Heart of The Sun: Perfecting Your Auric Hygene

phikent update: MEANING of the Orion Geometry in the StarMap on Giza

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updated for Aug 11 '99 Ur Na Sha Imprinting at Eye of the Sun: How To Embed for Aug 11

new Feb 11/00 Angel Trumpets Poem below...

IMAGE CAPTION: ANGEL TRUMPETS..(click for animation into 3d dodec light conic)(& NEW STORY ABOUT ANGEL TRUMPETS!)





Solar Shamans Announce: Lazarus Effect- Piloting a Collective BLUE FIRE DNA BUBBLE THRU THE SUN

everyone ready for the trip ...
an oldie from Pink Floyd ... Raphiem

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun - Pink Floyd

Little by little the night turns around
Counting the leaves which tremble at dawn
Lotuses lean on each other in the early morn
Under the leaves the swallow is resting

Set the controls for the heart of the sun

Over the mountain watching the watcher
Breaking the darkness waking the grapevine
One inch of love is one inch of shadow
Love is the shadow that ripen's the wine

Set the controls for the heart of the sun
The heart of the sun(repeat)

Witness the man who raves at the wall
Making the shape of his question to heaven
Whether the sun will fall in the evening
Will he remember the lesson of giving

Set the controls for the heart of the sun
The heart of the sun(repeat)

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Star in a Jar- "Sonoluminescence" Light from Sound: A Map to Implosion/Fusion & the Heart Fire?

Is the "Star In a Jar" Light from Sound:"Sonoluminescence"...

a symmetry map to Implosion/Fusion/ and Possibly Even the Self Sustaining Heart Fires?

Recursion Perfect.. The Ultimate Gordian Knot.

Questions from Dan Winter, 4/27/99

Compare with Implosion Geometry Predicted by Recursion at www.../predictions

& compare with core 7/5 implosion symmetry of Hydrogen, the Human Heart Symmetry, and the "Heart of the Sun" (below)

Is this path to Implosion the Golden Based Implosion Symmetry of the GRAIL Itself? www.../grail.html

What Besides Perfect Embedding Geometrically Could Make this Phi-re Self Organizing? & Self Sustaining?

As The Sun's Heart Implodes (note icos/dodec array symmetry of coronal mass ejections),

SpinDensity There Impresses and Quickens Human Hearts and the Heart of Matter (Anu)..(by fractal morphic 7/5 spin resonance)

beginning to illustrate: the interpenetrance of the helical braid as archtype template interpenetrating sub atomic to human to solar, see common 5/7 braid of anu (ultimate subatomic cor /heart/ heart of the sun

the point being clearly that as the sun goes in to ecstatic magnetics
it's magnetic heart being perfectly fractal to the anu spin geometry
in each human, and in each hydrogen anu..

that it spin speeds up by morphic resonance the lightening
core people and mass structures real time, from the core...

For more on this "mark of pressure" , merkabbah as an electrical pressure coccoon you can build (Incunabula, Tantric wormholes and the bardo bridge, the antenna cocoon for human eros to produce shaamanic time tunnels) around your body see

The Merkabbah Meditator's Question:Sacred Geometry of Transcendance- Connected to the in-PHI-knit?

Of course the lower grade DNA of our interventionist extra-terrestrial friends (sirius B, alpha draconis, and some pleadian, & annunaki related)
would not be able to navigate in area of mag implosion...
their DNA has not the braid discipline to avoid scrambling (ref

When you debilitate your music by tempering the ecstatic fifth becomes just dischordant enough in the ear to reduce it's harmonic sweep. When Dr Ed
Wilson fed tempered octave harmonics into the human ear at the monroe institute, he measured dissociation in the EEG (hemispheric extremes lit up
opposite poles/ very separate.. ).. separateness... incubation.. Later when he fed fibonacci leading to phi harmonics into the same headphones, he
measured transcendance in the EEG (top crown linking hemispheres lit up..) lefting coherence up off the top of the head.. transcendantly...

The relationship of that PHI ratio appears to be SEVEN /FIFTHS of PI over E. (!)

