from Dan Winter and friends (especially Stephanie Sutton)

written years ago, but exciting to revisit in light of


global heart entrainment vision... based on Harmonic Module and HeartTuner see - heartcoherence.com


The Harmonic Module:

Heart Music BioFeedback Enabled - Group BLISS Edutainment

from Heart Coherence Team in conjunction with Cyrhon




This is the plan for the Ultimate BLISS Science - DREAM PARK - Edutainment Complex.

Imagine - in front of each sound chair is a screen - showing you -

1. the amount of COHERENCE - in your heart - is your heart singing in bliss?..

2. the amount of COHERENCE - in the heart of the main performer (or performer group average)

3. whether your heart in LINKED -or in phase - literally on the same wave length as the performer ( the same tingle you feel when you link hearts during love making)

4. whether your heart is in phase with the AVERAGE OF THE WHOLE AUDITORIUM! - in other words - HAS GROUP BLISS HAPPENED? by phase lock.


HeartBeat 2000, Update:Project Goes GLOBAL!

HeartBeat 2000 - Through One Heart into the New Millenium

an exercise in imagination.

Image - finally - that the Heart EKG waves - were connected to laser display gimbled mirrors.

This produces 'LISSAJOUS' standing waves IN LASERLIGHT - showing instantly WHICH HEARTS have musically come into sync..

Where the bliss is..


Drawing thanks to Bob Gulick, Sacred Architecure, Telluride, Colorado,USA- HARMONIC MODULE PROJECT TEAM..



 12 Reasons to Work and Play with The Heart Tuner:

1. Bliss - "the best medicine there is", is scientifically measurable and entrainable. Consciousness' very presence and optimal functioning in our body is known as: bliss, and deeply reminds us of what health really is.

2. The Heart Tuner directly measures internal coherence, also called harmonic inclusiveness, which is directly connected to our most contemporary understanding of what Consciousness is, and how it functions inside our physical body.

3. The working principle of the Heart Tuner honours both ancient and contemporary traditions of life, peace and consciousness, but only the Heart Tuner makes it measurable, based upon a sound scientific basis.

4. Compared to the direct measurement of internal coherence, (harmonic analysis) all other methods are either (bio-) mechanic, subjective, indirect, or simply inadequate. The Heart Tuner gives an uncompromising direct biofeedback reward for Bliss Process.

5. The Heart Tuner is successfully adapted for therapeutic use and self-empowering bio-emotional health entrainment.

6. Especially for those not yet accustomed to really "be in their Heart", and come in touch with, and playing with their emotions, and balancing head and heart, the Heart Tuner is like taking an X-ray of your inner-I-feeling, and offers a flawless "lie-detection" for those who tend to cheat their therapist (our their spouses, our themselves..).

7.. Other therapeutic fields that closely relate to what the Heart Tuner measures are e.g. kinesiology and sacro-craneology. The Heart Tuner proves a valuable guide and indicator to quicken and deepen our insight of how succesfull a treatment is. Software modules are being developed adapted to both the diagnosis and presentation of the measured data as common in different therapeutic fields.

8. Besides, the Heart Tuner screen provides a lot of traditional supportive information like power spectrum, HRV-plot, -spectrum and -histogram, and offers the possibility of history-recording all for the same price, in the same package.

9. The Heart Tuner has two channels and can thus be a great indicator, or "lie-detector" during consensus process between two people, already if they are not yet married.

10. Further options include software for EEG - neuro feedback and groupconsensus and bliss process, the "Hearts Valentine" sound and visual feedback game and experimental life force measurement in nature.

11. Besides for therapeutic use and self-empowerment, The Heart Tuner was often chosen by professionals worldwide as an extremely affordable tool e.g. for dream, pineal, or consciousness research.

12. Working with the Heart Tuner means: working with a deep scientific understanding of the true, inner nature of Bliss, Peace and Health.

The ultimnate tool for Bliss Entertainment - Environment

New! :Download YOUR copy of Harmonic Module- you can try it with test data: www.heartcoherence.com/software/hm

NEW: HeartTuner HARMONIC MODULE Software (beta) just released! ( from Heart Coherence Team , heartcoherence.com )

Hundreds of interest groups around the world have dreamed together for many years of the day when it would be possible to measure and teach with feedback - LINKING HEARTS AROUND THE WORLD. A very spiritually based and planet healing vision of this plan has been called 'The Harmonic Module' (from Planet Heartworks) - . In addition - this capability to link hearts into phase lock and measured coherence TOGETHER, serves many immediate practical and business functions - CORPORATE CONCENSUS PROCESS, CONFLICT RESOLUTION, ( see especially the Science of Peace University group - http://www.goldenmean.info/peaceuniversity ), GROUP MEDITATION, HEALING and PRAYER, etc. The brand new HARMONIC MODULE software for HeartTuner links 2 to 40 or more hearts (or even brain harmonics) over computer Internet or Intranet connection. (1 HeartTuner and computer required for each 2 people ). The corporate boardroom - AND the warring military may never be the same, now that sincerity to link hearts is measureable and teachable!


