Squeezing the Truth Out..

Everything in Nature is urgently seeking the electrical skill to SQUEEZE THE TRUTH OUT.

"While Squeezing My Lover the Other Day, It Suddenly Occurred to Me- That The Principle of Perfect Loving - May in Essence be Nothing More than The PRINCIPLE of Perfect SQUEEZING!" ( ref: 'You Couldn't Get a Better Squeeze' at goldenmean.info/touch)

Using the PRINCIPLE of LIFE FORCE- for Solutions in YOUR LIFE ... Just like installing a labyrinth to initiate compression sorts the geopathics in your enviornment - understanding HOW to initiate compression by making fractal or self similar pattern (compassion itself!) - you can apply this PERFECT SORTING EMERGES FROM PERFECT SQUEEZING -Principle Into Your Life.
.. +See also The Perfect Compression Resource Library..

The REASON the Successful Infinite (Implosive) Charge Compression Einstein defined as the electrical origin of gravity - is also the electrical origin of consciousness - is that the symmetry of charge distribution is the DEFINITION of successful INFORMATION storage in biology. When charge information propagation becomes succesful as the result of this fractal compression - we call that field effect in biology: CONSCIOUS. ( See WHY DNA - HAS to have the black hole making capability just measured.. Compare the symmetry of molecules just after they jitterbug from cubeocta to dodeca to become electrically superconductive - to DNA..Electrical resistance goes to zero - like gold monoatom filaments become superconductive when you zap them - with the same lightning which MADE DNA in primal soup - and creates Kundalini today.) ... Journal Reference: "..succeeded in the preparation of a thin gold wire "nano wire" with a diameter of about one fourth that of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). It was proven that this gold wire naturally is helical in shape similar to DNA. This wire has potential to be practically used as substrate material for nano-device electron circuits and low-powerd electron device with ultra-high speed. This project prepared a long gold nano wire with the diameter of one nano meter (nano = 1/billion) by electron beam irradiation of a gold thin film in the atmosphere of an ultra-high vacuum electron microscope. Furthermore, when such a gold wire is thinned to the limit, a superconductive condition with zero electric resistance seems to be obtained even under room temperature, which gives an expectation as a new electron device."

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from Implosion Group- Newsletter 6/27/05 -featuring Dan Winter's notes. Complete graphics /links active version: goldenmean.info/squeezingthetruth , index: goldenmean.info
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This planar view of the stellations of each face to the Dodec in the 3D fractal nest -(
Poincare symmetry defining Gravity) - reveals the infinite non-destructive compression-
Each wave node in the 3D nest -has x,y&z coordinates -Each numerically only a multiple of PHI. (see
origin of alphabets)
This allows the phase VELOCITIES to constructively HETERODYNE- turning compression IN to ACCELERATION (graviy).
This (fractal) PERFECT COMPRESSION - creates also the Potentially perfected CHARGE DISTRIBUTION
(superconductivity, gravity making,and superluminal speeds) - Of DNA. As you can see with the spheres touching in a row pics, when the charge compression centers - 'nodes' become locked in stillness in the fractal - then that stillness conveys a wave of touch infinitely down the row - zero inertial stored - yet perfect distribution of the pressure wave.. (more below- see in the Hadron article how this exact dodeca symmetry Poincare used to model charge in to gravity - is exactly the self similar platonic symmetry of the self relation of electron to nucleus )

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Update (speaking of squeezing the truth out...) for those interested in following the demise of George Bush, + thus possibly - avoiding the necessity of a complete (economic/social/spiritual/political) near death experience for the USA: - Corroborated on site eyewitness data now completely proves the tower destruction of 9/11 started in the basement: http://www.arcticbeacon.com/articles/article/1518131/28031.htm ,
Here is a discussion of WHY they used sub-sonic scalar resonators - goldenmean.info/knotslipping , whose lo frequencies are proven so clearly in the Seismic Data from 9/11 : http://www.cyberspaceorbit.com/towrcmmnt.htm . The George Bush family of arrogance combined with ignorance is reminiscent of the Republican tradition from Eisenhauer. That president's egotism / and old world arrogance decided rather than admit the Drac controlled Greys had demonstrated complete ability to make playthings of his Air Force, just after the Roswell incident..- that the American people needed to be 'protected' from real information about the ET's. He could not admit after winning WWII, the US was in fact occupied by some very lo grade ET's. The result was the decades of tradition of large scale lying to the American people - and the resultant schizophrenia which necesitates the country's upcoming near death experience. From the NSA converup, to the large scale abduction / shapeshifting of the US key military leaders (by the Greys) - ultimately leading to the abortion of the CIA Manchurian mind-control project, whose rejects became the FBI WACO slaughter - leading to the Oklahoma bombing lies, which leads to the CIA need to murder Kennedy etc etc. Today - with huge chunks of the Bush theocracy funded originally by the CIA laundering of drug money - the sheer amount of lies upon which America is based - staggers the imagination. The current political situation - documentably imminant invasion - from the Drac moon and Mars bases - wholesale control of American politic by lo grade parasitics. The US- budget - decades of huge percentages - NSA and CIA budgets devoted to nothing but continuing lies - you can see why the US legacy needs to die. The Andromedan's were correct that Religion's were obsolete (hygiene instructions for immortalizing bliss based on personality worship) - on this planet about 500 years ago, more so now that we have the electrical proof and measure of the principles of surviving death as a field effect. Basing a (George Bush) government on the neurosis and disempowerment / miracle worship of that obsolete religion - is nothing less than suicidal insanity. - The definition of the original biologic need to create death - was specifically the need to PREVENT attempts to store what is fundamentally NOT SHAREABLE into the charge fusion core of DNA. The implosion in the core of genes - the death / dream test for entry - by compression - SQUEEZING OUT THE TRUTH - (phase conjugation ) SORTS for what is shareable: By electric charge distribution > determining what (inertia spin symmetry pattern memory) can serve (survival in ) ALL of DNA - in holy communion.
Proof that we are succeeding is that a search on "Impeach George Bush" now produces 400,000 and growing Web Hits.

