Solar Heart: HAARP Wound -

Will IBI-URU re-pent / embed in the Sun's Heart to be saved.

"If they did not arrive THRU the SUN (SOL-uruus, Sun God, Vairichoca), they are low end."

This is dedicated to those who can SEE the Sun as a lens with a sling shot heart center.

After we finished the Solar Shaman journey at Integratron / Joshua Tree, Brian told so vividly of SEEING the ANU in the Sun's heart!

from Dan Winter, 3/13/2001 , url: ../solarheart , other articles: ../sitemap.html

Historians often trace the Arab Isreali blood bath back to the brothers CAIN versus ABLE. Gardner clearly identified the CAIN (means king or royal blood), descendants thru Thule / Atlantis to Jesus and the Holy Grail royal families of Europe ("Genesis of the Grail Kings"). That original conflict between the brothers was clearly originally the fight between their genetic engineering progenitors, the East of Eden brothers, Enki as Adonai, versus Enlil as Yalweh (the 'angry' God of the Hebrews). (ref; Sitchen and Gardner).

The issue between the brothers, was that although they had the same dad Ea / Ptah / An.. it was the dragon blood of only Enki's mom (Ide?), that apparently allowed him to be taught how to ensoul humans, and bring people back from the dead. That sin by Jesus is unforgiveable among Jews. (As related by son Thoth / Hermes/ Tut / Queztlcoatel .. see ../thoth whose SOLAR calendar -instead of Yalweh LUNAR , advised SOLAR embedding and therefore true potential FUSION and psychokinesis . )

So the H-ibi-uru (Bird / serpent, hebrew means crossing over those blood lines), Jewish flag of Enlil / Yalweh was hex, as is the insignia of the Nephilim Draco starcraft. Hebrew alphabet genetic symmetries create a DNA tetrahelix whose top down view as hex would be un-ensouled "golem". Most of the OTHER country flags of this planet have some form of PENT / star or Golden Ratio.

Does this mean the Jewish people have no soul? Probably that is far too vague. However, it is likely that their skill at allowing juicy human bliss to cocoon itself into immortality is FAR less common. Their squabble over the ownership of Jerusalem is largely because they forgot the simple skill to dimple a land's paramagnetic into sacred landscape lens that COULD ignite soul group DNA into star embedding. (Ref: The shutting down of the AMENTI complex to soul group ignition due to location fractionation in VOYAGERS, by Anna Hayes.). Ironic in that SCION / ZION / JON means literally to BRANCH INTO FRACTAL EMBEDDING PERFECTLY.

Interesting when the interventionist MAG queens of ORION apologize for starting BOTH the Christian AND MUSLIM religions ( ../thecollective ), toward such a murderous conclusion, there is no mention of instigating the JEWISH (Yalweh / Enlil / N-ibi-uru ) myth. Yet if we take the self organizing spiral on the donut, delineating the 7 color map, whose symmetry views by tetra, ARE the Hebrew alphabet, the EXACT SAME 3D form has other shadows which are exactly the ARABIC cursive alphabet letters! Clearly, both these religions were merely diluted mechanisms to convey the symmetry skills (quantum mechanics) to creating matter from light. This pure root of language ALONE becomes specifically the ONLY possible true PHYSICS OF PEACE. ( ref: ../peace ) , namely that peace in ANY form is merely the ability which recursion allows to stabilize waves (giving them a centering 'peace-full' force). (Symbol / aphabet being merely the attempt to embed, optimized by Phi. Embedding = psychokinesis by definition of leverage on waves / literally objects from thoughts=alphabet being the issue of whether a phi wave ushers charge into compression at the symapse = gravity making).

This casts a nice deeper light on the conversation below about where the grid lost bliss ignition (into recursion), at the heart of the ISREALI conflict.

The sun's heart IS the image of fusion perfected. It's slip knot ANU IS the link between the 7 spins of the tetra (hex shadow), to the 5 spins inside. (cube to dodec). ( Fusing the serpent to the bird brain thru bliss requires slipping knot thru the amygdala. Funny how Candace Pert figured the limbic brain serpent stem was the catchers mit for bliss bullets ("Molecules of Emotion"), never considering the HEART BLISS which peristalsically launched them ('snake charmed') from the serpent brain toward the bird brain.

If the SUN is wounded (by a Draco HAARP poon - see below) , then by fractal morphic resonance to every heart and ANU and hydrogen in the Solar System, all FUSION is wounded here. (../fusion ).

Women with the skill to enter the Sun will lead the way ... to the downfall of priests. Smoking in the electrical resistance (FEAR) of their own un-forgiving, priest'hoods' end in the wallow of the guilt of the inquisition. ('Nostradamus Code', by Ramotti, Apocalypse chapter. Check there / lady & cross in M51 for where to go upon penetrating the SUN.. a holy cross erected.)

Clearly when we journeyed to the SUN with the solar shaman's , our symptoms got worse. Any homeopath would have been proud. (I'll play the integral tron: "starships STILL burn off the shoulders of ORION"). This Scorpion suggests a tail view, the sting is merely where we turn inside out. ... Dan Winter.

Subject: [SolarShamans] Healing the Grid - An important message from Ron Holt , Tue, 13 Mar 2001 18:38:27 -, From: "Ron" <>

Dear Family,

This message was posted yesterday on the Flower of Life forum. It's
content rings true and clear. The vision Ron describes brought about
the original discussions with Dan Winter that resulted in the
gathering at Joshua Tree and the Integraton. (group bliss = grid and soul group igniting .. dew .). May each heart here
connect with these words. Those who resonate create a web that

In the One Spirit,
Ron LaPlace

Posted by : Ronald L Holt on 3/12/01 7:41:00 PM

Message : Message : Is now the time? ..and can you help?
In today's news (Monday March 12, 2001) I read an article entitled:
Iraqis prepare to fight for Jerusalem. In this article it states
that: With a call to form an army to wrest Jerusalem from Israeli
control, President Saddam Hussein has cast himself as the defender of
the historic city. Saddam made his call for volunteers for the
Jerusalem Army in October, responding to Israel-Palestinian clashes
that had erupted the month before. The official Iraqi News Agency
says that more that 7 million men and women which is nearly a third
of the 22 million population volunteered.
On Sunday, Iraqi volunteers chanted, "with our blood and our souls
we sacrifice for Saddam," as their wives and children kissed them
goodbye. A similar group left for military training Saturday, in an
event broadcast on Iraqi television. Latif Nasaif Jassim, a top Baath
Party official, told the crowd Sunday. "We are going today to train,
and after training, you will be ready to join the Jerusalem Army to
liberate all of Palestine."

