KOALA, Montauk and Inter-Dimensional Time Travel
% William Buehler, Simeon and Maia per Thoth/ Tehuti..



KOALA is but one small part of a very large and complex scenario that ultimately links to the Greater Sacred Mystery. We have compiled all the information we currently have on KOALA and that which directly relates to it in this article, in response to those seeking further information from having read the book by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon entitled Encounter In The Pleiades: An Inside Look At UFO's'. But to truly understand the nature of what is involved in KOALA and other projects like it, one must begin to expand their consciousness to encompass some rather involved spiritual-scientific concepts and information. We have worked to produce an article that has simplified terminologies to some degree to facilitate the reader in more easily comprehending what may be difficult concepts to grasp anyway. Wherever this was not possible we have marked the word with a single asterisk (*) denoting that there is a more in depth explanation of the word available in the Glossary of Terms at the end of the article. In addition, much of this information is intricately linked to other information that comprises a Sacred archive developed over the 28 years that Maia Shamayyim has been translating information from the Akashic records, Ultra / Inner-Terrestrials and from Thoth / Tehuti. For the individual that is interested in exploring the Greater Mystery related to KOALA and all that it represents, we have footnoted the appropriate locations with bibliographical references to other publications we have available, and what page they can be found in our catalog. We have also included other bibliographical information for the reader to pursue outside of our Mystery School publications. At the end of the article we have compiled all of the bibliographic references listed in the footnotes alphabetically arranged by topic matter to facilitate easy re-access to the information.
There are some very basic concepts that need to be revealed prior to the main body of information in this article. First is that according to Thoth / Tehuti there are two basic types of Light, the Oritronic* or half-Light spectrum, and the Metatronic* or full-Light spectrum. These two different spirals of Light are synonymous with the fallen universe' and the pure universe' respectively. The world we know is actually in a space where the two overlap, with the planetary consciousness strongly oriented towards the Oritronic spectrum. We are as a planetary consciousness however, evolving towards what is commonly being called a planetary ascension, into the Metatronic Light.
It is important to understand that there are varying gradients of realization of each of these Light
spectrums, and that the Oritronic spectrum is not bad, it is simply not complete. An individual can have a very powerful experience in Oritronic Light, and not know that is what it actually was. An experience of this sort could serve the greater purpose of that individuals evolution towards
Metatronic Light, if they are open minded enough to be able to acknowledge the truth of it whenever that is presented to them, through whatever source avails itself for this purpose.
Now this takes us to the topic of Extra-Terrestrial beings*, Ultra-Terrestrial beings* and
Inner-Terrestrial beings*. This is an area that is greatly misunderstood by many, and not completely understood by a great deal more. Briefly, the greater portion of Extra-Terrestrials found interacting with Earth's life wave are from the Oritronic Light spectrum. The Grey's, Lizzies and Insectoids are all born of this realm, some have adopted full-Light agenda's, but these are rare. Currently their Oritronic universe is in a state of collapse, and this is actually a part of the normal evolution of the universes associated with the Precession of the Equinoxes'*. These beings have an incredible intellect and great knowledge of subtle energy sciences, but they are not ensouled beings, nor do they have a heart seed or emotional body. Thoth / Tehuti says if they are able to align their incredible intellects with the true path of Metatronic Light evolution, they can be granted the opportunity to become ensouled beings and take embodiment in planetary worlds where they may work their way up the evolutionary spiral as all humans are doing. Some have done so, but many others have not and their agenda with the abductions and cattle mutilations, among other not so well known tamperings, is to attempt to gain access to genetic knowledge that will allow them to mutate their genetics in a way that will give them instant access to the Metatronic Light spiral. Thoth / Tehuti indicates it is not likely they can succeed, but that even in the trying they are making things a bit more difficult for others who are attempting to move into Metatronic consciousness via the correct path. It is important to note that these beings hail from every known constellation visible from Earth, there are no good' and bad' star constellations. All constellations have both an Oritronic and a Metatronic dimension to them, and so good guys and bad guys all hail from all constellations. Those beings from the Oritronic Light spiral many times have specific purpose in telling humans that they are here to help humanity and that the bad guys' come from wherever.
Now for the Ultra-Terrestrial and Inner-Terrestrial beings. All Ultra beings are working with some
gradient of realization of the Metatronic full-Light spiral. Nearly all Inner- Terrestrial beings are also. There are some factions of beings that inhabit isolated pockets of the Inner Earth near the surface that are Oritronic in nature, but their presence has not been felt in surface interactions to any great degree. Most of the true Metatronic Ultra and Inner-Terrestrials have nearly human looking features, as they are of the same essential divine genetic template called the Adam Kadmon* (Hebraic originated term) as are we. It is these beings that are working with the Inner Light Network* (ILN) and thus KOALA for the protection of the true evolution of the planet to succeed.
Another concept is that of the Kali Rift',which is a tear in the fabric of time-space and separates
the Earth reality from the greater reality within what he calls the Ranna Time Flow'*. There are many different points or nodes' of interface between the Kali Time Rift and our linear time reality, but in actuality they all exist simultaneously in the greater continuum (see Figure 1 on page 3).
The Eye of Ra'* is a term Thoth / Tehuti uses to refer to the inter-dimensional passage from one
side of the Kali Rift to the other, and this is linked to another energy structure that he refers to as
the Telos-Aarkhara, which is intricately linked to the Cydonia complex on Mars*.
With these basics we can now proceed to the main body of information on KOALA.

