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Open Letter from Dan Winter - Feb 4, 08 - from Somewhere In the Air South of Calcutta...

returning from 30 successful event presentations in 6 cities around Australia over 3 months- - (also see the latest photo gallery/film of our just completed overwhelmingly successful tour in South America.. )

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Looking down thru this airplane window (another 2 days on jets) I noticed for the first time how gorgeously inviting look some of the isolated islands in the Indian Ocean. Just up from Kuala Lumpur - on our way back from yet another tour of Australia. I watched how the more sheltered coves in the islands turn white with sand - making me think being Robinson Crusoe on one of those, might be nicer than sitting thru another 13 hour flight. Of course we humans don't seem to excel in the skill of living in places that then STAY green. No skill to put the At MOSS on the Sphere.. -

We are reminded sitting here looking at the vast sunset over the Caspian sea- - how Grace the essene saint felt as she felt her souls perception swept up into the heart of the Sun - while meditating on the Sun setting over Shasta waters.. talk about phase locked loops..

The view over Afganistan - made me think of my nephew- in the US Navy - wonder if he will end up there- probably with a different view than me. -

So I thought I would start this new newsletter - with my first (in this life) STATE OF THE WORLD - summary address. George Bush (one celtic root of the word - George: GE=world, Ogre= Dragon) - gets to do a State of the Union: Pretty much nobody seems to be doing any good at seeing the whole world - from above- as a kind of global representative. Perhaps - since we may see more cities - more seekers - more states of who is spiritual - who is studying life - more than probably anyone, then we should do a summary report.

Places, countries, cities that we DO know well - friends - lectures - conferences - support groups: When leaving the US about 9 years ago - we taught multiple times pretty much in most every major city there (not Alaska). Now - 9 years and almost that many round the world lecture tours later - we can say pretty much the same for all the major cities of Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, Australia, - South America, plus some in South Africa - once in Singapore - (we must say thanks also for unfilled invites in India, Thailand, Isreal, and Russia as well - logisitics delay some things...).

So - here is my view of the State of the World - from someone who's lifes work is studying the electric secret of life - and who has studied those ready to study life - in more places than almost anyone.

Clearly (no surprise here) world leadership is pretty much rudderless and clueless. While UN leaders announce the world issue is Global Warming, our close friends scientists group in UK (Glastonbury) announce there is no proveable relationship between atmospheric carbon and global warming - PLUS the real solar data clearly plots we have entered global cooling due to a very predicted Solar "Maunder Minimum". NASA data appears to show major losses of global heat in the ocean in recent years. The issue of course is more than just that global magnetic fractality is the ONLY way to avoid heat during compression - but MORE - that global (long wave magnetic) fractality is the ONLY way to make the gravity to hold atmosphere together - during Solar stresses - AND THE ONLY WAY ANY WAVE SYSTEM EMERGES FROM CHAOS...(which is ever so clearly what we are entering).

With the state of global idiocy called modern science still stuck in the stone ages about what causes gravity (fractality) and thus retains atmosphere - and keeps oscillators out of chaos - of course they cannot conceive of the role of biology in making that happen. So of course our global physics community (blind leading blind over cliffs) - ignore the compelling data about how DNA makes 'little black holes' (gravity) . Ostriches sticking their collective heads in the sand- is the image that comes to mind. The clues are there to what biology could accomplish - in terms of chaos avoiding - implosive gravity making centripedal forces - if we had the chutzpah to care. Too many academic klutzes sitting in their Uni's trying to avoid starvation in a George Bush-ed world. THE BASIC TRUTH IS THAT ALL SYSTEMS WHICH EMERGE FROM CHAOS (& Especially those that - APPEAR TO MAKE 'FREE' ENERGY)- ONLY DO THAT TO THE EXTENT TO WHICH THEY ARE ELECTRICALLY FRACTAL! This is the Electric Cause of Gravity, Consciousness and Life Itself!

Example - scientist walks over a large ancient mound of insect hives - notices he begins to float - gravity is reversed - builds evidence / that biologic materials have a gravity making effect- many pics: Podklednov

Do you think the physics community can deal with that? - No - the dying ostriches keep their heads firmly buried in the sand - while their ecosystem collapses from precisely the lack of fractality which large scale biologic constructions can make to keep their gravity field and self-organizing ecological field effect out of chaos. (Fractality of field essentially DEFINES ALL ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY! Metal cities eliminate life force, germinating seeds, children's souls - and rain.)

