'Soft' Spot in the Earth's Head DIMPLES to be BORNE into The Solar Storm / Phirey Orgasmic Moment.... May 2000?

by Dan Winter 1/18/99 url pics & links live: ../phirestorm , other articles: ../sitemap.html


The warp and woof of a geomagnetic storm at NASA Space Science news..

quoting:"Part of that energy can be concentrated when the CME (Solar Coronal Mass Ejection / 'SunBurp") washes over a large object, like the Earth and its invisible shield, the magnetosphere, that is generated by the Earth's magnetic field." endquote..

What in the name of birthing, can it mean to CONCENTRATE (make spin dense?), an arriving wave of charge? (hint: 'to dimple or not to dimple, THAT is the question...)

Do you see something sperm and egg like in the Earth's charge relation to the Sun?..

(1/21/2000-Sun ties knot for us, at the moment this article was written?(click to animation)


"Galaxies create quasars, which grow into galaxies
which create galaxy clusters... the universe has

If an observer could study a large part of the
universe over a long time, it would resemble a
simple life form."

-- Martin Kokus
from a great article called
Toward A New Paradigm
The Frontier Perspectives,
The Center for Frontier Sciences,
Temple University

Image from "Theory of Celestial Influence"Rodney Collin,adapted, as discussed at Seed and the Egg: Earth Inseminates Galaxy :

"If you model the planets of the solar system in 3D helical motion as the sun rotates around a central galactic egg, then animate the spin paths helically, you get an image which looks like a sperm. Since the Earth grid is Dodeca. the shadow of it's magnetic wratchet would be the Solar System's sperm's GENE's (DNA). The head of the sperm is the sun, WHOSE SOLAR FLARE MAGNETICS timing NOT ONLY ASSUME THE SYMMETRY OF DNA CODON SEQUENCING - magnetic whispers to wake up the genes? (THE MAYAN CALENDAR), BUT ALSO HAVE THE SHAPE OF THE ENZYMES AT THE HEAD OF THE HUMAN SPERM WHICH ARE DESIGNED TO DISSOLVE THE MEMBRANE OF THE HUMAN EGG!! (Gaia's-lactic-core..galactic core impregnation by the solar system Sperm with the WILD OATS of our genome?)

-note here, there has been immense and intriguing speculation about the location of the node/black hole/centriole/CHEM-from the blackness, around which the Sun precesses... Bentov in "The Cosmic Book" showed the 'wandering black holes' (title of recent astronomy articles), which choreographed replication in helical spermogenesis the scale of huge galactic complexes, to LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THE CENTRIOLES AT THE PODAL ENDS OF THE MAGNETIC X, DURING CELL DIVISION. He further noted that zooming into the SHAPE alphabet of those great galactic black holes, he saw the sacred letterforms, ANKH, ALPHA & OMEGA etc. These black hole wave guide cookie cutters produced the ritual wave pattern as eddy's in their wake, which we call helical celllular and intergalactic replication. (similar morphologies). "THEIR SHAPE AND THEIR NAME AND PURE PRINCIPLE AND THE NATURE OF THEIR SERVICE ARE ONE! (Apologia for Cymatics /Macrodynmaics / The 'Sensitivve Chaos' of Chaldni..) THE UNIVERSE CONSTITUTES EVERYTHING THAT CAN BE NAMED .. (stand as wave in the donut alphabet phi-re letter of permission to touch non-destructive sacred symmetry). Also see, the true Enochian / Ophanim alphabet, glyph structure for time penetrant wave re-entry in the movie Stargate, at Black Hole, Bardo Quest and Heart of Orion (bottom glyph depictions), 8x8 array = DNA codon / I Ching / center of Mayan Calendric.



This article celebrates the arrival of the Orgasm waves of the sun, May 2000, Magnetic Peak, Alignment..

Principles depicted at:Solar Eclipse 99: Grid Magnetics go to Zero, Time for Heart's Re-Pent?

and.. Eye of the Sun: How To Embed for Aug 11 & Ur Na Sha Imprinting

, it is a follow up to the original article:

How Does PHI/Golden Mean Based (Charge) Recursion Create Dimple Inside Out-Ness?

