'Golden Arches': Spectrograms of the Alphabet of Genesis.. of the Heart!

Is the Origin of the Alphabet Whispering in a Cave Inside?

Golden Arches: Getting a Handle In Focus on the Sun's Fire:

Can You Cradle and Steer the Solar Fire from within Your Heart?

On Being & Becoming Compressible / Shareable by "Getting a Better Squeeze".. Couldn't Get a Better Squeeze..

dedicated to Soulariaum

Recognize that the Alphabet is the spiral map to getting charge compressed.. and thus spin dense (matter out of light)..

Only when the proper spin path to that zero point -Alphabet of Symmetry of Light - is THE GOLDEN MEAN SPIRAL on the self organizing donut.. is that wave path self-embedded. This symmetry cookbook to recursion perfected allows us to visualize light in the brains optical hologram cortex to become phase (or tilt) accurate, as to be psychokinetic / magic! That is why the origin of the alphabet properly animated/visualized inside, creates matter. (stores spin best) story at: Lady in the Hologram with the Mirror and the Magnifying Glass.

from:The Secrets of Thoth and The Keys of Enoch "The lost Enochian knowledge reveals the mother tongue as a "language of Light". Known to the ancients as HIBURU, it is the primal seed language, introduced at the beginning of this time cycle. Modern research confirms, the most ancient form Hebrew to be a natural language, the alphabetic forms emerging from the phosphene flare patterns of the brain. The same shapes, in fact, born of a spinning vortex. It is a true language of light, coursing through our very nervous system.....Encoding the natural waveform geometries of the physical world, Hiburu is a harmonic language, mimicking the waveform properties of light. The "keys" Enoch speaks of, turn out to be sound keys, keys to be vibratory matrix of reality itself, the mythic "Power of the World". The Enochian knowledge describes sonic equations, encoded within the ancient mantras and god names, capable of directly affect the nervous system and producing profound effect of healing and higher consciousness states....As the ancient texts declare, "If you would speak with the gods you must first learn the language of the gods."

from Dan Winter, 3/30/2000 url: ../goldenarches , other articles at: ../sitemap.html


(if the above pic does not ANIMATE, try reload), Solar Fire shown from NASA Soho Pic feb 27, 2000 at http://pao.gsfc.nasa.gov/gsfc/spacesci/sunearth/sunearth.htm#pulse SUN'S HEARTBEAT MAY HELP UNRAVEL MYSTERY OF SOLAR CYCLE:

Buryl Payne spent some years of data taking to show dramatic changes to the solar flares at moments when millions of children ('s hearts) around the planet sang in unison during global media events. The Harmonic Module,A PLAN FOR A GLOBAL MEDIA BIOFEEDBACK VISUAL EVENT.) Sadly the knowledge of how to use the leverage of our collective genome to steer the sun is mostly lost. How needful is that now....

True Golden Arches?:

The current expression of this article is inspired by Soulariaum's description of her lucid dream in which she was shown the "Golden Arches" in the Heart.. before she knew anything of Pi / He / 5 Flame Letter Origin of Alphabets...

Hebrew letter HE/5 is the shape of Pi,shadow of Golden Spiral On Donut Tilted /Alphabet of Symmetry of the Heart.. Seen in the shadow of the Heart's Muscle/Fire..

Is this how we shall trace our FIRE (phire) into the de-vine.. perfect place of the branching of all spin../ charge?

 From "Soulariaum": "Like the image of Pi / he' carved into the BASE of the space between two of the arched doorways in the heart chamber, it is that which is irrational and a mystery that is the foundation that opens the door.....and bridges the gap....

