ORMUS/ Callahan / Studies on Resonance vs Gravity

by Barry Carter

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These conversations have interesting connections to the physics of Implosion vs Gravity notes at ../gold , and at ../predictions I do believe gold's recursive (multiples of Golden Ratio in the Electron vs Nuclear Radii producing non-destructive recursive heterodyning ) account for the distributive across many spectra harmonic phase sorting/implosion qualities associated with Ormus.. ../gold..d.w.


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"Here is an article that I wrote on resonance phenomena:

Since the individual units (monatoms or diatoms) of these materials appear
to be quantum coupled with one another large numbers of them might be
behaving as a single atom. Some people have postulated that anti-gravity
effects might occur when atomic spin is horizontal to the pull of gravity.
In ordinary matter this spin would be more or less random. In the ORMUS
materials, which are all behaving as a single atom, the spin would all be
the same and could be induced to be in the plane horizontal to the pull of

There are some recent scientific experiments which suggest that
superconductivity, magnetic levitation and gravitational shielding or
levitation are related.

In the early 1990s Eugene E. Podkletnov, a Russian materials scientist then
at Tampere University of Technology in Finland, reported
gravity-attenuation effects in his experiments. He reported that gravity is
attenuated above a spinning superconductor. You can read more about
Podkletnov's experiment and its replication on the following web pages:





The gravity attenuation effects seem to be related to the rate of spin of
the superconductor and the frequency of the electromagnetic field which was
magnetically levitating it. According to Podkletnov's paper, "[t]he
shielding force depends on the rotational speed of the disk and has a
tendency to increase with the speed of rotation." A non-rotating
superconductor would still have a very small gravity attenuating effect.
("The sample with the initial weight of 5.47834 g was found to loose about
0.05% of its weight when placed over the levitating disk without any

I suspect that light frequencies, sound frequencies, thought patterns and
magnetic fields all influence these materials in one way or another. There
is considerable evidence that photonic effects are present in the
microtubules in cells. These effects include "laserlike" activity. Penrose
and Hameroff's theories concerning microtubules as the source of conscious
selection involve this laserlike activity. (See their paper on this subject
at: http://www.u.arizona.edu/~hameroff/penrose1.html )

There is considerable evidence that the ORMUS materials are the "mechanism"
behind homeopathic remedies. The following is an excerpt from the March 19,
1999 "Independent" regarding French biologist Jacques Benveniste's recent

"It sounds like science fiction and Benveniste will
have a hard time convincing a deeply sceptical
world that he is right. Nevertheless, he began his
campaign last week when he announced the latest
research to come out of his Digital Biology
Laboratory near Paris, to a packed audience of
scientists at the Pippard Lecture Theatre at
Cambridge University's Cavendish Physics
Laboratory. Benveniste suggested that the specific
effects of biologically active molecules such as
adrenalin, nicotine and caffeine, and the
immunological signatures of viruses and bacteria,
can be recorded and digitised using a computer
sound-card. A keystroke later, and these signals
can be winging their way across the globe,
courtesy of the Internet. Biological systems far
away from their activating molecules can then - he
suggested - be triggered simply by playing back
the recordings."

"Benveniste's explanation starts innocuously enough
with a musical analogy. Two vibrating strings
close together in frequency will produce a "beat".
The length of this beat increases as the two
frequencies approach each other. Eventually, when
they are the same, the beat disappears. This is
the way musicians tune their instruments, and
Benveniste uses the analogy to explain his
water-memory theory. Thus, all molecules are made
from atoms which are constantly vibrating and
emitting infrared radiation in a highly complex
manner. These infrared vibrations have been
detected for years by scientists, and are a vital
part of their armoury of methods for identifying

However, precisely because of the complexity of
their infrared vibrations, molecules also produce
much lower "beat" frequencies. It turns out that
these beats are within the human audible range (20
to 20,000 Hertz) and are specific for every
different molecule. Thus, as well as radiating in
the infrared region, molecules also broadcast
frequencies in the same range as the human voice.
This is the molecular signal that Benveniste
detects and records.

If molecules can broadcast, then they should also
be able to receive. The specific broadcast of one
molecular species will be picked up by another,
"tuned" by its molecular structure to receive it.
Benveniste calls this matching of broadcast with
reception "co-resonance", and says it works like a
radio set. Thus, when you tune your radio to, say,
Classic FM, both your set and the transmitting
station are vibrating at the same frequency.
Twitch the dial a little, and you're listening to
Radio 1: different tuning, different sounds.

This, Benveniste claims, is how millions of
biological molecules manage to communicate at the
speed of light with their own corresponding
molecule and no other. It also explains why minute
changes in the structure of a molecule can
profoundly alter its biological effect. It is not
that these tiny structural changes make it a bad
fit with its biological receptor (the classical
lock-and-key approach). The structural
modifications "detune" the molecule to its
receptor. What is more, and just like radio sets
and receivers, the molecules do not have to be
close together for communication to take place."

The Cavendish Physics Laboratory is where Brian Josephson is doing his
Mind-Matter Unification Project. Dr. Josephson's web page can be found at:


I have found Dr. Benveniste's web site. It is at:


Dr. Benveniste's discoveries would tend to reinforce our discoveries
relating to the ORMUS materials. The ORMUS materials disappear in water.
They cannot be detected by ordinary chemical or spectrographic analysis.
They follow water through evaporation and condensation. We believe that
they are largely responsible for the difference between ultrapure water
made by combining hydrogen and oxygen and ordinary RO or distilled water.

The ORMUS elements are superconductors at room temperature. They can be
concentrated out of water by using magnetic levitation. ORMUS/water
concentrates weigh slightly less than water, have an oily feel and a
pleasant sweet taste. They can be further concentrated to the point where
they have the consistency of motor oil and have quite a sweet taste.

On a related subject, Dr. Philip Callahan has published several papers and
books on phenomena which appear to be related to Dr. Benveniste's
experiments with electromagnetic signaling. Specifically his research
relates to some of the unexplained senses of insects.

He recently sent me a paper of his which describes some of his experiments
and theories. Dr. Callahan has a doctorate in entomology and about 1600
hours of training in electronics. He has combined these two interests and
developed several interesting theories. His theories are based on
experimental evidence. One of his theories is that insect antennae are
dielectric, open resonator infrared detectors. He expounds this theory in a
paper published in the book "Molecular and Biological Physics of Living
Systems" edited by R. K. Mishra and published by Kluwer Academic Publishers
in 1990. His paper is titled "Nonlinear Infrared Coherent Radiation as an
Energy Coupling Mechanism in Living Systems". Here is his introduction to
his paper:

"A history of my observations of moths and ants at light is given and the
external infrared environment of day and night described. It is pointed out
that insects have dielectric, open resonator, antennae, in the from of
sensilla, on their antennae. A table of the ELF vibration frequency of
various insect orders is presented and related to the many parameters of
infrared scatter emission from scent and pheromone molecules. Experiments
on moth oviposition, attraction to candles, and response to colors of light
are described, as is the behavior of ants at candles. The complex far
infrared maserlike emission of candles is correlated with emission from
insect sex scents and pheromones, and a method of generating maserlike
scatter emission from scent molecules described. Several such spectrum from
ethanol are presented. Spectrum of nonlinear emission, far infrared
frequencies from breath are generated by vibrating a metal plate with a 130
audio component of the OM phoneme. The discussion relates the insect
communication system to other life organizing coherent systems. This work
on Cabannes and Rayeligh scattering of coherent radiation reinforces other
work on photon storage in biological systems."

There are a couple of quotes from this paper which suggest that the
principles that Dr. Callahan has discovered might be common to many living

"The occurrence of nonlinear coherent lines in breath at body temperature
leads one to the conclusion that coherent radiations, especially from
complex scatter frequencies, are a part of the mechanism of self organizing
biological system and occur as readily, under the right conditions, in the
tubules of the blood vessels and at cellular levels, especially in the
visible region as shown by Popp(17), and others. A summary of elegant work
based on coherence in self organizing living systems is given in the
symposium "Synergic et Coherence dans les Systems Biologiques."(18) Work on
coherent information and energy transfer mechanisms is a new and exciting
area for research into the mysteries of self organizing biological systems,
and it is the scent coupling of energy from organic molecules to insect
dielectric antennae forms in the infrared region that gives great insight
into how such coherent systems work. It is imperative that researchers in
this field answer criticism from those who are convinced that coherence
does not occur at room temperatures in living systems."

"That coherent infrared is available for insect communication systems there
is and it is also available in both the visible and infrared portions of
the spectrum for utilization in self organizing biological systems(17), and
it is for this reason that my work reinforces other work on coherent energy
coupling mechanisms in living systems.

Once this concept of coherent energy coupling in self organizing systems is
thoroughly understood, it is predictable that the generation of coherent
signals in the UV (virus and membrane dimensions) visible and infrared
(cell, organells and insect antennae dimensions) can be utilized to
resonate to the biological antenna in order to control disease organisms or
reverse cancerous conditions. It might even be possible to resonate to the
form of the AIDS virus in the 0.1 mm region, which is the dimension of most
virus, and reverse the fatal signals of that small "living" antenna, or to
put it in more poetic terms 'find God in little things.'"

These statements sound a lot like Dr. Benveniste's theories about
electromagnetic signaling between biological systems.

Dr. Callahan has developed several devices to measure and manipulate these
electromagnetic properties of living systems. Some of these devices are
patented and can be found in a patent search at the IBM patent site. One of
these detectors is at:


I have had several long phone conversations with Dr. Callahan. He is a soft
spoken, 76 year old gentleman in the fullest sense of the word. His grasp
of the physics of antenna theory and his biological background have
provided him with the foundation for a number of paradigm busting discoveries.

Dr. Callahan also postulates that paramagnetic soils are essential to the
health of plants. He has demonstrated that paramagnetic soils transmit
electromagnetic energy from the atmosphere to plants and that this
transmission of energy can be enhanced by the presence of certain
structures in close proximity to the plants.

He agrees with our hypothesis that paramagnetic soils might be soils with a
high ORMUS content.

Dr. Philip Callahan has done a number of experiments which suggest that
living organisms are very sensitive to ultraviolet light sources and use
their interaction with scent molecules to "smell":

"Obviously then the insect scent molecule, rather from the insect sex
pheromone or from the host plant scents, is constantly absorbing the
blackbody radiation from environmental sources such as the sun, night sky,
stars and moon, airglows, etc. etc. What energy is absorbed by what
molecule at what time can only be determined by critical experimentation,
utilizing complex detection systems.

Nonetheless some very simple experiments can tell us in no uncertain terms
that insects do operate in the infrared environment contrary to the, almost
impossible to overcome, belief that insects do not utilize that portion of
the electromagnetic spectrum"


The "Paper Doctor" concept would also seem to relate with a light based
resonance mechanism. Whether these photonic interactions can influence
gravitational attraction has not been established. I have seen no evidence
of this but this field is so new that what I have seen is certainly no
indicator of what is true.

I think that the most important thing to keep in mind is that the ORMUS
materials seem to play an essential role in all of these interactions,
whether they are photonic, sonic, gravitational, electromagnetic or mental."


fr dan: >are there parts of
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a: from barry: Sacred geometry is something that I have not studied and I cannot really
comment much on. The rest seems reasonable. I have also been corresponding
with Alex Kaivarainen and feel that his theory has a great deal to do with
the ORMUS materials.
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