Solar Shamans Announce: Lazarus Effect-


Priming the WormHole Thru The SUN- EVENT THIS SUNDAY Feb 25,2001- 5:15 PM Pacific Standard Time (In California) (Would be 6:15 Mountain Time, 8:15PM Sunday Eastern Time)

In Conjunction with our BLESS THE EARTH WITH BLISS Conference Here (this weekend) at the Integratron and the Joshua Tree Spiritual Retreat Center (Schedule and Details at ../integratron )


from Dan Winter, 2/23/2001 , url: ../solarshamans , other articles: ../sitemap.html

Please join us in your own way this Sunday as we climax our conference to "Bless the Earth with Bliss". We are being joined by media, Oasis TV and others. By wonderful collaborative planning the SOLAR SHAMANS group has planned an event to shamanically lead the group soul bubble thru the sun for that bliss event. Much more info on the Solar Shamans project is below.

The Sun Does a Flip

Group Bliss Practice Reading:
1 - AMENTI (The SOUL Pod) - as Harmonic Implosion Bubble for Genepools... The Only Way Home?

2 - Solar Shamans Announce: Lazarus Effect- Piloting a Collective BLUE FIRE DNA BUBBLE THRU THE SUN

Navigating the Genepool thru the HEART OF THE SUN- Group Bliss - is the Navigator:

The Solar Heart Community exists to take soul groups into the Solar Heart. It was created and inspired by and with my friendship with Dan Winter, the sacred geometer. Think of what we all can accomplish for world service if we come together to network, fellowship, share techniques and experiences. This is a collaborative community which works and plays together in service locally and globally. Some of us are shamanically inclined, some are ground crew, some are apprentices. All are welcome. This list used to be called the Solar Shamans but has changed to be more inclusive of those who wish to serve in different capacities for peace and transformation.
"lionessebleu01" <divine_goddess@h...>
Date: Sun Jul 6, 2003 5:07 pm
Subject: Solar Heart Journey Thursday 7/17

Dan Winter and I have scheduled a Solar Heart Journey to coincide with a workshop he is teaching in St. Tropez, France. We haven't done one of these for a long, long time.

It is scheduled for july 17,2003 at 4pm Central European Time. That is 9am Colorado time and 11 am NY time.

everyone ready for the trip ...
an oldie from Pink Floyd ... Raphiem

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun - Pink Floyd

Little by little the night turns around
Counting the leaves which tremble at dawn
Lotuses lean on each other in the early morn
Under the leaves the swallow is resting

Set the controls for the heart of the sun

Over the mountain watching the watcher
Breaking the darkness waking the grapevine
One inch of love is one inch of shadow
Love is the shadow that ripen's the wine

Set the controls for the heart of the sun
The heart of the sun(repeat)

Witness the man who raves at the wall
Making the shape of his question to heaven
Whether the sun will fall in the evening
Will he remember the lesson of giving

Set the controls for the heart of the sun
The heart of the sun(repeat)

The Activity: Prepare yourself in yuor quiet sacred space late Sunday Afternoon, and feel / invite yourself to relax in a journeying 'soul' bubble (aka Newton). As we all find our common center communally as our DNA cocoons fuse, we can travel by th relevance of our gathered intent, to steer into the heart of our angle the SUN.

The SUN awaits our added centering force to steer her thru her moment of maximum dynamic pressure. We can learn from her, the gordion endless heart knot ANU secret of perfect fusion . Turning Inside Out-ness=consciousness. The perfect slip NOT.

A long history of gathering charge (Integratron ) to fuse immortality in biology, charges us. Van Tassel like the Mayans before him, realized the Sun's magneto fusion force held the key to sustaining our biology even at the glandular level.

I won't soon forget Marysol explaining to me WHY she could ONLY use real in the moment sunlight focused thru the prism to heal the missing voice harmonic... ( ../heartvoice ) Or Grace our Mt Shasta Essene, explaining to me how after her privations and ablutions she felt herself literally suck up thru the real Sunlight on the water until she could feel herself entering kinesthetically INTO THE SUN, like a lens.

