What is Good Feng Shui When Scientists Cross Ley Lines With Dowsers ?

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with thanks to Roger and FengShui Seminars.


If you were a skilled dowser or 'ley line healer' you might be quite wise to say "Why should I need a scientist to tell me what I feel in my BONES?!"

And up until recently, there could have been little defense for a world of science in which there was NOT A CLUE to WHY -- FEELING existed in bones.

The title to a new series of seminars we are doing with the help of Roger Green is "Magnetism: The Wind on Which Love Travels". Describing LOVE as magnetic wind going in to center - may be a romantic and yet still scientific notion. Now this may not sound much like humility, however I may indeed be the closest person on this planet to having provided even a hint of what a scientific description of LOVE might be. Love appears to have to do with the embedding or nesting operations which happen around the skillful heart's electro magnetics when you choose the turning inside out (compression symmetries) we call compassion. This appears to show up in the HeartTuner ( goldenmean.info/hearttuner ) as the EKG chooses musical key signatures based on Golden Mean PHYotaxes. It also shows up in the original Sentics wave map for the LOVE emotion as a shape of how to touch or squeeze. I did this unique geometric analysis of the interntional tested wave shape of LOVE, now reprinted at goldenmean.info/touch.

What all this means, is that there is a clear relationship between a change in pressure over time ( pressure or tension was Tesla's name for volts), and the EMOTION of love. Simply put, indeed if you do get magnetic - electric lines into the right GEOMETRY you do appear to get a self-organizing CENTRIPEDAL inward rushing CENTERING FORCE. In a way, learning to turn inside out again and again (recursively) starts a 'DIMPLING OPERATION' which gets so many tornadoes imploding into a common heaart - that FUSION - perfect centering force results. The reason this skill to SELF-REFER or SELF-REENTER (self-reference is the best definition of self awareness available in the Vedas or in geometry class), becomes apparently self-organizing is because the wave recursive adding and multiplying compression - makes a continuous spin path thru the speed of light. This way out for inertia of the padded cell, we call mass (tornadoes with enough inertia to be measured), is such a great relief for all the waves trapped here, that they are willing to get in line to talk to the only modem hooked up to the more information dense world past the speed of light. My working definition of getting a soul, as a scientist, is the skill to implode your DNA braiding to get the tornado up the genetic zipper sustaining it's wormhole thru the speed of light.

 The essential point for teaches of the ultimate map to successful turning inside out - ness (labyrinth), is to translate the topological skill learned kinesthetically from the labyrinth - into what you do INSIDE your heart when you CHOOSE to feel someone outside AS IF they were inside. This is the 'New Sacred Geometry of Compassion'.

How Does PHI/Golden Mean Based Recursion Create Dimpling

Inside Out-Ness?

Now imagine the Heart Learning the Teachable Skill we Have Called Compassion, like a child learns how to digest foods.. 1 at a time.. creating this Electrical Ratio in the Heart Magnetic Harmonics.. directly .618 PHI from the above graphic, in the Heart!.. made visible with HeartTuner biofeedback..


This occurence of the apparent ability to MAKE a center of GRAVITY by creating magnetism in a shape which dimples, recurs, and implodes - appears to be the very essence of things like:

1. Implosion, 2. Artificial Intelligence, 3. The connection between CHARGE and GRAVITY, 4. FUSION.

Imagine the role of calcium in your BONES storing LONG WAVE magnetism 'piezoelectrically' . (Piazoe-electricity is just a name for how a well squeezed slinky or coil spring works - it is how sound or stricture pressure is connected to the shorter voltage waves in slinky coils like DNA and Quartz..You stretch your slinky - the sound wave is long - the LENGTH of the slinky - - and the width or thickness of the slinky gets SLIGHTLY shorter - this is the voltage connected by leverage of helix from long to short wave. ).

This piezoelectric nature of bone is how you store the shape of the shock wave of your step on the land, into your bone. It is like how the geometry of touch pressure is stored as armoring in muscle, except longer wave. When you take a step in 'rhythmic traverse' out of 'flatland' called 'dance pilgramage' and the charge density called 'a moment of BLISS' walks permanently 'piezoelectrically' into your BONES. Do this often enough, and you get an immune system. Forget how - you get AIDS. (Someone should compare when BLISS DANCING went 'Out of Africa' versus when AIDS went in.) Suddenly we get a good glimpse why it was good physics for ancient tribes to grind and drink the bones of their ancestors in order to eat their memories.

