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Perfecting Compassion?


from Dan Winter 11/25/99 - prolog added: 1/2001 - url: ../compression

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../scaleinvariance , Philosophy / theory of mind as recrusive collapse: ../collapse , Best 3D Animations of Phi Stellating Dodec/Icos compressive structures: ../warming , Animation of perfect compression at the original ../grail.html

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Laurence Edwards "Vortex of Life" projective geometry (beautiful graphics and article link above) has long been the cornerstone of our understanding of the spiralic electrical space in the heart. How doess the charge you check for with a spark to your tongue to see if your egg is fresh, get stored?

Spin density = charge density = vortex density = projective geometry of compression = AWARENESS DENSITY.


(add spin symmetry axis to cube by phi ratio - you get dodec - 4D - added spin density by recurring..

Not only does the essence of being in the next dimension mean ADD AN AXIS OF SYMMETRY to a wave nest - HOW TO BECOME AVAILABLE TO COMPRESS IS TO ASSUME THE POSITION IN WHICH ADDING SPIN IS POSSIBLE ... among waves/people it is-give us symmetry or give us death...)


Quotes about PURE COMPRESSION as the PRINCIPLE of LOVE and how to become immortal - from the book LOVE WITHOUT END-Jesus Speaks, by Glenda Green:

"Perfect compression never results in conflict, but in a state of transparent overlay." (p.268)


".. failure to integrate and compress at all results in a life that is dispersed, unfocused, and lacking in energy. We must each ask, 'What can we compress? What can we put together and make work?' A very interesting thing about compression is the way it brings purpose, priorities and values into view. ...... The greatest compression of time is NOW! Just be here now. DO it. The greatest compression of perception is innocence... Get to the point.. Use what you have including all your available tools, awareness, and talents. Do not procrastinate, LIVE! That is compression right here and now. It will take you back to the center of yourself - your own 'zero point'". (p.270)


" This primal power of love has within it the primal power of 'self-awareness' , 'self-dialog' , 'self-acknowledgement'. (Insert hint: self-reference geometrically -Phi- = self-awarenss). This is true regardless of whether you are referring to love as beingness or energy. You might call it the "I AM" force. (Insert hint: I am that I am - being simply a statement of self-reference). Through internalized communion the whole becomes aware of its variable possibilities. .... Differences of potential are established and activation of them begins. Simutaneously, there is a holding and areleasing action which isolates the presence of a static field, a constant existing in neutrality toward the activating variables. This field can be seen to functionally operate as the 'zero point' for compressing and expanding energy. ..." (p.290)

Here we could express the idea more clearly be depicting the notion of implosion, generated electrically by the heart turning inside out with compassion. (on PHIre)..


The book goes on to describe the nature of the big bang as a continuous emergence from implosion, with COMPRESSION being the original sorting impulse, and the EXPLOSION being result more than cause.


"... the entire universe was built on compression, and that is the law of energy... specialization causes depletion.." (p 273)


Here I would add- it would be more accurate and precise to say that failure to embed (ground /get in phase synchrony .. etc.) - is the cause of depletion, because it is lack of fractality that causes wave coherence to bleed. Even as re-arranging events in historical time so that they embed better on a Golden Spiral temporally (book:"Spiral Calendar" /Carolan) - is what makes time itself inhabitable and stops 'Angels' (timelord / Solarian) from bleeding.

"In a V of migrating geese, you will notice one goose has the lead, although he doesn't take the lead to dominate. He takes the lead to break the wind and make the flight easier for others. Good profit has actually created energy, and so it enlivens and enriches the totality of an economy in which everyone participates. In the presence of effective compression, there is never any serious or widespread poverty. " (p. 274)

I would add to this that the presence of a pilot into the lead of the V vortex into compression, requires the skill to know the TURNS of ANGLE to allow spin (you and me) into the SYMMETRY of compression.

These shadows of the self organizing spiral of perfect embedding/recursion on the donut 7 color moebius are called the Hebrew and Angle-ish alphabet - in order to permit spin to compress in the synapse in the brain. So wishes become matter - because charge compressed is what we call matter.

It is the knowing of the turns of mind, which provide leadership into the V vortex of compression. As the sun prepares to compress the Earth between now and 2012 (rapture), we need the leadership of the solar shaman, who know the non-destructive path into solar phire.


