Stone Circles & Dance Circles Help Seeds to Germinate & Clouds to Form


Dan Winter

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We are told that a basic criterion is used by the galactic community to decide whether our genepool is worth exporting among other star systems. They check to see if our planet is green.

This may at first seem a harsh way to judge whether the collected memories of our children will survive. But if we inspect the elements which go into keeping a planet green, we may eventually see that it is actually an appropriate test for whether our emotions themselves are shareable.

Let us try to express in grade school terms what it is that keeps planets green.

We do have info about many cultures that have died because their land turned to desert. The way scientists often paint the picture is easy. Population goes up, tress go down, then rain stops. The Anasazi Indians died this way; most of the older indigenous cultures which died, followed this path to the end of memory. From the viewpoint of waves as fundamental physics, waving stopped. We could also say that their children stopped waving.

Now we might ask, what might make a culture so suicidal as to cut down their trees? Can we stand to face our memories?

There is a clue in "Celestine Prophecy" about a deeper function of trees. They noted that clairvoyance, ability to see auras, etc., only begins in the presence of old growth trees. What is it about old trees versus access to memory?

Another neat clue is pointed out by Professor Phil Callahan. Simply put, old trees have access to the longest waves (magnetically). We could describe the longest waves, as the biggest memories. We don't need fancy words here. Short waves, small bodies, little memories. Long waves, big bodies, big memories.

The method used is to analyze the wave lengths contained in the weak magnetic field around trees. Not only are the older trees blessed with auras containing the Earth's heartbeat: Schumann Resonance, but there is a whole harmonic power series like a musical chord ringing around that approximate 8 hz master info oscillator for the Earth's bloodstream. Apparently, access to the bigger context of the Earth's info network for biological systems, requires antennas which can tune to her long wave. For computer modem users, this would be called the baud rate and handshaking to access the info superhighway.

In practical terms, this means the Druids were wise to use a circle of old Oak Trees whenever they wanted to send or receive requests of Earth. Ethernet connections are better than Localtalk.

Now from a wave information viewpoint, how do we know that by talking to Earth's ringing bell, we are in fact reaching mindfulness?

Again, simple physics. Waveforms become self-aware, when they become recursive or self-embedded. Fractality is the way out of chaos; this unifies the field; unconscious becomes conscious; awareness is distributed among waves this way. This is sometimes called the threshold of the "self-reproducing automata". It's much easier to see it by looking at pictures:

So this nice little trick of getting many different spins all to nest at one point- fractally self-embedded, is the skill required to create -mass -time -gravity -and memory.

Therefore since this is such a useful skill, we should probably teach it in schools. This is particularly true since the wave bending ability of attractive conscious focus is exactly the only tool needed to teach waves to spin into a circle from a line, thus creating matter from light.

So let us review in our grade school language what are the elements required to store spin, and thus do all of this nice creating (of time, mass, gravity, and memory). The elements required "turn" out to be exactly and only the elements (or alphabet) of symmetry.

Take our friendly neighborhood wave-front. Now this wave is not dumb. It wants to live. For the wave to live on in the memory of spin, only one thing is required. Symmetry. It is all done with mirrors.

See, here is this wave which says to itself, only going in circles stores anything. (Like the essence of me for example.) So in the true spirit of "give me symmetry or give me death", the wave looks for circles of wavefronts where it's pressure can dance in nice circles without fighting. This is because when waves fight and interfere, their inertia dies, and that is all they have to remember. So they avoid this.

This is also good advice for people. Avoid unshareable memories (spins). On a practical level, this means that death is only a minor discontinuity of memory, caused by trying to store too many unshareable memories (spins). On a practical level, this means that eternal life is granted to anyone who only focuses on pure principles. This is because, pure principle or essence of pattern/memory/spin, is infinitely shareable. So there will be no interference for the distribution of that quality of awareness.

So let us get back to why stone circles and dance circles help seeds germinate and clouds to form. For a both a seed and a cloud, order is the food. Now the seed and the cloud, have figured out how to store spin in short little waves. The seed is little. It's waves are little. The cloud is vapor, for molecules, this is a shorter wave than a droplet. Somebody has to teach the seed and the cloud, how to arrange their spins into bigger waves. This is where the long magnetic waves on the land come in. In physics, the kinds of magnetic waves which cause clouds to make rain, and seeds to unpack into plants, are called "onset coherence" or "columnation". It is really simple to visualize the onset of coherence. You take co-here-and-see. By getting many donut field wave fronts concentric and phase locked (sharing symmetry space), focus gets spin to be all-here-now. This is how coherence gets a hologram multiply connected, and present to mind. "A Harmonic Convergence".

The unified field of all pressures columnize and order themselves into big wave fields from little ones.

Well this nice little seed which symmetry plants is exactly what teaches the water vapor in clouds, to arrange itself into bigger packets called droplets. Remember, Christ-all-ization is a coherence phenomenon.

For seeds, it takes very orderly magnetic fields, to arrange the cell waters to ice-like order. Then metabolism or growth is possible. A cone of sandpaper in a pot, improves seed growth, by bending magnetic flow lines into order. Braid magnetic fields to order, and enhance growth.

Now the opposite of coherence is called fractionation. This is when you start chopping something which once was whole, up into more and more scrambled little pieces. Pretty soon Humpty Dumpty couldn't be reassembled even by all the Kings Horses. We tell you that being able to discriminate between coherence and fractionation, is absolutely survival related.

Here are examples of the difference between fractionation and living coherence:

1a. Take one seed of grain, grown after decades of monoculture, on fields where no magnetic long lines are still alive. Then grind it up, remove the germ, strip the enzymes, and bleach it till it is thoroughly dead. Then bubble poison gas through it (bromine), and possibly add a little radioactivity for good measure. Then store it somewhere very magnetically dead for a long time. Then add some dead water, and mix it up some more, then mold it into something foolish & unnatural (pasta), then dry it out again, and then store it for a very long time, again. Then add some more bad water, some oil which measurably causes cancer (not raw expeller pressed). Then add some pesticide treated, acid, canned, night-shade, tomato product, and insert into microwave heating for further coherence breakdown. (You can treat yourself to this example of death caused by fractionation by simply stepping into 99% of modern restaurants and requesting "Italian" "food".)

1b. Take One seed of whole open pollinated grain (Like oats, quinoa, wild rice), rich with genetic diversity, grown on fields live with magnetic stone lines and trees around. Harvest it without metal after gently ripening. Store it as briefly as possible in cool wood and stone, where magnetism is not shorted out. Then soak it gently in body temperature spring water overnight, and chew it nutty and whole, raw and alive after your fruit the next morning.

Where was the spin memory still alive? Where was there only a harvest of separateness. Pasta eaters change currency and governments and their minds like socks.

Life is an El turn in the Eye of Phi. Look again, you'll see yourself.

We can apply this life saving principle of eating coherence to the water we drink, the air we breath, the magnetic geomancy of our homes, and the emotional fields we choose. Water from a real spring, untouched by metal and chemical, without pressure or heat (coolness is order, heat is disorder), can heal thirst forever. Dead water leaves us ALWAYS thirsty, because there is no available folded surface to unpack memories onto. Pine needles braid air. These lungs for Earth die first in acid clouds not by rain, but by combing the air. They die sacrificing their lungs for ours. Screens fractionate. Chopping and mixing fractionate.

The caddeuceus, the flow form, the meander, the braid, the helix, the vortex, these cohere.

E pluribus unum.

Emotion too, is simply the glands learning to use these long magnetic waves as a kind of currency between biological organisms. The rapturous love or compassion which sweeps like a wave between you, has a potent and measurable effect on how the land learns to fold. This is what was meant by Arthur and the land are one. Our sensitive measures of the EKG becoming a sonic laser, and phase entraining the magnetic field of a tree, are only the barest clue, to what the landscape eats of human emotion. You might say these are only microcluster microvolts coming from human bodies to Earth. But these are exactly the energy densities which induce euphoria in a room entrained to 8 hz capacitively. The cells know what the power level of the Earth's heartbeat is. Euphoria does not occur in that room, if you turn up the wattage. Only a lo power event entrains biological systems with a memory of just what is the Earth's song. The 2 to 30 hz bandwidth is the coherence window of -Earth, -human EKG, -human brainwaves, and even for plants on a polygraph. Should we wonder they chose the same carrier wave?

Emotion permits human shapes to enter the land. We call this el-land-guage. The brain is maximized folded surface. When this is full, the next bigger folded surface on which to store memories as a series of folds, is the land. Indigenous peoples used the magnetic foci of great folds on the land, to initiate the higher human organs-pineal/pituitary to psychoactivity. Imploding magnetic pressures cause fields to turn inside out, this is called flowering for plants and flowering for brains.

Star systems and planetary colonizers went to a lot of trouble arranging dolman at tetrahedral leverage points to get Earth's spin recursive enough to hold atmosphere coherently. (Geza, Cydonia) Retrograde precession is an example of the profound fractal harmonic nestedness necessary to get spin embedded enough to birth self-ordering self-awareness. (The book "Two Thirds"). Our assignment is to get on the beam, and embed ourselves in this fractal.

Love and compassion make dodeca lo-phi recursion in our field. These spread shareably. Rock dust makes soil conductive to magnetic life, but a dowsed great circle of paramagnetic stones, relate this magnetism to the longer field in the field. In this way Druids and Labyrinths and creators of sacred space connecting remineralized soil, to the info pressure net of the great Mother Earth herself.

The Essence of the "Green Stone" book and film circulating the United Kingdom is this: Our genepool is evaluated by the galactic community for its usefulness to spread beyond Earth based on WHETHER OUR EARTH (STONE) IS GREEN. This is appropriate because the recursive spin forces which keep an atmosphere (at-moss-sphere) nestled about a planet are very largely determined by whether we have learned the Magnetic Symmetry laws of Geomancy & Grid Engineering AND "weather" we have learned the collective constructive effect of coherent emotion to fabricate exactly that grid. Recursion makes gravity. Recursion creates self-awareness. Love and compassion are the glandular discovery of recursion-- self-embeddedness. Green is the only tilt of the photon donut which neither spills spin into or out of liquid to crystal, but rather balances exquisitely on the edge... exactly what biology must do to exist creating self-awareness on planets.

Think of your body as a responsive wave envelope kind of bubble surface of electrical waves. These waves cannot experiment to see what is shareable by symmetry into longer shapes, unless touch is permitted. So human cultures do not make long wave magnetic domains when touch is forbidden. So we have anthropologically collected the data now which proves, that hard patriarchal cultures where hugging in the street is illegal, CAUSE THE SPREAD OF DESERTS. ("Desertification and Patriarchy" James DiMeo) .

Now envision the columnation of magnetism going up to the clouds from a group of twinkling eyed young people living close to the Earth. They decide to do a circle dance barefoot in the middle of their fractal shaped stone circle garden. Which metaphor would you fall into if you were a cloud. Attractive isn't it.


One Magnetic Homestead:

Recursion & The Nested Spin of Mind.

Detroit Lakes, MN, Conference on Practical Paramagnetic Land Healing..

with Gary Skillen and Dan Winter. June 94

2 Videotape set, 2hrs each. $30/SET.

Meeting in a pristine lake rim self-sufficient chalet/ homestead,

Gary Skillen and Dan Winter do a complete course on magnetic land healing.

Extending from Dan Winter's principles of donut shaped fields nesting, and conversations about recursion and mindfulness, Gary Skillen leads the group out on the land. Ultimately they build a stone circle which catches the wind, makes great circles in the clouds, and teaches the elements of ritual.. On the way, Dan presents his latest portable MAC graphs of color landscape Brain and Heart and Earth Spectrum Analyses. He talks about using dolmen to tune planet spin to make precession fit the fractal of zodiac spin, thus making enough gravity to hold atmosphere. Gary takes the group to a cottage and teaches the basics of dowsing/realigning the "geopathic" or negative health zones of a home. He makes a great sand drawing of the effect of magnetic lines crossing your bed at the wrong angle. This tape is a great and detailed summary of the latest thinking about braided magnetic bubbles, microclimate, and the spin content of twinkle in your eye. New multimedia toys, and old friends tell a riveting story about a culture that forgot how to nest.


Real-Time telemetry Bio-Feedback, Dan Winter's EKG harmonics, as the audience at Univ. Buffalo provided emotional "feedback" to his talk. Sensitive feelings of love and compassion were sweeping the room.


The tentacles of the distributed awareness of spirit in the still mind, as they reach to the heart of the Earth-tree..fractal..

Procedure: Connect "Callahan Probe-Biological Capacitance Probe (Hemp Fibres Soaked in Sea Water, Wound Around Scope Probe, input to IBVA (Interactive BrainWave Visual Analyzer) (wireless telemetry EEG Landscape Spectrum Analyzer-also used for EKG harmonic analyses with attenuated input).. Landscape Print in Harmonics in the capacitance power emission spectra over time.

First arrow, Tree settles into its normalized pattern before contact

Second arrow, First approach tree not projecting thoughts/feelings

Third Arrow,

1st stage meditation greeting of tree and centering w/Mother

Fourth Arrow, Visible shift in tree signature when connected w/tree

Fifth Arrow, 2nd stage meditation access to zero point source energy

Sixth Arrow, Baseline low frequency remains at below 10 mv until 2nd stage meditation then approaches 0 hz

and goes off scale to 100 mv.

Connection with zero point: between Universe and tree through a moment of folded compassion. That timeless feeling that occurs when ones focus is completely in the present encompassing the folded space of the past and futures. As an iceskater who brings in her arms to speed up and have more spin, the thought tentacles that are brought from past and future to present and centered, concentrate intense spin AND AWARENESS. Here in the center of the lightening of spirit lies the infinite information hook-up which living cells require to survive. This electric fractal information con-centricity whispers the meaning and direction of a "long-wave" context. The long wave connection to all that is..

What is useful in the rhythmn of the breath to accomplish this connection: The depth of each succeeding breath moves toward stillness in a perfect damped sine wave, as the thoughts approach the stillness of pure principle by the same path.. When you feel the connection you find your breath at zero, till you have folded as much spin into yourself as you can hold.


Self Awareness Born on the Land:

Where The Field Dimples, Turns Inside Out... Recurs..


Dan Winter

I would like to offer a viewpoint which we have been evolving recently while spectrum analyzing both EKG and Earth Grid Lo Frequency magnetics. Possibly our readers will have suggestions which would either test this model, or put it to use practically in magnetic engineering which serves coherence. Thus we might together encourage tectonic stability directly by grid engineering- a kind of hi tech feng shui.. in light of what harmonic analysis of Earth tells us about what it takes to permit a bell to ring continuously as a coupled oscillator and never crack.

The viewpoint essentially is this. That when the power series or harmonic content of an oscillator like the heart or earth, become RECURSIVE or in a certain sense capable of more fractality or self-embeddedness, THAT KIND OF COHERENCE ONSET is the beginning of "self-awareness" in that ringing system. What we have concluded is that an atom creates its own gravity because it's nuclear geometry is self-similar or fractal to its electron geometry. This means that the magnetic monopole we call gravity then can "go one way" in and not out, as a scalar wave cascade folding BETWEEN frequencies, into the fractal attractor. Physic's needed an answer to the question what wind (as gravity is a magnetic monopole in the wind) travels into but never out of the vortex. Answer: harmonics braiding coherently BETWEEN wavelengths send spin down to frequencies transparent to our bodies.. To us it seems 1 way. But to planets what dense fractal symmetry creates as gravity, braids up a serving of enveloped nectar sent between Suns erotically.

Planet wide magnetic symmetries appear to get into this game of completing the fractal of what atoms are, in order to also make their own gravity. But they require a kind of symbiosis with people to complete the circuit. Gurdjieff said coherent emotion feeds the Earth. There is an intimate relation between onset coherence, human love as a specifically fractal series of harmonics in the EKG, and what phase entrains a tree (Power Spectral Data.)

If we have interpreted the data properly, the reason the ET's chose such particular spin symmetry points on Earth (Geza), Mars (Cydonia), and Jupiter's Storm spots, was because magnetic spin dolmen placed there could get leverage at these TETRAHEDRAL SYMMETRY NODES.. (Hoagland et al). "Grabbing donuts by their throat requires knowing where their handles are". Terraforming planets required adjusting their spin rates, to nest them informationally.. fractally.

This was done on Mars & Earth, to facilitate atmosphere retention, & biological systems access to the recursive magnetics which breed self-awareness. Dolmen spin symmetry tuning was precisely placed in order to get retrograde precession sufficiently fractal or embedded by ratio onto planetary spin, so that planetary gravity spin stability could be fed in direct coupling to the oscillator of zodiacal spins. This essentially means that planetary gravity stability does not occur except to the extent that it is properly fractally embedded by spin ratio to galactic spins. (Also Reference the book "Two Thirds" by David Percy and David Myers, Aulis Press, London, available also from our Crystal Hill group)

The most thrilling part of this onset fractality metaphor for what makes gravity, is that this recursive nest of spin systems, is also apparently what makes the evolution of self-aware systems possible. (People..planets......)

In the simplest language if we look at an oscillator going into a coherence cascade by power spectral analysis, what we are apparently seeing is the available superposition of another axis of spin, on an existing system. "Moving into the next dimension". The more harmonics in the Fourier transform, the more magnetic donuts are dancing around the center point whose signature you are reading. IF THAT HARMONIC SERIES SHOWS RECURSION, THEN, WAVE ATTRACTOR FRACTALITY... SELF-ORGANIZATION.. SELF-AWARENESS MUST NECESSARILY BE GENERATED THERE.. (This is closely allied to the corollary which says that achieving total focus in matters hologram, IS THE SAME AS achieving pure intention)

IT may be more than just romantic to consider the infinite Fourier series of each phase coherent node in a hologram, to be the mechanism of

holographic infinite multiple connectedness. The onset of mindfulness, may be visualized among donuts converging, when they become exactly a fractal attractor. (Flowering Brain=Ecstatic Process Completion=Magnetic Domains Fractally Going Critical Phonon Doped by Sonic Massaged Glands Phase Entrained from EKG to EEG in the same bandwidth as Earth Schumann Heartbeat=Toroid Magnetic Flux Circulation around the Humunculus "Little Man" mapped fractally on the surface of the brain-tracing exactly the sequence of sites down in the body which kundalini stimulates).

In the case of Earth, her efforts to breed self-aware recursive coherence in her magnetic bubble, may be somewhat bled by our current power distribution technology (understatement). I do believe this concept is underscored by Kevin Sander's recent publication calculating the dramatically increased probability of an Earthquake being murderous, only if it temporally follows underground nuclear testing. Nuclear tests generate huge incoherent hi velocity piezoelectric shocks to the grid. Another example of incoherent harmonic series are 60cy ground loops...the great part of your electric bill may be for amps that are traveling wasted down your ground wire due to transformer center tap imbalance relying on "Earth" ground to balance. Result: huge amperages travel back to the utility through the Earth herself instead of through wires. Earth feels this as a direct and poisonous assault on her magnetic bloodstream. Tesla's spirit is back here with us now, saying we must create a utility grid based on harmonic cascades sympathetic to Earth's Schumann resonance, instead of the 60cy at which the voltage required to stop a heartbeat is lowest.