I could never have arrived at the alphabet in the heart chamber so elegantly as my vision de-scribed it to me....without making room for the creative, dreamy voice....the poetry of it all....i like what joseph campbell said about the organs/glands speaking, and that became our dreams...only they are singing...."


she rises like magma, a silent enigma
long has she slept, for eons kept below
dreaming, alone in the deep recesses
she stirs now, restless, and shakes off slumber
and the surface of the earth trembles, rumbling

her eyes open, gamma rays
beaming from molten pools of gold
and they daze those who suddenly pause
to muse some unseen illumination

her old, old bones sing songs
in an unknown tongue, of things done
in realms so beyond memory
that the oceans swell and heave
straining to believe her reverie

she rises from her knees to her full height
vast and mighty, she is Aphrodite
foam-born; Isis, gold adorned
She is Nut, embracing her seed
she is Innana, Gaia, Madonna
and she is freed

Where she stands,
mountains crumble into sand at her feet
as she greets you holding scales
filled with laughter and wails
stars and souls, compassion and cold fury

and only you can be the jury
the witness to the truth you must face
listen to her voice, now
whispering on the wind, screaming in the storm
you were warned of her coming
there can be no running away
you will be tested, oh yes
for she is the soul of us all

listen to the call
the mother beckons
within your very cells she quickens
will you awaken with her?
Will you rise from your slumber
and become what you must be?
Will you be freed?



(inset 4/25/2000: Compare to the Enochian / Ophanic Alphabet - Adawi Cherokee - superset atCherokee (BirdTribe) vs Ophanim/Enochian and the Star Alphabet, new images )

Part 1: Heart Sonics as A "Heart Alphabet" of Harmonic Shadows..

"Does the Heart Really Shape Our Lives?"...
The Shape Origins of Heart Sonics

The Background...
In Omni Magazine, Aug. 89 "Womb With a View" article describes playing heart sounds
to fetal infants producing dramatic developmental improvement.
In "Stalking the aWild Pendulum" Bentov documents the dramatic benefits of intentional
relaxation specifically arise when the heart sounds phase lock (or entrain) the the liquids in
the brain. A kind of musical choreographer to the mechanics of ecstacy.
In "Fields of Form" by Lawrence Edwards (Floris Books), the shape a the heart muscle is
shown to be seven spiral layers exactly tilted according to the symmetries of the tetrahedron.
The author goes on to describe 7 discrete sonic components of the heart sound specifically
created by that structure.
In "When Time Breaks Down... on the Origins of Cardiac Arrythmia" by Arthur Winfree,
the electrical origins of the heartbeat is elaborately traced to a toroidal donut shaped rotor
which rolls in to fire the muscle. The origins of this 7 color donut electrical pressure wave
which fires the heart and originates much of the harmonic order called health, is illustrated
as a nest of donuts, ala Penrose twister theory, etc.
In out work here, the flat shadows of the trace which divides the surface of the archtypal
7 color donut, created the Hebrew (& implicitly Greek, Arabic & English) script letterforms
verbatim, when that donut was tilted to just those symmetry views of the tetrahedron. Also
our work on the spectrograms of the Hebrew alphabet strongly suggests that the shape of the
letterforms is literaly a spectral fingerprint of their sound content when correctly
We also enclose pictures of our spectral fingerprinting of the heart, at the moment of love..
with its hint of Golden Mean ratio..
This pictorial summary is meant to suggest that the set of phase locked sound/symmetry
relations which constitute the sacred alphabet, may literally be AN ALPHABET OF (symmetry of) THE
HEART, in that the structure & function of the heart electrically and mechanically literally
expresses those sacred sounds into the body (thereby in effect programming cellular,
glandular, and immunre functions). "As a man (or woman) thinks in his heart... so is
Wherever the universal golden spiral of light
waves "meet to beat" becomes a torus donut of
charge, or fundamental particle. (Fig. 1)
The shape of the ANU or fundamental particle
from Theosophy's Leadbeater and Besant,
later confirmed by contemporary phyicist Phillips
in England in "Psi Perception of Quarks"
(3 Anu per Quark). Also topologically described
by Babbitt as "The Heart of the Sun".

Our local focus is called a human heart, an image of the Grail cup...
2Golden Mean Spirals, a fractal of the heart,
unfolding with wings.....

The golden mean spiral seen from above, traces nested pentagrams on a plane. (DNA from
above, cf section: Braiding DNA.) However in 3D, that spiral recedes into the cone which
connects the 12 faces of the infinite geometry of dodeca/icosahedra, fractals.. one inside the
other. (Merkabbah). That 3D spiral seen from the side, is a perfect damped wave/caddeuceus..
caddeuceus (side view) Golden Mean Spiral (top view of same 3D form)
which when spun around, creates a recursive/fractal from all perspectives.


