as published in the American Polarity Therapy Conference Journal from the National Conference at Keystone, CO., this year

This article is a continuation of: CLINICAL USE OF RECURSION HARMONICS Is The Fractal Embedded Heart: The Enveloping Wave of Compassion?

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with gratitude to Leah Knudson, who kept us focused..


(and therefore the birth of spiritual bodies of coherence/ able to nest non destructively around the phi-cycle body) see ../embedability keywords: EKG, EEG, CRANIAL RHYTHMIC IMPULSE, TIDAL POTENCY, LONG TIDE, FIELD PHENOMENON..

 wynter:"the random prescription of speed ... in the form of Ritalin to children from as young as 3 months of age ... predominantly male ..."

winter: right on, the same phase sequence wonderfully teachable (neurofeedback:
below &
which heals ADD (attention deficit disorder) & self empowers, clinically tested

IS the eeg and ekg synchrony (ELF phi harmonics)which pumps the spine juice (called kundalini..

attention is a name for charge which can focus/align in phase...(recur)

kunda is a biological limit condition for that...

since living cells are programmed to know that if they dont acheive that charge density (eck in statsis/ecstacy), they are unable to 'phone home',
kids self destruct if there is no instruction/invitation to LEGITIMATE ecstatic process..quakers quake, shakers shake, sufis turn..

kids on the other hand in a culture which fails to teach ecstacy


to external sources of psychoactive juice implosion..
let us take tobacco / alcohol (what kind of "grounding"??)

terrible hygiene, no ecstatic dance or gland movement...

tobacco then, by depriving the brain of oxygen (like alcohol)
IMITATES the increased electrical conductivity
which in natural ecstacy imploding sonics choreograph
(by ELF recursion in phi braiding phonon pony tail EKG to EEG)

while it is true that entering into electrical embedding by fractality, gives charge a place to distribute (this is an exact techical description of grounding for electrical engineers as WELL as psychologists)

the kind of unsustainable approach to charge distribution fostered by tobacco/ & other external addictives.. does not deserve the term grounding precisely BECAUSE it is unsustainable (the opposite of sacred)

see the role of addictives in creating mucous to cause death by designer viruses

to survive from mucous(addictives product) the heart wall is tested as lens..for charge
to create thrust shamanically (bardo/lucid dream steerable)

precis: Consider the similarity in concept: -perfected embedding (PHI), -optimized translation of vorticity (PHI), -scalar or non-linear momentum/spin path (PHI), -trans hierarchical wave (PHI), -gravity: a centering force created by recursion among waves (a PHI-cycle wave), -compassion (PHI in EKG, permission to touch by turning inside out), -the only self re-entrant (self-referrant, self-aware) wave is PHI the Golden Mean: Re- enters itself non-destructively. Around 1988 we were the first published a correlation between EKG Power Spectra, and perceived emotional state. ("Planet heart biofeedback" Dan Winter). Dr. Bruce Middendorf sponsored our research protocol to the Sleep Research Lab at Millard Fillmore Hospital Buffalo. Subsequently Rollin McCraty was perceptive enough to notice the significance of what we had done, and invited us to replicate our work at their facility, which launched the HeartMath's course into psychophysiology. I applaud them for then following my suggestion to measure the effect of EKG coherence on DNA's braid. This provided a confirmation of the chapter in my early book entitled: "Braiding DNA: Is Emotion the Weaver". In one amazing series, we have extended the harmonic analysis to see the musical ordering of the heart's harmonics, up to 45 hertz. The harmonic series did seem to extend farthest when the frquency distance between the peaks was very close to the numeric value of the Golden Mean, 1.62. Incurable romantics among us may still have reason to think of Love as LO-frequency PHI-ratio...Lo ph. (We give new meaning to the word "ascension" which now appears to mean contained harmonics ascend only when their ratio is not only coherent, but PHI embedABLE, otherwise their heterodynes/interferences would interfere!)