Robert Short was saying last nite, they were climbing down the side of a Peruvian Solar Temple to figure out why they focused the real sunlight down just the right angles to trigger the testicles to immortalize. The Integratron became a model of the Solar Temple, with two capacitive imploding doorways, like secret places of the lion. Where the fearless could dimple into compression, and emerge immortal. SOLAR-I-An. Sun-Gods. Vairichocha....

Oh let's do this thing... our genepool needs to KNOW it can embed in the Sun and steer her... The Lazarus Effect (book in the Dune Series), is simple. If you LAZE are US, you can prime the pump thru the death compression worm, by LAZING THE HEART (coherence) into embeding. The FUSION of hearts required to inhabit the SUN is now within our grasp.

So what a way to FALL in Love....

Dan Winter

let's play in the heart space....

From: "SA Carlson" <>
Date: Fri Feb 23, 2001 5:52am
Subject: Solar Flight Sunday...

Well, Loves, I just got off the phone with Dan with some exciting news. The time is between 5:15 and 5:45 pm Pacific time in California, USA for the flight into the Sun's heart.
Use this following link to figure out what time it is in your part of the world. Just look and see what time it is in California (Pacific time) now and then look at your own clock and then you will know how much time difference there is.

I asked for the 30 minute time frame because it is a nice short flight for beginners. If you wish, you can stay longer in the Sun and find your way back joyfully. Just remember the flight guidelines to ground yourself after re-entry.

We are taking Yami's suggestion and are using a symbol to focus on. Dan suggests this symbol of the grail heart that he has at his website . ../grail.html Here it is:

For of those who prefer to link up in a different way, just call to Yamile, Wistancia, or myself or all of us and you will be able to find us. We will find you. :)

Dan is going to open up this meditation to 6000 of his closest friends by sending out his newsletter on Friday. We are truly going Global! The people around the world will focus on this symbol to connect to each other. Easier for me to gather them up if they have a single focal point of consciousness.

Prior to 5:15pm Dan will have read them the guidelines and actually introduce them to the idea on Saturday. Before the flight he will lead them to center in restful awareness.

The closing ceremonies are being held at Giant Rock at Joshua Tree, California, USA. They are being led by Larry White Eagle at sunset. There will be approximately 50 people there.

I would like the Solar Shamans to link and then gather up the people and dive into the Sun.

If any one else wants to go, please state your intention.


Krishnamurti: "The moment you have in your heart this
extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the
ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed."

"SA Carlson" <> Date: Thu Feb 22, 2001 5:02am Flight Guidelines


In a perfect world, this is what I would want: 20 minutes prior to the beginning of the flight , play something soft and relaxingmaybe environmental type sounds with music, birds chirping, water flowing

At beginning of flight, something that starts softly and builds to a crescendo and keeps building with crescendos similar to Yanni's Aria. This is for liftoff and acceleration. This lasts about 10 minutes

For the next 30 minutes something Allegro, maybe with a zensual feel to itfor exploring and discovery and zoaring! A cool change would be whale sounds with an embedded theta track. Woosh!

Then for 10 minutes, music that goes decrescendo for de-acceleration and landing. Then for 10 minutes, music for grounding, not unlike the music played before the flight to relax. Nature sounds are good. Guide people back into their bodies, tell them to feel it as they slide in right down to their toes

But use what you have. I am sure it would be perfect.


Preparation for flight

Get in a position where you can be relaxed but alert. Sitting is fine keeping legs and arms uncrossed as much as possible so chakras are unshielded. Keep spine as straight as possible. Sitting on floor in lotus position is ok too because the lower chakras are open. Lying down is ok if you can maintain a state of restful alertness. (We will hear you snoring ! J )

Place palms of hands turned up on lap to facilitate receiving.

