DESERTIFICATION, Patriarchy and "Hard-Making Power".

See also: How to Make Rain- Science of Charge Compression..
Why metal fences and roofs and farms PREVENT it from raining!

"Origins of Armoring in Saharasia, c.4000 BCE. (Copyright 1996)
From Dr. DeMeo's book on the subject. DeMeo's Saharasia discovery was the
result of the first-ever global geographical mapping of data on human behavior,
from ethnographical sources as found in university libraries the world over."
ref- James DeMeo PhD:

from Dan: Map the spread of laws preventing public affection,
and you map the spread of the giant desert.
The reason is - this prevents short waves from (touch!) columnating (precipitating) into long.

physics tells us why hugging creates rain: it columnates magnetism..

by dan winter

BioAcoustic Habitat Theory: Forest Makes A Membrane (Immune System) by Braiding Coherent Sound Layers..

as in Bernie Krause, WildFire Magazine and Electronic Musician..

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As the desert spreads, so does the alienation of the feminine. "Judge a culture by the way they
treat their women.."

James DeMeo PhD. interviewed in Wildfire Magazine, carefully researched the significant
connection between climates moving to dryness, and culture moving to (harsh?) patriarchy.
The spreading of the Saharasian desert around the belly of the globe is directly connected to the lack of gentleness of the cultures inhabiting its surface/membrane. (Dr DeMeo % Orgone
Biophysical Lab, Box 1395, El Cerrito, CA 94530.) He suggests that the loss of trees/Earth-skin
membrane/moisture correlates directly to the loss of gentle feminine archeological artefacts.

His statistical conclusions fit nicely with what we know intuitively about the great gentle
motherly matriarchys of the globe which have been wet.. Minoan, Polynesian, etc. While the
harsh DESERTified Arab/Iranian patriarchyís (where gentleness toward woman or child in
public is TABOO!) , have been dry/hard.

The purpose of this commentary is to draw a few interesting parallels to myth and physics, of
this very illuminating concept.

Fíabre DíOlivet (Hebraic Tongue Restored), translated ADAM or ADAMIC race to mean
"Hard-Making Power". This closely relates to our term ATOMIC. IEVE meant the word or
form of the word, or symmetry, which holding the apple or fig leaf (donut strip) tempts "in
principle" ADAM or hard making power, to segregate momentum/separateness/evil.


thanks to james demeo for the suggestion re:
Calvali-Sforza as I recall, who made maps of blood factors

I was meditating on this today,

the issue in principle might be

why does the spread of patriarchy
also spread deserts?

as demeo showed with anthrop data..

(visualize clouds gathering into magneto shapes
around children dancing touchily in the mud)

male making power is
retranslated from
"adamic" or red-making power
(in Hebreaic Tonque Restored, by Fabre D'olivet)
hard making power..

which corresponds nicely with what inertia must do
electrically in males to make seed...

as opposed to the much more fractal egg(your mothers was
self contained already in the body of the first women.. if not the big bang)
a much more unpacked unfolding operation...

now the this converging yang seed hard or acid making activity
of maleness (testasterone poisoning otherwise known as football
is acid)
tends to fill electrical holes rather than create holes..
(it is feminine to create space/alkalinity)

rain is electrically attracted to where magnetism is electrically
attracted which is to where magnetic lines
rearrange themselves into the (phi) geometry of embedding

bill witherspoons sri yantra trench a mile or so across, filled
with paramagnetic sand, increased average rainfall measureably..
fractal magnetic/create space/ attract water (which is so paramagnetic
as to necessarily follow magnetic lines).

wet making cultures were matrirchical (fractal)
minoa, polynesia

storal to mory:

learning the skill to arrange long wave magnetics
into the geometry of embeddability
(ex: dodec/icos earthgrid)
is probably survival related to
emerging from acid patriarchical desertification


microcosmically such charge fractality is called "orgone"?

is rh- blood, the cure to acid blood..


dan winter

In our work on the geometric origins of matter & alphabet, we have noted a recurrent

packing vs unpacking

folding vs unfolding

male vs female

yang vs ying

hardening vs softening

segregating vs connecting

seeding vs budding

centripedal vs centrifugal

In order to gain some perspective on a deep causal relationship between cultures entering
patriarchy and the drying up of the land, it is necessary to reflect on some recent insights into
the wave making activities of human emotion, and their relationship to the gravitational field
and the gradient between water vapor vs precipitation. Even if the disciplines of Kundalini,
Tantra, ecstatic process, ritual, and/or geomancy are unfamiliar to you, the connection
between touching context and rainmaking should be simply understandable for you.