An 'Arguelles' ism: Unless the collective embedded indigenous DREAM SPELL becomes the collective conscious instead of UNconscious, Earth will be..."blown away in the magetic wind of the sun".. exerpt from ../america "The failure of the symmetrically collected root racial DREAM SPELL, -gathered lucid dream- if unassembled/un-coherent or not-embedded would FATALLY PERMIT OUR PLANET TO BE "BLOWN AWAY IN THE MAGNETIC WIND OF THE SUN". " It is simple, add embedding (coherence lucid dream emotion / centering force) to the songline wormholes which sew up the tectonics, and you hold your Ab-original continent together. As any feng-shooeeee'd Oriental can tell you, panic can CAUSE Earthquakes.


I would like to suggest to you that the top pictures here IN ADDITION TO BEING HOW THE EARTH'S POLE DIMPLES TO RECEIVE THE SUN'S PHI-RE STORM, are also at once literally the electrical picture of:


-proper orgasmic moment of conception, seen from the perspective of an egg / zygote


-the human aura at the moment of REAL falling in love..


-initiation into star penetrating 'tantric swoon'.. (see MAGda, ../magdalen - part 2 especially)

 inset: links to 'tantric swoon' meanings..

ORIGINS GenePool Gets Remothered: Self Stinging is Dragonian to Golden ONE
... of PhI-logic: Primal Remothering For Genepools..   ... when she came out of her "tantric swoon" she knew she needed to know why her father's sperm tornadoeing into her mother's egg arrived containing ...anger
../origins/ - 79k - 1999-09-20

Kundalini: A Web Conversation
... of memory storage in biology.. feel it in your bones!. The true PRINCIPLE was storing the tantric swoon of Magda for proper star mapping at the glandular level for true pentration ../kundalini/kundalin.html - 31k - 1999-12-19

OrionGen of Arthur: Blood Of Merkabbah:When Messiahs are Vampiric?
... powder or genetic engineer)(DNA loses self steerage/ time travel orientation). Magdalen's tantric swoon with Jesus was star penetrating (as her templar dictation where to put gothic cathedrals to make ...dodec/embed/launch genetic memory...
../blood/index.html - 134k - 1999-12-10

ElDorado & The Re-Penting of America:Pictorial Map to America's Geomantic Global
... to the stars.. in order to re-join the body of her tantric partner Jesus (see the "Tantric Swoon" of Magdalen in the book "Magdalen Mystery" by Kent of Sante Fe..).
../eldorado/ - 29k - 1999-09-05

Peshmehten: Deep Space Nine
Ref: "Mars/Earth Enigma" by DeAnna Emerson. Magda's capactive memory of tantric swoon with jesus, recorded piezoelectrically in shin and skull bone, is classic vessel for Orion Queen transmission.. aka skull/bones regulate psychoactives -drug cartel in templar/pirate/CIA..
../peshmehten/index.html - 35k - 1999-09-19

...for a whole planet grid/genepool?


When a solar storm is arriving, NASA battens down the hatches on her satellites. We prepare for weather upheaval, earthquakes. In the series of arriving Solar maxima associated with the Millenium, and continuing until at least 2012, our May 2000, combined Solar Peak and Planetary Alignment is one of the biggest.

We discussed at the links above (Solar Eclipse 99: Grid Magnetics go to Zero, Time for Heart's Re-Pent? & Eye of the Sun: How To Embed for Aug 11 & Ur Na Sha Imprinting ) , the wave mechanics of how we should prepare as a planet for THE APPROPRIATE TEST OF WHO SHOULD SURVIVE COMPRESSION NON-DESTRUCTIVELY. (../scaleinvariant ).

Some of the levels of preparation include:

- move to where long wave grid lines dimple / re-pent successfully (good starting summary at ../eldorado )

- become more scale invariant by installing labyrinth, stone circle, druid circle, dimpling magnetic inversion permission in you back yard, and on your altar..