Eyes closed will help facilitate blocking out external stimuli but if you feel led to open your eyes at some point that is ok.

If you already have a meditative process that is ok to use it but it is not necessary. No meditation skills are necessary for the energy will meditate you.

Some of you will feel the energy strongly and some may not feel a thing and most will have an experience somewhere in between. Try not to judge your experience if you can. It is not the experience you have that is important, it is the trip you are taking in the energy. Know that it is happening whether you believe it or not J .

If for you the energy becomes too intense, take deep breaths. If it feels uncomfortable, breathe into the uncomfortableness. If it still too uncomfortable or scary visualize a dial and see yourself turning it down. The energy has its own intelligence and will cooperate with you if you ask. (Some call the energy, the Holy Spirit, the
Feminine Aspect of the Divine.)It will not allow you to experience something that you are not ready to experience.

Trust in the energy and it's intelligence. It is Spirit. The more you can relax, receive, and surrender yourself the more transformation can enter into your life.

Sometimes as the energy moves through you, your body will want to move spontaneously. It may want to sway, vibrate, or tingle or giggle. This is ok to let this happen.You may even sigh, moan, or groan. This is ok too. It is perfectly permissable to feel good throughout this whole process and enjoy. Having an orgasm, or even two or more, is allowed also.

It is also ok to feel sadness or grief or cry if you do so. All feelings that come and go in this process are natural. Let them flow through you and out if you so wish. Save your questions until after this is over. Let this be a virgin experience for you.

After the flight is over.. Wiggle those toes. Stretch! Rub your feet on the ground. Stretch and yawn open your eyes wide. If people have trouble grounding, go lay on the grass. Drink water, water, water.. Eat!!!! Run around, laugh!

If you have a notebook or paper, journal about the experience (or lack of it) before these memories slip into the dream file. Know that rereading your journalizing will bring back the experience anew with fresh insights.

If some people are quiet after the flight, respect their quietness so they may enjoy the privacy of their own thoughts.

Have fun!

Krishnamurti: "The moment you have in your heart this
extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the
ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed."

Solar Shamans are arising around the world.

( from: )

Think of what we all can accomplish for world
service if we come together to network,
fellowship, share techniques and experiences.

Dan Winter and I want to plan a World Peace
meditation with Solar Shamans connecting
energetically, laying a foundation through our
ability to travel into the Sun and through the
Universes. This would be our first project


We are all of different backgrounds, traditions,
and nationalities. What unites us is our ability to
travel shamanically.

I also know that some of us are not
shamanically inclined but wish to particpate in
some way for service,learning, and self

Please treat this list as a Temple for learning, a
Mystery School for all levels of abilities. Please
remove your "shoes" before entering.

IMPORTANT: This is a closed list. Please send a request for membership to Please
include what your intentions are, a sharing of your heritage, a little about yourself, and what you do for service to our
world. I will send your response as an introduction to the list before I subscribe you. And don't forget to tell us how
you heard about us. Peace.


Hello and Namaste,

My name is Susan and Dan asked me to start a little newsletter for the Solar Shamans list.

Dan 'sniffed' me out last year on the Kundalini Gateway list and we got to talking. Sharing my experiences with him and he telling me stories we discovered some connections and some insights. He 'outed' me as a solar shaman. Now I had never heard the term before and nothing shows up about it on a Google search.

He excitedly described to me why solar shamans are important to preserving the genepool of the planet. I am still working on grokking the information which Dan has been working on for years so I do consider myself a neophyte in understanding his theories but the heart connection was there and I knew he was on to something. Besides, what he describes as a solar shaman is very fun and enjoyable to me. I love introducing people to bliss and taking them traveling through different dimensions and space. That is why I was born.

Another term for bliss, to me, is joy. I think that is our true nature, to express joy and bliss. Some may disagree.