Note: If you would like to test join Global Heart Linkup- Especially if you have access to HeartTuner , read here, read the help file at the software download above, and feel free to contact HARMONIC MODULE Coordinator : Marc K. - Email: mkroeks@zonnet.nl

above: The control screens and well as the feedback screen for Harmonic Module. In the harmonic display, the color of each ball is the code for each participant, the size of each ball is their COHERENCE (in this case Heart but brain is also possible)., the Position of each ball on the X or horizontal axis is the EI number (or musical key) (closer to .618 usually indicates more empathy and openness - closer to 1.0 usually indicates more head centered - or conceptual emotional framework - technically 1.0 is membrane MAKING emotion - .618 is more membrane BRIDGING emotion). The Y axis vertically is the time history of the Harmonic Module Link up experience.

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Outside:the dodeca zodiac planetarium - 12 house/faces,

inside: the dodeca earth grid,

inside inside: dodeca DNA.


This was originally prepared as a visuals outline...

a proposed series of color 3d graphic rotations and animations for our computer visuals project,

to be offered to serve as the initiatory visions of a mythic hero in high visibility media like..

The Immortal Child, or Gaia, or Peace Child, or other

major transformative film or stage projects.

Your help in assembling the resources to develop highly visual & dramatic, teaching tools

with these visions is solicited.


When men first entered "space", astronauts repeatedly returned psychologically

transformed by the vision of Earth as one body.

Imagine the surface of our home/body/Earth as Gaia. It is a flow form of tectonics, jet

streams, and ocean currents. Visualize this bubble of life merging in and out almost

imperceptibly to the surface flow form of a single living human egg, zygote, about to

divide. The two patterns of flow of these two birthing bodies become topologically almost

indistinguishable. All the clues of a life about to unpack and replicate are there, in the

way the surface flows and folds. The Peruvian Indians have long known that the change

of pattern of the warm Peruvian ocean current called "El Nino", meant "the Little One"-

the Christ Child- was about to be born.. CRYST-all-ize.

As your vision embraces in Maternal warmth, the specter of the great body Earth in its

birth throes, hear your mother's heartbeat-the source of your bonding-, phase lock

umbilically onto the Earth's Schuman resonance heartbeat (the Cryst-all oscillator of our

collective bond to ONE mother.. Earth).

It is like you are tracking two visions at once, by looking at one life bubble you are

seeing the cell called Earth/Gaia, and the human egg. Your focus on the human egg, and

its' path of division starts to fade just as the dividing cell spheres arrange themselves in

multiplication tracing in sequence the points of the platonic solids. Your birth was an

unpacking flower along a path of purest principle, just as is Earth's. Memory's path to

wholeness/ONENESS requires intimate knowing of the way of this corridor.

The alphabet is originated also by exactly this sequence.

Next, the Gaia/Earth image/bubble recedes in perspective to reveal the large donut-like

body of the magnetic envelope of Earth, beating and pulsing as a giant standing smoke-

ring, puffed up by the breath of the Solar wind. Listen to the Earth's Schuman resonance

heartbeat now merge and phase bond to the much slower and vaster Solar

cycles/heartbeat. Sampled and sonically compressed on the synthesizer, the solar cycles

too become audible. Your ear as a sampler of the ambient pressures, can greatly enlarge

its spectral window by changing its sample window, just like your eyes can. Attention is

the lightning strobe which stops the action by creating still-points, peeking in on natures

flow. To embrace a longer pressure wave, like the solar body, just broaden the still point

of your attention, to touch a larger pattern or body of mind.

Notice in your imaging of the Sun's beating, that the pattern begins to create a carpet-

like weft and woof. You see the Sun as a doting maternal seamstress whose Solar Cycle

embroidery turns out to be none other than the Mayan Calendric and the I Ching (cf Jose

Arguelles "Mayan Factor"). This pattern makes a stained glass window of dodecahedral

faces, exactly mapped to pour light into DNA and the Earth grid, which are the same phi-

cycle shape. DNA, The I Ching, the Earth's dodeca grid, and Mayan Calendrics have all

unpacked from your 3D view of the spinning pulsing eros of the Sun.