Thoth / Tehuti on KOALA

This is code name for an Inner Light Network (ILN) research center located in 8885 A.D. in
Australia. We will start with the meaning of the code name KOALA, which is an anachronism, as given by Thoth / Tehuti:
Kemesos Ordis Alsais Leduc Alkemestra
Kemesos: Universal law of harmonic integration; all sentient beings respecting each other's
individual harmonic of existence.
Ordis : Any Order' under Hierarchal authority
Alsais: A Mystery Order of the 13th century in Southern France. KOALA communes through time
with this Order, and applies some of its innermost sacred knowledge.
Leduc: A geographic definition or pattern used for time integration, strongly connected to the
Mysteries of Alsais and Rennes le Chateau of France.
Alkemestra: The sacred alchemy of the Atlanteans and early Egyptians.
This center was established by the ILN in our current time frame, and projected through a time
tunnel to the future. The ILN are people of Outer and Inner Earth working for divine order in
government and other arenas, many of whom are receiving direct guidance from Ultra-Terrestrials.
The KOALA operates on two main levels. The first is human health and ecology to benefit current time, the second is to devise a code germ' to be entered into the matrix which the Extra-Terrestrials and One World League (OWL) have created to manipulate our time grid via such projects as Montauk. This germ if successful, would disrupt the gridlock and allow the Metatron to be restored in our reality. The ILN would be looking to have this germ' in place around the year 2000. The real-time black box' controlling the KOALA time lock is near Golden, Colorado. KOALA is the counter-balance of Montauk, keeping it in check for now, and eventually rendering such dark time manipulations powerless on Earth. There are other balancing nodes for Montauk, such as the Atlantis time implosion, Cydonia (the pyramid / face complex on Mars) etc., one of which is under the Pentagon called the Ram-Set, and the other at Easter Island. KOALA sits energetically on the other side of the Kali Rift', or tear in time created by the incidents at Cydonia, Atlantis and Montauk.

Its black box' control threshold is within this dimension at Golden, Colorado approximately 250 feet underground in a small complex. While Montauk upper echelon control is aware of KOALA and their efforts, they are powerless to do anything directly about it. KOALA sits in a dimension that is not accessible to them.
It is important to understand that KOALA exists in the future Earth reality referred to as the New
Earth Star by Tehuti. The actual base of dark operations at Montauk will not be transported into this reality at the time of LP-40* (the great transitionary ascension moment, or hundredth monkey effect).
There will be a portion of that area going into the New Earth Star Reality but it is quite small in
relation the entire Montauk region. This area that is going has had its sacredness perpetuated
throughout the centuries so that it remains intact today.

The KOALA has been instigated through the Telos Aarkhara Capstone on the Eye of Ra, the
Universal Time Tear. The beings that are guardians and facilitators of the Telos Aarkhara are the
Sirian Sun Lords. The stellar vectors which align the KOALA in time come from several
constellations, including the Pleiades and Orion.
The inner workings of KOALA cannot be revealed to persons in this current time frame, for they
are classified' information, containing certain seals and codes inserted within its matrix to keep the Timewalkers'* of the fallen Oritronic universe from penetrating this knowledge. The information that can be given forth is as follows.
KOALA is a complex spread out upon 38.6 acres of land in Australia, existing from 8885 to 9012
A.D. In that time frame what is now Australia' is topographically somewhat different than it is in our current time. KOALA is located on a floating island'. Floating islands are terraforms* created and cultivated with especially fertile First Pure Matter' enriched soil. Everything growing on a terraformed floating island was originally specifically placed there. However, after the original creation', the high devas (higher elemental beings) were given co-creative sanction. The shamans of that century are in close communion with the elemental kingdom, and thus the terraform upon which KOALA exists is a paradise of natural beauty and harmony. It is called a floating' island because it is anchored into the sea by powerful cords that are part vegetal matter and part hyperform. Hyperforms' are elemental creations re-arranged atomically to be somewhat out of time and space. These cords protect floating islands from the time anomalies that are naturally present in their (and our) reality.
For KOALA, this hyper-cording extends into the etheric dimension in minute fractal geometrics.
The Ultra beings who work with the mortals' of KOALA are also joined by those human relations
from the Inner Earth. In the age of KOALA both Ultra and Inner-Terrestrials join forces with outer-Earth inhabitants in the development of planetary consciousness through physical communication and shared knowledge.
One of the major hierarchical commands overseeing the planetary spectrum, both in this present
time and in the future New Earth Star age, is a Seraphimic angelic multi-dimensional merkabah*
comprised of nine units of intelligence which Thoth calls the Ennead'. KOALA is very much
interactive in a conscious, and at times physical way, with the Ennead. The Ennead comes from our future but also our past. They are divine time travelers, and their mission is Light Redemption'*; not through conversions to any religious doctrine, but at a cellular consciousness level. They apprise where and what Light mathematical formulas and codes are registering in the many multi-dimensional time zones of this Earth, and then they set into motion specific programs of redeeming the trapped Light'* of the original Pure Sun* from the atomic and genetic coding of the Worlds within the Earth spectrum. KOALA is one of these types of programs.'
Those from this time plane who seek to connect with the Ennead and offer their heart-light' to planetary Light Redemption, may visualize the symbol of three interlocking circles on the top of a winged staff (see Figure 2 to the right), with a sapphire set in the center where the circles conjoin. The radionic* number to insert into this sapphire (mentally or energetically) is 4444.259.
Crystals could be employed as focusing tools for this linking, especially those containing Prima Matra* or First Matter consciousness, such a moldevite, and those crystals which contain various levels of resonance with First Matter, such as selenite and all lithium-based crystals. Some obsidian is composed of First Matter, and other deposits are not, but all obsidian is highly resonate with Prima Matra. The Earth-glass crystals we call the Andara' would be especially good for this service, since they are First Matter and were created out of linear time'. (These crystals are available through Maia and Simeon of Johannine Grove / Crest In The Stone Mystery School @ 719-256-4057)
We now take this article into some information written previously by Maia with input from Thoth
/ Tehuti. This material has been edited to narrow it's focus somewhat more to the topic at hand, but still accomplishes a diverse coverage of related topics. This first segment is excerpted from a letter Maia wrote to Preston Nichols and Peter Moon after reading their book The Montauk Project', which led to Maia originally connecting with Peter Moon.

