The Seed & The EGG: Earth Inseminates Galaxy

A Galactic Context .


Daniel Winter with Lorin Kiely and Cheryl Lynn Triplet

Planet heart biofeedback

Crystal Hill Farm, Eden, NY 8/88 .

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solar system weaving sperm shape over 1 precession.

"Copulation on the Galactic Level, produced a sperm (comet) that struck an egg (Earth) causing the moon to be created from the Earth 4.6 billion


Consider that if you could squeeze all of your focus inside an atom, you would need mythic stories to describe what it means to be a molecule. Only mystics would see the truth in the greater mythic context. The rest of the electron and proton brothers & sisters would be quite convinced that their tiny particle world was quite a big place, and very much enough to be

concerned with.

Electrons can be perceived as particles, yet from a larger conception, in CONTEXT, they are

an orbit... whose pattern creates a body we label shell or MEMBRANE. Averaging or

scanning the continuous paths of electrons creates the 3D image physicists call shell or cloud. The broader contextual view completes the picture which the particle view only begins.


Additionally, because of the shape of the spinning PARTicles, atomic SHELLS are able to

decide what goes through them, and what doesn't. (This is because the shape determines the

frequency -or Fourier- content, which is like the size of the screen which sifts the sand: A

kind of fabric of weft and woof. ) We could say that atoms and molecules get membranous

identity (Immune self, not/self), from the frequency patterns of electrons.

Now suppose you had squeezed all your focus and "light speed blinking" capacity down

into something so small as say.... a planet. And further suppose that everybody there had

done such a fine job of getting their focus inside such a tiny thing, that they had forgotten the

SHAPE, (and therefore the CONTEXT/MEANING), of the body they were getting in to being

a part of ! (There they were... minding their own business... when all of a sudden... it

wasn't the 7 hills of Dublin or Rome, it was "Love's Body". Norman O. Brown.)

How would you set about picking up the clues about what was the body you were inside of?

It might be a lot like being on FLATLAND as a 3D cube were passing through. You would

stare at your flat land.. seeing a dot, then triangle, then hexagon, then triangle, then

disappearing dot. Perhaps after this happened a million times, the most transcendental part

of you would "grok" what it is to be a tilted CUBE passing though a plane.

When a dodecahedron passes through a plane, at a certain angle, it leaves twelve faces as

cones or wedges on the horizon. According to "ISIS UNVEILED" (From Theosophy), these

twelve light cones on a plane ARE the twelve houses of our zodiac. In other words our zodiac

is a 2D projection of a 3D DODECAHEDRON. Even as our hebrew and sacred alphabet are

multiple 2D projections of ONE 3D "Flame Letter". (The simplicial 7 color strip off the

archetypal torus/donut: Understanding this now allows us to enfold in our attention

more of the context of our planetary shape as a "dimension" or spin (symmetry) weaving the

mem(ory)brain of a great body.

A galactic core beamblip urgently requests of our Gaia airbus: UNKNOWN FLYING

BODY: IDENTIFY YOUR..SELF (.....context within the galactic body); or be destroyed.

Remember that CONTEXT dependency is the woven umbilical cord which massages our

genetic signal-to- noise ratio toward high "immune" identity. (Reference: "Grammatical

Man, Information, Entropy, Language & Life", by Jeremy Campbell.)

CONTEXT is how you would correctly replace a missing thread in a tapestry. This

coherence is what makes gene replication dependable and ageless. This is what makes a

membrane able to enfold (unlock) the keys to correctly interpret the "intention" of the virus at

the gate.







This insight should send us thirsting for a new remothering experience: bonding with

the planet, solar system, and galaxy.

Elsewhere, we have suggested that ALL BONDING IS PHASE LOCKING. We have

learned that phase locking with mother EARTH's heartbeat- the "Schumann Resonance"

produces a womb-like euphoric sense of well being. Like barefoot in the garden or rainforest


We have also demonstrated that the shape of this non-homogenous (flow-form like) blood

stream of Earth's gravity body/envelope.. IS DODECAHEDRAL. (Anti-Gravity and the World

Grid, by Becker and Hagens.)

CAT(all consuming)HEDRAL(faces).

We've looked at the spinning DODECAHEDRON trace out DNA as a wave guide path for

information across scales. ("ONE Crystals Dance", Dan Winter, and "Geometric Extensions

of Consciousness", Ann Tyng.)

AND we've noticed that the angle, relative to the plane of the galaxy, EARTH spins at to

make the great light CONE called PRECESSION (26000 yr), is exactly the 32 degrees you tilt a

cube (our 3D) up at to MAKE a DODECAHEDRON ! Earth as a body, is MAKING the perfect

shape-wave-guide-path, to be genetic material for the larger living cell that is the body of the

Solar System.

- Let's change the way we blink (or sample vision at) when we look at Earth. Let's see

whole orbits as circles... as if Earth were leaving a trail of bread-crumbs for memory's

sake..... trailing clouds of glory. So that just like the physicist who now knows she can never

truly be separate from the bath tub once having touched the bath water, Earth leaves an

Ariadne's Thread in the great gravity bubble of the solar system. Any space once touched is

forever bound in the weave.

Ahh, but Earth is not really weaving circles. Our Sun too is traveling round some great

(Sirius?) center. This makes Earth's and all the planets paths, really great helix braids in the

sky. Thus planetary motions are an "Eternal Golden Braid" (Godel, Escher & Bach, by

Hoffsteder) whose weft and woof emBODY consciousness.

We must choose some fixed time on which to SET the shutter speed of our great visual

camera/sampler. What could be more natural than the great archetypal delineator of the

ages.. PRECESSION. So let us set our shutter speed on this great helical multiplanetary

precess, at 26,000 years. (and then "TAKE" a picture.)