I remember taking our bronze cup shaped gong, filling it with water and ringing it to observe
the results. At first, a few low frequency gongs would cause a wave pattern to be visible on the
surface. But then by hitting the gong faster and faster, higher frequency interference would
froth back and forth on the surface. Until rapid beating of the gong would cause the surface of
the water to turn to steam and VAPORIZE exactly as if it were boiling. Anyone who has
watched the water steaming coolly out of an untrasonic humidifier will understand this

Low frequency sound (phonon waves) create crystalline order in liquid metals making them
superconductive. The same liquid oscillated by higher and higher frequency pressure waves
(sound), goes from crystal toward liquid toward vapor. IT IS IMPORTANT TO

In the language of the orgone economy, the living cell takes its food in as relatively long
waves, and then massages their envelope to shorter waves called GENETIC material. The
output of the cell, erotically, is itís highest frequency field which as "orgone", travels across
membranes to make "love", or folds back into the cell to make genes. Cancer is the membrane
that hardens and doesnít conduct these frequencies, measured by contact inhibition. Cellular
promiscuity is no place for the cellís love to flow.

In the male, this high frequency cellular output is collected to form seeds, thus packing the
high frequencies. The vernacular for this process is interestingly called "getting ones rocks

E-motion is our name for motion across frequencies. (The spectrum analysis of EEEEE is of
lo and hi tones, with the tongue pressing out the mid range tones). The alphabet of emotion (cf
Sentics), is thus the instruction set of momentum across frequecies impressed upon the cell
membrane, by the pressure waves of touch.

The cycle of eros/love in the body however does not stop with the output of the cells highest
frequencies. Genetic material as output in the love making process, has much of itís memory
stored in the ultraviolet spectra of light. Yet we notice the process of ecstacy as documented in
the TM literature (& by Bentov:"Stalking the Wild Pendulum"), is measured by the onset of
super low frequency sonic and sub sonic sound waves (called ELF, extra lo frequency.)
neuromuscular plexi in the body are the phase translation or symmetry adding focal points
where an additional turn or harmonic or octave or lotus petal, is added to the flow form from
genetic light at the bottom organs, to sonic light (ecstacy) at the top.

The arrival of low frequency coherent sound to the brain area arranges the liquid nervous
material toward the superconductive crystal, and at the same time focusing concentrically
across the conic liquid ventricle horns, massages the ductless glands to secrete and propagate
the psycho-active ecstatic hormones. The pituitary and pineal complex thus are massaged to
arrive at a ductility to equalize the sonic propagation rate between them and the surrounding
ringing nervous tissue, thus setting up the matrix for the brain to become coherently ONE.

All of this inner discipline toward the ecstatic/healing/wholing process, can thus be
summarized as a wave progression fed at the bottom by erotic/high frequency cellular juices,
and arriving at the top of the head as the lo frequency coherent sweet dripping nectar of

This description is identical with the Yogic description of Tantra. It is also confirmed in
"Kundalini:Psychosis or Transcendance" by Lee Sannella MD. Additional understanding of
the spinal liquid path for the harvest of sonic sweetness up the glandular ladder, is "Cranio-
Sacral Pulse" (John Upledger Institute, Palm Beach, Cranio Sacral Therapy book by the
same author, Eastman Press.)


Return then, to an overall sense of what we have described. The short waves become more
and more nested, woven, embedded in the long. With each envelope ,

With each embedding of the longer wave, more and more compassion and context and
touching is interwoven, connecting biology with its larger whole.

If the above picture were in 3D, sine waves would be donuts. The nest of the little ones
embeddedin the longer waves would be a braid. Recall that the braided adding of context
dependancy was the mechanism described by Jeremy Campbell in "Grammatical Man,
Information, Entropy, Language and Life"...........which permitted high signal to noise ratio,
information storage in DNA.

Now consider motherly matriarchy as a mater/water wetting and touching. Wetting power is
power to enable touching, a context building, long wave nesting process. This is as opposed to
separating, hard making, adamic, atomic, PAtriarchy. Vapor is separateness for water
molecules. Focus precipitates, as ecstacy "rides the long wave".

Please do not conclude that this is just a nice poetic symbolism. Kundalini causes rain! The
geomant moves an earth resonant ley line with a low frequency tap on a rod, ritual moves jet
streams the same way. The Earth grid is our garment/skin, a way for us to wear our collective

Membrane is the written history as a frequency signature (cf Bioacoustic Habitat Theory, for
forests, Whole Earth Dec 87 ), of all the ways we have been touched. Healthy mem-ory-brane for
Earth, the thin film superconductive biomass called forests/oceans/people living close to Earth,
requires touching E-motion. Touching our love/eros.. be wet.. keeps Earthís skin alive. The
skin is the bio-computerís CPU. The self/not self...buck stops here. Waves refine the thin film
membrane to create architecture in integrated circuits. Conscious is sentics
longest wave/best nest... is the zone refinement for Earth mind.

complete bio medical membrane discussion from



Is Embedding a Mathematical Opposite to Cancer as Wave Fractionation

"If embedding as a measureable wave function creates touchability for cells, it
then defines THE OPPOSITE OF CANCER, and thus predicts in immediate
practical terms how to cure it.."

