Eye of the Sun:

How To Embed for Solar "Rapture" -To See Thru the Sun's EYE!

.... & Ur Na Sha Imprinting

from Dan Winter

"Visualize your DNA as a worm needing to both be impressed and make impression.. Eye dent I tie"


 hi dan,
(there is a pic of 8/2/99 coronal mass ejection from the sun at) kent steadman's orbit page.
it is located near the top of this page.
it appears as you describe, ....... like a donut!
it is part of the latest cme 8/2/99
it was headed towards the north pole
oddly enough, there was an earthquake at the north pole.
can you say donut?
Ray Flowers

Is the symmetry of the Coronal Mass Ejections - a dodec/icos Mayan Timing - Fabrication of A Bubble of Self-Awaress/Recursion? Enveloping Earth in her own DNA Codon Symmetry = Orgasm for the Sun?

click below to NASA's Description of Solar Peak Dense Effect on Current Eco-Climate:

ever wonder what the protein chains felt
a little nervously (jitterbug perfume heart beet squeezins needed here)
awaiting the lightning which would turn them to primal soup..
('here come da spin'....judge)

those that arranged themselves into the recursive embedable re-penting - found a new axis of symmetry principle around which to make sharing into a longer wave braid..
became DNA, the rest toast....(dizzy)

like rapture on the park bench.. lo phi spin invited ecstacy/ fear spin resisted burns

"in a widening gyre with a center that will (not) hold..
slouching toward bethlehem to be born.."

Survival 'merk-abbah' requiring a contiguous intent path back into the egg so fractal of your mother...

(extensive pics of reseshel grids www.../eldorado)


Perhaps Dear Namae, won't mind if we share just a couple sentences from her pioneering but private Heart of the Sun SHAMANIC NAVIGATING group... with acknowledgement to others (Sue Hirschberger ... et al) who work(ed) with her in sharing more about how to shamanically "SEE" thru the heart of the sun.. so critical at this time: (the only sustainable sling shot slip knot outta here.. Heart/Earth's Heart/HeartSun from one center of gravity embedding into the next...braiding the G Ray of Vita..Gravita.)

"....Earlier this year I had a series of shamanic journeys initiated through breathing and sound vibration ceremonies and the most potent, through tantric practice... At the time I felt that it greatly supported me in healing my heart chakra, and my whole being, that the energy flowed into me as fire itself..changing everything.

...I was catapulted out through to the heart of the sun.I felt such intense love and
compassion, amid a swirl of the most extraordinary colours and lights. I
looked into the sun with no harm to my eyes and the colours here seemed
grey in comparison.All longing was gone, my tears now tasted sweet, and I
"knew" where I was and that it is all ok., that my purpose here is to bridge
and bring that beauty back to this planet.

As I lay there, I gave permission for the sun to transform my
body, to pass through me and after 4 hours in the full direct sun that day,
with no hat or sunscreen, I had no sunburn, and I am fair-skinned!! ...
I have since journeyed to that space again, now that I have the
map, and when friends have been with me.On the solstice ,a small group
meditated on the slopes of Haleakala,'the house of the sun' on Maui, with a
link up with Dan and three others, in California and New Zealand.We tuned
into all those meditating,celebrating and praying at that time,and after
going to the crystal of earth, I reached the heart of the sun. I received a
strong sense that we no longer need to go there, that it is coming to us." ...?

Remember, as Jose Arguelles so elegantly depicted in "Mayan Factor" et all, that the centerpiece of the Mayan Calendar is a grid square which represents the timing of the major solar emission events. (See also Mauice Cotterell's "Tutankhamon Prophecies" for a history of Solar timing effects on all of biology including FERTILITY). A major and useful point made by Arguelles, was that this Mayan Calendar - central 64 SQUARE grid timing the Solar fire cycles was exactly THE PERMUTATIONS OF 3, CODON SYMMETRY OF THE I-CHING ... which is a map of the way DNA's Codon's are assembled. There is a nice discussion of the mapping of DNA's codon's - the genetic code inside the I CHING at:

The I Ching, Wholes, Aspects, and the Genetic Code - (http://www.ozemail.com.au/~ddiamond/dna.html )

If I may suggest a visualization then of the Sun's firey heart activity: It is as if the Sun were breathing out "speaking" magnetic donuts -in alphabet like flame symmetry letter elements - specifically in an array DESIGNED TO TRIGGER / MASSAGE THE WAVEFORM OF DNA?? Thus the 'Heart of the Sun' appears to hold the intent to embed and stir the GENEPOOL into inhabiting it's solar heart .... on our shamanic / soul journey way into stars?

