Compression, Implosion, Gravity, Time, and Love

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Golden Ratio Phase Conjugation to the Planck Sphere: Origin of Negentropy- THE Path out of Chaos.

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The Perfect Companion Reading(new 4/98): Laymens Intro to SACRED GEOMETRY: "SACRED:THE SHAPE OF WHAT ALLOWS WAVES TO RE-CUR"

Please note a Whole new series of visuals on Physics and PHI with preliminary equations for radically new physics of gravity based on embedding at ../predictions


Star in a Jar- "Sonoluminescence" Light from Sound: A Map to Implosion/Fusion & the Heart Fire?


Q:(Sirac / Spencer Brown): The problem of self reference : Or the problem of the observer : What is the nature of the world such that it can give rise to the question: What is the nature of the world?: How is it that the world can see itself?... A: (Winter): Self Reference / Self Embedding Perfected: (Pure wave principle of) Golden Mean as ratio -

Understanding Golden Mean as Perfect Spin Path in and out of Donut Creates Origin of Symbol/ (Embedding is Psychokinesis)

and is The Perfect Wave Mechanic to UnPack Stuck Cellular UV(Eros): Embedding Details Cancer Cure

Is this an ultimate way to unlock the key to maintaining the PHIre of life?

Think about it: Is there ANY other way that multiple waves and phases could FUSE non-destructively... excerpt in recursive heterodyning (Phi)? Heterodyning and Powers of Phi, by Rick Andersen

Now, what do you suppose happens when we take two frequencies, f1 = 1 unit, and f2 = a frequency that is Phi times larger,
or f2 = 1.6180339, and modulate them-- nonlinearly mix them-- in an AM modulator? The two new frequencies are the sum,
which is 2.6180339-- hey, that's the same as Phi^2, and the difference, which is .6180339-- hey, isn't that Phi to the -1th
power? Yup, it is. So we stumble upon the very interesting fact that powers of Phi are automatically generated whenever we
"heterodyne" or modulate two frequencies that are related by a ratio equalto Phi.

-Dan Winter


quote from Paige Derr:

"transcendental means a decimal number that cannot be defined by a ratio of
two integers, it is not finite, not linear, like pi, no matter how many decimal places you go, there are always more you can never have an exact value for pi
same with phi
try it on mathematica
1/2 +- sqrt5 /2 (not -1/2)
you can carry the decimal places out forever

if you are interested look at

Adding numbers recursively in pairs, 1,2,3,5,8,13.... , as each succeeding pair in ratio 1/2,2/3,3/5,5/8.8/13... Produces this perfect "SPIN PATH TO THE ZERO POINT"

which is PERFECT DAMPING which is this perfect approach to the Golden Ratio... 1.618... (Note this is a side view of the Grail Vortex- Throat of the Light Cone- Flame Letter Strip) . This then becomes a graph to how Perfect Heterodyning would implode producing the wave ratio Phi as the ultimate and necessary 'centering force' based on recursion embedding we later misunderstood as the concept "Gravity".

adapted from ZOMETOOL-on Golden Ratio-


Le Corbusier Modulor: see "Charles Edouard Jeanneret, also known as Le Corbusier, develops two sequences of measurements ("blue" and "red" sequence) in his "Le Modulor". He takes the - assumed -average size of a human, and subdivides and expands it, closely based on the golden section relationship."" from

The Corbusier Modulor has had a profound and useful impact on architecture. The fundamental insight being correct that biology as a wave must EMBED OR DIE. Sadly it is based on a less than rigorous approximation of what might be a sacred scaling factor in biology. We can apply this "HARMONIC CASCADE TO PREFECT PHI IMPLOSION" far more rigorously by taking Golden Ratio Cascade to the more fundamental Planck length - At Sacred'Merkabbah'Frequencies-Tuning Attention/Implosion Sounds- Anatakarana and the 'Phi-ish' Rainbow Bridge

important note in Articles by Alex Kaivarainen
Series of papers, based on new  Hierarchic Theory of Condensed Matter

