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Dec2001:.Good Feng Shui When Scientists Cross Ley Lines With Dowsers?

Geometry of Eldorado - Understanding A Country's National Destiny Based in the Sacred Geometry of Magnetic 'Long Waves"

Recursion in The Harmonic Power Spectra of the Earth's Magnetic Grid, Proves the Onset of Self-Awareness..

Earth's Schumann Resonance and The Self-Referrent Earth


Michael Rice: Dublin- Sacred / Holistic Architecture - pics

Network of Wholistic Architects- in Process.

Nov 30,2003:
Djedai, Steiner and Heart's that PROJECT CHARGE (Crookes tubes & Projective Capacitors in Egyptian Carvings)

Nov 8,2003: CONCORDANCE: Solar Capacitor, PERU-Sun Temple, Solomon's Temple & the "Soul-of-Man"

8/26/2000: Ports of Gaol:"Eggs Files"for Dragons..Feeling for Europes Navigators. (Spiritual Destiny of Portgal /Europe/ & Dragon Lines)

10/22/2000: 'World Peace Flame': The Natural Result of Heart's in Agreement on 'Phi-Re'

1/20/2000: 'Soft' Spot in the Earth's Head DIMPLES to be BORNE into The Solar Storm / Phirey Orgasmic Moment.... May 2000?

Stray Ground Currents, ELF Pollution, Health Issues, &The Life Blood of Earth

Why Does War Occur ONLY in Places Where Earth's Magnetic Resonance cannot Penetrate the Soil?

Earth Grid Magnetic Skeleton, Emergency Service Network of Contacts, and vision summary

Trace Mineral Geometry for Dying Trees

Para-Magnetic Stone Circles create micro-climate and magnetic bubble for telepathy

Using Magnetic Portal Geometry

Practical Geomancy and Grid engineering for your front yard

Magnetic Healing of Trees with Human Emotion

David Yarrow's Articles, Intro to "Dragon in the Ice Castle"

Washington DC Magnetic Geometry: A "Pentagon" Fractal".. an Emotional Spin Radiance Source.. of Masonic Design?


Summary of the Grid Engineering Images used in the COURSE:

The below images are courtesy of Rob Gourlay: as credited on the image immediately below... (using Sattelite Magnetics to map Grid Lines,
in the first image = note that the ancient concept of song line actually appears visible on a DC magnetic map!)