Yogananda, the 20th century mystic and teacher from India, once asked his teacher what is God. Sri Yukteswar replied, "God is ever-new joy." When I read that sentence almost ten years ago my heart stood at attention for I heard truth being spoken.

One of the byproducts of having bliss in your life is being able to create peace. Peace is everywhere present. It is the only reality we have just forgotten it.

I want to assist people in recovering primal memories of peace, bliss, and joy. They are still there, hidden in our cells, just waiting to be uncovered, our true state of Oneness. Recovering those memories will help to preserve the genepool of our planet and recover our heritage as Star Stuff.

Using techniques from Solar Shamans and navigating people into the Heart of the Sun is one way for me to assist people in reclaiming their heritage.

In further newsletter we will talk about insights and techniques.

On of the events I would like to create with the Solar Shamans on the list is to choose one day a month were we hold a World Meditation. Dan wants to someday to hook everyone up globally through his Heart Link technology. We can start practicing now. There is no time, no space, no distance in Spirit.

Next month we will meet in Spirit, the Solar Shamans uniting us together to lift us into the Heart of the Sun.

I have chosen this Feb 25 Sunday experiment. , for a lift off date.

All I require of you is to create a silent, sacred space. I donít find it necessary for you to be meditating because the energy will meditate you but meditate if you want. Expect the experience to last anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes. We will come get you J . Your mileage may vary.

To quote Dan from his recent newsletter:

It is further my (our?) belief that only leadership thru this slip knot provides survival possibility for our genepool during solar orgasm (solar maxima / rapture leading to 2012).

Assembling skill and concensus among those who COULD see and feel the sun's coeur like a lens then becomes a sacred responsibility... for those who COULD steer.

Specifically noting that since solar flares have been measureably modulated by millions of children singing in phase at the same instant, that the sun probably needs the steering/centering force of an embedding genepool soul group to survive her own orgasm. ('angel'? birth).



For subscription information about the Solar Shamans group see:

See you soon.Namaste, Susan, 02/18/01

A few of the greatest hits! , from solar shamans egroup

I have not consciously journeyed through the Sun but the energy that I know
as a result of the activation is one of bliss and I am deeply drawn to Her
(what I call the Sun). I am at my best when I can be bathed by her. I began
knowing this energy coming into my body from off planet and entering in my
heart chakra area through my back and then throughout my body and up and
down my chakras. It centers in my heart and moves throughout my body.
Strongly in my hands, my voice, my hands, my gaze.
I have ancient memories.
One involves being a sun in it's own solar system, planets with
living beings on them dependent on the radiant love the sun generated.

One day for an unknown reason the sun was split in two and the halves
drifted thru universe, the solar system died.

The grief I remembered like it was yesterday, felt from this
incredible event was embedded in my cells, a link to an enormous,
gigantic consciousness that could not be contained in a human body.


During the course of our training we would go back and forth in time to retrieve, give back, clean
energies. Releasing discarnates was also part of the job and still is, we escort souls or ask other light
being to escort them if lost or stuck in dimensional planes. When training in the Andean shaman
tradition we were guided into the Sun when opening the Heart Eye as is the heart chakra called in
that tradition.

I am on fire with the science that has come in to my life and with the traveling. I already travel.
Maybe we travel in different ways. I can go into cells and tiniest geometries within me, I can look
into tiniest forms within a room, I can pierce through the walls, I can fly through the sky and
watch ships turning and showing me their windows and their sides, I can make a full circle on the
inner and see 360 degrees, which i guess is 5D, but I do not really know, and I have "landed" my
consciousness on certain levels and met beings. So I feel that I "go" to the places, or a part of me
will go to the sun. But another way of perceiving it is to have it come in to us. I totally grok that,


Krishnamurti: "The moment you have in your heart this
extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the
ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed."

Re: Leadership Thru the Sun, "Steering Mother Nature's Silver Seed to a New Home in the Sun"..

hi- this note is to the solar shamans (go to , join SolarShamans )
and to susan divine_goddess

from dan winter, ..

