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Subject: For your VRML collection - NEW 3D Yin and Yang.. animated...
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 , From:
"Tom D. of A.B. Design" <>
Hello Dan...

I made this VRML file after realizing how a 90 deg sweep through the ancient symbol shows equal duality
from a null state.

If you have a good place for it on your web site, please be my guest to post it.
I can also send it to you in different formats if you would like a wireframe version.

I have been trying to model the "Adam's Apple" and the recursion curve into the dodec and found
something interesting; ie. a perfect final spin of 360 deg to zero using the correct involute parameters. I
will forward my findings when I complete a constructive/instructive diagram(s). It should resemble the
"Angel Trumpet" perfectly and can be used for the Icosa as well.

I love the Phi-re models on your web page... I will also try to "vermil-ize" these. It is good to see you are
also working with the Icosa also.

My perspective and interest in this area relates mostly to the photon and the embedded "knowledge" it shares
with the universe. One medium I have found to do some of my expression is a 3D virtual community called
"OnLive Traveler". I do not know if you have ever heard of this, but it is a great place to meet with others
via avatars and explore worlds that can be very informative. On my ISP's server, I have some pics [.JPG]
of a 3D Tree of Life in a virtual world as well as more info. Feel free to check them out:
I noticed that you recommend "envisioning" this "geometric motion" for becoming more at peace, or "In
Love", with the whole... OnLive Traveler is a great way to be "in" that environment.

When it comes to 2D or 3D geometry, which formats do you prefer? I have IGS/DXF/& DWG capabilities
as well as .WRL [VRML 1.0].

Have an excellent day !

Tom D. of A.B. Design