So I laid the equation for a spiral on the right (simply / perfect embedding-nesting-branching-selfsimilarity-selfreference)

on top of the revolved equation on the left (origin of perfect damping/Phi/ which created the holy grail animation)

(revolving this little caddeuceus on the left makes a donut in a donut in a donut... see "Erection of the Holy Cross" animation at :TIMEWAVE: Visualizing A Gravity Lens - ANIMATIONS)

this made a "flame letter' spiral strip on the donut- not unlike the flame letter strip you see in the center of the heart muscle above..



from hollowgram to whole o gram..
e pluribus unum..., uniting the states?


(This was originally composed for a conference on the WELL -Whole Earth Electronic Link.
In the subject area on consciousness, a question was posed about how our individual
perceptual realities could ultimately have anything physically linking them, or in a sense..
become ONE).
Concensus process may be illustrated by a story from holographic process. We take a "real"
mirror and a magnifying glass, and use them as objects from which to make a hologram.
(Record their splash from coherent light onto film, just as if you were making a hologram of a
statue.) Then setting aside the "real" objects, you use coherent light to recreate the mirror and
magnifying glass objects as an optical hologram.
Then looking into the optical hologram, we notice some peculiar things about how we can
use the mirror and magnifying glass within the hologram. Sure enough, the mirror in the
hologram works as a mirror, reflecting ONLY other objects INSIDE the hologram. Similarly
the magnifying glass in the hologram will magnify other objects IN the hologram. But looking
through the same functional magnifying glass inside the hologram, at an object OUTSIDE the
hologram, we see nothing.
We should not however conclude that we have discovered the reality limitation, to the liquid
crystal hologram of the optical cortex...UNTIL we investigate an important exception to our
discovery IF we illuminate objects outside our original hologram, with systematic phase
coherent light, exactly locked to the phase of the light we used to make the hologram in the
first place, THEN suddenly, voila, the mirror and the magnifying glass INSIDE the hologram
now function as tools to process images from OUTSIDE the hologram. Now we may think at first that our language symbol systems do not have the phase discipline to link our collective
But we should look closely at a pure geometric origin for our perhaps most sacred language.
The fourier transform principle of math and physics demonstrates that all shapes are
assembled of ONE shape, the sine wave (in 2 D). Revolving the sine wave into 3D we get a form of the torus donut. Since the symmetry rules of group theory cannot be using different sine waves (there appears to be only one), tilting those donuts into the atomic table clearly resolves to an issue of PHASE angle.
Recording the tilt of the donut into a language symbol set powerful enough to make the
symbols an OPerational amplifier, requires a way of recording the tilt of the donut from 3D
onto 2D. (a map between dimensions). Tilting whole donuts in 3D leaves shadows or
reflections onto 2D which are ambiguous about which tilt or phase produced which shadow.
Interestingly a 1/10 circle golden mean spiral strip SAMPLED off the donut surface
produces a flame letter strip, which presents a unique view from ANY perspective. While the
sample is complete enough to recreate the form of the whole donut (by revolution), it represents
or samples or SYMBOLIZES tilt angle with total uniqueness (asymmetry).
Now tilting this flame letter strip sampled off the archetypal donut to the archetypal phase
angles of the FACE angles of the platonic solids, we get a complete useful map. (of the phase
angles, labyrinth, necessary to slip knot matter into light).
Conveniently, those shadows also turn out to be the Hebrew alphabet.