Below we observe a dramatic phase lock between Heart harmonics and the charge harmonics locking in around a nearby tree. Apparently a measured example of ecosystem components being entrained most efficiently at the moment the Heart's electrcitiy is most embedded/recursive/fractal. (The below early plot weas made during our shared research at Heart Math, thanks to Rollin McCraty).

Unfortuneately until recently, no one had pursued the strong hypothesis we made that it was specifically the geometry of perfecting recursion and embeddedness, which created the leverage of glandular emotion onto micro (genetic) systems, and also onto macro (tree and ELF grid harmonic) systems. I am now speculating with suggestive data, that this is also indicative of how the spine juice long waves may exist "wave within wave" most sustainable.. and thus may become a musical keysignature to sacro cranial tuning?!

It is most gratifying to see Dr. Irving Dardik's 2 articles in Cycles Magazine. ("Great Law of the Universe", March 94, and " "Heart Waves" December 96. ) . In which he illustrates wonderfully that fractality in the heart rate variability is key and clue to VIRTUALLY ALL CHRONIC DISEASES !

In which Dr. Dardik in suggesting the EKG clue to most every MEDICAL CHRONIC DISEASE, uses words like "waves waving within waves"... restoring fractality..... Image adapted from Irving Dardik's two Cycles Magazine articles: Great Law of the Universe, Mar 94, & Heart Waves, Dec 96. Onset of perfect embedding or fractality in heart rate variability correlated to Health in general. Also Dardik later describes this ultimate connectivity among wave fronts, induced by fractality to be "The Great Law of the Universe". reprint at ../dardik and discussed at ../embedability

--One more important additional parallel needs to be introduced here, regarding brainwave harmonics, evidencing also the profound import of embedding or recursion in brain waves.. This research was done by Marty Wuttke at Southern Institute of Applied Psychophysiology in Atlanta Georgia.770-512-4685. He found that in thousands of clinically documented cases, he was able to facilitate SUSTAINED elimnation of addiction by (AND also Attention Deficit Disorder !) steering the brainwave (EEG) harmonic series into this same kind of geometry of embedding or recursion. images on web, ../isthisrecursion. IN THE LOWEST PLOT of the series, AFTER FEEDBACK, THE EXCESS OF HI FREQUENCY EEG, HAS SMOOTHED OUT TO A MOVE EVEN AND CONTIGUOUS HARMONIC SERIES, THIS COMPLETES A SITUATION WHERE A CHARGE CASCADE BETWEEN HARMONICS BECOMES SUSTAINABLE.. (CORRELATING TO ADDICTION DISAPPEARANCE).

(ECK IN STASIS? / ECSTACY) IS NOT INTERUPTED BY HARMONICS WHICH DON'T FIT THE SERIES EMBEDDING. COMPLETE THE FRACTAL, AND YOU HAVE SUSTAINABLE CHARGE, AND ABILITY TO EFFECTIVELY ELECTRICALLY EMBED ENVIRONMENT. Essentially, the charge envelope of nesting perfected in the wave length of the brainwaves, creates apparently a contained for SUSTAINING CHARGE WAVES NON_DESTRUCTIVELY. Thus when the EEG harmonics enter into a perfectly nested SERIES, at that point, addiction goes away because ECK or CHARGE in STASIS (Ecstacy) becomes self generating, and requires no substance abuse. The principle is that again the geometry of perfect embedding or recursion is the key to self-awareness.

I would like to propose to the health communities associated with -polarity, -sacro-cranial (Upledger etc.) a study designed to confirm that perfecting embedding in the body's most know biological oscillators, improves health. The fractality or embedding of the EKG correlated to health is documented in my work (Planet heart biofeedback) and web site, We saw that the best effects of intentional relaxation and compassion, correlated to log functions of PHI in the EKG power spectra. Heart Math Institute was able to replicate my work, and create a useful body of literature, however have failed to note the critical role of recursion in creating broad spectral coherence in EKG. Simply put, it is not possible for a large number of oscillating harmonics to exists co-constructively without the ratio between the harmonics being a power series of PHI.. Therefore the moment when the most number of harmonics can inhabit an oscillator like the EKG, is when those harmonics fit recursively into the geometry of perfect self-embedding (a power series based on PHI).