When you have prepared (below) to open your Sun Eye's, then use a technique to open them (Lucid/Astral) for your way thru the Sun! In this regard, note: SunEye Method of Astral Pojection:"The Ultimate Out-of-Body & Lucid Dream Guide at The Hilarion Real Audio Sound Page

Note: The below"Eye of The Sun" Hygiene Suggestion for Aug 11 Ur Na Sha Imprinting (../eclipse ) is a practical application of the "Heart of the Sun" Pictorial.. (review the images there to understand HOW the Heart of the Sun burns its geometric into every heart and hydrogen atom/ANU at this time particularly - ../heartsun/HeartofSun.html)

http://www.greatdreams.com/soleclps.htm better summary of aug 11 solar event sites

Sat, 24 Jul 1999 From:"Aum Ananda" <abraxascoil@hotmail.com> CC: winter@primeline.com

Joe, (reference WELCOME - DREAMS OF THE GREAT EARTH CHANGES )As the momentous moment approaches, I must tell you about something relating to your site.

About the "Earth energy which fuels life" and the payment of karmic debt, I
have had two visions which apply.

Two years ago about this time, I percieved the existence of a spherical
chamber (dan winter comment: sun's heart?) populated by great mythic personalities who sat as judges after
death. The Soul Force would pass through the heart of the chamber and any
soul which could not navigate this circuit between sex and death would be
consumed. The vision was fairly detailed, including the energy devices used
in the chamber.

Now, just last night (and this is the first time I have read your material)
I had the realization that the Centromere (central mother), a spherical
molecule whose magnetic emaninations choreograph the division of cells,
could be powered by this large energy chamber. What if those whose energy
debt remained unpaid (essentially thru honor and love for the earth) Would
lose energy on the cellular level ?

It could mean that those who have gained power thru dishonor will have thier
bio-energy turned off. This would be a sort of kill-switch to deactivate
dangerous entities, and it may happen periodically in history.

-Miguel Cassidy (Aum Ananda)

note here please see extended conversation Galactic Tree of Life, Aug 11 Eclipse, & The EYE OF THE SUN, fr JMason of greatdreams.com

A short exerpt & 2 key images are reprinted here for your convenience:(from ../heartsun/HeartofSun.html)


Heart of Sun

Nature of Portal

As Inversion/Implosion Archtype

Identical Flowform

as Anu/Hydrogen (3 quark),


Heart of Sun

Is Dodec Icos Symmetry of Gold,

the 5/7 Symmetry of All Implosion?



PLEASE DO SEE the ../heartsun/HeartofSun.html pictorials to understand more about the symmetry operations prescribed by this alphabet of symmetry in the heart, which become the 'sepher yetsirah' / the ophanic/enochian sigiil of truth / the geometric core of the 'temple of solomon' / the enochian keys 'hypercube' glyph map / the sacred space geometric for cherokee star elder -'adawi' ...etc.


You were trying to Survive a SUN Orgasm / & or evict a regressive ET from your aura, and you were told, you had the following choices:
1. A PHI Ratio Caddeuceus of Capacitors would prevent loss of centering in your own wormhole...
2. Use Soluble Gold in Your Blood (perfect valence fractality induces wormhole implosion in the blood, filtering for symmetry)
3. Use A 60 degree cone shaped orgone cloud buster (capacitive charge cascade at the conic angle of the dodeca stellation, perfect phi recursion for implosion)
4. Visualize/Enter Perfect ANU, or Heart, or Heart of the Sun (5/7 spirulae tourbillon symmetry group induces turning inside out, heart of the sun as local entrance to galactic "white hole in time", into which the unshareable cannot follow)
5. Use a Phase Conjugate Mirror (ask your local laser optics physicist where time goes in here)
6. Stand Up In Your Angelic/Shamanic Identity and Fearlessly Claim Your Prime Directive Knowingness of Source/Purpose (spin path to zero point)
7. Enact/Visualize a Clockwise Centripedal Pentagram, The Banish Magic (A Golden ((Mean)) Dawn.)
8. Walk a Labyrinth (7 spin donut projected 2D), and re-pent at the center.(phoning the elementals)
9. Can you see the wormhole spin path into you in the egg in your mother, which was born with her mother, which was born with.... this is why the alphabet is a spin path into a fractal...
(efficient long distance phone rates for calls home.)