When Fabre D'Olivet retranslated Genesis by studying the shapes of the letter forms
themselves ("Hebraic Tongue Restored"), he transliterated "Eve" to be "Ieve": word or
symbol. He translated Adam (as in Adamic race: the red race) to mean red-making or
"hard-making" power.(Moving to the "dense" end of the spectrum). Remythologizing
the story of Adam and Eve then, we have the symbol or word (curved & shapely)
tempting man (the line or rod) to consume the apple; to learn hard-making power: the
making of matter.
Learning the hard way is not always bad, nor is its' illusion of separateness
(momentum segregated by symmetry.. quantized). In this way of providing the
necessary rigor for order to be pressured/interference formed, from disorder, evil
The Fourier transform tells us all shapes are woven of sine waves. Hydrodynamics
says if you have only one substance, the primal stable shape is a torus/donut (smoke
ring) flowform. (a sine wave spun into 3D). Quantum mechanics and vortex theories
agree that cooking up matter is a question of the symmetries or phase angles of
primal toroid domain "bubbles". Thus finding a way to alphabetize the tilt or phase of
these donuts is essential to "string-up" the weave of matter out of light. Food for
thought. Existing literature had tentatively derived the Hebrew alphabet from
shadows of one log spiral strip sample off the donut. In my work with the powerful
phicycle significance of the golden mean (.618.., 1.0..,1.618..,2.618..,..) I decided to
render the spiral sample using a torus of 1.618 height vs diameter, producing a nice
apple, see picture. And I decided to use the particular log spiral which is the spiral of
the golden mean. (cf spiraling squares, & pyramid sarcophagus). Further, I chose to
use the spacing of 36 degrees between two of these spirals to map this "Flame letter",
because this generates the nested pentagrams in 2D, and nested dodecahedron in 3D.
I have mapped this shape extensively to DNA, the Planet Grid, the 12 faced zodiac,
and "new Jerusalem"/city of revelation(text:"Planet in our Heartworks"). 10 spirals of the
golden mean thus create at once, the top view of a dodecahedron and DNA, and the
shape table of phase angle origin of alpha/bet.
Since the "Flame letter" strip traced off the donut by this spiral apparently has no
symmetry, its shadow is an accurate record of it's angle or phase or tilt. Since the
shadows literally make the alphabet, peeling the apple turns out to be a way to
consume the perspectives of ONENESS. The implications are wonderful for
education, computer language.. and peace..? Imagine Hebrew and Arab children
seeing their language letters all from the slowly spinning form of one Flame Letter
strip, animated on an Apple. (Both the fruity and computer sense of the term Apple
applies here.)

The point for this article, is that these SONIC SHADOWS ON THE WALL OF THE CAVE, 'Golden Arches' are exactly the pictures the heart sounds make onto the catchers mit of the thymus, to fabricate the immune system.

This is evidenced below where we see THE EXACT SAME FREQUENCY SIGNATURE PICTURES OF THE SOUND THE HEBREW LETTERS MAKE... CREATE THE SHAPE OF THE LETTERS OPTICALLY. This is how the sonic hologram talks to the optical one. And how the "Alphabet of Symmetry of the Heart" feeds bliss to the body. (sonically).

Finding that a toroidal rotor donut shaped
rotor triggers the heartbeat is like finding
biology's information path to
Roger Penrose: "Twister Theory".. slipknots
into donuts.
As this donut rotates and tilts on its seven
spin axes, it "fires", creating and electrifying
the seven layers of heart muscle.
(Fig. 3)
7 color or region donut or toroidal
rotor which electrifies the heart,

as depicted in "When Time Breaks
Down.. Cardiac Arrhythmia"
by Arthur Winfree..

7 helically arranged layers of heart muscle tilted exactly to catch the 7 symmetry spins of
the tetrahedron (from "Field of Form")..
The heart in this sense, captures all the possible "rays" of light, and contains the whole
spectrum. Every color has space in the heart.
Later work suggests to us that our primary colors themselves are nothing more than the
tilt of the single photon donut..again defined by the tetra spins, see below..
This is to say simply, that there could never have been anything to be called "color",
except the 3D (3pair primaries) symmetry of the photon. Describing color as a simple 2D
wavelength, is as absurd as trying to truly visualize a flat 2D donut photon. Of course a donut photon
will cast shadows max width to min in ratio 1 to 2, just like the ratio of the shortest color
"wavelength" (blue) to the longest (red). (approx 440 to 880 angstroms).