Since Marty Wuttke and perhaps others have visioned a skull accelerometer to spectrum analyze the spinal micomotion associated with the sacro cranial and spinal fluid pulse mechanics, it now becomes potentially possibleto document the phase relationship between these biorhythmns and the more commonly analyzed EEG/EKG. From the useful "Tides Within Tides" article by Franklyn Sills from "Rhythm and News" Autumn 96, we summarize: -Cranial Rhythmic Impulse: Fluid Tide and Craniosacral Tissue motion and motility, 8-14 Cycles/Minute -Tidal Potency: Expression of the "Fluid within the Fluid", The potency held within the CerebroSpinal Fluid and fluid system generally., 2.5 Cycles/Minute -Long Tide: Deeper expression of the Breath of Life, About one cycle every 90 seconds. -Field Phenomena: "Enfolded", Once cycle every 15-20 minutes.

My hypothesis has been that the mechanical force of the EKG sonics or phonons, perform a pumping operation on the spinal fluids, not unlike a snake charmer. -A KIND OF PHONON OR SONIC PERISTASIC PUMP- If this is true, then the power series of the EKG simultaneous with the spinal fluids and associated micromotion, should show an powerful phase lock. If in addition, this phase lock at significant moments proceeds to wave length ratio based on PHI and not two, then a dramatic confirmation will exist for our notion that perfecting embedding is perfecting health. note below EKG double spectrum analysis tends to confirm this dramatically (../embedability)

Note that Bentov showed the sonic phase lock of EKG to brain fluids, (capacitive accelerometrically). So we already have indications of EKG entrainment to brain fluids ("Stalking the Wild Pendulum".) Extending this phase relation understanding, or entrainment between biological oscillators then to the spin fluids is a near relation. Bentov had meditators report the frequencies they heard in the inner ear ringing associated with meditation. He correlated these to correlate beautifully with the natural sonic resonances calculable to the liquid ventricle cavities of the brain. He then further showed the locking together of the heart sound micromotion to those brain ringing frequencies.

His tool for accomplishing this was likely the worlds most sensitive accelerometer at the time. A person's heartbeat could be sensed as a change in thrust on the chair he was seated on. This was done with the same kind of transducer we are currently picking up entrainment between persons EKG and plants and trees. This is simply a sensitive (and in some cases biological/ Callahan), capacitive probe with charge amplifier. Charge receives info first with very lo power investment required for phase lock, before inductive amps even become measureable. This apparently is biology's telephone system: treetalk. If you think of capacitive charge for a meaning, every time you hear the word CHI, or ECK in spiritual literature, you will have a useful link between spirit and physics.

So in review, we have seen already available in the literature measured harmonic links between heart and brain and the concept of perfecting embedding in general. Remember that the nature of fractality or embedding among waves, is that this is precisely wave mechanics best way of getting the most wave fronts nested or touching non-destructively. In social terms, then this is the geometry of best sophiacity. This is why the gothic cathedrals were arrange in pent recursive zodiac fractals. Non-destructive distribution geometry for feeling emotion required PHI embedding. Extend this from DNA to dodeca zodiacs thru a dodeca Earth magnetic and you have a birth nest for angelic logoi learning to inhabit star systems and time.

-The practical immediate need is for the group support to measure and document the spinal fluid micromotions harmonics perfecting nesting in the known heart brain piezoelectrics. At that point we will have the necessary 3-5 minimum number of entraining non-linear oscillators required to complete a musical chord in the body. With minimal initial biofeedback training using heart/brain/spine harmonic linking based on PHI embedding, we should be able to teach self-reference and therefore biological self awareness very rapidly.

The psychological correlates of this intensifying of PHI-RAY in the body, would be the wave interference self-destruction of every un-shareable emotion stored as wave in the bodies muscle. Obviously this requires inner work to correlate with the music of the spin/heart/brain. However, as the resonance perfecting of embedding is taught, total focus becomes possible on the absolute heart of the FEELING dynamics required to sustain a wave (the self-conscious/reference). Thus by tuning inside we minimize the need for accessory culture image baggage necessary to tune our own feeling magnetics into the heart of charge itself. Where spin lives, there is God.