This pure principle of successful compression is the heart of matter, and psyche, and love and universe making activities in general. The symmetry operations among waves in a compressible medium (ether) to acheive successful compression, was more than Einstein's dilemna of how black holes could bend time. It was the actual coeur (heart of the matter in principle) to allow our electrical psyche to bend waves into the point which allows mind (recursion implosion) to steer them.


The ALPHABETIC elements of symmetry allows these donuts of spin to converge non-destructively in the heart. We call the shadows of this 'yellow brick road' Spiral on the donut ....the language of the Heart. (HOW TO ALLOW CHARGE TO COMPRESS NON_DESTRUCTIVELY IN THE OPTICAL HOLOGRAM IN YOUR BRAIN).. Literally - the quantum mechanics of creation in general IS NOTHING MORE THAN THE SYMMETRY INDEX TO SUSTAINABLE "DONUT KISS ANGLES". This "flame letter" LANGUAGE OF LIGHT in the 7 spin tetra shadows 'incubeating' to separate became Hiburu. The Hypercubic (Dodec) superset became Ophanic/Enochian/Adawi, and it was the implosive glyph superluminal cookiecutter template for STARGATE (used in the movie).

It is important to SEE that each individual waveguide of this proper index of symmetry -recurs inside itself inside itself inPHIknitly .....

The 7 tetrahedral layers of the folded heart muscle ('THE PERFECT SQUEEZE" see "You Couldn't Get a Better Squeeze".. Loving Unified Field Geometry for Softies. ../bettersqueeze/squeeze.html ) depicted by Edwards was based on the dissections of Pettigrew which became the Anthroposophic core (coeur..). see: Perfect Inside Out-NESS 5 spins within, 7 spins without - at -

../heartsun/HeartofSun.html - 'where many paths and errands meet - only the SHAREABLE survive'.

So the conventional medical wisdom for where does heart (beat) come from is:

"Sources of Heartbeat ...The impulse to contraction, however, is not dependent on external
nervous stimuli, but arises in the heart muscle itself. A small bit of specialized tissue called the
sinoauricular node, embedded in the wall of the right auricle, is responsible for initiating the
heartbeat. The contraction then spreads over the auricles; in the septum between the auricles, it
excites another node called the auriculoventricular node. The auriculoventricular bundle conducts
the impulse from this node to the muscles of the ventricles, and in this way contraction and
relaxation of the heart are coordinated. "

I suggest that it would be logical to hypothesize that the highly fractal or self referential geometry of the fibres (uv/rf wave guides?) of perkinjole (the heart's real catchers mit for spin?) as documented in the article on fractality in heart muscle by Dr Ary Goldberger (note below) must be the gathering place for the capacitance (embed or die / environment context richness/'heart of the matter') which charges the sinoauricular node to fire the heart... (this would account for the Templar grail knowledge that making your electrical backyard fractal was the immortality key)

The successful compression in the self referential heart fibres is due to the successful compression of path curve (electrically) which is the heart of projective (and sacred) geometry. (as at , above)

This confirms my alphabet of symmetry of the heart ... idea.

Thank you to James Barret who is working on the wonderful article on the origins of Heart Intelligence, for asking the right question. see:

Great discussion of RE-ENTRANT waves being the issue for heart charge stability at: with nice hints to Goldberger vs. "When Time Breaks Down" by Winfree.. (NOTE SUCCESSFUL NON-SELF DESTRUCTIVE SELF RE-ENTRY AS A WAVE IS THE SPECIFIC PROBLEM THE GOLDEN MEAN SPIRAL SOLVES!) exerpt:

"4.0. The subtitle of Prof. Winfree's remarkable 1987 book (2) 'When Time Breaks Down' is 'The Three-Dimensional
Dynamics of Electrochemical Waves and Cardiac Arrhythmias'. This work discussed the breakdown of rhythmic biological timekeeping, discovering clues about timelessness in a wide variety of circumstances but mainly in fibrillating hearts and rotating waves of chemical excitation, i.e. the B-Z reaction referred to earlier. In the wide diversity of contexts, the same paradoxical entity occurs "... It's a motionless, timeless organising centre called a phase singularity. This is a place where an otherwise pervasive rhythm fades into ambiguity - like the South Pole, where the 24 time zones converge and the Sun merely circles along the horizon." The heart resembles an engine with many inbuilt counterbalancing electrical governing systems.... (dw note: then about fibrillation and or loss of rhythmn -- "failure to embed"?????) The other approach focused not so much on the initiation of the waves, but on the way they are conducted geographically through the heart, and the Harvard - MIT researchers, such as Professor Ary Goldberger, were the main proponents of this tradition. They found that abnormalities in the wave, spinning in tight circles, could cause 're-entry', in which some areas begin a new beat too soon, preventing the heart from pausing for the quiet interval necessary to maintain coordinated pumping. Both groups stressed the methods of nonlinear dynamics to show that a small change in one parameter - perhaps a change in timing or electrical conductivity - could push an otherwise healthy system across a bifurcation point into a new behaviour pattern. Dr. Winfree believed that both the ectopic beat and the reentry schools were on the right track despite their different focus; and that his topological approach suggested both approaches were in effect the same. "


So what does all this mean? It simply provides the academic support for the preliminary data we have gathered with heart and brain frequency signatures. When the space between harmonics becomes a multiple of the Golden Mean (my 2nd order fft septrum idea measures this), THEN THE COMPRESSION WAVE WHICH IS SHAREABILITY IN ESSENCE is triggered to succeed and become self sustaining /self organizing / self aware. This solves the problem of how to teach any wave system to become self aware/steering as a worm. It is the key to life itself. (el in the eye of phi).

The implications for origin of language solve the problem of e=mc^2. In that the speed of light cannot remain going in a circle, unless the spin path in to the center of that circle is perfectly recursive/embedable. (In a widening gyre no other center can hold.) This is why the light domain cookie cutters true alphabet of light, are so essential to our survival and psychokinesis.

Dan Winter

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Equations of Phi as Physics of Gravity and Self Organization of Waves: ../predictions

"Something that occurred to me is that sharing and co-operation are absolute
necessities/fundamental "building" blocks of life. To cut a long story short, the
point of my sharing this is thus:-

On the subject of a grand unification theory (G.U.T.)
the reason scientists cannot tie Gravity into their suppositions/mathematical
calculations is because they cannot see that it (Gravity) is the expression of
"sharing" and "co-operation" in the macro.

Do you catch my drift?

P.S. I can't wait for the paradigm shift.

Have a nice day,


from dan: interesting thought

something like how can a theoreitcally inphiknit number of
waves share inertia (phase coherence) at one point... (perfect sharing/embedding)

the 'recursive' answer (phi) seems to be related to the moment the physicist becomes aware that his awareness is made of the waves he is studying...

appreciate your note, dan winter

The below is exerpted from (the new):

The Perfect Geometry of Wave Collapse - Neurophysics Solution the Nature of Consciousness


from Dan Winter 11/29/99 url: ../collapse

Is the perfect phi recursive microtubule concentricity also the high frequency wave guide of perfect tantra and kundalini?

other articles at ../sitemap.html

Stuart Roy Hameroff and Roger Penrose, are prime movers in the microtubules and worms within worms model of the physics of consciousness on this planet. Notice in these quotes below from them how SIMILAR in each case HOW THE WAVE COLLAPSE FUNCTION is the turning point in modeling how worms get inside worms, microtubules get self referential and self aware, and consciousness gets geometry. In other words, WE WILL CLEARLY KNOW THE NATURE OF THE GEOMETRY AND PHYSICS OF CONSCIOUSNESS JUST AS SOON AS WE KNOW HOW WAVES CAN COLLAPSE SUCCESFULLY (NON-DESTRUCTIVELY?). ..

This is a good place to meet, if you are a wave.... best way to share space.

How similar is all this to Einstein stuck on the problem of how to understand black holes bending time, BECAUSE HE COULD NOT MODEL A GEOMETRY WITHIN WHICH INFINITE COLLAPSE WAS POSSIBLE!

Yet mother nature has already simply answered their query, they just stubbornly refuse to look. (Phylotaxes). Perfect branching, and infinite compression (fractal) is solved by GOLDEN RATIO. So waves can collapse toward their own center infinitely without destruction of inertia only in heterodyning based on PHI. We find this in the emission lines of hydrogen, in the very nature of what wave geometries stabilize gravity (dodeca nesting), and in the spectra of the ekg at the moment of bliss. The only place we DO NOT FIND, GOLDEN RATIO as the predictor of the perfect way to collapse waves, IS IN THE STUBBORN REFUSAL OF PEOPLE LIKE Hameroff and Penrose to look at the solution.