Part 2: Language of the Heart's Beat?
(Literally, heart sonics make the alphabet.. of the heart..)
The timing of all biological engines in the body, originates with the heartbeat. The most
profound medical questions of maintained health, often can be resolved to cardiac arhythmia.
The Bentov literature traced the almost miraculous health benefits of intentional
relaxation/meditation, to the superconductive efficiency of the sonic phase entrainment of the
brain onto the heart. (Micromotion & capacitive accelerometric studies).
Winfree's to me brilliant and profound study "When Time Breaks Down" on cardiac
arhythmia, concludes that the electrical origins of the heartbeat are a toroidal rotor. He even
codes the phase angles of that rotor/donut using a color map, suggestive of the 7 color toroid
map we have illustrated in our accompanying computer animations-for the pure geometric
origin of color, and the sacred alphabet.
Clearly we are broaching one of the most profound mysteries of biology here. I cannot help
but wish to intuit some sketch of what may emerge.
I would like to suggest what the heart may in fact be accomplishing by the studied skew of
the phase angles (or simple wave relations) , from which it moves from electrical donut- to the
sound of the beat. The single cell is a genius for massaging broad spectral resonance into
specific UV, RF, and ELF high quality coherence with which to drive metabolism
(accomplished in large part perhaps because of the cross harmonic coherence of the dodeca
wave guide nature of genetic material). What we must bear in mind is that it is the low
frequency ELF which is the raw material from which the higher frequency protein and gene
resonances are built (the heartbeat phonon, and emotions long wave coherence are very low
frequency with respect to the cell). Thus, in a bioenergetic sense, the heart beat and emotions
long waves, are the play dough cookie cutters which determine what length tinker-toys the cell
will have to play with to make biology's nest. Essentially, all bond lengths in the cell are
harmonic tensors built from available resonances (there is no length in the cell, or anywhere,
that is not a wave-length).
Thus a pure ringing heart (of gold?), continuously feeds the cells the necessary even
tempered music necessary to weave biology. I suggest that we will increasingly discover the
specificity and rigor of this seemingly romantic idea.
Above, we sample the harmonics of the heartbeat on the digital sampling synthesizer, we
play the heartbeat symphonically up and down the scale, preserving ratio, transforming scale.
We then spectrum analyze the beat to inspect the content of harmonics (another of Bucky
Fuller's tensor equilibria?). Note the icons for the extensive available artistic editing tools for
the SHAPE of the envelope.
We can get some intuition of how the ratio and PHASE of the heterodyning toroidal electrical
waves converging at the node of the heart, is translated into sonics.

The set of possible phase angles, are literally shadowgrams AGAIN OF THE HEBREW ALPHABET.

(only the tetra tilts of the torus domains/ heart7 arrows symmetries of those tilts of the donut, produce a wave which can stand..

biology's ONLY form of memory.)

The heart sonics could be a window to the phase alphabet by
which harmonic tensors feed and program living biology.

Using the MAC we can then individually edit the harmonic tensors of the sonic compo-nents
of the heartbeat, RESYNTHESIZE the wave envelope, and replay the sound up and
down the spectrum on the synthesizer.

Using the feedback of the created sonic loop, we
test and optimize for the wave which most quickly phase entrains the sympathetic listener. Before
long we who thought we were scientists become children listening for a mothers heat of gold.
It is amazing how emotional the heart sounds are. A good example is the use of the heartbeat
in "Dolphin Dreams" Jonathan Goldman's (Sound Healers) soothing underwater birthing
Another of the blessings of the sampler are the mixing of the heart sounds with spectrally
translated envelopes from whale and dolphin sounds. Interspecies communication in the
electrical terms of pure emotion.
In summary, the area of study of the heart's harmonics leads us (predictably), to the heart of
the matter. Later, sampling the Schumann ELF electrical heartbeat of planet Earth, we shall
learn of the choreography of her tectonic nest, AND learn to phase lock with her. We are
setting up a grid of sampling stations for Earth's low frequency heartbeat, it should be an
excellent camera for her emotional outbursts (earthquakes, etc.). Ultimately as we
choreograph our global nervous system (media/events) to hers, we shall need and use this data
and feedback, to measure our success in collectively incarnating into her body.
The central structure of this rotating and tilting continues to be the golden spiral, also
called the "flame letter" or divine spark. (Fig 4)

The firing of the seven spiral layers of the heart occurs at relative angles which
are precisely the symmetry spins of the primary field of form, the tetrahedron.