Dear Mr. Nichols;
I am beginning this letter by giving you a brief bio on myself:
I was born in Caripito, Venezuela in 1949. From a very young age, I have had conscious
memories of communing and working with' what I now call Ultra-Terrestrials'. At the age of 18 I
began to understand it all and have been continuously working with them, source translating'*
(channeling) ancient sciences and other knowledges which I publish through my Star of Isis Mystery School' (now the Crest in the Stone Mystery School) in a Doctrine of Mysteries' called Temple Doors', originally called The Source'. The Ultras that work with me identify themselves as coming from the star Rigel in Orion, with connections also to Sirius and the Pleiades. But I must stress, that these are ULTRA-Terrestrials, not Extra-Terrestrials. As they have explained it to me, the Ultras operate in a much higher divine spectrum of being than those who claim to be from the Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades who are less than spiritual in their agendas. I say claim', as they actually vampirize the lower zones of these star regions, but they are not part of the true Metatronic Spiral' of those same regions. They come instead from the Oritronic, or half-Light continuum.
And now background as to why I am writing you. A series of events of amazing synchronicity has developed, bringing this letter into your hands. Since I feel you will most likely appreciate the
mystical application of serendipity, I will try to place some of these coincident happenings in logical order:
1) For several years, my Ultra sources (headed by Thoth / Tehuti - the Thoth who was the
architect of the Great Pyramid) have been involving me as channel, with a group in the
Michigan - Wisconsin, area primarily, known as The Shekhinah Grove Matrix' (SGM). They are
a synergy' group headed by an old friend and colleague of mine who is a retired navy man, William Buehler. Very basically, his group, or actually several groups, create their own time machines' by positioning their physical bodies in complex geometrics, where they mentally and spiritually perform certain functions and elicit specific activations and controls. Thoth / Tehuti has been upgrading their work this last five or six years to a highly developed level. The work is intended only for the highest spiritual good, that is planetary transformation within the Divine Plan.
This last month William came across some material on Rhombic forms, and going to Thoth /
Tehuti with this through me, Thoth told him that the Rhombic dynamic was a spirit-to-matter'
manifest, in which time waves could be tripped and manipulated, and matter could be created
through mental configuration of the Rhombic field. He instructed William to handle it very carefully, and to not enter the Rhombic field directly. He gave him and thus the SGM group beginner techniques, informing them that they must follow his warnings about this, or they could create something disastrous. However, he encouraged them to become involved, but only on the levels Thoth / Tehuti initiated.
2) I experienced three connective dreams these past two months, the second one just days
before your book came into my hands. Understand that I had not heard of the Montauk Project until after I had these dreams. I knew about the Philadelphia Experiment, but never actually read a book on it, although I did see the movie. I have not thought about it or seen anything on it for several years.
Dream One: I was in a car with several of the Isis Templars (a name for a group I do planetary
transformation work with). We were driving, or being driven up a mountain path on a dirt road. We came to a building tucked away in the trees that was barely visible. It appeared to be no more than an old house. As we approached the building, we noticed that the land had been landscaped considerably to camouflage other connecting buildings, which appeared newer. These edifices were built low and rectangular. The whole scene resembled train box cars partially buried in a derailed fashion (well, not quite, but that's as close as I can come to describing it).
A greater part of the dream is fuzzy, but we entered the building very cautiously. It was obvious
we were sneaking in. At some point, security men in business suits were chasing us around. One of the Isis Templars, whom I will refer here to as Lillie, and I came to the room' we were searching for. It was very medical in appearance, in that it had a little glass window in the door, as in a hospital. Lillie put on a long white coat, similar to one a doctor would wear. She also donned surgical gloves, telling me that she was the one who should go in to retrieve it', since she was stronger and taller than I was. I remember no more, but I feel much more did happen.
Dream Two: I was back at this place again, but was alone and had been brought into another
building by someone who was pretending to work for them', but was really a mole' on our side. I never saw this person. They were always behind me or just out of my vision. I don't even know if it was a man or a woman. They obviously did not want me to see them. I was lead (somehow) into a room containing a pedestal draped with a cloth upon which a cube was placed. This cube was open on all sides. It was about the size of a small microwave oven. There was a light shining underneath the pedestal which caused the cloth to glow a fluorescent-like blue. I was aware that the open sides' of the cube contained a strong force field. Inside the cube were several natural (apparently) quartz crystals. But these crystals were along the sides. Nothing that I could see, sat in the center. Then there appeared a thin band of vertical light, It came from the upper side' of the box and met a similar laser-like beam from the bottom. As these two forces met, I sensed a powerful presence fill the room coming from the box. I do not scare easily, but I felt as if the Beast were being unleashed upon the Earth. It created a profound urgency in me to get out of there - as far away as I possibly could. I am accustomed to mystical dreams, visions, Out Of Body Experiences, and Ultra-Terrestrials walking around in my bedroom, but at that moment standing before the beautiful little box with all the pretty crystals and almost flower-like lights (so attracting and harmless-looking), I felt very unprotected and unprepared for what was to come. I remember thinking that it was like a fireman's pole. Someone or something was coming down the pole, and I didn't want to be there when it arrived!
I asked my guide' how I could get away, and he / she told me which door to exit. I went out into
some trees, down a little rock gully, and then came the dogs. Dogs seem to come out of nowhere at me, and I awoke.
