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"Hi from Sydney, AU, Thu, 6 Apr 2000 ,from Eric Cassils <>
To: dan@..

I have been browsing your site and am delighted in its detailed plethora of facinating conglomerates of information.

I practice Merkaba Activation using the Flower of Life Method. My friend is trying to convert me to Alton Kamadon's Melchizedek Method? Do you have any info on this?

I practice Huna Kane which is a tantric-like modality that activates billions of light codings within the
cellular structer and creates an infinity like movement through the body.

I am in Australia now, but lived in Canada, will be returning soon. I am in the process of connecting with the Aboriginals and keeping up with my University course-work for Social Ecology which I will probably end up just passing due to the amount of time I have spent giving sessions and searching for Aboriginal contacts.

I had a vision 2 years ago and I was wondering if you
had some information about the stars part of it: I was
physcically standing on a mountain (Mt Royal) in
Montreal, when I felt this charge of Kundalini bolt up
my spine, misfire and hit me in the jaw. Which
resulted in an extreme jolt that took me out of my
body and numbed my jaw area for 30 minutes. I saw a
vision. Everyones energy fields became visible only as
emanations, not geometries, I then saw meridian lines
on their body forming nodes where they intersected. I
noticed the same on the planet, these lines
criscrossed and formed dots all over the place
everything was glowing golden. Then I noticed electric
blue laser beams of light from the stars coming down
and intermeshing with the grid points on the Earth and
my body, and everybodies body I happened to see walk
by. These beams connected the constellations onto the
body and earth. What is this connection? Is it really
true? What is its purpose?..." end quote


Dear Eric: Seeing stars is quite common in comic books after getting "knocked on the head". It is also a well known phenomenon associated with good sex. (See tantra and kundalini & Incubus /incunabula: cocooning the aura thru light speed-Incunabula, Tantric wormholes and the bardo bridge, the antenna cocoon for human eros to produce shaamanic time tunnels, see also: 'Tantric Swoon' of Magdalen-source of Templar star maps:Gothic Cathedrals The Magdalen Story: A StarMap?). We have had good conversations about getting your shamanic eyeball into stars, (thru the heart of the sun)... being the only way "outta here".

Mountain of the Royal Blood /DNA fits Montreal as the destination of "Holy Grail Across the Atlantic". Where the Sinclair / Grail blood line attempted to inhabit North America.. A landscape magneto thruster into stars, if you will. (See also the Magog /og near there...)

It is now common in gravity field modeling, to use capacitors to catch stars at the business of alignments, to replace telescopes. (Hodowanec and Ramsey, exerpt from Physics of Gravity Based on Phi:Predications,"take measures of gravity as a charge monopole, at," & Communicating with Mars...)

A non-linear capacitor like DNA or the EKG Fibres of Perkinjole, catch charge/capacitive wave fronts from stars demonstrably faster than light speed. We understand that 'charge' in the business of nesting well becomes self-aware and self-steering, in the shape of perfect embedding (successful compression): this is the pure geometry of the actual grail.

Getting these star maps well embedded on sacred land, appears to be the business of allowing/steering/wave-guiding feeling/emotion/magnetism to unpack non-destructively into those stars. (../eldorado and ../orion )

Bruce Cathie first noticed the nodal harmonics of his "world grid" by mapping where ET starcraft came to re'charge'. (embed?)

What I particularly like about your description is how perfectly naive / spontaneous / and genuinely you come to the question. Literally, you discovered this from the 'inside out'. This is what we call 'virgin birth', from the strictly electrical perspective. For you, that inner implosion and not outside in technology consumed this into the perspective & phase lock we call VISION.

Here I would like to suggest that the holy grail of fusing with the stars, is contained in understanding what was SO SHAREABLE about what was in your heart magnetically, at that moment. Why would all those wave fronts have permitted themselves to be steered toward you if you were not so fractal, so charged, and so distributable. If you understand what it was that made you un-foldable non-destructively - at your peak moment - you will perhaps make that teachable.