Below from "Fields of Form" formerly "Vortex of Life" by Lawrence Edwards, Anthroposophic Press:

Seven Arrows: (thru the heart / possible symmetries of tetra)

As this central shape is unwrapped off the primal donut, its rotating, tilting
"spark" casts "shadows" which form the shapes
(reflections) and sounds (echoes) of the Hebrew
These "shadow-shaped" sonics are the actual
letters of the Hebrew alphabet on the seven-color
This syntax forms an alphabet of ratio that indexes the phase-ratio(n)s
of coherence (or dissonance) being propelled as pressure waves into the
pericardium, and thymus, and immune system. (Fig. 7)
Thus, this literal alphabet of letters and forms-(type) "faces"-are the
sonic shapes that program and nourish Immune Identity.
..(When these type faces-letter forms-are seen as arc-he-type-all, we
begin to see our actual lineage, or syntax, as mythological or my-th(
e)ological re-presentation).


Light Cones From the Heart:
The Geometry of the Emerald Modem.
by Dan Winter at Crystal Hill, inspired by Richard Leviton.
In "Heart' Alphabet" we illustrated the mechanics of the origin of the heart beat. To
summarize the heart muscle is seven layers. Each layer is tilted to one of the seven spin axis of
the tetrahedron. The tetra is the most symmetrical form, and consumes the most perspectives.
As the universe's most symmetric shape, it holds the most "dimensions" of memory, folded as
spin in it's shape. Thus it becomes the index of spin for the heart muscle layers, and the tilt of
the donut's strip "flame letter" origin of symbol. Even the name for heart in sonics called
"cardiod" means catchment shape of all phases (faces). We learn this shape is the very
essence of consuming perspectives, making One from many.
The mythology of the indigenous peoples called
"seven arrows", refers to this maximized
symmetry. The most fold back onto self. This IS the
heart structure. The sonic technical term
for the shape which consumes all phases (faces) is
cardioid, it means heartshape.
Thus, balancing the tilt
of the light cone-toroid-domain-
donuts, is the
essential alphabet of
biology. It is the alphabet
of (symmetry of) the heart.

Sonic phase receptivity map of a "cardioid" microphone..

How are Phases (of Sound) / Which is to say PERSPECTIVES / best "CONSUMED"

Consumed Perspective / From Many One / E Pluribus Unum.. A Cardioid / Heart of the matter?


So Now are we Ready to look at the Origin of The Alphabet as a series of sonic cookie cutter shadows on the wall of the cave of the heart?

"Golden Arches"..:


A Frequency Picture Alphabet..
... Speaking of the Shape of Sound.
In observing these spectral pictures of our alphabet...

..please re-member our usual operating hypothesis. Consider the universe as a nest of sine wave
donuts. That is, the "Fourier Transform" notion of physics which tells us ALL shapes may be seen as the addition of simple sine waves.

So breaking down the syntax of the alphabet of creation as it were, resolves again to this "how shall we make these donuts hang together in their nest". We have seen in 3D the issue of their nesting may be summed up as what symmetry the Platonic Solids allow. Specifically, tilting
our donut strip produced shadows which are Hebrew, when the amount of tilt was correct to
make the Tetrahedron faces. The tetrahedron's same symmetry or mirror axes produce all the
Platonic solids. We have suggested this is the exact cooking up process which nests the
electron donut domains into the Platonic nests (1,3,5,7 = 2,6,10,14) subshells called "Atomic
Table". Thus this symmetry nesting of the donut turns out to be the right alphabet for matter's

When the rules of what sine waves will hang together to make one bubble-surface-membrane
are considered, the origin of the immune system in phase coherence emerges. This is to say
that the simple octave of possible ratios which make emotions coherent in the Sentics
literature, weaves the membrane by nesting. Nesting is only possible when phase coherence,
simple orderliness of ratio carried between frequency, occurs.

We are ready now to look in another rather narrow little band of frequencies: that of speech.
It is true that the high voice and the deep voice may send their message in very different
octaves. However, as we shall see, the true information we call speech rides pretty much in 5
narrow octaves, regardless of the scale where the octaves are carried. This has to do with, we
might imagine, the number of wave lengths of the vocal chords carries along the length of the
tongue where its' envelope is massaged, before rolling off the tip of the tongue.
The simple number of coherent possible RATIOS which nest within this bandwidth, become
the vowel tones. If you had a tongue to put an envelope (lining up the tips of the little waves into
a bigger wave..a nest), on a carrier, what ratios could you produce? (Between carrier wave
length and envelope wave length). It does resolve to the length of the tongue massager whose
shape introduces envelope onto the singing vocal chords. Say "A,E,I,O,U", is there any other
fundamental shape left unsaid in your mouth?