Your image of the Earth and Sun as a heart pulsing system further recedes in

perspective to reveal the helical motion of all the planets (since our central Sun is itself

moving). The planets and sun leave a ripple in the gravity bubble of the solar system, like

a giant spiders web..."trailing clouds of glory". As the 3D shape of the nest so woven

begins to complete itself with the end of one 26000 year precession cycle, the true shape of

the body of the solar system emerges: a beautiful sperm with head, torso, and tail (ref: the

chapter here "The Sperm and the Egg, A Galactic Context", & "Theory of Celestial

Influence" by Rodney Collin).

Next we'll discover that Earth is the weaver of genetic material within this field of form.

Looking into this giant sperm, see that Earth's angle of precession with respect to the

galactic plane, is exactly the 32 degrees which tilts a cube up correctly to spin it into a

dodecahedron. Visualize the tilted cube (grid) spin, the lightning pulses of Sun & galactic

synchronization beam ("Mayan Factor"), stop the action 5 times per rotation, and a

dodecahedron magically appears. See the dodeca- Earth grid image (ref "Anti-Gravity

and the World Grid" by Becker and Hagens).

Next animate your spinning dodeca-Earth down the lightning like 3D helix that is its

true solar system motion. Again the lightning strobe of attention and the momentary

alignment of stars, stop and ratchet the action: an exact trace of DNA magically appears.

Genetic material is the 4th dimension or spin axis of a dodecahedron. (Reference:

"Geometric Extensions of Consciousness" by Ann Tyng, and "One Crystals Dance" by

Daniel Winter.)

The strands of DNA in the sperm cell of the solar system come pouring out of the

churning Earth's bubble of gravity... as a simple symphony of pressure... memories and

membranes woven of gravity and light. The DNA music from the progressions of the

genetic protein ladder rungs plays. (Ohno's work.)

As this view flagellates into the distance, the 12 houses of the zodiac appear as 12 cones

in a plane, caused by a dodecahedron's 12 faces passing thru a plane (ref "Flatland" by

Abbott, and the zodiac as dodecahedron in "Isis Unveiled" Theosophical). The sperm

finds itself in a giant cathedral dodecahedra, exactly the dimensions of the dodecahedron

called "City of Revelation", "New Jerusalem" (cf John Michell "City of Revelation").

The 12 light cones making the infinite dodeca-icosa nest here (model: "Star Mother

Kit") have vortex twister centers: each a torus (donut).... 6 pairs, 6 donuts, 12 faces.

(Eddington's formula for the volume of the universe was the formula for the volume of a

torus; Ref: Arthur Young: "The Reflexive Universe".)

Spinning vortex donuts begin to nest, one in each face (symmetry axis), of each platonic

solid. This creates in sequence each column of the atomic table. (cf: atomic table

according to Crooks, & rich visual detail in "Occult Chemistry" by Leadbeater and Besant,

vindicated in contemporary physics by Phillips in England: "Psi Perception of Quarks")

Thus all of matter is generated from transformations of ONE flow form.

This spinning donut "engine" burning white in the center, bounces off your visual

screen, in each of the seven possible spins of the tetrahedron. The percent of motion

straight forward versus aside, of the vortex (photon) as a whole, makes a simple visual

vector ratio from 440 to 880 angstroms, and each color of the rainbow is created in

sequence by pure geometry (Ron Oldchurch, San Diego). The seven spins which make

the tetrahedra are described in "Fields of Form" by Lawrence Edwards. These seven spin

angles nest the photons simplicial flow form onto the cones of the eye. Thus these cones

measure the tilt of the photon on geometry's simplest form, the origins of color from pure


The simplicial torus is topology's way of touching the most colors to each other. That is

to say, seven is the most colors which can all touch each other as regions of color, on a

surface. And that surface is the donut-torus (cf Ralph Abraham, & others). One Moebius

strip divided into seven continuous color bands exactly maps the torus. And the

tetrahedron's seven spins, and the torus donut are mutually co-defining.

The alphabet is born of the same ONE form.

This specific alphabet of shapes pass through a simple prism, symbolizing a spectrum

analyzer breaking down the wave components of the letters into their sonic rainbow.

Thus, the sounds of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are actually produced and heard

from the shapes generated by the geometry of light ("Spectrograms of the Hebrew

Alphabet" by Fred Wolf, privately published.)

Gently move your focus now back to the realm of galactic bodies, so that we may notice

a function of this alphabet on a scale much larger than we have imagined. In the giant

apple-shaped cell of replicating galaxies, the huge genetic helical form in the center of the

cell spins by. A centriole-like "black hole" one on top and bottom appears. Zooming in, we

see that the actual shape of these foci where all the puppet strings for meitosis converge,

are physically the Hebrew letters. Their frequency signature as wave guide and "name",

choreographs, or arranges by resonance, the dance of replication. The Ankh, Aleph, and

Omega are names of embodiments whose shapes , names , & functions galactically are

metabolic in a vast cellular body. They are beings, sum-body. (This concept of the

galactic extensions of language is developed in Ben Bentov's "The Cosmic Book".)

The (galactic/human) cell division occurs. Only now we find, we are the only place

where we have traced this unpacking: the human zygote/egg/fetus. Ontogeny

recapitulating phylogeny has brought us back before our birth. We pick up the threads

where we left the human cells replicating in the first scene in this chapter. One cell.. a

sphere, 4 cells.. a tetrahedron, then octahedron, cube, and ultimately dodeca-icosahedra.

The cells trace out the geometry of efficacious touch called the platonic solids. (Ref:

"Biology: A Human Approach", also Franklin Edge: "A Mystical Mathematical

Cosmology with Connections to its Physical Bases", and D'runvalo Melchizadek -soon to

be published).

The Golden Mean (phi) vesica traces fetus growth. The limb vertices make golden

mean spirals, along the path of growth of the babe.

As the fetus finishes growing, the birth tunnel is a massaged memory of pressure

converging as the same torus core. It is the path of touch back to the remembrance of all

toroidal forms. Moment of pressure creates memory/in-form-ation. Immune system

mem(ory)brane umbrella surface unfolds. Pressure is the focus of the prism which

makes the spectrum analyzer we call a rainbow. Only focus enacts the immunological

laws which cause order, coherence, health to be self generating (the rainbow principle);

and dis-order, disease, incoherence.. to be self destructive.

Fetus as babe draws first breath. Oxygen as helix (Occult Chemistry) is lightning. It

lights the fire inside whose first ignition fixes the moire grid of the star-crossed gravity

bubble (galactic mem-brane) into memory. The child's auric template forms. This bio-

bubble forms by the pressure geometry of the trails of stars' gravity. Roaring.. burning..

tingle.. lit by the breath, the flame of biology chooses its first identifying shape. "Phase-

lock", bonding with universe Mater, matter, and mother occurs.

The child learns to breathe. The heart is the center of the figure 8 donut of the breath

circuit. Abdominal or thoracic breathing pivots at the heart and tunes it. Attention is the

finger on the guitar string fixing the note called breath. This tunes and times the

heartbeat, and sets the governing drumbeat for the EEG. (Bentov: "Stalking the Wild


The heart stabilizes simple resonance on the aortic violin string to the crotch. The EEG

is tuned by the sonic ring up from the heart. (Ibid.) The profound, shape-defining origin of

the heartbeat is an electrical wave exactly a 7-color torus. (cf: "When Time Breaks Down"

Arthur Winfree.)

The toroidal layers of the muscles of the heart are 7, from the spin axes of the tetrahedron.

(Ref: "Fields of Form" Lawrence Edwards.)

All of the simple harmonics of emotion proceed from breath. The glands spectrum

analyze a simple alphabet to make emotion. Their envelopes are massaged sonically. The

shape of the pressure wave called touch is learned, and exactly traces the alphabet of

emotion. (Ref: "Sentics" & "Music, Mind & Brain" both by Manfred Clynes.) Emotions as

wave shapes are archetypal. Waves of emotion are form-constants; every ones' joy or

anger or fear have exactly the same graphic ratio, whether through the field of touch or

sound. (Either is an example of the lengths pressure will go to to be felt.) Emotions were

intentionally created musically in Manfred Clynes (& Gurdjieff's) work.

Thus the child maturing becomes a resonance engine whose emotion envelopes exactly

nourish (by harmonic cascade-ratio preserved keys):




Geometries of (breath) chosen tension flow out of the body as musical ratio raindrops

massaging these membranes, without regard for the distance of scale.. they propagate by

ratio (just like vowel sounds are recognizable in any octave). Emotions are the symphony

of the glands. They are the cookie-cutter/alphabet/fingerprints of consciousness, creating

and shaping cell, human, and planet membrane (mind). (cf: Dr. Bruce Lipton: "Liquid

Crystal Consciousness and the Cell" & "Membrane Mediated Behavior".)

Just like the letters of the alphabet are cookie cutters to select the phase angle

of light, emotions are the template by which consciousness maps her gifts onto biology.

Your choice of emotion is your responsibility to the physics of creation. And the long wave

of breath tunes the frequency cascade to emotion, & thus all the other harmonics which

comprise life.

The geometry of the raindrops called emotion on the membranes are morphic keys in

the membrane spectral (phase) locks called identity. The three sets of membrane bubbles

learn that the center of gravity called heart is the only way to allow the wave pattern from

the surface raindrop to recur through center and thus "stand" as wave. Recursiveness,

originates consciousness as a fractal (cf: the work of Louis Kaufman, Univ. of Chicago, &

Ron Ginsberg, also "Star Wave" by Fred Wolf.. the golden mean solves the necessary

equation for reflexive-recursive consciousness.) Memory requires the Tai Chi of center of

gravity. Only what passes through ONE center is re-membered. The heart as a flow form

is a form constant which contains "in principle" all centers. Thus purified by "the heart

of the matter", emotions become standing waves when they are integrated to coherence.

They weave the folded surface called membrane. By defining what is inside/outside,

self/not-self (immunity) originates. Separateness is an illusion useful to biology for "a

time". (Physics knows that time is only defined by spin.)

The spectral windows of membranes are the gates of immunity. Incomplete

integration of the resonance of emotion leaves holes in the bubble wall of cell, human

aura, planet grid. Where the length of our longest wave isn't long enough to switch

Earth's gates, nature has provided whale songs.

The forests as Gaia membrane skin make complete sonic symphony (Bio-Acoustic

Habitat Theory, Whole Earth Review). If one spectrum of forest sound maker disappears

(one species), quickly nature finds a new source for that sonic region. Biomass is living

skin for Gaia, woven by the joyous coherent sonic emotion of ALL her species. The

irreplaceable whale songs tell galactic farmers whether Earth's membrane is alive to

communicate. (Star Trek IV).

The initiation/emotion fed child learns to identify with the new Merkabbah dodeca- grid

of Gaia.... merges as child of mind into planet as one mind... the same shape as her

genetic grail.... the immortal child. Biology's message, as memory bubble seed, is

successfully folded and packed off for galactic impregnation.. Christos (Crystos)

aborning... The sperm of the solar wave bubble ecstatically delivers its DNA across the

orgasmic spark gap- galactic synchronization beam (Arguelles) to the galactic Egg.

Christos fertilizes across the universe the way of Mat(t)er's uplift to ONEness.

Co here nce.....Lo phi.

postscript......all these concepts are ideally to be conveyed visually,

the sonics to be actually form-generated through the visuals.


HEALING IN CONTEXT, Nesting Memories In-Form-Ation.

The Healing Potential of the Harmonic Module.


Religion has known for centuries that the great envelope massage called cathedral and

"Mass", were a great context nest to weave long waves of Communion together. Religion

has been a high data leverage healer for centuries, no license required from the A.M.A.

Today, the psychophysiology of emotion shows us the essential need for the context of the

long wave. It is biology's designed mechanism for nesting to body, community, planet, and

galaxy. The longest wave is LO frequency, PHI (golden mean 1.618...) related, abbreviated

LO-Phi.. LO-VE.

Only in the information meme memory packet envelope called higher emotion, is the

information of great galactic and planetary feeling, physically massaged into biology and

our glands. The coherent experiencing of emotion is our only hope for weaving ourselves

into the oneness which can envelope our planet and give us a MIND to heal our collective


If physics were to inform the ancient quest for .. "the HIGHEST level of healing",

emotion would clearly win over chemistry. The reason for this is that the longest wave

envelope has leverage over more of the bodies metabolism. Using conscious control of

emotion vs aspirin, is like having a handle on a whole airplane of suitcases, instead of one

set of packages. The long wave (E.L.F. ..extra lo frequency... LO-PHi..love) coherence which

unfolds and envelopes in the higher emotions, nest & time & order biology better than any


Chemistry is a good wave-guide to order things, just like machine code-binary, and

assembler language programming are necessary for micro level detail computer

intervention. But when you need a processing language which will juggle vast databases

like whole bodies, communities, and planets.... you use higher level language. Emotion is a

higher level computer language (like DBase or Lotus), where each instruction... joy, awe...

embraces whole nests of the actions of the detail codes... like the psychoactive hormones in

the brain and the sonic phase alignment of the glands for optimization of metabolism.

Emotional control is to chemistry what the musical phrase or theme is to the individual

note. If you had to make a conscious decision about all the chemical synchrony that

produces ecstasy, you would never experience it. That is why you leave the machine code in

your computer all in the hands of the high (symbolic) level language called DataBase

system. You steer the long waves, and the short waves will find their nest.

The harmonic module concept as a multi-sensory feedback/focusing/enveloping

technology represents our highest attempt to HEAL unto WHOLENESS, at this highest

leverage level: ecstatic emotion. We take the best elements of our resonance feedback

technology, coupled with our most WHOLEly geometric/essential models of the

GALAXY/EARTH/GENE dodeca nest, to entirely embrace and envelope ourselves into

group-mind welding experience of ONENESS.


The TECHNO-LOGY of the Module...

Spiritual leadership has known through history that great group inspiration requires

great attraction to ONE focus for ALL the senses. Our evolving design for the harmonic

module must be a triumph of technologies adaptation to inform, embrace, heal, and weave

into ONE. Our philosophy has learned that the calculus of forms which underlies

alphabet, emotion, planet grid, and zodiac, are ONE. They each evolve to a

transformational point in the form of the DODECA-ICOSA platonic. We shall utilize the

visual and sonic and magnetic form of this nest in which all is made one, exactly in the

sense of the MERKABBAH, in the technology of our MODULE design.

Ideally the meeting place for our healing event/module is spherical or structured along

geodesic lines, or at least the natural lines of an embracing geodesic are symbolically laid

upon the outer forms of the meeting space (whether Planetarium, Cathedral, or Stadium).

The arrangement of the audio speakers and laser beams and the people themselves

especially near the central model/focus is to be decagonally geometric. The ritual of

centering for the opening is to be a tai-chi of movement which further envelopes the

harmony of the lines of form in the those present (bodies of form), toward ONE presence of


The visually tempting central model is to consist of a set of visual screens arranged as a

dodecahedron. Projected on these screens from simultaneous multiple views are three

concentric transparent spheres, nested and turning on three axes. The spheres are to be

detailed renderings of the zodiacal dodeca galaxy (Isis Unveiled), the planetary grid dodeca,

and the inside genetic/I CHing/Mayan Calendric dodeca... respectively. The respective

alignment of the three grids are rotationally switched and phased, so that moments of

alignment occur with visual drama. The lighting focal diameter moves the collective vision

and attention, from the inner genetic dodeca sphere (on a DNA helix axis), out to the

planetary grid dodeca sphere, and then visually out to the galactic context (12 cone) dodeca

sphere. It will become visually and emotionally apparent that phase alignment of the

membranes produces the possibility of a (laser) lightning linking all of them into ONE

information bubble. The sequence of points lit by alignment will teach how the planet body

is woven to completeness by its dance in galactic geomancy; even as the genetic body is lit

and switched by its moire lit grid position within the planet body.

The origin of language from the simple geometric perspectives of the strip off the donut,

is easy to convey as the 3D image ratchets around the 3D screens.

Ultimately the gene/planet/galaxy spheres will come to light specifically timed by the

lissajous of lasers whose mirror angle is feedback from the coherence of heart-sound

transducers placed on chosen meditators in the group. Essentially a laser pattern only

stands still when there is a coherent phase relationship between the signal steering the x

versus y axis. If one oscillator is a harmonic of the planets Schumann heartbeat, and the

other axis oscillator is the locked heartbeats (also made audible) of those present, then the

pattern of the lasers on the spheres will STAND. Our collective envelope will become a

"widening gyre whose center CAN hold". And as our center dodeca spinning a gene helix

shows, lightning can't spin a Grail-cup helix (DNA) unless it finds a center of gravity: THE


The activity of the group mind process/dynamic will consist of a carefully timed sequence

of experiments designed to emotionally light the groups attention and compassion on wider

and wider horizons. The feeling for proteins making a slinky called DNA will be spun and

timed with DNA music and the story of lightning in the primal soup. The feeling for a

planet being born of a gravitational flow-form feeling body, will be played with her points

being lit to sounds and stories from the tectonic and biological birth of Gaia as a body now

known to be quite capable of intention. Ultimately in ecstatic communion, the group will

see-hear-feel the seeding Cryst-all role biology is to play in her Galactic dodeca egg context.

The compression of galactic sounds to the audible spectrum will accompany the group

sonic, emotional, and laser lit, embrace of our much larger body of ONENESS.

Technologically, the discrete components of the module experience are quite graspable

and logistic. Their assembly seems to lie well within the capabilities of those talented

scientists who have expressed interest. With the right support, the prototype construction

will be complete soon enough to prove the principle of TEACHING COHERENCE, to attract

support for the more ambitious stadium version.










The Harmonic Module & Planet heart biofeedback project..


Entertainment and Education - The Entertainment Industries primary effect has been to entrain the psychic and sensory fields of humanity in ways that, at best, have informed and entertained, and at worst, disrupted our capacity to expand into a more cohesive context with which to perceive our world. The myriad ways in which we have educated and entertained ourselves share one thing in common; they will be obsolete by the time we enter the 21st Century. How we learn and what delights us will be derived from our more primary source. "Edu-care ".. induced caring, is an essentially ecstatic process. Global Media - If the "medium is the message" and the "medium" is the media and the "message" is the awakening of the global mind and heart, then our global media networks, with their awesome capacity to connect, have the potential to facilitate our collective re-cognition of earth and biosphere as One. In essence,our Global Media could be used to circulate an impulse to intelligently re-awaken humanity to its innate genius and potential as a totally creative organism.

New Paradigm - It was Buckminster Fuller who said in 1978; "that if a design revolution were not

completed within ten years it would be curtains for humanity-and the planet." We propose that the "new science," as envisioned in such luminous writings as Fuller's, Synergetics; Jose Arguelles, Earth Ascending; Walter Russell's, The Universal One,; James Lovelock's, Gaia Hypothesis ; and Rupert Sheldrake's, A New Science of Life, has emerged as the manifestation of a new paradigm.

Arguelles writes, "As paradigms go, so do ways of life and whole civilizations. If the Newtonian model helped contribute to a fantastic global civilization of materialism and war, the new paradigm will contribute to an interplanetary civilization of harmony and a multidimensional metaphysical potential undreamed of in the old."


Art-Science - Planet heart biofeedback main goal is to steward an integration of Art and Science, both ancient and modern, by initiating a new multi-media, ritual-based interactive social art form through blending the finestlaser and holographic technologies (Science) with inspirational performances by leading-edge musicians, dancers and ceremonialists (Art). The synthesis of Art and Science embraces the mathematical and aesthetic nature of music, geometry, biology and light. Planet heart biofeedback intends to host the discovery and recovery of the interdisciplinary function of Art-Science as the global mind and culture advance into the 21st Century.


Synesthesia and Group Resonance - The Harmonic Module will be a tool for producing synesthesia - an experience of multi-sensory fusion in which one sense evokes another. "Sound and color normally register in different areas of the brain. In synesthesia the limbic brain orchestrates the neocortex's auditory and visual centers to resonate like musical instruments playing in harmony. This resonance does not occur when we process information in an exclusively intellectual way." Deschenes, Brain/Mind Bulletin.

As the visuals on the module spin and pulsate at specific ratio frequencies designed to stimulate synesthesia, an environment of resonance and coherence takes the group experience to a new level. As a state of resonance occurs, the audience becomes part of a unique participatory dynamic which entrains a synergistic field where a resonant group mind emerges.



preliminary outline for administrators


Developing the Harmonic Module experience for a science center like setting seems

appropriate. Those who frequent such experiences often do so out of a primal kind of

need to feel nature directly. The equipment that generates "feeling", in people IS in fact the

relaxed orderliness (phase coherence?) of the resonating nervous system. New data like that

published in "Language of the Heart", illustrates specifically that the receptive mode

forthe nervous system is in fact an antenna like relaxed dilation of the blood to the periphery

of the body. Feedback is the classic mode to teach relaxation (and the tuning of the anttenae). As the resonance field of the core of the body, relaxes to envelop larger and larger information fields, it is natural that the palpable feelings of the extended neural network, which is a GROUP experience, be the next step in information absorption. (Exactly like the sonic coherence envelope of a flock of birds, or "school" of fish, or pod of dolphin).

The Harmonic Module experience would use very simple feedback technology involving

speakers and lasers to amplify and make audible and visible tiny sounds and motions in the

body which are the linkage to this extension of the perceptual field. Specifically,

alignment or "phase locking" of the tiny sounds or "micromotion" of the bodies cavities,

is documented as a mechanism of the benefits of intentional relaxation (Ben Bentov:

"Stalking the Wild Pendulum"). The reason this works is because alignment or "phase

coherence" increases exponentially the timing accuracy (and therefore the total speed) of

the INFORMATION flow between the glands/feeling centers of the body. (exactly like

crystaloscillator accuracy increases the baud rate or speed of information transfer in


Extending this principle of COHERENCE (or phase or timing orderliness) to the

electronic field/nervous resonance net BETWEEN people, is exactly the goal of the simple

feedback of the HARMONIC MODULE experience. Exponentially increased

information/feeling flow between groups of people, AND more enveloping/broader

horizoned edutainment experiences will be the result. It is really rather natural that the

peak experiences people seek by going to group events, will reach new heights precisely as

their vibrating bubble becomes A GROUP EVENT.


Much of our study at Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo: The Harmonics of the Immune

System, and other literature ("Language of the Heart", and "Stalking the Wild Pendulum")

indicates the HEART sounds initiate these unfolding information flowers. This is consistent

with what we now know about the very profound geometry of the shape and layering of the

heart muscles, the shape of the donut like slip knot wave which ELECTRIFIES the heart,

and the onset of COHERENCE in the heart sounds at the moment of love (cf:"Planet

heart biofeedback" book.)

Therefore what we have done is to amplify the heart sounds, making them audible with

geometrically placed speakers, and visible by coupling them to mirrors making patterns of

laser light. What this FEEDBACK does is increase the rate of the learning of ordering in

not just the heart, but all the bodily cavities. This works for individuals, and .. as relaxation

to bond with subtle external as well as internal cues is learned.. for groups as well. We

have used three different types of transducers or pick up devices. Straight EKG type

electrodes give us excellent frequency resolution, inexpensive stethoscope mikes for quick and

easy access to a few (who can entrain many) A capacitive charge amplifier ring couples

body micromotion for groups. Bentov in "Stalking.." used this technique.

For our initial setup in a planetarium or exploratorium like setting, I suggest we could

alternate volunteers in a central ring with the stethoscope mikes attached to a mixer feeding

them to the audio amps, and the laser amps. This would produce a lissajous like pattern

of the lasers which would stand still instead of rolling, when phase locking occurred

between any two chosen inputs. Ideally this experience should follow some

planetarium/laser experience.

Initially participants would learn to couple their inner sound and micromotion to simple

external oscillators. As in our little pilot video, this is a process which begins by simple

quiet humming or singing. One laser axis is coupled to the vibration pattern to be learned,

one to the heart/body mike. The learning process would be audible and visible. Later the

learning process is extended to the sounds of other people, to dolphin/whale sounds, to the

sounds of joy, to the earth/Schumann heart sound. We use the Roland sonic sampling

synthesizer for this process, because it can recreate the true sonic envelope of any sound

event, even those much longer OR shorter than our bodies, and bring that wave shape

coherently into our audible spectra. (We can entrain dolphin ultrasonics/ whale subsonics

by replaying the sound samples of these events, changing spectral range but not spectral

RATIO or content).

Later as great quietness and inner tuning is learned, we can increase the learning

process to larger groups using the capacitive charge amp ring(s). These are ultra

sensitive, and require great stillness, so that noise doesn't obscure signal.

On a more sophisticated information/ absorption note, there are several powerful immediate

implications for this process. Work on the geometric origins of language, teach us that

alphabets in general ARE THE PHASE ANGLE of ONE primal slip knot vortex

shape. By coming into phase, domains make matter out of light. This is creative process,

replicated in the enhanced feedback environment. Thus the phase relationship between two

signals (two resonating people/groups) could literally steer the planar projection of this ONE

shape and write every letter of the alphabet.. the sequence of which would be the ritual of

initiation/ path from labyrinth/rite of passage.

Further, our phase relationship informationally between planetary, solar, and

galactic events (THE MAYAN/solar trigram/calendric/synchronization beam), could be

personally learned and "consumed", as the envelope shape of these patterns is compressed

in the sampler, to wave lengths learnable in the human body, through this enhancement of

natural feedback.

Obviously this is a program which will require some time in development, however,

incredibly we seem to have been blessed with virtually every single hardware component

required, already in our possession. We have the research foundation underneath us, and the

pilot work largely done, we need the first group settings to take the dramatic next step.

This project is clearly a powerful tool toward Earth's survival need to learn to speak as ONE.


many faces, phase locked:

one body.