Fortunately for us, someone has already developed the film from our context expanding

camera experiment. The trace of all the planets over ONE precession is nicely imaged in

"Theory of Celestial Influence" by Rodney Collin. (frontispiece here). He illustrates the

beautiful wave bubble thus created as a living body with bright head (SUN), torso and tail (the

planets 3D waveform).

This is a great image, but what is the FUNCTION of this BODY of the SOLAR LOGOS?

One clue may be what Jose Arguelles says about the solar cycles being the HEARTBEAT of

the Mayan Calender ("Mayan Factor"). Laying out this solar pattern on a simple grid reveals

the profound set of trigrams we call "I CHING" and the DNA codons. We have mapped this,

the HARMONIC MODULE grid onto the dodecahedron. So it does appear SUNbody knows

something about heartbeat and immune membrane generation. So by moving and pulsing in

this particular way, the Sun weaves a coherent membrane, which clearly is

INTENTIONAL. A long wave "cats cradle" or spiders web is woven, which by recursiveness

(physicists fractal term for the origin of consciousness), (w)rings out the dodeca-genetic

Earth & cell grids.

Let's look closer at this 3D SUN & planet path body bubble. I always wondered why Rodney

Collin didn't explain why this "living" body had an undulating tail INSTEAD of legs. But

then I "got to thinking" about all this material suggesting the dodeca- Earth grid system

making literally genetic material by the shape of its spinning grid, AND its ratcheting

precess. This being the case, it is then logical to position our planet spun web inside a living

cell. Of course then in order to understand what we are here for, we need to know what is

the specialized function of the cell we inhabit.

And then it came to me in a rush, how dramatically like a living SPERM cell was the

appearance of the solar system when drawn out in 26000 year 3D. A leading bulbous (Solar)

head complete with enzymatic penetration system at the front (Solar cycles). The torso body of

the planets, carefully wefting and woofing out just the shape to make genetic material (the

memory bank of the sperm), and the other sub-cellular organelles. And finally there is a

complete propulsive undulating comet-like tail. The image is too dramatic to ignore. We are

compelled to reconsider our entire concept of the interrelationships of life forms.

Then too, having addressed with this model, so many questions about what IS the Solar

system; telling questions are immediately posed about WHO is fertilizing WHAT??

The Solar System is the SPERM; the Milky (motherly) Way galaxy herself is EGG.


This seeding role gives exceeding power to transform the whole galaxy through the genetic

strands of biology here on Earth. Christos propagated Bios-Logos (biology) informs the cells

of the whole galactic body how to feedback/uplift mass into light, a recursive nest called


So now when we hear our astronomers and astrologers telling us that we have just

turned the corner in the path of precession, we have more context to understand. Specifically

up to now (the last 13000 or so years) we have been moving as a solar system, OUT of the

plane of the galaxy, and against the grain or wind of the galactic gravity bloodstream. NOW

having just turned around this corner, we just are beginning to move INto the bubble or EGG

of the galactic core. (Things get friendlier when you're going with the wind.) To use the

HARMONIC MODULE kind of terminology, "we are approaching GALACTIC


Love's secretions are finally irresistible as the sperm flagellates past the, at first, negative

flow in its path. There approaches an electric "moment of no return" in the ORGASMIC


This means that:

1. The sperm head (SUN) begins executing the enzymatic key codes (Solar cycles) to

penetrate the egg wall (surrounding the galactic core, or Hunab Ku, which as membrane is


2. The membrane around the sperm (Earth's ozone layer and the magnetic sheathing

around our planet & solar system) begins to dissolve in order to prepare for gene insertion
into Galactic EGG.

3. The body of the sperm is to be expected to be merged and unrecognizable after

impregnation. Many parts of it, including the (planetary) tail are simply discharged.

4. We need to teach the "children" to breathe in the light in such a way as to hold the

memory in (genetic/Grail) CONTEXT. ...Check it out for yourself... start with an "inner

smile" - a gently LOVING sensation; breathe smoothly through your nose into your lower

abdomen... and release... The quality of oxygen is that it sets biology's flame alight. Notice

that breath infused with simple attention to shape inside (a kind of geometry of pressure),

literally BUILDS that shape as FEELING. Start with the simplest, the tetrahedron... later a

2 nest of these builds octa-hedron inside & cube outside... then the cube tilts and spins

weaving the infinite dodeca-icosa nest. The cells went through the archetype of "Platonic"

shapes on their way to being YOU. Try retracing your memory back the way you came.

The steps in RESONANCE seem to be:

Intentional relaxation, brain/heart entrainment, group mind entrainment, planet and then

solar entrainment/phase locking/bonding.


The results are:

Knowledge of purpose (context), true REcollection, essence of program,.. BONDING..,


We use our bond with the planet "ring" (Schumann resonance heartbeat) to "hang

together" enough (the collective mind becomes ONE), to move into hyperspace*, our next

dimension (*cf Hyperspace by Pawlicki).

Thus the context GAIA has "in mind" would use the geometry of her own planet body, as

this next necessary "Bond of Power" for our species, her children. Only bonded to the planet

are we "collected of mind" enough to carry memory so far. Thus we prepare the seed to

propagate across galactic spaces... folded, packed, embodied, Chrystened as ONE.


5. The neuronal activation of the gene/light key sites on the planet grid must be TIMED

(synchronized or phased in rotational order). They need to align to the lightening BEAM..

waves of Galactic Orgasm.. to catch the light grid of the Galaxy's own even more vast

starseed context.. body. Thus to pour richly into what here would incarnate.