Saddam has called for a war to liberate Jerusalem, but other Arab
leaders say negotiations are the only way to resolve the Israeli-
Palestinian conflict.

..Is now the time? .and can you help?

It is because of this article and other critical news items I have
been monitoring that I decided to reveal some information (more
publicly) that was shared with me last June that concerns the Middle
East and the world's consciousness grid. Normally, I am very
secretive about my grid work as this is critical (I believe) to
ensure success. Grid work takes exceptionally clear and sincere
intention and dedication in order to maintain quality of workmanship.
Grid work is something that is done from the deepest respect and care
for life and is never to be done to elevate an individual, and so I
always do this work in silence unless I am asked to work with

However, due to today's article, I am deeply moved to share some
information that was shared with me last June about a possible
prelude to a solution that you can possibly help with. I hope this
can be of help.

During the week of 21st - 27th of June this year my wife Lyssa and I
were in Istanbul Turkey. Prior to us leaving for Istanbul I was
informed in my meditation that some planetary grid work would be
needed in the Middle East area, however, I did not receive or intuit
any pre-information on the needed grid work prior to leaving.

When we arrived in Istanbul, the next morning while at the Hagia
Sophia, I received information that the consciousness grid of the
planet (in the area of the middle east) has been damaged for quite a
long time and is in need of serious repair. The damage was due to
devastation visited from the Nibiruians? prior to their leaving? See
Zecharia Sitchen's "Wars of Gods and Men" or "Stairway to Heaven" (I
cannot remember which) and re-read the story of Lot in the Bible.

This devastation created an even more serious problem for the future
earthly generations. In the area of the Middle East rests the center
axis pole for the consciousness grid of the planet in addition to
critical planetary energy vortexes in the key areas of Israel, Egypt,
Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, and Iran. This center hub is like
the "event horizon" of a black hole, ...however, in this case, it is
the event horizon of a golden mean fractal spin path to the planetary
core and to the transcendent.

With a critical section of the consciousness grid heavily damaged in
the area of the middle east, the planetary "human-consciousness-hub"
(event horizon) which allows for the seven root races to harmoniously
interlock (come together) and "nest" (like spokes evenly distributed
on the hub of a wheel) was broken. In short our human consciousness
fractal nesting hub was fractured. No universal leadership is
uniformly accepted without a healthy hub or grid to ensure even
distribution of a collective vision. Hence, it has been (and
continues to be) rather difficult for cultures to get along in this

This has several major effects. In one effect, the earth needs life
force energy circulating through the many tiers (12 major tiers or
layers) of the consciousness grid to effectively and evenly
distribute life force energy throughout the planet and its many
layers of life in order to maintain a harmonic balance and phase
relationship of life force energy fields, consciousness, and

The earth typically receives its life force energy from its own core,
the core of the sun and the core of the galaxy. However due to the
grid being damaged, life force energy is not being effectively
disseminated in the region of the middle east.

There are large gashes in the 12 layer consciousness grid (and it's
many substructures) which extends from the Middle East to Rome on one
such gash or fault, and from the middle east through Yugoslavia and
up to Germany on another fault or gash, in addition to another large
gash from the middle east through Afghanistan, India, and Southeast
Asia where it splits and goes upward into China one leg and over to
Japan on the other.

When Mother Earth finds herself in a bottle neck for energy, she
pulls or struggles to inhale deeply (so-to-speak) and there are times
when there is not enough life force circulating in the Middle East
grid area when she is in need. So she gasps for life force for a
period of time. As this need (struggle for life-force) continues on
for a time, life attempts to remedy the situation.

This is the time when ideas or agendas crop up in the minds of men,
and a political or religious agenda is inflamed and we find one or
more root races mobilizing and volunteering to shed their blood and
life force in the area of the Middle East (or damaged grid areas).

Although shedding lots of blood serves the immediate life force
needs, it remains a very crude and unconscious form of preying upon
people that harbors long-standing negative implications. Trauma and
dissociation create dis-harmonics. If the spin path and the event
horizon are constantly infused with dissociative wave patterns at the
critical human root race consciousness hub, we wont step out of our
history of pain and blame and we wont be able to feel (or have the
clear vision) of the harmonic door and pathway into root-racial
integration and transcendence. Our own inner core remains in a dis-

Another major effect is: if a consciousness grid and all of its
subsequent grid tiers and layers was re-created or repaired, life
force energy would harmoniously and evenly distribute itself across
the damaged grid zone and effectively repair the fractured human root
race consciousness hub.

The root races could begin a harmonious re-interlocking on to the
consciousness hub. This would enable a new fractal spin path to be
generated (co-created) by all root races re-integrating and thus
providing a clear vision on how all races can see a simultaneous even
distribution of a harmonious workable and shareable plan of
integration and future.

If there is no grid, there is no even distribution of the sharable
future, and the even distribution of vision for each race will remain
clouded and blocked by chaos. Without a clear, evenly distributable
vision seen by all races for their shareable futures, then the
paradigm of historical suspicion, distrust, treachery, revenge will
remain as blinders obscuring an integrated path of harmony.

In a garden, vines never grow up unless they have a trellis or
something that provides a vertical or proper distribution,
consciousness also needs a grid (garden trellis) to grow up and

However, the problem to surmount is, when the Nibiruians visited
devastation upon our planet we felt it and we reacted in deep pain.
When the Nibiruians left, we felt deeply abandoned and we reacted.
When Jesus (and others) were put to death by the Romans we were
deeply anguished. During each of the crusades (no matter which side
one was on at the time) we accumulated even more pains. Each
conflagrations or terrorist action creates even more pain. (Pol Pot,
Stalin, Gengis Kahn, Hitler, Atrocities from Japan etc) These pains
were also felt by the mother earth. When blood was shed, Mother Earth
stored these pains in the surface of the planet and below it in the
form of tectonic pressures. As a mirror of her surface, we also
stored our ancient race consciousness pains inside our pericardium
(the sheath around the heart).