physics of gravity as GOLDEN MEAN recursion based, see: DYNAMIC MODEL OF WAVE-PARTICLE DUALITY: Electromagnetism, Gravitation and Golden Mean Roots at Exerpt from the above "This means that equalities (3.25) can be considered as the Golden
Mean Roots or the Rules of Hidden Harmony - equality of hidden and external velocities of de Broglie wave.
The value of internal-hidden and external, measurable group velocities þvgr in = vgr ext ¦
in (3.29) is equal to:
þvgr in = vgr ext ¦ Ø vgr S = S 6 c = ð0.618Þ 1/2 6 c = 0.786 6 c 3.30
For internal and external phase velocities at conditions of Hidden Harmony
we havev ph
in = v ph
ext ¦ Ø v ph
S = vgr S
S = c
= 0.786 6 c
0.618 = 1.2718 6 c 3.31
The product of (3.30) and (3.31), like for any other values of group and phase
velocities of wave B is equal to that of light velocity squared
vgr S 6 v ph
S = c 2 3.32
It is very fascinating and important fact that our intuitive perception of
beauty and harmony, reflected by Golden Mean, has so deep quantum
roots-Hidden Harmony.
It points that the similar roots are involved in principles of our
consciousness also." end quote ... I particularly like the implication that PHASE VELOCITIES RECUR IN GOLDEN RATIO.. (SUPERLUMINAL PENETRANCE??)

I would encourage researchers to learn more about PHI, and to use it for
resonance based designs,

Read here a bit about the relationship between PHI, Golden Mean, and "Zero Point" Energy Technology: IN PRINCIPLE!

(everyone is so busy OWNING their non-linear device, they forget they are ALL based on the SAME PRINCIPLE, which by forgetting to explain and understand, they FORGET TO EMPOWER YOU.. to do it for yourself INSIDE OUT!)

by Joel McClain, Inventor of the Magnetic Resonance Amplifier ( or MRA), Nonlinear Scalar Energy Device Technology. (Source: KeeleyNet)

excerpt from letter by this author to Joel McClain: (later edited 3/99)

I much enjoyed, and was pleased to receive your fax. I am hopeful that gentle sustained dialog will serve us all by helping us evolve slight differences in language and symbol usage, into a functionally clearer understanding of what it means to culture to "cohere the vacuum". ... I actually believe it might serve physics better when describing the energy/information available in the vaccum or ZERO POINT ENERGY as "cohering the pressure continuum", vacuum implies an emptiness which is clearly not the case. (To massively cohere is to massively recur or self-embed... massive in the sense of container for inertia.. which only spin conserving recursion perfect by phi.. getting phycycle.. accomplishes..)

When we say 3D metaphor cannot describe gravity, what we perhaps mean is the cubic (& hex, Flower of Life is all hex) 3 axis spin symmetries cannot create wave recursion. ONLY once Fibonacci/Phi related harmonics are arranged in a symmetry set, (waves re-pent/become distributable and are saved... just like emotions magnetism) then the local vacuum fluctuations find a "spin path to the zero point". This becomes more "fractally attractive" ultimately traveling like worms embedded inside worms. The steering center (or "in-ten{t}") migrates by the squirt gun thru light speed which phi implosion permits. The implosion happens because the waves are squirted under more and more recursion pressure (like the "grail" picture on top here). The inertia eventually reaches the PLANK LENGTH which is the shortest wavelength in nature (1.61x10-33cm... physics number for the ULTIMATE unit of scale, being with exquisite irony itself a number which is likely SIMPLY pure ratio:PHI!).. a kind of uniersal solvent of the quantum foam. Here the inertia is pressurized out the only way of entry and exit from this limit condition: it moves out past the speed of light at velocity harmonics of PHI. This superluminal (faster than light) wormhole is ONLY possible in wave sets like DNA/ microtubules and GOLD filements WHICH ARE ENTIRELY BASED ATOMICALLY AND MOLECULARLY ON PHI SPACING RATIOS. The non-destructive recur-sive adding AND multiplying which PHI permits, adds and multiplies the velocities of the adjacent waves IN ADDITION to the wave lengths. This is biologies and physics only door thru light speed and KEY and EXCLUSIVE WAY TO CREATE:

-sustainable implosion

-sustainable faster than light wave travel

-sustainable fusion energy (see grail)


-lucid dream

-gravity (waves attract toward center ONLY in this symmetry.. see log phi in balmer series of hydrogen, and in gold etc..)

-perfect branching/embedding/recursion/DNA/microtubule/grail etc..

