" or phase angle.

Interestingly there is a simple way to do this using the torus/donut. On a plane, only
six regions (or colors) can all touch one another; but in 3D the surface of a torus is defined
by a strip where seven colored regions can all touch each other. We have related this to
the geometric origins of color, and the seven layers of the toroidal heart muscle
elsewhere (ref).


(next page): The atomic table according to Crooks, records electron shell geometry (valency as
symmetry), as platonic nests of toroids (or vortex pairs). Storing information, on the angle to
tie the donut knots. Pure platonic symmetry, quantized as the tilt or phase angle of the
donut, "weaves" the atomic table. (These images are derived from "Occult Chemistry"
by Leadbeater and Besant, from the Theosophic tradition, as later justified into contemporary
quantum physics by Phillips in "Psi Perception of Quarks", Theosophical Press.)

Thus a word in "sacred" (or timeless) symmetry script, can be a phase, or ratio
sequence, virtually a cookbook for weaving matter out of light. A ritual for "turning and
turning till we come round right" (a Sufi dance).

Clearly, when the body carefully creates coherent sonic phase relationships to "emote",
it reflects the weaving of a creative alphabet. The bond of any marriage depends on how you
tie the knot. (or slip knot, or Gordian knot). The archetype of the maze is also a memory of
turns, or phase angles: visibly lights way in and out of matter.

All this is context from which to view emotional systems, as a VERY simple set of
RATIOS, whose alphabet can articulate biological shapes. Consider that ratio is the only
carrier of identity for a vowel sound, (illustration), a word, or the name of a musical chord (A
major seventh chord for example is the name of a simple set of ratios of "pure" tones.)
Appropriately, we should ask ourselves, if the ear can recognize an envelope of ratio
ANYWHERE in the spectrum, why should not the cell do likewise. We identify the "aaah"
tone whether it is sung soprano or bass. We know the word "mother" whether chirped by an
infant, or spoken deeply by a grandfather. What carries the in-formation of meaning, is the
"envelope" of ratio. (Envelope in the sense of a packet of waves, describes the curve of a long
wave which fits over, or touches the tips of a bunch of shorter ones.. vocal chords are the
carrier wave, the tongue massages the envelope.)

Ohno (ref), found the ratio sequence of the music of Chopin, in DNA codon sequences.
More on geometry in the genes follows.
Questions we need yet consider include: What are some other examples of coherent sonic
ratios related to emotion in the body? and What specific geometry best allows ratio to travel
as an envelope or bubble BETWEEN frequencies?

Let's focus on the sonic frequency events in the brain, as an "alpha-beta" of ratios. The
literature on cross hemispheric coherence correlated with relaxation and meditation is very
extensive. Clearly, the two hemispheres of the brain develop lo-frequency sonic ordering for
significant biological reasons.
In "The Awakened Brain" by Cade, the pattern or ratio, as envelope, of these frequency peaks
of EEG resonance coherence, is related to a specific morphic alphabet of healing function- in
brain activity.

Again we have an archetypal alphabet of learned ratios which act as a template, through
which the self/not-self of information flow in switched. The frequency window (approx 0-20hz)
found significant is the same we noted significant in our spectrum analyses of the EKG at
peak emotion, below. Bentov in "Stalking the Wild Pendulum measured the sonic phase
entrainment from the heart to brain cavities as liquid resonators. The liquidity of the brain's
nervous tissue crackles toward crystalline, as the psychoactive ductless glands are massaged
to soften by the sonic implosion centered there. The result is a situation where gland and
nervous tissue become equally resonant sonically, nervous tissue moving toward crystal,
gland moving toward liquid. Massive phonon superconductivity occurs as their wave
propagation velocities equalize. This ecstasy onset, can be learned by feedback (cf Harmonic
Module Proposal (6)). We will develop the concept of coherence onset, also as a specific
nutrient to immune function. (7). But first..