10. Test for 'Boson7' (DNA's UV & microwave power spectra braid recursion ratio between contained harmonics approaching log 7 or phi) .. the signature which qualified the time empath at Montauk etc.

THE important question or PRINCIPLE of Operation, which all of these have in common,
is THE PERFECT GEOMETRY OF IMPLOSION, (see 5/7 symmetry of implosion pictures at PHIcycle Physics-PREDICTIONS)
(GenePools unable to penetrate implosion with coherent memory, lose in double jeopardy.. like using too much gold dust in the blood as a temporary substitute for learning how to die consciously. )--
Ophanic for angelic logoi's. Rushing in where...

WHEN you have read this, ask yourself if you now understand why Annunaki
(built on Tetra/CubeOcta) was a local gene spicing algorhythmn, subset of more galactic Enochian/Ophanic (built on hypercube/dodec/icos).

Ophanic (angel naming, enochinan) was symmetry operations among light lines thru black holes, threading galaxies together thru time, making time recursive and thus inhabitable for the magnetic bodies of the Ophanim. They need the breath of life recursion in the threads of those bodies, to be filled with our emotion. As we use our Temples, to launch our glandular emotion magnetics to those Star Spaces.

Picture Einstein puzzling over the perfect wave geometry of implosion so he could know how time got bent in black holes. His problem is solved by Ophanic/Enochian (see their alphabet at ../orion & in the 'stargate' series). Golden Mean Based recursion geometry permits the heterodyning of light VELOCITIES to the superluminal and thru time. Braid DNA with love (recursion) you get stable implosion
wormholes: "soul".

Will implosion replace the modem as the ultimate connectivity device? Stable (phi-ray) implosion/explosion is merely the perfected symmetry condition of the principle: modulate then demodulate.
Fire without heat.
Mind inhabits Phi-ray; phi-ray only exists where perfect agreement exists among waves. Arranging that agreement is the breath of love in the shape of the heart.

Enochian keys the glyph table of the Sirian script.
Pleadians healing family squabble of the aku and the draku..

Some angels wanted to bend the light inside their bodies, they used emotion to create. Others bent the light outside their bodies, they used technology to create.

The brothers fought. Cain and Able in Jerusalem - shadows on the wall of the cave -escape for the prisoner - the hebrew vs the arabic alphabet are 7 vs 5 tilts of the SAME golden spiral -5 spin - on the tetra 7 turn mobius donut. Self organizing prepare the field....

Inside (emotive tech) vs: outside (material tech) 2 different arc-angles: (ONE GENEPOOL USES EMOTION TO BEND THE LIGHT - FROM THE INSIDE OUT, THE OTHER USES TECHNOLOGY TO BEND THE LIGHT - FROM THE OUTSIDE IN) ..One was a candy mint, the other was a breath mint. Gold was two mints in one. Pure intention/ perfect fractal, perfect food. BUT TO EAT THAT GOLD FROM THE INSIDE OUT REQUIRED A HEART OF GOLD AND NOT JUST MANNA/ORMES/SPICE/MICROHYRIN..

..As the chloridian in the blood mechanized 'turned' Anikin into Darth Varder, so the (w)ORMUS turned Spice in DUNE their Draco(n) eyes blue, enabled time travel... Only the Heart winged passion of the RHesus monkey blood returning to the reptile line (pendragon RH-) could pump the kunda/tantra RIVERDANCE up the spine juice from the reptile brain stem into the Ophanic bird brain magnetic wing.