now the newsletter: - Everything in Nature is urgently seeking the electrical skill to SQUEEZE THE TRUTH OUT.

and... THE TRUTH IS SIMPLE: Squeeze CHARGE Efficiently - and you BECOME IMMORTAL ( GOD ) - which in physics is defined as to become electrically sustainable as a charge field effect generator. This electric field of coherent charge ( measurement: goldenmean.info/biophoton ) we call LIFE .. is during life described as your spirit, your chi, your KA, your 'FRESHNESS'. After death this very same electric field of compressing charge is called your KA ('boat to the underworld') as in merKAbah, KAllisto, arKAdia, barraKA, ... or your ghost ., your spirit etc. Death is a process of successful compression starting with DNA, your EKG, and your death environment. Death is successful when the charge field in the blood and DNA can be squeezed COHERENTLY thru the speed of light (imploded and launched). This must be prepared for electrically, and should be studied. It is necessary to get fractal, or - death will be permanent. See measurement techniques + how to become a death consultant at : goldenmean.info/death . Obviously, today's western medicine (primarily characterized disempowering pill propagation and by soul numbing absolutely FATAL and non-embeddable electrosmog in the average nightmare - death maker building called a HOSPITAL) - is the exact OPPOSITE of the plan and principle of SUCCESSFUL DEATH. This situation will continue until the arrogant rapidly dying (sperm count decline) fools who call themselves scientists on this planet learn what LIFE IS ELECTRICALLY - and thus begin to provide correct advice to the fools and sadly mislead ones - who currently call themselves doctors and architects.

I repeat what I have said many times- it is not so much that I am a genius (-what a useless term )- for having described how to make LIFE and GRAVITY using electric charge. It is rather - starkly SHOCKING and APPALLINGLY FATAL ( heartlessly MURDERING BILLIONS OF CHILDREN because of hygiene ignorance ) - that the scientists on this profoundly valuable and genetically diverse planet - have not til now described the FRACTAL SYMMETRY PRINCIPLE OF LIFE and GRAVITY. It is not so much that I am brilliant - it is you are positively surrounded with abject and soul destroying STUPIDITY !! ( beautiful but small and stupid planet - a long way from 'downtown' / galactic core culture).

Fortuneately - for you personally - the steps to correct this situation are easy. Ask every scientist you know: WHY DOES AN OBJECT FALL TO THE GROUND, and WHERE DOES THE VOLTAGE IN A FRESH EGG AND MY EKG (& a germinating seed) COME FROM??? Then - since they have no clue - tell them they are arrogant fools. They are death making assholes for incorrectly advising your government how to keep you alive. They AND YOUR GOVERNMENT properly deserve the simple law of physics biofeedback called PERMANENT DEATH - until they learn what life is. Nature was built to teach you precisely this ( get FRACTAL or get DEAD) - and was built to deliver PERMANENT DEATH quickly to all those who refuse to learn. This is why it is so efficient for nature - when the architect/ urban planner (alternative- The 'light city') - who designed a square aluminum/steel electrosmog hell house - moves in himself - and quickly begins to die. This death producing biofeedback - is not heartless - it is precisely the CHARGE DESTRIBUTION EFFICIENCY called MAKING HEART!

Architecture is defined as the symmetry skill to fabricate a biologic capacitor (tech-ting the ARch) which will germinate a seed and trigger DNA ignition (bliss). There can be no other definition because there is no other survival. Nature is an architect because it knows the biologic charge symmetry required to produce this electrically efficient charge distribution. Your planet's architecture (& medical) schools on the other hand- are ships of fools.