The next puzzle piece is the Sentics literature by Manfred Clynes (8). As a concert violinist,
he noticed that the shape of the pressure he exerted on the strings of his instrument, bore a
direct relationship to whether people cried during his performances. Ingeniously building a
pressure sensor/ recording device he began testing the shape of the pressure wave people
would use to touch, in order to express each emotion. Think of the way you touch a lover as
you say something endearing, versus the sharpness of a touch expressing anger. What he
found, dramatically, was not only were the pressure envelopes of touch, archetypal, but also
quite cross cultural (cf Music, Mind, & Brain, also by Clynes.) One characteristic of these
waves of touch is the envelope of ratio of the event duration/ versus the moment of maximum

The envelopes are an alphabet of ratio, recognized around the world even more than "words",
they are pure touch.
Observe, that the moment of pressure maxima, establishes a ratio which can start a cascade of
wave beat notes, down the Jacobs ladder of frequencies. It does not concern biology that the
scale of emotions ratio is orders of magnitude longer than cellular resonances, getting the
"words" right is recognition of ratio.

below: original Sentic Wave Forms from Manfred Clynes, superconductor music and much more note however, the lines from the peak pressure points suggesting simple whole ratios at the bottom, were added by this author. Dr. Clynes did not agree with these simple ratios which I derived by choosing begin, vs, peak, vs ending points.

Notice particularly the ratio fixed by the shape of the touch, for love, appears to near the point
of the "golden mean", or PHI (.618033989). This is a thread we will follow below. Here, note 4
golden mean spiraled vesica..

This leads us to the little research project we have undertaken locally at Millard Fillmore
Hospital, " Relaxation by Coherence". In my graduate work at the University of Detroit,
psychophysiology lab, with Dr Al Ax, we differentiated fear vs anger on the polygraph. (9).
With the wonderful encouragement of Dr. Bruce Middendorf at Millard, we undertook to look
further at the nature of emotion and relaxation. This time, utilizing the fingerprinting which
has become a passion with me: frequency signature. I had persuaded my Dad to assist in
acquiring a "MacAdios" 8 channel programmable spectrum analyzer interface for my handy
First we should ask, why is the spectral signature of the heart, a most profound first place to
I was aware of Ben Bentov's (10) work showing the heart sonics phase locking the brain
during deep relaxation. Also consider Arthur Winfree (11) : "When Time Breaks Down: the 3D
Dynamics of Electrochemical Waves and Cardiac Arrhythmias". He illustrates the
geometrical origins of the electro/chemical wave of the heart beat as specifically a 7-color
(Also consider the tetrahedral pure geometrical derivation of color Ron Oldchurch (14)).
So getting back to the heart of the matter, consider the seven spiral nest angles which make
up the (liquid/crystal piezoelectric? (15)) separate layers making up the heart muscle (color
frontispiece)(12)(16). In "Fields of Form" (12), where I first saw this 7 layer map of the heart
muscle, they way the shape is derived is again from the 7-spins of the tetrahedron! In fact the
heart is laid out as a recursion of the form of the anu/ primal donut particle (17)(18), and
Babbitt's primal particle:

Thus it seemed that the geometry of the heart as a flow form, was designed to be the initiator
of a harmonic dance nested enough to choreograph bio logy. (The bios of logos, the body of the

So the structure and resonance of the heart, were apparently the key into conscious and emotional programming of biology.. Therefore we chose to connect the output of the EKG at Millard's sleep research lab to the input of our spectrum analyzer. We invited an experienced yogi, Foster Perry from Sante Fe, to relax in the near hostpial room bed while connected to the polygraph (and our heart/ekg spectrum analyzer). Over a period of more than an hour, we kept getting spectral tracings at the very low end which looked like a cadduceus. The particular
tracing shown here was one of the more clear events. During the moment shown here, a
filmmaker was in our lab documenting the work for groups in China. Later, Foster told us
that at this time he was "..sending love to the people in China".

The far right channel here is EKG spectra in the 0-20hz window. Notice that a kind
of peak experience occurs at the 2nd and 3rd traces moving downward. Each succeeding trace
downward is a few seconds later.

In addition to the EKG coherenc 'caddeuceus like' coherence waves (in the 3rd column), something also appears to have swept thru the brain/eeg. In fact it appears a kind of wave of activity swept through
the EEG activity in the 2 left channels, seconds later. This kind of pattern happened numerous
times over the 2 hour study session.

