In-PHI-Knit Charge Compression: The Heart of the Gravity Well?

Would Phi optimized recursion / embedded perfect the gravity well / field effect which 'traps' mass?

Pressures concresce, add and multiply wave fronts to implosion center,

non-destructively by Phi ratio perfect heterodyning.

(click on image for 'perfect nesting/branching/embeding' Phi derived grail animation)


Until we penetrate to - the PURE PRINCIPLE of what gravity is

(charge embedding/imploding by Phi ratio into perfect self-similarity/recursion)

we amy be chasing coke bottles in "Gods Must be Crazy"


A letter to Greenglow at Egroups, , "(btw, rapidly becoming the european reference point on antigrav)"

from Dan Winter 4/12/2000 url: ../phiknit , related articles ../sitemap.html ,

This article specifically continues the Fusion Implosion series: / animations: Fusion-Phi Phenomenon-Unlocking Ultimate PHIre. ,../fusion ,

and: Seeing Stars - the Holy Grail of 'Cold' Fusion, & the Palladium Dodeca.. ../seeingstars/index.html

And Yesterdays: Phi trap to online sonic implosion experience test at Sacred'Merkabbah'Frequencies-Tuning Attention/Implosion Sounds- Anatakarana and the 'Phi-ish' Rainbow Bridge ../antakarana

this letter was composed in response to:

Subject: antigrav list, Tue, 11 Apr 2000 , "fernando franco" <>
Hi Dan!!
My name is Fernando Franco, 34, argentinian, regular guy.

I clearly do not hope you to remember, but i´m someone who wrote to you like
one year ago to suggest you could roughly organize your site´s files into
some main areas, namely phi info itself (sacred geo), and vast application
areas, such as emotions (heart material), earth grid, physics (atoms and
zeropoint), etc. Also to include a small intro for non technical people.

I was very happy to notice some time after that that, within possibilities
(namely, not re-writing your hole site), you did so (does not matter a bit
if following my letter or not, the relevant bit being it got done, which
allowed a lot more people to access your inmensely important info, and to do
so better).

(refers to Article Index: Sacred Geometry Sitemap: ../sitemap.html )

My sincere congratulations, dan, you did great again!!! =)


I´m writing to you this time to bring another subject to your atention. It´s
the going on´s of the theory of everything/antigrav community.

As you know, there are a few groups, people and forums working on this.
Some, however, concentrate more key people than others, and become somehow
more pivotal in the evolution of the community as a whole.

Well, it so happens that there exists at the moment one such group. And that
because of their particular situation, your contribution to it, would you
care to consider it, would be most effectual. Tilting.

Why do I say so? What have I seen?
Just a few of them still view reality in terms of "things". Matter.
Particles. Objects. They still describe in terms of particles and forces.
Most of them are in several degrees of seeing everything as waves. Some are
still discussing if this is valid, some already had devised whole theories
in those terms. Most of descriptions at this level are in terms of fields
interactions and waves (either transverse, longitudinal and solitons
formulations, or in the more advanced cases, waves cascades). Current status
of discussion is if this waves cascades have "centers", and if so, how to
formulate them.
And...that´s it!!!!
No more.
No golden mean.

Altough a few of them are aware of the golden mean, none have yet made the
They lack spine, dan. They lack the golden mean to pass from waves views
(chunks of coherence), to seeing all as one. To pass to just one wavefunction.

To singularity physics. To a cascade of nested singularities.

Cause of that, I´m writing to you.
I´m in the point of having to choose if to start sending post after post
sending them to your site, or if to ask you if would you consider joining
and making a couple of contributions specially tailored for them, for what
they need.

The group I´m referring to is the Greenglow list at
(btw, rapidly becoming the european reference point on antigrav)

People there? Ross Tessien, Milo Wolff, Jean Louis Naudin, Jhan Davis,
Vesselin Petkov, Catherine Thompson, Jack Sarfatti, John Schnurer, Daniel
Lapadatu, Matti Pitkanen,..well, and several more.

Care to drop me a line about what do you think?
I can ampliate on whatever doubt you may have.

Fernando Franco

So, Fernando here on some thoughts.....comment to message: 1417

"What actually structures the fine structure, the variations in the Phi density, the various states
of "Matter" (condensed electromagnetic waves of various "States") and what is it?.

This leads inevitably to the idea of a "Superfield" of morphogenic
qualities, which has a "Ground state" and is able to order (And interact)
with the "Condensed wave structures" (matter) and the pure wave structures,
(EM waves of conventional properties) and also I predicate an intermediate
state, neither condensed wave structure (Matter) , which I call WCS for
short, WAVE CONDENSED STRUCTURE, or "Pure" EM phenomena. I predicate the
intermediate states as having scalar properties, and tying together the two
basic states, WAVE/MATTER, as percieved by Us.