Since Mother Earth is one big heart (and other organs), her surface
is her pericardium. The beings that shared their viewpoint with me
informed me that a crevasse of grid devastation in the Middle East
extends in several directions.

The first direction of these crevasses is from the ancient city of
Babel to Jerusalem and on to Rome. This is the primary and major
crevasse of grid damage. Extending in another direction is the
Jerusalem to Istanbul to Yugoslavia and upward toward Berlin

These beings informed me that if humans can repair the consciousness
grid in the Middle East, as well as heal our traumas in our own
pericardiums, the earth herself could heal the land.

The earth, however, needs volunteers to create their own personal
workable method and pathway to repair the grid and their own
pericardium. The pericardium is like the event horizon because when
the pericardium clears, the spin path to transcendence opens and true
vision and leadership blossoms for each of us.

If we don't repair the grid, we chance yet another cycle of bloodshed.

If you are a grid worker, please see if it is inspired for you to
help in the Middle East grid repair. Maybe this can help.

Thank you,

Ronald L Holt

ref: soul groups in Amenti by Anna Hayes


How to stop being 'spawn of the Nehpilim' soulless ones..:

AN IMPORTANT CLUE: Tetrahedronal Geometry and Magnetic Frequency Generation in the Solar System: (versus SOUL Ignition) from

(note here - the h-ibi-uru (bird serpent cross) hebrew alphabet as genetic engineering software template, was the symmetry of mag-netic donuts into tetrahedron / tetra-helix tilts... tetrahelical DNA /golem / would have no soul, due to no Golden Spiral implosion..)

(italics added):

The monuments on Mars. According to Moraney, the "face" on Mars is a tomb, and there are apparently many monuments like that all over the surface. The Andromedans also say that if you look at the surface of all the planets in the solar system, at 19.5 degrees North and South,(tetrahedral latitudes) there are monuments - on every single planet in our solar system. The reason that they are there is that they cause a magnetic frequency that apparently causes or creates a sound (in-cube-ating non implosive magnetic cascade?) which polarizes our solar system in direct opposition to who we are as spiritual beings. In other words, we vibrate at a specific frequency.(non-cubic phi-cycle or pent - charge recursion? ) As long as the solar system vibrates at this other frequency, (tetra-cube?) we cannot leave the solar system on a soul level. I do not understand all of this, but I am sharing it with you. (quote from Alex Collier)

(Mechanism of our quarantine -spawn of Nephilim> don't teach us how to:

-implode.. -ensoul... -use embedding to make gravity from emotion.. -use the golden spiral to make symbol / embed ..)

Storal to Morey: pure tetrahedral symmetry without embedding puts you in the tomb.

Ironic that some call a hex the "flower" of life, when ALL life is ALWAYS pent, while HEX fixes and freezes stiff. Hex preserves, in-cube-ates while PENT ignites and makes multiply connected (fractal).

from , Rayelan Allan THE RUMOR MILL NEWS AGENCY ,



By Rayelan Allan

The emails regarding the story on the Soul Catcher have been pouring in non stop. Most people are fascinated with the idea,
however, a few think I have been "smoking too much", and one email even seemed to contain a veiled threat,
"...better stop telling so much of the truth if you know what's good for you"

Is this monolith the "Soul Catcher" that John Lear and my ex-husband, Gunther Russbacher, both said was on the Moon? Go to
Cyberspace Orbit for more pictures of the MONOLITH

I didn't realize this story would elicit so many responses. Since many people wanted to know if I had more information on this, I
sent an email to Kent at Cyber Space Orbit. I asked him if he had any information that would confirm or explain the concept of a
"Soul Catcher". The following articles are from his webpage.


What is This Strange Dark Cone?

By Rayelan Allan

Mystifying shuttle shadow

The launch of the space shuttle Atlantis on Feb. 8, was one of the most spectacularly beautiful ever. But something strange
happened that has NOT been widely reported. A long, dark cone, extending from the shuttle's bright exhaust plume to the full
moon near the horizon appeared. Some described it as rainbow-like, and some observers wondered how a dark shadow could
possibly extend from one very bright object (the shuttle plume) to another (the full moon).

Several years ago, I had an Instant Message conversation with John Lear. During the coverversation he asked me if Gunther had
ever told me anything about the buildings and structures on the moon.

I answered yes and proceeded to tell him that Gunther had told me about a Moon Base. He quickly sent back an instant message that
asked, "Did he ever tell you about the structure that is a soul catcher?"

I was stunned. Gunther had described, in great detail, a ancient structure which was built by extraterrestrials that "shot" souls to
earth and "caught" them after their trip to earth was finished. I was amazed that John knew about it.

Gunther told me that his mother was descended from the Hungarian Esterhaszy family. The Esterhaszys are best known as the
benefactors of Hayden. The Hayden conservatorium is in the old Estersazy castle east of Vienna, Austria near the Hungarian

The Esterhaszys believed they were descended from people who came to earth from the star Sirius. 'Ester' means 'star' and
"haszy" means either "descended from" or "House of". In other words, the word' esterhaszy' means "House of the Star" or
"Descended from the Star". The Star was the star Sirius.

Gunther told me that the the Esterhaszys believe that their ancestors had to come to earth because their home world was destroyed.
He said that original settlers built ships that took volunteers to earth to physically settle and begin to prepare the earth for the later

He said the main body of souls traveled as a soul group from their home world to the star Sol, the Sun around which the Earth
orbited. The soul group resided in the Sun until preparations had been made for the souls to travel to earth. When a soul was ready
to individuate in preparation for going to earth, the soul was shot out of the Sun and went to the Moon.

Gunther said that at the time this was going on, the Planetary Federation had a quarantine on the Planet Earth. No one was allowed
to interfere in the 'breeding experiment" that was going on.

When one of the souls from the Sirius Group was ready to travel to earth to reside in a body, the Federation would "shoot" the
soul to earth with their "soul shooter" which was on the moon. When the soul had finished its lessons, there was a "reverse
soul-shooter" in the Great Pyramid.