So now newly what is our hygiene ritual prescription for Sun Orgasm survival . Aug 11-18 Ur Nas Sha, followed up by May 2000 peak events etc... These are all times when the Sun's seemingly lion like ferocious million mile per hour solar winds test for fear by peaking in response to PLANETARY ALIGNMENT GRAVITY IMPLOSION ... PLUS...- THE 'Erection of the Solar Cross' - galactic spin equator/solar spin equator/ earth spin equator - all nutate precess to a magnetically implosive 90 degree HOLY CROSS at about THIS TIME! pics at ../eclipse . Remember - 'EARTH WILL BE BLOWN AWAY IN THE WIND OF THE SUN UNLESS OUR COLLECTIVE DEEPLY EMBEDDED NOW - LUCID DREAM SPELL - IS ALIVE AND AWAKE IN SYMMETRY SPACE - TO MAKE A CENTER IN A WIDENING GYRE ... THAT WILL HOLD...

The Labryinth committee around the round table at Kay Torrez in Phoenix concluded that we must phone our elementals from the 7 spin heart of your 7 circuit labyrinth (5 spin implosion implied in it's recurring center). (Complete pictorial and story at ../labyrinth including Marty Cain northeast & Taffy Lanser southwest). This makes total sense because it is the Elemental and Gnome magnetic fields which STEER the LIGHTNING at this time. Their telephone switchboard was known to the Druids as stone circles/ our labyrinths. The ability to STEER the incoming magnetic SOLAR LIGHTNING at this time INTO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE (as wave interference), IS CLEARLY THE SURVIVAL ISSUE / PERFECT TEST / of this Solar moment. No Fear = No Resistance to Spin (electrically) = Perfect EMBEDABILITY.

So indeed we apply this insight to our RITE-hygiene for SOLAR ORGASM

STEP ONE: (THE PLACE) Make Embedding Labyrinthine in your Sacred Back Yard: as Thoth prescribed staying rite close to your own place on the land/ in the grid for Ur Na Sha - The way to do this is to prepare the ground. Grounding electrically, AND psychologically, have both the same meaning: locate the spin path back into the fractal / perfect branching scion jon for your spin..

To center your gyre / labyrinth you dowse/feel/locate the center of the magnetic lines which cross in your back yard/sacred space/altar/bed . They always cross in odd numbers, like the vertex on every frequency platonic. This will be where the water/blind spring upwells djed like /mygdalic towers, invited by the magnetism braiding to embed/recur/dimple. Once you found the sword emerging from the stone, line from circle, energy from mass, you begin to plug in more phone wires. To honor the place of the blood, you begin to set more and more of your rocks/your life, in proper (phi ratio) fire building relation to it. In Cherokee you would not install the actual labyrinth stone map into your stone circle 'gnome dome', until and unless the Mother was satisfied you had created a safe space for her to bleed. (see map to labyrinth building at ../labyrinth )


STEP TWO: (THE TIME) SunRise/SunSet, the lunar quarter times, and each day in preparation for the Aug 11-18 Ur Na Sha...

 Re: how to stay EMBEDDED during Aug 11-18 1999: This information (below) has been provided courtesy of Johannine Grove
Ministry ~ PO Box 235 ~ Crestone, CO 81131 ~ VOX (719) 256-
4057 / FAX (719) 256-4056 / johgrove@fone.net /

Source of information: the Master Illuminari Thoth & the Akashic Records of
Toth Subject: the Solar Eclipse & Grand Cross Planetary Alignment in August,
1999 Released by: Johannine Grove Ministry & Mazzaroth On Nathai Templum


During the period between August 11th through the 21st, the planet and it's
humanity and indeed all living creatures, flora and even stone, will
experience what Thoth is calling "imprinting." Without attempting to access
all the details of this occurrence, this is the basic essence of what will
be happening during this window of time and why it will take place.

In this particular, "imprinting" is meant to define a wave of stellar Light
codes coming from a unified field of the Universal Hierarchy which is
created by the Brotherhoods of Light. The "wave" of stellar Light codes is
being cosmically assisted in its release and movement through the coming
solar eclipse and grand cross planetary alignments of August, 1999.

The "wave" Thoth is calling the "UrNaSha." The UrNaSha will imprint every
elemental thing on earth with a program of higher Light orientation to
Source. What this essentially means is that each elemental particle will
receive a renewed "program of return" to Source. All sentient beings will
receive this program within their biological unit as a whole, and will carry
the charge of this program on a level of experience which is in
synchronization with their consciousness. In other words, a flower, a bird
and a human will carry very different 'programs' and EACH human, will
contain a program that is as distinct as a finger print (animals less
distinct, plants even lesser).