"This perfect nesting wave geometry for how to touch
(www.../touch) applies not just to HOW people need to
hug/touch, BUT ALSO EXPLICITLY FOR HOW CELLS NEED TO HUG/TOUCH. Since response to touch (contact inhibition/ touching failing to inhibit replication), IS THE DEEPEST
So now below here, we must ask what wave geometry would restore the cells
ability to respond to touch? (ending cancer).. Fortuneately, PERFECT
EMBEDDING VS. FAILURE TO EMBED, mathematically provide a

by Daniel Winter 1/99

Notes composed to Robert Zawada in Laser Research, and Allen Oseroff Research Area Director, at Roswell Park Memorial Cancer Institute Buffalo, in thanks to them for conversing so thoughtfully as they experienced the HEARTLINK Monitor, measure fractality vs fractionation "real time" in their EKG.

Article dedicated to "Albert Szent Gyorgi" author of "Electronic Biology and Cancer" which originally inspired me to this way of thinking. In nobel prize winning work, he suggests, organizing cellular water into "ice-9" super order, permits the propagation of the triplet state electron, which is the widest broadcast a molecule can make of its electrons. This creation of wider extended families at the molecular level permits the timing and spacing choreographics for cell splitting to become efficient. So ordering or maximum wave symmetry for water's bonds becomes the limit condition for getting metabolism into "fractality from fractionation". The switching from the fractionated to the fractal, (which I believe means EMBEDABLE!) becomes the cell "catastrophe theory" flip flop from social life to cancer. (albeit many of the key words above are what I read into his work, and do not appear in the book.)

Why would Healthy Cells Normally be a CHARGE HOLDING ELLIPTICAL Shaped Membrane..BASED ON PHI/Golden Mean..

Whereas (below 2 images), cancerous cells normally RESHAPE to LESS CHARGE HOLDING Spherical..

The reason for this apparently has to do with cell membranes really being stitched waves trying to stand non destructively in phase. Wave lengths "interfering" with each other based on the Golden Mean, can keep adding and multiplying forever, thus allowing perfect continuous constructive "TOUCHING". When the surface wave lengths are based on PHI/ GoldenMean / PHIllotaxis, then the harmonics.. REACH OUT AND TOUCH someone..!? FAILING TO RESPOND TO TOUCH ELECTRICALLY (SPHERICAL/INCUBATING/CONTAINMENT HARMONICS), BEING THE DEFINITION OF CANCER... (Electrical Deadness from Touch fails to inhibit replication, an electrically triggered phenomena).

 This Inspired by Bob Zawada at Roswell Park Memorial Cancer Institute:

Standard water molecule, with O at top and H2 at lower triangle average angle between is 104 degrees, (in ice it goes to 120 hex) but in liquid it is about 104 degrees. This sets the height that triangle versus bottom width between 2 hydrogens, is golden mean..So water is pent , ice is hex..

and Healthy living human cell is essentially elliptical, the geometry of that ellipse long axis to short is intimately linked to phi ratio, whereas when cell deviates from phi ratio series, (for example if it becomes a circle), it then becomes cancerous..major to minor axis of cell as ellipse for healthy. Capacitive maintenance is kept alive by -embedding (the opposite of cancer?). The EM radiation we deposit in cellular tissue is helping to resonante the intrcellular water in to a statewhere it becomes phi ratio.. When the water in PHI harmony, becomes healthy cell..water becomes embeddable, and then the cell.. Bob Zawada credits inspiration from stuart roy hameroff microtubules articles..

To UnderStand More About How CUBIC Heart Field Effects are Membrane Making (too much = cancer)


Heart Harmonics in PENT.. Membrane BRIDGING (cancer curing)

click on HeartLink

To Understand Better How Cubic (1.0)ratio Harmonics Hold Energy In, (to "hex"), VS Phi-Cycle Harmonics DISTRIBUTE (re-"Pent" to be saved/ made distributable) see Merkabbah


Extending original ideas about biomechanical wave survival in www.../embedability : Does the lifetime of any wave oscillator (atoms/genes/cells/people/galaxies) vary directly with how mathematically EMBEDABLE it is as a simple wave? And therefore can life force be quantized or measured when EMBEDABILITY CAN BE MEASURED? If PHIlotaxis based on PHI is natures solution to embedability, then do percent present PHI harmonics quantize life force, self reference, self organization, self awareness IN GENERAL/IN PRINCIPLE?