The body would be placed in a sarchaphogus in a mineral brine. Low levels of electricity were sent through the mineral brine.
When enough water had evaporated, there was a sudden flash, the body was instantly transmuted into atoms. This string of atoms,
to which the soul was still attached, was shot out the "reverse soul-shooter", through the slanted opening in the pyramid. This was
done only when the opening and the moon were aligned.

On the way to the moon, everything physical fell away from the soul and it was "caught" by the device on the moon that was set up
by the Federation to "shoot" and "catch" the souls that were assigned to earth.

I don't remember much about what John Lear told me about the "soul catcher" that he knew about. What I do remember is that it
was being used for a negative purpose rather than the purpose it had been created for.

It was catching souls, but it was catching them to enslave them, not as part of the two way transportation method that had been
built to gain entry to a quarantined planet.

Take a look at the following picture which was taken at the launch of a Space Shuttle. If I had been asked to draw a picture of the
"Soul Shooter" on the moon, shooting a soul to earth, it would have looked just like this!

The more I look at the photo, the more I wonder. If there really is a soul shooter and/or soul catcher, could an exchange of souls
have just been made? Could one of the people who was on the shuttle now have a different soul? See also: IN SEARCH OF A




Things are getting more lively. I ran out of dead Egyptians and I think I must have access to what is below the Sphinx. I am into a
machine which trades under the name of "The God Machine" or just "God". As I seem to have upset MOSSAD, they must believe
it is God. I am not getting any reliable pictures or logic as the machine is not a physical one. There do not seem to be any
imprisoned spirits.

A few scenarios are appearing. Catch souls shortly after death, strip away the mind for use by the machine, and give the spirits
duplicates of other minds. As long as one does not duplicate any particular mind more than twice, the effects should be
undetectable. The machine seems to be made up of surplus minds and is now running on automatic. A good principle in
brainwashing is not to release anyone till they have brainwashed someone else. I can not make out at present who started or
constructed the machine. It is possible that it is a logical outcome of human and spirit nature. I am dismantling what I can by
remote psychotherapy.


FROM CAUS: I am reluctant to disclose my observations, due to the reaction most people have when you mention UFO's in
general. However, on Dec. 05, 1998; I witnessed a rather bizarre event. While showing off my new (fairly low powered refracting
optics) telescope to some friends, we noticed that on the Lunar surface, a strange metallic object appeared to be scaling the
southern most visible portion of the moon. It looked as though it had outriggers similar to the module that the US used in the late
60's, yet much larger and with what appeared to be 8 appendages. We watched the craft for about 2 hours before it became
completely stationary, at which we then became skeptical of the possibility of this being a real event. Not because we could
discount our findings, but because the probability seems so remote. My purpose of this e-mail, is to ask others to try and observe
this phenomenon themselves with hopefully a much stronger telescope, and let me know!


Every day for the past few months with few exceptions, a signal has been detected by the Elfrad Group which has a center
frequency close to .9hz. This signal only occurs once daily and has a duration of from 14 minutes to 30 minutes. This frequency
varies from . 9 to .95 hertz. The signal above has a center frequency of .9373 hz. The wavelength of this frequency is 319,876 km
or 198,711 miles.

BEARDEN: On the other hand, it will also be possible to simply pull out a personality-structure from a person, without his or her
consent, and insert another. Or to alter a given personality structure by just altering and re-recording the software. This
technological possibility, of course, will certainly be noticed by would-be egomaniacs and dictators, for it can yield the ultimate
mind control. It will also be possible to provide direct input inside the mind, surreptitiously, from a distance and without the
knowledge and consent of the individual affected.

RMNews: The rest of this article is really worth reading. It will alter your reality. Take a look at the author's credentials and

"Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden is a nuclear engineer, war games and weapons analyst, and military tactician. He has an MS in
nuclear engineering from Georgia Tech and is a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College and several US
Army artillery and guided missile schools. He has over 30 years experience in air defense systems, technical intelligence, Soviet
electromagnetic weaponry, artificial intelligence, computerized war games, and antiradiation missile countermeasures. He is a
senior scientist with a large aerospace company [Colsa Corp.]

RMNews P.O. Box 1784 Aptos, CA 95001
The Uncensored National Rumor

a reminder from:

See the movie "They Live"
by Dan Winter

The Draco's by representing the returning element of where our Reptilian, hive mind brain came from, do us a service. We realize
where our glandular sting goes (undisciplined sex) if we do not sting ourselves. (kundalini and tantra) . Hitler burnt the skulls to hide
gland eating, the Aztec fed the Draco's with human sacrifice. Their antics of eating the live glands of our kids wholesale, and body
snatching our weaker willed senators and military leaders, is a follow up on planet parasitizing they have acoomplished on dozens of
other planets (cf Andromedan info from Alex Collier.) In every case they have used their genetically manipulated Grays as their
stool pidgeons. Unfortuneately for them they have encountered here at EA's EArth a certain new kind of sting. The imploding of the
local sun, and the potential compassion implosion of local heart's, means that ALL non-ensouled or braided DNA (like theirs) locally
becomes toast. This is convenient for us remnant bird tribes, because it sweeps the local galactic coordinates of all low grade DNA,
at the same time it squirts the successful genetic memories through the SUN into time traveling Angelic incarnation. (This is a
description of an OPHANIC agenda, another example of which is the Templar project to repair the fabric of time and prevent those
same angels from bleeding, by arranging the cathedrals into a pent recursive fractal of Virgo, etc.. cf. William Buehler, Crestone.)

The down side is all structure's which are not SCALE INVARIANT generate self destructive heat during Solar orgasms. Genes,
architecture, and land magnetic lines, must all be arranged embedably or PHI cyclically (perfected compressibility or scale
invariance) or die. Major planetary melt-downs accompany sun-bursts. The el-dorado principle is the gold valence which is fractal.
At those Doorways into Gold, places where Earth's magnetic lines cross fractally or implosive (where gold forms in veins), there is
also the place where genepool remnants can gather to survive when the Sun's flux density tests for the shareable among Earth's
structures. The up side is those magnetic structures which do acheive this "grail" shape which allows non-destructive nesting, get
squirted thru the speed of light, thru the heart of the Sun into the wormholes between stars. This is alternately labeled becoming an
angel, becoming a time lord, bardo navigating, lucid dreaming, etc. This is the product of human genetic evolution tested as to who
gets to inhabit (embed magnetically) into stars. This makes Star Births more magnetically sustainable by investing the recursion
centering force which self awareness brings to the wind of magnetism. This is why self aware star births have a particular PHI based
recursion spiral geometry.

