The PRINCIPLE of WHY Gold is an INERT SuperConductor versus WHY the EKG CAN BE a SELF AWARE Superconductor...

Holds the Key to the Difference Between BORG SHAPESHIFTERS versus Glandular Evolution of Human Magnetic FEELINGS literally into the Stars / By Embedding.

(with parallels to "scalar/zero-point/free" energy device operating principles).

by Dan Winter (at url: ), part 1 was: Gold Powder vs Heart.. Alchemy's Darker Moments

closely related- (inset 1/2001) - Note this article is best read after a basic reading / understanding of HOW the sounds of love in the Heart create the phase pumping in the spine 'bliss' juice (sacro cranial pulse)... please see: IS THIS RECURSION?KEY TO THE HARMONIC GEOMETRY OF BIOLOGICAL OSCILLATORS (transcript of keynote lecture to National Polarity Association talk by DAN WINTER on the Heart Emotion's Mechanism to Induce the Spine Pump - Sacro Cranial Pulse).

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The Implosion Phenomenon: Psychological Import of Phi Harmonic Music Phi Scalar Technology & MonoAtomic Gold..

- Can or Should we Really SEND LOVE?

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This article forms part 2 of , as reprinted kindly in David Icke's E-ZINE:

Thanks to David for further stimulating this dialog with his new article on his site( ): MONO-ATOMIC GOLD: A SECRET OF SHAPESHIFTING AND THE REPTILIAN CONTROL?- ,

excerpt: "Without going into all the scientific detail, when you consume this
mono-atomic gold by mouth or injection, it increases the current
carrying capacity of the nervous system by ten thousand *times.*"(end quote)

David goes on to speculate in general terms that this increased electrical capacity of the nervous system, is directly responsible for the obvious psychokinetic powers ... shapeshifting etc., of the reptilian (& often) extra-terrestrial bloodlines. And then David says: "If anyone has further information on this subject, please contact me thru this website".

I believe that this is one of those rare conversations that actually gets quickly to PURE PRINCIPLE which feeds the soul and the lucid dream. (Very much as opposed to arguing about which fed permitted the grey's/reptoids/dracs to abduct humans... the story is tired- been going on since the dawn of Earth...[-Enlil- ] let's get to the self empowerment here..).

So I am going to toss another 2 cents in about what is BEHIND the phenomenon of GOLD and it's powder.

I would like to tell you a story. Seems like 10-15 years ago I spoke at the first international conference on Non-Linear Energy Source Technologies (George Hathaway - Ken MacNeill sponsors in Atlanta, I think the proceedings still exist..). The subject of my talk was that "FREE Energy Device Technologies ARE NOT IN FACT FREE."

My essential point was that

All non-linear or "free" or "scalar" or "zero-point" energy devices create AN EMOTIONALLY PERCEPTIBLE and GRAVITY DISTORTING field effect WHICH EXACT A PRICE ON THE FIELD OF EARTH.

In the years since in addition to speaking at dozens of such conferences I was the tech-troubleshooter at a generator/motor business in Buffalo for 15 years, and having worked personally with DOZENS of non-linear device inventors (Adam Trombley, George Hathaway, Tom Valone, Bruce DePalma, Tim Wilhelm, Bill Ramsey..)... I drew some further generalized conclusions.

1. That the absolute KEY operating principle to EVERY such device was a magnetic flux geometry based specifically on RECURSION PERFECTED in the GOLDEN RATIO..(whether at the coil design level, or the capacitance array geometric, -take Montauk's array:DECA-delta- , or at the atomic level as in gold.. which is where this article is headed) (Even Trevor Constable's most effective rainmaking orgone capacitor conic was based on 60 degree dodec implosion).

2. That the result of this field GEOMETRY of PHI creates flux lines which go thru the speed of light BASED UPON THE RECURSIVE HETERODYNING or beating which PHI (Golden Ratio) permits.

EXTENSIVE conversation about the physics principles of this with many graphics at . Predictions for a new physics of Gravity BASED ON RECURSION.