They - (your government, your scientists, your architects and doctors) AND YOU - will DEFINITELY not survive death without the skill to MAKE THE GRAVITY FIELD - which makes YOU - SELF STEERING. This is the same electrically as the skill to RECURSIVELY COMPRESS ( implode & suck) CHARGE.

Here, imagine the jelly fish/ medusa - who steers by sucking - and visualize the sequence of symmetry operations which is the alphabetic ESSENCE of the word BRAESHITH from Genesis - (and the labyrinth - and quantum mechanics - and DIMPLING in general ) - to initiate the 7 color donut map ('Anu' / ref) to TURNING INSIDE OUT (self-sustaining implosive gravity making charge sucking) - which electrifies your EKG. (also see - how the smoke ring sucks in SELF EMPOWERMENT.. squirt gun for LIFE..)

How Does PHI/Golden Mean Based Recursion Create DimplingInside Out-Ness?

Perfected FRACTAL charge COMPRESSION generates Perfected FRATAL charge distribution . This KEY set of compression fusion implosion symmetry principles for charge (the only true meaning of the word KHEM in alKHEMy & KHEMistry: to MAKE a BLACK HOLE ) is called in physics: LIFE and CONSCIOUSNESS and THE ABILITY TO MAKE GRAVITY ( 46 references -Making Gravity at goldenmean.info)

Realizing the life giving NEED TO COMPRESS CHARGE EFFICIENTLY - you dump your permanently FATAL - western lifesyle - and embark upon a life dedicated to SEEKING CHARGE COMPRESSION. You surround yourself with the fractal charge of nature, live food, and sacred movement/ yoga. You RUN - don't walk - to escape from the dead food, dead magnetism, dead air, dead buildings, dead microwave and electrosmog hell, and dead ideas - which is in western parlance is called THE CITY. Dump the 'dead' and "EMBED" yourself in the living architecture of living food and living material..

Dump the electrosmog / unplug (50+60hz are the OPPOSITE of life giving wave EMBEDABILITY which defines the word SACRED) and BREATHE charge. Feel the tingle - as your inner voice starts to work again. This is the breath of life!

Try this experiment -we did in the Geneva presentations - in your next group meeting - where people are sitting clumped around FOUR or more power transformers (portable computers / modems/ phones etc etc.nausea nausea) - Then - have each person relax and go quietly inside while YOU suddenly SEEK OUT AND UNPLUG EVERY SINGLE ELECTRIC DEVICE IN THE ROOM!!! Now - ask them if the feeling of NAUSEA and inability to FOCUS (charge compress ) did not SUDDENLY LIFT LIKE A TON OF BRICKS FROM THEIR BODY!! Do this in a few group meetings and believe me you will RUN NOT WALK to your spiritual leader and redefine how they build sacred space! ELIMINATE THAT CRAP IT IS KILLING YOU - FAST! Nature would not use 50 or 50 hz because it does not fall into the cascade range of what frequencies can embed in hydrogen and the Sun (this defines fusion and therefore is the frequency recipe for ATTENTION!!!).

Here is how the PRINCIPLE WORKS: Einstein got at least one thing right - infinite non-destructive compression for charge GENERATES GRAVITY. Since he was not informed about fractals (being physics and natures ONLY symmetry for INFINITE NON DESTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION) - sadly he did not figure out the 2 things which would have enabled MAKING GRAVITY and MAKING LIFE.


Two: The SYMMETRY of ALL OF LIVING BIOLOGY and ALL LIVING PROTEINS is PHYLOTACTIC and PHIVE sided (Golden Ratio based) - precisely because of this need to compress charge. The irony is- the Golden Ratio branching of all plants called PHY-lotaxis presents precisely the symmetry for gravity making Einstein sought. This requires no genius to understand. This (Golden symmetry) gives the waves of charge whose compression you call MATTER - a way (recursive constructive heterodyning of phase VELOCITIES) to turn COMPRESSION - in to ACCELERATION (gravity). Unified field AND how life (charge communion) is created from proteins - solved. Simple. Kids explain it back to me all the time.

This explains how life works: A seed has the ability to germinate (called LIFE) - only WHEN and IF it has the electric field strength (called vital force) to capactively entrain and re-orient or STEER an approaching water molecule. This is how nutrient arrives. This charge field (freshness, vital force) can be measured with a spherical capacitor (NEW- gold coated egg spherical capacitor pictures from Poland - at goldenmean.info/biophoton ). This measurement technique will soon provide the Monsanto destroying - multi-billion dollar PROOF that agriculture and food technology need to be RE-INVENTED from the beginning/ pure principle. The 'Kilian' photo- or GDV, or Imoto freezing, or Anthroposophic 'Sensitive Crystallization' drying are INDIRECT means only to MAKE A VISUAL of this SHAPE OR SYMMETRY of lifes electric CHARGE FIELD.

Where does this charge field come from? By initiating the symmetry for CHARGE COMPRESSION successfully, the field for sustained CHARGE RADIANCE ( all LIFE!) begins. (Successful IMPLOSION preceeds all sustained radiance / explosion).