It is one thing to know that the EKG during BLISS makes a perfectly embedable harmonic series based exactly on the PHI harmonics of perfect fusion. It is another to understand the psychodynamics (biofeedback 'loop') of that well enough to do it at will. Turning this around in your heart, spells something.

In order to tease our human condition into awareness of how we enter into - electrically- and give birth to: stars, we call symbols of perfect embedding like GOLD and the GRAIL to be our measure of VALUE / MONEY. It is true really, that there is nothing more valuable (than moving into the geometry of perfect embedability). It is encouraging that our science is responding to the nudge toward pure principle, by locating the essence of biological fire (life force) in the geometry of COLD FUSION.

However, scientists will need to stop looking at PALLADIUM, which is the common ingredient to cold fusion research, as simply the right 'poison pellet'/'silver bullet'. They will need to seek deeper into the 'pure principle' of WHY it's (dodeca?!) shape delivers implosion as a sustainable wave function, enough to LIGHT FIRE (PHIre).

Perhaps in doing so we will also 'fuse' with the pure principle enough to hold it in our hearts as well.

This article is a follow up to the original: When the FIRE in the Heart Becomes NOBLE: The KEY to Fusion, ../noble/index.html

"The same wave harmonic arrangement is the solution to Fusion Energy AND Compassion in the EKG"...

"Now let us use this insight about waves nesting successfully, to better understand what it means to be NOBLE..

In ALCHEMY it was common to call GOLD ( & by implication it's cousin's Platinum, Palladium), the NOBLE metals. Later we learned
in "all" of "chemistry", that the noble metals had a specific definition which was that their outer valence electron "shells" were said to
be filled. In high school chemistry we were told that such complete valence or electron shell structures meant that certain elements did
not need to go running around grabbing electrons from their neighbors. This avoided the kind of psychological codependancy which
produced bondage. (tongue somewhat in cheek here). Do you think we should call neighbors who are not needy: "Noble"? Well... it
depends...  Taking a more careful look at the actual geometry of those particular outer electron shells which become completely nested in the
Platinum/Gold groups, we find something interesting.. (and remember we are leading up to a chemical description of what constitutes a
"HEART of GOLD"!)" end quote from "noble' link.


It is quite important that we follow the logic which leads us to the GRAIL / perfect embedding's math, key to COLD FUSION, and alchemy. Essentially we are tracking light conic's (donuts tilting) into the nesting which allows them to implode sustainably.

It begins simply enough, as light cones gone platonicly 'in-cube-ated'.

But then we see, bottom of this next pic, in the "Occult Chemistry" study of the platonic solids nature of nuclear shapes..

that when the vortext nest into the "stars" and "bars", 5 / 7 pair spin groups, they 'assume the position' of dodeca/icosa nesting.

(stars and bars immediately above here)

This will become more evident below where we look at Chemist Moon's depiction of dodecahedral Palladium, key to Cold Fusion .

The Dodecahedral nesting is key to all forms of fusion / as it is PHI recursion's perfect solution to BONDING ALL PHASES (non-destructively) INTO ONE.

Below: 12 Dodecahedrally Arranged Light Cones - Nested - Spinning - "Angel Trumpets" contained in. the Fusion Fire in the Heart of the Sun, The Human Heart & the ANU Heart of Hydrogen?

Once we get the 5 / 7 symmetry pair spins nested into the dodeca/icosa light cone array turning, we then have animated the FUSION COEUR - Heart of the Sun / Human Heart / ANU - ultimate subatomic particle - solution to 'slipping knot'.