See particularly in this regard statistics on Heart survival simply as A WAVE WITHIN A WAVE WAVING.. in: The Origin of Disease and Health Heart Waves The Single Solution to Heart Rate Variability, by IRVING DARDIK (MD formerly Olympic Medical Committee, as pub. in Cycles Mag.) "Why does a decrease in heart rate variability(HRV)emerge as a single common risk factor for virtually all chronic diseases at all ages?" As a follow up I then suggest 1. His concept of "superlooping" and Rate Variability and Fractality be applied to understanding what sustains (not just the heart but) every biological oscillator (you and me & planets) as the "embedability" which creates a "ground" ("a sacred circuit"?). And 2: That perfecting this nesting of the loops is acheivable with the feedBACK mathematics of PHI the Golden Mean (Phi-lotaxis as maximum exposure minimum superposition really means waves nesting perfectly.).... reference: www.../embedability

Then understanding harmonic richness in HRV (variability in Heart Rate..medically linked to "all chronic disease"), becomes literally the issue of understanding HOW THE HEART'S ELECTRICITY FEEDS HEALTH BY BECOMING FRACTAL! (Dardik's article above defines/depicts HRV perfection exactly as a FRACTAL.) I have then described how the HEARTLINK Monitor then is simply the logical mathematical extension allowing HRV fractality to be measured. This depends on adding the math I have inserted into Dardik by noting that FRACTALITY IS THE GEOMETRY OF PHI.. Golden Mean/ Basis of PHIlotaxis.. perfect branching/nesting in general/ in nature. I discuss this is detail in Heart Rate Variability Comparison using HeartLink:(/hrv) : "The issue is simple: once we properly generalize the meaning of Heart Rate VARIABILITY to pure principle, as the MAXIMUM NUMBER OF HARMONICS POSSIBLE BE INCLUDED IN THE HEART'S RINGING, then the outcome is defined by mathematics. The Golden Mean Ratio produces the maximum leaf structure (Phillotaxis) or "branching" or FRACTALITY in the heart resonances (harmonic inclusiveness, electrically as well as sonically). This is the key to Dr.Irving Dardik's HRV solution to all chronic disease . To maximize the heart rate variability simply makes the heart beat SUSTAINABLE as a wave! The amazing thing is that this ELECTRICAL requirement to be all inclusive or NESTABLE or EMBEDABLE corresponds emotionally or empathically to maximizing as many perspectives of FEELING as possible. Flow lines for feeling, and flow lines for magnetism being the same. Thus again, perfect COMPASSION and perfect SPACE SHARING and perfect COMPRESSION turn out to be identical in principle AND IN PRACTICE. " (Consider fractality as the survival of a loop embedded in a loop). This onset of PHI harmonics is what makes fractality in the bodies electricity measureable. This is the HEARTLINK Monitor's technique of 2nd order FFT displaying harmonics embedding in .618 ratio/ corresponding most frequently to emotional reports of wonder/love.. see HeartLink new manual /manual .

So next what we need is a cellular metbolism model for why embedding waves in this set of PERFECTLY DISTRIBUTABLE RATIOS WOULD ELIMINATE CANCER.

Let's consider the follow table, as a display of which are the most predominant wave lengths in the cells "childs zylophone" of fields where it's energy is stored:

The Above Depicted Concept was taught to me by Professor of BioPhysics Earl Ettienne Ph.D (deceased), at Univ. MA Medical School at Worcester. Namely that, you could model the living cell's choice for where to store it's cellular energy resources as a series of phase linked pools. Specifically, you might take all the major areas where the cell has stored inertia, and label them (as in the above picture), from left to right something like:

1. crude protein in arriving into the cell as "food"

2..3..4.. 5..6..7. DNA Precursors, 8. Genetic Material itself..

In this model you look at the subcellular organelles as WAVE GUIDES. This means that each of the above labeled storage areas in the cell correspond approximately to: THE PRIMARY QUANTUM WAVELENGTH ASSOCIATED WITH THE KEY CHEMISTRY OF THE MAIN MOLECULE STORING ENERGY FOR THAT STAGE OF CELL METABOLISM.

Now the important thing to note, is that this results in a kind of wave model for how the CELL takes cruder arriving "food", raw material from the blood... AND EVENTUALLY TURNS IT INTO DNA AND CELL REPLICATION.

Dr. Ettienne suggested to me that the main thing to learn from making a table like this, for where the cell stores it's major reserves.. is that from a quantum level you would learn THAT MAKING GENETIC MATERIAL AND THE PRECURSORS OF CELL REPLICATION, IS A PROCESS OF "MASSAGING AN ENVELOPE" FROM LONGER WAVE (LESS INFORMATION DENSE) "FOOD" TO SHORTER WAVE (MORE INFORMATION DENSE) GENETIC MATERIAL ITSELF.