Life IS THE PROCESS - of getting organic molecules fractally enough arranged to compress CHARGE. ( See:Water Molecules Become Dodeca- when Charged with Life at- goldenmean.info/watercharged )

Life is like a self-feeding water wheel of compressing charge. When the wind of charge finds it way in the tornado (recursive 'string theory' vortex wormhole) thru the speed of light - it sustains the holy communion of charge connection to the river of charge fusion WHERE ALL LIFE AGREES. ( see: DNA's top view) If you learn to intiate this breathing efficient capacitance distribution - than you can - drink from the fountain and never thirst again.

All of life is in the process of ATTEMPTING TO FABRICATE - this place of perfect charge compression.

This is why seeds germinate better if you put 5 paramagnetic stones around them, why seeds and gold and DNA grows where Earth's magnetic (ley) lines cross in a fractal - AND - why the Nobel prize for biology went to the scientist who discovered the geometry (dodeca) for WATER in the cell to prevent cancer. (Electronic Biology and Cancer & the 'triplet state' electron).

This is why billions of humans rush like ants to the hill - to find SACRED PLACES. They all unconsciously know - unless they find the center of the charge capacitor of all biology - their DNA will wither from lack of feeding electric charge. Pathetic that Earth science still has no clue to the ONLY symmetry for charge that lets DNA feed! (ref)

Next time you see the millions of ant like muslims at Mecca, or the Hindu Kumbha Mela - remember this - when bees lose the capability to make honey ( / 'royal' DNA) , they keep swarming around the last place they remember there was honey (/'royal' DNA). This honey ('jelling' into the charge radiance called 'royal') is the bliss of immortalizing DNA ignition. (Losing this defines the word FALLEN as in Nephalim - fallen ones: are you joining them? ). DNA can only feed and grow in the environment of fractal capacitive charge. Biology builds these fields to initiate the fractal charge distribution which animates the center of all life - AND makes the gravity whose self-steering ability is what keeps your memory after death, and (whose ANU slip knot symmetry making) enables you to create and commune with and become the SUN. (Sun God = the word AN in humAN, dANiel, tuethe de dANan etc. When the dragon current makes it THRU the Sun it is then called URU-an. Are you URU-m-ANian? Would you like to be AN URigAN-EL ) ).

Step under the sacred tree into the fractal field effect of rushing breathing electric charge and grow like a seed. If you eye the heart of that tree - you will SCIONtifically de-VINE the PRINCIPLE. The awARenness will BRANCH out in your field - you have SQUEEZED THE TRUTH OUT - you can can LIVE (be 'embedded') IN THE BRANCHES!

(You may not even need to take the power spectra of the trees field (ref) effect capacitively to compare its harmonic inclusiveness to the Golden Ratio cascade frequency signature of perfected charge compression (ref) - of your EKG /EEG- for phase lock..... BECAUSE - instead - you can now FEEL IT IN YOUR HEART!!!!)

Once the SEED OF CHARGE COMPRESSION is planted in the 'AURIC' SYMMETRY - then the capacitor called A SEED - begins recursively sucking charge (LIFE IS A SQUEEZE PLAY ) thru the speed of light - in the CHARGE IMPLOSION - you call LIFE. This INERTIA principle to give CAPACITANCE a symmetry WAY OUT - thru the speed of light - from the deadly (&very UNbiologic) trap of being contained BELOW THE SPEED OF LIGHT - your physics labels with characteristic ignorance/arrogance - by the word GRAVITY. (Just like the biologist who unsuccessfully attempts to make a Band-Aid to cover up the wound of his abject ignorance by using the word INSTINCT - precisely because he has no clue of the coherence intelligence of the collective and superluminal FIELD EFFECT made by DNA! ).

Gravity is a name for the wind of charge which is able to compress specifically by moving COHERENTLY - BETWEEN or ACROSS frequency spectra. The fact that physics has no measure or description for HOW charge moves coherently BETWEEN spectra by cascading - other than poorly defined terms like scalar or torsional - is symptomatic of the disease - ignorance of gravity in physics. The REASON aging is affected by both gravity and acceleration - is because centripedal charge compression (gravity) in a donut - by the perfected translation of vorticity (the line to circle coupling - which Golden Spiral optimizes) INCREASES ROTATION RATE. And of course - we know time is only a name for the measure of relative rotation rate. - - Helpful indeed to understand WHY rotation is our only measure . / and creator of both mass and time: because only rotation stores inertia / mass and only rotation creates time. Rotation survival requires symmetry - and symmetry survival for waves is perfected in the fractal or self similar. This is why both time and space must be fractal to create awareness - because only this fractality of compression perfects the charge distribution efficiency called CONSIOUSNESS!