Well, being of musical training, I immediately got out my calculator to see what musical
chord was represented by this, the frequency map of the heart "during love". What I found
was nothing based on octaves, or square root of two (what I call: "in-cube-ation"). In fact the 15
recurrent frequency nodes in these heart traces turned out to be 1.28hz apart, consistently.
Having spent the better part of my life investigating the profound significance of the "golden
mean", I immediately recognized that the square of 1.28=1.618... This is a primal
representation of the golden mean (in the series: ..., .618033989..., 1.00, 1.618033989..,
2.618033989..., ... ) This means that the wave node multiple heterodyne or beat note of adjacent
peaks would generate the golden mean nest.
Since that time, I have romantically considered the word love to be an etymological
shortening of the term "lo-ph(i)".
A bibliography on the significance of the golden mean would usually include just about every
book that was either profound or sacred, in a library of your choice (19). However, here we
shall examine particularly connections to the physical and emotional significance of genetic

Basically, there is phi-cycle significance to the golden-mean phi-bonacci progression (above)
You can move up or down the series by ADDING adjacent pairs, OR by MULTIPLYING any
one by 1.618... to get the next. In our discussion of the heterodyning or simple beat of wave
nodes, note that one thing two waves focused at a point cannot help but doing, is to produce
additive AND multiplicative wave lengths. Thus the beating of all waves produces BOTH
progressions: called arithmetic and geometric. Remember that all beats in a wave pattern
continue beating the pattern, theoretically to infinity. Yet every time a wave pair meets, if the
beats produce any geometry that doesn't fit the nest, destructive (instead of constructive) wave
INTERFERENCE results. Thus, the golden mean is literally the path of least resistance for
the children of waves to beget grandchildren.
In 2D, the simplest way to get this ratio is to draw pentagrams, one inside the other. In 3D,
the x,y,&z axes will proceed in this ratio by drawing dodecahedra inside each other. (The
Dodecahedron: 12 pentagonal faces)

This brings us to the delightful issue of the geometry of genetic material. Our excuse for
entertaining ourselves with these pictures, is that we first started out to ask ourselves how
does emotion in-formation access genetic material.

What does it really mean, in simple human terms, that the heart, and the touch both etch
this particular ratio, at the moment of love?
Remember that all wave ratio, is length ratio. Somehow, cymatically (21) or
macrodynamically (22), the heart sounds have woven the nest which fits the braid angle of
DNA. In "Grammatical Man: Information, Entropy, Language, & Life" by Jeremy Cambell,
there is a stimulating grammatical analysis for why genetic material has such a high signal
to noise ratio, as an information conduit. His answer is basically, that the braided alignment
of active sites (morphically) is a sophisticated key site switching mechanism. He calls this
"context dependency". Much like thousands of machines codes can be switched modally by a
high level language like BASIC or DBASE, the long wave (of braided context) does the high
level switching in genetic material. (One key code active site alignment switches on or of the
replication of thousands of codons, down the ladder of braid or symbol hierarchy.) Intuitively
it is implied that the coherent long wave of emotion, may be the massage of touch, braiding
DNA (1).

I often tell this story in a general interest way to groups : Suppose you wished to braid your lovers pony tail.. You would first divide the long hair in even halves. Then holding the ends you would move your hands back and forth, alternately one over, one under. Your hands would be making shorter lengths side to side, and would move closer to your lover as the braid formed. Now imagine you had put a pen in each hand instead of hair. You would have drawn a cadduceus like shape, exactly like the trace from the spectrum analysis of the heart, at the
moment of love.

The heart creates the sonic elements to weave the nest of dodecahedra, at the moment of love.
Classically, the blossomed heart is said to have "twelve lotus petals". Note that not only does
the hex view of concentric dodecahedron, represent a shadow of the heart in love. It also may
be a clue as to why "Isis Unveiled" suggests the twelve cones we view as a planar zodiac, are
"in the next dimension"(3D) a dodecahedron. Other useful clues to the information transport
across scale mechanism of the dodecahedron include:
Dodecahedral models of: City of Revelation/ New Jerusalem (John Michell) (23)
: Ezekiels Wheel, Merkabbah
The craft in Carl Sagan's "Contact" was dodedahedral.
In order to lift the shadow of shape off a circle-to a line, off a line to a plane, off a plane to
3D, off 3D into ... the spiral of the Golden Mean is the necessary path. The 3 spin symmetry
cube, spins to make dodeca- (above) 4D, the dodeca spins/ratchets makes DNA 5D, DNA braids
upon braid.. 6D.. 7D.. . Each time a new symmetry relation is discover a harmonic or beat note
(or dimension, or level of recursion/awareness/consciousness) can be added to the frequency

Because length, area, and volume, can all be conserved in the same ratio (see DNA
illustration), the genetic waveguide can flow everything about shape (which is everything the
universe has to remember), along "memories lane" between dimensions/scales.
The implications for the learning of emotional behavior are deep. Manfred Clynes, while
writing "Sentics" learned that even the process of having people eidetically go thru the
"motions" of all the emotions, was profoundly therapeutic. Much like the "Range of Motion"
(ROM) dance for the elderly.