- sit totally still after deep breathing at the still point node.. near the sacred center of your circle.. until the magnetism converges enough to cause you to tingle, and every incomplete/not rendered shareable emotion comes bubbling to the surface of your mentation. Spit the mucous, and enter deeper phire...

- notice which hygiene elements enable you to sustain more of that voltage..

Good= Deep Breathing in spring water bath..., Live Food, Life away from 60 cycle, regular sleep in phase with the Sun...

Bad= Addictive / Mucosal / Stimulant Lifestyle- Caffeine, Tobacco, Drugs, Medicine Overreliance..

Tell your politicians to stop cutting huge magnetic lines. Highway engineers and construction site builders need to know where the bioregional magnetics wire to the bigger Earth Dodeca grid.. BEFORE engaging bulldozers and dynamite.

An interesting clue to how the spin density increase in the Sun's phirey hydrogen core affects all life lies in the shape at

THE HEART OF THE SUN.. (link)Heart of The Sun: Perfecting 7/5 Turning Inside Out Solar Heart Symmetry

and as discussed at Suction Steers! Implosion Makes Waves: Creating a TORRENT thru your Heart

In summary, we have learned that the 5/7 slip knot donut recursion perfect symmetry of the ANU (heart of hydrogen) and the shape of the Human Heart Muscle slip knot, and the shape of the Heart of the Sun seen clairvoyantly, IS ALL THE EXACT SAME PICTURE.

same 5/7 10/14 d/f valence dodec/icos fractal slip knot in the shell geometric "star dumbell" for GOLD..see Paranormal Observations of ORMEs Atomic Structure

and ...The ANU ..(clairvoyants name, shown in physics to be 3 ANU / Quark , 9=hydrogen, by:) "Stephen Phillips graduated in theoretical physics ... currently
collaborating with a Buddhist clairvoyant to investigate shadow matter particles and
the higher-dimensional, superstring structure of subquarks and electrons."

This means by fractal morphic resonance the spin phase inertia of any of them, AFFECTS THEM ALL ALIKE. So at a superluminal and sub.qunatum level EACH HYDROGEN ATOM, (centerpiece of microhydrin for example), AND HUMAN HEART, is directly impacted we might say AT IT'S COEUR, when the Sun orgasms.

This is also more than pretty new age poetry, it is hard quantum physics. We begin to discover as certain variables we had considered fundamental constants BEGIN CHANGING..... The Self-Reproducing Inflationary Universe, Andrei Linde, Scientific American, November 1994 pp. 48-55 , AND... "Specifically, suppose that the fundamental constants change a little. "



Remember the spiritual admonition that structures made with unshareable intent would melt as the 'rapture' approached. (Weapons of war will become as dust in your hands....). Well the physics is that spin density at the atomic level cannot maintain coherence without consistent internal recursion even and especially at the sub quantum levels. Since this is so intimately linked to the fields you hold close to your heart, ultimately the environmental magnetism you have hooked your star to, will determine whether you float or sink. (Does the magnetic line map of the back yard where you sleep look like a rose or a tangle? )

Another way to language this, is that the more you adapt your lifestyle to embedding max life force, and spin recursion, the more you will PAY YOUR DEBT TO GRAVITY. Since self similarity among wave spheres is what creates the implosion we call gravity, arranging yourself to be more embedable makes you eventually more of an attractor to gravity's charge implosion than the Earth underneath you. This "siddhi" of floating, commonly filmed in Transcendental Meditation is often linked to intense tailbone eros of kundalini, appropriately.

