Preliminary Measure of Life Force Magnetics in Trees, for Lab

Many thanks to Jan at 'Imaging Lab" !.

Original Series Measuring Life force (in trees) using Charge Spectra: Measuring the Effect of Tree Hugging!

Above: Tree clearly effected by the presence of a loving person.

Biological Capacitive Probe- Showing Tree Harmonics (Tree 1, Anne Stijkel favorite...)

Note probable 8-10 Hertz Range - A Schumann Resonance CASCADE?


Tree at Rest, Capacitive Probe..


Inductive Probe: Anne Stijkel Hugs Tree - Again "Schumann Resonance" range of cascading harmonics - noticeable coherence.

"Happy Tree" Undisturbed (very old) Tree settles into LOWER frequency coherence (2 - 6 hz) , possibly less disturbed here then when airplanes fly over...




On this bottom plot below, it appeared that a strong 70 hz or so resonance of a large very metallic fence was strongly and negatively affecting the life force of the tree being measured. This appeared to be confirmed, when we checked the spectrum of emissions of the fence itself, and noted to apparent begin to rot of the trees the fence line pointed to.

Note that the harmonic content of this foreign non-living frequency limits the spectral bandwidth AND THEREFOR THE LIFE OF THIS TREE..?


The inductive probe tells us when too much local 50 or 60 cycle noise will cover the true 'singing' of the tree, preparing to use capacitive 'Callahan Probe'.

Me, Dan in the front, Jan behind... On the case.. checking tree hearts for happiness....?

Experimental Procedure: Tree Huggers Hug Trees, Measurement Allies make measurements...

(If you can't do it.. teach it...)

A Coherent Moment - A Peak Experience...

Charge Coherence Measured.. Life Force? (Only embedding permits a wave to cohere.....)

"Callahan" Biological Capacitive Probe: Unbleached Hemp Fibres soaked in sea water or live sweat, around a high impendance scope type input - to high gain amplifier...

The rite which required you be wiped down in the live fresh human sweat of all the other males in your tribes to be initiated appears to be highly functional from an electrical impedance matching (even Tantric) perspective.

(Live male sweat -electrically potent underwear pheromes- appears to be the best way for college female humans to choose mates, according to a recent study).

(Wiping noses in the mixed urine of the whole GENETICALLY DIVERSE cow heard solves Hoof and Mouth disease according to the African Mauri tribe, perhaps we can now understand the electrical logic: gathering 'immune' coherence. ... a sort function.)

Below, we used the same input (Hi Gain Amplification of Biological Capacitive "Callahan" Probe - to Power Spectra / Spectrum Analysis) to see how the big tree's in the park would respond to Cedric from the Paris research group... Thank You Cedric!

Above: Cedric Approaches Tree - with Gentle Emotion..

Here the tree begins to respond to a specific audio tone which Cedric played from a Palm Pilot small computer. The tone was chosen specifically to ring biological structures. Note the capacitor whose charge we are analyzing for response...('beginning to sing') is at the base of the tree, very far from audible range of the tiny little speaker cedric is using to excite the tree.

Here the tree began to SUSTAIN coherence harmonic cascades well after Cedric used his unique sonic excitation technique.

Total time 10-15 minutes over which measurements were made. Gain was over 100,000 to the spectrum analyzer from the biological capacitive probe.

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