Also the same concept of Range of Motion becomes the ability to have Range of Emotion as the 'EI' Emotional Index or Emotional Intelligence Number (Range BETWEEN CONTAINED EKG HARMONICS- literally 'spaces in the heart') is learned to have more flexibility in the ../heartlink biofeedback.


Most importantly, consider then when the braid in the braid, long wave (envelope) to short wave "wave on the wave" RATIO becomes RECURSIVE or a PHI/golden ratio multiple... THEN:

the RECURSIVE adding (or multiplicative) of wave lengths AND wave velocities in DNA

becomes a squirt gun THRU THE SPEED OF LIGHT. This creates ability to lucid dream, time travel, bardo navigate, AND have a soul.

This concept of the geometric/by braiding creation of the superluminal (faster than light) in DNA is discussed further with great pictures at ../superDNA .

And see the new Braiding DNA : ANIMATION moving Tour 9/98

Using feedback, and conscious choice, coherent emotion can be learned. Our Harmonic
Module project uses this concept (24). We have stethoscope mikes, linked to geometrically
arranged speakers, and laser light patterns. We believe that training in deep, coherent,
emotion, particularly in group context, will be powerful nutrition for the immune system.
Dr. Bruce Lipton has provided us with two important pieces here. His papers are:"Liquid
Crystal Consciousness and the Cell", and "Membrane Mediated Behavior". In summary it is
suggested that the way the sonic information is switched into and out of the cell, is specifically
the resonance susceptibility of the cell MEMBRANE. Her the real self/not-self decisions are
made. The spectrum analysis of the shape of the folded membrane surface, is in one literal
sense the summation of all of its memory of touch. Since the membrane is literally a standing
wave, it's surface contains the geometry of pressure, a kind of history of every emotion WHICH
WAS INTEGRATED (brought to focus/center/stand). Cell surface is a moire switching grid, a
tapestry of woven memory. How have your cells been touched? Consider contact inhibition
describes loves flow between cells, and MEASURES cancer resistance. Consider the use of
surfactant lecithin in homeopathic Epstein-Barr & Aids therapy: membrane softening
promotes contact/touch.

(Again, much more detail on this concept that available sound harmonics literally braid the foldedness of cell surface to fabricate immune identity at ../cancer ).

Note how the spectral morphology of shape translates literally into a key in the lock picture of
how a cell membrane tests the admissibility of a virus. Holes in the spectral signature of the
cell membrane, represent unswitched/unlocked gates, and part of the emotional spectral
alphabet unintegrated (feared). (image, next page)

This notion of key in lock, may lead us to better understanding of our planet, whose
membrane is biology. The latest models of the geometry of the gravitational grid of Earth/ gaia,
are dodecahedral.(25).

Thus the symbiosis of biology, onto our collective mem(ory)brane, may be coherent
emotion. Food for thought. The longest waves we can ride in our highest emotion, are those
whose information context , embeds our hologram into the next larger body. Phase locking
ecstatically with the Earth's Schumann resonance heartbeat, may be an umbilical cord to
collective mind. Urban concrete canyons, whose electromagnetic low frequency chaos, may be
a bleeding shock to a grounded emotional context/well connected mind. Cathedrals which
follow the same resonance keys as viruses, at active sites, may be access points to the planetary

In closing: the planetary context.
About a year ago there was a powerful article in Whole Earth Review called "BioAcoustic
Habitat Theory
". In which it was reported that forests seemed to consciously maintain a full
spectral emission, acoustically. That is, if a species whose sounds filled one particular niche of
the sonic spectrum were eliminated for any reason, nature hastened to replace those sonic
emissions (songs if you will), with another species which would fill just those vacant octaves
spectral components. It was reported with dismay what the sounds of urbanization must do to
the immune system, or bioacoustic membrane which surrounds healthy forests. A sonic grid
is like a soft liquid crystal blanket which can sweep in or out, any wave knocking at the gates:
truly a self/not-self decision making mechanism. If bioacoustic enveloping creates membrane
for planet mind, then losing forests for Gaia means going crazy.