This program of return will not insure our ascension, but it will give us a
pinpoint window to that portal WHICH WE DID NOT HAVE BEFORE, or
rather lost from our evolution many eons ago. This program will be imprinted by the UrNaSha into our DNA crystalline structure.

It will be released as a living hologram at the appropriate phases within the World Ascension schematic.
This will enable us to leave this realm and enter the New Earth Star. Of
course, there are more factors to ascension that just this one program. But
it is nevertheless, an essential one, and it will be given through GRACE to
every particle of elemental being on this planet. Sadly, not every particle
or every creature of every soul will ascend, but it is ALL being given this
first measure of Grace to carry it to the next point. For mankind, the
final moment will be decided through the CHOICE of the soul in its inner
most being. Still, when that moment comes, the soul will of necessity call
upon the living hologram, which Thoth is calling the "Ar 'Yra" or "Star
Print," to achieve the transition into the New Earth Star reality.

The "Adonai 'Tsebayoth," who are the angelic Host of Deliverance for the
earth, will assist each individual human in receiving and integrating their
program of return and the resultant creation of the Ar 'Yra within their
crystalline DNA.

Since the UrNaSha will sweep the earth in a pattern determined by the solar
eclipse and the grand cross dynamic, each person will be imprinted with the
codes of the location on the planet where they happen to be during that
window of time. If they are traveling during that window, their imprinting
will contain mixed codes.

Thoth is suggesting that you choose where you wish to be during this window
of time (August11-21) and STAY there until the "sweep" is completed. By
this he is not inferring that you remain glued to the spot, but simply
remain within say, a fifty to one hundred mile radius of that location.
This is only a guideline, as the energy vibration and conscious of one
location could change in as little as five miles, while in other areas it
could remain the same for hundreds of miles. ASK FOR GUIDANCE. Of
in the greater destiny of things, one could say that a person will be where
they are intended to in that time period, just as Thoth has told us will be
true when time comes for the Ascension. However, in this case he informs me
that MAKING A CONSCIOUS CHOICE is a powerful addition to the

What difference will it make where you are when you are imprinted? Different
points on the earth contain different karmic saturation, different "Light
codes," different dharmic potential. The specifics contained within the
land you will be on at the time will be introduced into the imprint path
being created within your DNA.

If you find that you simply cannot remain within the vibrational envelope of
your chosen location for this period of time during the month of August, the next best alternative would be to go to the place of your choice and do some
very strong intentional anchoring of that location within your field. This
will most likely allow THAT POINT to become the dominant earth vibration in
your imprint path. How- ever, if at all possible, Thoth is urging that you
stay within your chosen zone for the entire "sweep" of the UrNaSha.



there has been subsequent information that indicates it's OK to travel long
distances, but to be receptive, aware, not stressed and be conscious of
where one is and where one is going ---for the place one is will be
imprinted at the same time that one's own field and body is imprinted. So
it's more a matter of consciousness,...

a person will be where they are intended to in that time period.....

MAKING A CONSCIOUS CHOICE is a powerful addition to the dynamic.


Clarifications on the July 1, 1999 UrNaSha Transmission
I wish to clarify that what was given in the previous transmission
regarding the UrNaSha and Thoth's recommendation for staying in one
location during August 1999 was a general spiritual guideline only. I
(Rev. Maia) did not fully understand the true intent of the message
myself when I first brought it through. Since then, I have worked with a
couple of person's questions in this regard which have provided a more
complete understanding.

The following is a summary of all current guidelines which Thoth has
given in regard to how we may integrate with the UrNaSha wave during its
earth window properly, and still be able to travel for SACRED purposes:

1) It would be best to avoid any especially stressful activity.

2) It would be best to avoid travel for the purpose of ordinary business or
pleasure alone. If you planned to travel to a sacred site for spiritual
purposes during August 1999, AND return home (or go elsewhere) in the
same month, do a special procedure at (or with the location(s) from
distance if you are not able to be at them BEFORE the passing of the
UrNaSha) the location(s) your guidance indicates have the energy that
needs to be a part of your UrNaSha imprinting, and ask that they be the
ONLY earth energies involved in that process when the UrNaSha
imprints your form.

