How the Heart Opens: Sacred Geometry and the New Science of Compassion -

The Heart's Labyrinthine Electrification: 1.Dimple, 2. 'Turn Inside Out"

from Dan Winter 12/3/2000

The essential thing we have learned about PHI / Golden Ratio harmonics from years of harmonic analysis of EKG during bliss, is that indeed the completion of the 'turning inside out' process IS the New Science of Compassion. What is marvelous for those interested in labyrinth studies is that work is precisely the topo map to HOW to turn inside enacted outside you, so that you can DO it (compassion) inside you.

The animation of turning inside out on the 7 color moebius map of the origin of matter, co-defines the 7 spin (symmetries) of the tetra (as seen in the heart muscle geometry) AND when projected onto 'flatland' (2D) codefines the LABYRINTH ( animation below).

When this turning inside out ness of both the HEART electrification AND the labyrinth is mapped going to it's limit or boundary or final 3D fractal symmetry, we literally get the animation of the holy grail.


The essential point for teaches of the ultimate map to successful turning inside out ness (labyrinth), is to translate the topological skill learned kinesthetically from the labyrinth - into what you do INSIDE your heart when you CHOOSE to feel someone outside AS IF they were inside. This is the 'New Sacred Geometry of Compassion'.

How Does PHI/Golden Mean Based Recursion Create Dimpling

Inside Out-Ness?

Now imagine the Heart Learning the Teachable Skill we Have Called Compassion, like a child learns how to digest foods.. 1 at a time..

creating this Electrical Ratio in the Heart Harmonics.. directly .618 PHI from the above graphic, in the Heart!.. made visible with HeartLink biofeedback..

Labyrinth Creating and Walking with Intent, on the Land can sort Magnetic Tangles (GeoPathic Zones), can help re-draw ground water into magnetic flowering, help with dyslexia,with creativity, begin to embed your back yard and bio-region into the global magneto-gravitiv fractal..

with thanks to Marty Cain,

who Teaches the Profound Relation Between Where the Labyrinth Turn Points Lie, and the Flowering of the UnderGround Water, and the healing of the land and those who... "by turning and turning they come round right".

for Labyrinth Building: Magnetic Map of Your Back Yard to "Embed"



If you had to do the actions necessary to be born,

the first move you ever made,

was to turn inside out..


when the ectoderm and the endoderm switch places,

((turning inside out))

then you know the egg is going to become a fetus..

to begin the dimple (vortex) deepens,

as the spin added by sperm,

learns the geometry of recursion:


now if you needed a mnemonic device in order to remind you of the kinesthetic feeling of walking around on the surface of the moebius which is the donut turning inside out...

which makes the dimpling sustainable architecture...


you might find a way to project the 7 color donut map (codefining the 7 spins of the tetra)....

onto a flat surface (flatland)..

like shadows on the wall of plato's cave..


this would give you the 7 circuit labyrinth..

next, starting with the "Greek Key", which is the inside then outside stepping of the Flamenco (Flame-In-Go)..


we add a turn to arrive a the 7 circuit Cretan/Minoan Labrinth..

A Kinesthetic Mnemonic To Weave the Spin Path to Turning Inside Out

into Body Memory..

from 1D..Greek Key

to 2D...Labyrinth

to 3D...7 Color Donut..

Learning to Lead Magnetic Paths to Recur (Turning Inside Out), is the Memory of How to Sort Them.. And Thus Give them

El(turn) into the Eye(focus) of Phi(recursion),

or "El-Eye-Phi"..LIFE.


labyrinths are also a great way to help your horse center, and you to be centered on your horse..


Sue Ann Foster's Labyrinth, in Carmichael California..


the labyrinth
dowse to turn at ley water dome points
nourishes implosion/dimpling

start with a magnetic map and feed the rose petaling
of the magnetic lines..
get landscape elemental to sit on your shoulder whispering..

stone circle implies labyr..

basic dowsing skill
to feel magnetism is to feel life..

read perelandra

notice that biodiversity of heirloom seeds..
creates capacitive joy (access to newness) for genes
and fields..

monocultured grains scream..

all hunger for implosion, because all want to touch

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