I want to thank Susan so much for pursuing the communications to help keep us in touch with each other...
sorry I have not been more active.. the lecture tour thing has been wonderful but a bit ungrounding.. I suppose..

I would like to refresh my own memory, and enjoy all your comments about the original purpose we discussed when we visioned the solar shamans group...

It has been my perception by harmonic analysis that the heart does indeed fabricate a bit of electrical implosion and therefore gravity at moments of bliss

(probably accounting in part for the 4-10 oz. weight most people lose at the moment of death,
and in part for the electrical reason saints bodies do not decay at death, because this field is sustainably self organizing).

This ability to sweep electrical lines of force to a common recursive center of embedding,
becomes the ability to suck yourself into the spin centroid of more than just human bodies, (grounding) but eventually even STARS like the sun. The amount of sucking
by fractal attraction into the EKG does indeed seem to be in proportion to the amount of re-curring turning inside out happening in the heart. This (re-cursive)
non destructive compression fabricating centering force appears to be psychologically identitical with the learned skill to choose compassion.

As such, eventually it appears that those who can by intense feeling for outside as if it were inside, and bliss magnify their intent through the rabbit hole dimple imploding in the top of DNA, enter and squirt thru the SUN. It is my belief the pure implosion fusion symmetry of the suns heart


is the only sling shot with enough escape velocity to squirt soul (sol) groups incunabula bubble out of here (the limiting coccoon defined by the speed of light). Specifically, we believe from several sources that general human soul's individually and collectively generally do not leave the gravity container of the solar system. However the ritual of solar maxima / rapture / 2000-2012 does provide the necessary way into stars

It is further my (our?) belief that only leadership thru this slip knot provides survival possibility for our genepool during solar orgasm (solar maxima / rapture leading to 2012).

Assembling skill and concensus among those who COULD see and feel the sun's coeur like a lens then becomes a sacred responsibility... for those who COULD steer.

Specifically noting that since solar flares have been measureably modulated by millions of children singing in phase at the same instant,
that the sun probably needs the steering/centering force of an embedding genepool soul group to survive her own orgasm. ('angel'? birth).

This was essentially the conversation which susan and I and other wonderful friends like yamile, nydia, grace, namae natume, etc.. etc.. had about gathering critical inertial escape velocity among the shamans..., which was originally outlined in part at


as a group mind can and should evolve their own self organized reason to be,
I am merely offering this seed if it were to help stimulate...,VERY much lo phi and phire warmth to you all. dan winter

Sustainable EXPLOSION has Sustainable IMPLOSION (fusion is sustainble sharing) as Prerequisite?

Thu, 22 Feb 2001 09:30:22 -0800, From: "Wistancia" <>,Reply-To:

I was talking to a man, Rene Mueller, who has the SPIRITWEB website, huge.
Anyway he was asking me about compression and compassion, the link because
it came up in a very Elementary article that I have written about the marriage
of science and spirit.
I told him some stuff about you Dan and what you have said.
Then I suddenly had a cartoon of this I wanted to share. It ws fun. I am a
kindergartener with this.

I said this:
When Dan was talking to children once he told us that they got what he was
saying in a really cute way.
"Heart shines/ DNA braids"
My interpretation:
When the heart experiences layer after layer of compression of feelings of
Light/Love it builds to a point and then the cup runneth over! The DNA grail
cup braids in a new way. Or it is the link between high emotional states
opening the door of the DNA to the full completed Christ in chemistry to
walk out. So that there is a friendship between dNa evolving and Compassion.
And it is compressing, putting a hot, warm, loving compress on the wounded
heart, impressing the heart to heal it. And making a lasting impression upon
the heart that frees it up to fly.

it is magnetizing what is needed to then radiate out (like a star) what is needed
by the Whole. It is in-breath and out-breath, with the window in between. And
it is receiving in order to give in order to receive more, in order to give
more. all those compressions, like an accordian of love, that then EnForce the
Will of THe One,God/Eternal/Source which is that Source Expand in,
through and around ALL.