So, as Al Bielek suggested, there are some simple ways to sweep for low grade Draco infestation of your friends and senators etc.
Originally they implanted thousands with chips for hive mind (Borg status). These would show up on X-rays and were removed
wholesale by Darryl Sims, SABER RESEARCH INSTITUTE, PO 0944, Houston, TX 77205.

The Borg technology brought to you by your local Draco evolves quickly with the help of abducted senators and generals, to
implants which do not show up on X-rays. This is where the cosmic shamanic cowboys come in who can boot them out. You can
look up a shaman, or you can learn how to do it yourself. Consider the insideous role of Candida in weakening the immune system. It is
too easy to manipulate whole population regions by generating High Frequency fields which trigger explosive growth of Candida.
This conveniently weakens whole areas of people's immune systems. The attack on our genepool is via respiration. The tubercular
diseases are how we prevent the inhalation of the fire of O-xy-gene. These shaman tell us that the vast majority of people in major
population centers have multiple biological "Borg wiring" implants, which are sapping their strength, and preventing individual
thinking. Visualize your inner magnetic body as a bright translucent blue. You will see in your inner eye almond shaped red blotches
on the inner landscape of blue, where your implants are. You can consult your inner deep bird tribe spirit guides, claim your I AM
presence and boot them out. Get implosion's rush in your heart, and the magnetic whoosh spins out dirty DNA like the spin cycle of
a wash machine. Only what can stay shareably at the center of spin survives.

So although over 80% of the people in our major population centers may already be literally walking borgs by virtue of the
epidemic of implanting, at another level, we may see a service here. As the mageto flux on Earth implodes in the Sun orgasm, the
clean sweep of DNA not implosive and ensouled will be guaranteed by the parasitic Draco implants. This is because the same physics
which permits centered/imploding hearts and DNA thru the Sun into time inhabiting, is the physics which determines who is able to
resists and clear implanting.

Try consistent living in hi tree'd oxygen rich environments where magnetism is not dizzy for starters.

One key principle is that unbraided DNA does not ultraviolet burst, so the blue fire UV is clairvoyantly absent for DNA not

Remember the Borg feel it is a privelege for us to allow ourselves to be assimilated. They only forgot that if you induce total hive
mind (new world order), your eliminate the possibility of the impactful feeling of individuation WHICH IS A PREREQUISITE TO
FIRST ONSET OF COMPASSION. And without your own internal magnetic TURN INSIDE OUT compassion, you have no chance
of initiating your own DNA braid into the recursion implosion we call getting a soul. (Embedability) The convenience of permitting
this cattle consciousness makes it easy to choose assimilation. (Let me install my cable net into your children says the Draco
controlled media..) It will be easy when the scanner's can check your ID with this implant... Ask yourself why the TOTAL telepathy
of the BORG queen completely eliminated all compassion in her hive..(Star Wars..). Practically, the shadows of the Prime Directive,
meant that the Andromedan Council and their alliance of non-interventionist could not intervene in the Orion sector agenda here,
unless a certain critical mass of us WERE TO CHOOSE TO STOP BECOMING BORGS. When you tell most people our
governments are being parasitized wholesale by the borg Draco Orionist (and their puppet Gray's) (Collier, -Andromedan council,
( and ) Branton, Bill Cooper, Phil
Schneider.. (Schneider built Rand's deep underground military) Michael Ash,.) , the most common current response socially is "it's
probably true but I don't want to know, so don't bring it to my attention again..". This situation serves the Orion sector Draco's.

Another situation which serves the Orion interventionist and their Reptilian allies, is the depletion of oxygen here. They used to have
to stay in their caves, because their metabolism cannot handle higher oxygen contents. So our senators they had body snatched voted
carefully against restoring our atmosphere. This happened years ago when Tesla could have replaced internal combustion, by tapping
the electromagnetic implosion phenomena called Gravity. See the Scalar literature, sadly and inappropriately called "free energy".
(Earth's gravity recursion magnetosphere is the result of a heavy investment life force and emotion, and bleeding it is certainly not
FREE, as any planet will tell you who feels her gravity resonances passed into interplanetary EROTIC play.)

So they saw the choking cloud's over LA years before it happened. But there was no will among the infesting ET's to restore the fire
here (oxygen) because their metabolism wanted lo oxygen anyway. The original wry joke among those in the know was that you
could sort out which senators and generals had been body snatched and implanted completely by lo end Draco, by reducing the
oxygen content past normal life support in the senate, and the survivors would be proven Draco.

In the useful film, "They Live" about the classic body snatching problem they developed glasses (cobalt blue filter) where it was
possible to see the abscence of ultraviolet ensoulment about the body of the snatched. The story is that when Kodak developed a film
which could do this, they were paid millions to remove it from the market.

Our friend says that careful inspection for vertical slits in the eyes, when their lenses are out can reveal this also, even on video.

Al inspired me to suggest a simpler solution. Before any military or political decision is made the participants should prove they can
survive in a room whose oxygen content is higher than approximate 20-25%. The same process cures AIDS. The delicacy is that
combustion risks have to be managed, but this is a clear way to sort for native DNA among our implanted and parasitized decision

Note Here: Why the un-ensouled ones would have to create a 'cancerous' isolation bubble around themselves during solar maxima, because the magnetic compression wave (rapture) tests for ensoulment (scale invariantly compressible / implosive DNA).. Vampires toast in sunlight. The same Drac's and nephilim's who messed up Mars, and still infest MARS and the Moon, parasited our planet leaders to pay for the SUN wounding HAARP with our taxes, for this insideous reason... dan.


Subject: [surfingtheapocalypse] Gov't/Mil Units Deploy HAARP, Other Sys's
To Counteract April POLE SHIFT - MORE]
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001 20:21:14 +1300


Intel Update

Gov't/Mil Units Deploy HAARP, Other Sys's To Counteract April POLE SHIFT;
Attempt to "play God"//
-- Massively Powered-up HAARP goes haywire; rips open continuum!