I predicate that Time is a scalar soliton wave structure, of spherical
form, starting at the original explosion point of the big bang, and having
standing soliton waves extending sphericly to the limits of the Universe.
The seperation of the standing soliton waves is the Planck distance.
(Quantum phenomena become explicable, instead of mad, for the first time.).
There are difficalties with the curveture of space-time at first glance,
until You remember the spherical structure. The space-time curvature can be
calculated, and this gives in turn a size for the Universe. The Universe We
live in is "Bounded" and finite in size therefor. Itmust therefor be
contained within an external structure. (We live in a "closed-off" space
time continum.) What lies beyond that?..."

Comment from Dan W. : Curving lines of space, and lines of charge are identical. To see waves condense / precipitate into the inertia spin conservation gyroscope we label matter, uses the simple geometry of PHI / Golden Ratio / perfect compression, radiating in 'PHI-knit' multiples from the fundamental PLANCK length / time.

Try the online experience of the Phi tuned implosion sonically very personally, in concentric radii based on Phi multiples of PLANCK time / length at


The hypothesis I am developing on my web site, is that

ALL GROUNDING, electrical and psychological is based specifically on wave path access to fractality / perfect embedding.


coment to message 1413, on:

Phi - waves, Phi-gradiant way to perfect compressing of pressure waves.

Response: There is no indication the authors understand their PHI variable is based on

Phi as the Golden Ratio of perfect heterodyning.. : Heterodyning and Powers of Phi at heterofi

REASON embedding by PHI creates implosion.

For our example illustration. let us look at the physics of implosion sound... as a geometry problem.. for wormhole (antakarana) creation...

What would happen if this Physicist understood HOW Phi Heterodynes enable:" wave front of a plane shock wave converging it into a single point"(non-destructive inPHIlknit phase interference..)

"1pPA13. Implosion sound.

Nai-chyuan Yen, Naval Res. Lab., Washington, DC 20375-5000

An open end axisymmetrical cavity is used to study the generation of implosion sound. The cross section of the cavity's profile has a shape which will distort the wave front of a plane shock wave converging it into a single point. Hence, a spherical collapsing phenomenon can be approximately achieved when a shock wave propagates into the opening of this finite size artificial cavity. Through the shock and shock interference mechanism, a strong impulse therefore is generated at the focal point caused by the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the cavity. This highly localized impulse then is radiated out from the opening of the cavity as a sound projector. A prototype model of 0.5 l size has been constructed and tested in the laboratory. The preliminary experimental results indicated that this device can reach a peak sound pressure level of 146 dB//20 (mu)Pa in air and 185 dB//30 (mu)Pa in water, with an ambient pressure of 1 atmosphere (1 bar). The 50% pulse width is about 20 and 30 (mu)s for air and water, respectively. Analysis and application of this type of sound projector will be discussed. "

Dr Wayne Kirby (Univ. NC Asheville) put the fifth roots of Phi etc. into the Phi Music Tuning Software after I made the suggestion:Phi-Music Tunings

Manfred Clynes -Sentic emotion selected music processing software / 'phrase enveloping' love wave is based on Phi indenting, altho he chooses to ignore the principle.

So in order to prove the Phi cascade theory of perfect embedding, let's apply it to actual frequency choices. This will lead us to healing sound and light pure principles, implosion sonics, and 'what is the physics for deciding when a wave is sacred'?

We take the fun-damental constants of physics (see also the derivation of the fine structure constant from the phi? optimized hydrodynamic translation of vorticity on the surface of a torus at ../predictions )

from "Impulse Generator that translates a system in a linear direction. "

(inset note from Dan W: Golden Mean Spiral defined hydrodynamically: Optimized TRANSLATION OF VORTICITY - Rotational to Linear Inertia!)

Original Image from , Note in Red added by Dan W.


path of center of mass (gravity) of plotted would then become a simple golden mean spiral....

see perfected translation of vorticity, movement from linear to rotational... 'phi'


Compare to Perfect Embedding - Animation of Spin Path to Perfect Charge Compression (Mass Creation)

Then compare to:


"CAMV is essentially a Penning trap"


Could we make a guess as to what is the geometry of the perfect 'trap'?

could it be perfect recursion? (Phi)..(see next 'cardioid' phases embed / animation)


Phi tuned caddeuceus... / (phase) consumed in perspective

Animation ends with a side of (Caddeuceus symbol of Medical Profession) The RF Theory of PERFECT DAMPING, the Perfected Spin Path to Zero Point, as Conventionally Defined as Phi / The Golden Ratio.. (ratio of amplitude and wave wave of each adjacent peak)..

Years ago (with National Psychotronics) we built caddeuceus coils (side view of a pineal gland etc.) perfected in the Phi ratio.

The wire heat/resistance would go down in this (phi optimized caddeuceus) winding when DC energized, with many reported emotional / gravity anomalies.