For example, lets suppose you live in an area which holds sacred earth
energies which you feel should be incorporated in your UrNaSha
imprinting. But you will be traveling to another location for sacred
purposes during the UrNaSha window, because you feel that site ALSO
should be incorporated in the UrNaSha imprinting. Thus, before leaving
home do a procedure at the home location in the place which holds the
highest resonance for you there, asking that these earth energies be
incorporated into your field in such a way that they will be fully a part of
your UrNaSha imprint. There will most likely be specific devic guardian
beings assigned to you from that area which will travel with you and help
you to hold that energy in your field during the UrNaSha imprinting

3) It would be best to avoid being in close company with persons that are
not spiritually attuned to what is transpiring in regard to the Solar
Eclipse/UrNaSha and astrological Grand Cross events.

4) It would be best to avoid travel to geographical sites that may hold
heavy karma, especially those with a sacrificial element in their karmic
field. Thoth states that SOME of the places where sacrifices and other
such atrocities were performed ARE SO SACRED, and SO MUCH A
STAR REALITY, that this would not apply--in other words, the Grace
Light factor is strong enough at those specific locations to offset the
denser karmic astral forms present. You would have to USE YOUR
INNER GUIDANCE in this regard. Many of the Temples and sacred
sites in Mexico, Hawaii, Indonesia and many of the South Pacific Isles
hold these types of astral density as overlays upon the sacred energy

5) HOLD A HIGH INTENTIONAL FOCUS to be a living presence of
your NEW EARTH STAR being in the NOW during the UrNaSha/Grand
Cross window (8/11-8/18). Ask for your crystalline DNA spirals to
receive the PURITY of this being as the UrNaSha encodes your form.
6) Realize that you have a choice to MAKE A CONSCIOUS CHOICE
where to be at this time, and that there is MORE THAN ONE CHOICE
which could be aligned to your highest destiny path.

In essence, Thoth is giving us an opportunity that most people on the
plane (may?) not have during this window, and that is, to make a
CONSCIOUS choice at this very momentous time in our soul's journey
on this planet, as we prepare our soul and physical form for ascension
into the New Earth Star. He is offering this insight to us because we have
consciously assumed roles of service in which such consciousness
decisions as to where we wish to be when the UrNaSha passes, and how
we wish to respond to this wave, will actually be transferred as Light
codes into the planetary consciousness FOR ALL OF HUMANITY on a
very specific and highly activational level. What we need to be very
aware of at this time, is that as planetary Light workers our roles of
service will reflect in the planetary consciousness to a much higher
degree than those souls that are not consciously in such a service. Thus,
the responsibility for wise decisions which prioritize spiritual focus
above all else will be brought to a new level in your experience.

Peace, Love & Blessings,
Rev.'s Simeon & Maia
Johannine Grove Ministry
Mazzaroth On Nathai Templum Mysterium
Church of Antioch

STEP THREE: (THE PERSON) - Prepare yourself by following the live food, living water 'nourished by spin' protocol. Summary - HI percentage or ALL LIVE Foods at this time. Organic veggies and fruit are your life. Very little cooking, even then undercook. Your drink is only fresh squeezed anything or spring water. Sparce protein and then only fish close to raw/seared. Most wheat and corn is genetically engineering/mucous forming and very smokey to your fire. Quinoa is good. Whole Oats fresh ground.. or better yet soaked. Soak Oats, Almonds, and most every whole seed you know in spring water refreshed frequently. No metal touches you or your food. Trace minerals and vitamins useful. Fast every few days, finishing your fast is WONDERFUL with living water ENEMA. Prepares you for kundalini tantra.

STEP FOUR: (THE ACTION) - In order to actually SEE the heart of the sun opening toward you. You need to know how it looks to look down a microtubule:

The 2 pics and short quote below are from DARLENE and Vincent Bridges work on the Enochian Keys, true hypercube symmetries. One of their web sites - A Monument to the End of Time is at http://www.sangraal.com/AMET Important detail pics of their work on this true Star Language Ophanic are at the end of ../orion


(Heart of Sun Hept, same as looking down a cellular microtubule's superconductive Phi Ratio'd layerings... the interdigitating inPHIknit weft and woof nesting takes you into forever... faster than light .. incubeates dodec 'CONTACT' into the time lines.. Ophanim bird tribe blood sewing stars into bodies..... these Ophanic Enochian are the actual sigils on the STARGATE and they require TOTAL RECALL to restore atMOSS-on the Sphere.)