We are all lighting up the grids you guys.

signing off

Subject: solar meditation manifests gold. Fri, 23 Feb 2001 14:54:12 EST, from

Dear Dan,

I met you at the Open Secret bookstore in San Rafael and promised you the
meditation which I talked to you about which manifested gold pariticles on
the porch of my house on several occasions when I shared the meditation with
others. I am actually going to attend your Intensive near Ashville in March
and I am looking forward to it. We can discuss further then! Since the
appearence of gold more has manifested, I will show you in person.

I have created several versions of this meditation, the following being the
basic one. I am aware of the solar event this weekend and I will be with you in spirit.
Solarblessings to you, the group, the earth and all mankind! Ursula Hanrahan

Activating the divine fire and pillar of sacred flames a guided meditation by Ursula Hanrahan

Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and take a few deep
Visualise in the center of your forehead a bright golden yod flame letter, a
symbol for the spark of God, as if written on your forehead. Breathe into the
yod-flame, energising it with prana from the air.
On your next inhale move the flame into the pineal gland at the center of
your brain. Visualise your pineal gland light up in pale gold and with your
next exhale move the flame down the central body current into the center of
the earth.
Breathe into the flame again energising it with prana from the air until a
ring of flames forms around the center flame like a horizontal disk with a
flaming outer circle. As you continue to breathe into the center flame, the
outer ring expands until it grows out into the atmosphere around the earth.
Visualise the horizontal disk like a pulsing soft web of gold light
permeating the horizontal plane of the earth and then bring your focus back
to the center flame.
With your next inhale bring the flame up from the center of the earth through
your grounding cord to a position 6 inches below your feet, the position of
the 12th chakra.
Again breathe into the flame until it is 6 inches thick. With you next inhale
move the flame through the entral body current into the heart chakra. As you
breathe into the flame visualise the flame becoming the three fold heart
flame with different hues of pink, violet and blue or whatever colour you are
being shown. Feel the fire from the heart flames permeating all body cells
and opening the energy channels form the heart to your hands and out your
Place your attention back to the golden center flame in the heart and with
your next inhale move the flame up beyond the crown chakra , through the
chakras above the head:
the 10th chakra 6" above the head, the 11th chakra 18" above the head and the
14th chakra 36" above the head. Continue moving the flame up through the
portal of the sun then through the Great Central Sun and out of the time
matrix into the limitless light of God as non-dual awareness. Bathe in this
light and then return the flame through the Great Central Sun, the sun, then
through the central body current to a position 12" beneath your feet. Feel
how the flame has increased in intensity by having united with the limitless
light from beyond the time matrix. Breathe into this flame and visualise a
ring of flames radiating outward into a circle until it is 6 feet in diameter
forming a platform of flames. Breathe into the platform and feel the
connection with the huge horizontal disk in the center of the earth. As the
platform cannot hold more intensity, the disk suddenly pops and expands into
an oscillating pillar of golden flames, extending about 18" beyond your body,
reaching to the 14th chakra 36" above the head or even higher, as high as you
are being shown. This may be to the Great Central Sun and beyond. Feel all
the cells in your body absorbing the gold light of the flames, all the way
into the DNA of the cells.
This pillar is a protective shield in your daily life and it's effectiveness
is the raising of your vibration by the use of this meditation. You may stop
the meditation here or continue:

Addition no.1: Continue with this meditation if you are guided to do so:

Now place your attention at about 67 feet above your head and say silently
the following first command: Mother, Father God, I command the clearing of my
12 tree-of-life grid, transmuting all distortions from my original blueprint
and dissolving polarities into the Oneness of consciousness as love. Watch
your tree-of-life grid being cleared and silently say: Thank you, it is done,
it is done, it is done.
Go up again to 67 feet above your head and say the second command: Mother
Father God, I command the clearing of the planetary tree-of-life grid through
my grid as much as it is to the highest good of all at this time. Watch the
planetary grid being cleared. Then say: Thank you, it is done, it is done, it
is done.
Go up a third time to 67 feet and say silently: Mother Father God, I command
my tree-of-life grid to be infused by the cosmic grid from the unmanifest
realms, restoring my grids and DNA into the perfected image of the Admon
Kadmon. Watch your grid changing again. You will see whatever your higher
Self shows you at the time. Then say again: Thank you it is done, it is done,
it is done.

Addition no.2: Continue as guided:
Visualise yourself standing behind yourself. Look at your back in the heart
area and ask your Higher Self to show you where the opening to the Sacred
Heart is. The Sacred Heart is usually a little lower than the heart chakra
although the location varies with different people. See an opening at your
spine and enter there. You will find yourself in a silent place, much like a
sacred temple. This is the place of transcending all dimensions. Feel the
eternal peace within you and feel the connection to the place of limitless
light outside the time matrix. This place is in reality within you. Stay in
this space for as long as you wish and then come out of meditation.

Ursula's website is

Re: [SolarShamans] Solar Shamans Announce: Lazarus Effect- Piloting a Collective BLUE FIRE DNA BUBBLE THRU THE SUN
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 11:47:2, From: "Nellie" Reply-To:
Dear Sweet Fellow Shamans!

WOW! There is energy running throughout my body as I sit her typing and bathed by my dear Goddess Mother SUN! We really are going global!
It hit me this morning as I sat here reading this announcement! 6000 people and as I type this note I have a piece by Carlos Santana playing very
loud in the background and I can not believe it (I never really paid attention to the name of it before just knew I loved the beat and the words and
how it resonates in me) but something told me to pause it for a minute and read the title of it and it is called "THE CALLING". As I look at the
insert with the CD I note that it is filled with pictures of The heart, of the heart with eyes, of the SUN, pictures of spinning tornado like energies. The
song says. People, people, people, hear me calling, and repeats that several times then one love, one love, Lord God almighty, one love. The beat is
drum heavy and intense, very deep and to the core. Mostly instrumental. It so fits that it is playing as I sit here typing this. We truly are
"CALLING" . Did She call to us or we to Her? I am very grateful to you Dan and to you Susan, for making this happen and doing the work that is
really joy, and to all who are here who are making it all happen as well as we join in co-in-hearing and make the many the one. Welcome to all the
new travelers who have and will join us. I realized as I type I read this mornings announcement and saw the quotes that you put in Susan and saw
your name and Wistancia and my name and had this sudden knowing that this was being read by at least 6000 others just on the mailing list. Will it
also be posted on the website (Dan's) so that even more will see it. The numbers run into infinity who will see this and more importantly I sense,
and I feel, that on the non-physical levels this is speaking to everyone in a harmonic nested way like the ringing of a large gong, calling both the
physically incarnated and those who have passed on. Then there are the beings on other planes who take on other forms of existence, who live on
other planets and those who watch the path that we are now taking and they are all aware of what it is that we are doing. I can feel all hearts upon us
and it is building. I wonder, Dan, Susan, anyone? What is the critical mass that we must reach to shift into the next phase of our reality? How many
of us will this take? How many of us will dance with one another. How many will drink the water. will ride the wave? Oh, I do wish there were a way
somehow to measure the energy of what will take place on Sunday. I sense that if anyone with the technology to measure it were able to do so, like
a HeartLink monitor that were somehow able to measure all of our combined energies, we would be off the scale.