Since the heart/brain embedding feedback technologies are variously developed and underway, only the completing of the spinal micromotion transducer is necessary. Marty Wuttke has proposed the preliminary design (accelerometric skull clamp). Developing that in conjunction with the capactive probes we alreay have, should move quickly once some support is available.

--How does this apply to "Awakening to the Zero Point" and the "Science of Compassion"? (thanks to Greg Braden here). We might say that spin density inhabits the center of the fractal of embedding, where waves (and memory) can all exist non-destructively. Approaching that zero point where infinite frequency and zero frequency have the same description in physics: there are each totally still, and everywhere at once. Getting there into the center of lightning without taking the Powder, requires a spin path to that zero point so we don't burn our finger. That spin path which I have called the "Adam's Apple" animation:is also the flow picture key to this article.. envisioning "embedding solved". These caddeuceus recursion harmonics are the map for the heart brain spin and even the right breath for accessing infinite stillness in the fractal, has this shape. Simply reduce the DEPTH and LENGTH or each succeeding breath by PHI (.618), until you reach the cracking stillness.

The reason this is the science of compassion is because this is the science of embedding. Here where spins can nest, so can the feelings of others which we thought were outside ourself, become inside self. By making a fractal attractor of the heart/brain/body, we permitted the turning inside out of waves. Permitting the waves of feeling to approach center non-destructively is the heart of every conflict resolution.

Sphinx Gate to 4D: The "Pumping" of "Royal Blood" in Regulating "Inner" Climate

Dan Winter 4/18/98 & ref to:

A bit of context here, There is great fascination in the opening of the "liquid" passages connecting the lower pyramid to the sphinx. (Larry Hunter & Amargi).. But as the little girl said in sound of music to do,re,mi.. instead of words with notes: "but what does it all MEAN?"

One important level of meaning clearly has to do with the experiment of our planet in acheiving a bloodline cross of the high reptile brain, brought here by the annunaki (space-men from AN.), and the high bird/dog brain from Sirius and possibly Ophanic or Paa Taal.. If your reptile brain has learned how to feed YOUR bird brain, then Tantra and Kundalini work in your body, and you taste dripping ecstatic nectars regularly dripping on the back of your tongue. This pumps the "blue fire" ultra violet up your spine from your "blue dish" around the tail bone. Here the vestigial horsehairs of the tail are enabled to suck the UV out of gathered sex juices to super nourish the high brain. Result: is time travel enabling, more than a UV squirt, and clearly ensouling. This produces a blood line able to squirt gland juices into song lines and wormholes, and inhabit and regulate ecosystems magnetically from the inside out. (See the Tight-Ans from the Tight-An-Ic..Quest Cutler, How the Reptilian Brain Learns to Feed the Bird Brain..The Quetzl's and the Coat-els, The Birds and the Serpents, The Ophanim and the Seraphim, The Aku and the Draku, The Isreali's and the Arabs ) all the above at ..

As you will read below, the geometry of the sphinx in hydrodynamic relation to the Giza plateau, is related to a pumping action which pulled the waters of the Nile up into the High Pine Cone or bird brain of the the Pyr in the Middle. (Fire A Mid..) Phi's Ray in the brain (Fire) is maximized in the Pineal which looks like a pine cone pyramid because it braids light thru the speed of light by an internal weft and woof of PHI. This is a kind of geographic layout corresponding exquisitely to the "sacro-cranial pumping" in the human body.

At an important level, the Giza/Sphinx geometric is an instruction set for getting juices pumped up the spine, to take the stuff squirting thru the reptile brain and accelerate it into the time lines. (successfully recursive braiding by PHI recursion into the superluminal.) This was not just represented on the land by the Sphix, which in a way is half reptile and half bird.. This was actually a way the pumping action of the Nile was regulated. Tut was an example of gene braiding so embeddably that his emotions regulated the flooding of that NILE. The spine juices were phase locked with the lands juices. He was an example of royal blood. "Royalty" was simply the magnetic quality of power inherent to those who could FEEL the most for the land, and thus by entering into it's foldedness, create morphic resonance directly from gene to climate. (by fractal embedding...see the grail cup shape as the perfect 3D fractal.)