So that gene stuff is for the cell the ultimate product of metabolism in the sense that the cell goes to a lot of work to gradually MASSAGE the wavelength of incoming "cruder" food, to OUTGOING DNA STUFF... :

which is COMPOSED OF MAINLY HIGH QUALITY HIGHER FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT. (I always think of this as the BLUE FIRE or UV or creative juice "eros" of the cell, but I am not sure that the actual wave primary wave lengths in DNA are in the UV. I seem to recall some Russian references that there is a measureable UV burst from DNA during Meiosis/Meitosis).

One point being, that the making of high quality high frequency light then become the ESSENTIAL MOTOR OF CELL METABOLISM, in that it becomes the information dense "sweet" (braided) output of cell "sex".

The geometry of this braiding in DNA.. Braiding DNA, Is Emotion the Weaver? /braidingDNA/BraidingDNA.html

into almost the holy grail for genes.. is depicted below:

The middle section of this article below will be a group of images and links to corroborate this idea that DNA braiding geometrics is the KEY to a useful FIELD EFFECT MODEL of what triggers cancer, and how to cure it wave mechanically. Then turning this idea that braiding wave fields into embedability is the OPPOSITE of cancer as a field effect, INTO A CURE, is discussed at the bottom of this article.

The idea that DNA is a field effect whose "lifespan" is "CONTEXT (BRAID?) DEPENDANT" , comes from the book: "Grammatical Man, Information, Entropy, Language and Life" by Jeremy Campbell. In which the author suggests that the "high signal to noise ratio" in DNA as an information transmitter, is due to context dependancy. This is something like noting that in DNA you will learn no more about software by looking at coding pairs directly (Human Genome Project?) , than you would be looking at machine code. You must look a groups within groups within groups, OR CONTEXT (OR BRAIDING), to see the C++ high level programming in DNA. This is where I began my article on EMOTION as EKG phonons as the braider/aligner of active sites/ programmer of DNA. (Braiding DNA link above).


Above Graphic: Fusion/21st Century Magazine..

Below Graphic: Golden Mean proportion in length, area in volume.., Phi, Phi^2, Phi^3, in DNA's wratchet.

Does DNA conserve the information of ALL proportions as an info embedder?

Original concept from: "Geometric Extensions of Consciousness" by Ann Tyng in Zodiac Magazine, which she indicated to me she derived from Coxeter's work. This graphic by Dan Winter.

Is the center of DNA's helix a superluminal "zipper" accelerator:

Below: Is the Non-Linear Hydrogen Bond at the center of the zipper of each rung of the ladder of DNA, in fact in Golden Mean Proportion?

And if so, is that what makes genetic material truly distributable as a wave function?


Above: concept from "Rhythmns of Vision" book by Lawrence Blair, Graphic by Dan Winter..

below from book:"Biochemistry"by Mathews&VanHolde, Artwork Copyright Irving Geis.

above also note the 36 degree wratchet angle 5/10 symmetry from center column (PHI? H Bond) indicated bottom right..

As explained to me by Professor John Hubbard, PhD Univ Buffalo Medical School in Pathology and Microscopy.. that the stability of the central non- linear hydrogen bond spark gap zipper to the DNA helix, in many ways explained the quantum mechanics of aging. Namely, that the wave geometry of this bond determined the success and accuracy of base pair matching. So in effect, the determinant of replication success.. not making mistakes in coding up the next protein, was limited by the wave fit geometry in this bond center. He suggested cell deterioration associated with aging, at one level, correlated with the decay of this central bond. If the non-linear hydrogen bond tears from it's RECURSION geometry (based on PHI) THEN DNA begins to make more replication mistakes. This is because the ability of the field effect reaching out from the bond center, to attract the right protein/codon fit is limited by the geometry of the bond itself. A spark gap is q square wave, which by definition could have an infinite series of contained harmonics. Yet we know, that no harmonic series can heterodyne or beat with itself infinitely, unless the ratio of the wave lengths are Golden Mean. (The only completly non-destructive wave interference geometric). If we look at the harmonic content of this bond then as being a GOLDEN RATIO (rectangle as depicted in the center of DNA rung above), then it's harmonics become a log function of PHI / The Golden Mean Ratio. In this case then, DNA's central rung as a wave function, (zipper/linear accelerator/superluminal? access to "spirit"? see /superDNA/superDNA.html) becomes an adder and multiplier of both wave length AND WAVE VELOCITY heterodynes.. according to this chart ( a top down view:)

When the wholly gene becomes distributable as a wave, by PHIllotactic (Golden Ratio)"embedability" that wave expresses itself as in the next 2 images:



How does braiding in DNA make it faster than LIGHT? reference: /superDNA/superDNA.html


* "A Dynamical Theory Describing SuperConductant DNA", Int'l Journal of Quantum Chemistry, Vol XV, 333-341 (1979) Douglas Paine, College Ag
& Life Sci, Cornell U, & William Pensinger (with whom we have had some lively discussions by mail) 752 Agua Fria,Apt A-2, Sante Fe, NM 87501.
Abstract excerpt:"A dynamical model describing DNA as superconductant is proposed... A set of field equations is used to describe the information
exchange process mediated by a coherent wave phenomenon." Another quote from article: "The (Pi electron quantum within the DNA molecule) is thus
a 'local domain structure' within a hierarchically organized supersystem, system, subsystem composite".