In other words: objects do indeed fall to the ground because the COMPRESSED CHARGE ( whose inertia physics labels:"mass") which is in them and which MAKES them, is desperately seeking a WAY OUT of the slip knot. ('Anu' / ref) -THRU the speed of light. This is precisely the same physics for why - each time you step near a really LIVING RIVER - you need to PEE! The water knows where the flow and 'current' of life - becomes sustainable ( into recursion / implosion ) even if you and your doctor have no clue This is why ANY MATTER that's gets stuck OUT OF FRACTALITY - gets unhappy (misqualified energy = unfractal flow = 'evil') -- AND makes YOU unhappy!

Compare the little stone and wood house in the woods - breathing love and life force with charge - to - the square metal dead air building in the dead city. WHERE would you live if you were DNA (hint: and you ARE). Take a breath.

This is precisely why your DNA was designed as a 5 symmetry spin Golden Ratio fractal in it's thread. And as a 7 spin recursive knot maker ('ringlord') in its BRAID. ( 5+7= goldenmean.info/12strands ) : This angelically gifted symmetry in your genes- gives you the opportunity - should you be wise enough to seize upon THE PRINCIPLE ( 'carpe deum') - and thrust your SELF (charge field effect) thru the speed of light (knot slipping) - into death defying immortality!

To practice lucid dreaming and dying - when you wake up in your dream, look at your hand - and recur - see yourself in the mirror - fabricate a slip - knot homunculus. Get Fractal, get Compressible, get COHERENT - and so make your KA and HAVE a 'boat' to the underworld. ... cause the water's risin!

Get up off your ( cubic ) cross - and FOLLOW ME ! ( re'pent')

 from soullinvitation.com/scienceandconsciousness : The same SELF -SIMILARITY of charge which CAUSES GRAVITY
( collapse compression that becomes acceleration / gravity due to Golden Ratio )
(consciousness= perfected charge distribution due to fractal compression - perfect propagation with zero storage)

- also - EXPLAINS the GRAVITY MAKING POWER -> 'Purpose of DNA'..( DVD by this title)-
Waves gather naturally and lock in the Golden Ratio -Dodeca - stellation ( the principle Poincare symmetry to explain gravity - hint to Poincare- the Earth holds heat TO THE EXTENT THAT HER LONG WAVE MAGNETIC GRID IS NOT FRACTAL - because implosion / gravity's cause eliminates heat as the compression efficiently becomes acceleration ) -
Here is the PRINCIPLE - THE GRAVITY CODE, (goldenmean.info/gravitycode )
ARTICLE format: ( goldenmean.info/hadron ),
"Dear Dan,... I confirm my interest on your studies in implosion, if for nothing else, because of novelty (everybody who has worked with explosion ends up in the Nobel foundation)....your hypothesis appears indeed to be correct and original."-letter on file -Professor Santilli ,Professor of Theoretical Physics, INSTITUTE FOR BASIC RESEARCH.Algebras, Groups and Geometries, Hadronic Journal, http://www.neutronstructure.org, http://www.hadronicpress.com "

Here are NUMEROUS EXAMPLES of self similar charge symmetry (capacitors in a fractal) CREATING GRAVITY - goldenmean.info/thrust


IMPLOSION - Understanding Infinite Non-Destructive Compression - Perfect Collapse- What Einstein missed: Self Smilarity produces gravity because that (golden ratio for heterodyning) turns compression (voltage) in to acceleration
(gravity) by recursive constructive adding of phase velocites.

 Scale Invariance('Global Scaling') is key to gravity and making life
BECAUSE self-similarity (embedability) enables (non-destructive) COMPRESSION (/ fusion / collapse )
What Dan Winter has done is develop the power spectra tools to optimize / teach this....-
The perfectly coherent FRACTAL HEART is self-similar... A HOLARCHY.

New view of Poincare:Charge Waves lock in Compression Efficient / Imploding
- Golden Ratio - creating GRAVITY and LIFE FORCE itself!
 <The reason these (Dodeca / Golden Mean Ratio based) Clifford / Poincare geometries for the charge symmetry of GRAVITY- are also such a good model of CONSCIOUSNESS ... IS they describe how charge is (fractally?) ATTRACTED / non-destructively COMPRESSED . .. as proven when brainwaves in BLISS (solution to A.D.D.) replicably produce the telltale Golden Ratio frequency fingerprint.
Imagine 1 simple experiment: paramagnetic stones (calcium/quartz base etc) are arranged to look like a pine cone from the top (like Stonehenge, Machu Pichu etc)- in the center the time lapse photos show seeds germinate dramatically better . (Charge compression = life force- the basis of year long university study /uni ). Then placing capacitors in the same geometry MAKES gravity + extracts wattage from gravity (self-similarity creates gravity and LIFE - the way EKG and pine cones do.. not to mention DNA).