What is the highest level of compassion here - and where could that kind of compassion come from. Who can compress well enough (phase conjugate back to the near future) to consume that perspective. Well - here is my perspective from a really global trotter:

In general the globe is hopelessly unprepared to face the truly global catastrophes which are imminantly upon us. At least the Russians have got a little discipline - Putin's last name probably is as announced a shortening of his family name Rasputin. Boy did he tell the Isreali's where to go - when he sold the missiles to Iran. Even stupid Georgy boy Bush - may eventually get the message that missiles 6 ft over the water at 6 times the speed of sound - don't have to be nukes to make VERY short work of the (Isreali lobby controlled) US Navy. The French - may manage to lead the world in Nuclear and GMO bad karma - with a stuck society and the economy of the sick man of Europe - no leadership here. At least the tactic of introducing the French policeman to your pet rabbit when they show up at every public gathering which is not explicitly Catholic - to demand who is the guru of this CULT - / SECT - seems effective. Not much significant change since the death of the Cathars.

So as not to insult anyone. let's be careful to insult everyone equally here. In the UK -( I think I agree with Roger) - being the world's original leader in raping and pillaging other countries (did you know the scholarly origin - per Boudet of grail fame- of the word SAXON - is the stated success of having SONS who can SACK other villages?) - so the UK can be proud of having as a result reached by orders of magnitude both the world's most expensive AND unsustainable cost of living. Way too many people - on a land with way too few trees - with nuclear plant karma sitting right in the MOST poisonous way on the most important ley lines ( check that track out from Glastonbury...). Definitely not much clue to life support here: a people thoroughly disconnected from how to survive on the land - Young people wallowing in the worst Bristishly forbidden to touch - perversions - and Gulf Stream current temperature changes - pretty much coming fast - yep- our vote this is NOT the survival haven.

Germany has precision but not vision. Merkel is a good thing. The German psyche might even recover from guilt. Eastern Europe still has some ecosytem that breathes! Economic hope cooks there. Slovenia looks gorgeous - but don't expect lightness in a people permanently saturated with war memories. Italy - just when you get South of the Alps - is full of the most disgusting metal lined cities and highways - everywhere. Does NOT feel good. Greece and southern Europe in general leads the world for new women SMOKERS. Tells you something. Don't bother looking for a whole foods or organic food store in Greece. Spain - has completely swallowed her water resource - with coastal development - pretty much cultural meltdown - rapidly doing everything metallically possible to prevent rain. Very little to prevent Southern Europe from being further completely overrun with starving Africans - with the coming global starvation horrors.

Africa - where we saw in the South - the armed camp is getting worse. Friends we know - understand the need to escape. Life behind high fences for the few who have money - is NOT sustainable. You cannot drive without fear. South Africa has coastal beauty - but NO cultural peace. AIDS politics continues to lead Africa into paroxysms of chaos. Africa cannot be fixed until SCIENCE teaches how BLISS practices make RAIN - AND - IMMUNE HEALTH. The present tears are enough to make Enki's sons cry.

Canada - has a gorgeous West - Calgary's oil boom may swallow that place though. Vancouver is fabulous - but tectonically - seems to face immanent messes. Toronto however may be right up there with New York - as the most nauseating urban magnetics and polluting horror story. Canada's East - (not been there for 10 years tho) - seems to have a dead economy waiting hopelessly for the government which refuses to fund an unsustainable French museum. Seemed a bit of a joke that culture wondered why their visitors dried up just after they made it illegal to put up a street sign in English - in the French sector.

The U.S. - here is what I would say. The karma of WHY they now must taste what it is economically to be third world impoverished, lies squarely with the brain numbed - fear soaked - Christian fundamentalists who emerged from their Ohio - and mid South voting booths. George Bush is the absolute worst disaster which has happened to the U.S. since the founding of the Union, which will clearly not recover in this generation. The 'Bush' dollar is down about 50%, tourism down 40% and still falling. Not only is the U.S. now the painful joke of the world - that would be bad enough - but the way his government spread the WORST kind of fear - and the WORST kiind of militarism EXACTLY at the moment the world despearately needed precisely the opposite - has been a catastrophe which frankly in my view - should shame every living American- as the world now proceeds to flush huge percentages of her population down the toilet. ( Just as George announces his new military budget - that guy needs the kind of biofeedback which enables him to inhale his own farts. It's too late for the world though).

In the U.S. - here is the simple sschtick: Bill Clinton is the best economist AND statesman the US has seen - pretty much in its entire history. Get out there and VOTE for the Clinton team! Hilary is astute - and cannot help but benefit from the advice of her excellent partner. Obama is sincere but has NOWHERE near the experience and skill - this is not ok. The good news is the Republicans (many closet homosexuals who pretended they represented family values) thankfully have virtually no chance this time. (ONE good thing about the recession). Psychic's are right - America faces a string of natural disasters now which will test all her mettle. She has no prayer of being the stage leader any more of the world (the second shoe is dropping now as the domino nations follow the Saudi's deciding oil does not NEED to be sold in US dollars - ) , she will be lucky to survive 6 years and still BE a country.

Mexico - may now recover from her near civil war, conscious awakening is growing with seeds - Columbia and Spanish cultures everywhere are genuinely hungry for the beautiful truth about the potential of the human condition. Sincere and gentle people are everywhere - along with horrible hygiene and metal city stupidities. Sadly - the economics of poverty and overpopulation remains the scourage of the Spanish world (more horrendous karma to the idiot parasitic Catholics - afraid of letting women make population choices).

We would like to thank our friends in Mexico, Columbia and Brazil who made our conferences there - our largest in the world. Downloads of our Spanish book -alone- now exceeding 5000 per month. These people are ready to learn - able to listen - but no one is teaching the truth. You too can be what you used to call God outside you - by taking the principles of creation physics (fractal charge compression) inside you. Compassion - and feeding your aura - IS compression perfected by getting fractal.

Australia is absolutely blossoming with possibilites. Large conscious communities in most of her cities. Lots of great ecology almost being saved. Yes - Australia is a possible place. We are working to collaborate in making the world's leading lab on the SCIENCE OF LIFE FORCE - there near Canberra. Drought is ending somewhat for now. (We MAY have had a little to do with that - we teach the physics of rain making and sometimes we do just that...). Australian overpopulation of lowland near the coast will still be a survival issue though.

New Zealand IS a survival bright spot. Thing is her population keeps leaving. Sheep farming does not stimulate the young or intellectual. Magnificent place though. Government seems also to have a clue about many things...

Japan from all we hear - is NOT the place to be. Dead end for a culture steeped in collectivism at the price of individual initiative- in a place tectonically doomed. No amount of Saki is going to float that place. As the overpopulation on unsustainable islands data - predicts (Easter Island revisted): Just when the deer population on the test island reached over sustainability- suddenly competition for survival doomed them all.

China - may have a moment in the Sun as the worlds bloating economy - but I would not have hope for those billions whose trees died with their individuality. The problem is not so much the need for democracy - as the need for freedom to do BLISS- which is hopeless in a land whose genetic inheritance - does not include the best of Enki's genes. Here too - the natural disasters - will soon doom the culture. Flooding - famine - weather chaos - it is all too much - for a country dominated literally by those whose brain cavities are WAY too small - to begin to feel how gravity tilts DNA. The big dam project is damned.

India - we keep avoiding. Cannot exit an airplane into that low an oxygen level. Of course there are places there - to go- if you make it out of the cities- with your microbes intact - but I recognize my fragility...


The big picture of how we see 'The New Science of Life: FRACTALITY CONCENTRATES LIFE FORCE – electrically” – is outlined at

We actually have made GOOD progress globally in turning this into a practical curriculum to REINVENT 'Biologic Architecture' based on the simply physics that everything alive will grow better
in an electric field which is fractal ('phase conjugate dielectric'). As you can see at
Note that the recent international conferences on the subject were attended by over 250 international
notables in South America (films also at link).

See dramatic new pictorial updates - of our new Byron project to prove scientifically - Fractality - creates life:

The project to use this to create a new international curriculum to teach PEACEMAKING based on
Involving groups in many countries – altho active 3 years ago, has been without much progress in the
last year – although we are hopeful now to bring in the Australian – Peace Science group: Global Peace
Index – Steve Killelea,
Again the simple physics is that communities and people can only make peace in exactly the same way all waves do – they GET FRACTAL. The proof is in the fractality of the land which produces peace.
Applying this to how communities and cities create and attract peace, life force, tourism and money –by getting fractal – we have

Applying this to the commercial ability to attract rain to bioregions we have:
(also see our landscape wide- key geomantic rainmaking structures examples – from our Turin group:
(pictures lower on the page)

Obviously continuing all this development is going to require more solid science, stay tuned...

Dan Winter


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