This is the actual time lord star angel alphabet letter structure of the true Enochian Keys taught to John Dee by the Ophanim Angel Nalvage which became the Order of the Golden Dawn, and the actual symbols used for the film STARGATE for good reason. It is important to see that our simple little names for Angels.... Read the letters starting from the top left - going downward in columns - sequentially you get: ZAPHKIEL, ZADKIEL, CUMAEL, RAPHAEL, HANIEL, MICHAEL, GABRIEL .. were ACTUALLY THE SIMPLE SEQUENCE OF SYMMETRY TURNS PRESCRIBED IN THIS ALPHABETIC TABLE OF TURNS... NECESSARY TO TIE WORMHOLES INTO THE THREAD STRUCTURE NECESSARY TO INTERPENETRATE BLACK HOLES (THE SUPERLUMINAL) REQUIRED TO INHABIT STARS - like our sun! To put it another way, (like the H'iburu & Arabic Alphabets) Angel Bodies/Names are simply the CHANGE OF ANGLE/TURNS OF MIND/FOCI for magnetic fields to thread together with the right symmetry of slip knots necessary to inhabit/embed/birth STARS! (Imploding 'Places in the Heart').

(now the quote from Darlene and Vincent Bridges, thanks and acknowledgement to them again for the 2 pics and the concept)


"The planetary forces are the focus of the Sigil of Truth's operations. It seems designed to step down Atziluthic or Divine energy all the way to the boundary of the local World of Action, or Assiah, where it can then interface with the Orb and the Module, the ring and the Lamen.
The first step is to locate the highest forms of planetary action just inside the interface barrier itself. On the Sigil of Truth this is done by placing the planetary Sigils, and frequency codes, in the space between the circle and the heptagram, implying a space-filling role for the archetypal planetary forces. The names of these beings are not used directly; inside the heptagon, they will appear in an archangelic form. The heptagon itself is formed from a 7 x 7 square filled with vertically read Hebrew planetary Archangelic names. The seven squares on each side the heptagon is formed by a horizontal reading of the Hebrew archangelic square. This creates a multi-leveled embeddedness resembling a web composed of seven super-imposed heptagrams.
If we think of the planetary names extruded by the outer circle as being more divine than archetypal, then the Unpronounceable Names of the Briatic Archangels are more archangelic than divine. The first forms the outer surface of Atziluth, the second forms the inner surface of Briah. Like the first planetary names, these archangels are also space-filling in function, as depicted by their position as the space between the heptagon and the heptagram. The archangelic names also create a 7 x 7 grid from which the names on the inner heptagram, heptagons and central pentagram are inscribed."

end quote from DARLENE and Vincent Bridges..

See again the 5 spin inside projector, nested inside the hept 7 spin outsite container. (This perfect slip knot becomes the physics of the ANU/hydrogen at http:www.goldenmean.info/predictions )

So now again and finally returning to our STEP FOUR: the ACTION, we have the WAY to call right guides to STEER the lightning. We have long known the elemental forces we know are required to give steering to the lightning (AND THE SOLAR STORM) . Which then steers the bioregions and the mag bubbles we call microclimate - little more or less than how collective is our emotion/unconscious - as indicated by how many times I have seen Tornadoes follow kundalini. We have long known it was the LABYRINTH like Dragon line braiding forces which called the gnomes and elementals to PRESENCE. The obvious correct culmination to our preparation for the Solar Orgasm is to call the ANGELS which are the leaders of the gnomes. Even as the Ophanim taught us years ago, thru Blaize and the Blazing Star to turn inside out in our Dan Tien.

So before you call the Angels in their proper order, from the center of your proper labyrinth you do Blaize's (of the Ophanim's) rite. You Visualize that Blazing Star, magneto center of your gravity SOLAR PLEXus, 3 finger widths below your belly button. From here, the ideal NEXUS of your turning inside outNESS...