3. That this orderly transfer of flux into the superluminal (faster than lightspeed) is what specifically CREATES GRAVITY, and connects the gravity field to magnetic devices for an energy source -NOT ALTOGETHER "FREE".

(Elsewhere we discuss how this same geometric in DNA creates en-soulment, time travel ability in DNA, and ability to lucid dream : ).

4. That the aggregate assemblage of this charge fractal around the planet we have been ignorantly calling gravity, takes millennia of work in synchrony between mineral veins crystallizing into embedding (gold mines only occur at fractal embeddable megnetic/ ley line crosses etc.), planetary alignments into self aware spin embedding (astrology's physics), AND advanced conscious beings feeding that fractal with glandular EMOTION! ( , , -heart rate variability in PHI?).

5. So that bleeding this source of charge for humans building gizmos like Atlantis Fire Crystals, who think it is free, is exactly that: BLEEDING.


So what has this conversation to do with the Gold Powder / Alien issue?

Well ironically the speaker after me at that conference spoke on SuperConductivity in Gold Filaments. Essentially he said that if you get gold filaments hair thin enough (mono--?), and dump HIGH amperage thru them just at the moment of their crystallization (force a recursive bond geometric?).... then ..

they will remain MEASURABLY RADICALLY CLOSER TO SUPERCONDUCTIVE. (Able to conduct huge current flow with no heat, not a bad idea for nervous systems either I suspect. note bene you kundalini afficionado's)

In later years, there have been many parallel studies, in fact showing that the superconductivity of a gold filament CAN BE WELDED TO THE END OF A STRAND OF DNA, and TOGETHER they will both approach superconductivity! (I will dig for that reference for you). Plus the extensive personal correspondence with William Pensinger, Sante Fe, who was measuring the faster than light signal propagation in DNA.

Let switch scenes here now, and move to the vignette of the dialog with Guy Obolensky measuring faster than light signal propagation in the wave guides around his programmable scope. He's the same guy who sold me the polygraph used to write Secret Life of Plants. THERE NEVER WAS ANYTHING TO PREVENT A WAVE GOING FASTER THAN THE MATTER which carried it (which is only light going in circles). Except: a geometry to allow the wave fronts like billiard balls to gain escape velocity, by stepping their wave front VELOCITIES recursively adding speed...WHICH HAPPENS TO BE EXACTLY WHAT GOLDEN RATIO IS!


So now, let us get BACK TO THE GOLD. The superluminal tunneling in gold and DNA are both clearly due to the golden ratio layout geometrically. In DNA this is the golden ratio in every aspect of braiding and deca array.(superDNA link above). In gold, this has to do with the completion of the 5/7 pair , 10/14 electron valence being phi based dodec/icos in symmetry (see ). My friend, Jim Sawyer in Buffalo did a presentation on the geometry of superconductivity specifically on the notion that molecular cages jitterbug from from cubeocta to icosa, to permit implosive tunneling thru center. The icosa is PHI based valence. (jitterbug aka Bucky see ). Also note how water when in dodec "clathrate cage' becomes the buckyball container for also phi based mono atomic hydrogen in "MicroHydrin" (see Predictions link above).

This is all just a tiny precis to suggest to you the PRINCIPLE of getting waves nested into the discipline of perfect embedding or branching, which gold is represents.

So in order to become sustainable/distributable as a wave (immortal) you are now presented with a simple choice: you may

1. Eat your geometry of perfect nesting (Gold Powder) to spin your DNA

or: you may

2. Make it Yourself, by learning to hold a field in your EKG, ( ) which will then spin up your dna by braiding.


Clearly, the Annunaki descendants of (reptilian DNA crossed Hiburu) An/Enlil/Jehovah who cloned our ancestors to mine gold powder made CHOICE NUMBER 1.

So let us consider what is behind that mysterious door number 1.

Their DNA did maintain it's ability to avoid wave decay. (Ask Gilgamesh's anger at Enkidu for not sharing immortality..). And now, they can squirt up genetic based magnetic fields of flux density sufficient to shape shift. (Oh you Klingon bird of prey).

So what's the down side, shall we not follow them into hell?

We have DNA steered by heart as a superluminal wormhole, and we have GOLD filaments. In both cases recursion made a worm into time. (ode to David Peat international conference in Canada on the 'connection' between aboriginal song lines, and wormhole string theory in modern physics..)

The question becomes, which worm turns. Rather, which worm is SELF steering? Classically the borg side of the reptoids is hive mind, not individuated.


(Muab Dib: Condemned to prescience.. or the Flight of the Navigator: only the rememberer of past lives can steer the Enterprise thru time corridors.. Captain Cook.. .. if Darth Vader could remember Anikin.. what WAS that 'chloridian' gold in blood?...was it 'natural' that is SELF generated??)

If you can get inside that wave that is gold by focusing on it's PRINCIPLE ("Occult Chemistry"), then you can become (embed) it. (Kind of like the difference between homeopathy -royal blood - versus allopathy). If you take the 'outside in' addictive approach by only eating it just like another disempowering AMA poison pellet... then on the other hand...

See: role of the 'addictive personality' in creating the mucous which is the only home for the Reptilian's designer killer virus ... Their plan to sort our DNA for the Self-Steerable. Mucous and how the walls of the heart determine whether the heart field can be lensed for thrust at ..

Todays mail:Re: Supplements?,Fri, 24 Sep 1999
Hi, I really enjoy your site. I will be spending alot of time here in the
coming months. I was wondering what supplements or substance can be taken to get the
gold powder effect. I know you mentioned MicroHydrin, but I was
wondering if there were any others. Thanks Bob C.

Life force is nutrition. Life force is defined literally by how much EL (phase shift) is IN PHI - hency El eye phi=life. If the capacitance around the brocoli is embedable (log phi interval between power spectra, see embedability link), then we call it fresh. We unconsciously knew this was how much LIFE we were buying. (Until radioactive preservation and genetic engineering conspired to kill the food and us..) Now how much of the context of the ecosystem is embedded in the food chain, is how embdded we can be in our enviornment. Remember the indians telling you LOCAL honey was your immune food. Talk about harvest of nectar of the braid sweetness of the local embedable ley lines. ( ) . So how would you use this as a yard stick to see if your supplement was going to self empower. Did your homeopath ever say, look for a remedy that you will need to take for the rest of your life. No, the precise goal of eating the field effect, instead of the 'substance' is to get you farther from addiction.

Take this example, if you study the wave guide which tucked the monstrous primevil plat lycopodium into todays powder, you SEE why it is the homeopathic wave guide used for people with great destinies needing to unfold that out of humble bodies. Later, the radial display power spectra creates waveguides which allow the entire homeopathic repertory to be adminsitered VISUALLY (The Paper Doctor - A Vibrational Medicine Cabinet,

So if you aim for royal blood (in the sense of san graal embedable), then which supplement would you choose? The further toward life force, and aware from un-gentle spin density mass, which YOU ARE ABLE TO ABSORB. Until such time as your food is pure order itself.

See the supplement as a wave guide to retrain the geometry of incomplete symmetry IN HOW YOU HAVE BEEN GUIDING YOUR ATTENTION. Actively describe each 'pill' you embibe with the instruction: "teach me to steer the waves of my awareness into this more stable slip knot, for myself". This is on the order of Thoth's digest of the Egyptian mystery school instructions for those who ate the gold powder, yet wished to avoid borg fractionation of the personality..

See Is critical MASS a ritual?..

The highest leverage the human condition has upon magnetism and ecosystem is the heart cavity as wave guide. (Hat of Osiris in the Pericardium). The ability to intentionally shape the heart walls, the true heart of gold, is the key to ascending the human genome. The all-chemy (literally from the black hole ness... ) of that is the difference between gold powder eating borgs, versus species still giving birth to new compassion in the heart.