What an excellent tool to use to prove microgravity is effected when fields implode.

re "Gravity Wave or Space Warp ­ A propagating time-density varying wave, also known as a Longitudinal
Wave, a Scalar Wave, or an Ion-Acoustic Wave" )message 1451)

how would such a wave move thru the speed of light?

by successive (recursion perfected) heterodynes of WAVE FRONT VELOCITIES in Phi ratio.

There could not be any other way.

Comment re: ""Electrogravitation As A Unified Field Theory. - In fact, the so-called Schumann frequency may be the
down shifted electrogravitational action frequency." at

Perhaps the only possible mechanism for the 'adiabatic'/efficient shift across many frequencies from the Schumann resonance, is the PHI cascade/ 'chirp'.

Compare with the example of phi embedding to Planck time as root key to (implosion) fractal of space at ../antakarana (implosion sound online experience)

Also compare with paper on PHI as mathematical solution / perfection of self-embedding / fractality at ../physicsofphi , ../embedability , and ../predictions

More on phi waves? msg 1424

From: jhandavis <jhandavis@a...> ,Date: Sun Apr 9, 2000 6:14am
Subject: Re: [antigrav] Fw: Fw: phi-waves

Dear All, Caroline has some interesting points, especialy about fine
structure. The fundemental question must then be: What actually structures
the fine structure, the variations in the Phi density, the various states
of "Matter" (condensed electromagnetic waves of various "States") and
what is it?.

Structuring the fine structure actually can be done from the morphogenic
superfield level if, and only if, those elements making-up the fine structure
are allowed to participate in the "interpretation" of the morphogenic
superfield at "their" level. Which is what Bohm is all about, with his
level-upon-level of implicate order giving rise to the explicate order as we
perceive it. By definition, the morphogenic superfield must be
"interpretable" at every level of scale, in a scale-free mode!


Response/comment: If fine structure IS in fact simply optimized translation of hydrodynamic vorticity among (Phi?) nested toroids

(equation deriving fine structure constant at ../predictions , Then clearly, condensing charge or condensing anything, is a matter of acheiving perfect wave geometric non-destructive (recursive?) COMPRESSIBILITY.., (referring to "The Physics of Phi" ../physicsofphi )

message 1419, Caroline writes:

> If everything was just the result of pressure in a fluid, I don't see
> how the fine-scale structure of the universe could be so neat! It would
> just be like the earth's climate, swirling vaguely, with structures of
> very variable shape and size. The actual fine scale structure seems
> incredibly accurate - like lasers only more so. Therefore I think the
> forces controlling it must be like coherent laser light, not like
> ordinary pressure waves.

see golden ratio solves problem of embedability, (perfect way to cohere pressures in phi phases) MEASURED..

using 2nd order fft (septrum) on EKG at "Embedability Monitoring"


from message 1449 , From: Robert Neil Boyd <rnboyd@m...>
Date: Mon Apr 10, 2000 0:20am
Subject: Re: [antigrav] Fw: Fw: phi-waves

Dear Graham,

exerpted... (Are these nested "shells" a PHI /Golden Ratio cascade of membranes?)
> An elegent extension is to imagain that there are several "Shells" of
> soliton waves, which are polarized with respect to each other, and crossing
> at an angle of incidence. The mean seperation of shell intersections is
> probably one Planck radius. So it is as if We have a series of overlaid
> "Fishing nets" with intersections. it is also anisotropic. A curious
> Universe.
> This post has to be read in conjuction with My previous post, relating to
> condensed electromagnetic waves being matter. Basicly, quarks, (of various
> kinds) are WCS phenomena. etc etc etc.
> Comments please. (from Dan W. :Yes on the proper weaving of Quarks out of Aether: see the 3- ANU/quark as the 5/7 spin slip knot of the ultimate subatomic at Heart of The Sun: Perfecting 7/5 Turning Inside Out Solar Heart Symmetry , see key word / links: ANU )
> Graham

> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: c.h.thompson <>
> > > > In Schrodinger's "matter wave" equation, psi took the place of p for pressure.
> > >
> > > I think we may need more than "pressure" to explain the universe. That
> is why I think my "phi" may be something other than aether density. I
> think the aether can be compressed and this will change its density and will
> > > consequently change the intensity of phi, but that phi may be able to change
> > > by other means, spontaneously. .....

closing comment from Dan: "maximum Complexity is found via self-organised criticality at the edge of Chaos, which is epitomised by the Golden Mean, as the emergent geometric manifestation of the principle of least action: therefore its full temporal/ spatial action is analogous to creation itself." quote referenced at 2/25/2000: Phi-Lo-Tactics: Finding Corpo-REAL Heart! In business the Lo Phi way. (New animation of perfect compression / pics of Phylotaxis / new technology literature exerpts)