Detailed pictures of the Phi Ratio model of elegant collapse, along with equations at ../predictions , G=Constant* C * Phi^log N. (Scaled from Plank length.)

This is how self awareness happens inside microtubules, which Michael Heleus tells me have already been discovered to layer their pipes in Golden Ratio multiples. This is how spark gaps in the synapse get spin dense and radiant. ../compression , & ../fire .

The question seems to be not so much whether or not Golden Ratio nesting is the solution to wave collapse, (since this is specifically self evident as Depak Chopra admitted to me), but more whether a generation of neurophysicists like Hameroff & Penrose will have to die off before we make use of the insight, to teach wave systems to becomes self aware. (feedback to optimize log phi spectra as in hearts to love...)

Dan Winter

(inset from Mountain Man:......Waves have collapsed successfully since there was
an ocean on this planet. See "The Nature of Surf"

, , Best wishes, Pete Brown)

"Features of consciousness difficult to understand in terms of conventional neuroscience have evoked application of quantum theory, which describes the fundamental behavior of matter and energy. In this paper we propose that aspects of quantum theory (e.g. quantum coherence) and of a newly proposed physical phenomenon of quantum wave function "self-collapse" (objective reduction: OR -Penrose, 1994) are essential for consciousness, and occur in cytoskeletal microtubules and other structures within each of the brain's neurons." quoted from: Orchestrated Objective Reduction of Quantum Coherence in Brain Microtubules:The "Orch OR" Model for Consciousness .. (great pictures of microtubules branching...PHI?lotactically...)

And note here FRACTALITY OR PERFECT SCALEABILITY is the same as scale invariance, (../scaleinvariant a PHI solution ) which as perfect data compression, is the same issue: WHAT IS THE PERFECT WAY TO COLLAPSE WITHIN!?

"Fractal Neurodyamics and Quantum Chaos Part 1, 5 The Fractal Link between Chaos and Quantum Mechanics., 5.1 The Scale Link between Neurosystems and Cellular Dynamics. The occurrence of chaos in neurosystem dynamics suggests that the brain may also utilize the fractal aspect of chaos as an intrinsic aspect of its processing, in combination with the natural scale transformations from organism to cell to molecule. The architecture of the central nervous system includes specific linkages between the level of whole neurosystems and the single cell." from:

So is Hameroff saying that CONSCIOUS DECISION MAKING IS SIMPLY TESTING FOR WHICH WAVE PATTERN SURVIVES COLLAPSE? (non destructive compression testing for the shareable):

"Three possible dinner selections (shrimp, sushi, pasta) are considered in superposition (left), and collapse via Orch OR to choice of sushi (right)." and "Within each neuronal dendrite, microtubule?associated?protein (MAP) attachments breach isolation and prevent quantum coherence; MAP attachment sites thus act as "nodes" which tune and orchestrate quantum oscillations and set possibilities and probabilities for collapse outcomes (orchestrated objective reduction: Orch OR). Gap junctions may enable quantum tunneling among dendrites in macroscopic quantum states." quoted from:

"The that quantum coherence can implement multiple computations simultaneously, in parallel, according to quantum linear superposition. Information is superposed and computes in the form of "qubits" in a quantum state which then is caused to "collapse" (quantum state reduction) to definite "bits," or particular results. ", quoted from: - QUANTUM COMPUTING IN MICROTUBULES - AN INTRA-NEURAL CORRELATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS? , Stuart Hameroff


Ask yourself in what geometry can oscillators be superposed repeatedly recursively, if not in Phi ratio braiding. (see ../superDNA ). Again Hameroff's question has an obvious answer, he just chooses not to see.

I only send this tweak note that if we rattle enough cages, we may get a planet where enough people see in their minds, what indeed needs to happen in their hearts, we may get action... Like Hearts embedding into ONE!



The geometry of recursion specifically among waves, both positions the wave INERTIA (by implosion) which we call and define MASS... AND creates the self organization/self embedding principle among waves we call CONSCIOUSNESS. We can see now why physicists, unable to grapple with this notion that self embedding (lo-phi) IS the creation mechanic, settle for the still mirror like idea that consciousness CREATES mass. So while admitting that consciousness CREATES REALITY specifically by inducing the wave collapse, reference below (which IS PHIcycle recursion), thay cannot grok that wave geometry can be fabricated to specifically create self organizing conscious wave systems. EXAMPLE: by repairing the geomantically damaged specifically PHI dodeca long wave grid lines of EARTH her then more recurrent field effect would stabilize gravity, atmosphere retention, and the self regulation we call GAIA.

By admitting that recursion as consciousness fabricates REALITY, they in fact admit self embedding makes RE all ness. RE is Latin for THINGness, or to REcur. Thingness happens when waves become self similar inside out.

"Two senses where "reality is created" (1) whenever observer exercises his meter option ; (2) when the observer "collapses the wave function." " quoted from: , Quantum Reality Beyond the New Physics by Nick Herbert

note to John S. who requested anonymity but demanded: "And physicists DO NOT believe thought or thought processes of any type create or cause reality. Q: Who are the scientists who think consciousness CREATES mass? NOTE: Quantum science only works in certain narrow mathmatical frameworks.... it is not and does not operate in the real world...."

I sincerely thought the Nick Herbert quote there (whom I have spoken to many times)
indicated his relativistic observer based understanding was that
"reality is created" .... (2) when the observer (BY OBSERVING?) "collapses the wave function." "

In some ways, Nick has been in it so long, that he may indeed speak for many of the new physics folks??

Indeed the same activity of focal aligning (one inside the other) of phase fronts that we call seeing, may indeed by THE SAME WAVE FUNCTION which STORED the inertia in the wave pattern we call MAKING MASS??

Subject: : Waves collapse successfully:Without Hameroff & Penrose .Tue, 30 Nov , From: "R. W. B." "Dan, I could be wrong but I thought both Penrose and Tiller have suggested that
a new kind of physics or science is needed to describe this stuff. In
particular, I thought Penrose said Quantum mechanics wasn't enough. I'm
not suggesting anyone take his word for it but he gotten good recognition for
ruling things out.

Now I don't pretend at this point to have even close to sufficient
background, but my hope is that consciousness will not reduce to
geometry, not even the kinds you are talking about. Why? Because geometry seems
so limited even assuming infinite hyperdimensional geometrys. It seems
Understanding reduces down to a description a perception, that doesn't
mean it will have much utility. This seems reminiscent of the search for quarks,
they were found but they are not the smallest, and so it goes with concepts.
What is this stuff going to be good for? Prediction?? I wouldn't want
consciousness to reduce to geometry any more than I would want my
dreams to reduce to VCR tapes. Dan, this stuff looks like the death of science, and
you know what, I would laugh, cause I don't believe in science to begin

Also what Penrose and others are talking about seems completely at odds
with what came before, those involved with what came before were not just
working with isomorphisms of what is, they were just plain wrong or projective in
the ugliest kind of way, and finding the truth or something that resembles
it shouldn't salvage the establishment, this stuff is likely to overturn the
attitudes in the materialistic mindset not codify them in comfortable

Sincerely, Randy

-- Dan to RWB: The geometry of wave implosion permitted by phi
is a new physics and it is not comfortable...

and it creates an implosion of information by embedding in formed

which may enrich consciousness modeling more than thru a keyhole collapsed intentionality..

implosions geometry is radical and does not oversimplify consciousness
but gives it a wave mechanic which makes a phase map of a truly inphiknit multiply connected topology

the feeling of implosion in spine juice/kundalini is NOT a simplification..

a physics of collective mind

just my view


Subject: 'Will' of God (vs: phi compression/compassion as "ALIGN YOURSELF" into ONE), Tue, 30 Nov 1999 From: "James Barrett" <>, To: dan raven beth ray mary....

What do you think of this concept? This is what came last night after reading (reduce God to
a Geometry) in one of your notes sent to me. It came in dream time. James

Will of God

What does the statement align or surrender to the will of God mean?

Jesus said; "aligned with the One are the compassionate, upon them shall be compassion."

I am suggesting that the will of God is manifested as relationships to PHI.
If you align your heart and body to this relationship, which has no
destructive patterns inherent, then your consciousness rises to a level of
being one with God.