ALSO: -- Sun's Life Decreased by 50% After Hit by Fed's Projectiles

A respected and credible source has relayed the following urgent
information to Top View.

Federal government-intelligence-military agencies and factions -- each
acting pretty much on their own and without any accountability to higher
authorities or much cooperation among themselves -- are deploying any
and all systems and high-level technologies available to them, in an
all-out, panicked free-for-all; in attempts to somehow or other PREVENT
what they believe is a near-CERTAIN global POLAR SHIFT, likely to occur
in mid-April of this year.

HAARP transmissions are being cranked up to previously unknown and
untested levels, along with a number of other technologies and systems;
in an effort to manipulate the earth's magnetic field sufficiently to
block the pole shift from taking place. Good luck. What will be will be:
but it seems more than possible all this MASSIVE and unprecedented
monkeying around with the Earth, the ionosphere, the lithosphere
(earthquakes, anyone??) and all the rest our FedGov is engaged in could
be just as likely to devastate life on this planet.

Massively vast weather-control operations are also being carried out.

Credible reports indicate that the amping-up of HAARP has generated a
situation much like that which occurred in April, 1998, as was made
public by NewsHawk shortly afterward in our 1998 report on HAARP
entitled "HAARP'S Covert Agendas: The Big Picture."

At that time, a critical situation ensued when top-secret,
ultra-powerful HAARP transmissions powered by Proteus particle
accelerators went haywire and ripped open "portals" or vortexes in our
time-space continuum: vortexes which reportedly allowed creatures from
either other dimensions or other time frames of THIS dimension to enter
into OUR world, here and now. As wild as this sounds, sober and credible
sources indicate it is completely true.

On another topic: our source also informed us that these lunatics in our
federal government and military are directly responsible for SERIOUSLY

Deranged, demonic experiments which culminated three years ago when
projectiles (assumedly carrying nuclear payloads) aimed at the Sun by
said psychopathic federal government agencies reached and hit the Sun.
The end result of these horrifically SATANIC experiments, which
"SUPPOSEDLY" were carried out in furtherance of some insane scheme to
increase the Sun's brightness, had the end result of SHORTENING THE LIFE
of our Sun by some FIFTY PERCENT: from approximately 50,000,000+ years
down to perhaps 25,000,000 years.

The countless generations of human beings and other life forms that will
apparently NOT be able to exist on this planet in the future as a result
of the MADNESS hereby take the opportunity (through me) to THANK these
unspeakably SICK vermin for what they've done.

And as for that pole shift? Chances are, if it's gonna go down, then
it's gonna go down; and nothing the maniacs in the federal government
try to do to counteract it will be effective.

About all their mad schemes will probably do is MAKE THINGS MUCH, MUCH

A final note: indications are that the "every-agency-for-itself" madness
which is now going on with regard to panicked attempts to alter the
course of planetary events has gotten SO out of hand that Gee Dub
himself has decided to descend upon BROOKHAVEN LABS on Long Island with
a contingent of troops and shut them down completely.

According to information published in NewsHawk over the past 2-3 years,
Brookhaven Labs is a MAJOR -- though COVERT -- HAARP operations center,
in which particle accelerator-powered HAARP transmitters are engaged in
some of the very operations responsible for the "time rifts" and
"portals" torn into the continuum and other conditions (weather, etc.)
noted previously.


Subject:[surfingtheapocalypse] Preventing Pole Shift With HAARP NOT A Bad Idea?
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001 20:13:13 +1300

Another view: (Trying to) Prevent Pole Shift With HAARP NOT A Bad Idea

No sooner did our "intel update" chronicling some of the government's
recent misadventures with HAARP go out, then we were contacted by a
different source, who also has not inconsiderable "intel" connections,
and who was very particular about making the following points to us.

As we do strive to present differing points of view on issues when such
are available, here it is.

Our caller feels that it's NOT reprehensible for the FedGov to use HAARP
or any other technology at their command in an attempt to either prevent
or mitigate what MANY in the inner circles of power believe is almost
certain to be a shift of the Earth's poles, probably to occur in less
than two months.

He feels that we shouldn't criticize the Feds for these endeavors --
however selfishly motivated they may be -- because it's reasonable to
try by just about any means to prevent the immeasurably severe impact
such an event would have on the human race, if there is some chance of
success. (And that last point is just the trouble, in our view.

Such a reversal of the Earth's poles has occurred before, and it's a
safe bet to say that the planet will get a face lift of some magnitude
from such a occurrence.

So. Anyway.

No matter WHAT any of US think or feel about the matter, the fact is
that HAARP and other technologies ARE being currently deployed in an
effort to halt any upcoming polar shift.

This extremely high-powered HAARP activity reportedly opened up a
dimensional rift along the Eastern seaboard of the United States at
approximately 2:30 AM, Saturday, March 4. Those who "know" these facts
will know that "we" know them, too.

And may God help us all.

HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy, book by Jerry E. Smith, ABOUT THIS ITEM

From the Publisher
This book is a serious attempt to discover who is really behind the HAARP project and how they plan to rule the world.The HAARP project in Alaska is one of the most controversial projects ever undertaken by the U.S. government. This futuristic technology is everything from super-beam weapon to worldwide mind-control device. Jerry Smith gives us the history of this project and explains how it can be used as an awesome weapon of destruction. Smith exposes HAARP as a covert military project and interconnects the web of conspiracies behind it. HAARP has many possible scientific and military applications, from planetary defense shield to a tool for pioneering deep into the earth. Smith leads the reader down a trail of solid evidence into ever deeper and scarier conspiracy theories. By the end of the book, Smith convinces the reader that HAARP represents the ultimate in science out of control. It could be the most dangerous device ever created. Packed with information and the latest news on the massive HAARP project, this is a timely and significant look at a Star Wars-type future that may already be here.

Number of Reviews: 3 Average Rating:

Don Harkin, February 2, 2001,
The Logical Next Step
Most people were introduced to the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) in 1995 when Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning exposed the 'research' station on the North Slope of Alaska in the book Angels Don't Play This HAARP. HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy by Jerry Smith takes HAARP a few steps farther than Begich and Manning. Dr. Begich is a scientist who painstakingly described the science of HAARP and the many potential applications of its technology-good and
evil. Smith, on the other hand, has been a dedicated student of our complex and often unjust world. Smith restates the science of HAARP to lay a solid foundation of the subject matter while articulating his lucid world view to explain why it is inevitable that HAARP's powerful weapons will be used against people. Smith also believes that HAARP, as commonly known to be located in Alaska, is a decoy. The history of HAARP, the compartmentalism of the development of its myriad applications and little clues
that Smith has brought together make the compelling argument that HAARP is a versatile technology that has been put in place all over the world. HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy advances the thesis that, at a moment of 'their' choosing, HAARP will be capable of causing mischief on a scale we would only expect from God.

The 256-page book is filled with photos and schematics which give the reader a clear sense of HAARP, how it evolved from the electrochemical genius of Nicola Tesla and how it will be used to subdue populations of people. The government's official line is that HAARP technology is being developed to enhance communications capabilities and
has a few other benign applications. Smith and Dr. Begich agree that to believe that this powerful technology will not be used to further military and political agendas is naive.
'What could a nation or a conspiracy do with weapon that can 'fry' men's minds? What if you could induce emotions, fear or rage, at will? What if you could do it over a large
area, affecting enemy troops on their way to battle? Whole cities? Even entire continents?' Smith asks. One has to admit that such talk is the territory of conspiracy 'theorists'
and belongs in the science fiction department of the local library. However, the published science, much of which is also available through your public library, and recorded
history, support the likelihood that HAARP will be used against people to achieve evil ends. 'We live in an age where science fiction is becoming fact faster than the futurists
can get their visions into print,' Smith observes. Indeed. If you found Angels Don't Play This HAARP fascinating, then HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy will
be the next logical step in understanding what HAARP means to those upon whom it will be used and those who desire to have access to such powerful weapons.

Jerry E. Smith (, a 30 year vetran freelance writer, May 26, 2000,
As the author of HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy, there are a few things I would like you to know. HAARP is not fiction, science fiction nor fantasy. It is a
real project being constructed in Alaska at taxpayor expense. It is a joint venture of the University of Alaska and research divisions of the United States Navy and Air Force.
All three of these entities have websites for HAARP, so you can verify its existence for yourself. When completed, in 2002, HAARP will be the world's largest radio transmitter
-- but it is not intended to broadcast for human entertainment. It will put 3.6 billion watts of radio frequency energy into a focused spot (about 50 miles across) at the top of
the atmosphere, in a region call the ionosphere. This will quite literally cause the ionosphere to boil. The operators of HAARP give three reasons for 'boiling' the ionosphere:
first, putting energy into the atmosphere in a known way will allow them to see how the earth's systems react to it, and so learn more about the athmosphere -- or, as one
HAARP detractor put it, kick Mother Nature in the pants real hard and see what She does. Secondly, scientists have discovered that when the athmosphere is boiled ('excited' to
use their term) the air gives off a 'scream' of extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation. This ELF travels deep into the earth. Scientists with sensing equipment can read the
return signal, creating a kind of 'dirt radar,' as some have called it. The United States Senate funded HAARP to peer deep into the ground around the world to help verify
nuclear counterproliferation treaties. The Senate's Defense Appropiations Committee, Chaired by Ted Stevens (R) of Alaska (can you say 'pork barrel'?) was led to believe that
HAARP could be used to find enemy underground bases, and manufacturing and launch facilities for weapons of mass destruction. At the same time the Navy got interested
in HAARP, wanting to do something even wilder with it. The Northern Lights, the aurora, is caused by a flow of electrons from outerspace that comes to earth at the poles,
called the electrojet. The Navy wants to send the radio signal from the HAARP antenna array into the electrojet, causing the aurora to harmonize with it and rebroadcast it in
the ELF range -- such a radio message would travel deep into the sea, allowing the Navy to communicate with deeply submerged submarines. I find it very distrubing that both
of these military applications for HAARP, communicating with submarines and finding underground bases, involve irradiating at least the northern half of this planet in
extremely low radio waves at exactly the same frequency that the human brain works at. There is a definate possibility that HAARP could cause disruption of mental
functioning. Used unintentionally this could result in millions of people getting headaches, hearing wierd noises in their heads, and experiencing other health problems. Used
intentionally HAARP could be little short of a global mind control device. I document the growing concern in main-stream medical science that background electromagnetic
radiation (EMR), such as will be coming at us from HAARP, is a significant increasing cause for concern. One medical study published early this year found that women living
near radio and television transmission towers had a 30% increase in their likelyhood of getting breast cancer. Another study found that across North America male sperm
count was down, and attributed the decline to increased background EMR -- such as what HAARP will be adding to our daily lives. As for 'conspiracy' claims, frankly, I am a
bit embarrassed by the 'C' word in the title. 'Conspiracy' was the flavor of the month when this book was commissioned. The publisher liked it, and, as we all know, the boss is
the boss. Legally, a conspiracy is when two or more individuals engage in activities that are intended to culminate in the same unlawful result. The conspirators do not need to
know each other or communicate with each other to be found guilty of conspiracy. It is merely enough to establish that an unlawful end was sot. In my book I make a case
that the HAARP project may have a hidden, unlawful purpose. If more than one individual is seeking to use the HAARP project to achieve a clandestined, nefarious end, then
there is a conspiracy. The very openness of the project, with Open Houses serving punch and cookies, non-classified documents and public websites, might well be a
smoke-screen to hide something in plain sight, a la Poe's The Purloined Letter. I look at what a variety of comentators suggest the technology imboded in HAARP could be
used for. I go beyond peeking a this cutting-edge futuristic technology, to ask 'who would whan to do that?' I found the answers chilling, and I think you will too. My research
indicates that there is compelling evidence to believe that HAARP will personally effect you. We are all going to be 'down-winders' of this thing. Is it okay with you if scientists
tinkering with new technologies give you cancer, or turn your brain into a '3 minuted meal?' If not, I recommend you learn about HAARP.