Our local galactic neighborhood becomes awash with the PHIRE-STORM of this density. This 'PHOTON CLOUD' which is poorly understood in both 'new age' and astronomy circles, is actually the MAGNETIC CONCRESCENCE which occurs maximally when not only is there planetary alignments, but as the solar system comes into greater alignment with the galactic plane perpendicularity: "Erection of the Solar Cross", ref: Nick Fiorenza. Stars like the Sun, "experience interplanetary gravity relations erotically" (Gurdjieff), like a bloodstream. This is the network of superluminal worms depicted in "Contact" and "Deep Space Nine", & Peshmehten (Hopi).Peshmehten: Deep Space Nine

Heavy metal magnetic structures failing to phase embed, at quantum levels, will generate sufficient heat in order to soon destroy themselves. (To be superconductive, see the Bucky cube-octa/icosa jitterbug molecules, IS TO BE LITERALLY HEART CENTERED!) In addition to the physics of the destruction of non-embedable heavy metal structures etc, this is also a description of what happens as the great charge density of human emotion stored piezoelectrically in muscle, is sorted for which are SHAREABLE/EMBEDABLE. In other words, people who live lives requiring many secrets and many hi-maintenance false faces, will (by lack of self-similarity to link the fractionating lines of their schizophrenia together), begin to MORE QUICKLY FALL APART.

Most of this is really old news to students of spiritual life. Here above we just offered some hints at new ways to create a self empowering physics to visualize deep spiritual law IN PRINCIPLE FOR YOURSELF. In this way you begin to enact the wave mechanics of the coeur of the collective mind in your own heart and psyche consciously. As you lie still in your sacred bed, and you feel that little torrent of inner lightning begin to get deeper, you let it flow in deeper more electrically conductive perfect relaxing, knowing in the lightning is the phone call to ..."the DNA core". (better than phoning God?)

It has been interesting the flack and humor which has resulted from the comment in the previous article ( How's The Radiance of Your Magnetic X Today? ) about: "the field effect of the collective self aware DNA genepool, childishly named 'GOD' by the weak minded". What a human blessing to have this great emotive tingle at your DNA bliss core, which informs you of a great genepool wide loving presence. WHY IS IT BETTER TO CALL IT "the field effect of the collective self-aware genepool", RATHER THAN TO CALL IT "GOD".

I submit to you, it is for the same reason, the learning of biologists would be far better served by substituting the words "I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS" every time they were tempted to use the word "INSTINCT". An ugly ignorant label for the presence of ignorance itself, will usually fool the psyche into pretending ignorance has been overcome. So am I suggesting the word GOD is "An ugly ignorant label for the presence of ignorance itself"? Far more often has the word GOD been used on our planet to refer to lo grade interventionist reptilians like Enlil (Yalweh), than any useful genepool wide star penetrating field effect of self-aware genetic presence. I challenge any really skilled clairvoyant to argue with me that the vast majority of the bliss pumping out making activity on this planet currently labeled religion, (starting with most of the so called Catholic "Mass".. drink whose blood?), is anything more than astral parasitism. This conversation is also about why millions have been murdered in the name of religion for calling their DNA ringing inner voice, GOD. (Jon -scion/branch of the ARC ). While (& I am cautiously testing this here on this kindergarden planet now), no one has yet been murdered for calling their inner voice, the piezoelectric genepool wide embedding RING of the DNA's distributable CHARGE. See: Pure Principle is a Richer Name than God or Good or Evil , Why Life Force Whispering in DNA Does Not Want to be Called: "God or Good or Evil"..

So here we have it. The DNA coeur is the non-linearity of the hydrogen (ANU?) bond at the center of the gene's codon zipper, which wratchets the superluminal lightning into the sword up the worm. AND THIS IS ALSO THE MORPHOLOGY OF THE SUN'S HEART DIRECTLY.

Do you remember the stories about why tiny infants head tops grow over the soft spot there slowly. One mythology has it that the weft and woof of the skull bones knit ultimately in dodeca. Into that dimple pour the cone head sweetener of the classic Sirian Tut skull, made conic necessarily by the squeeze of getting more brain mass thru a birth canal. The same squeeze is what phase locks the birth bond massage into astrology's capacitive star map imprinting of the incarnation. Loss of that 'bond of power' squeeze Ceasar's section results in battling against the Druid's (mother), a Galling war. If that squeeze into density should finish in proper maturity the inrush finishes up the spine juice maturing into the kundalini nectar juice pouring so over the pining pineal as to push the cone tip up thru the skull, making it pointier again.

