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SUBJECT: EARTH GRIDS: RESHEL: Reports a "new" ley line affecting both Nova Scotia and Arkhom Grid. Refers Henry Sinclair expedition 1398
CE. Graphic below in jpg.
Dear Friends,

This reports a major line in the RESHEL Grid system that I'm calling the SHELBURNE LINE. It extends from a point about 40 miles at sea SSE of
Nova Scotia, through Shelburne, NS, to Shelburne Falls, MA, center of the ARKHOM GRID. (Arkhom Grid: GAIA MATRIX by Peter Champoux;
1999, Franklin Media, Washington, MA.)

BACKGROUND: Knowing that Atlantis was going down and also that this fallen continuum would return again into the Ranna Time Wave from which
it fell, in the distant future, the Atlan priests of the Holy Isle of Ruta put in place a number of major Earth grids using the Techad, 3rd of Metatrons' 24
breastplates, which would facilitate human evolution with a strong Metatronic/Christic vector and would one day (NOW) be the primary system for
effecting the Transformation and return via the "LP-40" dynamic. (For detailed information refer TEMPLE DOORS periodicals published by Revs.
Maia and Simeon Nartoomid, Church of the Johannine Grove of the Machenaim; available at Although I use their information,
from Thoth, I put my own interpretation on it and this does not mean they necessarily would agree with my view of it.)

This grid system would be known to the Knights Templar as the RESHEL (Chief Head Stone of God) and would go into the energy and consciousness
organization of their Marian cathedrals and other grids and temples. Much prior to the Templars there would be a major grail installation at Nova
Scotia which would inter an original Grail King in a suspended state at the present Oak Island site in a labyrinth. This became a primary energy focus
for the Americas through Nova Scotia. There is a planetary serpent line called the HEMPTHAHA (Uncoiling Serpent) Line which regulates all earth
grids so they remain in synch. This line comes up from the Yucatan, up the US east coast through Montauk Point (Time gate control), Block Island
(power switching), and Newport Island (knowledge control), then up past Nova Scotia and easterly through the former Rutan position at about 49N,
29W, then to England where it crosses as the Michael-Mari Line.

The Templars built the Marian Cathedrals in several major Reshel systems in Europe. We know of half a dozen Reshel grids in GB and Europe now. In
1398 CE the Templar Henry Sinclair led an expedition to the future Americas to reboot the Atlan Reshel grid there and to establish a Grail colony at
Nova Scotia. The Arkhom Grid, Grail King Labyrinth, and main power system was known to the Templars. We know also that the sea routes and Great
Lake copper ore routes were know to the ancients so we can expect that there were few mysteries in the locations and routes in the Americas. Further,
the Templars will have had competent geomancers in their group to read the telluric serpent and ley lines. It is my view that this major grail project
extended and still does reach across time from Ruta into the future and that the use of time gates not only in this fallen continuum but also into the
other two major Ranna continua were critical in managing the huge project. (This is being orchestrated from the distant future as a Solarian work
under the Michael Mandate.)

I believe that the 1398 Expedition crossed the Ruta position to open a cross-time connection with Ruta. The great impact of the time gate extending
past this continuum into the "Heliomar" creation realm where Ruta was then might be judged by the 8 days of bad storms preceeding the event ...bad
weather being an indicator of continuum bridging. This time bridge would have also spanned the three continua including the Solarian headquarters in
the distant future. (Remembering that time is nonlinear: all happening now.)


I once believed that the Hemptaha Line went up through Nova Scotia, probably along the dividing line unfortunately called "Satan's Line" up the east
coast of the US. This line is used by Bill Mann as the main NE-SW axis through Nova Scotia, shown in his graphic below. I now believe that the
Hemptaha Line misses Nova Scotia and goes through the at-sea point shown by Bill Mann on the graphic as the point Sinclair "put about" from a SW
track back to NE. I think that Sinclair, with his 5 "temple" built ships, had to activate the at-sea point to do two things:

1. Activate the NW primary axis (shown in the Mann diagram as the main axis of the vesica). This anchored on Mt. Uniacke as used by Bill Mann as
the grid center. Mt. Uniacke becomes the central "Ulta" pole or "Aleph" point in the resulting Reshel grid. All power points in Nova Scotia (using the
Reshel grid) will then project from this most sacred pole. (The application of the Reshel does not negate any other grid; they overlay.)

2. Activate the SHELBURNE Line with its Nova Scotia terminal at Shelburne and its Arkhom terminal ...Arkhom's center of "Aleph" pole... at
Shelburne Falls, MA.

Thus Sinclairs' ships, presumably in the same formation used to activate Ruta's access into the event (formation from his Coat of Arms, a grail core
geometry and earth grid in Scotland), linked Arkhom with Nova Scotia. Arkhom, as plotted in the "Westford Knight" stone (and "software" program)
in the Arkhom's Boston "seed" pole, is the booster for the intercontinental Reshel grid spanning North and South America and bridging from the
Pacific into western Europe. This is effectively GAIA's right brain and forebrain matrices, but attuned to the Metatronic Reshel. This is probably the
best understanding of the "Grail Across the Atlantic" dynamic that I know of.


1. The critical vesica found by Bill Mann appears to be using the key Bethlehem Angle (26.3 degrees) used by (1) the Reshel system as the core
generating vesica; (2) the apparent grail core geometry; (3) the apparent Arieopax core geometry; (4) the "God's Anchor" energetic formation. This is
the same geometry extensively used by the Templars (and ostensibly the original Rutans) in creating the huge earth grids in GB. The Zeno Chart uses
this format in organizing the grail(s) across the Atlantic. There are many examples in Europe/GB. This is shown in green in the graphic. The colored
additions are my own, made on Mann's graphic.

2. The distance between "Shelburne" points is the same Reshel distance used in the Arkhom. One half this distance is from Shelburne Falls (the center)
to Hedley (Head/Resh-ley), Quebec. Assuming that the two shiyn poles (extensions of the Aleph pole) are the Shelburne points, then the Reshel system
being formed is called the "Temple Vault" which includes all temple forms including Solomon's Temple. Both the Christic and Shekinah "spears" or
Reshel halves are represented but most of this is bridging the Gulf of Maine.

3. The distance from Shelburn, NS, to the At-Sea pole is the distance from the Great Pyramid base to its capstone base. The Sinclair formation with his
5 ships would have formed the capstone, using the same Bethlehem Angle dynamic actually used in the Reshel "Glory" (tsadey) pole at the Capstone,
to activate the whole system! This Capstone pole spins the Shelburne Line to key into the Mt. Uniacke power site, thus activating the main "Event
Horizon" for the Reshel system powering up Nova Scotia as well as the Arkhom ...from the one primary Capstone point (at sea) on the Hemptaha Line.
(The Reshel Event Horizon is the vesica axis found by Bill Mann. This is also the primary grail geometry for Nova Scotia, as used in the Reshel.)


The Hemptaha Line is the connector. Unfortunately the Montauk Project with their abominations "spinal tapped" the serpent at Montauk however if its
any comfort this has no significant impact on Metatronic/Christic systems, it being Luciferic and a fallen system. Montauk technology can access the
low end of the Metatron through ensouled beings, thus overlapping into the high end of the Oritronic (fallen) spectrum but can not sustain this effort
without the help of ensouled beings either consciously or in ignorance. (For more information refer KOALA, a pamphlet published by Johannine

US GRAIL: Found in the Arkhom grid, centered at Shelburne Falls, MA. The generator points are Boston (presumably the Westford Knight point) and
Canajoharie, NY. The apex is Mt. Ascutney.

NOVA SCOTIA GRAIL: Found in Bill Mann's vesica centered at Mt. Uniacke. Generating poles in the at-sea capstone point and vicinity of Aulat, New
Brunswick ...Sinclair apparently activated this NW end of the vesica axis after the sea pole; then the expedition went inland. There is another major
subsystem grail between Shubenacadie and Bible Hill at Truro, apex at Green Oaks. Green Oaks appears to connect with the main Grail King interred
in the Oak Island labyrinth.

ALBA-ON (GB) GRAIL: The Hemtaha comes ashore (after Ruta) as the Michael-Mari line to eventually download the Grail codes at Glastonbury Tor.
It also uploads codes going to Nova Scotia and Arkhom. (The Tor contains the original Grail.) The Tor polarizes with the Edinburgh Reshel matrix,
Rosslyn controlling as the system's resh pole. The resh pole or Grail vesica apex, for GB, between the Tor and Edinburgh is the Anglesey Head
previously identified as "Eala-Barbenoch" in the Arthurian Roundtable grid (covering all of the British Isles) named by Thoth the "Ariat Grid." This
Anglesey head point is called the "Crux Arvata" in the 3-point grail axis across the main grail vesica (minor axis) stretching east to Doncaster.

Henry Sinclair's Coat of Arms uses this basic geometry with these connections; I think that he used his 5 temple built ships in a formation duplicating
the grid. In effect, his ships were the grail. He said, in a high-soul interview, that the fleet was surrounded by 12 "Ghost" ships as he called them. I think
these were merkabah fields probably representing the Earth Hierarchy in the standard 12-point temple archetype, or the Mazzaroth zodiacal ring.
None of this project would have been possible without the 12 as a containment field capable of processing the all-time event.