fr Dan Winter 12/5/99, url: ../stillpoint , map at ../sitemap.html

In answer to the question: what is the brain or heart MAP to ecstacy (eck/charge in stasis - wave at stand)..

Note how the above simultaneous brain heart (phase locked like a kunda snake) power spectra at a moment of bliss shows a caddeuceus cascade whose waveform, by filling in each harmonic tinkertoy in PHI (pink) ratio nesting.. (the only REAL signature sound work) (using feedback to teach the brain or heart to finish the missing tinkertoys in this PHI nest IS the solution to addiction/ADD & successful bliss.. ../isthisrecursion/apta.html )

thus creating the green PHI wave below:

Green 3D Golden Spiral Above illustrates implosion path to Still Point..


(the beginning of the above animation, green spiral)

Which revolves to this donut wave: (grail cup,../grail.html )


The language of light IS the spin path into:

recursion/embedding/fractality/still point.

This is spark gap perfecting SYNAPTIC PHIre. The map path to making charge spin dense IS the map to making ANYTHING become dense (materialization). ../fire

So now can we put our finger on what creates stillness/centering?

If you can put the FINGER of your awareness (focus) on the mesh wave cascade where it concresces to center still, not only do you have the dragon by the tail... but you have the key to peace of mind...

peace and embedding and the GEOMETRY of stillness/damping are inPHIknitly ONE.