The relationship of SEVEN spins outsides over FIVE spins inside makes the perfect slip knot which makes: (see article below)

1. the ANU (and electron)

2. The Heart

3. The Heart of the Sun

4. The Ophanim Sigil of Truth (Center of Temple of Solomon)..

7/11/99 update here:Regarding that slip knot ANU ("Occult Chemistry") which became the turn geometry for Hydrogen, Human Heart, Heart of the Sun, (True 'Sepher Yetsirah' symmetry cookbook for a sustainable flame in the Heart) Temple of Solomon & Ophanic Sigil of Truth .Bob Beutlich organizer of National Psychotronics informs me that  Steven Phillips physicist of London who wrote "Psi Perception of Quarks" justifyinh ANU with modern physics in detail, has extended his work on the slip knot tie up details in 2 new books via Theosophical Assn. New Zealand: "Image of god in matter" & "Tree of Life basis for Superstring Theory". 7/15/99 Update see "ANU" on his website !

6/2000 update: "It is not clear whether Leslie saw the chemical compound as a picture or saw
the formula as a picture. If she saw the chemical compound, there is some
precedent for this in the yoga tradition.
There is a siddhi which is mentioned in the literature of yoga which involves
the ability to see very large or very small structures using a sort of
third-eye vision. Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater, two early Theosophists,
developed this "yogic vision" to the point where they were able to observe and
describe the atomic structure of all the known elements
at the time (this was
around the end of the 19th century). They wrote a book about their
observations. The book is named "Occult Chemistry" and it is available on the
web at:
A British physicist named Stephen Phillips examined Occult Chemistry and
concluded that the observations of Leadbeater and Besant were consistent with
modern quark theory. You can see the abstract of one of Phillips' papers on
this at:

A couple of my colleagues have used this type of remote viewing to inform their
work with the ORMUS elements. One of them wrote an article on his observations.
This article can be found at:
Paranormal Observations of ORMEs Atomic Structure
If you have this ability, Leslie, it is a very valuable and useful faculty.
Treasure and use it.
With kindest regards,
Barry Carter "
Blue Mountain Native Forest Alliance
WEB Page: http://www.triax.com/bmnfa

Subject: Angel's Trumpets,Fri, 11 Feb 2000 , "William F. Schive" <lexigram@goodworksonearth.com>, Good Works On Earth, To: dan@..

Greetings Seer In I Sing,
Greetings I Sent Seer,
Seer Sent Seer Greetings
Seer Gets Greetings Seer Sent,
Seer Grins,

That, my brother in the light of Love, is a Star Art. Every word is spelled using only those letters which spell the word itsElf, revealing itsElf showing meanings to be exactly what the word means by virtue of its letters vibrating into chords of meaning with its anagrams.

I have rendered quite a few thousand Star Arts all revealing their truths with in their letters,
all leading back to the one law of the universe, the one energy of the uni verses, Love.

Yea, I know, it is too simple for moron's to miss, but our brightest and smartest keep missing it.
Love is the woof and the warp of the universes.
Love is the mirror of Spirit upon which the e motions dance in physical.

In a letter you received, the fellow equates Love to gravity.
I liked that a lot. Love would then be found to be the one formula tieing up all the loose ends.
Love is an energy and Love is the conductor and Love is the plasma.
Love's formula is the one clean equation the thinkers all sought and still seek today that will explain All That Is.

Watch this, Dan.... the word RESOLVES shows us how to resolve any problem, situation or condition in our lives... with its letters.

RESOLVES ... from the letters ... EELORSSV ..... revealing .....


Star Art of RESOLVES,Good Works On Earth,Copyright 2000 All Rights Reserved, You can see more Star Arts, as I call them, at this link: http://www.goodworksonearth.org/

Dan, your Angel's Trumpets have stayed with me in wondrous Love. Thank you for your work.
The sentence/thought that stays with me, in my words, in terms of the outer lips of the trumpets, is...
there is no continuation of creations without Loving agreements of all and all that is un Loving is dispersed at the two lips joinings at the outsides of the trumpets, or gee, I can see the awakenings in the soundings in the hollows of the horns.
I wish I were an artist of exquisite holography for I tell you true,
I would endeavor to take your art of the Angel's Trumpets and render it life like in the light, in the night.
Gee, would the universes echo there or what ..... grin ....
Be the I in this next line, Dan, if you wish....
Bliss Is I, I Is Bliss,
With Love,

3Dimensional Valentine Animation: AllMonde Bread: Gold's Fractal Structure vs: Embedding as Immortality

To Understand the Symmetry You Are about to See For the Heart of the Sun, as the only local implosion slingshot out of here.. it is necessary to understand the preceding article: Is The Key Principle of Alchemy in the Heart, The Fractal Symmetry of Gold Itself? literally a fractal, icosa dodeca nest at the electron lever..

7/5 rhythmn dance was african ecstatic origin, and the key to the north american sun dance

whose function was to enter the heart of the sun...

PHI(Golden Mean)=7/5 pi/e

7/5 as spin geometry of implosion
(7spin of tetra=containment perfected, outside of, 5 spin of cube in dodec=
projection perfected)
= heart of sun/ human / hydrogen ref:
see below

thus the dolmenic geometric origin of Munck's code was laid out on
root five(recursion optimized) in order that lenses for magnetism (dolmen)
could stabilize planet spin nutation within zodiacal spins
(as a wave within a wave.. ref: www.../dardik )
, stabilizing gravity
as "embedability",
( ref
and thus atmosphere retention
(key theme of planet taming ref: "two thirds" by david mayers & david percy)

site index


reason root five=speed of light in air
1 plus root five/2= 1.618033989 golden mean
which is the nest or branch ratio for perfect embedding
is the wave geometry which makes gravity possible
(recursion perfected creates implosion force=mag monopole=einsteins
name for gravity) (priori de scion.. the branch.. jon)

key is thus wave nature of recursion perfected (PHI) (philotaxis)
relation between light speed vs escape spd (frm mass which is fractal attractor)

early notes at


animations of how this waveform creates gravitational stability &
first equations at



Remember, as Jose Arguelles so elegantly depicted in "Mayan Factor" et all, that the centerpiece of the Mayan Calendar is a grid square which represents the timing of the major solar emission events. (See also Mauice Cotterell's "Tutankhamon Prophecies" for a history of Solar timing effects on all of biology including FERTILITY). A major and useful point made by Arguelles, was that this Mayan Calendar - central 64 SQUARE grid timing the Solar fire cycles was exactly THE PERMUTATIONS OF 3, CODON SYMMETRY OF THE I-CHING ... which is a map of the way DNA's Codon's are assembled. There is a nice discussion of the mapping of DNA's codon's - the genetic code inside the I CHING at:

The I Ching, Wholes, Aspects, and the Genetic Code - (http://www.ozemail.com.au/~ddiamond/dna.html )

If I may suggest a visualization then of the Sun's firey heart activity: It is as if the Sun were breathing out "speaking" magnetic donuts -in alphabet like flame symmetry letter elements - specifically in an array DESIGNED TO TRIGGER / MASSAGE THE WAVEFORM OF DNA?? Thus the 'Heart of the Sun' appears to hold the intent to embed and stir the GENEPOOL into inhabiting it's solar heart .... on our shamanic / soul journey way into stars?


You were trying to Survive a SUN Orgasm (solar flare maxima - 2000=2012 - the real 'Rapture'?) ( / & or evict a regressive ET from your aura), and you were told, you had the following choices:

1. A PHI Ratio Caddeuceus of Capacitors would prevent loss of centering in your own wormhole...
2. Use Soluble Gold in Your Blood (perfect valence fractality induces wormhole implosion in the blood, filtering for symmetry)
3. Use A 60 degree cone shaped orgone cloud buster (capacitive charge cascade at the conic angle of the dodeca stellation, perfect phi recursion for implosion)
4. Visualize/Enter Perfect ANU, or Heart, or Heart of the Sun (5/7 spirulae tourbillon symmetry group induces turning inside out, heart of the sun as local entrance to galactic "white hole in time", into which the unshareable cannot follow)
5. Use a Phase Conjugate Mirror (ask your local laser optics physicist where time goes in here)
6. Stand Up In Your Angelic/Shamanic Identity and Fearlessly Claim Your Prime Directive Knowingness of Source/Purpose (spin path to zero point)
7. Enact/Visualize a Clockwise Centripedal Pentagram, The Banish Magic (A Golden ((Mean)) Dawn.)
8. Walk a Labyrinth (7 spin donut projected 2D), and re-pent at the center.(phoning the elementals)
9. Can you see the wormhole spin path into you in the egg in your mother, which was born with her mother, which was born with.... this is why the alphabet is a spin path into a fractal...
(efficient long distance phone rates for calls home.)

10. Test for 'Boson7' (DNA's UV & microwave power spectra braid recursion ratio between contained harmonics approaching log 7 or phi) .. the signature which qualified the time empath at Montauk etc. (
Details on Montauk -Time Travel - Deca Delta Antennae -Time Empath project, with pics: Montauk Magnetic Travel Experiments on Video Found with USS Eldridge , (pt2: ) Montauk Project:Stealth Technology and Multi-Dimensional Time Travel Videos Found from Phoenix Project )

THE important question or PRINCIPLE of Operation, which all of these have in common,
is THE PERFECT GEOMETRY OF IMPLOSION, (see 5/7 symmetry of implosion pictures)
(GenePools unable to penetrate implosion with coherent memory, lose in double jeopardy.. like using too much gold dust in the blood as a temporary substitute for learning how to die consciously. )--
Ophanic for angelic logoi's. Rushing in where...

WHEN you have read this, ask yourself if you now understand why Annunaki
(built on Tetra/CubeOcta) was a local gene spicing algorhythmn, subset of more galactic Enochian/Ophanic (built on hypercube/dodec/icos).

Ophanic (angel naming, enochinan) was symmetry operations among light lines thru black holes, threading galaxies together thru time, making time recursive and thus inhabitable for the magnetic bodies of the Ophanim. They need the breath of life recursion in the threads of those bodies, to be filled with our emotion. As we use our Temples, to launch our glandular emotion magnetics to those Star Spaces.

Picture Einstein puzzling over the perfect wave geometry of implosion so he could know how time got bent in black holes. His problem is solved by Ophanic/Enochian (see their alphabet at ../orion & in the 'stargate' series). Golden Mean Based recursion geometry permits the heterodyning of light VELOCITIES to the superluminal and thru time. Braid DNA with love (recursion) you get stable implosion
wormholes: "soul".

Will implosion replace the modem as the ultimate connectivity device? Stable (phi-ray) implosion/explosion is merely the perfected symmetry condition of the principle: modulate then demodulate.
Fire without heat.
Mind inhabits Phi-ray; phi-ray only exists where perfect agreement exists among waves. Arranging that agreement is the breath of love in the shape of the heart.

Enochian keys the glyph table of the Sirian script.
Pleadians healing family squabble of the aku and the draku..

Some angels wanted to bend the light inside their bodies, they used emotion to create. Others bent the light outside their bodies, they used technology to create.

The brothers fought (See Cain and Able in Jerusalem ). Inside (emotive tech) vs: outside (material tech) 2 different arc-angles: (ONE GENEPOOL USES EMOTION TO BEND THE LIGHT - FROM THE INSIDE OUT, THE OTHER USES TECHNOLOGY TO BEND THE LIGHT - FROM THE OUTSIDE IN) ..One was a candy mint, the other was a breath mint. Gold was two mints in one. Pure intention/ perfect fractal, perfect food. BUT TO EAT THAT GOLD FROM THE INSIDE OUT REQUIRED A HEART OF GOLD AND NOT JUST MANNA/ORMES/SPICE/MICROHYRIN..


russell wright <homonuculus2000@yahoo.com>  
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Re: [SolarHeartCommunity] The Heart of the Sun  
Date : 
Tue, 5 Feb 2002 , This is cool.,Love Russell

-- Antoine_Carré <carrea@videotron.ca> wrote:
> The Crystalline Heart of the Sun
> The solar being is a very ancient soul who has been
> continuously engaged in profound meditation for over
> a billion years. The intense heat and light of the
> Sun has been generated through this meditation.
> The focus of this meditation is a small egg-shaped
> cocoon of luminous subtle matter that lies at the
> center of the solar orb. This ball of celestial fire
> is so filled with spiritual power that is resembles
> a shining crystal or radiant diamond. It may be
> understood as the crystalline heart of the Sun.
> The crystalline heart of the Sun is composed of the
> most concentrated form of subtle matter-energy
> possible in our solar system. As a result, it
> reflects an extraordinarily high level of universal
> pure consciousness. Although the consciousness of
> the Sun is much higher than that of a human being,
> there are certain divine correspondences between
> solar and human consciousness that link us together.
> The Divine Ka in the Human Heart
> The simplest of these correspondences concerns the
> size and shape of the luminous egg of celestial fire
> that lies at the heart of the Sun. The luminous egg
> that lies at the heart of the Sun is more or less
> identical in size and shape to the luminous egg that
> is nested in the human heart. Surprising as it may
> seem, they are both about the size and shape of the
> pad at the end of an adult thumb.
> This thumb-sized egg of celestial fire is known as
> the Divine Ka. There is a Divine Ka at the heart of
> every celestial being in the Universe. All the
> planets, stars, and galaxies have their own Divine
> Kas. There is even a Divine Ka for the Universe as a
> whole. It is seated at the very heart of the central
> Sun. The Universal Divine Ka is the supreme seat of
> the Universal Soul. It is the divine archetype
> towards which all other aspire.
> This includes all human souls as well. Every human
> heart contains a Divine Ka that serves as the seat
> of the human soul. In the heart of the
> unenlightened, the Divine Ka is to small or to weak
> to reflect the light of pure consciousness and
> resonate with the music of the spheres. In order to
> do so, the divine Ka must be nourished with
> celestial fire. When it has been properly nourished,
> the Divine Ka grows and develops into a blazing
> thumb-seized cocoon of celestial fire residing
> within the heart. When the Divine Ka thus becomes
> awakened, the human soul becomes enlightened, and
> begins to sing the song of divine love.
> From The Pillar of Celestial Fire by Robert Cox,
> 1997
> A book I found following a recommendation by OneLove
> on the Spiritual Alchemy list. It is the first book
> I have read to have so nicely put into perspective
> the vision of energies, atoms, stars and galaxies
> that have "inhabited" the most intimate side of my
> being since so young of an age.
> May the center of the universe shine from your
> heart,
> Antoine

Well Tempered & Phi Cyclic..Sirius ly, Courtier writes that Mass of Sun Ratio to Mass Sirus is Predicted in Pyramid's edge= .0136 origin of tempering.. Does pure tone create Transcendance? 9/13/98

Heart of Sun

Nature of Portal

As Inversion/Implosion Archtype

Identical Flowform

as Anu (3/quark),


Heart of Sun

Is Dodec Icos Symmetry of Gold,

the 5/7 Symmetry of All Implosion?

a portal is where magnetic lines get arranged implosively enough to provide superluminal escape velocity to the magnetism of glandular emotion... permitting projection into and inhabiting (a recursive self-aware entering into the pressures of) the Ophanic blackhole timeline stargates between galaxies.

5 tetra inside icos..

armand wyler on icosa spin symmetry:

5 ìrealî rotations, 2 ìpseudoî rotations

total 7 spins,

inside icosa is dodec: 5 spins of cube,

if goldís d,f electron subshell completion

is 5 pair and 7 pair, (10-14 electron)

this means goldís outer electron valence fractality

is dodec icos.

again, Five Spin INSIDE of Seven Spin.

Note 5 helix inside of 7 trace spirulae outside, (see 7 ray illustration also below)

7 spinning tetra inside 5 tetra cube spinning dodec?

Ron Cowen, Dharma Center, Toronto, saw it with Phillips...paper Phillips wrote...

above: Five Spin INSIDE of Seven Spin

above: Five Spin INSIDE of Seven Spin

Five Spin INSIDE of Seven Spin:

table top lamen

The pent/Hept symmetry glyph, heart of the enochian (ophanic) symbol and sygil of truth

(courtesy Darlene and Vincent of 5th Way School)

Five Spin INSIDE of Seven Spin:






Lest we be a burden to our guardian angels when we die..

sentiment from a famous religious philosopher named Gillette..

Dear Jan,

The converging myths of world traditions about the shape of spiritual hierarchy struck to the heart again today. An amazing tribal shaman called twice from South Australia. We spent over an hour on the phone. He was quite emphatic that the Ophanim we have been ìopening our phone lineî here to, are quite literally also the great winged guides of the ancient Australian aboriginals. We spoke at length about the great bird shaped angelic body associated with Illuru (Ayerís Rock), and he identified the same winged angelic body coming to incarnate with the Dove shape over North America as depicted in Keys of Enoch.

I began to think about all the years we spent preparing ritual to inhabit the body parts of the great Eagle in the shape of the head of the Appalachin mountains in Pennsylvania, the Keystone State.

Then I remembered Robert MorningSky describing in detail the difference between the great Angelic Aku vs Dracu forces in spiritual history. The Aku translate to bird tribe, Ophanim, a lineage focused on the use of spiritual power of the mind and visualization. The Ophanim appear to be the inspirers of the great body of the bird shape in the Templar Cathedra Zodiac landscape. The Aperture from Sirius to Orion in the transmigration of souls, being again the magnetic issue.

The Dracu translate to Draconian, Reptilian, Set, Ahrimanic forces focused on technological and mechanical evolution, generally associated with control by fear and agression.

In the Gnosis article about John Dee booby trapping the future, the message is indeed that the planting of the Ophanim inspired Enochian letters was leverage to avoid apocalyse. If we translate Apocalyse at one level as an Epoch of the Ellipse as Jay suggests, then Enochian calls become leverage to face the Draconian/Reptilian presence on the Ellipse of Hale Bopp. (The Fourth HorseMan??).

All of this sounds too simplistic at first, but after Vincent and I completed the enclosed 2 hour video on Enochian Physics, we went outside to perform the symmetry operations of ritual to shape Enochian Temple. The presence was powerful, the Thoth/Tehuti energy seemed very present. Later a storm came up and the clouds made a dramtic V pointing right to the site of the ritual. We issued a call to those who could hold the space and call forth the Angels with us, and next day out of the blue the Abortiginal leader calls from South Australia, heard of me, and describes the Ophanim quite explicitly as his guides.

The politics as described by Morningsky, were of an alliance between a more rebellious Sirian Prince geneticist and the Aku- Bird Tribes. The undertow was of a seed to a genepool which could link the heavy emotions and passion of the Reptilian/Draconian, with the high spiritual intention of the Bird Tribes. The result could be a species able to use powerful Serpent Force emotions, in the service of Angelic creation directly. Up to this point, in a sense, we have high spiritual beings, with limited leverage into matter. The human experiment created the possibility of human nervous sytems and emotions, with feeling bodies capable of bending galaxies.

Interestingly, when John McGovern, our Australian shamnic friend, told the Aboriginals he was going to call down the Angelic forces, they responded with fear at the anger the Angelics would have. They believed there would be retribution for not have kept the strict martital breeding laws of the ancient Orion Queens. This rang a chord from the Morningsky description of the origins of our sex guilt coming from the early DNA experiments which required strict attention to which breeding pairs were permitted to mate, to preserve the most self-aware self-replicating forces in the genepool. Mating decision were sacred, and required elaborate rubrics for permission. This is still true of Aboriginals today.

Vincent described the attempt of the Shadow government to re-incarnate/ contact the forces of Set. You described the danger of the incarnation of Ahrimann. The parallels are too dramatic to ignore. The terms Draconian, Typhon, Reptilian, Sauroid, Set, Ahrimanic etc.. seem rather interchangeable.

Angelic communication apparently has the pure principle of symmetry operations based on recursion. This would be our way of embedding our lives inside their waveform. According to Vincent, the Ophanim need to know that we have attempted to speak their language. The symbol set they have given us is the Enochian keys. The wave guide shapes of the Enochian alphabet are reminiscent of the black hole geometries which Bentov saw as the cookie cutters aligning the eddies within which galaxies were created (in his Cosmic Book). Their name and shape and waveguide in principle were all one.

The heart of the Enochian script seems to be this pent (5) inside a 7 spin.

# This is clearly the 5 cube hypercube in the seven spin tetra inside icosa. The five spin space of the Hypercube/dodeca nests in the seven spin of the Heart muscle, based on the 7 spins of the tetra, note parallel to Enochian:


This is much more fractal than the cubeocta (unpacked tetra) geometric root of the Annunaki symbols. Clearly, the Annunaki script for gene spicing the was a more regional and parcochial kind of symmetry set.

John Dee could not or would not shake our world by practicing the Enochian he was taught. Apocalyse awaited. Now with Apocalyse apparently here, the time for calling all angels may well be at hand.

Lo it is Phi..

Dan Winter


from Vincent Bridges

Notes for Dan/Enochian Info Tape

Dear Dan,

OK, several points to begin with:

A) We do not have enough information to speculate accurately on the system of origin of any of the Ahau rescue team. We are told in Egyptian sources that the 4 million plus Ahau, or spiritual beings, came from a large number of different worlds. On the wall of the transverse vault of the Osirieon, and in the 146th chapter of the Book of the Dead, the worlds then a part of the sentient or Osirian federation are listed along with the Osiris of each system. If we follow Hurtakís information and think of Arcturus as a transit link, then in a sense the rescue team comes from, or through, Arcturus. Playing guessing games about which aliens are from where, and what political leanings they might have, is a distraction from what should be our main purpose. We must develop, individually and as a species, the galactic norm of sentience. Only with that accomplished will we be able to resist <U>any</U> outside influence, good or bad. The Ahau are not interested in fear trips, they only respond to the solid attainment of a stable sentient structure of ecstatic self-awareness.

B) removed

C) The nature of the Enochian intelligences is an important question. They are, at the most inclusive level, the seven symmetry angles, or angels, of the tetrahedronal quark from which the universe around us is formed. Along with these are the four sub-atomic fields of operation, which we call for convenience the elemental forces. These ìbeingsî are far beyond our comprehension, as pure being. We grip them by their ìnamesî or descriptive titles. Enochian not only supplies powerfully descriptive ìnames,î it supplies a framework through which their operation in the lower worlds, the worlds below the realm of pure being, can be charted. These charts, or hardware chips, are the Four Watchtowers and the Tablet of Union. In these matrices, the forces are personalized and symbolizes so that an operator can steer their consciousness, much like the help balloons or other icons help us navigate our computer systems. These ìbeingsî are what the Tibetans call self-generated, that is they function and exist separate from the individual but they are activated, or animated, only when another mind is present. The deities said to reside the Kalichakra mandala are similar types of self-generated beings. In fact, there are many connnections between the Enochian system and the Kalichakra. (Another book I have planned someday!)

D) In working with the Enochian system for over twenty years, (Yipes! Has it been that long!) I have discovery an important truth. The system itself is as neutral as the electric wiring in our homes. It can be used in both good and bad ways, but the system itself is neither. Enochian opens levels of communication and synchronicty in the same way that the lights come on when I hit the switch, if the components are properly wired together. However, if I am going to design an electric motor, for instance, then I need to understand the theory and equations behind electricty. With the Enochian, we are designing a new type of magickal appliance. It could be one to bring on the Appocalypse, or it could be one to respond directly to the rescue team and avoid the Apocalypse. That choice is ours; and how good we do with the design will determine how, and perhaps if, we survive.

E) The purpose of our Enochian based magickal appliance would be to make contact with the galactic intelligences in charge of the humanity rescue operation. A properly designed appliance would be a matter/energy transmitter/receiver capable of packing and unpacking tremendously coherent bundles of information. This seems to have been the reason why the Enochian material was so thoroughly downloaded, and yet proscribed from actual operations until the timing was right. The material had to filter through enough users to reach a saturation level. This occurred in the mid 1890ís, concurrent with the great airship flaps. For the last hundred years, work on the system has progressed to the point that just now, in the last five years, have isolated groups of magical explorers stumbled on its true value. At the moment, we are at the front of the pack. Because of this, it may be our responsibilty to do something concrete with the system.

F) In learning the basics of how to operate the Enochian system, the participant absorbs and internalizes the Hebrew resonances from the Meta-Progamming Protocol. This, all by itself, is a vast step toward a stable sentience. The abilty to move the subtle elemental forces down the level of densely braided DNA creates a degree of body/mind/spirit coherence that is required for free-will and self-determination. The Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram and the Enochian opening of the Veil generates a highly usable flow of spiritual energy, which is in turn shaped into the basic dodeca pattern required to support the Enochian operating system. As Hebrew is cube oriented, and therefore hex based, Enochian is dodeca based and consequently inclusive of both hex and pent. Just learning the basics, how to hit the light switch so to speak, generates psychic stability. Done properly, this level of training insures against mis-use of the greater forces in the Enochian system.

Light in Extension,





dan's notes:


if we are to belive psi perception of quarks

text by phillips from england confirming the theosophical

clairvoyance into subatomics (occult chemistry)..

then the quark is not so much itself tetra

but rather a trigonal array of 3 anu

whose heart spirulae (tourbillon-scrollwork made of light-

in the style of sadhu's ; the tarot)

are a seven inside braid, 5 outside (I believe)

look at babbit's heart of the sun illustrations..

the braid geometry of the anu is not simply

seven spin tetra, but seven spin inside of 5..

it isn't "codefined by the 7 spin of tetra"..

but rather the deca delta gemmatria

of yod he vau

which cohdefines anu and therefore quark..

clue here to ???????!!!!!

it is the 7 spins of the tetra in the cube

which plots the course of the inside spins of the anu,


the 5 spins of the tetra cube INTO the dodec (next dimension)

which plot the OUTER wraps of the anu..

7 spins inside, 5 more spins outside

inside out

we have

the 5 spin inside 7

of enochian..

enoch key in

if we look at the final phase of the tetrahedra fire breath to Merkabbah,

the seven spin tetra/cube, then is distributed in the spin

when the 32 degree tilt nests the cube in the dodeca, for exactly five MORE spin axes..