And for an ANIMATED DNA tour: /dna/


MODULATION OF DNA BY COHERENT HEART FREQUENCIES by Glen Rein from ISSEM : Measurements of DNA's helical slinky responding with a twist to the phonon or long wave pony tail of Heart felt coherence. Also acknowledgements to Institute Heart Math. A paper which I always felt was a direct measurement response to my Braiding DNA:Is Emotion the Weaver, early book chapter, mentioned above. Glen Rein listened closely to my suggestions at HeartMath before he wrote this paper measuring the effect of COHERENCE in the EKG on DNA.

Molecular Modeling Sonic Phase Lock to DNA:

from Institute of Heart Math, where I was involved with important early work, some of their more relevant papers:

The Electricity of Touch: Detection and measurement of cardiac energy exchange between people.
R McCraty, M Atkinson, D Tomasino, WA Tiller.
In: KH Pribram, ed. Brain and Values: Is a Biological Science of Values Possible. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., 1998.

Cardiac Coherence: A New Non-Invasive Measure of Autonomic System Order.
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Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, 1996:2(1):52-65.

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The Physiological and Psychological Effects of Compassion and Anger.

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Head-Heart Entrainment: A Preliminary Survey.

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Published in the Proceedings of Integrating the Science and Art of Energy Medicine, Boulder, Colorado, 1995.

New Electrophysiological Correlates Associated With Intentional Heart Focus.

R. McCraty, M. Atkinson, W. A. Tiller, and G. Rein.
Subtle Energies, 1995:4(3):251-262.

So now as promised we must turn this basic idea, that long wave sonic or phonon braiding in DNA is effectively the organizer of genes out of chaos (fractionation) into fractality (which we suggest is the same as perfect "embedding" optimized by Golden Mean.)

Recapping where we are so far, we have a living cell which is nesting it's primary energy storage reserves into a little set of ringing bells based on longer wave length of "crude food" being "massaged" ultimately into high quality high frequency coherent light, which becomes the motor for genetic replication.

We need to understand how Golden Ratio wave mechanics, creating embeddable structure create the ability for fields to MOVE BETWEEN MEMBRANES, instead or as opposed to INCREASING ISOLATION BETWEEN MEMBRANES. Remember that ISOLATION within a membrane IS THE ESSENTIAL WAVE MECHANIC OF CANCER. With some of the above images in mind, we could now imagine how the cell goes to a lot of "work" to get it's sex juice massaged from food, into high frequency light genetic precursors. Once this "blue fire" is created in the cell, it becomes LIFE OR DEATH depending on whether or not there is an outlet. The parallels to what testasterone does to males are deep, humerous, and quaking. If the "seed making juice" gets no outlet, it becomes the DEFINITION of CANCER. This may be well understood under the old psychological axiom of which football is the incarnation which says: "URGE TO TOUCH FRUSTRATED TURNS TO ANGER". (We know that Anger's wave geometry is specifically a 1/7 ratio of MAXIMUM DESTRUCTIVE WAVE INTERFERENCE: SENTICS. See : How To Touch. This geometry for how to touch applies not just to HOW people need to hug/touch, BUT ALSO EXPLICITLY FOR HOW CELLS NEED TO HUG/TOUCH. Since response to touch (contact inhibition/ touching failing to inhibit replication), IS THE DEEPEST DEFINITION MEDICINE HAS EVER HAD FOR CANCER. So now below here, we must ask what wave geometry prevents the cell from responding to touch? Fortuneately, FAILURE TO EMBED, mathematically provides a COMPLETE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION .

To start, we must see the GEOMETRY which allows waves to BECOME FIXED versus to BECOME SENT. In Chemistry HEX FIXES (makes stationary or static) and PENT SENDS. In Magic (ALLCHEMISTRY) likewise very much (as Wycca correctly teaches), HEX FIXES, PENT SENDS.

Remember, we now know that what Cancer is wave mechanically, a cell with too much inertia stuck in the isolation membrane of UV Genetic precursors, and not enough wave guide for those fields TO BE DELIVERED OUT THE CELL. So MEMBRANE BUILDING activity has outstripped MEMBRANE BRIDGING activity. So HEX chemistry has become fixing, and pent chemistry has fallen behind. The geometric reason for this is simple. In the hex symmetry (hive comb), edge length equal radius. (Top down view of cube upended: "Incubation"). Therefore energy (linear inertia) is fixed to mass (rotational inertia).