Look closely again at the end of the solar coronal mass ejection animation at the top here, do you see where the skull cap softening dimple of Earth's polar 'head' is receiving the solar kunda shock? Where the smoke ring of the suns blown love donut lands on the Earth's head dimple, we could call it a turning inside out "O" - zone. Right where the ozone hole opens. (We soften to the uv of the sun - now we are massaged to 'metabolize starlight directly').

from the original chapter:

 IN AN ATMOSPHERE OF FEELING: Back in the Ozone Again
As I finished reading the entire text of the peacenet computer conference on the environment.."Ozone hole Spreads" I realized that "On the Surface" it looks like the poor countries can blackmail the rich to techno-aid their growth lest they poison their environment as bad as we (the rich) already have.

And then there's the latest on the OZONE economy, the macro-economics of who does what to save the ozone. The comparison to Wilhelm Reich's ORGONE economy is the objective of this article. James DiMeo's Orgone Institute is building rainmaking cloudbusting gear for continent wide weather control. It could be life threatening if we don't have a good planetary kind of perspective on what the real function of biology (for Earth right now that means mostly the production of human biological mass) is for the long term survival of planetary metabolism.

Ozone is the study of the O or circle of added spin given to O-X/Y-gene (oxygen) when impregnated with lightning. I can't forget my mother's anxious face when she got home too soon during our childhood ozone producing Tesla coil spark experiments. The atmosphere in the home was explosive in more ways than one.

To be "Back in the O-Zone Again" is to be back where the circle or wet making or mass making or symmetry making or memory making power of spin survives. Circle making power for waves is only possible when symmetry is known. Hence only that which makes a mass (ritually) of light makes membrane store memory. (The Earth grid and the cell membrane both use symmetry to store fold, touch onto surface -- "stand and wave darling.") That's why symmetry is the only alphabet which we could use to store memory.
(It's also why the current ratio of long wave to short is the definition of E-motion, as in Sentics; only that packs feeling for storage.)

So, as God said, it was more than my desire that lightning should perform the same good turn of ritual on O-xy-gene as it does on primal soup to make living proteins. Add spin to anything (dynamic balance entirely), and you initiate an experiment in sharing on a longer wave. Either the oxygen in the first case, or the primal proteins auditioning for biology in the second case, find new center and new symmetry adding another axis of spin, (the definition of entering a new dimension) or the stuff flies apart. Catching lightning is tricky business as any double Scorpio kundalini aficionado will tell you.

So spin making power is right up there with grid making power in the clue to what biology should teach planets in order to be part of what lives. Li-ph.. Lo-ph.. El-eye-ph(i), El-O-ph(i) is a calculus of forms based only on what is inside versus what is outside membrane brackets ( ( () ) ).

If biology teaches light to do its thing right, then rocks (planets) turn green. Mineral gets metabolized and becomes recursive in the form called biology/consciousness, truly a merry go-round. You see this is the stuff which Earth could export to gaia's lactic (galactic) spaces. The memory of how to metabolize starlight (temporarily masquerading as mineral) directly into biology is truly epic filmmaking. However if we don't perfect that trick here on terra, then we would be bad seed for her gaia's lactic core. (This film is X rated).

So as our (p)lot thickens: The move Total Recall was about mineral mining for memory to get an atmosphere on Mars. Zacharia Sitchens "Genesis Revisited" is about the Annuki starseeds starting Earth's genepool while mining to restore atmosphere to their home planet. They needed gold (perfect electron symmetry), to seed atmosphere. Sitchen, and Woods in GenIsis, and Hoagland in his "Face On Mars" Cydonia work all agree that the loss of the atmosphere on Mars was an error in grid engineering. (According to many, Mars was a staging area for mining on Earth.) The reason the face on Mars and it's pyramids are a perfect reflection of the Sphinx pyramid Giza complex here, is because they were built by the same culture, experimenting with the same issue -- making symmetry in the grid to keep atmosphere and breathe easier.