Since the articulation of matter out of light resolves to this same work of getting the (phase)
ratios right among the donuts, it seems correct to SAY that proper articulation of the
harmonics of speech, may do every process necessary to create. If we get the ratio nest set
right in sound, then we shall have the skill to do it with light a few dozen octaves further up
the scale. Sound is a padded cell for us, in which to practice creation.
Getting closer to a 3D visual of the shape of the coherent pressure wave which leaves our
mouths, may be very empowering to our creative process. It may serve us well to imagine this
nest of artfully woven pressure bubbles wafting from the lips, dancing about our spaces,
weaving our dreams into shape.
And so the sonic pictures.. the frequency signatures.. the Fourier transforms... the
spectrograms... (amazing how many names we can have for SHAPE):...
first..Understanding vowel sounds from the shape of the mouth and tongue..



We have seen that the shape of alphabet (particularly Hebrew, but by ancestry most
other western alphabets), may be derived from the tilt of the donut. This donut, as a 3D
spun sine wave, brews up matter by nesting symmetrically.
Since the absolute blindingly brilliant logic of the letterforms strikes us in their
written form, it is sensible that we might look for reason, in their spoken form.
By using a phase or tilt angle template 3D holograms are "cooked up" from a film-2D
flatland. This is our symmetry space compared to those El phase turned in the next
This dimension leaping symmetry filming amounts to a literal description of what is
written sacred alphabet.

Our technology commonly uses coherent sonic holograms to switch (or modulate) optical
ones. (Examples include sonic holography in non-destructive materials testing, and
phonon/sonic zone refinement in monolithic crystal semiconductor architecture). This
coupling between sonic coherence and optical coherence suggests a pure physical creative
potential in clear speech.
Did you know that insects are often attracted to you in the forest because the sonic pressure
wave order in your breath can cause the water vapor in the air to laze and maze? Small
creature antennae architecture is a-maze with microwave intelligence. (Phillip Calahan:
"Tuning in to Nature") (A maser is a microwave-coherent laser). Bloodstream for
mindfulness in shorter creatures is shorter waves. Coherence remains the glue.

The coherent shape of the pressure wave woven bubble that leaves the mouth in articulate
speech, can be a template for the tilting of light donuts into matter.
This is particularly true if we understand the sound wave harmonic pieces of each letter as
starting a frequency cascade braid which reaches up the ladder of frequency, to light. Both
spectra are pressure waves not differentiated by substance, just wavelength and "phase"
order. Remember, there never was any data which indicated the existence of more than one
substance in the universe. Shape, and pattern/ wave and length are our only
imaginators for
separateness. Name is how we hold on, or "touch".
Below we shall see the recognition identity of the vowel tones contained in
the whole number ratios of the harmonic pieces. I like to call them "harmonic
tensors" because each wave length inside a sound envelope amounts to a
different length tinker toy.."tensor", we hand to Bucky Fuller to make a
tensegrity geodesic out of. You can't get your geodesic "membranes" right
unless the -wave- length of your tinkertoys is right to connect them all.
Since whole number octave, and golden mean, frequency ratios make the
braided donuts we call sound letters, it makes sense to understand those
same ratios as a wave guide between sound and light. It's like pouring
water into those caddeuceus shaped flow forms they use to
empower water in "Living Water".
This technique is being used for commercial sewage treatment in
Maine. Water so treated nourishes seed germination and floats logs
measureable better. ("Living Water" : Victor Schauberger).
We make pieces of the serpent that winds between frequencies,
between worlds, between octaves, between dimensions, when we
speak clearly the old words.
There are two primary antecedent references to be invoked as we
proceed into sacred alphabet roots. The first is "The Hebraic
Tongue Restored" ..and the True Meaning of the Hebrew
Words Re-established and Proved by the Radical Analysis.. by
Fabre d'Olivet, Pub: Samuel Weiser, Inc., NY. This book
started my quest into the shape origin of things, years ago.
References to this work we shall label just "d'Olivet"