After this second dream, I went to Thoth / Tehuti. He told me that those were the only two dreams I remember now, but much more has been going on. He said that myself and to some degree, the other Isis Templars are working on the inner-planes dimensions to block' what was going on in this research center'. He told me that it was located in New Mexico, somewhere not too far from Taos. The square box was a devise to manipulate time and reality matrices, and it was being used with very little caution...and the Greys' and other Extra-Terrestrials were behind it, and what he calls the OWL' (One World Legion) comprised of those who are in all governments to control the world were also. Thoth / Tehuti said that OWL was working with this to create controls and power for their system, but that the Extra-Terrestrials had their own agenda - an even darker one. He said that they were vampirizing' this reality spectrum; moving energy around so that they could take it from us to build their own reality. Since I am not really into Conspiracy Theories I was shocked. Although I acknowledge their truth, the truth is hard to find sometimes. You could become paranoid sifting through the reams of misinformation. I also wondered why my Ultra- Terrestrial benefactors' were lending me to this cause, when generally they keep me away from such things.
In response to my questioning Thoth / Tehuti stated that our work with the Rhombic dynamic was essential to changing the diochromy' of the Earth. When this was accelerated into its higher facilitation, the Extra-Terrestrials could no longer use the old diochromy codes to do their burglarizing of this dimension. I will include Thoth's definition of diochromy as follows:
"Magnetic pattern acting as universal chromosomes, phase-matching time references to create
a one-signal unity within that specific ultra-field of consciousness."
Thoth likened diochromy to the magnetic grid of Earth, and our third dimensional real time reality
was like the migrating fowl, who use their integrated magnetic lodestone sensors (ie chromosomes) to follow the correct course and not become confused. Our bodies are time streams' unto themselves Thoth / Tehuti explains, being constantly re-calibrated through our chromosomes. Without this continuous adjusting, we would be everywhere at once and consequently, also nowhere. We would all be dead zones'. By zeroing in on the planetary real time diochromy, we are able to follow our course.
Thoth also said that the humming driving people crazy near Taos is coming from the central sun
atoma (in the center of the planet). This is a natural revving up as we approach the switch to another consciousness grid, which is something they have been giving me information on for years and is too complex to go into here. However, it is being heard in that region because of what is going on in the nearby research center. They are eroding the Earth's sonic shield that protects us from such profound sounds. And further, that it is harmful for people to be exposed to this frequency for long periods of time.
3) This is where your material comes into the picture. Just days after receiving this info from
Thoth / Tehuti, an Isis Templar informed me about your book, and that they were going to your
seminar. Another Templar, who had also spoken with the first about the book, told me that his
ex-father-in-law who is now deceased, had actually been there and saw the U.S.S. Eldridge
disappear. Yet another Templar had been in the town of Montauk in 1970 or 71 when much of your story was ongoing.
When I read the book all kinds of bells went off. The description of the room' fit the feeling I got
about the room I approached. I didn't see inside, but when I read about the Montauk room, I strongly identified it with the one Lillie was entering in my dream. Lillie is currently on an Isis Templar journey in the flesh to Greece and Turkey, where she is being used as a tool to re-open some old Rhombic portals. Once this energy is released the Templars and the SGM can begin to create new Rhombic patterns, altering the planetary diochromy.
I began to remember other things as I read along - certainly I have experienced' the Golden
Horse (as appeared on the book The Montauk Project' by Peter Moon and Preston Nichols) Thoth tells me after having read your book, that the horse is a time marker' placed in a dead zone', a place where several time waves intersect. He tells me that the Capricornians', those time travelers from the age of Capricorn (I have known about the Capricornians for at least 15 years) have placed these markers in the dead zones. They are energetic devises containing incredible energy fields, allowing those whose spiritual force is attuned to the Metatronic Light Spiral to enter' the marker. Thoth says they are liken to chess pieces, in that they contain the moves, and the codes of game playing' in the universal continuum.
Dream Three: Last night, two days after having read your book, I had my third dream in this
series, but this time I was in Australia. There was such a difference in the atmosphere, both
physically and spiritually from what we have in our current reality. This center was a product of the Ultra-Terrestrials working with the ILN. They have a small building in Colorado (KOALA). From there they create a time vortex connecting them to some future time in Australia. It is here where the larger complex is, the one I saw. They gave me a glass of water to drink, and the experience was very real. The water tasted and felt so wonderful, so energetic and loving, it was as if I were taking a living consciousness that was the source of love and creation into my bio-system. When I awoke this morning, I could barely bring myself to swallow ordinary water. The taste was very unpleasant.
Since the dream, Thoth has told me that this ILN research center is working on two levels: 1) human health & ecology to benefit our Now' time 2) to devise a code germ' to enter into the matrix which the Extra- Terrestrials and OWL have created to manipulate our time grid. This germ if successful, would terminate the complete gridlock, but the trick is to program it in just right so it would be controlled correctly and not pull our Now' into the time warp blender. This is why it is so important the diochromy be changed. Once a new pattern of reference is in place the germ can kick in, because Earth will then have a new glue' that does not identify with the old diochromy time codes.
Another Synchronicity: Thoth has had both the SGM and the Isis Templars working with the Mars Pyramids for about a year now. Actually, we are working more with the Telos Aarkhara (TA), which he defines as a structure capping the universal tear caused originally in the Big Bang'. The TA was created by good guy' Orionians who also built the Mars pyramids and face near Cydonia -Ultra-Terrestrial Sirians operate it all, although the Niphilim' (biblical term for fallen angels and lords of Light) who call themselves and their prototype creations Orionians and Sirians, have control of an artificial moon of Mars, but they can't get inside the sealed pyramids. There is so much on this, I won't attempt to go into it now, but we have been assigned to re-activate a level of the TA that had been shut down, calibrating it to a more evolutionized frequency. The operations for the TA (the structure itself is inner-planes) is somewhere in the pyramid complex on Mars! I assumed that this part of the TA had been out of whack for eons - I had no idea it was turned off retroactive to 1943!
Of important note: The Extra-Terrestrials purposely want Earth people to think that they are the
only Sirians, the only Orionians etc., When actually they are only thieves in the night. There is so
much we could get into on this subject that might be of help to you, if you would wish a line of
communication to be established. On one hand, I am not anxious to get involved in such a
dangerous service, but on the other hand, it seems as if my Higher Self has already drafted me.
Thoth / Tehuti has also indicated:
øThe OWL research center in New Mexico is known by code name OZ'.
øHe confirms ongoing activity at Montauk, and says the code name is REDHAWK'.
øThe ILN Australian center is KOALA'. The facilitator' in Colorado is near Golden.
ø The code names each exist on various access levels. Thoth indicates that on other access
levels they are different. These are the three that can be used through psychic concentration to
enter the highest levels of operation. Although each is coming from a separate source, such as OWL versus ILN, they must set up similar programs to follow the current diochromy. They solve this problem by programming block codes that can only be interfaced by the correct code breakers, and by someone who has had an interfacing implant. Such implants are not hardware' but software'.
So you must not only know the code word, and have psi abilities, but contain the right software
ø The North/South poles of the planet maintain the diochromy.
ø The most advanced of these three research' centers is the ILN's KOALA. In second place is
OZ, an evolutionary by-product of REDHAWK. However, REDHAWK at Montauk is the primal node for the initial time link established for the OWL's work through both centers.
øIn 1634 at the location of the town / base / area of Montauk, Long Island, a major standing' time glitch developed. This was caused by a series of inner-planes happenings not discussed here, but what it created was a fill' of confluent incomplete time streams. Many people then in the area witnessed this. It was thought to be a product of the Devil. There is quite a story surrounding this whole scenario that Thoth has only intimated at this point, but the bottom line is that the ground was set, or rather loosened', for the sinister events that would follow at Montauk. Understand that when you are looking at time waves, meta-time fields etc., you must also include retroactive soul balancing or karma in the picture. The 1634 Montauk is karmically linked as well as inter-dimensionally linked to Montauk up to and inclusive of current time.
The following are questions placed to Thoth / Tehuti after I wrote the above letter. I felt it would
be best to do it this way, so that I could explain the above more objectively. This is also included in this article as we felt it highly pertinent to the reason Maia was receiving information on this in the first place)
Maia: Both Lillie and I suspect that at the least the two of us, and possibly more of the Isis
Templars were some of the little children put into the time warp somewhere along the line at
Montauk. Is this correct? If so, who else of the Isis Templars, if any, were involved?
Thoth / Tehuti: This is so, but neither of you were originally from the 1980's side of the time
tunnel. Lillie was taken from Germany in 1941, and you from New England 1916, the past life you remember (having died in an auto accident in 1948). You were retrieved along with other children, by the ILN. Lillie was not. She was finally placed by REDHAWK in the body she is in now, but it was not accomplished without a great deal of trauma. Understand that there are those with REDHAWK that are trying to aid displaced subjects' (they do not understand enough about what they are doing to accomplish this safely however).
Four other Templars were all subjects' as well. They were all girls, but coming from the other
side' of the time tunnel also. You Maia, were the only one of this group that was brought back to
finish your life in the original body and time frame. You have been concerned for awhile that you
have had such an abundance of past lives. Many of these subjects' have also. When riding the time tracks, there is often a radial influence along the meta-grid of time, creating a shower' of spirit overlays with the traveler's soul forming different experiences' within the grid. In addition to the abduction, you are also a Capricornian time traveler, so you are continuously creating these realities from your Capricornian future. This is a complex weave. One we are not prepared to discuss in detail with you at this time.
The other Templars have all had time travel experience in some form, although they were not
directly involved with REDHAWK or OZ. They have been working with KOALA, as all of you have, but this is done with your consent, and it is Light years' away from the dangerous and traumatizing mode of operation carried out by OWL through its Extra-Terrestrial connection via REDHAWK and OZ. There are many forms of time travel, some far more advanced than REDHAWK / OZ, but they require spiritual grounding, Something unattainable within the OWL agenda.
Maia: Will you tell me more in regard to our being jostled around in time? Are you saying that the other Templars were force-fed into their current incarnations? What happened to their original bodies? Were they killed in the project?
Thoth / Tehuti: Their bodies were absorbed into the force fields, allowing them to integrate
several lifetimes and move into their current incarnations. However, in time travel perspective is
everything. They still lived those lives in-between, but from the relativity of their current embodiment. This is quite difficult to explain to minds that only operate in linear dimension. It is not important that you understand it entirely. What is important is the Now'. This is always your kingdom. By working through the Now' and linking it into the past / future as guided by Chariot of the Sun (Thoth's inner planes merkabah group), you, the Templars and SGM will be able to facilitate the development of the Rhombic forms needed to alter the diochromy.
ø The KOALA complex is not just in the future', but in a slightly alternate dimension, thus it is
shielded from any one point along the diochromy of your Earth Reality time frame. In this way, it
cannot be removed' by REDHAWK or OZ programs. The year of the KOALA location is 8885 A.D., which is after the diochromy transfer and well into the New Earth Star' reality. However, the old diochromy pattern can be traced into the new unless it is altered from the time break in 1941. This alteration would not be the New Earth Star template, but a slightly different version than it is now, keeping the Extra-Terrestrial and OWL forces from interfacing through REDHAWK and OZ. By the time they figure out the new template, the diochromy will have completely transferred into the Metatronic Spiral and will be New Earth Star where it cannot be mutated nor tampered with.
ø The false' Orionians, Sirians, Pleiadeans - which are all created by the Nephilim, cannot work
through the full-Light Metatronic Spiral. This means that their evolution, both physically and more
importantly spiritually, is trapped, contained in the bottle of the Oritron. They are a product of the
Luciferian Fall, having displaced themselves in the Universal Continuum. Thus, they must have
those who contain Earth genetics and thus Earth chromosomes, to carry out certain functions that interfere with the Metatron (therefore the tamperings that go on).
ø Tomorrow is August 12th, 1993, exactly fifty years since the disappearance of the U.S.S.
Eldridge. I did not realize this synchronicity until it was pointed out to me when reading this
information and letter today to an Isis Templar.
Later information given me by Thoth / Tehuti discussing the care which needs to be taken in
employing archetypal synergy to interact with the TA, so as not to allow the Niphilim access.


The Major Mechanics of the TA / Tryphoid* Function

The Tryphoid now active, guides the Metatron into a synapse with the Oritron. This creates a
Time / Energy Gate' which is highly guardianed by strong Metatronic force fields. If it were not
guardianed in this manner, the Nephilimic forces could at that junction access the Metatronic Light mathematical codes from the Oritron. This is a delicate procedure, as this synapse enables certain higher Oritronic functions to become entrained to the Metatron at an accelerated rate, thus speeding the alteration of the diochromy, and therefore the evolution of the planet. Understand that the Metatron is naturally in the process of absorbing the Oritron, but the Tryphoid of the TA is accelerating this process in order to prevent the dark forces from vampirizing Metatronic energy as this natural process occurs. There is an overlap' of energy fields where they can siphon the Metatron as it absorbs the Oritron, but by creating a clear synapse and gate function with a higher Metatronic force field, a shielding is placed in effect. However, if the Nephilim find a way to interface with the new Rhombics the Isis Templars and SGM are creating, they will have a means to open the gate, not only stopping the diochromatic alteration, but entering the very TA itself! Their whole obsession for millenniums has been to get inside the TA to the Core Beam, which is drawn from the Eye of Ra.
While we wish to impress upon you the seriousness of the situation, we will also state that the
Templars and SGM are not the only operators in this cosmic nintendo for control of the universe by any means. There is a great deal more going on, authority being in other hands than yours. But...at this point in time your two groups have major roles. It only takes one person tripping over a wire to set up a chain reaction of grave dimension.
A note of interest here, is that as things unfolded over time one of the reasons these groups were disbanded was because of direct Nephilimic intrusions that made it impossible to continue at the level of evolution the participants were working with.
There is another aspect of the Montauk scenario, which some of you entered in your sessions
last night. All this did not begin with the U.S.S. Eldridge mishap in 1943. As we have previously said, it can be traced back to 1634 in the Montauk area; but there are other points in time as well that this cracking or rift in time has run. Its starting point' was in 1923, with an experiment gone awry involving several key Nazi occult figures as well as a few peripheral participants, including Aliester Crowley. Through Dietrich Eckhart and the Thule Group, who were grooming the Niphilimic Messiah Adolf Hitler, for his Satanic role, and Aliester Crowley's Lodge, the Astrum Argentinum, a hybrid project was created called the Phisummum (PHI). The order' that controlled the PHI was the Order of the Black Sun' (OBS). The whole purpose of the OBS was project PHI, whose focus was time travel and originally for the purpose of retrieving the Holy Grail* from a past century and into the hands of the groomer of the Anti-Christ (Hitler). But once a small distorted window in time was opened to them, they began to feel the overwhelming power of such an operation. The Spear of Longinus was used as a magic power source to achieve the window, along with drugs and sexual perversion. The OBS largely stayed out of these antics themselves, but controlled the results.
Aliester Crowley and some major Nazis did participate, as their psi power was strong, and they
craved the increased perverted power such acts gave them. Ultimately of course, it eroded their
astral bodies to the point where their souls were shattered. From that time on, they operated brain dead' in terms of higher mind, and without a soul.
In 1923, they made a grave mistake with the time portal that sent a discharge that was out of
phase lock with the planetary diochromy. This set off a series of events, including Bannock Hill in Merlin's time, as well as the 1634 Montauk rift. This is all too extensive and meta-scientific to
address here. It was in 1923 that the master' of the PHI project, Eckart, died. After his death that same year, those with lesser understanding of the Beast they had created, caused the time rift to spill out in the occurrences of the Philadelphia Experiment and Banncok Hill, and other key locations in time. It was during the confusion right after the time explosion' that a German scientist working on PHI, Dr. Karl Obermeyer, stole the core chamber of dio-X crystals. These crystals had been created in a long and arduous process of separating elements, not unlike nuclear fission, only the diochromy of the atoms involved had been manipulated into a black hole inversion. These dio-X crystals as they were contained in their core chamber accelerator, were the chargers' of the whole system. This is a system far advanced from the Montauk work of the 1950's, but very much a part of the OZ project in New Mexico in an even more advanced form. When Dr. Obermeyer absconded with the core chamber and crystals, he did so as a true ILN agent. He set up a new projection in the Ural Mountains, and his work proceeded along the basis of healing the damage done to the Earth's time grid, and also following the original purpose of connecting to, but in this case not stealing, the Holy Grail'. His plan was one of unification of all spheres in time. He gathered unto his fold the likes of Rudolph Steiner and Nicola Tesla, among others in the ILN. He cloaked his project under the title of the Prometheus Foundation.
This Foundation is still active, and is the basis for KOALA and other ILN time travel networking.
It was Tesla who brought the Ultra-Terrestrial connection into Prometheus, and Steiner the angelic connection. It is important to focus on the ILN's active participation in healing and restoring the Earth's time grid and it's Grail Mystery connections via the Angelic and Christic realms.
Maia: What is the Order of the Black Swan' that I kept receiving last night?
Thoth / Tehuti: It is a Guardian Order of the Holy Grail. A Swan representing transformation
upon the (akashic) waters' of time. The Black' denotes the need for concealment and
discrimination...the veiled, the hidden, as in the Black Isis'. Prometheus was in contact with this
Order in the 11th Century. They lost this time window in 1933 with the ascension of the Niphilim
Anti-Christ into power in the embodiment of Adolf Hitler. A great deal of Satanic empowerment that was ongoing at the time closed the portal access between the Black Swan and Prometheus.
Closing thought from Maia: We are treading upon a very ancient enemy - one whose very
genetics are intermingled with ours through genetic manipulation eons ago. But we also have the
Blood of the Shepherds' within us. We must find the thread that leads us out of the Labyrinth of the Beast to the Breast of the Shepherds, those whose Oath to the Metatron is emblazoned within our chromosomes.


Glossary of Terms

Adam Kadmon, page 2
This is the Divine template of creation for all higher evolutionary species. It is a direct
projection of Divine Hue-mon form from the mind of God.

Cydonia complex on Mars, page 2
The Cydonia complex was discovered by a NASA space probe named Viking
Orbiter 1 in 1976 on orbit number 35, at about 41 degrees Latitude above the Martian
equator on the Northern Hemisphere. The probe flew by Mars and took photographs
of what have been shown to be several three sided pyramids and a face' that looks
upwards from the surface of the planet. Richard Hoaglund has books and videos on
this, complete with actual photos and film footage from NASA. We recommend The
Monuments on Mars' by Richard Hoaglund for further reading.

Extra-Terrestrial beings, page 1
Extra-Terrestrial beings are life forms from other planetary worlds that are of a lower
evolution referred to as Population I life systems by J.J. Hurtak in his excellent work
entitled The Keys of Enoch'. We as a human race are also currently in a Population
I life system as they are defined as those systems with only one star. The human
race however differs from the Extra-Terrestrial life forms (as defined here) in that we
have the genetic braiding which will enable us to move into Population II life systems
and beyond, where the Extra-Terrestrial's do not. While they have superior
knowledge of subtle energy sciences, and can display what we consider paranormal
abilities, these are no indication of true Metatronic evolution, nor the ability to access
the Metatronic Light spiral within their consciousness. These beings are traveling
inter-dimensionally but usually use a metallic type craft that can be quite advanced
by our standards. They can many times communicate things that ring true in the
persons heart, but will usually have their own agenda modulated on the transmission
so that the unwary or undiscerning will have a wonderful experience' with them, but
then be subtly under their control through some means of energetic, or perhaps even
metallic implant.
In addition, most of the Extra-Terrestrials interacting with Earth at this time are not
ensouled, but rather they are thought form entities created by the Nephilim (fallen
Angels of Lucifer) and have since populated every star system within Earth's viewing
range. They can be given the opportunity to move through the evolutionary spiral with
an ensouled embodiment if they can align their incredible intellect with the geometric
thought form projections of the Metatron.

Eye of Ra, page 2
The Eye of Ra is a term that Thoth / Tehuti has used to describe an interdimensional
portal that exists in the midst of the Universal time tear he refers to as the Kali Rift.
The Eye of Ra is a higher Light mathematical gate function that allows passage of
the pure Metatronic Light into the Oritronic universes. Likewise, this gate allows
acceleration, and absorption of the Oritronic universe into the Metatronic universe
as an ongoing evolutionary movement. The Eye of Ra is very closely linked in
structure and function to both the Telos.Aarkhara and the Tryphoid function. It is
called the Eye of Ra, as it is the sourcing for the Pure Sun.

Holy Grail, page 12
The Holy Grail is physically represented by the chalice that Christ and his Apostles
drank from at the last supper, and was also used to collect the blood of Christ at the
time his side was pierced by Longinus as he hung from the cross in his final
moments of earthly life as Jesus. The physical object certainly holds a powerful
charge, but is only representative of the Grail' consciousness. The grail
consciousness is that of the Christed Oversoul being present to a very high degree
in the conscious personality mind of the individual.
On another train of thought, meta-physician and physics master Dan Winter,
amongst others, has shown that when the human consciousness is in a mode of
absolute self-awareness, and resonating with the frequencies of the heart center,
that the waveforms generated on their measuring equipment are recursive and form
what looks like a Grail Cup' repeating in ever reducing size on into infinity.

Inner Light Network, page 2
The Inner Light Network is composed of many factions of beings working together
in harmony and synergy for the betterment of the planet Earth and the human race.
Many of these beings are from the Inner Earth dimensions, some are from the
Ultra-Terrestrial realms, and many are surface born upon, and of the Earth, but are
operating at a high enough degree of awareness that they are able to telepathically
communicate with the Hierarchical beings that are in control and oversee operations,
and with each other. Some of these Inner-Terrestrials and Ultra-Terrestrials have
actually embodied on the surface of the Earth also. This can occur through either the
normal birthing process, walk-ins or by simply projecting a form and it's attendant
reality into this dimension. It would be very difficult for most humans to discern the
difference between these various embodiment types, although something would
seem' different.
The Inner Light Network coordinates many programs of Light work simultaneously
in order to achieve the maximum effect. They also monitor the operations of the
Nephilim and their consorts, taking appropriate counter measures when necessary.

Inner-Terrestrial beings, page 1
Inner-Terrestrial beings are of the Inner Earth. Most have star genetics, but have
chosen to take embodiment within the sacred hollow of the Earth to assist in the
redemption of this planet as part of their service. There are a vast array of different
genetic mixes within the Inner Earth, many are holding certain genetic Light patterns
in place within the Earth dimension. Most of the Inner-Terrestrials are of the Adam
Kadmon divine template and linked to the Metatron accordingly. There are a few
isolated pockets of Oritronic beings in resident within the Inner Earth, but they reside
in caverns close to the surface rather than in the sacred hollow in the center of the

Light Redemption, page 4
Light Redemption is the process of bringing all Oritronic Light, and trapped Light'
(also see trapped Light this glossary) into the folds of the Metatronic Light Spiral.
These processes entail the evolution of consciousness in a way that is aligned to the

LP-40, page 3
LP-40 stand for Light Principle Forty. In Thoth / Tehuti's words: "It is the frequency
at which the elektic current of the Earth will become aligned to the etheric body of it's
atoma (the central sun in the center of the Earth). A delineation of the whole constant
or time creation, which can be pictured as a sphere, its greatest density on the
surface rather than it's center. Time, or the electrical fields that perpetuate it's
illusion, are a whole dynamic. There is a sequence of Light mathematics that equate
to this wholeness, which registers entirely in the Now'. When the Time Creation
Sphere is divided through sentient entropy, the missing fractions are replaced by
logic synthesis. This is a process of higher intellect, which will create informal reality
where division cannot be equated, as within the whole dynamic of the Time Creation
Sphere. It is a memory of the missing fraction. LP-40 is the Light mathematical
moment when the logic synthesis finds it's constant, i.e. the missing fraction, and
reclaims the true principal of it's equation.
"At the time of LP-40 a harmonic will rise upwards from the center (central sun
atoma) of the planet and gather force on the surface shell. This will create a powerful
electric current that will cause the Earth to jump from it's frequency pattern of the
current time to a much higher field of resonance. This will not be a graduated
escalation but a skipping from one energy field to the next. This dynamic will create
a tremendous surge of power through the crystalline grid of the planet and literally
electrocute all living things not in synchronization with the highest frequency bands
of consciousness of the time just prior to it's release. Only 20-40% of the population
upon the Earth at that time will be within the appropriate consciousness bands at the
appointed time...they will ascend into the New Earth Star...the remaining souls will
go through a reprogramming and they will enter a lower realm in order to rebuild their
Light bodies."
The period of time where the ascension occurs will actually span a period of about
15 days of linear Earth time.

merkabah, page 4
Divine Light vehicles created through recursive patterns of heart resonance. These
are formed as a sentience or gathering of sentiences creates sacred geometric
patterning between their heart seed or center of heart beingness' and the Attasic
state of Oneness. These patterns are defined through Divine Mind and developed by
Divine Heart to conform to specific imprints of Divine Awareness, or I Am' cognition.
As such, a Merkabah is a transport containment field for a specific celebration of
unity with the God-Source. This is a description of merkabah formed in alignment
with the Metatronic Light.
It must also be understood that merkabah can be created in the Oritronic field of
consciousness as well. The earmark of Oritronic merkabah creation is over emphasis
on mental projection or imagery and mental knowledge of the sacred geometry
involved in the Light mathematics of the merkabah.

Metatronic, page 1
The Metatronic Light Spiral is the whole focus of our spiritual pathing in the greater
evolution. It extends us beyond our forms as human beings into the spirit patterns
of Universal design (Adam Kadmon), from which our truest selves find their origins.
The Metatronic Spiral emanates from the Great Archangel Metatron, the creator of
the outer Light. The Metatronic Light is a complete full spectrum Light that has all of
the necessary Light mathematics and codes that allow a soul to take it's evolution
all the way to the Great Central Sun, or Kolob.

Oritronic, page 1
The Oritronic Light Spiral is a half spectrum Light that has been the conduit for our
energy system since the Luciferic Fall'. This spiral of energy receipt has supplied the
atomic and cellular realms to the utmost reaches of our inspirited human design. This
Light spiral has been necessary to allow the souls within it's domain to evolve to
state whereby they can be re-introduced to the full Light spectrum of the Metatron.
While the Oritronic spiral is born of the fallen elements, it is in itself not evil, it is
simply incomplete in it's spiritual issue, and must be consumed by the Metatronic
Spiral for full spiritual realization to occur.