Dan, I am curious and still learning so much about what you and James and others are doing, but does all of this, this journeying into our bliss, into
the SUN relate to William Buehlers work with the Reshel grid and the SELAH (the place of no-thing and everything - negative entropy as Dr.
Michael Gerber and Robert Becker calls it) and Johngrove and Orphanic and Metatronic levels? The Kali Rift open wound in time and the
original RANNA TIME WAVE from which we dropped. Is all of this a grand part of that (our) return or redemption as William explains it
../buehler/chartres2.html . I have a deep sense within that this is all very connected. That what we are doing is what they
wanted to do with the abomination that was Montauk. What they could never hope to do because they were going from the outside in (or trying to
anyway). I sense that there are untold levels to what we are about to undertake as a group this weekend. Something very significant is about to tale
place and I would bet that if we knew where to look in the ancient sacred recordings there would be a reference to this day. On the surface this
seems to be a simple < maybe not so simple = } > half hour to forty five minute journey. I think it is that and a great deal more. We are activating
something here. I am blessed to be a part of this group and know that this is taking place in divine accordance.

Susan I love the flight instructions and what I am doing is making a tape that has all of the elements in it that you mentioned according to the
various parts of the flight. I have a wide variety of CD's and I know it will be great!
My love to you all!

[SolarShamans] Eating the Sun
Sat, 24 Feb 2001 07:01:51 -0000




Hi. Does anyone have experience with practices similar to this below,
about drawing nourishment directly from the Sun?

<begin quote>
Engineer uses Sun to claim victory over hunger

By A Staff Reporter

AHMEDABAD: Can the human body turn into a photovoltaic cell and
covert the rays of the sun into energy? Sixty-four-year-old retired
mechanical engineer Hira Ratan Manek claims it can. For the past 364
days, he claims he has not swallowed a single morsel of solid, living
only on some boiled water and the star closest from the earth.
"We humans live primarily on secondary solar energy as the plants
which we consume depend heavily on the sun to grow," Manek, a Kutchi
living in Coimbatore, says. "All you need to do is learn to absorb
from the primary source of solar energy."
To ensure that Manek's story does not sound like a fairy tale, there
are an array of doctors from the Health Care International
Multitherapy Institute and the Jain Doctors Association who have been
monitoring his health from two days before the fast started, which
will last up to February 15 to complete 411 days.
The method of becoming a solar cooker is quite simple. According to
Manek, you start by looking straight into the rising morning sun for
only a few seconds. Slowly you increase the time to minutes reaching
up to 30 to 35 minutes. "If you do it gradually, your eyes will not
be damaged and help in charging your brain with solar energy."
Manek adds that once you go above 15 minutes, your desire for food
slowly diminishes. "It is victory over hunger, not its suppression."
At 30 to 35 minutes, the human brain starts developing the capacity
to store solar energy. "All you need to do is take a walk barefoot
for about 40 to 45 minutes in the sun everyday to recharge the
Claims Manek, "Only through this process can man achieve complete
freedom or Moksha. You rid yourself from physical and psychological
ailments. Psychosomatic ailments out of stress become a distant
dream. But more importantly you develop a corona of energy around
you. As this energy field becomes stronger, diseases don't harm you.
Even your worst enemy will become harmless."
Eminent neuro-physician Sudhir Shah, who has been monitoring Manek's
health with a team of doctors, says, "What we have is not 100 per
cent science, but hypothesis. However, we believe that this is a
chronic case of adaptation syndrome where the body reduces its demand
for energy after 16 to 30 days of fasting. This is done by downing
the regulation of receptors."
Shah does not rule out the possibility that the temporal lobe in the
human brain, which is believed to control parapsychic activity like
the sixth sense, may have been activated due to this process. All
other parts of the brain including the hypothalamus, the pituitary
glands and the medulla oblongata have shown no signs of changing.

For Manek, a Shwetambar Jain, the fast has both religious and
scientific connotations. "All this search for a microchip to insert
in the human brain to store loads of information and increase memory
is ridiculous," he says. "We don't even use 10 per cent of it. But
once charged, its capacity is increase manifold. In fact,
enlightenment in spiritual terms is nothing but 100 per cent use of
the brain!"