Another excellent contemporary worker in BioAcoustic Habitat theory as network for Gaia,
is Bernie Kraus's group at Wild Sanctuary Communications in San Francisco.
Sonic bloom technology, by Dan Carlson, has documented that dramatic plant growth
enhancement occurs when foliar leaf surface feeding, is accompanied by birdsong like,
ultrasonic "massage". Nutrient uptake IS coherent orderliness, for which sonics can be the
carrier and envelope. Coherent ordering in water, which measurably enhances seed
germination, can be sonically or magnetically enhanced, AND measured so accurately using
coherent light scattering (Jim Patterson's work), as to reliably detect whether purified water
has been on the body of a healer.

The concept that MEMBRANES are made when HARMONICS become coherent, in order to braid them like soap bubbles, was called in biophysics: ' Stuctural Stability and Morphogenesis". This simply means that in order to 'make your dent in the world' and be 'EYE DENT eye PHI'ed', the shape of the dent your make on your soap bubble/cell membrane/immune system, needs to be a wave shape ADDED IN PHASE SYMMETRY. This was another way of saying, in order to keep your soap bubble from popping, you needed to keep adding spin. The angles at which you could add an incoming spin donut to a soap bubble 'touch permissibly'/that is non-wave destructively, latter became labeled the ALPHABET. (Take a golden spiral on the self organizing donut,unto moebius, then tilt it and look at the shadows in flatland, then index the tilts at which waves could nest nondestructively= hiburu/angish).

Because the heart muscles are nested in the master tilt symmetry which makes wave donuts nest called 7 spins of tetrahedron..


"Does the Heart Really Shape Our Lives?"...
The Shape Origins of Heart Sonics
The Background...
In Omni Magazine, Aug. 89 "Womb With a View" article describes playing heart sounds
to fetal infants producing dramatic developmental improvement.
In "Stalking the aWild Pendulum" Bentov documents the dramatic benefits of intentional
relaxation specifically arise when the heart sounds phase lock (or entrain) the the liquids in
the brain. A kind of musical choreographer to the mechanics of ecstacy.
In "Fields of Form" by Lawrence Edwards (Floris Books), the shape a the heart muscle is
shown to be seven spiral layers exactly tilted according to the symmetries of the tetrahedron.
The author goes on to describe 7 discrete sonic components of the heart sound specifically
created by that structure.
In "When Time Breaks Down... on the Origins of Cardiac Arrythmia" by Arthur Winfree,
the electrical origins of the heartbeat is elaborately traced to a toroidal donut shaped rotor
which rolls in to fire the muscle. The origins of this 7 color donut electrical pressure wave
which fires the heart and originates much of the harmonic order called health, is illustrated
as a nest of donuts, ala Penrose twister theory, etc.
In out work here, the flat shadows of the trace which divides the surface of the archtypal
7 color donut, created the Hebrew (& implicitly Greek, Arabic & English) script letterforms
verbatim, when that donut was tilted to just those symmetry views of the tetrahedron. Also
our work on the spectrograms of the Hebrew alphabet strongly suggests that the shape of the
letterforms is literaly a spectral fingerprint of their sound content when correctly
We also enclose pictures of our spectral fingerprinting of the heart, at the moment of love..
with its hint of Golden Mean ratio..

This pictorial summary is meant to suggest that the set of phase locked sound/symmetry
relations which constitute the sacred alphabet, may literally be AN ALPHABET OF SYMMETRY OF THE
HEART, in that the structure & function of the heart electrically and mechanically literally
expresses those sacred sounds into the body (thereby in effect programming cellular,
glandular, and immunre functions). "As a man (or woman) thinks in his heart... so is

Wherever the universal golden spiral of light waves "meet to beat" becomes a torus donut of
charge, or fundamental particle. (Fig. 1)

The shape of the ANU or fundamental particle from Theosophy's Leadbeater and Besant,
later confirmed by contemporary phyicist Phillips in England in "Psi Perception of Quarks"
(3 Anu per Quark). Also topologically described by Babbitt as "The Heart of the Sun".

Finding that a toroidal rotor donut shaped
rotor triggers the heartbeat is like finding
biology's information path to
Roger Penrose: "Twister Theory".. slipknots
into donuts.
As this donut rotates and tilts on its seven
spin axes, it "fires", creating and electrifying
the seven layers of heart muscle. (Fig. 3)

7 color or region donut or toroidal rotor which electrifies the heart,
as depicted in "When Time Breaks Down.. Cardiac Arrhythmia"
by Arthur Winfree..


feeding the soap bubble spin by knowing the tilt..

by holding the phase or tilt or harmonic of the heart in your focused attention, (measured by heartlink biofeedback) the alignment of the field donut domains rings into the immune system by the shadows on the wall of the thymus which are literally: the alphabet symmetry index of the heart.. the is the tetra tilts of the hearts domains..