"Love is a golden mansion in which the King of Eternity homes the entire
family of creation. And at God's command, love is a mystic fire that can
melt the grossness of the cosmos into the invisible substance of eternal
Love." This from Reflections on Love, Written in 1940 by Paramahansa

He writes in Divine Romance " Just as oil is present in every part of the
olive, so love permeates every part of Creation."

So Love is in everything and is the energy or substance or God, but he
continues in the same book in the next lines, " The satisfaction of love is
not in the feeling itself, but in the joy that feeling brings. Love gives joy
We love love because it gives us such intoxicating happiness. So it is not
the ultimate; the ultimate is bliss.

God is, ever-existing, ever conscious, ever-new bliss" " from joy we
have come, in joy we live and have our being, and in that sacred joy we
will one day melt again." He continues; "All The divine emotions-love,
compassion, courage, self-sacrifice, humility ­ would be meaningless
without joy. Joy means exhilaration, an expression of the ultimate Bliss.

" Man's experience of joy originates in the brain, in the subtle center of
God (amygdala)­ consciousness that the yogis call the thousand- petal
lotus. Yet the actual feeling of this joy is experienced not in the head but in
the heart." The Divine Romance" by Paramahansa Yogananda

The early Sufi texts states, that "the Heart is the seat of God when opened,
but a tomb when closed".

So the key lies in the heart, the fourth chakra, awaiting you to find it and
then open it. But open it to what and what is the KEY?

" The fourth energy center is the Heart chakra or Anahatam, which
literally means 'unstruck or unbeaten' like the transcendental sound, which
is constant, just as the heart beats constantly. It is located in the spinal
column, directly behind the center of the chest, at the heart level. It is
connected physiologically with the heart plexus of nerves. It is depicted as
a twelve-petalled lotus, green in color with a six-pointed star and is
inscribed with the letter ya. It is associated with creative power,
unconditional love and compassion, and the ability to over come fate. In
the writings of the Siddhas, anahata is said to be where one's thoughts and
desires are forfilled. With its awakening, one becomes a master over the
situations of life. One no longer depends upon fate to determine one's
conscious will." This is from the book, Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya
Yoga Tradition by M. Govindan, M.A.

We have found over and over that when the heart opens to another or
feels awe the relationships of the echo's coming from the heart are is a
PHI relationship or proportion.

Phi Relationships are found not only the architecture of nature, this
includes man but in the fractal nature of atomic structure.

The more we look in to it the more we find the fractal signature of PHI
proportions in the structures of all physical and inanimate things like
crystals. The mechanics of Quantum object appears to even have this
relationship in their actions. The Geometry of why this might be so is easy
to understand for it allows for activity beyond the speed of light, and God
it if anything beyond this limitation.

It states that we are made in His image and likeness.

"In this state (bliss), all the necessities having been attained and the
ultimate aim effected, the heart becomes perfectly purified and instead of
merely reflecting the spiritual light, actively manifests the same. Man,
being thus consecrated or anointed by the Holy Spirit, becomes Christ, the
anointed Savior. Entering the kingdom of Spiritual Light, he becomes the
Son of God.

In this state man comprehends his self as a fragment of the Universal Holy
Spirit, and, abandoning the vain idea of his separate existence, unifies
himself with the Eternal spirit; that is, becomes one and the same with God
the Father.

This Unification of Self with God is Kaivalya, which is the Ultimate
Object of all created beings." From The Holy Science", by Swami Sri

Again I will allow the Master to point the way. Jesus said; "aligned with
the One (God) are the compassionate, upon them shall be compassion."

This alignment takes place in the heart, the main oscillator of the body,
which entrains the other body systems, the cells, and the DNA/RNA
matrix. When sustained this entrainment completes a physical entrainment
to the will of God. Your consciousness then is one with the All mighty
Universal Intelligence.

This process is teachable and learnable. It is the core to the wisdom of
Heart / Emotional Intelligence.

It is the learning of the feeling of what compassionate music played in and
from the heart, feels like.

Then being aware to recall that feeling at will till your ego will surrenders
and entrains to the Will of God and you are with bliss in Unity awareness.

James Barrett

Nevada City, California November 11, 1999

More on this at: