STANDING WAVE : Root of the Root.

Among the 2 kinds of matter ("matter" - versus - "doesn't matter") - the solitary soliton STANDING WAVE .. IS what MATTERS!

"You Are A Ruby Embedded in ....." (Rumi) - best Not Take it for Granite...

What does ruby do for the laser? What does love do for the Heart?

Columnate - Cohere - Make Immortal.... "Stand and Wave!"

from Dan Winter 12/20/2000, url: ../standingwave , other articles: ../sitemap.html

What Swastika key faces you in the face of the throat of the twister... Do You Know the Turns InSide and Out?

Dorothy - dream well - so that you will emerge from the twister - memory intact. If you can turn inside out by mapping the turns, then you can re-cur.


Quote from the book "Standing Wave" a great physics of consciousness thriller - ( ref 1 from author Hendrix, ref 2 review )

"Tetragrammaton' is still making God into a four letter word."..(end quote).. I wonder if God was a name for the pure symmetry principles of vortex mechanics.

Yalweh = Yod-He-Vau-He: (feel the cone making shape of your mouth as you say...)

Yod= Cone Away

He= Fills It

Vau= Cone Incoming

He=Fills That


Consider what matters as cones converge and compress spin...

More Quotes from the book "Standing Wave":

"The sea is in the wave as the wave is in the sea"..

"The passage of Light left its cloud-chamber traces curling and spiraling in innumerable traces curling and spiraling in innumerable memories. An ancient design motif suddenly became the rage, in everything from clothing to architecture. Called a "Greek Key" but actually a variant of meander-images found thruout the world since long before the dawn of history, the motif was variously described as time frozen waves, or linked letter J's, or R's, or J's and R's. --- A very few specialists were aware that this particular meander pattern bent into a circle, formed the key recursive element of the classical labyrinth. None of them however could explain the precise source of its new found popularity, nor why it's repetitive imagery had begun cropping up globally". (end quote from book)

begin with greek key - revolve into the next spin dimension you have labyrinth.. see below revolve that to get 7color donut.

'If you are really centered in your donut, it feels like can both compress and expand the same 'time'. (from Solar Shaman - Tana Starrs)

Settle in to the knowing how by re-curring perfectly in wave recursion, you have solved Einstein's dilemna: infinite non-destructive compression allowing black holes (and you) to bend time.

Poetry of Mevlâna Jalâluddîn Rumi
Translated by Kabir Helminski

The Root of the Root of Your Self

"Don't go away, come near.
Don't be faithless, be faithful.
Find the antidote in the venom.
Come to the root of the root of yourself.

Molded of clay, yet kneaded
from the substance of certainty,
a guard at the Treasury of Holy Light --
come, return to the root of the root of your Self.

Once you get hold of selflessness,
You'll be dragged from your ego
and freed from many traps.
Come, return to the root of the root of your Self.

You are born from the children of God's creation,
but you have fixed your sight too low.
How can you be happy?
Come, return to the root of the root of your Self.

You were born from a ray of God's majesty
and have the blessings of a good star.
Why suffer at the hands of things that don't exist?
Come, return to the root of the root of your Self.

You are a ruby embedded in granite.
How long will you pretend it's not true?
We can see it in your eyes.
Come to the root of the root of your Self.

You came here from the presence of that fine Friend,
a little drunk, but gentle, stealing our hearts
with that look so full of fire; so,
come, return to the root of the root of your Self.

Our master and host, Shamsi Tabrizi,
has put the eternal cup before you.
Glory be to God, what a rare wine!
So come, return to the root of the root of your Self."



from Dan Winter : 'I Am That I Am' & 'As Above So Below' - koan's which pale as mere introduction to the pure principle of self-embedding which perfects recursion.

Take the 'Greek Key'.. Imagine you are stuck in the tornado spout vortex of the original big bang. Remember your hydrodynamics professor explaining to you why in a unified field made of only one compressible substance the only possible self organizing shape is a donut, torus. (Smokers can blow only one sustainable shape, having only smoke to work with.).

Then as you come spewing helter skelter out the smoking gun nose cone of the big bang, ask yourself how are you going to survive, being merely a wave among waves, wanting to be mindful and all.

So you screw up your courage and reason to yourself that the only way to exist and survive is to recur. That means that you will continuously need to return to the massaging pressure birthing throat of this one contiguous tornado called the universe. ('Reflexive Universe' by Arthur Young - 'Theory of Continuous Creation' by Duane Elgin - astrophysics tells us our visible universe is a saddle shape nested on the throat of a vortex donut - in continuous big bang..). Each time you pass again and again thru the throat of the tornado, you get a new touch (in phase) with every other wave which is also trying to recur - that is become sustainable (immortal).

So when you write this letter to yourself, you both open and close with the embedding wish which says: 'stay in touch'.

You notice as you magdala tower in your djedi shem spout., that the only way not to be spewed eternally out, is to find a way to re-fall eternally back in. Your 'fine/d structure constant' becomes the ratio established by your 'escape velocity' as you approach the fall out or back in rim, of your tornado wannabe donut, to the total flux density (we will invent mass later when we succeed in going in circles).

So you fall for the temptation to recur, and you fall back into the opposite throat tornado which then comprises your birthing donut. As you fall back in to the compression wave (positive charge), the last word you heard echoing is EVIL.

"Life" was your embedding L into Phi's eye. Going back to EL, your Greek key revolved and became animated in the next labyrinthine dimension. (You found the next axis of spin.)

Inverting LIVE, Evil was falling back in to that hard making bed. And so it was that among the universal jello, suddenly momentum had been segregated among the flow, into pressure and not-pressure. And so separation became possible. (Evil is catastrophe theory for mathematicians - how did discontinuity/separateness arise from continuity/oneness.)

Having succeeding in non-destructive self re-entry you worm back around and see that the only sustainable trace turing inside out around your fetal donut, is a gold spiral.

Because self re-entry is golden, this is the only trace which makes compression possible. As you re-entering the tornado's narrowing gyre, you finished Einstein's puzzle, noting that not only was gravity indisgtinuishable from acceleration, but that ALSO among waves, compression is indistinguishable from acceleration. (Utterly catches you in the throat doesn't it...).... So gravity is indistinguishable from the acceleration made possible by perfect compression .. which is defined mathematically by PHI the Golden Mean. Therefore PHI compression among waves produces gravity. (simple logic - prove it by arranging capactitors into Phi Compression - measure the effect on gravity..) E=MC^2 addend G=C^logN*Phi..

Gravity like the wind sucked into a twister, is recursion's permission to compress charge.

So now you discover why that 3D yellow brick road spiral around the donut (7 color moebius), casts the flatland shadows we call Hebrew and Anglish letters. (*). Because that was the only way to compress charge at the synapse. And that is how you create among waves.

Compressing this idea, we have: the Golden Mean spiral happens to be the only angle at which a wave can re-enter itself, without destroying itself. (Charge compression - is how matter precipitates out of light - and how sacred alphabets teach mind to inhabit waves by embedding..)

Self-re-entry , and self-awareness for waves are identical.

Having rotated from the Greek Key, to the Labyrinth, to Inside Out in 7 circuits, called Braeshith ('at first in the beginning the origin of thingness was when the sequence of 7 symmetry turns was learned to turn inside out on the surface of a donut. 7 Hebrew letters are the shadows of 1st the outside in view, and then after the 7th step - the inside out view of that spiral on that donut is HE - fiveness, male, amorphous, space filling, and oh yes the last letter of the first word of genesis.)

Jumping ahead now, you already know the cookbook for how hydrogen became the atomic table in star furnaces, but you wonder how hydrogen got born.

You see the picture now of how the FIVE - HE recursion turning projector got slip-notted into the incube-ating 7 spins of the tetra, This AINU - ANU is the engram nmemonic device we call the central coeur of hydrogen, and at the same time the shape of the human heart, and the heart of the sun (ref. 1).

Ask yourself - what could make a slip knot -- not slip.. unless it were Gordian..(Gordian Gallery - conscious knotting..)

This is the wave (a)way to slip not as you tornado outside in and inside out dipping your sweet donut. Take to heart Metatron's advice to so well feel the symmetry turns which we call the electron, that you re-all-eyes how to be present everywhere the one electron is, which just gets around. Now extend that to the ANU heart of the phire, solar furnace and inhabit the pure principle of fusion, in the simple cookery of symmetry.

Now you can see that as the Sun's heart morph's in it's Anu orgasm, nearing 2012 - every human heart and every hydrogen and atom of matter has its heart re-coeured. Do you believe that gun's or material of un-shareable intent would melt? Resistance to spin (fear) which is the same as failure to embed - does that - chemists call it heat.

Our ultimatum is as compelling as it is simple: Compress - be-accelerated thru light egg shell of light speed.... or... The alternative is to burn in the womb.

This brings us to understand something practical about immortality and what function human biology serves in the galactic scheme of things.

Do you see that by being a big dodeca wratchet braiding worm, DNA is little but a (Camp Bell House) Field Compressor. By sticking all of biology's memories into one embrasive fold, DNA checks which spins can be compressed and accelerated to the ensouling faster than light tornado point, of becoming inPHIknitly distributable.

Immortality never existed in getting the slower than light DNA egg shell to last. The wave node (waves in circles = mass) was never intended to be immortal - only the wave itself.

What is of value, the tooth paste successfully squirted - or the empty tube you grabbed in order to squeeze?

Your soul is the faster than light tornado that MIGHT be sustained from the squeezing up the zipper in your DNA ... IF you find bliss. That bliss is the charge densification which is the purpose of DNA and therefore human politics. It is what makes waves implode in biology to become self-organizing/embedded/aware. This PHIre going within that happens when waves succeed in getting the symmetry cookery right to turn inside out recursively, makes the only self centering force possible among waves. The fact that human physicists have labeled this arrangement of capacitors into a fractal -GRAVITY - may limit your perception of how self-awareness is both the creator and sustainer of that arrangement of waves (of charge). The solution is to realize by feeling personally, in a self empowering way, exactly how to create a magnetic symmetry map inside your heart which is the same as the pattern of feeling of the one you choose compassion for.

Once you make your inside out look like their outside in, the inward imploding wind starts - and you become the Shaman able to steer any tornado. You who have learned how to make a center of gravity - deserve your place in the immortality of what sustains sharing - by symmetry compressed into God's fractal modem technology. Let your schizophrenic physicists who don't know how to unify their field, match that one! (Those who can't explain WHY an object falls to the ground, could NEVER tell you why your body loses 4-14 ounces at death. Now YOU know. )

There was a lovely picture in a while back showing with photographic clarity the ultraviolet blue fire little light cocoon that emerges during eros. Foreplay as non-destructive compression, for what squirts from DNA and Sushumna. The erotic experience is indisguishable from kundalini and tantra. Little wonder the Christian's & Rabbi's tell you that is bad - personal immortality would empower you - priests don't get paid for that. More specifically Enlil (Yalweh) did not pay his gold mining slaves (The "Chosen Race"/breeding experiment) to get a soul. Only free and self-aware genes can pick a mate to make stars bend. Golem, on the other hand, are why Rabbi's have secrets - they don't want you to know that recursion is the cookbook for alphabets. Until you can visualize the alphabetic elements of donut symmetry for light, your thoughts don't compress crystallize & you are their golem. (ADAMa - their word for us - means donkey - what infertility you get by soulless means.). Stop being spawn (DNA with no implosion/soul) of the Nephilim. (Thoth).

What does this mean practically. It means turn in your life insurance policy for the resources to get a life insurance policy. You will need a lifestyle conducive to life force and bliss. Now that you know what people are for, you can make choices. Give us successful squeezing or give us death (death is what does not sustain squeezing thru DNA - the unshareable / the not embedded.) If you don't know where your next chance at bliss juice is (like when was the last time your nostrils flared?) - then color you dying. Check for the role of tantra in immortality in 'Jitterbug Perfume' then reset your priorities.

Among stars, to make the bliss imploding astrophysical gravity sustainable and self-steering, planetary genepools provide the sparkplug. We discussed elsewhere, that Sun's like ours do not wish to end our genepool by toasting us, it is rather her necessary duty to experience orgasm in order to accelerate by compressing our genepool. (rapture as solar physics). Steering the Sun thru this is how we find out if our genepool is worth harvesting into star inhabiting.

To me this is an improvement on what bedtime stories are worthy for twinkling eyed children. Tell them that physics is how they will learn to become angels inhabiting stars - because this is what it would look like if advertising told the truth.

With this is mind - I would like to re-tell what is Puffing from the Magic DNA Dragon.(below)

You thought that when you got horny, you were merely wanting to let your rocks off. Now you see that your DNA is itching to spit a worm thru light speed that can survive. Cause your DNA knows that otherwise YOU can't. The rocks were the columnated liquid into crystal of a ventrical 'HORNS" liquid swelling with blue fire phonon juice. (Plumbing 101 for kundalini juice addiction..)

David Yarrow once told me in sequel to his "Dragon and the Ice Castle" book, what it looked like to see an Earth ley line Dragon take to the sky. It is quite a real thing - a far better film than videoing rod worms squirming from an astral polluting utility power transformer. (from wormturning: "Take a look at the magnetic worms which visibly emit from the power transformers on public utility poles. Rods Index (These are called "Rods" as shown at psychotronics conferences, on video tape when the camera has a fast enough shutter speed). These magnetic "RODS" spitting out of power transformers are seen to fly thru the air as if ALMOST self aware... In fact they are clearly parasitic, polluting, NOT-sustainable, and contribute to astral parasitism in general. Part of their debility arises because Tesla chose poorly when he chose 60 cycle. (But then if we did reset our power transformers frequency to a Phi harmonic cascade from the Plank Length and hydrogen, the electrical juices in our public utitlity grid WOULD BEGIN TO BECOME SELF AWARE / SELF ORGANIZING).

Coherent laser like emotion is as genetic as it is glandular - your genes follow the sonic pony tail from your heart. When DNA leaves a sustainable field in it's wake penetrating thru light speed - not only do you know that REAL royal blood has been present - you sense that something sustainable (sacred) as wave has been acheived. ... This has little to do with trite human politics. It does have everything to do with how much intense presence and tingle and feeling over generations has been absorbed from the folded space of Earth, into the folded space (grail is embedding) of DNA. This draping all-go-rhythmn coat of many colors in gene folding is compassion embodied. This is how the worm turns.... No other definition for success for DNA is possible. IF the squirt gun thru light speed works, THEN you become immortal as a magnetic worm, if not - you (and the husk of your DNA's non-squeezable slower than light speed remnant) are toast.

Ask yourself why in the movie "They Live" you could always tell the un-ensouled borg shapeshifters by checking for UV in their aura. No DNA PHIre = no soul. It is very simple. If your blood never boils - then it will be your privelege to be assimilated. If on the other hand you find your bliss - then you and your children get to BE stars. The choice is simple really. Religious instruction is now an outmoded childish intro to the physics of making gravity in genes and glands. Religious personality and miracle worship is merely evidence of a quickly dying race of parasites, (Nephilim - Niburu - Hiburu - Enlil - Yalweh) who could never learn from the characters in their dream (their golem - our race) until they set them free!

Hygiene to make bliss possible is the issue. Choose to embed yourself in bliss charge's spark plug to life force - and learn the symmetry of embedding inherent in compassion - for yourself. To re-cur perfectly by embedding perfectly is to become among waves the inPHIknitly distributable presence of self reference - which you in your childhood called GOD. That is the turning into ... yourself which is your 'Greek' key.


How the MAGdalen Dragon Line Puts Fire in Your Cave..

MAG-DRAGGIN: from Dan Winter 12/14/2000, other articles: ../sitemap.html

(note: if your prefer to get your genetic history from Christian Bible History, please press delete now - ' it is your free privelege to choose to be assimilated ' Was it perhaps the same parasitic papacy that deleted Magdalen's kids from the Bible that sponsored the inquisition which murdered and still sits fat on the gold of the best 1/4 of the women of Europe?)

Help please - - -From: Dr. RA-Ja 'Merk' Dove & Prof. Moi-RA 'Kwan Yin' Dove" <>, Thu, 14 Dec 2000
Dearest Dan - Bless you for your most unique contribution to love/wisdom down here on this lovely garden planet of rest and relaxation! :-)

We have a request of you: May we kindly pick your ecstatic brains to find out what you will share with us as regards the bloodline of Jesus-Mary Magadala-Dracos ... we need to find some missing pieces for our research as regards the healing we can do with some of the more horrid draco bloodlines and we feel the key is in the Jesus-Mary-Draco
reference we saw on your web site --- do you have more along these lines you can share with us and the world?

ET BLESS THEE!, In the Light of Our Radiant One! Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!
Dr. RA-Ja 'Merk' Dove , Prof. Moi-RA 'Quan Yin" Dove
Peace Ambassadors, State of New Mexico , above from AQUARIAN MYSTERY SCHOOL:


Related Question: Subject: Gardner is not gospel?,Wed, 20 Dec 2000, From:, "Robyn Merino" <>, To: <dan@..>

regarding Christ's conception, if Gardner's line of reasoning that I have found through ..
- claiming that it was the Catholics who invented the "born of a virgin" notion in order to avoid Royal
Davidic representation ... then, why do orthodox churches (I.e. of Ethiopia) uphold the same "born of a
virgin" conception?...furthermore, the Caesars were descended from Solomon, according to the Kebra
Nagast by Hausman. That fact does not necessarily refute Gartner's allegation that the imperialistic
church interests would not acknowledge Christ's royal descendants. In any case, Christ did appoint
Peter to be the Rock of the church...Catholics know that this was the original ordinance, regardless of
what the church (as instituted by the Vatican) ended up becoming.
yes, two of the gospels state Christ's genealogy through Joseph (and if you check carefully, they
contradict on which son of Solomon the lineage came through)... question to Dan Winter, in regards to "Tantric conception" is - how does conception occur in the brain?
out of speculation and in consideration that it is written that "Joseph was a righteous man" -
- could he have kissed Mary with golden nectar, thereby creating the "Immaculate
Conception"? - I find it reasonable that Christ inseminated Magdalen after his
resurrection / any reasoning on how did that occur?
In any case, the Gospel of Mary Magdalen state that Mary, Mother of Christ, was also of Davidic also states that Christ was of great semblance with the Angelic Being who met Mary.

sincerely reasoning,


Thoughts from Dan Winter:

I believe Dr Lee Sannella MD, medical documentation of 'virgin' birth in kundalini cases hints at the role of ecstatic charge density in egg splitting.

Implicit is the availability of the melatonin seratonin flood associated with vestal virigin trained menstrual blood. Seed saving tantra being the essene-sense of the polis weld to ET kingdom behind 'Myth of the (virgin) Birth of the Hero' by Otto Rank. (See the role of Sssaaa-Ra.. below and in the magdalen link. ) There is a lovely movie about a bliss Nun who gets pregnant. (I will find the name). I don't believe Joseph had sex with Mary til well after the birth of Jesus.

While the bliss juice melatonin seratonin etc. is brain sweetening and nectar dripping, the conception is definitely near the spine base stinger where the egg accepts the charge spin dimpling tornadoe which splits it. (Lovely graphics for this at ../dimple - from labial rinth to dimple to birth - turning inside out - the first move you ever made).

Drunvalo's 2nd wife Mackie, mental problems not withstanding or perhaps related, personal description of her kundalini virgin birth to me was most juicy..

Any Essene knows Jesus' kids by magda were the most royal blood line cross to strike their community... royalty in that tradition has conception laws which are not unlike how bee queens use royal jelly. The key is the role bliss juice plays in getting star squirting power in DNA. The concept of royalty as just a political term is trivial by comparison

The Draco's dragon mags knew more about royal blood than any English E-LIZ-a-beth watered down descendant of theirs...

Regarding Jesus appearance like his real Dad the angel, source of her bliss juice conception - makes sense to me - That line being more Ophanic (bird tribe IBI) in my view - as opposed to the more Mag like Seraphic emphasis in his later spouse Magdalen's blood.


Thoughts from Dan Winter:

related reading: ../magdalen , ../origins , and ET index - ../sbET1.html

I suggest we may reliably accept that the great worm mothers came from Arrakeis which is a star system in Draco as DUNE reports. ( Sai Baba's worm shaped aura with parasitic addiction to childrens sex juice is a good example). And further that the spice (w)ormes which turns eyes blue and makes time travel genetically navigable and thus biological immortality is real. It is related to the recursion structure in bliss generated Seratonin / Melatonin, particularly in psychicly DNA endowed young women (Mag - line / 'vestal') menstrual blood as Gardner so elaborately documents in 'Genesis of the Grail Kings'. Calling this Oil of Messeh (Crocodile Juice - Root and Source of the Word and Psychokinesis of MESSIAH ) the Royal Jelly by which a hive mind creates Royal or DNA embedable blood, was a good insight by Gardner. (Europe's Draco Dragon royal families bred like show dogs....for millenia was a mere extension for what Enki ' Adonai began with Cain /Cayin =KING). I believe he and Thoth are also right, that the later substituting of Gold Powder by Moses, St.Germain, and David Hudson is a risk of soul (faster than light tornado in DNA coeur) - loss / vampiric astral prisoning, because when the source of implosion is external (not glandular bliss) so is the steering wheel (for DNA in time navigating - ../wormturning ). (Altho Thoth reported on psychological exercises Egyptian's used to avoid personality fractionation / soul loss when eating gold powder / manna ref: ../goldpowder , ../thoth )

The key to linking MAGdalen's family to the Draco also lies in her blood.

1. The word MAG in her name is the ancient name for the telepathic Dragon Matrilineal Line (Morningsky)

2. 'Innana Returns' (Ferguson) and 'Codes of Light' (Ayani) both track the Annunaki MAG blood - from Draco star map at Ankhor Wat, & China - Senshi, to tin and gold mining at Titicaca... Nice supplement to Sitchen.

3. The Essenes cookbook for Messiah making out of the dynastic union their 2 best family lines (Mag and Jesus kids = 'Holy Blood Holy Grail), is straight out of Draco lore. Mag's parents descended from Benjamin, Jesus from Joseph. These WERE the 2 kids of the twin split (Enki / Enlil , Moses / Aaron, Cain / Able - East of Eden archtype.). (To understand the genetics of twinning - See how a reference plane is established in z axis twin helical birefringence in Quartz making Rife scoping possible. 1 twin remains untranscended while the other leverages that to phase launch.. Ask yourself WHY the great tree trunk ALWAYS splits and twins when sitting on the ley line 'blind spring' djed upswelling dome. )

The grandmother of that twin split which produced Joseph (coat DNA rayment of rainbow braid colors), and Benjamin (gold cup in the 'seeds' DNA story), was Sarah. Saaa - as in Assa-Aru - meant Dragon witch telepath queen from Orion - see Morningsky / - Aru- Uru as in (H)Ibi-Uru /& Il-Uru meant dragon or serpent. Ra - meant Sun God or Solarian or Time Lord. Saa was wife of Ra - Sun God. I believe Ea / Adonai (arrived thru Sun) was the tantric consort of Sarah (the God-Men / ET's biblically inform her she will be with child of late age) for the vestal purpose of politically cementing relations with the neighboring (ET) kingdom. (Who is Dad - Otto Rank's book - Myth of the Birth of the Hero - illustrates Virgin Birth common in kundalini women is in part a concealment that Father was ET to save the life of Moses (by Tut) from murder by his brother's {Enlil / Yalweh Amun Ra} minions - for example.) .

Conception as 'Overshadowed by Angel' - for Mary and Sarah is crude concealment for the kundalini / tantra voltage spike 'sperm' seeding which splits the egg (bliss as charge / spin becoming compressed-dense) bringing the per-Sun-all-I- tie of the dimpling force, is the profound richness of the Puff Penetrating PA in Pater / Father. If Christians saw the true Draco's behind their childish Angel drawings they might rethink the bedtime story they tell their young.

Thus (Mag's) 'grand' Dad was Enki who DID get the soul retrieving Mother juice (Messeh). He learned how to bring humans back from the Dead from his Dad Ea / An. His brother Enlil / Yalweh (The 'angry' 'God') had a different Mother and never could. It was Enki's kid Thoth / Hermes / Quetzlcoatel / Tut? who reports on this skill as THE difference to ensouling the human bloodline - (geometry to implode DNA was never implicate in the Golem Making tetra only H-IBI-URU gene coding software = Hebrew alphabet ). - in his genetic CAIN experiments. (Setting up Thule / At-LAN-tis - means stellar projectile for An-ness to save Cain from murderous Enlil / Yalweh ). Thoth admits being from the Blue Star Kuchina - Rigel in Orion - literally a refugee from the Draco uprising in Orion. ( read ../thoth ) . What has to be read into the history is WHY and HOW the Ea - AN - Enki - Thoth family in their own DNA constituted a genetic rebellion agains the Draconian rules.

The EA (for whom was named EArth) /An / Enki / Enlil family's flight from Rigel in the Orion wars, via Sirius where I believe Niburu was paid for by the Draco's was the origin of what we called Sumerian, so badly mistranslated into what we call Bible. (see the Draco queen morphed into Sumerian goddess statuary at ../lionpath ). The seeds of rebellion were already sown in that family by the terror rites of the Dragon queens (Mags) (see Wharf in Star Trek). The two brothers were an agonizing example of the inter family strife induced when you cross a Draco line with an Aryan OriAn Humanoid or "Bird Tribe".. This I have suggested elsewhere as the fundamental difference between Ophanim and Seraphim . / The cross over is the high voltage pressure between a dragon reptile spine stem whose AMYG-dala mouth spits kunda bliss juice regurgitated from the spine tail stinger blue dish, -into the BIRD brain. This gives the real psychokinetic bird wings to the Melatonin SARA-tone-in dripping pineal pituitary implosion.(thru light speed into time inhabiting - ../grail.html .

Hebrew - Hevree - Ibi-Uru - etc. all these words transliterated mean to CROSS OVER blood lines. Read about Bird IBI blood crossed with URU draco blood at

../portugal , ../crossingover , ../coatels .

Remember that major portions of the humnoid like DNA which became blue copper based oxygen holding when the remnant left here in the ORIGINAL reptilian wars many thousands of years earlier. So they still regarded this planet as home. The legend of the BLACK MADONNA as MAGdalen's kids were called in South France arose from the fact that the Nubian like Thoth lineage kids by Magda ( root of Europe's grail royal families), had darker blue blood. On their home planets not as much iron was available to hold O^2 in the blood. Also the MAG dragon line wanted lower Oxygen in their atmosphere's which is why the shapeshifters are now winning the battle to reduce O^2 on Earth as they did on Mars, because it serves the Dragon and reptile brains better than the bird brains. (The Orion wars are sometimes called the Oxygen wars for this reason - the essence of "Total Recall").

Morningsky ('Guardians of the Grail') describes the key part of the Millenial truce subsiding the Orion wars, was when the Dragon Queens terrorizing telepathy agreed to let the Dog /Dogon /Bird Wiolawa ruled planetoids survive IF each male king there would accept a wife of the Dragon Hive Telepaths. This was like Romans building roads to extend their rule. Similar also to how reverend mothers controlled trading houses in Draco DUNE. The real wealth always lie with those who could steer the great time worms. (Black holes become steerable with the right cookie sutter symmetry alphabet - Ophanim Enochian = origins "StarGate", ../orion AND greek ../greek )

Conside the word Amygdala. It is the name of the mouth of the reptilian brain stem from which snake poison / bliss juice spits into the high brain to trigger bird glands taking MAGnetic wing. It is also the name of an early journal on FRACTALS. It also means as in Amagdala = TO TOWER. Which is what happens to the MAGnetic aura of kundalini bodies, whose field effect changes climates. ("Great Masts of God" in the Icelandic lore of the Kundalini stricken ones, from "Kundalini Psychosis or Transcendance" Dr. Sannella-M.D. book - discussion at ../kundalini ). Much more was implicit in the snake charmed above the Buddha's head.

This lends much hint to why the priests worshipping MAGdalen in so much of the Templar statuary around Sintra etc. ( ../portugal ) , were often seen as Reptile like faces anxious to serve a MAGdalen whose ancestry had DRACO (gargoyle etc.) faces emerging as MAGnetic fire from cave mouths. They did not just eat the gold which occured in MAGnetic fractally lined up lava tubes... they ate the MAGnetism directly. Thus arose the necessity for MICHAEL as Enlil to kill SLAY Dragons cave mouthy PHIre. (He didn't like his Brother's mom). In MAGnetic parlance to kill a MAGnetic field means to phase collapse it into still-ness / implying implode.

This conceals the real meaning a when an ARK has a COVEnANt. The PHIre makes a cold non-consuming ARK. So much of the childish running around to find ancient coke bottles for gods must be crazy would end, if the electrical principles for human hygiene to sustain bliss imploding star entering DNA were taught. ( ../health ) - (Cheaper than airline tickets to the latest fad polluted 'sacred' site anyway).

The Templar's were the MAG families gophers. Their agenda to repair the fabric of time (from such loss of embedding spiral calendric as Montauk) - is a high Dragon Queen necessity. ( ../buehler ). Bliss creates insanity not only if your back yard is not MAGnetically fractal, but also your back calendar (See "Spiral Calendar"). Both time and space must be embedable in order to be inhabitable. ../inhabit . And to be inhabitable is the only way she comes -self-aware to any prepared field. When your DNA makes it thru the cocoon we call speed of light, then only recursion in time can absorb your spin blood non destructively. This is why the galactic government had to put their foot down with Charlie the Draco's time polluting antics running Montauk.

MAGdalen having Draco blood is no more surprising than "Enemy Mine". Let us stop simply trying to find one black hat to label all bad guys thru history, and start realizing we have met the enemy and it is us. (Pogo). I like to remind people that synthesis comes when you take all the GOOD public relations Gardner publishes about these Dragons thru history, ('Genesis of the Grail Kings' & St. Germaine's blood), AND all the bad things Phil Schneider, Alex Collier et al. tell us about the murderous telepathic Draco's who ran DULCE, MONTAUK, etc... and realize that BOTH could be true. We probably deserve to be parasited planet wide, eaten like chickens for our gland juice they can't make, and generally toasted in a Sun fire we don't understand. .... that is IF we don't begin to grapple with the quantum wave meaning of DNA contributing to STAR gravity. When our collective emotion planet wide is so murky that climate goes into chaos along with atmosphere retention, we are not much use in the galactic scheme of things.

The problem the Draco and Dragon kids have of being FALLEN (NEPHILIM), is ages older than our planet. We could be mildly of more interest than the hundreds of other planetoids they have parasited, IF we were to generate the sting that Scorpio does to Orion the Hunter. That sting is when the spine learns to sting itself and enough bliss juice turns inside out back up the spine, in order to squirt the MAG kunda worm of that part soul group family back into STARS. ( see how to survive = knowing the way thru the sun - ../solarfeeling ) . This is where DNA as the great squeezer outer of faster than light toothpaste, gets tested to see if something (a faster than light sustainable tornado inside tornadoes) lasts after the toothpaste container is emptied. Then gravity making or electrical implosion centering force starts to prime the pump which makes Star bodies sustainable, self steering and self aware. This is the risk the Seraphim and Ophanim angel families took when they first made the investment to cross the brother's blood so EXplosively. They would tell their grandchildren as we must tell ours, look up there - see that star being born, that became sustainable because your DNA soul group learned to turn the worm - inside out. Solar-Eye-An.

When their DNA lost implosiveness - they became unable to lucid dream (MAGdalen's Tantric Swoon with Jesus), have a soul, carry memory thru death, and all long memory. So even techno immortality was a prison. Now in the face of a solar system wide implosion, all vampire ('fallen' drac ) blood faces the specter of being toasted. As St.Germaine explained after admitting unabashed his vampirism, the landlord (Draco's) get the furniture (Earth) after the lease (up to Solar implosion) is up. As explained, those Annuaki Draco crossed biblical gene splicing ancestors of ours, WERE able to prove sufficiently to galactic government, they that created enough of a percentage of the DNA on Earth, as to deserve to harvest it. (What they for example do by eating Astrally during Baptist fervors). Yet before we condemn the vampire remember Gurdgjieff: "reciprocal maintenance".

The kool part was when the galactic government said to the Annunaki family of Enlil, if you should continue parasiting Earth, notice how YOUR Draconian family gets entirely swallowed up in the wave of chaos drowning star systems for light years around Earth in the next few hundred years. The ripple effect of Sun's like ours which do NOT get enough genepool symbioted CENTERING FORCE - will kill the parasite worms too! I think even the Drac's noted how radically the solar flares were modulated when several million Earth children sang at the same instant on EarthDay global television. Maybe we DO have the chutzpah to steer the solar fires... Read ../module for how waking the genepool wide DREAMSPELL (lucid coherence field of collective bliss charged DNA) COULD keep us from being BLOWN AWAY IN THE MAGnetic WIND OF THE SUN.

As Innana Returns reported, the Annunaki gene splicers now stuck here with us their golem droid adama donkeys, until WE can show them the way back thru the SUN with the DNA (us) they thought was just for mining gold! This is what is meant by the heart turning to gold, (embedding of charge) - whose immortality prevents growing old.

I particularly like laughing at the Draco's who engineered the loss of Mars atmosphere, paying for HAARP to deflect the same solar fire - thinking they could survive in a cocoon sheltered from the solar wind. In Tai Chi you don't learn non-destructive charge compression by resisting spin (fear). ( keyword search: rapture at ../search )

I call this return of the sting, a double scorpio wombaneuver.

Note in the below, that consistent with the Hopi / Morningsky reports of the Dracs? as having 2 hearts - this corresponds to the reports from the firefight under Dulce (Branton , Phil Schneider reports etc.) where the highly telepathic hard to kill Dracs had 2 hearts.

Lack of a central place for electrical recursion or embedding in the body would physiologically correlate with a loss of the electrical skill to learn compassion (topological turning inside out for mag-netic charge lines - definitely requires only ONE center of gravity as a pilot point).

Note also, the reports of the higher political Draco species as being winged, which are elsewhere called CIAKAR - may relate to the Christian notion of Cherubim.

(end here Dan Winter commentary)

reprinted from


In his article 'ALIEN INVADERS', researcher 'TAL' ----- reveals the following information in regards to the ancient "Evadamic-Draconian" conflict which has, for thousands of years, raged upon, within and beyond planet earth:

"The 'DRACONIAN' Group is a Confederation. They are Reptilian Humanoids, with sub-groups [The 'Serpent Race', from Sirius]... (Note: Sirius figures prominently in reports of humanoids, and
also reports of reptiloid, amphiboid and insectoid activity. In this regard the Sirius system is much like the SOL system itself. Some of these forces apparently collaborate with each other, whereas
others are in conflict with the each other. - Branton) They set up Bases inside Venus, the Earth, etc...

"AN ANCIENT CONFLICT -- The Indians of the South-West U.S.A., have legends of tall, fair-haired Beings. They also have legends about the 'Little People'. Both are said to have 'Sky Craft' or
'Saucers'. American Indians speak of Underground Races, Surface Races and people living 'Above', in the Heavens. The Navajo legends state they once lived Underground, together with the
Coyoteros and the White people, below a mountain near Silverton, Colorado. NOTE: Mt. Hesperus [meaning 'VENUS'] is sacred to them. After coming to the surface they went south and settled
in the canyons of the Dinetah area, near Navaho Dam, between Aztec and Dulce, New Mexico. (Could the ancestors of the Pueblo Indians have been the one's who originally excavated the lower
levels of the Dulce base and the lower tunnels which have apparently existed within the deepest levels of the base for centuries if not millennia? If so, then why did they revert to a low-technology
culture once they reached the surface?. Could it be that the scientific factions of their race either established an interaction with the 'Greys' and/or left the planet altogether, leaving the rest to fend
for themselves? Hopi legends say that their ancestors were driven to the surface by another faction of their own kind who turned to practicing sorcery. Apache legends, according to Robert Morningsky, state that the "Two Hearts" or the "Children of the Lizard" drove the Pueblos to the surface after they had invaded their underground domain. Could BOTH scenarios be true? In
other words, could one scientific faction have remained behind in a collaboration with the reptilians, with another faction leaving the caverns in starships and/or migrating to the surface 'world'
and/or elsewhere through these ancient and massive underground systems? - Branton)

"They then set up defense sites and expanded south towards Mount Taylor and west into Arizona. Built atop high mesas were fortresses and towers consisting of three or more stories.

"The Pajaritan Pueblo Indians have a Legend that they emerged from the INNER EARTH, near the Great Sand Dunes [National Monument] in Colorado. They then traveled down the Rio
Grande, setting up Pueblos. The area now known as Los Alamos, was considered evil. The home of Underworld 'Little People', from which would come the curse of 'The Gourd of Death'! -- and
so it did [in the form of the nuclear bomb]. 'The Greys' ['Little People'] are 'Deros'.

"According to New Mexican Folk Myth, Montezuma was born near TAOS and trained by beings who lived in Caverns, inside Pueblo Peak. [NOTE: At near-by Blue Lake, UFOs have been seen
entering and exiting the water.]

"The Aztec of Mexico, who some think originally came from here, believed that the Sun God needs Blood and sacrificed humans for its' nourishment. They killed over 20,000 people each year.

"Near Taos, in a Cave above the Lucero River, not far from Frijoles Canyon, is where Human sacrifices were made - some say EVEN NOW. (Note: According to one source from Baltimore, MD.,
one man encountered a reptiloid being while spending the night in a cave with black rock walls near some 'springs' north of San Crystobel, not far from Taos, N.M. - Branton)

"Members of 'Secret Society' groups, in Taos, have been found beheaded. [Like Arthur Manby, who told about a secret 'AZTLAND' Hot Springs, roughly 11 miles Northwest of Toas. It is
flanked by Petroglyphs on the canyon walls.]

"Cultists venerate the Mayan-Aztec Death God, 'Camazotz', who took the form of a WINGED CREATURE who removes the heads of his followers who displeased him. Research indicates the High
Priesthood had contact with WINGED-REPTOIDS [who were known to devour humans] and the creatures were seeking various articles of commerce, possibly gold, Psycho-active
[hallucinogenic] Plants, etc.

"Throughout Puebloland, on pottery, CAVE and Kiva walls, will be found decorations representing a Feathered or horned snake [The Plumed Serpent, Quetzalcoatl]...

"From the Pecos Pueblo, Montezuma is said to have led his followers south and founded Tenochtitlan [Mexico City].

"THE MANIPULATORS OF THE MIND -- Alien Civilizations have contacted some of the Earth's inhabitants and practiced various forms of thought control on those they have contacted.
Officer Herb Schirmer, Betty and Barney Hill, and others were given post hypnotic suggestions to try and make them forget the contacts. Only through strength of character and hypnotic
regression were they able to talk about their experiences.

ELECTRICAL PATTERNS. They use devices which produce a combination of flashing lights, pulsating sounds, ELF & E.M. Fields.

"It is also INSIDIOUS to put 'implants' [Brain Transceivers] into Human Beings. And WORSE, to kill them for their Blood and other nutrient substances [Vital Energy resident within their Vital

"The 'Greys' [the short, 'Big Heads'] are mercenaries. They inter-face with humans in 'Secret Societies' and the [fascist] Military/Governmental Complex. An interconnected 'WEB' manipulates the
surface Earth cultures... The 7'-8' tall Reptoid/Drac have been seen giving directions to the 'Greys'. The 'Reptoids' get their orders from the Elite WINGED DRACO. (Note: the actual chain of
command seems to begin with the rebel angels or 'poltergeists' which utilize bio-synthetic constructed physical 'forms' to operate in the physical dimension -- these 'bodies' have been recovered
from crashed discs and seem to consist of a 'sponge-like' substance throughout; followed by the paraphysical 'Mantis-Insectoid' type beings and the 'Winged' and 'White' Dracos or 'Mothmen' as
John Keel refers to them in his book "THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES" -- although it is not certain which of these three are superior; and then the large 'Lizard' or 'Crocodilian-like' saurian
bipeds or Reptiloids; a dark large-muzzled 5 ft. tall [approx.] race that are sometimes referred to as the 'Iguanas' -- a satanic 'priest' class of human-sized reptiloids that have been seen wearing
dark hooded robes and seem to be a cross between the tall Reptiloids and the smaller Grays; a race of 'frog-faced' amphiboid lizards approximately 4 feet tall; various types of 'Grays' with
blue-gray, brown-gray, white-gray, green-gray, tan-gray, etc. skin as well as the 'genetically engineered' hybrid reptiloids and grays which possess insectoid and other genetic characteristics;
followed by various non-hominoid reptilians such as the sea-saurians, giant subterranean 'serpents', the so-called 'dragon-worms', etc. which have been encountered within the deeper cavern
systems or in the sea and which 'seem' to be used more for 'psychic energy' channels. All of these various alien branches collectively make up what has been referred to as the "Serpent Races". -

"THE WINGED SERPENT -- The Reptilian/Amphibian Humanoids have been interacting with Earth for AGES. Many Contactees and Abductees repeatedly describe an Insignia of a Flying
Serpent on a shoulder patch, a badge, a medallion or a helmet... NOTE: Snakes...have skeletal indications of atrophied arms and legs. There have been many transformations & metamorphosis.
'The SERPENT RACE' [like snakes] lives Underground. Yet, they can come out, in their 'Saucers' and 'FLY'...

"THE 'EL' GIANTS -- Elite Cast 'MAN,' the 'Orion [Betelgeusian] Group', have Outpost Bases inside the planet MARS. They are also known as 'The Titans'...'The Brothers'...etc."

(Note: This 'Mars-Orion' reference is the only source we have which actually claims to identify an extraterrestrial colony of the giant 'EL' humans, Titans, Anakim, or Nepheli. The Orion star
Betelgeuse is most often referred to by some contactees in reference to the 'giants'. Some of the residents of the Jovian moons claim that they previously came from or 'returned' from Rigel and
Betelgeuse, apparently after being driven from those systems by the Draconian infiltration and invasion of Orion. Although we have come across little corroborative information concerning the
'extraterrestrial' activity of this branch of the human race, there have been round-about accounts of possible interaction with the Orion constellation. As for a possible subterranean presence, one
source claimed that several years ago a man was let down a cable into a gigantic cavern which had been broken into by a deep 'oil' well-shaft in Texas. The man claimed to have met, within the
caverns, giant 11-12 ft. tall humans -- Anakim-Nepheli? -- who claimed that the Creator and the angelic forces had ordered their civilization to remain in these caverns and to separate themselves
from surface races where they might otherwise be worshipped as gods by ignorant humans because of their stature. This man was told however that this condition would last only until the day of
Judgment-Purification, at which point the 'giants' would once again be allowed to return to the surface world. This doesn't mean that the 'EL' races do not interact with other interstellar federations
who are less inclined to worship them. Several years ago one woman by the name of Margaret Rogers claimed to have visited the underground civilization of the 'Nepheli' deep below Mexico.
They said that their name for God is 'Tamil', which was also confirmed by the Telosian 'Bonnie' or 'Sharula', whose people reportedly have considerable interaction with the 'giants'. They also told
Ms. Rogers that one day man would develop interstellar craft and be so presumptuous as to approach the very throne of the Creator and invade His personal domain, and thus invoke his wrath
upon the whole planet. Could she have been referring to the 'Eternity Gate' within the Orion Nebula which lies far beyond the Orion star cluster, or to the 'New Jerusalem' Command, a virtual
CITY OF LIGHT which has reportedly been seen by government astrophysicists to be emerging from the Orion Nebula vortex and is now on a direct course to Earth -- due to arrive near the end
of the third 'Millennium' A.D.? Another source has claimed that many centuries ago these human 'giants' left their underground cities and set out on a great expedition to the stars, only to
RETURN in later centuries from their great interstellar migration or expedition. Upon returning they RE-ESTABLISHED their ancient and vast cavern cities beneath Alaska and elsewhere --
some of which had been over-run by degenerate "animal men" from the earth's interior during their absence, who were particularly cruel to the natives on the surface. Ancient records state that
the Anaks, Nepheli or Titans once dwelled in the Middle East and also the ancient Gobi region, but now live mainly in large cavernous systems deep below Alaska, Oregon, Northern California,
Utah, Texas, Mexico, some of the Pacific Islands, and also other parts of the western flank of North and Central America. One friend of mine informed me of a very vivid abduction-type 'dream'
in which 'I' came to her and took her to a cliff in the western Rockies, somehow causing part of the cliff to open up like a door with the rock moving inward and down, and took her through an
inclining tiled tunnel and to a large metallic door with a type of keyboard affair next to it. She claimed that IN this "altered state" or "alternate personality" mode 'I' used my LEFT HAND to
punch-in a quick succession on the keyboard, a kind of code that opened the metallic door and we entered. Normally in my 'conscious' life -- which does NOT recall this incident other than
vague subjective 'dreamlike' images and unsolicited thoughts -- I am RIGHT-HANDED. She claimed that 'I' took her inside, and we met some friendly humanoid beings about 12-14 feet tall who
wore silvery uniforms which seemed to be 'ALIVE' in her words, or emanated LIFE-energy. During another experience she claims 'I' had taken her to large underground chambers below the Salt
Lake valley where I was directing some kind of operation and instructing humans from the surface, who were also experiencing a 'double' existence in this 'other' world. My impressions are that
although this collective-based alternate identity was originally psychotically-induced by the Greys during past abduction experiences [as they have done with NUMEROUS abductees], this
alternate 'self' was to a CERTAIN degree re-programmed by more friendly alien forces and became involved with various humanoid cultures within the "inner earth" who are making a common
defense against the Reptilian invasion of their native territories. Aside from the obvious 'angelic' influences that have guided my life, the interaction that more benevolent beings have apparently
had with my 'alter-ego' would help to explain the steady flood of "inspiration" which has resulted in the manifestation of this current project. So I am certainly NOT the ultimate SOURCE or
mastermind behind these Nexus/Dulce files, but merely a willing [and sometimes semi-willing] 'vessel' for other SOURCES you might say, who have continually inspired me and led me towards a
'mother lode' of information which would otherwise defy the laws of probability or synchronicity. These 'sources', based on my own personal perceptions, would include humanoid Giants,
Hu-brids, Sasquatch, Dwarfs, Extraterrestrials, Aghartians, deep level surface Military Agencies who are against the Draconian agenda, and what might be considered 'faerian-type' people of an
ethereal quality yet no less 'human' than us. Should it sound strange that there are also 'people' dwelling within this planet who are ALSO against Draconian collectivism and who value freedom
and liberty as [hopefully] most of us do? There IS INDEED a war going on right under our feet that is just as intense as anything that might have been conceived by your average science-fiction
or fantasy author. If this sounds unusual, then consider that an entire 'lost world' existing throughout the crust of this planet -- which has for ages remained separated from the often superstitious
residents of the surface -- would tend to develop a state of HIGH-STRANGENESS, at least from OUR perspective. The outer world would probably seem as 'alien' to them as their world seems to
us. The separation and distinction between these two 'worlds' -- aside from the fact that it is usually only the most powerful secret societies who have access to BOTH worlds -- is often augmented
by the fact that most of those throughout history who have encountered the outskirts of this 'lost world' often reacted with fear of the unknown when they encountered something strange and
unusual in connection with these portals, and normally wanted nothing more to do with them, interpreting the experiences according to their own frame of reference... and the reality of this other
world below would surface in a more diluted form through legends, myths, folklore and such. If, as I am convinced, many abductees are living similar nocturnal "double lives" with interventionist
or non-interventionist aliens, or both, we might look no farther than our own unconscious minds in order to find the "aliens". In fact, from one perspective the following might be true: "We have
found the aliens, and they are us!" - Branton)

TAL continues: "'The ELs' will engage 'The DRACO' in battle around this Planet. Most will die. REVELATION 12:7: 'Now war arose in Heaven, Michael and his Angels fighting against the Dragon and his Angels...'

"The Elite Corporate/Military/Governmental Complex of this country, and its' connection to One-World control cliques, are currently in negotiation with the Draco. They have threatened
'Fail-Safe', if the Draco [the Serpent Race] and their minions [The Greys and their human Agents] do not stop exploitation of the Earth. In other words, an Elite Control Group who have moved
most of their chosen race to Underground Cities on the Moon & MARS, are willing to launch 'Super-Dirty' Nuclear Weapons [from Deep Sub-City Bases, manned by patriotic 'mind controlled'
orphans] to poison this entire Planet and kill everyone, so that NO ONE can have the Jewel EARTH ['The Divine Tear']... (Take note of the references made by contactee Alex Collier and others
to the effect that some of the elite Military-Industrial Alternative-3 bases on the moon and Mars were sabotaged by the Draco in 1985, and that the Draco are currently targeting the Alternative-2
underground bases below the surface of the earth. This would tend to polarize the "secret government" factions even more... those who, once in alliance with the reptilian collective, are now
opposing the Draco-Orion collectivist forces. These are those who had not succumbed to the absolute psychological control of the draconian collective -- or have not been 'infected' by
'collectiv-itis' you might say -- when the Dracos made their move and took possession of many of the former joint-operational bases. Unless the leaders of this Military-Industrial underground
come clean with Congress and the patriotic citizens of the United States of America and ask for their assistance AND open up their "Underground Empire" for ALL Americans, and not just the
fraternal 'elite', then these people will find themselves in a VERY difficult situation -- trying to keep Draconian infiltrators at bay on the one hand and attempting to appease the wrath of an
awakening giant in the form of freedom-loving Americans on the other. Americans who will begin DEMANDING access to the underground network which THEY paid for via taxes and other
collective economic losses. - Branton)

"THE SECRET OF 'V'... The following is a list of those Organizations which repeatedly advertised on NBC during the first 19 'V' Programs [a weekly, hour T.V. Series]. Advertising support came
from 'GENERAL ELECTRIC' [who happens to own NBC and has worked on the Government/Alien 'Saucer' Projects]... 'U.S. ARMY RECRUITING COMMAND'... 'AT&T'... 'EASTMAN
(Note: For years it was impossible to buy a video set of the 'V' series. As of the beginning of 1995, the 'V' series was released on video and became available through major video outlets! -

"The 'Reptoids' are returning to Earth! The INVADERS are here. We must convince a disbelieving World that the nightmare has already begun. Their Purpose: to make Earth their World. It is not
over for the Human Race. 'Freedom Fighters' join together...for the sake of ALL of US..."