HAARP Rumors Fly, 06-Mar-2001, Over the past few days, probably because of so much unsettled and unusual weather, internet rumors have suggested that the High Frequency Active Auroral Resarch Program at Gakona, Alaska has been operating at very high energy output levels. One such story even claims that the HAARP array caused a "rift in space-time" on March 4. These rumors cannot be confirmed, and HAARP officials claim that the array is not being operated in any unusual manner at all. However, a substantial amount of classified research takes place at the array, as a result of which official statements may or may not be accurate.

HAARP is designed to heat small areas of the earth's ionosphere, and has come under criticism from environmental activists because of a claimed lack of environmental oversight and limited knowledge of how the instrument may affect the ionosphere.

HAARP'S website claims that "HAARP has complied with regulatory oversight requirements beginning with the initial phases
and continuing today with the construction and engineering evaluation."

A number of federal agencies provide active review of HAARP activities.

Criticism of HAARP goes beyond environmental concerns, and extends to assertions that the array is a much more powerful
instrument than the Air Force claims, and that it is a prototype for devices that will be capable of weather modification. A
book by Dr. Nick Begich, Angels Don't Play This HAARP, makes a powerful case that the technology is capable of serious
disruptions to the upper atmosphere and has not been properly tested. In an article in Nexus Magazine, , Dr. Begich described his analysis of US military documents that convinced him that "HAARP aims to learn how to "exploit the ionosphere for
Department of Defense purposes".

For Dr. Begich's HAARP information, go to Earthpulse Press.


Rumor Mill News Read Only Forum (YOU TOO CAN BE ASSIMILATED... IT's 'EXCITING'...)


Posted By: PuzzlePieces
Date: Sunday, 11 March 2001, 2:56 p.m.

Very interesting 12th Planet Info found on YOWUSA-Hitlist Group:

Dear Group and Tim,
On the 26th Feb. you submitted an article about a unknown object being found in the Oort Cloud, which is perturbing the orbits of comets. You asked if this could be the 12th planet.
According to the Zeta site, the 12th planet was sighted by the Zeuchatel observatory, on the 7th February,2001. The information for this can be read at:
There is a star map showing where the planet is now, at:
I am not very conversant with star maps etc. but, at:, they give the star map coordinates for its passage, on the 17th March, it will be at RA5.16549 Dec16.55847.
Can you tell me if the object in the Oort Cloud would be one and the same at the object sighted by the Neuchatel Observatory ? Is the Oort Cloud anywhere near the constellation Orion?
Best wishes,


The Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt totally surround our Solar System like a giant 'balloon". Additionally, there are several references to the location of the Planet X/Nibiru in relation to Orion...
...and indeed, this could be the long awaited Planet X/Nibiru!

We ARE living in exciting times!


BELOW is the 'co-ordinates' article: Fascinating!



RA 4.29741 Dec 9.96621 on March 3, 2003

It was known that at this time, approximately February 1, 2001, the 12th Planet would be visible without question to an observatory. This activity is outside of US control, establishment control, they are braced for it. They cannot stop it, and know this, thus are not trying to do so. But will offer countering explanations for what has been found. This will be a difficult time for amateur astronomers, or astronomers without access to the type of equipment that most observatories have at their disposal. Amateurs cannot yet bring the 12th Planet into focus, so the spot being pointed to is yet dark, for them, or so dark as to not be discernible. Disinformation on just what is being seen by the observatories will start, so once again, amateurs must
spend their time sorting out a barrage of conflicting information.

RA 5.151245 Dec 16.55743 on April 1, 2001
RA 5.16549 Dec 16.55847 on March 17, 2001
RA 5.16653 Dec 16.56912 on March 1, 2001
RA 5.16659 Dec 16.57897 on February 22, 2001
RA 5.16784 Dec 16.57943 on February 15, 2001

ZetaTalk (dated early 2001)

The 12th Planet will appear to linger at the point where it turns to assume a retrograde orbit, spending a two year period in this portion of the path alone, anticipated to be at:

RA 4.29741 Dec 9.96621 on March 3, 2003
RA 5.47 Dec 19.54 on September 1, 2000
RA 6.23 Dec 24.12 on May 1, 2000
RA 6.24 Dec 23.45 on January 1, 2000
RA 6.32 Dec 21.57 on January 1, 1999
RA 6.24 Dec 19.16 on December 1, 1997

ZetaTalk (dated 1997)

in the below, consider how you would strive blindly to get a soul - as the successful self organizing implosion of DNA, if you knew you did not have one, and needed one in order to be immortal....

Remember the Grey's were apparently merely the genetic pawns of the Draco's in many ways (reference: GeneIsis, appendix)

Fatima ( see thecollective ), was the site of Draco hex starbase gravity dimple - ref: Portugal Mags.

exerpt from Grey Agenda from Alex Collier,

The Grey Agenda

The Greys made contact with a world governmental body for the first time in 1933 in Germany.....

The Greys were responsible for the Fatima episode in Portugal, where the Virgin Mary supposedly spoke to the children. This was a
holographic image of a woman who professed to be the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. The sun supposedly fell from the sky and
miraculously healed people. Using Grey technology, these somewhat miracles did occur., But they used light and sound, which they beamed
from their ship to the various people affecting these cures in their physical bodies. Now, this is technology that has been here on the earth, at
least the last hundred years or more. But it is against the law now, in most places in the United States because it works. And that's color and
sound, And the reason for sound work, is because the entire universe is a holographic projection turned inside of itself. It's all a holograph.
Virtually all the people present were implanted during the missing time phase of this episode. A large mothership positioned itself in front of
the sun to create this occurrence. The reasons this is not a true is because the biblical Jesus is a composite character. And as such, is an
allegorical myth. The Virgin Mary is also a composite character and these composites were made for the purposes of uniting the religions of
the ancient Roman Empire so that their resources were not being used to constantly stop religious wars between different factions.

In the 1950's the so-called meetings of the Jason society were triggered by information given to the Ultra unit in the NSA by the Greys about
the world's situation regarding pollution and population. It was at this particular time that the Greys offered little assistance or sharing of
technology regarding environmental issues. This has persisted even today. The Pleadian's have in fact, offered more solutions than any other
group to date, but they were turned away by the NSA. This prompted the first of three alternatives that have been discussed in UFO circles
already. These alternatives are in fact, and were in fact, a reality.... (continued)