The second key reference we shall use to compare our shape derivations here is: "The
Spectrograms of the Hebrew Alphabet" by Carlo Suares author of "Cipher of Genesis" et al, it
was first published in French in 1973 (Editions du Mont-Blanc, Geneva.. also available at
University of Toronto). This study on the physical origins of Hebrew was reworked into English
with commentary 11/13/74 by Fred Wolf, physicist author of "Taking the Quantum Leap","Star
Wave", "Body Quantum" et al.
This is the edition I am using courtesy of Human Dimensions Institute. References to this
second work we shall label "Suares/Wolf".
Confirming our suspicions that alphabet is real, shapely, and literally meaningful consider
d'Olivet: "...the first inventors of the literal alphabet, unique source of all the literal alphabets
in actual use upon the Earth,.. drew from NATURE ITSELF the FORM of these characters,
relative to the meaning which they wished to attach to them." In his work d'Olivet goes on to
do a complete radical retranslation of Genesis, completely rooted in the study of the meaning of
these SHAPES themselves. He translated the first words: "At-first-in principle.. the premium
mobile, an acting principle".
It is clear in Fred Wolf's look with Suares at Hebrew, the sense of bootstrapping, nestedness,
embeddedness.. fascinated him. He repeatedly refers to the tabulated gematric array for
Hebrew Quabbalah as akin to the periodic table. You can get one
sense of this from noting the way each letter in Hebrew is spelled out itself. So that Aleph is
spelled Aleph-Lammed-Phay, which I translate to meaning Aleph-the continuous octave
harmonic series, turning the L phase shift corner into Phay-Phi-Golden Mean-PhiCycle-Physical.
Quoting Suares and Wolf: "the anatomic chart of Aleph shows that it confers life to
the undifferentiated Phay and thus initiates the process Eloh.., mystically and traditionally
Similarly, it is said that by spelling out the spelling out of each word of each sentence of
Hebrew, it is (Homeopathically?) unpacked into seven distinct "self-embedded" bootstrapped?
levels of meaning.
Lastly, as you look at the spectral pictures of the letters, try to get a sense of a sequence of
cookie cutter like phonemes waxing from the mouth. Note that every time the "aaah" sound
passes somewhere in a phoneme letter, that part of the letter picture is filled the same way. So
that in the end you will be able to paint sound pictures with your speech. It is as if someone
first looked at the Hebrew letterforms, defined by donut creation mechanics, and said we can
make a pressure impression by the shape of which frequency layers of sound are excited in
sequence by speech. It is helpful to understand that the energy envelope quality of a speech
bubble, sends a momentum vector between frequencies ACCORDING TO THE RATIO ONLY
OF THE HARMONICS contained in the sound. Can you imagine a being whose senses include
a visual kind of impression of the harmonics of speech?
Kind of like perfect pitch, synesthesia... seeing the aura of sound.
Compare your impression of shape with the letterform, and it's meaning:
Aleph: The continuous octave (power 2) harmonic series of the "aah"
tone, turns around an L phase transition, to feed the Phi cycle
ratio spiral which translates vorticity from line to circle,
energy to matter. The concluding Ph suggests not the landing in
either rotation called matter, or linear flow called energy, but
rather the "Always Left" translation between them which
connection ennervates li(ph) ..life.
d'Olivet: "Aleph: Man himself as collective Unity.. sign of power
and stability...expresses unity and the principle by which it is
Suares/Wolf: "Aleph: ..supreme energy, subtle, alive, ..it is
relative... can be seen to move at infinite speed and thus evade
time.." (as a fourier series based on Phi could/ or must).

d'Olivet: "The mouth of man as organ of speech; his interior; his
habitation, every central object..............Virile and Paternal
sign: image of active and interior action."
Suares/Wolf: "is any container, any physical container, any
gestalt. It is the first or primary divisor or separator for to
contain or hold is to separate that which is held from that which
isnot. It is the primary act of consciousness recognizing
itself. If Aleph is spiritual, Bayt is material."
The sense of container making envelope, as Bayt is a container,
suggests the metaphor of the creation of membrane as origin of immune
self/not self identity.