You IMAGEine the whole earth as an egg around you - AND FEEL IT. Then imagining how long this egg has nourished you, you realize that it is now time FOR YOU TO BECOME THE MOTHER OF WHAT HAS MOTHER'D YOU. In order to do this, you 'SLIP KNOT COSMIC DONUT MAKER' . That is you quickly before you can even think about it, TURN INSIDE OUT, and INSTEAD OF FEELING THE EARTH OUTSIDE YOU, you POP THE EARTH INSIDE YOUR BLAZING STAR. By this you now FEEL THE EARTH INSIDE instead of OUTSIDE.

This turning inside out is how the heart creates the suction we call compassion as an elecrically enveloping wave, and is how the egg becomes a fetus - literally the first move you ever made.

Now if you can do this for the Earth, you are ready to CALL THE SUN TO YOU.

After you can feel the Earth inside your own Blazing Star Belly BUTTON.. you set your intention to call the angels.

Before you can invoke the ANGEL names and beings who regulate the time corridors, YOU MUST HAVE A CLEAR REASON INTENT FOR DOING SO.

Suppose you were a family of Angel's accustomed to holding our stars together for millions of years with the magnetic blood of their bodyness. From their perspective what would be a reason to ask them to hold our Earthly petri dish together during a storm. Remember they already have a law against saving genepools from their imploding sun's. They regard genepool's as assimilable when the kids there can INHABIT THEIR OWN RADIOACTIVE SUNS. This is because this is the product geneto mag force which tells them that genepools have ripened successfully. So ONLY IF YOUR REQUEST COMES AS AN ACTUAL PHONE WIRE SUSTAINED THRU THE HEART OF OUR SUN,.... DO THEY KNOW THAT THERE IS SOMETHING HERE GENETICALLY SHAREABLE (worth saving). (Remember Uri Geller proving radioactivity can be literally tamed by the recursion/embedding added by focused human awaress... EXACTLY WHAT SUNS NEED)

So your precis to what you can ask the angels is to show them that you can FEEL THEM ... something wormed THRU THE HEART OF THE SUN.

Don't call on the Angels, the lightning, until you know you can catch it without burning your finger.

When you have prepared to open your Sun Eye's, then use a technique to open them (Lucid/Astral) for your way thru the Sun! In this regard, note: SunEye Method of Astral Pojection:"The Ultimate Out-of-Body & Lucid Dream Guide at The Hilarion Real Audio Sound Page

Good Place to read about about geographic foci of the ecipse magnetics, and link set to sites about the major Millenianial Eclipse etc.: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/7045/eclipsa.htm (connection to draco?) exerpt:"Eclipse, Millennium and Apocalypse Now - Alas! 11th of August, 1999 gets closer
The 11th of August Eclipse will have it's maximum point in Romania at a very special place, the Kogaion Peak,
the sacred mountain of the Dacians.
Are you ready to live the full experience of an eclipse?
Do you know what legend awaits you behind the last total eclipse of our Millennium? "

news about solar "Stint", Love is in the air!
Sun, 01 Aug 1999 01:48:34 -0400
nema@netdor.com (Norma Lloyd)
"winter@primeline.com" <winter@primeline.com>




In our meditaion on the full moon I felt a constriction which turned out
to be a construction taking place. From out of my heart a tunnel created
with DNA braiding was built. The tunnel is lacy in appearance,
permeable and surrounded by alot of loving energy. When I began to
"fell" what was taking place it was as if someone opened a window and
the breeze of Love was now blowing freely. I understood that the New
creation was much like a stint that is used in opening cardiac arteries
and would allow many to pass through. It is the begining of the
torroidal pull, the Implosion that you refer to. The image I received is
called Eternal Momment and shows One person who is connected to All
there is falling through the Center of a torroidal like form. On a macro
level, we are but a cell in the cosmic DNA and soon we shall begin
"passing" through to a NEW Earth. A seperating time line and dimension
of peaceful co-habitation. The alignment of souls to pass is in order of
Pure Heart. I belive that this is in preparation for the solar eclipse.
I have also an understanding that the imprinting is a twining from the
tenth dimension. The true "Soul Mating" creates the Purity of Heart and
fulfilment that so many have been waiting for. This is fine to share and
I would be most interested in your comments. Norma. e-mail,

Eternal Moment: