5/5 Pent-UP: The 'PRESSURE ROSE'...

& A 'Sai' among many w(ormes) & Guardian Alliance on Icke?

Dan Winter 5/5/2000 update, url: ../pressurerose , other articles: ../sitemap.html

also new5/4/2000: Looking More Like Intelligent Worming?-New 3D Yin and Yang..('atomic cloud?') VIRTUAL - vrml -

With Thanks to divine_goddess:

> So the wave like snake motions of pressure is actually tesla voltage?
> And how do we amplify cause I know the higher the pressure the more
> exquisite the bliss?


voltage per tesla is ONLY a name for pressure (or he sometimes used tension as synonym)
as amperage means flo(rate) , pressure x flo =work, volts x amps = watts

hydrodynamic metaphor becomes potent when we realize it is more than
metaphor.. the universal medium (ether?) is only a language for pressure
and flo in 1 substance...(unified field alphabet for christ and einstein:to know the One)

(see ../touch emotion as simple geometry of touch pressures-sending Energy in MOTION as cascade thrown..)

that helps us link the electromagnetic with the phonon / and optical
in our spine juice conversations..about BLISS as the ultimate purpose of DNA bodies...? (enter stars immortally, or be bored and die...)

My little model was that while the higher the pressure the more the
potential info density (bliss)..
and that sustaining the high 'baud' rate, required sustainable (shareable) intent..

which is why short term bliss is so often diagnosed as pathology.. (Kundalini's most common medical diagnosis-schizophrenia- too many stations: no tuner)
while long term bliss has the implicate that you have indeed
become shareable (only embedding in genepool/culture -a way to share -
meaningful outlet to genius-
gives ground path to the lightning of bliss...)(the tuner?)

which hints? at why so much environmental as well as personal hygiene is
required to Sustain the bliss..

re: lionness to ride the worm(e)
I definitely can help make great magnetic worm/lightning..
but if lack of clairvoyance etc.. is any clue..
my steering skills need help..

not only did muab dib in dune know how to 'stalk the wild pendulum'(cold zero point fractal access)
to keep open the (still point in time) gap between worm segments..
which kept that part above the sand..

he knew (god emperor) that where you steer toward in the
ever more unsurprising landscape of the future thru time..
was just that place where the eddies in the ethers.. were still
guaranteeing the possibility of learning (sting)..
and the newness promise...

otherwise worm squirting prescience..(future seeing) is a condemnation ...
without virgin birth.. something truly new.. from the inside out of the
rose of pressures..

lo phi ..d'an
clue #2: the BC UFO radio show couple, had the huge UFO craft arrive last nite at the moment
they were reading the Thoth -Emerald Tablets part about the black sun...(as I walked in the door with
the Sagan's new:'Bleeding Sun" -future of virtual reality? book- www.clairvision.org) (aside here, my insight of the moment was my new novel

'Voting to Mind' about how when the rate at which the people voted back and forth on the internet approached instant FEEDBACK,

Earth's global collective mind was BORN - a democracy with no layers of serparation between the peoples voice and decision itself..talk about worm become {implosively?} SELF steering...)

"Dear tribal node and friendly dendritic agents,

This just in. Alignment contact experience in BC ecstatically blows away
sisters Celeste and Margo, just after the stroke of midnight last night, as
the Grand Planetary Alignment arrives. Besides the usual nature spirits, it
appears Chaldean and Thoth influences were present as well as streaming memes
from the Emerald Tablets.... Curious? Friday on All Al All Night, dark
thirty. Check PleasureIsland.com for access...

Luv, AL

P.S. Damm! I do have some compassion for ya..If you just can't wait, the
audio of the AL interview with contactees is attached. We'll delve to the
bottom of this on the show, and hopefully take the lid off of this rather
present presence. Looking forward to your input!"
( ALundell@aol.com sent the real audio. too big to attach here... ask him?)

To Dan Winter and all,

For those interested in the Sai Baba saga, some
culmination here at these urls



and FINDINGS BY D&F BAILEY! 42 page report!


Love B.

next-update on david icke..

to david icke..(re..comunnicating further.,
thanking him for inviting communication...


I truly have admired your continued courage in dealing with the ET
issues, which is helpful in getting people thinking..
and continue to feel you offer much service...

I actually had a not too dissimilar experience at the canadian border...

it is also true that on serveral occassions I have critiqued your work
not including enough perspective on the spiritual or bliss making
of certain ET stories..
not that I am such an expert on your work...
I am interested in more perspective......

it is also true that my humble '2 bits' on these stories has generated
such interest
that my web site gets ------ total hits/month.. and invitations to
speak are frequent..
please do let's talk more... for mutual education etc..


dan winter
david I am including 3 notes which might be included in what we choose
to discuss..(3nd one you probably saw..)
friend (---) has given me my homework for next column:
evaluate.. (origin of the dragon/reptile inner earth detail....)
the "Ilojiim"
the Elohim - annuanki
and the copper mining to sitchen's translation of titicaca-(lost realms)

as tin/copper mining for annunaki..

it is close to home on dragon origins?

khumara means serpent in peru, summaire (sumeria) means dragon in

re... breeding programs here on earth..

(like reading -a probably less than complete piece- about WHO was
behind the
Jesus - John breeding at
DOMA way (Daughters of the Orion Draco 'Collective') :
-I think the draco took credit there for something which they were more
like tools (of the paa taal, or turanesian, or 'guardian alliance' )
than instigators.. (../thecollective )
3.(fr anna hayes ref: 'voyagers', halls of amenti etc. books, see http://annahayes.com/

, c/o friend raphiem. mission-ignition..

Om-a-MA on David Icke and Secrets of 5/5/2000


RE: e-mail about Mr. Icke commentary

A while back, a friend brought Icke's name to my attention saying I
should look into this because of his work on tracing the Illuminati
lines and how it corresponds to my work in areas which cover
disclosure of the "Black Sun DNA" substrand matrices and the
vulnerability to

manipulation of people who inadvertantly carry this scalar-wave template
distortion in their DNA. Unfamiliar with Icke's books and honestly too
busy to get involved with other peoples work of this sort,
I was ignoring the Icke issue until my Emerald Order GA contacts nudged
me to

explore his website a little, because, they said, he was originally on
the right track, but was now a prime target for manipulation by the
Illuminati human-Zeta Rigalian-Dracos alliance, who had targeted
him as a subject for disinformation (among other things). I responded to
a few

of the questions on the site asking for reader info. on various subjects
and Mr. Icke replied e-mail, interested. He was to call me after return
from a trip. Meanwhile, I decided to save us both wasted time,
and wrote him a long e-message explaining who the reptilians were and
what family lines they emerged from - including some of the ancient
history of these races. I figured it best to
"lay-it-all-on-the-table" and show up front the extent of the data I
have, knowing it may be "over his head" to the point where it would
alienate him from wanting to know. In that case at least I wouldn't
waste time communicating with him. Well, he never did call as he'd
promised to do once I blasted him with realities behind the agendas, and
I felt this would happen because he would most likely be
directed away from the true-history information if he was already being
manipulated - he is useful to the Illuminati, even if he speaks
outwardly against them, for if they can influence him, they can
create "damage control" and "slight of hand" distraction from the real
issues of true history-genetic connections to distortions in ancient
mystical and religious teachings and especially keep him from
tripping over the contemporary hybridization and "One World Order"
projects presently underway- which are the subjects the Illuminati most
want to conceal.

I had sensed he was already being messed with, especially through D-4
Zeta implantation, and that he would probably reject any information of
clarity and the "Big Picture" that I could possible supply.
It appears that I was right at least to some degree, as he didn't bother
calling as he had originally expressed e-enthusiasm to do. I shrugged
and went about my business, yet felt that the Icke issue wasn't
fully over, and that he was connected to Emerald

Order work through his own genetic heritage.

It was interesting to see the e-mail sent to the Om-a-da's regarding
another person's concern that Icke was now being set up and used to
provide disinformation, as this confirmed what I had already been
told by GA...he was a "good guy" being messed with by the
Zeta-Dracos-Illuminati bunch, to inadvertently provide distraction from
real issues and to generate false leads that he fully believed to be the

real thing. I was also told that he was on the Illuminati "hit list" and
would be valuable to them only to the extent that he could be
manipulated as a disinformation agent, that they "had him on a short
and controllable leash" and that if he began to get the bigger picture
they would then "pull him in for mind wipe and reprogramming" or arrange
his disappearance- whatever more suited their agenda,
most likely the former approach. From the little I know of his work,
mostly from other people's references, I have heard that he traces
things back to ancient cultures and sees the Bible and other
mystical schools as being manifestations of Illuminati manipulation and
control mechanism used in our cultures- he

is partly right, many of these organizations and teachings were used by
the Illuminati and their "ET/Angelic/Visitor" kin, to mess up human
evolution. But it seems that he thinks (from what I have heard)
that all such teachings and institutions were "bad", when in truth, many
of the

ancient teachings were provided by "good guy" visitors, to lead us to
knowledge of the ancient "Templar"- the Kathara Grid control mechanics
of the planetary grid and inter-dimensional star gates, and
the processes of biological transmutational ascension through which the
star gates (also called ascension passages) could be used. If he is used
to promote the message that all ancient spiritual and
mystical teachings were Illuminati manipulation, he will generate
mistrust in people in learning to use the real mechanics being offered
in new teachings- which are the very mechanics by which we can
protect our biofields and beings from the mind-control technologies he
himself is beginning to identify.

It seems that in his work Icke got so far, and began to find the truth
on the lineages involved with the reptilian Illuminati, but he didn't
get further in understanding the greater history and heritage
involved with our lineage and the legitimate core behind the mystical

teachings distortions, so he isn't receptive to the advanced
scalar-physics-science/ ascension science, that is the key to
understanding the whole drama and to protecting oneself from

manipulation. It seems that he thinks he can take on the "reptilian
force" by exposing possibilities of their family lines and covert
practices, but he doesn't realize how big the drama really is or that
core motivation behind it has always been who will control the

valuable real-estate of the Halls of Amenti star gates. He is picking a
fight and underestimating the scope and expanse of his chosen
"adversary". He is publicly stepping on Illuminati toes aggressively
and directly, in a way that makes him a target...if he can't be

"conveniently re-directed" to provide disinformation through covert
manipulation (like the more conventional method of "planting"
information-disinformation for him to "discover, which is most likely
what has happen in regard to the "Arizona Wilder" witness addressed in
the Om-a-da e-mail) or if he doesn't succumb to mind-wipe bodysnatch
technology often used to take over the ideological
campaigns of public figures on the "hit list", then before too long they
will simply "take him out" for the purpose of "damage control" regarding
the covert Illuminati agendas.

His approach isn't helping the public much either, for in "identifying
the enemy"- the Illuminati reptilians he goes after, he is generating
fear and possibly anger in people who choose to believe his
paradigm, but he does not yet have the antidote to healing this fear and

anger, which is the comprehension of the 15-dimensional anatomy and how
to use that TRUE advanced spiritual technologies that were once
contained in ancient holy books before those teachings were
edited or twisted by the Illuminati families. He is also exposing people
to the

same vulnerabilities of " a little information can be a dangerous
thing", as he is motivating people to become aware and take action to
stop Illuminati agendas "from the outside"- encouraging or
inspiring others to expose themselves to direct covert attack, like he
is now

doing to himself, by leading people to believe this Illuminati "One
World Order" agenda can be handled through the "ego power" alone. Ego
has its purpose, but if it does not expand to comprehend the
greater spiritual aspects of reality, such as the reality of the

biofield and the higher dimensional aspects of consciousness(the
Spiritual aspects of human reality) that are part of that anatomy, then
the ego is powerless in the face of the interdimensional
mind-control technologies presently in use by the Illuminati.

In viewing all mystical pursuit as control mechanics of Illuminati, he
is cutting off from himself the very "peaceful weapons of immunity" of
TRUE spiritual consciousness- the science of Merkaba
Mechanics and integration of the higher identity- that one needs in
facing the

Illuminati head-on. In his own misunderstanding of the original "good
core" behind most of the ancient spiritual teachings (before their
distortion to control methods) and his unawareness that there are
other groups of well intended visitors along with the reptilian strains

their human Illuminati operatives, he is personally stuck in a
fear-based mind-set through which he thinks he can "take on the
Illuminati" through ego-self and non-mystical tactics alone, an approach
eventually will find leads one to underestimate the danger of situations
you place yourself in- walking into a self-chosen battle "unarmed" as it
were with the interdimensional technologies and
comprehension of the human mind and spirit- that are needed to create

protection and become a force of healing rather than an instigator of
combat you are ill-prepared to enter. Unfortunately, in his own apparent
misunderstanding of the higher nature of spiritual
teachings (which have nothing to do with following the "laws" of
distorted ancient texts and everything to do with learning to comprehend
and be open to true teachings on the structure and function of
Bio-spiritual consciousness ), he not only leaves himself open for
direct covert attack, he unintentionally encourages his readers to do
the same. With the

knowledge of family lines of the "Black Sun DNA (again, for those who
don't know my work, this has NOTHING to do with skin color racial
issues), and the outer research he is putting together to
reveal their historical use of spiritual teaching to misguide and
control humans, Icke could be a powerful force for positive change and
human empowerment, IF he were to place that knowledge within
the greater context of true historical understanding of the stellar race
history and influence, which includes the "good guy" teachings of
expanded spiritual/inter-dimensional mechanics through which
the REAL solutions to this annoying and potentially lethal dilemma of
the Illuminati agendas can be found (lethal only to people who refuse to
learn of the

greater consciousness mechanics/true spiritual teachings and REAL
history, through which one can become immune to this threat). As it is,
he is identifying the threat, generating awareness of this in
others, yet is providing no real solutions to how one can protect
themselves and

"rise above" the reality this drama implies.

There ARE solutions, but they will not be found unless the realities and
mechanics of the interdimensional spectrum are acknowledged and
intelligently applied. In his present stance he is only helping
to foster fear, anger and rebellion in humans, without a means of
channeling that released energy-of-awareness into effective healing
solutions. It appears he is "distracted with the details" and does not
yet see the bigger picture (which I did try to share with him in

revelation of some of the higher level history and agenda data known by
the Emerald Order)- and even if the negatives were not attempting to
manipulate him directly (which they are trying to do)- the
resulting fear-anger- "point fingers at good-guy Vs bad-guy human
polarity perspective" plays right into the mind-control agendas of the
Illuminati. They want to have people confused, distracted and
afraid AND segregated....and they especially do not want people to learn
of the

greater Merkaba Sciences through which individuals can simultaneously
expand spiritually AND protect their bio-energetic fields and DNA from
covert manipulation OR the core truth of human
history through which we become aware that regardless of the stellar
agendas our genetic heritage is connected to, that we are all united
through the core human imprint.

The reptilian DNA imprint (and the genetic vulnerability to covert
manipulation it creates) can be overridden through precise
Merkaba/Keylontic Science DNA scalar-grid mechanics (natural part of the

"dimensional ascension" process), and humans who unknowingly carry this

imprint can use biofield mechanics (such as those we are learning
through the GA-Emerald Order teachings) to block their DNA vulnerability
to manipulation and mind control. The solution to this
global mess is not in simply attacking and exposing the reptilian-human
family lines

with their misguided control agendas, it is rather helping the humans
who carry those lines to realize they need to and can protect themselves
from being used by ill-intended higher dimensionals, before
those humans become ensnared as unknowing operatives in anti-human
agendas. It IS important to expose the Illuminati AGENDAS, but it is
equally important to realize that until humans with the
"Black Sun DNA vulnerabilities" become actively controlled by reptilian
consciousness and implants from D-4, they still possess a
human-consciousness imprint that can override such quiet invasion- IF
they know how to frequency-seal their biofields.

If we view humans with reptilian gene lines as the "enemy" and only
stand against them, they do not have the opportunity to discover the
truth about what has been motivating them to participate in the
misguided Illuminati agenda. Some of these people would willingly reject
those agendas IF they understood the Big Picture of visitor manipulation
behind the agendas and IF they understood there
were other more harmonious ways to have personal power without robbing
it from other people. Reptilian strain humans are being used uncaringly
by their reptilian-visitor ET/"dark angels" kin from
behind the scenes, and if they realized just how they were being set up
and used, they would rebel and find the means of protection. That means
is advanced bio-field mechanics- which will
simultaneously stimulate the progressive advancement of spiritual
awareness within them, through which they have the chance to learn
higher spiritual comprehension of not violating the rights of
others. The human element within the human-reptilian DNA can be
amplified to override the reptilian imprint, and humans of all DNA

configuration can reunite to reclaim the original 12-strand DNA design
which represents the core of human heritage. THIS is the healing of our
races.....simply identifying the reptilian humans and
standing against them only assists in the Illuminati agenda of "conquer
through division" and sets up a victim VS victimizer power struggle
relationship between elements of the human population (more
than such a power-struggle mentality already exists).

It is the harmful Illuminati agenda humanity needs to identify and
create an effective counter-strategy to RISE ABOVE - and the humans who
most need to realize this are those with the
reptilian-dominant DNA who are most at risk for being covertly motivated
to ill purpose. Some of

them can be reached and exposed to the knowledge through which they can
set themselves free and become active members of the global-healing
force. Presently David Icke is helping to identify the
Illuminati agenda and its more apparent manifestations, which is a rude
awakening that is

in the best interest of all to share. However, unintentionally, he is
also being used to promote fear, segregation and "witch hunting"
fear-based mentality which serves to further the very agenda to which
he is in opposition. I do not know if Mr. Icke acknowledges that there

current, contemporary contact taking place with visitor races, or if his
work is more slanted toward revealing that they were once part of our
history and have left resulting reptilian-human genetic lines
among us. I wish he could be aware that active contact AND hybridization

manipulation agendas are actively in motion now (he should talk to some
of the ET abductee people and research the realities of "channel"
contact that are all around us, and perhaps begin looking into
the emerging awareness of the "Indigo Children"), and that the ancient
visitors have returned. If he could "put the pieces together" regarding
the data he knows on the family lines and Illuminati agendas,
combine that with the knowledge of active contact now emerging through
the "UFO-abductee" movement and further combine these pieces with the
knowledge coming through the "channeling" and
spiritual development movements- THEN finally combine this data with
what the GA has been trying to tell everyone about the origins of our
race and unifying

12-strand DNA potential, the manipulation that has and IS taking place
AND the methods of true spiritual Merkaba sciences that provide the
protection, growth and answers- he would then become a
powerful force within the healing of this planet and effectively
overriding Illuminati

agendas. He would begin to "see the Big Picture" and would become
empowered to promote solutions as well as problem diagnosis. This would
empower him and his readers to effective action, rather
than into false-hope reactions by which a person thinks the mind-control
issues can be solved from the 3-dimensional level alone.

When I first contacted Mr. Icke at the GA request, to share some of what
I know, I had done so not because I need in any way his agreement or
support of my work, but rather because my heart felt sad
in knowing that here was yet another case of a good hearted person
finding some of

the truth but not yet the part that would enable him to protect himself
and reveal that truth in a way that would truly benefit the human
collective. In the last year alone I have witnessed so many cases
that I have lost count, of "good guy light workers" unknowingly falling

the covert interdimensional Intruder-visitor bio-field-DNA-mind-control
spell, simply because they did not realize the interdimensional scope of
the polarity problem or comprehend the nature and
tactics of manipulation used by contemporary visitors. Such people think
they are assisting the race toward enlightenment, and many times refuse
to validate the existence of the Visitor problem
thinking they are "above" this "lower level" issue ( or that the problem
can't be real because "everyone sane knows ET/angelic/visitor
interaction does not exist"- yeah right...mind control propaganda in
operation). Without acknowledging the reality of contact of BOTH
polarities, one will not understand the reasons for the Illuminati
agendas or how they will, like gravity, affect us until we learn to
transcend their influence (ignoring or denying their existence will not
make them "go away", anymore than will becoming terrified and falling
into fear-based, dis-empowered "victim consciousness".)

Transcending the influence of these stupid "Intruder Visitor/ Illuminati
Human" agendas requires first acknowledging that they are there, and
then realizing that its the training in advanced
interdimensional bio-energetic field mechanics that will allow us each
to transcend this lower-level global issue- the same mechanics that will
simultaneously create progressive expansion of spiritual
consciousness and development of true wisdom through the physics
involved with literal bio-physical higher dimensional identity
integration (progressive spiritual "awakening" and embodiment of the
higher dimensional levels of personal and gestalt consciousness).

I felt that in addressing the Icke issue on the Om-a-da sight, since
this issue was already beginning to circulate there, provided an
opportunity to share some insights regarding healing the reptilian
DNA/Illuminati agenda in general, and would also allow "Om-a-MA" (me-the
birth-vessel through which the Om-a-da recently reincarnated in our
time), to share my perspectives, data and concerns
regarding the David Icke issue. If any one out there knows the man, or
can reach him in any way, I would hope they could somehow inspire him to
explore the realities of the GA Voyagers teachings,
for we have confirmation on much of what he is teaching, but we also
have the greater picture of the origins and nature of the agendas that
are currently running behind the scenes. I was sad when he
decided not to respond (after being apparently quite interested at first
to do so) to the information I provided regarding these subjects, I
suspect it was because I revealed that I knew of the hybridization
programs because I personally was a product of such a program (as an
Indigo Child- the hybrids among us created by the pro-human visitors who
are trying to help humanity regain its 12-strand DNA
potential, raise consciousness into spiritual awakening and successfully
override the contemporary One World Order agenda of the
Illuminati/Zeta/Dracos). It is too bad that it appears Mr. Icke is not
ready to handle THAT level of truth, (as if he knew more...which he does
not...the knowledge of historical analysis of the races, misuse of
mystical-spiritual teachings and the Illuminati reality provided
through my work go far far beyond his current understanding...which
anyone who really knows me or the work I represent knows). He could have
learned a lot; like how to protect himself, for

He might then have learned the real framework into which his own work
fits, which would allow him to accomplish great things in his own right,
and serve to promote real global healing, which I believe
is his true, heart-felt intention. If he would acknowledge the paradigm
we teach

personally, he would take his own position more seriously- seeing why he
was actively on the "Manipulate as a disinformation vessel and destroy
only as last resort because he is useful if controlled" hit
list. He might also learn the true technologies that are being used by

Illuminati - those that go beyond the "baby-level" mind-control ventures
used in the outer-military levels and into the advanced interdimensional
spectrum of Keylontic Morphogenetic-scalar Science,
by which horrors such as "body snatching" ( the ability to literally
take possession of a person's body by infiltrating the D-4 "astral body"
and using it to access and take control of the DNA to create
displacement of the consciousness and literal possession of the
personality) can be understood as very real technological realities
(which the inner-circle

human Illuminati, as well as the manipulating visitors, can do, because
of training provided by the Zeta-Dracos resistance team). I think these
issues are presently beyond Mr. Icke's level of
understanding, and so he does not see the greater levels of the
dangerous position in which he

has presently placed himself.

If one is going to "take on the Illuminati" one had at least arm
themselves with the interdimensional technologies the Illuminati are
presently using, so at least one stands a chance of not getting
neutralized or used in the process. He is going into an interdimensional

battle that can be compared as an analogy to "fighting guns and nuke
weapons with mere sticks and stones".....good luck-nice to know ya-God
bless your soul.....if you know what I mean. The people
who are safe from being harmed by Illuminati agendas and the covert

technologies they employ, are those who are learning the true teachings
of multidimensional reality and spiritual integration that offer the
science/biological/physics aspects as well as the
spiritual/attitudinal healing/"light and Love" personality teachings,
for it is in the

combined knowledge of the spiritual-science perspective- the knowledge
of LOVE and POWER combined- that true WISDOM and the ability to take
"Divine Right Action" manifest.

I am concerned for Mr. Icke,(as I would be for anyone in that position)
as he is on the "Body-snatch list" of the Illuminati/Zeta-Dracos
alliance, and is already being set up to

unknowingly be a vessel for select disinformation couched between lines
of truth. Without comprehension of interdimensional mechanics and
understanding of the greater agendas taking place behind
the scenes, he will be unable to tell the difference between who is "for
real" in

support of his work, or who is an intentional "plant" to through him off
course. Which means he will be easy to manipulate and control and use to
create influence in the public arena. If he could
embrace the advanced scalar-bio-field 3D real spiritual training of the
GA paradigm, he

could AT LEAST learn to seal his bio-energetic field and DNA from
infiltration so he doesn't become a "walking David with a reptile
inside", which is the juicy role the Illuminati have in mind for him
down the road. He would also learn the secrets to how those darn
reptile-humans he is tracking actually perform the shape-shifting his
witnesses have claimed to see them do.....for shape-shifting, (like
bio-field protection,... like interdimensional technologies of covert
manipulation, ...like true spiritual expansion,... like the hidden human
potential of biological cellular transmutation-star gate
passage-and literal dimensional ascension....., like mastery over the
mechanics of manifestation and maturity by which this power can be used
with love, fairness and wisdom...) is the product of
comprehending the nature of the Unified Scalar Field of
energy/consciousness and having the ability through this knowledge to
activate the DNA in such a way as to directly alter and transmute the
literal physical form of the body. The reptilian shape-shifters
themselves have only limited abilities in this science, and both they
and Mr. Icke could learn a lot through the teachings we have been
offering and will continue to expand upon, within the groups of people
who are smart enough to realize that there is a lot of truly "empowering
stuff" to be learned through the paradigm for which my
work stands.

I commend all of you in the Om-a-da group for your willingness to learn
and reach higher, and your desire to find truth, even if it means
expanding the frame of belief with which you were previously
familiar. I commend you for your courage and for the driving force of
true spiritual

life force that continues to inspire you onward, forward and upward. The
path may get weird and bumpy at times, and in our present 2000-2017
period, it is guaranteed to contain twists, turns and
surprises that may occasionally (if only temporarily) baffle us all. But
one thing I can

personally promise you....this knowledge is worth the learning, for it
will lead you eventually to the cognition through which you can create
your own true freedom and transcend the limitations that
hold others less informed from the ability to truly embrace their
power-love-and wisdom. I hope you continue to reach, grow, expand and
unfold higher- even in the infancy of these teachings you will
learn, if nothing else, how to protect your bio-fields from
manipulation- a skill that is truly priceless in the current earth
drama. You will no longer walk into the drama blind, vulnerable and
to covert manipulation or fear-based victim consciousness
dis-empowerment, like most of our populations, including dear David Icke
unknowingly do. Simply put...you will be ahead of the game, and
more free from distracting details of negative agenda influence, so you
can focus on the truly important things...like creating light, love,
happiness, healing and AWARENESS in your personal lives and
within the global community.

Night Blindness and Light Blindness- Manifestations of Polarity

It is hard to create the positive things when you refuse to acknowledge
the negative things, for denial empowers the negative influence just as
much as focusing upon it in fear and victim-consciousness
does. If you want to "wish something away" within the reality experience
you are

walking, you first need to acknowledge that it is there. Once
acknowledged, you then apply the higher consciousness of knowing you are
a creator, and without fear or dis-empowerment, use the energy
of your consciousness to manifest a higher vision through which the
negative polarity can be integrated and thus healed. In the New Age
movement, the idea that "don't learn about the negatives because
you are ""giving them energy"" and thus empowering them", is a popular
misrepresentation of the real mechanics of manifestation (and guess who
is promoting that

idea of looking only at the "light" without cultivating a reciprocal
awareness of the darkness it implies...) The truth is, the negative
aspects of the mass-drama now moving through our world, just like the
anti-particle miasmic buildups that hold our ancient "karmic" patterns

within us to manifest from a subconscious level, will remain there to
"rain on our light and love parade" no matter how diligently we focus
upon the happy picture we want to manifest. Many new agers
wonder why they there great pictures of manifestation often appear with

problems or negative distortions, and do not exactly represent the
picture they had in mind for manifestation. Where did that unexpected
"zap" in my thought-projection of light-love-peace come from?
THAT wasn't part of the picture I was planning (on a conscious level) to
manifest. Such twists of the product of conscious manifestation come
from the subconscious level, from the physics-mechanics
of the karmic-miasmic imprint stored in the DNA and personal

field. One will continue to have such "glitches in the manifestation
picture" and continue to get "inexplicably blindsided" by the negatives
(lessons you allow to be created from a higher level until you
consciously "get the lesson" and take responsibility for releasing the

miasmic imprint within which the "negative" lesson is stored), unless
one acknowledges the existence of the miasmic energy within which the
pattern for distorted manifestation is stored. Once the
"negative" is acknowledged, you don't "give it energy" to GROW more
distorted, or feed

into its emotional fear-anger programs, you simply apply your advanced
understanding of the physics of manifestation through the wisdom of soul
love to reverse the polarity/clear the distortion/ release
the miasm by reintegrating/ frequency-harmonizing its energy into the
greater vision of wholeness and light to which you direct most of your

Light-Love-and Clulessness teaches you to ignore the negative in the
immature hope/notion that it will "simply go away". Will gravity go away
simply because you consciously -from the ego level- say I
refuse to believe gravity exists? (I wouldn't try to find out by walking
off a

building roof to prove that you can biologically fly simply because your
ego chooses to refuse to acknowledge the existence of gravity. If you
try that I hope you believe in angels, as you will need
someone to catch you when you fall). Transcending gravity is a skill
completely possible for humans, but it doesn't come by uneducated
wishful thinking and surface-level thought creation alone. It
comes through integration of the higher and lower levels of identity,
and of understanding the mechanics of identity-energy-spirit and DNA, by
which ones learns to

regulate the 15-dimensional bio-fields to vibrationally transcend the
influence of the gravitational pull. Manifestation is a physics issue as
well as a spiritual one.

In the mass drama, denial and wishful "thinking-away" of the detrimental
Illuminati agendas will do no more to help you create light-love-safety
than will being in personality-denial of gravity when
upon tall buildings; either way, if you continue to walk forward in
blind-denial the of force you refuse to acknowledge, that force will
continue to influence you and most likely "take you down". If you
want to be empowered to transcend undesirable influence, you simply
acknowledge the existence of the pattern you dislike, don't EMOTIONALLY
engage it as a reality (then you ARE feeding it), put
your emotional energy and MOST of your attention on the vision you
desire to create, then reserve a bit of emotionally neutral attention to
consciously focus and bring into the undesirable pattern, the
light(awareness) and energy( scalar-frequency) of your higher
dimensional spiritual parts, so the "negative"(lower frequency scalar
pattern) can be combined with the "positive"( higher frequency scalar
pattern) to reverse the polarity on the lower/negative and unify it with
is opposite to create the physics of polarity healing through unifying
the elements of consciousness caught in the polarity.

WHAT YOU RESIST PERSISTS...DENIAL feeds as much energy into an undesired
pattern as does focusing upon the problem and putting no energy into the
vision of its solution. In personal terms
this "natural dynamic of the Law of One and Unity Physics" can be
directly applied to

any problem in your life- Hold and KNOWINGLY WITHOUT DOUBT create the
vision of what you desire to see, then reserve a bit of attention to
look at the "problem" and again KNOWINGLY
WITHOUT DOUBT call in the "Light" of your Soul/Over-Soul/Avatar/Rishi
identity levels directly into that "negative", don't emotionally respond
to the negative and FEED it, but direct the
scalar-frequency of the higher-light directly into it, so the negative
can transform, transmute and heal, its trapped energies re-harmonizing
with the higher vision- the negative becomes more energy
within the positive, rather than remaining as a counter-force to rain on
your parade.

In terms of the mass-drama, even those "spiritually aware New Agers",
(whom I admire greatly for their heart sincerity and real desire to
employ spiritually motivated, unity-healing-based

thought-creation-technology), who refuse to look at the manifestations
of polarity AS THEY EXIST in order to hold that higher vision, are not
helping as much as they would hope in planetary healing
by the denial of the "negative" component. To heal it all you need to
focus non-emotionally-attached energy of the higher light into the
negative, and hold that energy in the negative-space until the
light shatters the template of the negative design so the trapped energy
can release to higher order. THAT is TRUE healing. TO CREATE UNITY


I say to all light workers, don't be afraid to face the lower-resonating
polarity, for you have the power for its healing. Like a child who
demands attention from an emotionally distant parent (the child's
energy of demand grows stronger and more persistent, the longer its need
goes ignored), an ignored miasm, problem, issue , negative mass agenda
etc... is fed and strengthened when its existence and
need is not addressed. If we want to help this planet, we can
spread-the-word about this subtly of manifestation, so HEALING rather
than the POLARITY

healing and AWARENESS come from facing the world with opened EYES as
well as an open HEART. Perhaps
those on the Om-a-da group, who tend to be the courageous souls who are
willing to face the shadow with healing

intent, can help to spread the reality of manifestation to others in the
light-movement who still cling to the POLARIZED "LIGHT EXISTS ONLY-DENY
THE NEGATIVE" agendas that are becoming
progressively popular. Unity comes from acknowledging both polarities,
and bringing them together so the higher light can free, repattern,
transform and heal the lower pattern to its higher expression.

If we want to help in planetary healing as we approach the 5/5/2000 and
what lies beyond, we can teach the truth of manifestation to all who
will listen and use that truth within the intimate realities of our
private lives. Presently the "light worker" communities are being

intentionally and covertly divided through this principle of LIGHT
POLARITY - they are needed as HEALERS who know that it is JUST AS
IMPORTANT to address and focus light into the negative to
catalyst its transformation as it is to hold the vision of light that
you are trying

to manifest. Many are taught only to hold the vision of Light and to
deny existence of the darkness, they do not realize it but this tactic
of twisting a Universal Law is being used to keep them so focused
on the FUTURE VISION that they are loosing touch with the PRESENT MOMENT

REALITY in which they are needed as UNIFIERS OF POLARITY. Many in these
communities do not realize that "seeing light only" IS POLARITY
CONSCIOUSNESS, just as much as is the
"fear-based" mind set of seeing only darkness that in their "light" they
try so hard to "pretend away" and deny. (The more defensive and
self-righteous a person is when you point out the need to
understand the negative aspects of the now as well as the positive,
gives a clue as how blinded by "Light Polarity" they have become.)
Usually this same group uses the defense of "I'm

above that, I'M in Unity Consciousness" (while they subtly imply they
are so much more spiritual and in-the-know than
you-who-even-acknowledges-the-"lower"-polarity). They say "I'm in CHRIST

consciousness, where everything is light, love and surrender. Sad. They
are being tricked into focusing into a false-Christ-Unity consciousness,
the LIGHT POLARITY denial game, which neutralizes
their ability to heal the polarities within themselves and within the
mass reality

drama....Christ consciousness comes ONLY through unifying the
polarities, by bring light and shadow together and focusing light into
the darkness so it can transform. LIGHT POLARITY keeps you as
far away from attaining true Christ consciousness as does DARK POLARITY-

energize POLARITY, separate parts of the personal identity and create
segregation among peoples. Both reinforce the darkness. Neither foster
LOVE,(which stands against no thing, allows all and seeks
reunion, healing and joyful integration of all polarity- because the
reality of

the ALL being ONE cosmic identity is comprehended).

If we want to assist in global healing right now, we can begin to face
the misleading implications of LIGHT POLARITY beliefs within ourselves,
KNOW we are all going to be just fine and are always
protected in Divine Right Order, face our issues gently but firmly to

bring the light of transformation where it is most needed. We can also
begin to spread awareness of this issue of LIGHT POLARITY BLINDNESS
passed under the guise of false-Christ consciousness,
among the light -worker communities, so they can get their focus
balanced between the

polarities of the NOW their bodies are stationed within and the vision
of the unified future of TRUE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS into which they are
focusing their minds. The healing is in bringing the
reality of the Unity into the present moment then knowingly focusing it
into darkness

of the present polarities - which cannot be done while the light-workers
among us are too distracted by LIGHT BLINDNESS to pay attention to the
shadow issues that need to be faced and healed NOW.
THIS is a MAJOR ISSUE IN PLANETARY HEALING....for if this planet is
going to pass

through the 2000-2017 Stellar Activations Cycle/ Ascension Cycle
CONSCIOUSNESS is part of the planetary bio-field- people of both DARK
GRIDS- and neither are aware that this is what they are covertly being
motivated to do by forces both refuse to face and acknowledge.

It takes more than good intentions, an open heart and a vision of light
to balance the dis-harmonic energies in the planetary bio-systems. It
takes KNOWLEDGE of the true mechanics of POLARITY
UNIFICATION and the courage to focus the light into the darkness where
it is most

needed. Please spread the message if you feel so inspired...the grids
need to be brought into balance for planetary healing and progressively
the New Age movement is being programmed into LIGHT
BLINDNESS to unknowingly assist the advancement of the Dark agendas they
refuse to

address. Help our kin in the light to begin to realize the difference
between true Unity consciousness and the false-vision of Light
Blindness, so they can focus their power effectively in the present to
become part of the REAL planetary healing team that is actively facing

and transforming the dark agendas. Their light and love are needed by
Earth- but so is their AWARENESS and action in facing and transmuting
the collective shadow.

Mr. Icke, who I am sure is deeply well-intended, is a classic example of
a Light-worker-at-heart who is presently caught in the polarity of
seeing only the dark agendas. Both aspects of polarity
consciousness leave one wide open to the lesson of integrating real

identity; those in "Night Blindness" (fear-based mind focus) and those
in "Light Blindness" both leave themselves wide open to direct
manipulation from interdimensional forces. If anyone out there who
bothers to read this knows Mr. Icke, I hope you can somehow inspire him
to look for the bigger picture and at least learn some bio-field
mechanics by which he can take himself off the dark agenda
Illuminati hit list, and perhaps learn some other things through which
he can

assist himself and his readers in finding the light-awareness solutions
to the problems he is identifying. I am concerned for him as an
individual and realize he is setting himself up for some very hard
spiritual lessons in reaching for higher understanding.. I also
"suspect" (lets just leave it at that) that he is "possibly" an Indigo
child and intended light worker on the true freedom fighter's team
armed only with peace, wisdom and love- engage non-battle only in
standing firm to hold the light), a fellow server of true higher
consciousness who is also moving through the growing pains and
blind-spots of awakening through which we all eventually pass in our
journey to awakened enlightenment. Perhaps if he could realize that in

identifying problems without providing effective, practical solutions
(and solutions from the 3-dimensional mind alone are NOT practical or
effective in an interdimensional drama), he is only leading
the public he influences into the Night Blindness polarity imbalance
that negates

the higher consciousness-healing agenda he intends. If the Om-a-da's can
really "get it" now- the subtle but oh so powerful difference between
Light/Dark Blindness and TRUE healing and unity/Christ
consciousness, you can become a powerful and effective healing force in
helping to

bring the planetary grids into balance. The greatest threat to grid
balance right now is not even the outward negative Illuminati agendas,
it is the subtle Light-Dark Blindness issues that the visitors are
inspiring, encouraging and amplifying in the collective human

I again commend you all on the Light-Love-and-AWARENESS crew for all
that you are doing and for being open to learning. Spread the word. Help
the planet by helping the people to heal the
dis-ease of Polarity Blindness so the people of both perspectives can
come together in true

light as a powerful, unified force of planetary healing. Healing the
Light/Dark Blindness polarities in the collective mind, within ourselves
and within the planetary grid will be our mission as the 5/5/2000
activation of Vortex-4, full alignment of Giza and the Solar Spiral and

our beginning climb into HU-2 time cycles begins. More information will
be provided later tonight or early tomorrow AM on linking with the
Om-a-da energies for grid work, and we will provide the
information below on the 5/5/2000 and what it means in regard to
"Activation of the

Inter-planetary TEMPLAR and the kundalini activation of the planet and
its inhabitants" that activation of the Templar implies.

Secrets of the Templar, the 5/5/2000 Rebirthday Party and the EMERALD

For a quick peek at the new data of the TEMPLAR- the TEMPLAR is a
complex of once-physical TEMPLES that were placed under and above the
ground on Earth-Tara-Gaia and-Aramatena, directly
over the Kathara Center points within the 4 harmonics of the planetary
grids. This

complex of temples was literally an interdimensional power-generation
plant- a GLOBAL network of energetically (and once physically)
interconnected temple structures that was used to harness and
focus the scalar-energies of the 4 planet harmonics and the D-8

(pre-matter) beam. The Templar Complex was created before the human
race, but the original humans were created as a "Divine Species" that
was entrusted with being the guardians of the Templar. A
sacred trust indeed, that was abused many times throughout our long


The Temples of the Templar Complex were strategically placed over
geographical regions that housed the Star Gates and inter-dimensional
"worm hole" space-time portal passages inherent to the
natural structure of the planetary grid. The key to the Templar is the
Kathara Grid. In

the coming 5/5/2000 activations, the sites of the ancient global Templar
Complex on earth will begin to come to full life for the first time in
over 200,000 years, opening potentials of healing, ascension
and inter-time travel to this race that have not been present since

much earlier times. Even the Atlantians and Lemurians had only limited
access to a partly inoperable Templar Complex, which was used in their
legendary "Crystal Generator" technologies.

In the structure of the earth Templar Complex, and those on the other
harmonics of the planet, there was ONE site in the planetary grid that
was the key entry point of focus for the interdimensional
Frequencies in non-polarized form- the point where the energy first
entered the grid to then become polarized and passed on into the other
temple sites and areas of the grid and vortices. This site was
the most powerful point of energy on the planet when the planet was
properly aligned with the interstellar spirals (which it is in the
process of becoming, a subtle

pole realignment began in 196 BC that is now nearly complete. Note:
Polar axis alignment and GRID BALANCE are interconnected, bit are NOT
the same thing. Just because the pole is brought into
alignment, does mot mean the grids will be balanced enough to smoothly
process the new

frequencies through the Stellar Activations cycle).

When one understands the basic function of the Kathara grid (core
morphogenetic template and holographic blueprint of the molecular
particle base), one then knows the location of the entry point for
the yet-to-polarize stellar-bridge energies. This entry point in the
earth grids was always the site of the CONTROL TEMPLE through which the
energies of all the smaller temples and interconnecting
underground tunnel networks of the global Templar complex were regulated

distributed. It was also the place where the "veils" (EM fields) between
HU-1 and the higher harmonics were "thinnest" so it was the one
geographical point that held the key core energy spiral to which
all of the other planetary portal and star gate centers were connected.

biggest temple city was always built on that site, and it was the most
powerful healing center and focus of interdimensional energies on the

The Templar Complex has been dormant since the Atlantian days (precise
date on that in Voyagers Book 2 -something like 9548 or 9458 BC), and
has been partly disabled and only functional on not
quite 2 Harmonics since the last Stellar Activations cycle and its pole

210,216 YA. The BIG NEWS about the 5/5/2000 is that this is the center
point day when the core grids "peak out" electrically, to spark
reactivation of the ENTIRE Templar complex....all of the ancient
sites come into their full awakening cycle on this day, starting with
the point of entry of the non-polarized pre-matter photon beam (the
Holographic Beam mentioned in Book 2, out of which the
polarized Merkaba Fields of the Stellar Bridge emerges). This "point of
entry" is the site of the primary global grid-control temple of the
Templar. Funny....most people who are becoming aware of the
Templar assume that Giza is its center point (and if you buy into
Pleiadian-Nibiruian-"fallen" elohim backed disinformation propaganda ,
you'll think so too).

Giza is important, it was the sight of one of the major RELAY Temples,
that carried the POLARIZED EM scalar-wave spiral alignment to the Solar
Merkaba Fields. Giza was the 4th most important
temple site on planet during the Atlantian period (there are several
levels of temple ruins beneath the Great Giza complex, that will
eventually be evidenced.). The 3 Planetary Kathara Centers were the
most powerful and important, as they first received the incoming
energies, polarized them, then sent them into the other sites to
activated the interdimensional Merkaba Spirals, vortexes, axiom lines
Ley Lines. The primary site, where the main distribution generator
temple - called the SIGNET TEMPLE - was located is the first site to
activate with the non-polarized, EM balanced holographic beam.
When the Templar Complex was active in ancient days, the energies
non-polarized energies would hold in this site in ante-matter form, and
slowly feed a continual stream of energy through the Kathara
scalar-configurations in the prime Kathara Center beneath the temple,
where the beam would split and the base-magnetic (drawing/receiver)
sub-beam and base electrical (transmitter) sub-beam

would be split and run through the Planetary Shields (the scalar-grid
templates of the planetary Kathara Grid), run next to the 2 Sub-Signet
Temple complexes in other geographical locations. One
Sub-Signet Temple was the prime Transmitter to the planetary grids, the
other, the prime

receiver, through which the grid energies would return and recycle back
to the Signet Core Temple for perpetual regeneration.

Talk about a "perpetual motion energy machine and free energy!"....the
Templar offered this and much more. Unlike many other "forced power"
types of outer technologies, the Templar Complex was
built upon principle of natural physics and energy function, which are
in concordance with the "Law of One" and so are spiritually correct. The
Templar Complex was a Divine Gift to the people of
many star nations who were originally intended to have access to
Earth-Tara-Gaia-Aramatena as

a major healing center through which their distortions of consciousness,
body and DNA could be repaired for advancement of Bio-spiritual

Our entire race history is directly connected to the realities of the
Templar and our present state of mass sleep arose due to interstellar
conflicts over who would control the 4-Harmonic Templar
Complex, its 4 planets and the energies it supplies. The big secret
certain stellar

races did not want us to know was that we were created to be the
Guardians and Security Team appointed and created by the Highest
Councils to run the Templar Complex, keep it safe and gently guide
inter-stellar evolution toward healing and the Law of One.( The real Law
of One does NOT employ loss or negation of sovereign individual identity
into Hive-mind centrally controlled "droid
consciousness"). Our race was originally created to serve the Divine
purpose as Guardians of the Templar, to know its mechanics, use its
power for Divine Right Purpose to assist the evolution of all other
life forms, and to serve as part of the security teams that would ensure
the massive powers of the Templar never fell into the wrong hands or
were used for mal-aligned purposes. The head of the
Templar Security Team were those who originally designed

it and who petitioned for permission from the highest councils to allow
the complex to be built. The creators of the Templar were the Emerald
Order Elohei families of the Melchizedek Cloister from
the Lyran star systems of HU-4 and HU-5. (Not the "fallen" elohim
families who took control of parts of the complex at various times and
used it for ill-conceived intentions). The secrets of the Templar
are some of the teachings on the Emerald Covenant and "Return of the
Emerald Order" Indigo children that will soon be released (yes....its
part of what the original Emerald Tablets revealed but the
story goes much further back than those Atlantian translations).

Why are we being given so much knowledge on the truth of the Templar and
the mechanics by which it functions? Because most of us in the Om-a-da
group and those drawn to the Voyagers work are
Indigo children or closely related, the Indigos are the present
incarnations of the

Emerald Order and their Oraphim Lyran-Sirian-humans who were and ARE the
Security Team and guardians of the ancient Templar Complex and Emerald
Covenant. That is why our group is the first
group to receive the really high level info. on who is who, what the
agendas are, where the real power sites are located and the detailed
scalar-grid Keylontic Science mechanics of how the planetary grids
work....it is a sacred trust of information given so that we begin to
awaken to our responsibility to serve as Templar Guardians, now that the
sleeping giant is awakening

from its long slumber. I have been given permission to release this
information now, because it will serve as an intuitive "wake up call" to
other Indigo's, Melchizedeks and others who incarnated to serve
as planetary AKA TEMPLAR guardians and stewards, but then forgot what

incarnated to do when the DNA "turned the lights out" on higher
consciousness following fetal integration.

We have been blessed and entrusted with this knowledge and with getting
the information out to others globally who have been knowingly or
unknowingly waiting for this wake-up call. Dear Om-a-da's,
and others who may read this and feel like you are a part (if you feel
that reaction to this information then you ARE a part of the Emerald
Covenant Templar Team- find us!), we are being asked to
"midwife" the birth of a sacred gift, the reincarnation of the ancient
Templar upon the earth.....its official Rebirthday is 5/5/2000 and its
is a grand celebration indeed! Wherever you are , CELEBRATE
THIS REBIRTH DAY....it is a victory for our species and our planet! Our
planetary Mother has been in labor for over 200,000 years (ouch!) and
finally the "baby" has

arrived (or will on 5/5/2000). The Templar Complex of interdimensional
energy sites on Earth is a "baby" , it needs protection, nurturing,
love, attention, and assistance in directing its energies in a
balanced way. That's our job.....I don't know about you, but for me its
a labor

of ancient love. If the planetary grids can be better balanced and kept
in harmony from this point forth, the activating Templar power points
and grid channels (which will bring the power centers across
the planet to life and inter-harmonic empowerment) will progressively
provide us

with healing and transformational powers unequaled in the last 200,000
years (forget the romance of Atlantis for a moment, THIS is BIG-HAPPY
news!). If the girds continue to imbalance, there will be
a tremendous amount of additional power unleashed into potential chaos.
The Templar

Complex itself is the key to healing and balancing the Templar and the
planetary grids......if the Guardians and Stewards (thats us....all who
resonate to this call) can use the sites to amplify the grid
balancing operations. One very important aspect of this is helping the
Light and Love people realize the need for stepping out of the
aforementioned Light Blindness to face the NOW moment reality in
all of its aspects, so we can all unite to help raise the consciousness
of the Night Blindness people and get the grids of our collective human
consciousness in balance (the scalar-wave templates of our
mass thought-energy-biofield).

It is a gift we are asked by SPIRIT-ONE to give to the birthing Templar,
and in return this gift will be reciprocated infinite-fold as we will be
trained how to harness the energies of the Templar in Divine
Right Law of One Order, to use for free energy (sorry Illuminati- the
days of

charging for regulated power are soon to be on their death bed, and only
the spiritually mature and aware will know the inner secrets of
regulating the Templar's power...good time to drop the Dragon
agendas and enter spiritual kindergarten since power is
Illuminati/Drakonian core motivation).

The gift of the Templar belongs to all of humanity and only those who
will ensure its protection from misuse will be given the high level
knowledge of how it works. Our ability to access and use the
awakening Templar Complex will come in direct proportion to our

ability to use power and motivation with egalitarian, love-centered,
spiritual grace and to see beyond the polarity blindness that has
enslaved our races for so long. Only REAL Christed Consciousness
will give you access to the full power of the Templar- but everyone,
even the

un-awakened and unaware, will receive its gift of healing energies.
Those who will most benefit from the healing energies of the Templar
will be those who understand the real mechanics on how to
direct that power in the body and in the earth grid, true Kathara
mechanics- good intention and a loving heart are the places to begin,
but you also need to understand the Sacred Physics Sciences to
some degree, so you can know how to direct these energies into healing
rather than inadvertently into destructive patterns. There is much more
to share on the Templar ReBirth and on the teachings and
history of the Emerald Order through we begin to understand how to use
this sacred power in Divine Right Order.

For now, let us simply know of the gift of the "Holy Birth" to take
place on 5/5/2000 and celebrate all that this will imply. A final word
for today on this Templar Re-Birthday Event........as described
above, there is one point on the planet that the energies come in and
hold before polarization - the point upon which the ancient Signet
Temple stood. Even without the physical structures, the sites are
just as powerful (the physical temples help to keep the

energies balanced and amplify them for specific global-free-energy
applications- technology that will later be returned to us for a
rebuilding of these structures if we demonstrate that we are mature
enough to use this power wisely by appropriately handling the
un-harnessed energies of the sites through manual bio-field directed
applications). The most exciting news about this ReBirthday that
applies directly to us right now- is that a new global healing center is
emerging....the most powerful center on the planet.....the location of
the not-yet-polarized energies where the ONE Signet Temple
once stood. Wake up America its in OUR territories.....No, its not
Sedona, AZ (sorry guys, but you've got vortices that grow more powerful
through the center site, so be glad and rejoice), its not
Mt.Shasta, CA either, but that site has its roles to play. All global
sites will begin benefiting from this Signet Site activation- so where
ever you are, you'll get your gift. But if you feel that you belong "at
the core" where the energies

first come down, OR if you want to pick up the gift of powerful
non-polarized energies at their strongest point, energies that will help
you more rapidly balance the polarities within to create accelerated
healing on all levels, and accelerated consciousness expansion, DNA

activation, and movement toward real non-polarized Christed Unity
Consciousness....I suggest taking a little vacation to Sarasota, Florida
along the Gulf of Mexico, for there you are nearly at "Ground
Zero" at the center of the ancient Signet Temple ( I am not permitted to

the exact location of this center over the net, but we know it)....if
your interested there will be more to come on this site and how very
special it is....and what this will mean for the future of this area.

(Little inside tip, if you've been considering a relocation and like the
idea of living on the most powerful and balanced energy site on the
planet - it will progressively become and remain the most
powerful site from its birth forward- I suggest investing quickly in
some Sarasota

real-estate, before the word gets out further- the whole story on the
Templar and its other focus points will soon be released in a book with
international distribution-which may cause a bit of a "feeding
frenzy" on Sarasota real-estate over the next few years as word
spreads....Heads Up Sarasota! You will soon receive your wake-up call as
the Templar center itself begins to "call" people here from all
over the world via the frequency it transmits.) By the way, I have no
personal vested interest in promoting Sarasota real-estate, I was guided
to come here "site-unseen" in August 1999 to prepare for a
"big event", without knowing why until recently. Even if you don't come
down with relocation in mind, I do suggest coming to visit to pick up
the unified-field healing frequencies that will be available
here from 5/5/2000 on....the energies will peak for now between 5/5/2000
and 6/17/2000 as part of their "birthing acceleration", and will then
slow down a bit and activate more slowly as the energies
progressively build and intensify between 6/17/2000, 2012 and 2017.
Certain periods of those years will mark temporary "peak points" where
the energies are stronger, but even at their lowest cycle
points the energies here will be stronger and more usable for healing
than any where else literally on the globe. This is really big and
exciting news- I would have let you know sooner so those who
desired could have joined us here for the 5/5/2000 gathering but I

wasn't told the specifics about the Templar grids until 2 days ago, and
wasn't told about the 5/5 literal Re-birthing of Templar on earth and
the accelerated energies available especially over the 5/5
weekend until tonight when a few hours ago I sat down to respond to
Om-a-da with the David Icke commentary.....there is still time to get
here for the 5/5 weekend and the free healing clinics we'll be
doing, if you want to come- the weekend presents a rare opportunity to
accelerate healing, DNA and consciousness (the 5/5, 5/6 and 5/7are the 3
most intense days of

the 5/5 to 6/17 peak cycle).

I am told I was given such short notice (as usual) on what precisely was
taking place, as a planetary security measure; if the info on this
location had been made public too far in advance certain dark
force agenda people would have been sent in in numbers to try and
exploit the

opportunity.(Some dark agenda servers will still come as they always do
in light gatherings, but the short notice will make it harder for them
to mobilize , just as it does for us. It takes many more dark
agenda energies to assemble to misdirect theses energies, and only a few

agenda people to focus it, because light-centered people can hold more
and higher frequency in their bodies and consciousness. If we can focus
the Templar energies on the protective 12-code pulse, as
they originally emerge through this activation, the Templar energies
will not be

accessible for dark-side agendas because only people connected in
consciousness and DNA to their own organic HU-4 Christed identity
grid/avatar consciousness, will be able to access the control
mechanisms on the Templar for anything other than love-centered healing
applications (higher security clearance gives you access to using the
energies for love-centered amplified manifestation power
and higher knowledge access once you have passed the love-healing levels

spiritual development and have graduated to the use of greater power
through love and awareness.) . The Templar energy belongs to us all, but
the 12-code light workers have the Scared Security
Contracts on the Templar Controls and the responsibility to make sure
this great emerging power is handled in accordance with the Law of One.

(Do some people out there really think the Councils of Higher Evolution
would tell us about this power and then hand it over to the human race
at its present collective level of polarity consciousness
without security systems in place? People on the Templar Security Team
have earned that position through many lifetimes of spiritual growth and
dedicated service to the Law of One objectives that
benefit the healthy evolution of all, THAT is why certain groups are
given access to the directional levels of the Templar Power and other
groups have more limited access except for purposes of sincere
love-centered healing. The ones on the Templar Security Team are
incarnate members of the Emerald Order who birthed here specifically to
fulfill Templar Security and the Promise of Templar
Awakening- we call it THE EMERALD AWAKENING- that was once decreed in
the Ancient Emerald Covenant and related service-to-all
contracts...these appointments were given by the Highest
Councils of light to souls who were trusted with this responsibility.
The Emerald Order Security Team is contracted to progressively educate
all populations who want to learn, in how to use the Templar
and develop the consciousness of higher order through which the High
Councils will progressively allow them greater access to the knowledge,
power and

potentials of the Templar. So if you try to share this info. with others
in the Light movement and you get cluelessness feedback like "The
Templar belongs to everyone, we all have equal access right
now", or this or that other site or vortex or Ley Line cross-over point
is "more

powerful/important" than the Sarasota area Kathara Center.....first ask
them if they can then explain to you the original detailed stipulations
in the ancient Emerald Covenant through which the Templar
was created, and if they do why is it that they have forgotten about the

Teams that were always sent in on everyone's behalf to protect the
Templar and ensure its safe use.... next you might want to ask them
about the advanced scalar-grid mechanics taught by the
Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Priests of Ur on exactly how the
Templar works and where the key sights are along the 4-Harmonic Kathara
Grid. You might want to remind them that the realities
of the Templar go much farther back than the Atlantian days, and that
the coveted "Crystal Power" of Atlantis was merely a whisper of a mostly
dysfunctional Templar - and if they think Atlantis is the
crown jewel of ancient Earth advanced civilization then they still have
a lot to remember!

If people are more content in defending their own more limited, less
informed paradigms than in exploring other paradigms that have much
higher learning to offer, then they simply won't learn until
they are open to learning. So you don't have to worry about convincing
anyone but

yourself.....you can accept what I have revealed in this message as
truth or you can throw it in the e-trash bin, but it won't change the
fact that the Emerald Order Melchizedek Cloister races of Higher
Evolution and their incarnate Earthly representatives hold the Security
Contract on the Planetary Templar.....and that everyone is fortunate
that this is true for if they weren't here and handling the high
science of the core level grid mechanics, the whole place would have hit
pole shift when the Templar activated on its own with the Stellar
Activations Cycle. If you have been drawn to planetary healing
issues all along that might just be because you are a member of the
Melchizedek Cloister, Emerald Order, or one of the groups under their
guardianship, and the belief paradigm you have been using to
awaken is precisely that which

you were meant to outgrow once it took you to a certain level, so you
could expand to discover the next level of relation contained in the
Emerald Order teachings. Light-workers-at-large .....we are
supposed to UNITE....not back-bite and turn our noses up at each other
in feigned spiritual arrogance and Night or Light Polarity Blindness
while giving lip service to Christed

Being, Unity Consciousness and Planetary Healing. You guys on the
Om-a-da group are pretty much beyond these attitudes of
Love-Light-and-defense-of-Clulessness in the name of an open heart and

Eyes-Wide-Closed. You guys have demonstrated the ability to look
polarity in the face with the intention of healing it, rather than
hiding in the false-security of Light Blindness or succumbing to is
equal polarity Night Blindness. This is a demonstration of your true

spiritual maturity, and you are respected and commended throughout the
higher dimensional scale for this accomplishment. And you are asked by
those of the higher realities to reach out to your well
intended earthly kin of either polarity imbalance, help them to learn
the difference

between true and false unity consciousness, true and false Christ
consciousness, true openness to learning and hidden-fear-based defense
for refusing to learn....in this way they can grow to heal
themselves and become true planetary healers with
Spiritual-and-Earthly-Eyes-as-well-as-Hearts-wide-open, then they will
stop accidentally creating imbalance in the grids by Light or Night
for both do the same.. and then the Secrets of the Templar will be
entrusted to our races.

A test, a gift and a promise

Return of knowledge of the Templar mechanics is a great gift....and it
is also a test. If we can pull together and create unity and WAKE UP
beyond the polarity mess, if we can take an active hand in
facing the polarity drama itself and directly going into the shadows to

healing where it is most needed (we learn to secure our own bio-field
integrity before going in anywhere), if we can turn toward each other
and not away, put our stupid, petty differences and equally
petty arrogances aside, share learning and leave the immaturity of
spiritual arrogance and the excuse of ignorance at the door....and if we
can help the races of higher evolution....once called angels and
demons, popularly called in modern times "ETs"-same people, to get the
planetary grids in balance and get through the 2000-2017 period without
a major

geological mess.... and if we can use an apply the sacred knowledge of a
united science and spirit that has already been provided to create real
awakening and healing, if we take this knowledge and
begin to use it effectively in line with the Law of One to use the

Templar site via MANUAL direction (via the personal bio-field, DNA,
kundalini and consciousness) in the creation of love, balance, unity,
harmony, cooperation and respect, and realize we are all
supposed to become part of the Templar Security Team but it is a right
we must earn

through demonstrating we have the maturity to use such power
responsibly...then and only then...will we be given the precious gift of
teachings that will show us how to reconstruct, in exact functional
detail, the physical Templar Complexes through which the power of the
Templar can be placed on "Auto-feed" automatic power, by which process
this power becomes available as a global source of free
and perpetual energy greater than anything the contemporary races have
yet to dream. We will be given the mechanics, the grid locations, the
security training, and the templates of specific Harmonic
Temple Complex design by which the full Templar can once again be
restored and Earth can once again become a place for interstellar
learning and healing as the

planets of the Templar were originally intended to become. Before this
great power is once again entrusted to us and placed directly in our
hands, we will need to demonstrate a desire to face REAL
reality, to learn real spiritual science teachings to correct the
distortions and

omissions in the teachings we have been raised on and to cultivate
genuine love, reverence, respect and harmlessness toward all life. If we
desire to see these potentials of planetary transformation
actualized, we must be willing to hold that vision clearly and make our

become congruent with our words. If we can do this, and request with
sincerity, respect, love and humility the assistance we do need from
those of higher evolution, then we will be extended all the help,
genuine guidance, love and wisdom to fulfill this vision in a timely
manner. This was and IS the core promise of the Emerald Covenant and
related agreements that came before; this IS the truth of our
true heritage that our races have struggled and warred to remember and
prayed to find.

Will we except the coveted wisdom that is now being brought back into
our view, or are we too lost in a dreamless sleep and perpetual
reoccurring nightmare of limited mortality, to recognize REAL
REALITY and embrace the "keys to the kingdoms within and without" while
we have the opportunity to do so? Personally, I believe in the core
goodness of this race and its inherent intelligence I do not
underestimate or under-value... I think enough of us, Indigos and others
alike, will collectively "grab the Emerald Ring of knowledge" as we pass
by it on this too often Merry-less-Go-Round of Life. If
I didn't believe in the goodness, truth and strength of the human race,
I wouldn't have bothered reincarnating in this time period to
participate in this work, and if we all weren't fully capable of
actualizing the promise of our heritage, the Emerald Order Melchizedek
Cloister would not bother to attempt to teach us.

To believe or not to believe in our potential....THAT is the
question...It is our choice what answer we will settle for....what will
we believe....what will we aim for....what will be the vision that
critical mass dominance in the collective consciousness mass

holographic template, to determine through the natural physics implied
by the Law of One, precisely which probable path of future evolution we
will see manifest as we move through the 2000-2017
turnstile?.......the answers to these questions are completely in our

Lets spread the word, celebrate this Great Re-birthing of the Templar
energy-grid star gate Complex on 5/5/2000 and join together in love and
awareness to fulfill the true vision of our potential and
reclaim the true promise of our race and planetary heritage. Its time to

seeing the Big Picture.

Much Love, Light and Spirit's Blessings to all of you on the Om-a-da,
and anyone else who may get this e-message.(Omies, you are free and
encouraged to send this as is anywhere and everywhere, and
spread the word of the 5/5 ReBirthday Party for the Planetary Templar.
Its all for real....what amazing times we live in indeed!..that is quite
an understatement.(all contents (C) Copyright 5/3/2000 Anna
Hayes- please include the copyright when sending this in e, printed or
other form, as this data, aside from the part about Mr. Icke, is part of
book-publishing material- thanks) Spirit'sLove...Anna
Hayes...Rev.Aneayhea Kananda Melchizedek,Ekr. MC

Azurite Temple of the Melchizedek Cloister, Sarasota, FL