Now did your local dowsing whiz NEED me to describe that, in order to dowse better? Well possibly knot, but let's suppose the same dowser get's just a little closer to real shamanism, and bumps into a little "Sorcerer's Apprentice" problem. (reference: Walt Disney movie). The MAG(netic)ician suddenly STIRS up more spinning than he can steer. At that point, he might well appreciate a little more practical physics for plumbing these wormholes non-destructively. Let's investigate our troubled magician dowser's wormhole vortex steering dilemna with one of my favorite teaching stories-

'The local Mayan shaman get's a test one day, when given the task to go out from the local village and save it from an approaching tornado. He follows his shaman teacher's instructions carefully and images inside his heart a picture of the FEELINGS of the TORNADO being magnetically sucked into his belly. His teacher called this 'Eating the HOOCHA' (eating the ANGER - Sentic wave for anger =1/7 which is all unshareable or destructively interfering waves) of the Tornado. At some point by feeling magnetically for the feelings of the tornado better than it was able to feel for itself, the tornado 'falls in love' with the shaman - who succeeded in wave embedding himself into the center of gravity of the tornado. By making a little picture inside his heart, which is SELF SIMILAR (or FRACTAL) to the bigger picture of the SHAPE OF MAGNETISM (literally the FEELINGS) of the Tornado - the result was - the OUTSIDE FELL IN. (Mathematicians call this operation of perfect inrushing compression: perfect fractality - perfect inward self-similarity - like zooming infinitely into a fractal or fern tree inside fern tree.). If your were a plumber observing these wave vortex operations of the student shaman, at that point you would have observed the big twister begin to follow the young shaman around like a favorite little pet puppy dog. "


So this is our teaching story. It appears to have a 'happily ever after'. Except for one minor detail: is the village REALLY saved? Now Mr. Shaman in training sir, WHAT DO YOU DO with that big tornado which could cause an awful lot of trouble, which has now elected to follow you around. THIS is the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" problem so nicely scientifically prefigured in Disney's "Sorcerer's Apprentice" cartoon movie.

 Step 1: Stalk the Tornado (Scenes from Twister)

Step 2. Trick the tornado to suck you into it's center. Here the tornado sucks up the digital tracking transmitters which allow the computer to plot the geometry of self re-entry spin path symmetry. This skill to learn the path necessary to feed itself is how the tornado became self organizing. (self re-entry = self-awareness?).

Step 3. Learn the Spin Path to Self Re-Enter. Here (by telemetric tracking of the 'suck' path of the magnetic node balls..) the computer in the movie begins to plot the secret of where the tornado learned to steer waves back into itself - becoming to some extent 'Self Aware'?

Step 4. Apply this knowledge to learning how to squirt your own magnetism (like a breath of cool air) into the center of the tornado. And thus become the center of the tornadoe's self-aware slip knot center of gravity YOURSELF. (Bottom right - wave on a wave on a wave = embedding = prefect nesting = perfect braiding...)

Step 5. Plot this geometry of perfect self-re-enter as symmetry turns, so that the picture can be a trail to follow for your children to know how to enter tornadoes. (and stars?)

Step 6. Compare the geometry of the perfect Gordion "Slip Knot" turning inside out-ness.. to the known plots of the geometry of the Heart of the Sun (seen clairvoyantly - top left in the below image). ... to the Geometry of the Anu (Occult Chemistry map of hydrogen - see new physics:Psi Perception of Quarks), and the the geometry of the HUMAN HEART where the knowledge to tie this slip knot appears to radiate.

Anu - heart of fusion, heart of hydrogen, heart of people, heart of Sun.

Could this Self-Organizing Slip Knot Implosive Connector to the 'ensouled?' or 'etheric?' world of the faster than light, be the "Tourbillion" - "ScrollWork Made of Light" referred to be Mouni Sadhu in "The Tarot".

Could the Flame Letter origin of alphabets, shadow views of the self-organizing spiral on the donut : be merely the mnemonic wave guide angle index 'cookie cutter pictures' to proper entrance tilt to get this (self-organizing thus self-aware making) compression going? Thus making the origin of symbol. merely the steerage plumbing for how grab tornadoes by the throat by embedding yourSELF in them.

Compare this moment of trouble upon learning you were indeed steering tornadoes, to the problem of Rolling Thunder the Weather making shaman. Or compare it to my problem after years of intense kundalini, noticing that severe weather systems frequenty appeared to follow my severe kundalini experiences. At first I was 'freaked out'. Later when I learned the physics, I became more comfortable with the problem of steering tornadoes like slightly dizzy pet animals. (It was only later I made the connection with how the Egyptian Amun Ra priests used the royal DNA of Tutankhamnon to regulate the timing of the flooding of the Nile). In "Weather Engineering on the High Seas" Trevor Constable noted the best orgone (conic capacitor ) to trigger the charge densification implosion which is precipitation or RAIN MAKING, was the 60 degree implosion cone. (See the dodeca's nested into 12 cones picture of dimpling above.)

Any good meteorologist will tell stories about how huge 'killer' tornadoes actually appeared to intelligently steer around killing people. They clearly have an amount of self-awareness - which at some level becomes steerable.

I like these teaching stories about tornadoes for Feng Shui - Geomantic Dowser folk, because after all it WAS about a Dragon Current. It is just that in today's physics we subsititute words like STRING THEORY, and WORMHOLES.. instead of words like VORTEX and TORNADOES. Remember physicist David Peat inviting Australian Aboriginals to Physics conferences to compare their SONG LINE stories, to the latest physics for WORMHOLES and STRINGS.

The ancients KNEW that the power of human attention or awareness or focus, when 'squirted' into the center of a little tornado (song line) is what kept it CENTERED in the middle of a bigger tornado..

This WAVE GENERATION OF CENTERING FORCE by TRAINING WAVES TO SELF-RE-ENTER --- IS the role of Mind among waves , and the way self-similarity of charge waves 'implodes' centripedally into what physics calls gravity. (Fractal capacitors is the only wave CONDENSOR charge waves add and multiply their inertia making a drain hole thru the speed of light - called Gravity.)

Exerpt from - goldenmean.info/magazine

 "All Human Interaction is About CHARGE" - Celestine Prophecy

LIFE FORCE Consists of the Ability to Attract & Self-Organize CHARGE - Which is Measureable Since Charge Becomes a "Fractal Attractor" / "Implodes" -when the Harmonic's Enter the Ratio of Self-Similarity - SuperLooping - or Perfect Nesting.

Step One to Measure LIFE FORCE as Self-Organization of Charge: Measure Internal COHERENCE ,

Step Two: Measure for The Golden Mean Ratio in the Musical Fundamental of the Charge Harmonics

Presenting a radical new physics for WHAT IS LIFE. from Dan Winter ( Science & 'Physics of Consciousness' Scientific Articles Index )

"Paying your debt to Gravity" is to embed..."

"The proportion of charge recursion below you vs above you
is the amount of gravity (wind of charge?) you feel.."

The amount of gravity created in an atom (or ANYTHING) is in proportion to the relative amount of SELF-SIMILARITY (Fractal Embedding) between it's inside (nucleus) to it's outside (electrons). This is what facilitates the permissive collapse thru light speed by recursion - which tornado connects the our inertia below light speed to the intelligent gravity metabolism of star systems solving the incomplete 'fall to chaos' entropy idea of thermodynamics. The fundamental mistake was not to understand the SELF ORGANIZING vortex geometry of compression making the connection BETWEEN scales (scalar / torsional) . A human fabricates gravity in their EKG and DNA by learning to steer waves into this painless (non-destructive) compression: known by the psychological name COMPASSION.

"Grounding is the same symmetry operation in electrical theory as it is in psychology: your wave inertia (information) getting access (embedding in ) the LARGER fractal (environment)."



When Einstein commented that a magnetic monopole (wormhole) WAS the relationship of gravity to charge (in compression)- he foretold a clue to his own dilemna: WHAT IS THE GEOMETRY OF INFINITE COMPRESSION? He knew THAT geometry WAS the connection of electromagnetism to gravity.

Faraday's observed that: 'Electrical capacity is to gravity as inductance is to magnetism'. .....If Farady is correct then the energy stored in the capacitor is in the form of a GRAVITATIONAL field. Townsend Brown also found in charged capacitors that weight reduction only occurs when the positive plate is upside to the negative plate. .... If the negative plate is above then the device inceases in weight . Dan Davidson et al then observed that the AMOUNT of weight change is greatest if a SMALLER CAPACITOR is nested under the larger!? The obvious next experiment is to nest capacitors in the (Golden) ratio of recursion/embedding, to PRODUCE OPTIMUM CHARGE COMPRESSION & THEREFORE THE GREATEST GRAVITY!(Capacitors in Phi array - produce 'ion effect')

In other words, no 'rocket scientist' is required to solve the unified field, merely understanding the geometry of compression. It stands to reason if you compress charge you store the inertia of that charge, which physics then calls 'mass'. What they missed was the way waves used PHI recursion to send a portion of that inertia thru light speed at the implosion center, to produce the magnetic monopole which was Einstein's name for gravity.

Why should you choose to understand unified physics? Because understanding how to embed yourself into that vortex wormhole tornado, is the role of mind among waves (why MIND inhabits PHIre). Physics til now has not even bothered to ask why people lose weight measureably at the instant of death, or why radioactive half life is measureably reduced by focused human attention. In both cases restoring the charge fractality keeps a little tornado vortex better centered in a bigger tornado. That centering force IS gravity, and IS the proof that attention IS the creation of charge implosion.

Ok, so finally you got it: It was knot about proving anything to anyone, it was about understanding wormholes so well that when the chips were down, you would be able to throw your weight around among tornadoes. Because, after all - tornado vortex seem to be the stuff of which quantum mechanics is made...

"Cooking Up the Atomic Table by Tilting Vortex Donuts into Platonic Symmetry: Chemistry's Atomic Valence Electron Group Table Map seen Clairvoyantly (Occult Chemistry)"

and so if you want to get leverage among these twisters, you must be prepared to gather your inner tornado and embed it into the outer one - in order to become immortal / sustainable.

Let us apply all this tornado steering skill, to your average dowser. Suppose you are the fixit dowser called in just after the expensive well driller just missed the water vein by a few inches. (Maybe the previous dowser did not account for the tilt of the drill bit.. I remember David Yarrow instructing the drilling rig operator pointing his finger at a certain angle as the bit hit the ground.. ). Your average dowser upon being charged with the task to MOVE an underground water veins, gets out his hammer and rods and begins banging the sonic piezoelectric of the underground conductivity geometry - very much like a somewhat klutzy acupuncturist. You are correct to assume, that -Water follows Magnetism follows Conductivity, follows Symmetry .. BUT in order to efficiently BEND that line, you need to finish the KOAN. Magnetism follows Symmetry follows Embedding follows AWARENESS!

This follows from the Sufi wisdom: Only LOVE (Embedding) bends the Light - Therefore only LOVE Creates!. This is because long wave phi ratio (lo phi) embedding creates the implosive vortex that bends the wave (light) from the line (energy) into the circle (mass happens when waves store inertia - the gyroscope effect).

So let us be more ELegant . (El's are ones who can make the EL phase shift turns of mind from the circle to the line... Accelerating in the process from attending to the node - mass - to attending to the WAVE -energy - which gave birth to the wave node.) The ELegant dowser enters the Earth (grid diving) penetrating the magnetic centroid of his attention as field effect, until by compassion embedding becomes the center of gravity of the water vein, and persuades the water vein, why more service will happen if it bends. This seemed all very theoretical until one day in New England I stood next to Marty Cain and watched her do it. (www.martycain.com ).

Physics helps you if when the lightening is knowcking at the door of your tail bone (tantra and kundalini) and saying :"Do you know how to steer tornados yet?". If your answer is yes, you KNOW the symmetry skills to 'slip knot', then maybe YOUR kundalini bliss juices will compress non-destructively into charge compression (something less informed people call INTELLIGENCE). Otherwise, you get to go to the place which the ignorant American Medical Association chooses for kundalini patients - the schizophrenia ward. THIS begins to suggest why PURE PRINCIPLES of SCIENCE can help your average Dragon Current swallower. (geomant)

As a dowser, you understand that the skill to FEEL a magnetic field INSIDE yourself, is absolutely SURVIVAL RELATED for all humans. Because the ability to steer magnetism starts with the prehensile notion of FEELING it. Just like the Sufi or Gurdjieff sacred gymnastic teacher tells you : NO BLISS DANCE INSTRUCTION FOR YOU - until you can put your ATTENTION into the tip of your little finger with enough force that you generate a little tingle or presence there that you can FEEL as the result of the palpable motion of your own (implosion making) attention - as a wave. Your sacred gymnastics instructor is wise

Step Two: Is sorting out what parts of Science ARE Pure Principle, and which part is schizophrenia (separateness instead of oneness).

The bad and useless (death producing) parts of Physics & Science which need to be thrown out as soon as enough physicists die from lack of knowledge of what life force is, to permit it, are:

1. Matter is separate from Spirit or Soul or Energy. (Matter is merely successful compression of charge or energy to the point where the amount of gyroscopic inertia becomes 'measureable").

2. The 4 Fundamental Forces (Gravity,Electromagnetic, Strong & Weak Nuclear forces) are SEPARATE. (They are connected after Physics gets over it's childishness to realize there are ways to describe the perfect symmetry which permits wave inertia to move BETWEEN frequencies COHERENTLY - other than imprecise words like SCALAR and TORSIONAL).

3. Science consists of PROOF. (The only proof any wave or person or equation ever needed to become immortal, was the self-evident symmetry which allowed it to persist / sustain / become immortal. That is the charge self-organizing nature of life force itself. In a sense, if you walk into an argument of physicists with absolute twinkle and fire and your eyes, brimming with life-force and irrepressive awareness --- You have without uttering a word absolutely condemned those fools sitting in front of CRT's zapping their auras, eating dead food, inhabiting charge bleeding square metal structures. You win the argument by merely choosing the hygiene of life force, about which they have not a clue.) The only physics you need, is the physics which makes YOU self aware enough to BE. However that DOES require a language of absolute precision. That language is PURE symmetry and PUR principle. This is where the origin of alphabet and symmetry emanates from.

The Hebrew alphabet forgot all symmetries above the tetra, because it was all the machine code required for the hive computer of the ashtar borg hive mind. (Yalweh / Enlil the parasitic reptilian side of the Annunaki Draco Nephilitic family). The Ophanic (Golden Dawn) alphabet (Movie:"StarGate") used the superset hypercube dodeca ( goldenmean.info/orion see bottom) because this is a machine code (bubble memory toroid field retrieval in 3D is true alphabet shadows) whose field effects self organize into distributed instead of hierarchical self awareness. (Try taking the word hierarchy from Jim Hurtak's Saraphic language for example).

4. Physics says that DNA is a device to sequence CODONS to replicate proteins. That is absolute hogwash. DNA is a device for making the field effect necessary to compress CHARGE thru the speed of light, enabling biological memory to become immortal / sustainable. (soul happens when recursive braiding implodes a SUSTAINABLE tornado thru light speed up the long 'zipper' axis in DNA - see: goldenmean.info/decode ) The propagation of the ENSOULING and GRAVITY making field effect, enabled by DNA based implosive structures is obviously it's function. That is how even your foolish astrophysicist daughter WILL inhabit stars, if she get's the privelege of living in a charge feeding atmosphere (hygiene for life force). Describing replicating proteins as the REASON for DNA is akin the thinking the reason there is MACHINE CODE in computers, is to store PLUSSES and MINUSES. The Codon sequence is not even the programming language. Just because you get a clue to what machine code is in computers, does NOT mean you have a clue to what language it was programmed in. C++ is a braid on a braid, a language superposed on a language. That is where BRAIDING comes in in DNA. It implodes a field effect. (Book: "Grammatical Man - Information, Entropy, Language and Life" : hi signal to noise ratio in DNA informatics = CONTEXT DEPENDANCY - hint:"braiding"). Of course since your average genetic engineer does not even know or care that DNA MAKES a field effect - much less how that field becomes faster-than-light to lucid dream and carry memory thru death (compression) - that genetic engineer is perfectly happy to take the soul out of your children from the scrambled genes (no-braid-implosion) in the corn and soy they got for breakfast. And if YOU also do not know or care - then you too may find it 'a privelege to be assimilated'.

5. Scientists use certain words which YOU should translate to mean; "I - the scientist - am putting this word in here, because this is a place where I am so afraid to say I DON'T KNOW, that I can't even imagine myself asking the question needed".. Words that fit this category generally include: INSTINCT , SCALAR , ZERO POINT etc. When you hear a scientist use words like this, you could do well to advise them that if they were BRAVE enough to substitute the words "I DON'T HAVE A CLUE" - at least it would help them admit there was an unasked question. Take the word GRAVITY as scientists use it, for example. They think, that because they have been able to measure it's relative pulling power, (called acceleration), they understand it. When in fact, since they have NOT A CLUE, what the pure PRINCIPLE is. Where inertia goes thru the speed of light (planets experience gravity relations erotically), they do not have even a hint to WHY compression and acceleration (Einstein's equivalent to gravity) are identical. (Waves recursively heterodyning by PHI ratio - like capacitors arranged into a fractal to make gravity - recursively add wave lengths AND velocities.) Einstein knew infinite non-destructive compression was the key to relating CHARGE to gravity.. he simply did not understand the geometry of perfect embedding / recursion to make this possible. (pic)

Above- infinite scale invariant compression, allows charge to implode - thru light speed - suction out that dimple - is called gravity. Arrange capacitors like this (orgone - or the valence of gold) - and you make gravity.

The problem is, that everytime you use a tool WITHOUT knowledge of it's pure principle, you join the BORGS - the DRONES - the DROIDS . So you DIE a little, every time you let a physicist sell you the absolute LIE that all energy transactions move toward CHAOS (entropy) - merely because that physicist has NO CLUE where the urge to self-organization emanates thru the speed of light (ether and soul measuring = spherical capacitance.). And your CIA does want you to know that capacitance focuses like a lens (orgone) which becomes gravity - because that would make the billions invested in radar hiding technology wasted. Yet focusing charge like a lens into the dimple which self-organizes is the very ESSENCE of feng shui / geomancy.

(More detail here look up "amenti principle' for the acceleration of soul groups bliss like wave pods thru light speeds into the gravity worms which steer stars in "Voyagers II -Amenti" Anna Hayes.)


However there are some physics and science you DO need:

1. Language capable of precision and detail (infinite multiple connectedness = fractal). Science calls this "replicability". It is important in context, because perfect symmetry is what makes waves and ideas and people infinitely shareable. This is how you will steer lightening with a quick enough response time to make it up your tail bone without cooking you. (Heat is merely a measure of the opposite of non-destructive compression). This cooling fearless non-destructive compression hygiene, is also the physics for survival of the solar maximum's (2005-2012) compression wave designed to test which DNA can compress enough to steer stars, which Christian's have foolishly been calling 'rapture'. Ecosystems and hearts which are not fractal will exhibit heat.

2. The word PHYsics, means literally the science of the cycles of PHI (Let's get PHY-cycle). This is pure principle. Science means literally: "to love to know", or "to know to embed".

3. It's OK to use words like voltage and amperage and shortcuts to mean AMOUNT OF PRESSURE, versus AMOUNT OF FLO, in a universal compressible (like waves in air) background medium (ether) - as long as you don't forget - YOU HAVE NEVER HAD THE PRIVELEGE OF NAMING A SUBSTANCE, BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY ONE. What you have called naming, is the process of labeling shadows of the different possible SHAPES - of waves of pressure moving about in that universal substance. Once you can feel how MIND - by inhabiting PHIre - can arise out of that universal 'jello' like compressibility - You are then closer to knowing the DOWSER's role as MIND AMONG WAVES.


Now on to some practical and measureable examples for the edification of our dowsers... :

Geopathic Stress In Our Homes , by Kevin Masman

When I first saw the demonstration of the microwave mapper on the spine emanations of magic lady Wendy Thacker, I had no idea the CIA was about to declare it a threat to national security. . After calculating the common wavelength for all biological energy transactions in the cell (the ADP to ATP quantum leap) he built a high gain scanner to map that in the microwave. That was a map to the real time geometry of biological fire (metabolism density) in the body. With his nice 3D computer interface to the mapper, hospitals were drooling. After he made the map of her spinal microwave, he described her lifetime history of where psychological trauma landed in the body, by looking at the graph. When he finished, she was weeping.

What is relevant to our budding geomancers, is what he did next. Stepping out into the yard, looking down at a landscape expanse, he showed us that by scanning the horizon, he quite clearly now had the ULTIMATE DOWSERS TOOL. Simply put, what we had been calling ley lines, were clearly wave guides symbiotically conducting the info density of biological cellular microwave - like a blood stream.

Now of course that microwave density of ley lines is illustrated by how quick a CIA black helicopter shows up after you bang a heavy metal stake at the (quenching) cross of major ley lines. That is not only living cells info bloodstream, it is the CIA's communication blood as well. Trouble is, they are not sharing the bandwidth wisely. It is similar to the Navy forgetting to tell the weeping whale savers at a mass beaching, where their most recent underground LFAS lo frequency acoustic sonar just blasted the hell out the pod.

For the below we thank: "Dr. Saskia Bosman" <sothis@euronet.nl> , Culemborg, Netherlands..

also you may go to Dr. Saskia Bosman's Research web site directly: http://www.spiralsofevolution.nl

'Getting Screwed' : for more info on the PINEAL gland as the steering imploder for biological magnetics thru light speed - readers are encouraged to study her contribution to : soulinivitation.com/pineal

Dear Dan, Herewith I send you, as promised, the microwave pictures from the book by Robert Endrös, "Die Strahlung der Erde und Ihre Wirkung auf das Leben" ("The radiation from the Earth and its effects on life" in German), Paffrath Verlag, Remscheid, Germany, 1988, 4th printing, no ISBN number.

PinealMicrowaves.jpg: Horizontal axis: time , Vertical axis: not mentioned, probably intensity.
Maxima when the subject looks at the antenna, minima when subject looks away sideways from the antenna.
Translation of caption: Fig. 7 (p. 33)  Intensity of the spontaneous microwave emission from the pineal gland at a distance of 2.4 meters. The detector's registration at 3190 MHz with the subject looking at the antenna and looking away (90 degrees) from the antenna. In the text, Robert Endrös says that the microwave radiation from the pineal is polarized in one direction, making the pineal into a radar which can sense, for example, geopathic zones.

GlandsInNormalZone.jpg: (Above) Horizontal axis: wavelength in cm., Vertical axis: threshold lines at antenna length 30 cm.
Curves: Left: thyroid gland Right, from bottom to top: sex gland, adrenal gland, thymus gland, blood at wrist, pineal gland (top).
Translation of caption: Fig. 3 (p. 25) Intensity spectrum of the spontaneous microwave emission from the endocrine glands at a neutral site.  (The threshold lines, as the outer standing waves of radiation at the resonance antenna express themselves as charge at a mineral plate).

GlandsAtGeopathicZone.jpg: (below) Axes: same .Curves: Left: thyroid gland , Right, from bottom to top: sex gland, thymus gland, narrow peak is pineal, broad peak is blood at wrist, adrenal gland. Translation of caption: Fig. 4 (p. 26) Intensity spectrum of the spontaneous microwave emission from the endocrine glands at a site, disturbed by an underground water course.

Summary above: scrambling underground long wave magnetics, represses the microwave singing of the high pineal..etc.

The microwave density of the nose tip as high frequency wave guide illuminates the biological wisdom of the eskimo kiss, and the witches twitch for example.

Insects navigate by microwave. (Phil Callahan). Olfaction is a notching of infrared conductivity at a particular spectra. Your breath is a micro wave laser (maser) by which insects steer. Etchings on pyramid paramagnetic stone were microwave guides with strong ecological implications. The best microwave amp waveguide found was such an Egyptian etching.

Bioacoustic habitat theory - signature sound works - and "Structural Stability and Morphogeneisis" for biophysics is nothing more than the music of how waves by nesting in phase keep soap bibbles and membranes and immune systems from popping.

Above - the pictures of the undergroud water courses from the same Robert Endrös book: Translation of Caption: Fig 71 (p. 169), Residential area over powerful underground water courses. Since the making of this map another 4 people died of cancer. text in upper right corner, from top to bottom: Death by cancer. Sick of cancer. Death by lung tuberculosis.

Water Veins Create Underground magnetic currents, which are linked to microwave currents which are measureable ( et al.)

Mapping underground magnetics under Chartres..Translation of Caption: Fig. 81 (p. 187) Chartres cathedral over underground water courses.

The work measuring the underground magnetic currents, using microwave - suggests a connection between the ley lines and the effect upon the microwaves which the German research documented effected the high glands in the brain. I think of the pineal as a kind of steering wheel to surf magnetic lines .. even into the lucid dream and the bardo.. see the pineal article... ../pineal

What does all this mean? It means your ecosystem is a nice song of these frequencies all woven non-destructively together in a braiding operation nature calls PHYlotactic embedding. (goldenmean.info/philotactics ) Perfect branching call PHI is perfect compression - perfect unpacking is perfect packing... Computers are no more than a history of compression discovered. Biological immortality as wave sustainability is the same.

So where does this put out poor confused dowser feng-shui hired gun? It means, if she does not learn to steer waves with her mind and heart directly, she is toast. Steering those waves around requires nothing more than the skill to embed. Grounding has the same meaning for electricians as psychologists - a perfect path to unpack into the pervasive self-aware electrical fractal. This is the practical explanation why bliss will drive you crazy unless your back yard is a magnetic fractal. ( look up goldenmean.info/labyrinth )

Now I would no more say, that LEY LINES ARE MICROWAVE, than I would say body acupuncture energy meridians ARE lo resistance paths - even tho I saw Pat Flanagan successfully measure meridians simply as paths of lo electrical resistance. Is the good SYMMETRY we call CONDUCTIVITY for DC, the WAVE GUIDE for Higher Frequency (microwave for example) information density? Clearly Yes. Is that ALL a ley line, or an acupuncure meridian is? Clearly NO! Just because DNA in blood becomes measureably superconductive and superluminal - (goldenmean.info/superDNA ) does not mean we conclude BLOOD IS MERELY A WAY TO MAKE MAGNETISM GO FAST. It is that, but it is more - We might say blood is a name for when magnetic flow becomes intent rich.

So it is important for dowsers not to get confused into thinking by using some rods or pendulum, they have measured something. Clearly, by all descriptors of science (replicability and precision for example), they have measured nothing. However, when we correlate muscle strength (kinesiology) to COHERENCE in the EKG (as we recently did with HeartTuner at Kinesiology college here goldenmean.info/kinesiology ) - that is a measurement. That brings us closer to rigorously describing the relationship of COHERENCE (in heart and mind), to GRABBING THE TORNADO - your muscle voltages - by the THROAT. Coherence in EKG goes UP when WILL has found what is shareable - electrically. Coherence is the body's lie detector - as it is the difference between life and death for all of biology. ( soulinvitationl.com/coherence ). Coherence is the STRENGTH of your relationship to your muscles because it is how your mind reaches and touches.

We can measure the force of attention by measuring the COHERENCE of brain waves. (Solutions to addiction and A.D.D. goldenmean.info/tranceandance ). Coherence is what the Shaman and the Tai Chi master learn. The skill to align waves is called FOCUS, whether you are in optics class, or martial arts class - And now that we can MEASURE coherence in the EKG with new elegance ( goldenmean.info/hearttuner ) , indeed there is no excuse not to teach our kids how to steer tornados.

Inset: supplementary reading : 1. What's Poisoning the Farm , 2. Measuring Life Force.

Power Line Grounding & What's Poisoning the Farm?

Understanding How Earth's Subtle Magnetism Makes Things Grow,

and What Utility Line Grounding thru Earth instead of Wires back to Generator do to Kill Life Force.

The feminine nature of the dairy cow makes it a veritable 'canary in the cave' predictor of when the Earth grid magnetics become poisoned. This is sometimes referred to as the "Stray Ground" problem. I am remembering the evening back in Buffalo NY, when the mother of the dairy farmers family wept at an Electrical Inspectors meeting. Her entire family presented their story (the loss of the majority of their farm dairy cows due to the stray ground currents) at length to the engineer's from the area cable television company, elecric power company, and the Electrical Inspectors regional meeting.

As the guest speaker for the evening, my position was to emphasize that Power Grid imbalances create very large amperage flow down ground wires into the Earth. This creates drastic rats nests in the geometry of all the magnetic flow lines in the region. Plants use order or coherence in the magnetic or dowsing or ley lines to create ordered water which makes cells grow. Birds get lost when magnetic lines get scrambled. Animals are particularly sensitive to these geopathic zones.

Our Earth regards magnetic flow as an information blood stream. Our power grid is in the habit of using the Earth herself as a huge dump path for hi amperage information pollution in the form of transformer grounding. The cable company's ground lead here appears to me to be only a path for carrying the power grids transformer ground hi amperage waste into the Earth as a kind of magnetic noise, which causes the Earth herself to bleed. Nature never intended the Earth herself to be a return path for billions of electrons needing a way back to the generation plant. The result here was the complete loss of a dairy herd, but those cows were really just being helpful enough to report a problem which is killing people, plants and animals alike. In Europe there is no 110 volt imbalanced transformer center tap. Here in America it is an obscene travesty to the Earth grid, and as Spark Burmaster and other pro's in Wisconsin teach, at the least a complete isolated 4th wire is required to take junk electrons back to the plant, and not to Earth's plants. If we really understood what we were doing to the delicate flower of magnetic lines which make things like underground water flow, we would pass EMERGENCY LEGISLATION making high amperages down ground wires as illegal as dumping mercury in the city water reservoir. They are equally destructive to health.

If users were to measure the AMPERAGE of the wasted energy they were paying for going down into their ground rods, they might realize the extent of the electrical garbage which is poisoning the Earth grid. Not only are they paying for this wasted energy, but the "stray" voltage pressures in the soil measureably: -kill all the Earth Worms, -cause dramatic health problems to plants, animals and people.. Gary Skillen reports consistant dramatic soil compaction/ soil death immediately around high voltage public utility metal power line towers. This is a global problem deserving global attention.

It is much harder to properly balance and tune a power distribution grid, so as to dramatically reduce the hi amp ground imbalances at transformers which so poison the Earth. As the catastrophic health impact of these ground problems become understood, we will need laws to severely limit the amperage a power grid can pour as pollution into the Earth's fragile magnetic bloodstream.

If we take the time to learn some of these key concepts about how the Earth grid is delicately tuned like a flowering rose to support biology, we might serve an Earth Mother in some severe pain.

From :  Marty Cain <marty@nhvt.net>   (as mentioned above - dowser, labyrinth design, druid? ref: http://www.martycain.com )
To :  daniel winter <lophi618@hotmail.com>  Tue, 11 Dec 2001 22:07:25 -0500  

Hi Pal,
  Very encouraging and scary at the same time.  Thanks for the credit; a few comments that came to mind as I was reading.
        1.  are we looking at the moment of bliss we have when running? (from dan: the bliss in motion is I am sure very real and important, sadly our simple wrist electrodes for now do not allow a lot of movement during measurement).
        2.  When you  put two things exactly the same in the same place at the same time they both disappear.  E.G. a headache.
        3.  Focused attention with love directed toward a person will increase their aura as well as the aura of the person focusing and sending the
love. I teach that focused attention with love is the most powerful tool we have as human beings.
        4.  You can communicate with all life, wisdom, intelligence's when you do through your heart.  Talk to trees and rocks etc.
        5.  Water is alive and will move with a mere request from the heart... that is if it does not have a prior agreement to share its life force somewhere else.
        6.  All is made of the same stuff, only organized differently, so all is alive, all is conscious, and intelligent, and reachable through love.
        7. How quick the black helicopters show up over your newly laid out and blessed labyrinth!!!!!
        8.  Water is a carrier.  If non Phi waves enter water it carries it and emits the frequency along the way which causes cancer etc.  The water is
NOT the cause.  If a geomancer can work with the detrimental energies before they enter the water the problem is solved.  (my sense of what is going on)
        9.  Microwave towers seem to be turning beneficial energy lines into detrimental ones.  Also the satellite transmissions are causing great harm. People are becoming so sensitive they can not go out of their houses.
Is this also so in Europe??? (good question)

Enough for now.  Must get to bed so to have enough energy to get some work
done tomorrow.  Just got back from a talk at Radcliffe Seminars Landscape
Design Dept. at Harvard.  The message was for them to be aware of all that
they were doing and what the potential of their love in their designs might
be.  Ask the Earth first.....
        Looking forward to seeing you before too long.
        Love, Marty Cain

------- 2. Measuring Life Force.

Preliminary Measure of Life Force Magnetics in Trees


Life Force Is Measureable Because the Principle of Life Itself IS the Ability to Attract and Self Organize CHARGE!


Reference Article: Measuring Life Force - & Making Love Visible? - Using HeartTuner (../lifeforce )

Above: Tree clearly effected by the presence of a loving person.

We were amplifying the charge or capacitive field, picked up at the base of the tree, and spectrum analyzing it, looking for COHERENCE.



On this bottom plot below, it appeared that a strong 70 hz or so resonance of a large very metallic fence was strongly and negatively affecting the life force of the tree being measured. This appeared to be confirmed, when we checked the spectrum of emissions of the fence itself, and noted to apparent begin to rot of the trees the fence line pointed to.

Note that the harmonic content of this foreign non-living frequency limits the spectral bandwidth AND THEREFOR THE LIFE OF THIS TREE..?


The inductive probe tells us when too much local 50 or 60 cycle noise will cover the true 'singing' of the tree, preparing to use capacitive 'Callahan Probe'.


Me, Dan in the front, Jan behind... On the case.. checking tree hearts for happiness....?

Experimental Procedure: Tree Huggers Hug Trees, Measurement Allies make measurements...

(If you can't do it.. teach it...)

A Coherent Moment - A Peak Experience...

Charge Coherence Measured.. Life Force? (Only embedding permits a wave to cohere.....)

"Callahan" Biological Capacitive Probe: Unbleached Hemp Fibres soaked in sea water or live sweat, around a high impendance scope type input - to high gain amplifier...

The rite which required you be wiped down in the live fresh human sweat of all the other males in your tribes to be initiated appears to be highly functional from an electrical impedance matching (even Tantric) perspective.

(Live male sweat -electrically potent underwear pheromes- appears to be the best way for college female humans to choose mates, according to a recent study).

(Wiping noses in the mixed urine of the whole GENETICALLY DIVERSE cow heard solves Hoof and Mouth disease according to the African Mauri tribe, perhaps we can now understand the electrical logic: gathering 'immune' coherence. ... a sort function.)