Is The Key Principle

of Alchemy in the Heart,

The Fractal Symmetry

of Gold Itself?

--see updates 9/99: AllMonde Bread: Gold's Fractal Structure vs: Embedding as Immortality

and.. the Real Meaning of Gold Powder..

Particularly please see in this regard (for the Thoth Instructions to Psychological Exercises necessary to avoid personality fractionation from Gold Powder) : The Implosion Phenomenon:
Psychological Import of Phi Harmonic Music
Phi Scalar Technology
& MonoAtomic Gold..

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Critical Mass Intentionality:

Is There A Golden Key

to the Physics of Critical Mass

and Pure Intention?

Daniel Winter

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The Implosion Physics

of "Critical Mass Intentionality":

The Heart and Geometry of Gold..

Local spin becomes generalized
when distribution of spin pattern becomes non destructive
in perfect (inherently recursive) heterodynes (beat note interference).

So for example rearrange the nuclear geometric
in gold to complete the
phi fractal valence of its electrons
it becomes so distibutable as
to be un reactive..


outer valence
of s p d f
subshells (which onioned make all the shells)
are not
but rather
1,3,5,7 pair of donut vortex
1 toroid
3 as cube
5 dodec
7 icos (see armand wyler for 7 spins of icos)

note in that symmetry of the completed 5 7
d f subshells
noble platinum gold group metals
are literally phi fractal in
their (generalizable) spin distribution

5 Tetra Nested Stellate in Dodeca,

Is This Outer Electron Shell

Geometry of Gold

Also The Waveform of Perfect Pent Recursion/Self-Embeddedness:

an "Intentional" Waveguide "Wormhole"

to the Zero Point.

Is this the principle

of the Electrical Conductivity of Gold

in the Blood,

and the electrical geometry of the Heart

at Compassion's Moment.




I. ED WILSON, EEG Transcendence Induced by Fibonacci Audio Tones.

II. Phi Audio Chord induced vulnerability and transcendence reports.

III. Phi or Square Root Phi intervals between EKG harmonics during reported compassion states.

IV. Pent/Dodeca recursion geometry found in most living proteins, DNA/ EarthGrid Dodeca/ Zodiax Dodec. Pent symmetry produces infinite recursive wave lengths AND velocity modes by exclusively constructive interference.

V. The Golden Spiral pair Heart fractal is mathematically idealized translation of vorticity.. EquiAngular spiral path conserves all ratio information infinitely into compression. Phi Ratio perfect distribution of spin pattern is also perfect distribution for awareness.

VI. Electrical Scalar waves which best assist people to NOT dissociate with their bodies, are PHI/Golden Mean Optimized (Embedding), Bob Shannon's work.


I. That EEG harmonic cascade geometries will idealize in Phi based harmonics during reported transcendence experiences. This will permit biofeedback to teach transendence.

II. That Earth grid ELF harmonics will demonstrate recursion as Gaia's self regulation stabilizes, enabling the teaching of planetary self-awareness using global media and planetary feedback. (Ref: HeartBeat Earth Project.)

III. The brain,heart, breath, earth/Schumann harmonics will evidence cross-correlated coherence and recursion as "critical mass intentionality" is learned interpersonally.

The Implosion Physics of "Critical Mass Intentionality":

The Heart and Geometry of Gold..

The quantum concept of critical mass describes enough symmetry that nearby wave packet inertia (quanta) are self-organized or drawn in.

This means that critical mass by definition is a wave attractor. Mass itself as an idea merely refers to sufficient wave symmetry to store inertia; this is the only measure and definition we have for mass. Mass is a ritual for containing spin. Thus critical mass would be not only enough symmetry to store inertia, but enough attractiveness as wave phenomenon to begin sucking in all surrounding inertia or spin density. This may all at first seem a bit abstract until we consider what it means in psychological terms.

If we look at the atomic physics of a substance which stores maximum intertia or mass, in pure geometric terms, we will probably get a clue to the geometric principle of critical mass itself. Gold for example has long been known for its molecular nobility and its mythic or alchemical
relationship to pure intention. The atomic geometry of gold therefore may be our essential clue to what is critical mass intentionality. Another use of gold which suggests a relationship to pure intention, in addition to alchemy, is the David Hudson, Ormes, mono-atomic white gold powder "manna" product. Medical reports from users suggest, revitalized immune systems and longevity. Psychological & "spiritual" reports from users frequently include terms such as "transcendence" or purified intention, and a renewed connection to a sense of life purpose.

Clearly the monoatomic nature of the gold Ormes, is to acheive near complete solubility in the blood. We know from Albert Szent Gyorgyi's work that trace or "dopant" minerals in cell metabolism are used to create a kind of seed shaped fractal which has the effect of arranging the geometry and conductivity of cellular waters. Specifically he says that profound ice like cellular water geometry is induced by proper mineral solution. He also describes "triplet state electrons" able to distribute their spin information democratically across huge numbers of biological molecules ONLY when cellular waters are exquisitely ordered. This permits efficient timing and choreography in higher cellular metabolism.

Let's now consider what conductivity effect soluble gold in the blood would have in this scenario of the ordering of cellular waters. In order to understand this, we may need to look at the actual geometry of the outer electron shells of the gold. Gold is molecularly uncorrodeable because the symmetry of its layering of electron shells is elegantly complete. Electron shell layers are composed of concentric woven s,p,d,f subshells. The s subshell is a donut, whose shape includes 2 votex or electrons. The p subshells is 6 electrons as vortex arranged like 3 donut donut vortex pairs nested in a cube or octa symmetry. Interestingly, according to "Psi Perception of Quarks" by Phillips, the d and f electron subshells are donut vortex pairs arranged in the symmetry of icosa-dodeca. This makes sense because Armand Wyler found 5 and 7 symmetry spins possible around the icosa depending on whether you included the symmetry spin of the top the half as a perfect mirror opposite of the bottom.

In summary we may simplify the atomic table s,p,d,f subshell nest. We may suggest that those 2,6,10,14 electron groups are really platonic solid like symmetry nests of 1,3,5,7 donut vortex pairs. Their arrangement progresses from a single torus, to 3 as an octa-cube, to 5 and 7 vortex pairs arranged as icosa-dodeca. This platonic solid like nesting of the electron shells is visible in the atomic table according to Crooks as depicted in the book by Phillips.

This would mean that the completed outer electron shells of gold would literally be repeated d and f subshells nesting of dodeca icosa stellations or interdigitations. (Refer here to Greater Maze Theosophical Model). The Golden Mean stellation of the icosahedron makes a dodecahedron and vice versa.

Since Golden Mean wave interference generates only CONSTRUCTIVE interference, this becomes the only perfect fractal symmetry in which to store mass or spin.

Because this shape is therefore perfectly self-embeddable, it is the perfect fractal attractor for waves. Visually, we could conceive of gold dissolved in the blood as inducing quantum electron tunneling through the zero-point, an implosion induced by fractal vortex symmetry.

This is more than a description of electron spin distribution, it is the heart shaped wave guide for potentially infinite awareness distribution.

Vedic wisdom has always suggested importance in dissolving precious metals into the blood. We can now begin to glimpse in pure principle, the relationship between noble of completed recursive symmetry, and noble intention. This is like learning how to braid a fractal. The completion of embeddedness is the completion of connectedness. Intention made pure includes this most conencted state of "consumed perspective" among pressures or viewpoints. A wave fractal is where intention consumes perspective.

We can relate this idea of completed nestedness to clinical biofeedback. If we test for coherence and recursion in biological oscillators we should be able to clearly and in rigorous mathematical terms, optimize for self-reference or self-awareness. The "Heart of Gold" is all enfolding as recursion becomes perfect (Golden Mean).

Learning to complete a symmetrically fractal cascade in the heart and or brain harmonics is therefore must logically be a specific psychophysiological correlate to a critical mass of pure intention.