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in the tradition of earlier earth change summary commentaries: close to the heart

Yes as Michael Heleus commented perhaps the panic quotient in the latest emails from me and Drunvalo both is higher than... let's see, fear is "only" resistance to spin..

Summarizing, dozens of psychics say the friendly ET's dropped the props holding our planet together from major burping. At the low end we guess that the tectonic pressures from simultaneous collapse of Earth Schumann ELF (German's say 1-6 months per Drunvalo?) with the millenium max of solar storms then totally unshielded from Earth... will create toast. If so, texas size ice chunk polar splash sinking 65 ft of everything (inc Florida and Australia), may well be the least of our problems.

Working on the next marketable prototype for in in Yellow Springs, OH goes super. But psychics here and Columbus both say... "last days". Hot high winds will toast plains? Denver psychic saw flood there.. I felt Atlanta was not for long.. in my heart driving in last week.. Of course you may say, we scorpios were always teleological (end oriented).. We could feel for Glastonbury friends approach.. if these prophets had to take responsibility for mistaken predictions, they would not be so glib. Guess your own inner voice is the final arbiter here. Mine says.. prepare (especially spiritually), and duck practically. Shelter from high winds (greenhouse sealed able to withstand), make your air.. access to ground water and food without outside power.. caves nice... hi ground above 600 ft waves etc., but below really hi altitudes where air disappears first.. Extended family critical.

Most seem to be comfortable either knowing

a. they dont want to survive


b. key elements of genepool will..

Still tracking Cynthia's dream whose footnote said genepool may end here, but not in vain?

Neat conversation at dinner.. Pat said surprising high number of friends report increasing problem sleeping... restless..

I speculated, genepool memories undigested (not made fractal/compressible/shareable) by dream processing get more and more agitated at the specter of genepool major demise without spin path home for waves of memory.

Proposed to Andrew that wave function of learned embedability

could create digestion path to compressibility (survival) through heart of sun (only slingshot home) for racial memory (glandular and genetic)

using GLOBAL harnessing of millions of heart's gone fractal


we had just found new way to dump ekg music direct to the feedback sound..


At the high end, perhaps the galactic council is right, best policy not to rescue planets about to be toasted by their imploding sun's. Genepools unable to inhabit (wave center) and steer their home planets and sun's by the recursive magnetics of growing self awareness have little galactic usefulness anyway. (Uri Geller proving radioactive half life reduced by focused awareness, -recursion creates gravity AND self awareness-, apply this to sun's). Remember who measured the change in the solar flares twice when millions of kids sang at the same moment..

The price of survival may the the taxes paid by PHI.. Phi lo taxes..

a certain branching structure /phylotaxis where

maximum exposure still has minimum superposition

eventually becomes scaleinvarant...(priory of scion the branch) (jon's baptismal font)


(down side:planets toast,

upside: wormhole in sun opens to inhabit time/angel/ophanim for those who compress well (-penetrance in lucid dream,bardo navigate,shamanic star walking). (dying is involuntary discontinuous compression caused by failing to sort memory well for what is shareable/spinable).

cf bardo death path thru worm nesting is known:

cf stargate glyph geometry at ophanic alphabet at


so arranging everything which needs saving into recursion magnetics (3d data fractality suitable for compressing)

genes (love braid's better than gold)

hearts (embed /compassion/rush to feel)

backyards (7 out 5 in, stone circle)

planet schuman harmonic grids (fft planet elf ,rearrange harmonics to log phi ratios-weather will emerge from chaos)

seems to be the price..

to wormhole the genepools best kids into the next root race..

otherwise recycling compresses memories in another way... first step:destructive compression.

Who ever thought we could DEFINE the magnetic geometry of compassion so simply: non destructive compression...( Creates ability to distribute spin memory.. nothing else "matters" (stores spin). Can we have THIS kind of feeling/compassion for what the sun and planet must feel..