If, as I believe fractality vs fractionation is the solution to chaos, gravity, and coherent emotion, then by getting behind this sort of "self-reproducing automata" phenomenon associated with coupled oscillators becoming recursive and self-aware, we can be about the business of serving the evolution of consciousness directly. We can provide magnetic geometries for the Earth's symmetry surface which directly produce this spin symmetry. In other words, we can find ourselves in the service of a system becoming mindful specifically by adding to it's magnetic coherence as a kind of soap bubble.

I recently worked with skilled dowser Gary Skillen from the Ottawa area. We map dowsed then land dowsed rolling farmland in Detroit Lakes, MN. We found a magnetic rats nest out near the road, where several in our group independently reported feeling either nausea, asthmatic, or dizzy. At Gary's instruction we installed a carefully symmetric intuitively placed stone circle, at the odd numbered circular cross points of nearby underground water veins flowing out from what the dowser calls an underground water "dome". We then formed a circle ourselves and magnetically attuned to the stones, setting their "vortex" spinning counterclockwise.

A storm came up, and we observed particular hole in the cloud formations. We videoed the process. We then re-dowsed the area, and just felt it even without dowsing tools. We can offer you contacts to 25 or so friends present who will witness the change. The highly pressurized squarish grid that was present magnetically disappeared in a whooish..

So dramatic was the result to the entire area, that I believe the concept "microclimate creation" by long wave magnetic domain braiding.. is an accurate description. In addition, the dowsing work we were doing to eliminate geopathic zones in a nearby farmhouse, became an immediate "fait accompli" (job already done).

I don't wish to overdramatize these successes, but simply make practically available the principles which allow people to create symmetry on their land, and thus create what gravity wants... recursion-nestedness-embeddedness-self-awareness-coherence.

The picture is rather simple: We provide circular symmetry for magnetic domains, where previously there had been only square grid symmetry under pressure, & thus provide a place for magnetic pressures to pass out of a region... pass out of the harmonic wavelengths into which they have become phase locked. It is exactly like providing a water drainage point for a whole area which is too wet for crops. This can suddenly permit one point of release to create growth possibility in a vast area.. A grid is like a the soap bubble surface of an egg. The sperm is only spin added. In order to accept that spin without popping, the egg dimples, then forms a vortex center, permitting the spin to turn inside out on the surface of that zygote in order to become a fetus. Vorticity there permitted spins to share a common center. As a result of that concentricity invited by symmetry, wave fronts could start testing which of them were shareable, and thus ORDER SELF REPLICATED AND DISORDER SELF DESTRUCTED. Among wave fronts, in order for this self-organization to occur, circular vortex spin focus comes first, in order to get the touch underway which phase cancels destructive interference, and distributes "the awareness of" constructive interference. Seed growth depends on uninterrupted, unknotted flow of magnetic long waves.

In the long run, it seems civilizations must come to grips with the way in which human magnetic activities fabricate gravity's fractality. This is as true of the magnetic domains exuded by the glands in humans feeling compassion, as it is of the magnetic domains created by how we fold our land. Ultimately, this determines whether our planet has a stable enough gravity bubble to hold atmosphere.

Wars break out measurably where the soil cannot conduct magnetism (Prof. Phil Callahan). Long wave magnetics are braided by large paramagnetic structures. Grid engineering makes a circulatory system for the context spin of Earth's increasingly self-aware memory. For friends interested in modeling the magnetism of Earthquake's, we would invite them to the whole field of paramagnetic grid engineering, coherent emotion, and fractality. This might fall more delightfully in the purview of actively fabricating your tectonic environment, now understanding better a service which self-aware people can render to a grid BECOMING self-aware.

We have Power Spectrum of Heart EKG phase entraining a tree's magnetic envelope.. measured and harmonic detail..

For paramagnetic stone advice, contact dowser Gary Skillen (who also presented in our "Tuning Your Land" video) at Ecological Solutions, P.O. Box 580, Maxville Ontario,Canada, K0C 1T0, Phone: 613- 527-3060. To learn of our practical paramagnetic healing of a farm, contact: Barry & Serena Dossenko, Future Organics, Detroit Lakes, MN, Phone: 218-847-7783, fax 218-847-0671