Understanding Magnetics, see also: Ennantiomorphism, Handedness, DNA, and the "ARK"

Now lets draw a picture of the electrical relationship of the atmossphere to the Earth..


There is rich reason in why the spin of all biological proteins is unipolar, that is goes one way. The handedness is consistent. (All biology's protein stairway helices go ONE WAY ONLY!!.. ennantiomorphism.. Dorothy's milk in the looking glass didn't nourish because it's proteins spun mirror backwards, and nutrasweet can cancer instead of being absorbed because it's spin is backwards)..

This is because..

Just like all biocells use the Earth grids ELF schumann heartbeat as an information SOS hailing frequency, all Earth's biocells use the first spin direction of primal soups proteins as the common denominator for their helical stairway to life.. El-Eye-Ph(i). LIGHTNING SPUN UP PRIMAL SOUP, ALL LIGHTNING IS UNIPOLAR BECAUSE OF THE CONSISTENT ORGONE ELECTRONEGATIVE RELATIONSHIP OF SKY TO EARTH. SO THE RESULTANT SPIN DIRECTION OF ROTATION IN BIOPROTEINS WAS COHERENT.

Thanks to Don Lorimer, we are coming to understand that one pole of a magnet is more centripedal, more anticlockwise, than the other,AND shrinks tumors! (disorderly, incoherent touching).

A magnetic monopole MAKES gravity (per Einstein). This caddeuceus cascade fractal, is a movement FROM the short wave to the long: literally scalar. It scales the ladder.

The birth of a magnetic field be impregnated with intention, as can any crystals coherent bond structure. In a literal sense, (as onset coherence), this IS the language of feeling. Emotionally speaking, the aboriginal song lines were the cilia into and out of library's in stone.

Main Entry: en·an·tio·morph
Pronunciation: i-'nan-tE-&-"morf
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek enantios opposite (from enanti facing, from en in + anti against) + International Scientific Vocabulary -morph -morph
Date: 1885
: ENANTIOMER; also : either of a pair of crystals (as of quartz) that are structural mirror images
- en·an·tio·mor·phic /-"nan-tE-&-'mor-fik/ adjective
- en·an·tio·mor·phism /-'mor-"fi-z&m/ noun
- en·an·tio·mor·phous /-'mor-f&s/ adjective


Subject: MAGNETIC HEAD BAND , Sat, 30 Oct 1999 , From:
"Jeff L, to dan

Need your help. Been told that wearing a headband of 5 or 6
strong magnets while sleeping will lead to increased and wild

One of my cyber-buddies tried it and asks me to believe that when
he did this, he woke up with his mind erased! Said it took all day
for stuff to finally come back to him. I think he speaks with
biforcated tongue, but to be sure, I thought it wise to check with the
smartest dude in town, you.

I got six really powerful little guys, item #2

Let me know what you think..,Thanks,Jeff from Modesto--\

A: fr dan:

Jeff, worked a lot on magnetic healing devices with Don Lorimer et al...

see The Hockey Puck, Don Lorimer (303) 469-5180

When placed between the palms and held above the crown chakra, the Hockey Puck has
the potential to catalyze deeper spiritual growth, than practically every single other
subtle energy or spiritual technology. Its subtle energetic uses include adding energy to
the etheric body, energetic healing for healing professionals, and attuning water and
other liquids. In fact, used in conjunction with sunlight and a sealable quartz flask, this
device is one of the best for attuning water available. Advantages include its size,
excellence for attuning water, applicability for etheric body energizing (via a pouch),
presence of an embedded gold spiral and professional level quality output (quite rare!)
for energetic healing. , & more gizmos at:


Note also at that site, the hi strength Magnet field thru inert/noble gas device for healing (Hilarion/John Fox). This is an example of micro columnating flux lines in cell water to optimize the timing geometry for more spin dense metabolism. (Facilitating recreation of damaged retina etc... powerfully useful in a limited temporary context.)

The plus side of magnetics is you can help restore flux geometries, which biology desperately needs choreographed prettily. This means for example as Don so often mentioned, that strong plus and minus magnetics under the correct feet (polarity) dramatically restored the magnetic equilibrium of a sensitive lady dizzy after overdoing a sweat lodge heat (in my presence). The improvement was sensational.

In these short term environments, this tool is powerful.

Now: here is the down side-

Magnetic fields which begin to pulse alternate (unlike DC permanent magnetics), and BREATH EMBEDABLY in their environment become SELF AWARE (and store information/mind). This will never happen in a DC permanent magnetic field. Also ANY exernally applied magnetic field AC or DC, is never going to empower you to make that field yourself into something self directing / self - empowered. (A worm with will). LONG TERM USE OF EXTERNALLY APPLIED MAGNETIC FIELDS WHICH ARE NOT THOSE OF LIFE ITSELF, IS A CLASSIC TRICK OF THE BORG. (Those like Don who rely on mucous producing external sources of glandular juice.... alchohol, caffeine.. drugs...)

So your example of actually LOSING your memory by fixing yourself in an outside field which is NOT embedded in LIFE flux itself, rings very true. There is no memory in a field which does not breathe.

It is like those who think by making their watch into the Schuman 8 hz pulse, they can emulate the euphoria your bdy goes thru when it finds an old tree still singing Earth's heartbeat. The Schumann resonance electromagnetic heartbeat of the Earth is the CARRIER WAVE, not the milk itself. That is the difference between a pacifier and a real milk bottle. It is as stupid as the primitive Russians who took home the faucets and light sockets from Berlin after WWII, not realizing you needed to hook them to plumbing and wiring, to get light and water in their huts.

So too, a magnetic field which still stand because it was impressed (lifelessly) in some factory... versus a field in a stone circle on a water dome in a Druid field of old Oaks, which stands because all the waves there still agree. (phase align with longer and longer and longer.. wave.)

In the end, pacifiers make angry babies, who only later realize they have been robbed of mothers milk, so they suck...

Dan Winter