Tree of Life: Climbs the Ladder of Symmetry..

A Golden Braid

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As the tetra tilts, it is the most simple symmetry.

It nests into Cube which climbs the ladder into MORE symmetry, which finnaly creates the dodec,

which is the "sacred foundation stone"..

"Ascending this ladder, according to PhiloTaxis... perfect branching.. is the 3 Dimensional TREE OF LIFE"




The Shape of the Electrons which makes Gold, is a complete d,f subshell like the dodec icos,a 3D fractal. The tree of life is made of these shapes, climbing the ladder of symmetry. The shape of the charge around the heart when we feel pure intention, a heart of gold, is held for us in this Tree.. the perfect branching based on Phi (-philotaxes).

DNA as the perfect "branching algorhythmn"... Priore de Scion.. priory of the branch... (of Jon). Is the completion of this braid which is started with "climbing the ladder of symmetry" into the the TREE OF LIFE..