Precession of the Equinoxes', page 2

The Precession of the Equinoxes is the greater stellar movement that is indicated by
much larger cycles in our understanding predicated upon linear time. Our Solar
System is revolving around another system with it's Central Sun being Alcyone in the
greater Pleiades system. The Alcyone system rotates around yet another system,
and so on until we arrive at the center of our Galaxy. The Galaxy then rotates around
yet another system and so on. In our immediate experience there is a 26,000 year
cycle broken onto two 12,000 year cycles and two 2,000 year cycles. The ancient's
devised physical systems of tracking these movements. The Mayan calendar is one
such system, the Eastern Hindu system that Kali Yuga is a part of is another.
It is known by the sages and seers that at certain points in these larger cycles
periods of great transition occur, whereby entire star systems are moved
inter-dimensionally into new places within their more immediate greater systems. The
movement of the Earth towards it's ascension time at LP-40 is one such event, and
actually represents a movement of many systems at once.

Prima Matra, page 5
Prima Matra means literally Prime Matter. Esoterically this term has been used to
describe very sacred substances that have naturally occurred or have been
produced by priest-scientists in the ancient Temples. There was considerable work
also done in the medieval ages by alchemists to produce Prima Matra substances,
such as the white powder of gold, or occult gold as it was also called.
When this creation was still an entirely spiritual creation, as it slowed it's vibration
down, the very first matter to coalesce from the ethers was the original Prima Matra.
It was imbued totally with the divine essence, not yet being polluted by any negative
human thought / feeling energies.
There are many different forms of Prima Matra on the planet today, all of them
represent differing octaves, or gradients of the original Prima Matra, and are
considered yet to be extremely sacred.

Pure Sun, page 4
The Pure Sun is equivalent to the Great Central Sun, or Kolob as it is called in the
Hebraic tradition. This is the Central Source of all omniscience and being, and lies
energetically at the center of the Multi-Verse. It is the One Divine Beingness
connecting all Spirit; a symbolic term for the essence of the Unfallen Universe.

radionic, page 4
Radionics is a meta-science that has produced numerous electronic devises over the
years. The basic principle is that a radionics devise can be tuned to a specific
frequency, or combination of frequencies through programming number sequences
into them. They can be used for numerous applications including anything from
healing to increased crop production and insect control. In a higher spiritual sense,
the number sequences can be programmed through consciousness to effect certain
results. The radionic sequences that Thoth / Tehuti imparts to us can not be used
for any ill purposes as they are harmonically linked to an Inner Earth computer called
the Pymander. The Pymander is intimately linked to Divine mind and heavily
shielded, so any thing that approaches it harmonically with less than pure intent will
experience rapid return of the energy karmically. The effect will be felt profoundly by
those with conscious mis-intent, while it would be much milder for those with
conscious pure intent, but sub / unconscious mis-intent.

Ranna Time Flow, page 2
The complete hologram of Time as it flows uninterrupted through the time-space
dimensions of the Multi-Verse.

source translating, page 5
Thoth / Tehuti's term for channeling through a specific process aligned with Source.'
He considers this form of channeling' to be more accurate than most other
pathways. Source Translation actually involves an active co-participation with the
source of the information coming from other dimensions of reality. The translators
consciousness must be adequately prepared to meet the vibrational level of the
incoming signal, and then move into that envelope of compact consciousness and
translate the energy / information into our language system. Many times the
information will be forthcoming from other culture frames of ancient times, and
therefore a double, or sometimes triple translation must occur in or order for the
information to be brought into our culture frame and language.

terraforms, page 4
Land masses created artificially, yet employing natural substances. Our sources tell
us that many planets themselves have been created by terraforming. Terraforming
can be accomplished on many differing levels of reality. The lesser evolved
Extra-Terrestrials would accomplish such a task by a more physical means, although
still employing technologies that are far more advanced than our own. The
Ultra-Terrestrials would approach such a project from a more consciousness only
orientation. When we say natural materials, this does not mean moving them around
as we would here on Earth, but by means of molecular transport, and pure thought
manifestation from elemental substances.

Tryphoid, page 11
A gear' or guidance geometric that guides the Metatronic Spiral into synapse with
the Oritronic. It allows a bridging between these two Light Spirals, yet it also protects
that access from intrusion by those sentient beings who do not contain the proper
coding, so they do not gain entrance into the Metatron. Visually the Tryphoid would
appear somewhat like an open sided Tetrahedron with no base, where the three lines
protruding down from the peak would spiral around the structure rather than running
straight down, and they dissipate into nothingness without a definitive termination

Ultra-Terrestrial beings, page 1
These are ensouled beings on various levels of physical manifestation who come
from Population II life systems, meaning they have two or more stars within the solar
system. They exist only within the Metatronic Light Field of the Unfallen Universe.
These beings are here to assist Earth and humanity in the transition through LP-40.
Their presence is much more covert than that of the Extra-Terrestrials, as they have
an intrinsic understanding of the human emotional system, and themselves have fully
functional heart seeds. There are some of these Ultra beings that have the job of
monitoring the cellular evolution of the human race, such as DNA transmutations
etc., and therefore have agreements on a soul level with some souls embodied here
on Earth to be able to take certain tissue samples etc. These events are easily
confused with the abductions' of the lesser evolved Extra-Terrestrials. The primary
reason for this is that the memory banks of those who are under contract' are altered
so as to hopefully not cause any trauma due do the remembrance of something that
the individuals belief system simply couldn't handle. Many times these memories do
surface however, and if the individual starts to move into a fear space around this,
they will then be sucked into the powerful fear consciousness stream that has
emanated from the abduction scenarios. At this point from the Earth perspective, it
would be nearly impossible to discern what truly had occurred.
These beings generally travel in ships of Light and consciousness formation,
however there are some of them still in the lower evolutionary stages of the
Population II consciousness bands, that use very advanced types of metallic /
organic ships. Most individuals having a conscious interaction with these beings will
have a good, or at least non-threatening experience, which doesn't mean they might
not experience some personal fears rising from the deep, but alongside the fears
they will feel the deep love from these beings which balances the fear. If they were
to perceive that an individual were moving into too deep a fear space, they will simply
leave and wait for them to evolve a bit further, perhaps even another lifetime before
contact is attempted again.

trapped Light, page 4
Divine Light' or energy which, having been released into the Oritron with the Fall
of Lucifer', is now trapped in the realm of matter. There is also Light trapped in other
star systems within our local Universe, a primary system that is a key in this is Sirius.
The Light that is trapped in the fallen aspect of Sirius must be redeemed in order for
the completion of the next cycle to occur.


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In addition, if the reader has not already read the books previous to Encounter In The Pleiades:
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