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whom in my view may be the planets most knowing voice of the Templar view, has prepared a response to Raphiem's questions, and in a sense the spiritual destiny of the america's article (www.danwinter.com/america )

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Sun, 25 Apr 1999 14:07:33 -0600
"William Stuart Buehler" <roslinne@fone.net>

Hi Dan,

You had a question from Raphiem (address unknown) thrown out to the group at
large so I'd like to give him/her my own spin on it all. Perhaps you could
relay this for me?

So it was written:

"From: raphiem
Date: 09 Mar 1999
To Dan/Dna or anyone else who can explain... from reading alot Dan's
articles and those on this discussion list...... I get the impression that
we have it all reversed .....are the good guys thru his-story actually the
bad guys and v/versa.... Dan... tell me could it be that the pleiadians
(from Bringers of the Dawn..Barbara.M) actually be the bad guys??? is there
a reason why maybe they wish us to go 12 helix DNA.... so we could become
their human libraries??? as they keep telling us?? or do i read it wrong??
Do I understand you correct in that the holy-grail bloodline (magdala) is
actually Draco/Draku?? Would this imply then that perhaps the descended
/golden masters (ala St.Germian /Kuthumi) are Draku?? Is it possible that
the feathered ones are Draku and the Snaked ones are Aku ?? (Alan Alford)
since the feathered ones won the war they got to write the history books and
the snaked ones got blamed for it all?? pls steer this oxygen deprived soul
in the right direction...... Raphiem..."
Dear Raphiem,

I'm not much for "steering" anyone since I retired from the Navy but I can
pass along some ideas that work for me.

My explanation may confuse you more than Dan's. I know, Dan's cosmology is
pretty hard to understand so I have no intention of even trying to address
his points. He has some that I don't agree with anyway, which I've mentioned
to him. That's ok, we're good buddies. And he has a lot of flashes of keen
insight. His golden ratio geometry is the closest grail description
(energetically) that I've seen.

That aside, I have some ideas that I go by that might sort some of your
problems out if you elect to go with them. First, every star system in this
continuum has both a fallen and full-light quality. We are now in a fallen
continuum but are NOW for the first time in our history of around 500,000
years in present measure returning to the RANNA TIME WAVE which is basically
described in terms of Metatronic consciousness and energy. Mr. J. Hurtak
talks of Metatron but you might do your own tuning in also. Hurtak isn't
that easy to understand either but the info is outstanding. My basic info
here is from the Thoth (Raismes of Aphra), the Thoth who supervised the
Pyramid installation. Info is out of the Church of Johannine Grove of the
Machenaim (johgrove@fone.net) and is the best I've seen (for my own work).

We fell out of the Ranna Wave due to a complex sequence of time implosions
keyed by the Lucifer Fall, Montauk abominations, et al. This created a
fractured continuum made worse by the implosions and the rest ...this "wound
in time" called the KALI RIFT. An excellent, readable, pamphlet ("KOALA")
put out by johgrove gives the good-guy, bad-guy scenario. Koala Time Portal (Also see Koala Graphic) However NOW we are
rapidly returning into the full light spectrum, or about 40% of ensouled
beings (including stellar races) will be if time is provided to shift the
number up from a miserable showing of 20%. Understand that every star system
including ours has a large proportion of souls that are still working under
Nephilistic influence ("Nephilim" the Luciferic fallen angels and their
stooges-of-convenience the Kumir or "Greys" who are not ensouled, most of

The hugely spiritual, Metatronic stellar systems like the triune Orion,
Pleiades, Sirius, ...Draco (old Thoueris in the Dendera Ceiling), Leo,
etc... also have a corresponding huge evil component trying to undermine
the good guys with disinfomation and interference where they can in this
fallen continuum that limits them. They can't jack us around in the
Metatronic frequencies. The Draco system also has very high Metatronic
beings as well as do the other stellar races. Trying to sort out the two
levels is not easy since the "high" low ones can be impressive, as well as
the fallen angels, et al. Use the Metatronic function of your own heart as
the only sensor you can trust. Use this discernment also when evaluating the
old systems now being "rediscovered." Some are valid but parts have been
warped to contain nephilistic codes.