See the symmetry of the Heart of the Sun, the Human Heart, and the Heart of Hydrogen at: Heart of The Sun: Perfecting 7/5 Turning
Inside Out Solar Heart Symmetry ( ../heartsun/HeartofSun.html )

So above, the shape of the Sun's Heart, KEY TO FUSION? - carefully studied and depicted clairvoyantly (Theosophic Literature - Leadbeater and Besant) - was/is the same shape as the Human Heart -slipknot- and the ANU - ultimate subatomic particle - heart of hydrogen. (Discussed at Heart of the Sun link above)

When we nest this slip knot ANU which forms hydrogen's implosive heart, inside a 'Clathrate Cage' structured water dodeca - we get Microhydrin. When nested further we get gold's shape atomically , a grail- like embedding.

When this nuclear "ANU" primal slip knot is nested into all the platonics, we get the atomic table.

(As in the Work of Chicagoland famous chemist Robert J. Moon, below)



Quoting from the above pic, in case it is not readable, from 21st Century Magazine, sept-oct 1988,

"The Moon Model of the Nucleus", "In his model of the periodic table of the elements, Dr. Robert J. Moon considers that the chemical elements are forms of least action, like the well-tempered tones of a vel canto singer. He conjectures that the oxygen nucleus, with the atomic number 8, is a CUBE (a) which has 8 vertices. Nitrogen, with the atomic number 7, is modeled as a cube with 1 corner cut off. (b). Silicon with the atomic number 14, is modeled as an OCTAHEDRON enclosing a cube (c). Ironic, atomic number 26, adds an ICOSAHEDRON (d). Palladium, is an atomic number of 46, is modeled as a cube embedded in an octahedron, embedded in an icoshedron, and finally, embedded in a DODECAHEDRON (e)...."


Regarding, Golden Ratio / perfect embedding as - emergent geometric manifestation of the principle of least action: from: on con, as discussed and further illustrated at: Phi-Lo-Tactics ,../philotactics/index.html

"What this investigation of the dynamics of the Golden Mean tells us is that it is an analogical, optimum mathematical paragon of energy efficiency: and that this is achieved as an ultimate means of generating the maximum complexity of information structures of energy and matter, at the lowest energy cost. .............Suffice to say, maximum Complexity is found via self-organised criticality at the edge of Chaos, which is epitomised by the Golden Mean, as the emergent geometric manifestation of the principle of least action: therefore its full temporal/ spatial action is analogous to creation itself."-


It might be about time for our human condition here to stop worshipping the coke bottle from 'the gods must be crazy'. Instead of using palladium as some magical key to biological cold fusion, we instead use the PRINCIPLE behind Palladium: the wave mechanics of PHI - (Golden Ratio Heterodyne Stellations) - Dodeca nesting, to fire our biologics.

All physics technicians need do to perfect cold fusion (PHIre that does not consume - when is there no heat? - when there is no disorderly: 'out of phase' motion - what does Phi do?) is to cradle the field in nested Toroids of ratio PHI. This again is what the hero did sonically with his music in "Chain Reaction". Fine tuning by second order power spectra to optimize embedding phi multiple wave nesting. (../coherence ) However, once they do, the sleeping giant will awaken, and (as the monster of Montauk), genie will be out of the bottle. In other words, that is the time to be introduced personally and by name to the field effect you just alchemically cooked. By then we will be in the same karmic boat as the Annunaki who cooked us up (Eu-Genics) to make the 'gold' we are now discovering the principle of.


from ../predictions: "Extreme & implosive packing of hydrogen within palladium which is the mechanism of cold fusion is due to the chordal (atomic level) current flows being Golden Mean due
to Palladium's dodecahedral atomic structure. (Ref Moon's work at University of Chicago, Palladium as Dodeca..) The Phi harmonic interference lattice internally is the geometry of maximum or fractal wave compression.