With this principle (fractally attracted CHARGE creates both GRAVITY and LIFE FORCE ITSELF) - we re-invent architecture and agriculture -based on a new understanding of the pure electrical symmetry (self-similar enabled compression) which CREATES LIFE (& ensouls DNA ,creates bliss, + survives death)...
- AND replaces Einstein (& the energy crisis) with the more correct:
ONLY Self similarity enables the (charge) compression that turns in to acceleration (gravity)... and LIFE!also-Invited Physics Journal Article

From-Germination-an Electrical Understanding: The REASON That (SelfSimilar) Non-Destructive CHARGE COMPRESSION (a pine cone) PRODUCES LIFE (Measureable freshness and germination improvement) Is Because Where Waves Can Agree - Information (for Sustainability) Becomes Available. This shows up as HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS (Defines Sustainability / Viability in Everything that Lives) - and COHERENCE (Perfected in Fractality) in the Power Spectra. The REASON that understanding this principle may save our genepool - is it would enable us to re-invent architecture - agriculture- & genetic engineering - to only build structures (like SUN temples) which retain the capacity (capacitance) to hold charge and LIFE. (What we used to call 'spirit' 'orgone' 'chi' etc. )- Instead of bleeding the souls of our children with square metal buildings, cities, & refrigerators - which leak away the vital force required to have and keep a 'Soul'.

New: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Guide - For HeartTUNER/ BLISSTUNER: goldenmean.info/faq - just added to HeartTuner Users Group..

More info: Heart Coherence Team - goldenmean.info lead by frank@goldenmean.info, co-ordinator. And / or at Implosion Group: goldenmean.info/hearttunerspecial with Dan Winter - inventor / consultant / research at consultant@goldenmean.info


1. Which disk do I use to install which software?

A: The new HeartTunerPro04 software can be installed from the CD included in your shipment, OR downloaded from the user-only web link you received when you ordered your system OR from the special most recent CD as part of your 15 disk training set ( currently: "HeartTunerApril05 CD").

2. After the installer ran - I see no launch icon?? (Same as- why do I seem to need to have the installer CD in the computer to click on the program?)

A: The installer puts the folder Heart Coherence Team inside your C: drive - PROGRAM FILES folder. Go in there and right click on HeartTunerPro04 (red valentine shaped) icon - and MAKE ALIAS or SHORTCUT. Drag that shortcut to your desktop. In the next release we plan that the installer WILL put a shortcut on the desktop.

3. The HeartTuner - comes up with one screen (for example) like the power spectra - shows NO DATA>. just empty..??

A: At the top LEFT hand corner of each of the moveable scaleable data display windows - like POWER SPECTRA and COHERENCE and TIME HISTORY, there is a little button to CLICK IT ON AND OFF!! (Switches data into the window). The HeartTuner remembers how the screens were switched last time used, so maybe the window switched off - was a left over from last use. There are 2 issues: one is that the main control menu has switches to show and hide each DATA SCREEN, and SEPARATELY - each data screen has a click button - top left - to switch the data processing inside that screen on and off.


4. I need a dummies guide - what do I do first.. after boot up?

A: Start with HeartTuner EKG. - (click on 2 hearts picture to start inputting data on the Data Input Window - top right usually- remember if you have not gotten your activation code emailed yet- this is the place to generate the serial seed to send off and request activation..)

a) make sure the raw data lines on the input screen look like a decent EKG - not too squiggly - noisy - if needed - tighten straps - moisen skin - ask the subject to keep their wrists more still (movement causes noise which continues for 10 seconds or so till stillness). Also check that the device and cables are moved away from power wires and transformers etc..

b) you can learn about the Power Spectrum screen later -(just replace missing harmonics in cascade kind of stuff)
- so FIRST for the fun - focus on the COHERENCE (cepstrum) window..
1 - learn to look at the FIRST and Highest PEAK on the left side - THAT IS COHERENCE. Note > DOES THAT PEAK GET HIGHER WHEN YOU RELAX AND FEEL LOVE /PASSION - something TRUE AND REAL.., (teaches REAL MEASUREABLE EMOTIONAL COHERENCE.. later see the HISTORY CURVE FOR THAT ). This is actually a RUSH IN THE HEART - a psychological FEELING - which is now MEASUREABLE. We are sharing a NEW CONCEPT as well as a new measurement.
2 - look at the right left movement of that peak. When you change emotions - does that (heart rate linked) change. Are you stuck?
3 - Can you make that LINK or LINE UP with another person - EMPATHY - ENERGY LINK. , (teaches healers and counselors to link hearts).
4 - Some ( James, myself and others) firmly believe (global scaling kinds of reasons) that when that
(heart rate musical key) peak is nearer 1.0 - emotions are more likely CONCEPTUAL - and when that peak is nearer .62 - emotions are more likely TOUCHY /FEELY or Heart Centered.. -SEE IF YOU AGREE?? Can you USE THIS TO TEACH moving from head to heart centered emoting? (more advanced users - see: discussions elsewhere about converting the non-sacred second to globally scaled plank time, suggesting this may fit nature AND ratio).