See below, that the sphinx chin tilt is the optimum angle for permitting this sacro cranial pumping: the 32 degree tilt which enables the cube into dodec. (Permission to superpose the next axis of spin or 4th dimension, which in this case refers to the addition of a next harmonic in the phonon waves pumping the spine juices from tail to brain. ) This pumps the juice "thru the gates of the occiput". This is exactly the switch where the decision is made that indeed the mouth of the serpent brain chooses to regurgitate its best into the bird brain.

This is the collective cultural icon for whether our genetic memories will survive emerging from this cocoon inside the speed of light, trapped in a time bubble. The Draco culture so much older than our own, so afraid that our psychokinesis aborning will tip the scales of galactic politics, but yet doomed to burn to death in a wave of solar time implosion unless they get their DNA up to speed. And ironically, OUR ability to emote, enter in, and embed, is key for THEM too. The implodes DNA into it's own recursive braid creating the embedding which ensouls (grail).

Politically, when the Draco running Montauk discovered only the gene hot human teenages with the right DNA spectral emissions, could steer the time chair: we learned who REALLY gets their gene memories outta this cocoon.

The geometry cookbook for getting your spine juices & gene magnetics threaded fractally into the superluminal, and into the time lines, was called: "The Giza Plateau".see: Black Hole, Bardo Quest and Heart of Orion & also Peshmehten:is our Genetic Feeling :the Flight of the Navigator thru "Guardians of the Grail" at .. top rt.see 5 cubes tilted 32 degrees into dodec..

image background adapted from John Anthony West on the Sphinx.. foreground geometry from Dan Winter


THROUGH THE GATES.... from Dan Winter's first book: "Planet heart biofeedback".

with grateful acknowledgement to Benjamin Bell, for his inspiring input on the CranioSacral Pulse. BACKGROUND: JOHN D. UPLEDGER of Upledger Institute, West Palm Beach, FL. describes a "triad of compression", completing a hydrodynamic membraneous circuit of the brain and spinal cord.

In the mythical literature by George Hunt Williamson "Secret Places of the Lion" refers to gates to all pervading vision guarded by the lion (which is one of the persona of the sphinx.) We learn that the sockets for swinging gates are still visible at the sphinx doorway to the pyramids in Egypt. And that at one time the very mouth of the ritually ebbing Nile lapped up against those gates. The secret places of the Nile are traditionally known as the chakra like initiatory sites for the spiritual evolution of those who could connect with the pilgramage sites from the base to the mouth of the Nile, similar to the base to the mouth of the spine.

In CranioSacral therapy, the cranium and the sacrum are moved by the production of cerebro spinal fluid in such a manner as to create a hydrodynamic pulse. This pulse represents a third member in the musical chord of the breath, and heartbeat, in the body. It is a separate pulse; distinctly perceptible with light finger pressure. It constitutes a liquid pump within the cranium and spine, with the potential of drawing the sweet fluids output by the lower sexual glands, up into the upper brain. (Even as it is described that one of the primal functions of the deep passages within the pyramid functioned as a giant hydrodynamic water pump during its construction). This liquid pathway within the body begins at the liquid input to the lower spinal chord fluids, opened with the help of the pelvic tilt. This input is fed by tantra and the kundalini process. Gurdjieff called this critical opening "organ kundabuffer". The liquid serpentine path processes up the spinal core, called "sushumna" surrounded by caddeuceus "ida" and "pingala" (in yogic terms). When this liquid pours its sweetness into the upper brain cavity, using the glandular sonics as an envelope massaging pump, the "nectar of ecstacy" taste of sweetness drips from the cranium onto the back of the tongue. Thus a biological feedback loop is completed, reporting a successful harvest of feeling/emotion into the stuff: "coherent emotion" which feeds the gravitational field body around us called collective mind. Specifically, at that point a harmonic cascade information umbilical is woven like Ariadne's Thread to that ONE mind. When the CranioSacral pump mechanism is freed by relaxation, and moves at optimum rate, quality, symmetry, & amplitude, the resultant ideal fluid exchange creates the conditions for joy and ecstacy. Dr. Upledger has proven clinically that an individual cannot be depressed when in this state. The release of Upledger's triad of compression is primary in the CranioSacral system's optimum function. This triad of compression consists of first: L5 S1 (lumbo-sacral junction), second: the atlas axis ( are the top vertebra or C1 & C2), and third: spheno-basilar junction - where the sphenoid and occiput join at the base of the skull, or GATES to the brain cavity. The CranioSacral pulse Upledger hypothesizes is created by the production of cerebral spinal fluid in the sinus ventricles of the brain. The ebb and flow of this cerebral spinal fluid creates a flexion and extension of the cranium and sacrum, creating a (joyful?) radiation of this pulse throughout the rest of the body. The curve formed by the compressed cranium and sacrum is the deep resonating sound board without which the piano strings of the spine would sound hollow and empty. Later we will explore the ebb and flow of the Nile pushing the balanced gates at the doors of the sphinx, whose swing we may guess is tilted critically by the delicate balance of the fractal relation of the pyramid to the mass of the Nile river delta/ plateau on which it rests. (Actually the capstone was fractally 1/56th the area of the pramid, and that was 1/56th the area of the Nile delta plateau which supported it, and that was 1/56th the area of the continent of Africa, and that was 1/56th the area of Earth).

A fractal of this sort represents a progression where the ratio of the small to the whole, is repeated again in a relation to a still larger whole. Such a sequence allows for an information path between dimensions. We should investigate the mass/volume ratios of the perfect sacrum/cranium to cerebral spinal fluid, to the rest of the body. The cranium and the sacrum mirror each other like gates in their movement. In order for these two ends of the triad to couple and link their movements in symmetry, they must be mobile and free. The architecture of the body is such that if the cranium is not supported in alignment with the spine, restrictions in the musculature, connective tissues, and energy body result. Optimum happiness/bliss is the result of having these systems flow freely. The sweetest nourishment of the cells of the upper brain is made possible by this optimized hydrodynamic pulse. The cerebral spinal fluid becomes a charmed serpent carrying the charge/sweetness (nectar of ecstacy) from the lower glands and orgone/orgiastic/tantric processes. This Orgone energy (as per Wilhelm Reich) is a complex high frequency/ high information density output of ALL of the cells of the body. One of it's principle bandwidths however is in the ultraviolet, as evidenced by the significant ultraviolet bursts accompanying the onset of the meiotic and meitotic cellular replicative processes. The cell has accomplished the weaving of many coarser bandwidths into the refined optical drivers for genetic replication. At such a stage the cells finest product as information is perceived as orgiastic energy (hence the term orgone).

The concentration of attention which accompanies lovemaking, serves to gather these cellular emissions into the lower glands. The path from the optical to the sonics, which drive the "discipline of ecstacy", is exactly SEVEN octaves. This is illustrated classically by the addition of the petals to the spinning neuro-muscular plexi called chakra. This fluid energetic flow when in complete circuit from cell to lower gland to upper cortex, is perceived as sweetness or nectar in the brain. It is the biological reward/feedback for accomplishing the closure of the energy circuit of the glands, feeding the highest information gathering attenae of the human condition, the holographic, and multiply connected optical cortex.

The sound of the "sweet heart" is the snake charming instrument, blown by the breath. The wind instrument like shape of the pericardium sack enveloping the heart cavity, serves as the resonator fluting the heart sounds along the serpentine harmonics of the spinal column.. whose very bones ring like a xylophone. The heart sack pericardium, resembles the shape of the crown worn by Osiris. (Ref: Doug Benjamin). Emotions onset can be mathmatically identified by sonic long wave coherence at the glandular centers (cf: work by Valerie Hunt et al.) . The glands produce a well described sonic alphabet ("Sentics"). This simplest of harmonic Jacob's ladder serves as the serpentine driver to lift the best orgone sweetness of the cells collected erotically, to where it can be harnessed by the resonance envelope we call collective mind: an emotionally woven gravitational bloodstream. This constitutes the long wave envelope of coherence we may call the mind of Earth.

High signal to noise ratio for emotion processing the vision of group mind, relies on the same self embedded riding of the long wave called "context dependancy" which characterizes the turn within a turn, called DNA ("Grammatical Man, Information, Entropy, Language & Life" : Jermey Campbell.) .. envelope within envelope, recursive, fractal, self-organizing/ drawn up by its own bootstraps. The state of awareness that evolves out of this release and the understanding of this ecstatic human potential, opens GATES. These open gates embody the possibility of SEEING the connection between the architecture of the sphinx and architecture of the human being. Our dollar bill illustrates the all pervading eye of vision which SEES when the focal nest converges at the tip of the pyramid, which symbolizes the sonic focalizing liquid ventrical horns of the brain. The chakra glandular/nervous plexi are piezoelectric: sonically activated to secret ductless hormonal psychoactive nectar. These critical "natural high" secretions regulate the arc conductive threshold of the synapse, and the onset of the phonon (sound) coherent superconductive ecstatic process. The pyramid shaped ventricular liquid horns focus sound on the pituitary/pineal glanular spark gap which is massaged to psychoactive ecstatic and superconductive choreography by "riding the long wave".... arriving through these open GATES. The reason the lion guards the gates through which the serpent passes (like Cleopatra's ring), is that the lion's absolute cool fearlessness is the absence of self destructive heat/disorder/resistance which controls the passage of superconductive electric presence of MIND. The tip of the caddeuceus serpents tail is the sting of the moment whose approaching infinite presence of mind is either burning fire or rapture depending upon the electrically conductive difference between fear vs. love........LO frequency, PH(i) ratio... loph.

FEAR resists all spin (the mind or recursion killer), LOVE invites all spin (embeddedness invites all in to it's non destructive implosion)

Dr. Steven H. Senart,, is working on an in depth clinical chiropractic application of sacred geometry to the spine pump, etc.., he tells us:3 curves in the spine, with the right curvature...determine the pump: cervical , thoracic and lumbar . Normal curvature is in the range of 35 degrees (close to the cube's only nest angle in dodec:32 degree, door from 3 spin to 4 spin or 4D space?) waveforms facilitate pumping of sacro cranial juices. When those curves are altered... causes the constriction.. This suggests..tuning the sacro cranial using sacred geometry.. Consider..function of the limbic system for connecting bird/ reptile brain, mid brain/ limbic=immune glandular and digestive systems, neural organization technique... connecting themodules.. reptilian brain/automatic functions, cranial =bird brain=cerebral hemispheres, limbic-integrates communication between bird and reptilitan brain...set up the dynamics in the cranium for the pumping...
very coherent friend felt the impulse to tilt his head into the joy position, we took double fft of his ekg.. It would appear that the pump worked: and corresponded to the moment when the ratio between the contained harmonics was 1.618?! see bottom trace, the frequency signature OF the frequency signature of the heart at this moment..4/19/98. Top wave is raw EKG, at a very loving moment, next wave down is the fft or frequency signature thereof, and the third wave is the frequency signature of that.

(bottom fft is 1.618). This is the heart ascending...the harmonics contained in the heart ascended.. they could exist together in that space, because they were PHI embedable. To this author it is necessary that the contained ratio of the MOST SUSTAINABLE spine pumping harmonics MUST do exactly this also.. so that this would then be the math to teach what Upledger noted, which was that when the pumping was sustainable, it was clinically impossible to be depressed. This would be because the high brain in this mode was benefitting from the sweetness of all the gathered (blue dish, UV?) spine juices. So that this paper in effect proposes a mathematical solution based on looking for PHI embedding in the double frequency signature of the spine juices, in relation to the wave within wave of breath, AND ekg... all should embed in this series!

--go stand in the pine trees, stand in the silence, hole your head up, and sigh....a sigh is a gift from god..evil cannot sigh, love can sigh... dan winter