With this in mind my own mode, and advice, is to disregard most of the past
systems, races, etc. that do not have direct application to the Metatronic
flow now increasing in frequency daily. Listen to the angels and Hierarchy
certainly but only the "right" ones ...do the messages carry Grace, new
life, regeneration, redemption? Pray without ceasing. I almost totally
ignore the whole stellar scenario. Thoth comes up with a lot of ancient
history but only the systems that were Metatronic and are the "gold" to go
into the matrix of the new continuum (that has always existed) and that can
assist us now in making the Transition.


1. My own impressions of the founding fathers is that they were not that
confused. In fact, according to Thoth, they were in an inner Masonic order
(Order of the Red Sash) having the intention of returning to the unpolluted
basics. (I later found a painting of Washington, Masons, laying the Capitol
cornerstone where he is wearing a red sash, the others are not.) Further,
they understood the "RESHEL" grid system and used it (Monticello, City
Plan). The Reshel or "Chief Head Stone of God" is a grid system inserted by
the Atlan (most holy) Priests of Ruta into Europe and the Americas in huge
grids. The Egyptians knew of them (Dendera's Hathor Temple astrological
ceiling), and more recently the Templars and then Masons. The Grid, called
the "Techad" in Metatronic terms, is Metatron's 3rd Breastplate (of 24), and
is the energetic and consciousness device that will facilitate the continuum
upgrade. It is used in Chartres, Rosslyn, Montserrat basilica, and other
places. The founding fathers had the information and used it. That does not
display confusion but rather a level of clarity transcending most of the
highest levels now.

2. The Reshel grid is the basis of the American energetic (penta) dynamics
...also the reason for 50 pentagrams in the flag, Hawaii (Roil, Royale Pole)
being the 50th. The major functional penta in Wash DC is still hidden but
can be drawn by starting with the existing L-gate format easily found. The
secondary penta is the format buried by the Rutans under the now existing
Pentagon. The appears to be the Tholos for the Primary. Also why the
Military was intrusted with its keeping rather than anyone else. I would
guess that about 98% of the Military AND CIA are highly professional, good
guys ...more there than in any other temporal organization including the
Church. However the other 2% are highly virulent, extremely dangerous with
great power. But they are small potatoes in the larger hairy picture. I say
this not to instill fear and consternation but to try and restore some
perspective. The baddies only have power in the fallen realm. Get above and
beyond it, enhancing your own Christic, Metatronic empowerment in everything
you do.

2. The Templars, and Masons, as well as every other organization had bad
elements. (Power corrupts the corruptible. Absolute Power (divine) contains
the truly empowered that will not be corrupted.) However they also had
inner groups that held the Stillpoint and knew what they were about.
Disregard the elements that failed and inspect the work of those that
retained and grew in Grace and ability. If you have any interest in the
Templars I can probably steer you into some areas of study.

3. The Magdalene did have Yeshu's son but it was an "immaculate conception"
(which is the Metatronic method in the Ranna Wave anyway) after His
ascension. His name was John Martinus (she married a Greek fellow named
Martinus). There is a large history around this also deeply involving Great
Britain (Alba-On) and France. In effect, the son was the first functional
Templar of the Order. Also, Yeshu the Messiah empowered three of the
Apostles with the Olgive ("Christic") mysteries and codes which later
in the Templars of Scotland. The "True Vine" has important strands within
the one stalk, the Olgive action line being one. If you wish to study the
Mary the "Migdal's" (Magdal-ene) function you might correlate her with
Nephtys found at the head of the Lame King (Osiris/Orion) while Mary the
Mother is the ISIS (enthroned queen) at his feet. An aid in your study not
found otherwise: "Mari" in Hebrew means the "two sided mirror"/vision and in
Latin "ocean, sea." Both are relevant; the "mar" describes a temporal
reality or "teleplane" which is seen (from outside of time) as a flat mirror
like shimmering surface, like moonlight on ripples. It has two levels with
the No-thing or divine Silence, Rest, Void or "Selah" between the levels. (A
two sided mirror) Further, "migdal" in Hebrew means "tower of observation,
seeing." This tower is the the Layooesh Pillar/tube that connects the
Unmanifest divine Source with the Manifest divine One or temporal continua.
Nephtys wore a tower while her sister ISIS wore a throne. This archetype is
called a "Dione Couplet" and is more complex but this is the basic point to
begin the study. The Magdalene was not defiled nor was she a temple whore.

4. The archetype of the bird carrying the serpent or "feathered serpent",
caduceus of Thoth-Hermes, Serpent Staff of Aesculapius (Greek God of
Healing), Moses' Serpent Staff and Yeshua as the same (John 3:14-15), etc.,
is the major symbol of redemption or "absolution, resolution, evolution." It
also connects with the 2618 numeric found in (1) the Bethlehem angle: 26 deg
18 min; and (2) the golden ratio: 2.618. What can heal and regenerate the
Christos' dynamic of resurrection, rebirth ...all Grail stuff... can also
outwardly be defiled. Be clear when dealing with these archetypes. One
comment, Thoth remarked that the archetype must be understood when the bird
is separated from the serpent. I view this as meaning a synergic unity
rather than one created where the two are one ...rather than two unified
synergically as separate but unified.

5. Regarding historical events. "History" is dynamic. It changes. Our time
continuum is dynamic, same thing. Most people do not retain memory of
previous versions when the "shift happens." But some do and sometimes both
versions are purposely retained. This becomes a problem due to our natural
frantic desire to lock onto "reality" ...what is more real than something
that is recorded "history?" Don't believe it. The Nephilim have the power
and authority to remake a temporal vector when they have had a hand in it
initially. Which is almost everything in this continuum. But there are also
the Solarian good guys who are doing the same, within the bounds of free
will etc., the "Wingmakers" is one such organization from the future. (Be
careful when looking at their material that the govt. has had first for

6. The reason there is such an intense good AND evil field in Orion is due
to the Luciferic stargate (before the Fall) being in that area. Michael is
tending shop, maintaining the stargate while Lucifer is otherwise
inconvenienced. Michael supervises the "Michael Mandate" via the "Amethyst
Throne" and many agencies. The Mandate objectives include the eventual
redemption of Lucifer, Nephilim, the fallen continuum, and all involved. But
it must resolve the Orion problem so this is the main explanation for most
of the Osiris, Lame King archetypes using Orion, also the situation with the
variety of groups from that area. Rigel (Osiris' lame heel) is our main star
of interest, essentially home for Earth and Venus. When you study the
Dendera ceiling you might note that the angle between the Temple axis and
the Serpent-Bird special axis going through Rigel is the Bethlehem Angle.
Sirius is in Horus' incense base on the Temple axis in that system. This
includes about a 3 degree offset or "gap" in the angle which is supposed to
be a "Selah Spoke" that carries the Unmanifest Source throughout the system.
This links with the Sirius function. The system is very relevant for today.
It uses the Reshel format also.

I suppose this all raises more questions than answers. If you want what I
feel to be good info synched in with the Metatronic ascension ongoing
process, I recommend johgrove's TEMPLE DOORS periodical. It is hard to
understand since it presents Thoths' information purposely geared to a
number of systems, times. However it is multi leveled and I find it more
useful than anyone elses' at least for my own study of sacred geometry and
spiritual dynamics in step with what's happening now. If interested, I
recommend that you ask for their catalogue and also the KOALA pamphlet that
goes into more detail than I have here.

Blessings Be...
William Buehler,
Minister, Church of Antioch (Malabar Rite)