5. I am confused - Do I still need the old version of the Software - if so - Where is it, how do I install etc..

A: The original HeartTuner software is still fun and useful. Particularly until the new HRV (the'breath' curver) display is released in the new Pro04 version. (the HRV display is the lo frequency .1 to .5 hz heart harmonics - often used by doctors and the only data display on the HeartMath FreezeFramer). The installer CD for the Original HeartTuner software is labeled ORIGINAL HEART TUNER. The program is HeartTunerPro - has no 04 in the name. That CD has the installer PLUS nice training films. The installer creates the folder 'HeartTuner' in PROGRAM FILES on C: drive. Note also - PortSelector is a little routine in old software folder, usually set to USB if you have the USB adapter plugged in -- OR if you are running the NEW hardware which is of course, USB only. ( Serial port only operation is rather obsolete now - and only possible with both old hardware and software).

6. I am confused about OLD HARDWARE versus NEW HARDWARE - for HeartTuner - what's the difference - in features and operation?

A. The Old Hardware ( mostly pre 2005) is slightly smaller, and always has a simple SERIAL plug type cable coming out - with an OPTIONAL separate little USB adapter cable. The NEW hardware - ( all mostly 2005 and up) is a slightly bigger box and has ONLY a USB wire coming out. - Pics at goldenmean.info/resource/ . The difference: actually you can functionally do most everything with both. The NEW box has slight differences tho:
a) it is EU and UL certified (old is UL not EU), b) higher resolution analog to digital converter and new drivers-most users won't know the difference, c) new one can use 4 or 5 lead two channel EEG hookup, old box requires the 5th lead extra ground clip on ear for Two Channel EEG blisstuner (minor )., d) new box cannot run serial port ONLY usb (obviously).

6 b. During install - how do I sort Old Drivers vs New Drivers - for the Old versus the New Hardware AND Software???

A: The new software ('04') default installs drivers for new hardware. If you have the old hardware - put the drivers from goldenmean.info/resource/
into (replacing) the new folder "Heart Coherence Team'.

The OLD software default installs the drivers for the old hardware. To run the NEW hardware with the old (not 04) software - (remember HRV still useful- above) - DOWNLOAD THE NEW SET drivers from goldenmean.info/resource/ - and put them in the original HeartTuner software folder HeartTuner (in C:Program Files) - a replace- operation.

7: For the blisstuner is it required to use the conductance paste on both the ears and the scalp?

A: EKG sol (electrode gel or paste - any good drug store - near a hospital is usually good) is ONLY required for BlissTuner not HeartTuner (EEG yes / EKG no). This is because we find clean nice smooth data for EEG (1 millionth of a volt) is far more often possible this way. YES - put just a bit of paste of the surface of the electrode (silver coated face) for the Ear clips ALSO. For good results (brainwaves only issue) - note here, ear clips right on the skin require only a hint of gel, the button touching right on the skull in back - opposite to eyes - however... IF there is a lot of hair - really sort thru the hair a bit - to the skin - and be SURE there is enough gel to get a liquid connection to the skin surface.

8. I want to run the HeartTuner / BlissTuner on a second computer: do I need to apply for another serial number / activation key?

A: Yes. The activation key is good for unlimited upgrades etc. but only on ONE computer. Remember you need to RUN the software on the second machine, then click "Select" on the INPUT DATA window (on the 2 hearts pic etc) - to get the screen where it generates the SERIAL SEED - email THAT number to frank@goldenmean.info (or if you purchased your system from Dan - consultant@goldenmean.info ) . This is the only way to get a second activation key.

9. I am confused about 1 channel versus 2 channel..in Brainwaves.. Tell me more about brainwave work.. ( other than goldenmean.info/blisstuner )

A: The new hardware / software oriented to display 2 channel CROSS HEMISPHERIC coherence - is not designed to do 1 channel brainwave (this is due to the simplifying way we eliminated the need for the 5th wire, by crossing the grounds of both channels in to each channels full 3 wire full differential hi gain pre amp). Click on the one brain pic with 2 hemispheres in the new software.

The standard 2 channel 4 wire hookup .. Channel A/1 - White Positive to one eyeball in back of head, Black or Whiter NEGATIVE clip to ear , Channel B/2- White Positive to the other eyeball place in the back of the head, the GREEN ground clip to the corresponding earlobe. (Remember touch the skull thru the hair on the head one and use gel).

More about brainwave work:
a) expect to wait for 1 to 2 minutes of total stillness after any move before data settles to smooth and useful ,
b) expect that in many rather electrical environments - cleaner better data is possible on battery powered portable -unplugged.,
c) you must go to advanced settings and set Input Sound MIDI - ON - usually "Microsoft Midi" is the input and set Instrument recommend start with "PAN FLUTE"- do this before you set SOUND ON toggle - and Switch WHICH SOUNDS - Alpha / Beta at the top of the running EEG POWER SPECTRA screen. Recommend set all (alpha / beta / and Golden Ratio) - sounds ON to start.. , later play with just making ALPHA. Note that these sounds are actually harmonics changing with ACTUAL BRAINWAVE FREQUENCIES.. (REAL feedback).

d) remember - the green ALPHA ball (circle) and stick will be always together at ACTUAL MEASURED (7-13hz) ALPHA. Goal here is to get large alpha peak stable AND LINED UP FROM RIGHT TO LEFT HEMISPHERE. THIS IS HOW YOU TEACH CROSS HEMISPHERIC COHERENCE.. literally the REAL HEMISYNC. Second - the PURPLE / BETA (higher frequency) BALL (circle) is your MEASURED BETA. The Purple STICK is your goal - Computer calculates 1.618 Golden Ratio TIMES you moving measured ALPHA frequency to plot this moving goal for you. IF YOU GET THE (purple) BALL ON THE STICK - THEN YOU GET BLISS or CREATIVITY - because THAT is HOW your brain attracts charge ( see caducceus).

e) sometimes you will see this BETA peak form - as an OCTAVE (multiplied by 2 ) instead of golden ratio - times the Alpha (8-12hz) frequency peak. We are beginning to believe this may be a consistent indicator of Channelling or telepathy or other more more link up less individuating states.. more soon ( see goldenmean.info/channelling ). In the future display - we may offer a 'switchable' line at octave AND golden ratio dynamically in the Beta - so you can choose - since these brainwave states are so archtypal / characteristic of unique psychology (Golden Mean - individuates / attracts creativity/ bliss VS. Octave - holds charge wtihin - sets up 'hive mind' non-individuating - good for channelling?)

f) the COHERENCE or cepstrum display is currently set OFF in the new software during EEG / blisstuner. This will soon be fixed.. since indeed the COHERENCE here is set to be our new PRIME addition to the literature on HOW TO TREAT ADDICTION / A.D.D. (Simply teach to complete the cascade.) .

g) again - we acknowledge the many years of work in analyzing brainwaves with the MIND MIRROR - and recommend their interpretations, merely noting that our display is far better (includes time history) and includes more (coherence ) etc. - A good link to begin recognizing the SHAPE of the cascade of EEG harmonics shown on the BlissTuner - (the Mind Mirror displays brain hemisphere frequencies vertically as well, just without the time history cascade) is at http://www.annawise.com/the_work/the-work-content.html

10. What about analyzing Heart and Brain at the same time ? (measure link up and coherence of HEART VERSUS BRAIN)

A: In the new software this capability is being tested .. in the old software it was well tested and functional - note in that case (hooking EKG and EEG to the original software environment) - always connect EEG to B channel RED - adjust RELATIVE GAIN slider far to the right carefully.. leave the input settings click knob set for ekg not eeg down below.

11. When will the new HRV and ADDICTION / ATTENTION DEFICIT software parts be ready?

A: Remember HRV display is largely functional in the old software. In the new software there will be radically improved display options for HRV since so many medical professionals use this so intensely. This will probably take a few more months in software development- and will include the most contemporary HRV statistical data.

- As far as ADDICTION / ATTENTION DEFICIT training.. here are some considerations:

a) The definition of addiction and A.D.D. neurofeedback training - 70% broad documented clinical success in the US - may be simply summarized as- CREATE BALANCE IN THE CASCADE - ALL HARMONICS PRESENT - NONE MISSING! ( please read more at 'REPLACING THE SOUL KILLER -RITALIN '- goldenmean.info/ritalin , goldenmean.info/braintuner etc.) . Once you understand this you can look at a reasonably stable and quiet and replicable EEG trace on the BLISSTUNER and do that work beautifully. Most of the time of the current expensive - A.D.D. feedback is consumed as the therapist struggles to guess which harmonic to provide a feedback reward cue to reinforce. We firmly believe this arduous process will be made FAR MORE ELEGANT when neurofeedback people LEARN TO USE Winter's CEPSTRUM COHERENCE MEASURE (for EEG) . Meantime - you can do much. Teach people to cross hemispherically LINK right and left hemisphere ( usually starting with their alpha). Then look at the picture of the perfect brainwave cascade (similar to Mind Mirror's pic at goldenmean.info/blisstuner ) - and teach people to REPLACE THE MISSING HARMONIC IN THEIR CHART. What will be added to this - with the professional neurofeedback version in process - is the ability to provide a gently adjustable reward threshold tuneable cue to provide a little reward each moment you get closer to your goal. This sounds simple - yet the experience itself is so profound : SHIFTING GEARS IN YOUR BRAINWAVES - that it requires great personal responsibility to use this well.

How long till this - adjustable reward part is released? We expect the software to be released in stages at the sophistication level evolves in our ability to incorporate the mathematics into the existing BlissTuner internal data framework - over the next year or so.


12. How do I add my question to this list?

A: Email: consultant@goldenmean.info