Now here come the little parochial Earth scientists scratching their Ozone hole wondering if this is the first/last time our genepool will come up against the question: "What keeps an atmosphere nestled about a planet?"
What makes a stone green: At-moss-sphere! Seems like knowing what makes sphere circle out of line-light is a clue to atmossphere.

Actually, Sitchen, and many others say that what happened was that the grid engineers on Mars miscalculated the impending effect of an incoming asteroid in knocking the atmosphere off Mars. Barbara Clow says Chiron and Marduk periodically whammy the Earth, spinning up the doorway between ages. Few would deny that a good upcoming grid wiggle is going to affect wet making power on Earth.

You get the flavor -- rising wet making power.
So what makes wet-making power (The transliteration of the word Ieve, as in Adam and. . .), and what ought we to do/know about it?

The Orgone technique for cloud busting, metal columnar pipes stuck in a river pointed at cumulo-nimbus, while effective, pales in overall flavor to inviting even the most mildly psychokinetic pubescent young folk (the twinkling eye sort) to focus a burn hole into a distant cloud with their minds. It is of course important that the exercise is presaged by a discussion of what it means to "ask permission." In this context, the percentage of those who can do this mental cloud busting is exquisitely high.

"Precipitation" is defined as molecules which gather to order. The order to gather is the seed. Water vapor becomes water drop when a fractal path is provided to call them to order. Certainly this could be visualized as a cascade from short separate molecular bond waves, to longer molecular chain/waves called "a drop." Focus in human nervous tissue makes coherent long waves. This is touch making power, literally the nesting of a grid.

One more thing, remember the politics of booting infesting shapeshifting reptilians off this planet, was conquering enough shapeshifters in congress to change the (pump gold to Orion) economy's drive to reduce Oxygen. (Edison's war on Tesla was a war to reduce O^2 which favored reptilian DNA over bird tribe/ophanic. Tesla by Energy without wires, and nonlinear gravitic generation would have prevented the nightmare he foresaw of the smog over LA. ). A lo grade shapeshifter cannot inhabit a high oxygen environment. (Remember that causing all government decision making to happen in atmosphere's over 20% O^2 would end our Reptilian shapeshifting problem!, not to mention aids and cancer. McCabe is still sending this message from jail.)

The harbinger of Oxygen loss is the ozone hole. To keep ozone present in the high atmosphere, requires enough centering force (collective planetary self awareness/bliss/ECKstatic) to turn that solar dimple into the lightning bolt WHAT IS EXACTLY WHAT TURNS OZYGEN TO OZONE. This is like using the solar arc that spins simple carbon trigonal bond up into the dodeca Buckminsterfullerene. Oxygen seen clairvoyantly is helical ("Occult Chemistry" Leadbeater & Besant), as is the arc which spins O^2 into Ozone. Spin converging by braid into order to make spin dense and sustainably recursive, has many names. Clearly, providing some etheric weft and woof to aid Earth to 'Come Touch the Sun", at the crown dimple, is a collective genepool task. Many friends have felt the tingle above my skull top (rather over pointy). There is a cool penetrating tingle there, particularly during stronger kundalini, EXACTLY LIKE THE FEEL OVER THE METALLIC RADIANT ELEMENT OF POINT SOURCE NEGATIVE ION GENERATOR. DC magnetic negativity is a name for concrescing centripedal charge convergence - the initiation of 'turning inside out-ness': DIMPLING! - (ref: Understanding the Biological Effects of Magnetic Polarity as a simple flux twister flowing either OUTWARD/CENTGRIFUAL/Positive versus INWARD CENTRIPEDAL/Negative. )

I challenge you to imagine from where on the Earth's crown came the radiance which Buryl Payne measured the several occasions when planet wide media events had enough children singing in unison to change the solar magnetics dramatically.

( "The Power of Thought to Influence the Sun",Buryl Payne at: buryl.com , buryl@earthlink.net , burylpayne@buryl.com, PsychoPhysics Labs, 4264 Topsail Ct., Soquel, CA 95073, Buryl's other papers on the effects of BioMagnetics and Oxygen online are great, I suggested he upload his work on the Sun influences...)