Squirting ecstatic glandular magnetism down a wormhole songline, in order to recur.. create the centering glue holding tectonics together.. preventing Earth from being blown away in the magnetic wind of the sun..

Focus: aligns waves/creates coherence.. braids a landscape of mem(ory)brane.

Emotional FOCUS aligns heart/brain sonics cascading attention's long wave, directy into the cell membranes short wave braid.

The lock (spectral content of the cell membrane/ is it harmonically complete-inclusive?)

The KEY (spectral content of the virus).. Do they fit?









It's interesting to think of the brain from the perspective of Stanford biologist Bruce Lipton. He suggests that information in biology is processed by the memory stored in the shape of the folds on the surface of membrane. Thus the membrane is the CPU of the cell's computer. Thus he suggests that the brain is an example of what a cell does when it wants to expand on the available folded surface on which to store and process information. Thus the folds of the brain maximally convoluted surface are really ONE cell at work storing more shape of touch. This is consistent with what we know of Structural Stability and Morphogenesis (Rene Thom) in biophysics, where biological shapes like cells are modeled as the surfaces of mathematically
coherent standing waves.
Cell Membrane shape is a Folded Library Storing Every Touch,
as Wave on Envelope. The Phase angle of the touch to the soap-bubble
determines whether it adds spin and is remembered, or bursts the bubble.
The origin of word "making power", is "wet-making" power. (Fabre D'Olivet)
The alphabet of symmetry is the only permission to touch..
among membranes (waves re/membering).

Simply put, a fold or ply in a surface, can stay there as wave, only if the touch or
"geometry/symmetry of pressure" that put it there harmonically fits the nest. All membrane's
have a weave pattern of waves, both long and short. Only those waves which are
"harmonically coherent", or can "phase lock", can remain standing in a nest of weft and woof,
to create membrane. (cf "Structural Stability and Morphogenesis")
The sacred alphabet of phase symmetry, thus literally articulates the only possible ways in
which the coherent fire of identity or membrane can be nourished. The flame knows its own.
Membrane in this sense creates the only inside/vs/outside, or self/not self, possible.
The coherent sonics of emotion, create by the weave of shape as touch, the long wave of
cellular membrane immune identity.

Similarly, "Bioacoustic Habitat Theory" (Whole Earth Review, winter 87), illustrates that a
blanket of sound coherence, filled in every sonic spectral niche, is actively maintained by a
forest. In this way biology's thin film "zone refined" biomass, creates the membrane and grid
of Earth, by her long waves: identity for Gaia in the songs of birds and whales. By refolding
membrane, a cell (or planet body) can switch, like a moire grid... creating the light pulse
pattern or "meme" called virus, at will.. by conscious choice. Emotions touch, massages
The planet's thin film "monolithic architecture" semiconductor, called biomass, performs
an exactly analogous function. The gravitational (orgone & etheric) slip knot called Gaia, is
created by biology's coherent waves, such as the whale song weaving grid/membrane/mind in
piezoelectric ocean. The galactic/solar gravity bloodstream is switched consciously into an
intelligent identified intentional body: Gaia, when Earth is allowed to resonate-sing her song.
Elsewhere we have discussed the usefulness of her having imported the AIDS virus. The
silver bullet/viral information bubble/meme massages our envelope to require coherence in the
aura, not just the skin. A useful step on the way to metabolizing star light directly. Earth
responds to trauma to her skin, by creating a virus/ information wave packet, which produces
the necessary pressure/touch on us, her symbiotic children, to identify (phase/face lock) with a
larger folded context: our aura/her body. Riding the long wave of biology, embeds us in her.
The survival test: coherent emotion feeds our cellular membrane AND hers.
Being embedded fractaclly in a longer wave, or larger spin, turns us around to the question
of worlds within worlds. We often think what a mystery it is to enter "another dimension". It
is easier to imagine than most of us believe. Think of a cube. Tilt it up 32 degrees. Now spin it
around the vertical axis. (Per cover illustration, & computer animation). You end up with 12
faces each with Betsy Ross's pentagonal star on them. And you have perfectly outlined a
Now if your origin cube was a nest of vortex pair donuts, then your resultant dodecahedron is a flow form made of the same stuff, except with another wave length harmonic, added at the beat node points. Another wave length, another harmonic, another axis of symmetry, another spin, another harmonic tensor in the spectrum analysis, another dimension, another context.... all these phrases mean essentially the same thing. When one system or mind enters the symmetry rules of a larger system (or context or mind), then the potential to superpose information on the bubbles of light.. literally
enters- becomes ONE with- another dimension. "Phases lock.. faces".
With our new computer graphics we have animated the pure geometric origin of sacred alphabet, as a set of the symmetry or phases (faces) of the slip knot of a spiral strip off ONE donut. The donut or torus is hydrodynamics only self organizing field, and shapes EVERY domain. The nesting of these torus donuts creates the atomic table (Leadbeater, Besant, Tannebaum, Moon, Phillips) as a kind of tilt the donut cookbook, from light. Hebrew (or less parochially, the Chaldeic, Emerald Tablets, Tablets of Destiny/ Language of Light) turns out to be an instruction set for the weaving of matter out of light, by the tilt angle of donuts to make the Platonic solid symmetries (called Nucleus and electron shell).
Further, we have animated that the tilt of this single 3spin donut is all the cone of the eye
needs to pick up the percentage of 3 primary colors. So the photons donut slip knot, needs only
phase or tilt angle measured by the cone of the eye, to know color. (The computer animation
documents the pure geometric origins of color paper by Ronald Oldchurch, )
Additionally, the 7 color donut electrifies the heart ("When Time Breaks Down",
electrodynamics of cardiac arhythmias by Winfree). Thus the shape of the source of the heart
sounds which choreograph all the human conditions' superconductive ecstasy, is an alphabet
of samples (phase locked) off the same donut. Emotion, by choosing the harmonic (cf Sentics)
phase angle, sets a long wave harmonic cascade up.. which rings down to cell and up to
planet. All this, is in the same alphabet of phases off the same primal nested donut. Only
harmonic symmetry persists or stands as wave on any membrane "identified" surface.
Emotions power is measured by coherence. Simple whole number ratios, are the alphabet of
this and every syntax.
Thus, if we imagine to find ourselves soon on Earth to be comprised of ONE body, we may
soon discover (consume) the faces of our collective symmetry. Only the pattern, weft and woof,
of symmetry allows information/specialization/individuation to be revealed as a modulation on
a carrier wave. Overmodulate the carrier, and the signal dies with it. Fred Wolf in "Star
Wave" documented that the golden mean is also the optimized ratio of new information, which can be superposed on existing pattern. The golden ideal of recursion/consciousness. We discover that Earth grid is a golden mean, dodecahedral gravity nest. Her faces are Dolphin.. Australia, Eagle... Pennsylvania(US), Bear.. Russia.. and all around. Richard Leviton (writer East West Journal), has explored the many star systems which are systematically and fractally imprinted on the topo of Earth. By consuming these perspectives/ face (phase) locking, we discover and identify our collective body. Gaia's folded surface is waking up to
reveal the symmetry of ONENESS. Blink in time, to see her there.
Having graphically outlined a pure geometric derivation for the origin of the alphabet, and of
genetic material, we should sketch an approach to interpreting these insights. Since the
implications are so vast, it is necessary to include physical, spiritual, and psychological
metaphor, tightly woven.
Let us review the graphic components which produced this synthesis:
we took:
+ the golden mean spiral,
+ the shape of the primal torus donut
+ the symmetry angles of the platonic solids
we laid them one upon the other, and produced the origin of our sacred alphabet.
The same spun tetrahedron and cube which spun to trace out those letter forms, also traces
out by spinning to those same 72 degree-1/5 circle phase angles, the dodecahedron. The top
view of this ratcheting form turns out to be DNA.
The 2D and 3D nature of this nested pentagonal form (as pent nests, as spiral nests, as dodeca
nests), are all infinitely recursive and fractal, or self-embedded.
Now we must ask, what have we learned:
+ about the instruction set of the text of genesis?
+ about the flowering wave guide nature of DNA?
+ about the nature of recursion or self-embeddedness in consciousness itself?
Self embeddedness seems to be the only way waves could build matter. Looking inside the
nature of self-organizing flow forms, only this principle (called symmetry in some context), of
flowing back inside oneself to know oneself, is self generating enough to call form up by it own
bootstraps. Thus, the essence of recursion itself is most richly deserving of the retranslation of
Sepher Bereshith (Genesis): as "at first, IN PRINCIPLE".
Both Louis Kaufmann, mathematician (University Chicago), in his work on recursion and
knots, and Fred Wolf in "Star Wave" conclude that the golden mean ratio represents the ideal
or optimization of recursion/embeddedness itself. And thus it is the ratio in principle of
consciousness itself, in that the maximum ratio of what is new which can be added unto
pattern, without destroying the reference pattern, IS the golden mean. Consciousness becomes
a name for that principle (of focus or flame) which by ordering preserves pattern.
In a universe of flow, only a certain series of turns, or phase shifts, produces a flow which
will SLIP (k)not. These geometry of knot or flame shadows turn out to be the alphabet of
allowable symmetries which nests electron shells, and trace the Quechua and Hebrew
letterforms. Thus an appropriate reinterpretation of the first verses of Genesis which contain
the symmetry groups which are key to the entire language, would be as a cookbook for weaving
up fractal recursion of light flow into matter. This text would by virtue of being a self-
organizing symmetry set, be a readable instruction set for how to tie useful knots, helpful
equally at intergalactic or subatomic scales.
The pattern of turns which creates standing waves, is thus literally the memory of the way
into and out of, our habit of attending to the node, and not the wave. It is our gatekeeper in
matter. For example, walking the sequence of phase angles or turns called the Chartres
cathedral labyrinth, trains consciousness in the turns of mind neccesary to enter and leave
matter. The dense center of the slip knot of flow, called matter, holds our attention only until
we learn the pattern which put us and our attention there. In the same way that the labyrinth
or homeopathic remedies contain the shape of pattern neccesary to enter and leave certain slip
knots, so to does the sequence of instructed turns which are Hebrew.
It is profound coincidence that the 7 color map of the donut, maximum number of colors
which can all touch EACH other, is the map of the donuts tilt traced by the golden spiral on the
donut. The same donut tilt then derives the perception of color (cf video), the electrical rotor
energizing the heartbeat, and the phase nest of our absolute alphabet.
Creating flow-form waveguide for consciousness (our name for living recursion), is no more
or less esoteric than building a good microwave amplifier. (A lesson nature learned well in the
construction of insect antennae, and practiced by the druids in the contruction of
paramagnetic dolmen.)
To be fractal or self embedded, is to be self-reflexive: long a primal signature of
consciousness. Know OneSelf. Because the nature of this flow which "knows itself" is written in scripture, we do well to appreciate the alphabet of shadows on the wall of this cave, as a map and template into the nature of self-organizing consciousness itself... strung up out of chaos.