PALLADIUM: - visualize again here "chordal" wave geometric within nested pents as dodecs as cascading Phi ratio- implosive."


from: William Henry's "The H-Bomb and the Holy Grail"

According to Barbara Walker, this mysterious and priceless Palladium was named after Pallus, the
Goddess of wisdom. The Vestal virgins who operated the Grail were not virgins in the physical sense.
"Their 'marriage' to the phallic deity of the Palladium," she says, "was physically consummated in Vesta's
temple, under conditions of great secrecy". Interstingly, the French prophet Nostradamus left a prophecy
which stated the Phallus would be recovered. In Century IX IX.IX

When the lamp burning with eternal fire will be found
in the temple of the Vestals.
A child found in the fire, water passing through the sieve.
Nimes to perish in water, the markets will fall in Toulouse.

This discovery of Palladium's Cold Fusion secrets has been regarded as the most significant scientific
discovery in recorded history. Some believe its significance will dwarf that of electronics, computers and
genetic engineering. Since the first Cold Fusion discovery was announced in 1989, over 3,000 research
papers have been written and published and resulted in investigations by over 200 laboratories in thirty
countries71. (However papers of Cold Fusion have been published since 1943.) Still the "official"
scientific oligarchy and the establishment which backed it with billions upon billions of dollars of
research money rejected the "miracle" and the truth of Cold Fusion. As Sir Arthur C. Clarke stated in
1998, this is the greatest scandal of the twentieth century72 (if not all human history).

What if it turns out the secrets of the A-Bom, the H-Bomb and Cold Fusion came from the Holy Grail?
Would it mean we are living in the new kingdom of the Holy Grail? Will history remember the twentieth
century as a time when the human race was transformed by the secrets of the ancients. Only time will tell. "


What I might add here, is that indeed the wave guide to "seeing how stars are fired".. clearly IS the principle for embedding into them, inhabiting them, and thus SEEING them. Seeing being merely a name for where wave phases can align non-destructively. (See PHI as the NAME for visual FUSION..)

Understanding the perfect wave embedding slip knot, which is the GEOMETRY OF THE HOLY GRAIL, is more than a political matter. It is a spiritual one. And here is why spiritual questions NEED electrical answers:

Capacitance stored (or braided/nested well) is the closest approach to language of rigor ('resolution') our physics has for spirit. When charge becomes self-embedded or self-similar, it becomes the self-directing worm of field and feeling we call 'life force'.

Dan Winter

Speaking of HOW DNA sees stars, here is a fun new addend to the Super-DNA animated article:

 Inset 4/7/00: dr B.

I am fascinated with your non helix model... of DNA: IS NATIVE DNA NOT A HELIX?

(whether or not accurate as is, it represents such useful thinking...)

I have proposed (in a naive way) that the recursive adding and multiplying which happens among wave fronts when in a golden ratio progression..

(a very oft noted feature of the DNA braid)

accounts for a kind of 'implosion' in genes which allows the wave fronts to penetrate the speed of light

and also create superconductive / non resistive conditions.. in the core of the helix..

which have supposedly been measured... pics in this url

noting your mention of the known bond length of the braid (multiple 34 per turn or so)

this constraint may? be based on the need to make the enveloping braid sustain golden ratios..

(angle of DNA wratchet=Phi, radius=phi^2, verticle increment of turn Phi^3
(I may have the sequence of the log's confused in the above, but the words she used were these) per Ann Tyng pic of DNA braid in "Geometric Extensions of Consciousness" Zodiac Magazine #19, based on Coxeter...

perfect (fractal/self similarity?) recursive embedding enabled in length , area, and volume..

If true, then the morph ability of the helix while flexing richly would retain a restraint where phase lock situations could retain coupling to faster than light info ..
based on heterodyning non-destructively recursively in phi ratio..... telling the braid which multiples of envelope length were permitted...

loss of this (phi braid discipline) could relate to loss of certain info densities/(ensoulment???) in genetics.. (aging? loss of bliss?)

some physics at ../predictions

--I saw an animation recently in modular robotics where flex bends between modules produced a slinky able to morph into just about anything...

surely DNA would eventually learn/yearn to morph into the recursion perfecting PHI multiples necessary to join the info pipe / magnetic wind /wormhole into the "geometry of infinite compression implosion" (einstein's dream). dan winter