The practical lesson for you the user of waves (see role of mind among waves) is that the phase locking front wave crest gets steered thru that worm with a head on its (PHI) shoulders. In effect, shamanically, and lucid dream wise your only way out of here, is by using the sling shot of increasing inertia available. From your HEART center of gravity, thru the Earth's center, thru the Sun's center etc. (See navigating the Heart of the Sun)..

This is what is described if imprecisely, by the term gravity well. To attend is to be at ten ness, in a tent shape. See Can Intent Steer Waves?

...The issue for a wave really was, how could the wave's own inertia re-enter itself without destroying or cancelling out itself. This could be could, the angular relation necessary for self-reentry, or self-reference, or self-awareness. The angle of rentry which allowed this approach back into itself, is phi. Literally this is the geometry of permission to be self aware for a wave.

Mathematically, we might ask ourselves:
What is the FORM of an equation which can RE-ENTER itself infinitely, recursively?
(Adapted from Louis Kauffman's elegant: "Self-Reference & Recursive Forms")

Is Phi (The Golden Mean Ratio)

the principle origin of the possibility of recursion perfected?

Phi= 7/5 Pi / e

The Symmetry origin of All (Naturally Occuring) Transcendantal Numbers?

Note role of 7 spins of tetra to 5 spins of cube in dodec to implosion perfected in general at MERKABBAH.. and at Heart of the Sun.

(what 5 over 7 drum rhythmn timing made the perfect native "SunDance" possible?)


So now: The in-PHI-knitly EMBED-able FORM of the perfect equation for embedding..

these are forms of the equation for the Golden Mean..

and in the sequence of Fibonacci like numerical approximations:

at the limit condition again become the Golden Mean..

as in the series:
1, 3/2, 5/3, 8/5, 13/8, ... which again in perfect damping become the Golden Mean

as the embodiment of the Fibonacci series itself:
1,1,2,3,5,8,13... at limit is Golden Mean


We need to apply this mathematical ratio as the form of perfect self reference,
to the wave mechanics which allow self-reference to become self-embeddedness,
optimized spin density, perfect compression, and ultimately the wave form of
perfect self awareness.

Wave mechanics essentially means that to understand waves IS to understand mass. Mass is the inertia we measure when waves cross and store spin like a gyroscope. The difficulty in understanding the field among waves, as a unified field, is to visualize and model how implosion is the link between gravity and magnetism. The key to understanding implosion, is to see that the GEOMETRY of implosion is everywhere the same. ( It was failure to geometrize infinite implosion which caused Einstien heartache in understanding Black Holes and their relationship to time distortion.)

The inertia which waves store by virtue of their development of pattern out of the laws of symmetry is what we variously label as mass and as information and as we shall suggest.. when the pattern is recursive, as self awareness.

Therefore any principle which enables waves to optimize spin density, is the key to mass density, information density, and awareness density.

The principle of spin and pattern compression, as fractal, is the key to implosion, and to radical new data compression architecture, the heart of every computer revolution.

It is the nature of waves when they meet in the universal compressible substrate (ether), to beat and interfere. The key to compression/implosion is how these waves can interfere infinitely with never any destructive loss of inertia, spin, and pattern. Otherwise spin and pressure density is not self organizing or sustainable.

To understand waves optimizing spin density, we need only to ask the simplest question of all waves beating: What is the geometry of all wave interference? All wave interference producing repeating additive heterodynes or beat nodes. As the heterodynes or beats of the wave interference repeats, the PRODUCT of wave interference is therefore literally, the addition AND the multiplication of the parent waves.

There is only one singular geometry which permits wavelengths to add and multiply, and still yet all fit one nest: (each adjacent wave node allows approaching wave fronts to interfere only in the ratio .618033989..., thus producing heterodyne interference which continues to fit the nest infinitely inward and outward).

As each sine wave comes to a meeting point, the resultant pressure nodes radiate in nests which are both the arithmetic and geometric multiples of the source. The mathmatics for this touch permissive geometry for waves, is the infinite Golden Mean progression:





in which each number added to the next equals the following, and each number MULTIPLIED by 1.618033989... equals the following.

This creates the familiar Parthenon/ & Sarcopohagus spiraling squares:

Note However, That triangle ratios also conserve PHI relations

in the edges of spiraling triangles:

This is another view of the pent path, notice here a suggestion that we may be getting to the geometric image of the heart of what may in fact be the physics of pur intention:

(or we may eventually decide to ask, is intention a vector, does it have the quality of directing spin, reference is made to the Andromedanís and Alex Collier on intention in the role of creation)

This spiralic way of aiming spin, in such a way that as a wavefront bounces on the curve of this trajectory, the angle of the ìbounceî is maintained infinitely on the spiral in or out, is called "equi-angular":

This is a geometry which permits waves to bounce down into a spiral vortex, infinitely maintaining the ratio between the legs of each "bounce" and the angle theta of each reflection off the curve. Think of light reflecting infinitely into the curve of a nautilus shell, never once finding itself bouncing back on itself in any way but with CONSTRUCTIVE interference.

Thinking in a kind of waves among jello, compression enabled destructive intrference minimized,

this helps us to SEE that this geometry is "IDEALIZED TRANSLATION OF VORTICITY".

Translation of vorticity means, the inertia in circular motion, finds THE path to moving into a line, from motion in a circle. Remember, the inertia stored by waves moving in a circle is our only physical definition and way of measuring mass. Therefore, what we are describing here is literally the only permissive path to move from matter to energy and back. We will see why this is then the only path from electromagnetism to gravity, because the wind we feel into the vortex of this what we shall call permission to implode, IS gravity. We will see this proven when we create a scalar wave, in the geometry of PHI, the Golden Mean, which creates the most perfect magnetic monopole, Einstein's key to gravity.

In 2D the curve would look like this, ìcoming and goingî as it were:

see grail animations

In 2D the pentagonal interference geometry would look like this:

BUT IN 3D, the geometry of this perfect scalar wave, between magntism and gravity looks like this:

The Golden Mean Ratio establishes the path mathematically, among waveforms, of what is called "Perfect Damping". This means that the ratio by which you would self cancel wave inertia into literally "a still point", is established by PHI the Golden Mean. Now let us consider, what damping into a "still point" actually is. Visually, and as a wave function, it is literally a "spin path to the zero point". The reason "zero point energy" is thought to be infinite, is because spin density is potentially virtually infinite as zero frequency is approached. Spin density equals information density. That is why fractal data is infinitely compressible. Because the spin and information density is infinitely compressed at the zero point, the energy required to move the inertia of that spin wave pattern and information, also approaches ZERO! This means that infinite information becomes "shareable" with zero work or energy investment. This is why data compression (implosion) is the key to every computer information revolution. And later why this Phi recursion fractality in the EKG harmonics at the moment of compassion, proves that love is the ultimate solution to THE data compression issue.

Notice, in the above wave form which looks like a caddeuceus, that the ratio of BOTH each adjacent wave length AND wave amplitude is PHI (.618033989...). What is most important to realize, is that when this wave ratio of PHI exists at the nodes between wave fronts, not only does the wave length interference pattern become infinitely constructive (as opposed to destructive interference), BUT ALSO THE WAVE VELOCITY MODES ADD AND MULTIPLY WITH INFINITE CONSTRUCTIVITY. THIS IS WHY THE HERE DEPICTED PENTAGONAL SYMMETRIES, GEOMETRY OF ALL LIFE AND RECURSION, ARE THE ONLY PERMISSIBLE DOORWAY THROUGH THE SPEED OF LIGHT BARRIER. AND THERFORE, THE TIME BARRIER.

oblique view, same spirals:

Notice, this is just a right angle view of the spirals we started with, superposed on the 60 degree light cone which connect infinite concentric Golden Mean stellated pentagonal dodecahedra:

Reviewing, we see that the geometry self reinforcing waveforms, created by PHI is:

idealized translation of vorticity..


maximally self-referential

in philotaxis- a branching algorhythmn for maximum exposureminimum superposition,

based on PHI.

See below, that the twelve 60 degree toroid embedded light cones in the symmetry of the

infinite stellation of dodeca to icosa to dodeca, create the perfect fractal in 3D.

The x,y, and z coordinate or each vertex in this infinite nest are each simply a continuous series of power functions of the Golden Mean, as in fact each vertex is connected simply by arranging 10 Golden Mean spirals down the same conic vortex (as in top down view of DNA as Deca.)

phased rotating views, exhibiting the symmetry:

above, top down view of DNA,

below, top down view of DNA,

below note hex view of dodec

hex view of dodec is entry for cube in dodec, by tilting 32 degrees,
the 3 spin symmetry cube is phase arrayed, 5 cubes in dodec, from 3D to 4!

Dimension then, becomes a name for the geometry which enables spin symmetries to be superposed in a series of braiding operations. Only PHI base recursion enables the superposing of spin beyond 3 dimensions, because only PHI harmonic series can be self reinforcing or self referrent constructively pased three harmonics..

We suggest significance here in the continuous fractal from DNA dodeca, to earth grid Dodeca, to zodiac 12 face dodeca..


Since PHI is the vertical increment of turn, PHI squared is the horizontal increment of turn, and PHI cubed is the Radius of the turn of the dodeca in the DNA wratchet, this means that the ratio information of length area and volume can be conserved in a continuous waveguide, between scales by perfect ratio. (Source: ìGeometric Extension of Consciousnessî by Ann Tyng in Zodiac Magazine, she reported her source to me in Coxeter, Toronto.)

Below, next unpacking of Dodeca life fractal, dodeca icosa earth grid:

(ref ìAnti Gravity and the World Gridî Becker and Hagens, and Buckminster Fuller of course)

note the perfect interdigitation of the dark blue dodeca, with light blue icosa.

below, model of concentricity of 12 faced dodeca as zodiac, containing dodeca earth grid, and dodeca DNA, as embedded fractal:


When the 3D cube is wratcheted into the dodec, we have 4D. Then when that dodec is wratcheted down a helical ladder, which traces DNA. we have 5D. Then that braid is braided, amd that braid is braided. Each time when the ratio of the carrier wave, to its longer embedding envelope, becomes PHI, then embedding becomes perfect, and spin can wratchet by perfect heterodyne down the ladder of life. (All life is pentagonal). The continuation of this process of perfect braiding in DNA eventually enables wave forms and memery information to arrive directly into DNA from waveforms the size of planets and galaxies. This is not just spiritual poetry, this is a physics which permits a clairvoyant to look and feel down his/her own DNA like a periscopic organ of perception, and see galactic wave envelopes.

from Fusion Magazine:


THE GOLDEN MEAN dominates not only the macroscopic morphology of living processes, but also the form of the single most important microscopic biological structure, the DNA molecule. Below is a computer simulation of a DNA molecule, end-on view, showing its decagon shape. Here is one cycle of the DNA double helix, showing its golden mean proportion (1 angstrom is one 10-billionth of a meter). The ratio 34:21 is approximately the golden mean proportion , (square root 5 +1)/2.

At my suggestion Glen Rein and Rollin McCraty at Heart Math Institute studied and published the effect of coherence in EKG on DNA braiding. (ISSEM)

I had measured the onset of ordering and coherence in the EKG at the moment of compassion and love.

Note here, how the ratio in the harmonics in the power spectra of the EKG, at the moment of compassion, fits the GOLDEN MEAN, and ìsacredî geometric proportion.

This braiding in the heartís electrical embeddedness, we feel as compassion, is the braiding algorhythmn for DNA. By controlling the braid, active sites are switched on and off. This makes emotion, the programming for DNA.


When ekg harmonics becomes MOST oordered/coherent at the perceived moment of compassion or rush, the frequency distance between beats usually becomes 2 or sqaure root of two, or phi or sqaure root of phi.. here is it PHI, 1.62..

Voltage gradient waves energizing the heart from when times breaks down, by Arthur T Winfree.. look like a nest of fractal concentric donuts..

ìchaosî between beats is really the still point when the infinite harmonics content of the contextual background, gravity charge matrix, are

made available to the heart..

gravity giant lens quote p 116

phi cone permits focus in genrl

ex. constables weather capacitive comlumnating coneíweather engineering on the high seas..

Einsteinís attitude toward the Scwartzzshield necessity of black hole and resultant time bending was he wrote that time warp

ìdoes not appear in nature for the reason that matter cannot be concentrated arbitrarilyî... p 111

caaddeceus idealized by phi Golden Mean, perfect damping, best bends gravity with magnetism per Robert Shannon, at Nec..

note 60 degree conic shape fits faces of infinite dodeca icosa stellation..... a trace out of implosion permission..

oblique view also

the PRINCIPLE that the Golden Mean IS implosion.

another way to understand how the stability of the gravitational field is nourished by the physics of implosion:

the phase relationship between the spin axis of a gyroscope free to rotate of the x axis AND Y Axis,

then if it is precessed or nutated slowly on the Z axis, the much higher frquency x and lower y axis spins,

can be pumped from the very slow z axis precess nutate spin..

Thatís what I call ìBalling the Jackî..

this is one of the functions of major massive dolmen like giza and cydonia pyramids, by placement at

tetrtahedral (subset of dodeca) latitude symmetry on thier planetís rotation grid, they balance/tune spin rates to enable planetary spin to embed and be phase locked with precessional spin.

4 different view perspectives of the fifteen perfectly symmetrical distributed

great cicle magnetic spins around a properly fractal sphere or planet grid. Each tetra cube has 3 great circles, when five of these are nested at 32 degree tilt (the door from 3d to 4d), this picture results.

This embedding of spins when phase perfectly recursive when it is PHI based just as DNA spin braiding, at this point Earthís gravity in maximally fed or stabilized by zodiacal spin. It is also important to understand that the paramagnetic quality of the stones in these major dolen pyramids etc., is their ability to bend magnetism like a lens. This enables the focus of magnetic flux density precisely around the symmetry lines which permit Earthís magnetic grid to be fractal and thus attractive. This was called ìplanet tamingî, making gravity stable enough to hold atmostphere. Maintenance of biology is tricky: too much gravity, biology is crushed, too little and no atmosphere. Navigating that tightrope requires the terraforming which uses dolmen to tune planets mechanical and magnetic coupled spins, to be embedded and fractal to contextual/zodiacal precessional spins, thus stabilizing gravity and atmosphere without crushing biology.

Phi Optimized Scalar has Gravity

Phisumum, as the pre Nazi time travel experiments..

deca/ 5-10 antennae symmetries at Montauk, Incunabula, Damen Hur and suspect at PHIladelphia time travel experiments..

schwartzshield radius will fall in even multiples of powers of phi times the planck length and or hydrogenís wavelength..

proposed to work on Maxwellís equations showing that magnetism waves geometry optimized of PHI implosion completes the unified fields linkage

of magnetism to gravity..

schauberger egg water implosion, callum coates new book.....

piezoelectric colloid mineral doped water vortex in proper implosion geometry generat4es electricicity direct from gravity..

schuaber and coates acknowlegde implosion as the mechanism of gravity, and while describing the Golden Mean as important,

do not quite get to the PRINCIPLE that the Golden Mean IS implosion.

Phi molecular based molecular optimizes laser optic phase conjugation non linear material matrix..

All significant access to superluminal scalar waves, tachyon, and access to doorways through the speed of light limit, through time barrier, and through event horizon will be PHI based harmonics..

Phi based and 60 degree dodeca 12 cone base capacitive charge cone optimizes capacitive effects on precipitation, cloud formation cf Trevor Constable Weather Engineering on the High Seas..

necessary architecture geometry for arranging data in a fractal for compurter compression

necessary architecture for arranging neural net nodes for fractl and self organizing/self aware..

the love that you withhold, is the pain that you carry..

per andromedan /alex collier

ubject: Seeking, Tue, 16 Feb 1999 15:59:11 -0600
From: "Weisberg, Andy" <>
To: 'Dan Winter'" <>

Dan -

I just re-read your article from '96, "The Physics of PHI", and thank you
again for your work. I really can't tell you how exciting it is to have a
language and form for that which I have only suspected and felt.

My story in the last Email that you were so kind as to put up on a link from
your site was a weak but sincere attempt to put into words my experience,
which I see as a psychological/emotional reflection of your eloquent math
and geometry. The childhood revelation in my neighbor's bathroom,(which is
only important because I had gone in to examine the contents of their
medicine cabinet and mix a few things into the toilet bowl --- ever the
consummate alchemist), was described in light of the "rush" or "tingle" or
"chill" you mentioned in the referenced article I had just read. At that
point I was excited to see the direct emotional/psychological connection to
the intellectual/conceptual physics of implosion, and to find a shared
experience in someone I had come to respect very much.

But in reviewing this article again I see it is more than just someone else
feeling what I have felt and describing it in a unique way. The linking of
the mathematical perfection of fractal embeddedness and planet taming and
DNA and gravity and time and love IS what I felt in the now infamous hand
gazing experiment.

The specifics were: I wasn't in the mood to look interested while my parents
talked with our neighbors. I preferred to do some deductive reasoning and
good old snooping around. I said I had to go to the bathroom. After some
very scientific exploration of the viscosity and blending properties of
various personal grooming substances in toilet water, I was moved to just
sit and think. I remember starting to think about death, wondering what
might be like. My 7 or 8-year-old mind was trying to wrap itself around both
the reality of it and the experience of it. I thought hard about mortality,
in terms of the ending of flesh and bone, and tried to understand what else
might happen. Not having a clearly defined model or even a firm opinion on
the whole soul/heaven/hell thing, I thought I would act it out. (I just now
realized that my career as an actor and teacher for over 15 years began
here, in my first attempt to ritualize death and reach understanding through
self-created experience... putting myself in Death's shoes, as it were...
the ultimate compassion... a pre-pubescent monkey boy breaching the
Schwartzshield and naively embarking upon inter-dimensional bardo travel...
accessing the Threshold experience through play... too much!) I tried
falling down as if struck by a bullet, stabbed with a knife, poisoned, and
just plain expiring. The variety of approaches didn't really help, but the
experimentation was fun, and I got more and more into it. After hitting the
floor several times and starting to wonder if I was making too much noise, I
stopped and sat down, and ended up looking at my hand. I remember thinking
about deterioration, age, withering, rotting, bone, and dust, and as I
looked deeply into my palm I had a surge of emotions and imagery around
gratitude; timelessness; infinite smallness and infinite largeness; parents,
family, ancestors, and the blood of lineage; my own lifetime in a cycle of
eons; and suddenly I had a flash of all of the above and more in a tingling
of skin and a flood of tears and vision of a tunnel that went through
everything. That's the best I can describe it. It was over quickly, but I
was breathless. I tried to recreate it but couldn't. It was too deep and
powerful to just jump back into.

It was several years, at least 10 or 12, before I would experience something
like it again. On a beach in Florida, while looking long and hard at a very
tiny shell that had worn half away, and after deeply embedding myself into
its disappearing chambers I looked quickly out across the open ocean to the
horizon. The abrupt jolt from infinitely small to unimaginably immense shot
me into the experience I had with my hand. Again I tried to repeat the
performance, but it was the last time I would feel that particular version
of ecstasy.

It is this experience that has inspired me to write to you again, as it was
directly linked to the Golden Mean. The spiraling, chambered Nautilus-like
shell gave way to the wave form ocean with all its depth and complexity and
was without a doubt the catapult that launched my experience. It could even
be argued that the Golden Mean ratios in my wrist/hand/finger or the spiral
of my fist triggered the first experience. In any case, I am back to the
math and geometry and physics of your article that has given me a framework
to understand those experiences in another way, in another language, and
with greater depth and meaning.

So I'm left with a desire to learn and develop the tools to get there again.
Kundalini, Merkabah meditation, dream work, the Heartlink Monitor I hope to
own soon, the pleasure of an ever-deepening intellectual understanding...
all help. But I want more. How do you breathe fractally? I try to breathe in
and out with a 13 count, then an 8 count, then a 5 count, then a 3 count,
then a 2 count, then a 1 count, and then I stop. The silence is sometimes
wonderful. Sometimes. But that's because I can't figure out how to take each
breath exactly .618 shorter. I want to experience PHI music. I want to be
surrounded by PHI structures and consciously work in and through them. I
want to know the mechanics of compassion and actualize them every moment. I
want to know why the pent star is placed within the sept star in the
Enochian symbol. I want to know the true history of my race, my planet and
my universe. I'm hungry for this stuff.

Thanks for providing so much nourishment.


dan comment:

Perhaps the hand is the most maximally enervated
biostructure outside the head, (homunculus) capable of being looked at
self referentially,,
and being also itself recursive by phi in length
from elbow to wrist to knuckle to tip etc..
Where finger of god touches man is
sparks gap completion of phi cascade
touch path to in phi knit charge...

And the hand focus is the classic way to wake up
inside a lucid dream ..
what does this tell us about how to recur...

And now from teaching it to DOING it

we suggest:


how to embed in the HEART! (click here)


with... A biofeedback system to embed/entrain hearts..