When a whale family adds one phrase annually to a song they have been singing for
generations, they are completing the longest biological sonic envelope on the planet. They
sonically switch the longest piezoelectric salt watery gates for Gaia; naturally the galactic core
would notice if the antenna grid switches stopped working. Viruses are information memes
which the planet creates as a resonance bubble, by switching the way her moire membrane of
biomass grid gates admit the solar gravitational bloodstream, to the heart of Earth. Creating
healthy viral infections which generate truly evolutionary pressure waves in the genetic Grail
cup of our species, requires happy dolphins and whales to switch the gates. Did you ever
consider the architecture of coral reefs to be the product of dolphin collective sonic
architecture? Imagine what the navy's intentional sub-sonic implosions to hide submarine
trails does to cetacean sensitivities? Why do they beach themselves they ask? (16)(Chapter
"DolphinGrid: A Sonic Resonance Model for the Pod or Group Mind")

The purifying selective melt envelope of joy can sweep through Earth, just as it does
through human glands. Imagine the coil which propagates a disc shaped RF field gradually
up the long axis of a germanium crystal being swept of impurities. The resonance field by
melting to liquid from crystal, just the material in the center of the coil, sweeps before it all
impurities which do not fit the grid of recrystallization. Repeated cycles of melting and
recrystallization in a sweeping arc, result in the pure remaining, and the dross being swept to
the end of the crystal. The coherent sonics of the emotional alphabet, are just like the
coherence of the RF field sweeping the crystal.

Below, final pictorial review, then references/bibliographics:


do we sek a pi that sees: ve seek a pi ces.. vesica pisces.. focus on this.. so that you recur..

10 golden spirals top view..

side view above (first)................ / then top view.. ONE SPIRAL.. on 60 degree implosion cone.. caddeuceus spin path to zero..

revolve the above golden spiral.. to map embedding in 3 D.. see grail animations... how to inhabit the land..

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