In the PENT conversely, edge length to radius = PHI/ Golden Mean. Here adding and multiplying recursively between rotational and linear inertias (mass vs light), is permissive. This is called "touch permissive". So there is a wave distribution BETWEEN HARMONICS, UP AND DOWN THE FREQUENCY LADDER/ SCALAR. According to the following picture:

In hydrodynamics, with profound implications for SORTING IN WATERS BRAID, this is called: " Optimized Translation of Vorticity". Which has a simple Yellow Brick Road definition of how circular vs linear inertias could link most non destructively.

We have been writing for years about the Cancer membrane as too hard, vs. the Aids membrane as too wet.. article at Blue Fire Creativity & A Bioenergetic Model of AID's & Cancer. A membrane is a folded surface by phase lock of all the way waves have stored the geometry of pressure AS TOUCH.. This biophysics,this is called "Stuctural Stability and Morphogenesis" (book by that title.) As a theory of how emotion fabricates an immune system by adding spin in different phases or spins to the soap bubble, this becomes an explanation of why the complete spectra of emotions (in the sense of their Sentic signature) is required to build healthy membranes. The more complete the harmonic content of the membrane, the more present is the self not self. And the self organization of that membrane wave function IS a function of PHI ratio in the spectal content. This is because the contained harmonics simultaneously (or fractally or embedably) present in the membrane will destructively interfere unless their frequency and phases have PHI Golden Mean ratios. In using audio harmonics to heal a vast panoply of disease by accurately calculating missing harmonics from the voice, this becomes "signature sound works" by Sherri Edwards, in creating healthy forests by replacing missing audio harmonics this becomes "BioAcoustic Habitat Theory" by Bernie Kraus (as published in Electronic Musician, in WildFire Magazine, and in his music: "Gorilla's in the Mix".) So from the perspective of GET ENOUGH HARMONICS IN PHASE, and you HAVE A SUSTAINABLE MEMBRANE, the physics REQUIRES PHI/GOLDEN RATIO EMBEDDING.

Bob Zawada and I discussed using a near real time biological output spectrum analyzer like the HEARTLINK MONITOR, TO ACCURATELY CHOOSE WHICH FREQUENCIES TO MODULATE BACK INTO THE CELLS TO HEAL, based real time on the harmonics lowest in the cascade at any given moment, coming from the HEART.

So we begin to get a broad perspective that MEMBRANE TRANSENDING BEHAVIORS vs. membran fixing behaviors have specific measureable harmonic complexions (multiples of 2, octaves incubate, multiples of PHI get phy-cycle.. physical.. grounded.. embedded.). These harmonic signatures have characteristic geometries.. Hex fixes the spell, pent --sends.

From the below link (Meditator's Question:Connection to PHI?) insight that HEX structures as wave, make HARD, VS. PENT STRUCTURES AS WAVE MAKE WET/touchable.

This can be applied directly to membrane repair to acheive touchability. For example: Should we bet that the following sugar molecule is primarily HEX: "a new antigen located on all cancer cells, Dr. Bogash is a Harvard-trained research neurochemist. He discovered that the outer coating on cancer cells contain sugar molecules over an inner layer of protein (glycoproteins). Cancer cells bump into each other and the outer layer is ground off-exposing the inner protein layer and the malignin antigen. It took Drs. Bogash seven years to determine that the antigen was on all cancer cells, not just brain cancer which they were originally studying."


This spin path for perfect inertia distribution BETWEEN or TRANSCENDING HARMONICS (BUILDING BRIDGES BETWEEN MEMBRANES INSTEAD OF CREATING MORE MEMBRANE) I have written graphically about at

THE PHYSICS OF Phi, Compression, Implosion, Gravity, Time, and Love (/physicsofphi/PhysicsofPHI.html

and in more animated form, with predictions for new physics equations based on Gravity Well=Recursion at:PREDICTIONS FOR A NEW PHYSICS OF GRAVITY & AWARENESS BASED ON RECURSION

In a more poetic vein, I have shown the PSYCHOLOGY of the change from HEX to PENT ("Re-Pent to be Saved") at:

Meditator's Question:Connection to PHI?Geometric Translation from Hex to Pent Structure, thru the pentagonal geometry we can directly connect to the universe. (embed)

So in so much of the above depiction of the Heart's EKG geometric, and DNA geometric as creating the PHI ratio of embedding, we get a clue to what wave geometry would allow a cell to successfully embed, which is the VERY OPPOSITE OF CANCER.

Apparently, if Dardik above is correct, the Heart creates the electrical environment which statistically eliminates cancer, along with almost every other chronic disease, by creating fractal embedability. Taking this as a cue, we discover what electrical wave form (optical laser wave guide etc.) would most permit a cell to make something distributable instead of locked up, of it's DNA/replication juices. (high quality light or uv motorizing DNA and meitosis). This is clearly from a geometric point of view, the field effect (feeling effect) turning point or switch from cellular promiscuity to cellular society .

So we can indeed begin to design biological lasers to create the necessary fields to eliminate cancer. We should have 5 optical beams in the geometry of www.../grail.html

The resultant PHI ratio would permit cellular high quality light to begin to break down the barrier preventing CROSS MEMBRANE behavior. If we further base the chosen frequencies upon log functions of the PHI ratio embedded in the wave lengths of hydrogen, we would then create the necessary grounding (electrically) in atomic structure. (Randy Masters, PHI Harmonics in Hydrogen, 831 662 2594).

Note Here, There seems already to be a direct practical application that PHI perfect Wave Embedding optically would unpack cellular "stuck blue fire creative juice". Bob Zawada's group is: Orthogenesis 2000, Medical Laser System: The study of Biophysical Mechanisms of Photobiostimulation and Clinical Efficacy. (Applications currently indicating meaningful results include: Arthritis & Pain, - Wound Healing, - Sports Injuries). The point here is that indeed the core confidential principle of operation is that the crossing optical laser beams the device focuses on the tissue, are tuned to Golden Mean or Phi ratio. Also critical are the proprietary wavelengths in the device chosen, where the ratio is implemented for optimum phase lock at the tissue level. Bob Zawada:

We must always recall, that the optics are merely a temporary path for the emotions. So if the PSYCHOLOGY of what has created too much MEMBRANE BUILDING is not simultaneously replaced, NO EXTERNAL FIX WILL BE SUSTAINABLE. That psychology is the same as what symmetry IS: CONTINUOUSLY TESTING TO ELIMINATE EVERYTHING NOT SHAREABLE. A shareable feeling is one which is distributable as a wave, that process leads to emotions which cross membranes, and waves and lives which become sustainable electrically. PURE PRINCIPLES are examples of shareable emotions, they would be sustain able in a large group open conversation. Waves which tear down, (see Anger as perfect desructive interference, 1/7 as musical ratio in How to Touch, above), are by definition internally self destructive, thus in the long run unshareble, and measureably create cancer.

The HeartLink Monitor originally called The Embedability Monitor, is the incarnation of the principle of how to test for embedding in a wave form. It's internal mathematics of 2nd order fft to measure ratio of embedded harmonics, could be applied without modification, with only a bandwidth change, to measure DNA emissions for cancer. And to create the missing harmonics to restore embedding.

The HEART goes to a whole lot of learning (cf .618 = "wonder/love" in EI Emotional Index at www.../manual ) to learn to EMBED . (As HEARTLINK Monitor measures). The HEART is apparently going to a lot of trouble to show us what ends CANCER. (Since Fractality in HRV statistically does that. Dardik ) So we need merely extend that principle to entrain cells to embed optically, and magnetically, by creating pent nest fields in which to unpack spin stuck within instead of moving between, MEMBRANES. The trick is to complement the external field, with an internal, emotional hygiene to sustain the new training.


Daniel Winter

1/19 99


To Stuart Hameroff
Gary Schwartz

thank you for your kindness and moment of interest...

I have always held Stuart's work on microtubles
as wave guides
to be a major inspiration for a beginning vision of an
energetic model of cell metabolism..
so helpful to connecting the work I have been attempting
on wave nature of emotion.. to how emotion effects
"braiding dna is emotion the weaver?"

clearly my little model that dna is phonon braided by glandular coherent

sonics (ekg..coherence correlated to emotional peaks)
is not yet well accepted in biophysics, but yet there are so many
seeds of a concept there...

since indeed we do so frequenty find that the heart hangs out with
near 1/ .618 hz BETWEEN peaks of fft, during reported wonder/love...

and since that geometry is clearly at the heart of DNA..


then when glen rein after discussing this with me
measured so clearly the effect on DNA braiding of
coherent heart ekg


then with so much talk
(pensinger ref at www.../cancer
that dna will wave guide protons and
measureably conduct at faster than light speed..

the mechanism of superconductivity based on perfect embedding (in DNA
becomes obvious ..
noting that gold filaments as superconductors are now being replaced
by dna filaments for the same purpose..
(gold valence 5/7 dodec icos.. phi embed at electron level?)

next step: measure dna braiding response to external applied
sonics in PHI vs log 2 ratios, proving that embedding
phonon geometries braid DNA more than
log 2 (octave) sounds..

prove that gold's main valence radii are PHI logs...?
(like the work of randy masters on phi multiples
in hydrogen balmers series..


stuart, my friend Michael Heleus has oft repeated
work which I am remiss in not having references to,
saying that key layering diameters?
inside microtubules are multiples of the golden mean/PHI ??
if this were so, would it not be a dramatic proof of the role
of recursive embedding in producing
superconductivity/ superluminal penetration/
and wave self organization...


you are kind to comment to a novice

dan winter