FEELING for the Heart of the Sun: How to Become a Solar Being

and a review of Maurice Cotterell's new "Tutankhamun Prophecies".

being perhaps the best physics (along with mine..) on the planet today linking Solar Magnetic pattern, to what limits Ovulation, and what limits SOUL survival.

 How would this play in your circle?.....as sent to: First International Congress on Science and Shamanism, Mar19-23,2001 , http://www.shamanicdimensions.net

TITLE: Physics of WormHole / SongLine Penetration as an EKG Phonon Bliss Induceable DNA SuperLuminal Phi Heterdyne Implosion. by Dan Winter

INDEX/KEYWORDS Sacred Geometry, Golden Mean / Phi , Wave Implosion , EKG Frequency Signature, Psychophysiology of Bliss , Solar Flare Geometric, Mayan Spiral Calendric,

ABSTRACT: This presentation describes in visual geometrics the sequency of steps necessary to get DNA magnetic wavefronts, into massive gravity centroids like our sun. Starting with this quote from Maurice Cotterell's (recommended) "Tutankhamun Prophecies": (Tut and Lord Pacal)"Each brought the same message to mankind: that the soul is light and on death can become a star... And we have seen how the soul, as Sushumna (light), can leave the body to enjoy out-of body experiences
... But just how the soul transforms into a massive nuclear furnace in the heavens is difficult to imagine".
Using examples of actual shaman reports of going thru the sun, we present a geometric model of what happens to DNA and gland magnetics during bliss to acheive exactly that gravity furnace. How this acheives implosion/superluminal gravity penetration by Golden Ratio heterodyne frequency signatures is exemplified in extensive pictures of EKG power spectra accompanying bliss. A radical magnetic monopole theory of gravity based on charge implosion is introduced briefly, to relate it to the fields produced by ecstatic glands and genes. The outline to the visuals for this talk with links begin at (article below)

---Note to friends, I am getting a new larger bumper sticker format, to fit the following: (another quote from Cotterell):

"It wouldn't be so bad if modern science could explain these enigmas or if they allowed others an attempt to explain them without a hostile and antagonistic reaction, as though in some way discovery, and the universe, belongs uniquely to them. But there is nothing special about these people who, for all their self proclaimed sophistication, cannot even explain why objects fall to the ground."

written by Dan Winter, 3/2/200 , url livelinks at ../solarfeeling , other articles at ../sitemap.html

Re: The spiritual / psychological work of Ensoulment- when the implosion worm up the center zipper of DNA ceates a sustainable faster than light tornado-see also The Building of the Antakarana and the Rainbow Bridge - from Kuthumi via Joshua David Stone

Re: Leadership Thru the Sun, "Steering Mother Nature's Silver Seed to a New Home in the Sun"..

hi- this note is to the solar shamans SolarShamans@yahoogroups.com (go to yahoogroups.com , join SolarShamans )
and to susan divine_goddess

from dan winter, ..

I want to thank Susan so much for pursuing the communications to help keep us in touch with each other...
sorry I have not been more active.. the lecture tour thing has been wonderful but a bit ungrounding.. I suppose..

I would like to refresh my own memory, and enjoy all your comments about the original purpose we discussed when we visioned the solar shamans group...

It has been my perception by harmonic analysis that the heart does indeed fabricate a bit of electrical implosion and therefore gravity at moments of bliss

(probably accounting in part for the 4-10 oz. weight most people lose at the moment of death,
and in part for the electrical reason saints bodies do not decay at death, because this field is sustainably self organizing).

This ability to sweep electrical lines of force to a common recursive center of embedding,
becomes the ability to suck yourself into the spin centroid of more than just human bodies, (grounding) but eventually even STARS like the sun. The amount of sucking
by fractal attraction into the EKG does indeed seem to be in proportion to the amount of re-curring turning inside out happening in the heart. This (re-cursive)
non destructive compression fabricating centering force appears to be psychologically identitical with the learned skill to choose compassion.

As such, eventually it appears that those who can by intense feeling for outside as if it were inside, and bliss magnify their intent through the rabbit hole dimple imploding in the top of DNA, enter and squirt thru the SUN. It is my belief the pure implosion fusion symmetry of the suns heart


is the only sling shot with enough escape velocity to squirt soul (sol) groups incunabula bubble out of here (the limiting coccoon defined by the speed of light). Specifically, we believe from several sources that general human soul's individually and collectively generally do not leave the gravity container of the solar system. However the ritual of solar maxima / rapture / 2000-2012 does provide the necessary way into stars

The Sun Does a Flip

It is further my (our?) belief that only leadership thru this slip knot provides survival possibility for our genepool during solar orgasm (solar maxima / rapture leading to 2012).

Assembling skill and concensus among those who COULD see and feel the sun's coeur like a lens then becomes a sacred responsibility... for those who COULD steer.

Specifically noting that since solar flares have been measureably modulated by millions of children singing in phase at the same instant,
that the sun probably needs the steering/centering force of an embedding genepool soul group to survive her own orgasm. ('angel'? birth).

This was essentially the conversation which susan and I and other wonderful friends like yamile, nydia, grace, namae natume, etc.. etc.. had about gathering critical inertial escape velocity among the shamans..., which was originally outlined in part at


Clearly, SolarShamans@yahoogroups.com
as a group mind can and should evolve their own self organized reason to be,
I am merely offering this seed if it were to help stimulate...,VERY much lo phi and phire warmth to you all. dan winter

Perfect Heart Pair of Golden Spirals, Rotated illustrates the Perfect Embedding / Grail Cup (the core symmetry of Dodeca-Wratchet-DNA),

which Creates The Charge Implosion / Gravity which allows (bio)Magnetism to go thru Light Speed (by constructive recursive 'phi' heterodyning) become Self-Steering and Inhabit (embed in) Stars.. (Starting with our Sun). Finishes with NASA pic of Star Bodies converge IN EXACTLY THE SAME PHI GRAIL HEART SHAPE.

Phi Stellation of the In-'phi'-knit Dodeca-Icosa Embedding.. (the tetra nested inside has 7 spin symmetries, and 5 sets of these star tetra cubes embed by phi into the dodeca..)..

-click here to review how that 7 spin outside, 5 spin inside perfect slip knot for waves, makes matter.. by tieing the perfect donut moebius - called the "ANU", which is the shape of the Ultimate Subatomic Particle / the Heart / & the Heart of the Sun! :

So when Kepler approximated how the Solar System yearns to embed it's planetary spin nesting, by the radii of concentric platonic solids, he was VERY CLOSE TO THE SECRET OF HOW THE SOLAR SYSTEM BECOMES SELF AWARE AND SELF REGULATING, BY NESTING IT'S MAGNETICS (& planetary orbits) IN PERFECT PHI IMPLOSION EMBEDDING! (pic below)

Imagine if you could feel for the actual PAIN to self awareness inflicted on the Solar System as a living feeling magnetic being, when cataclysmic and planetary events occur which disrupt the natural magnetic embedding which keeps her body recursive/alive. In Gurdjieff's terms: experience planetary gravitational relations erotically. In traditional terms, repairing this (Templar) fabric of time (recursion) stops Angel (magnetic angle) bodies from bleeding.

Cotterell picture..

Modeling in 3D over time, the look of the Sun's max/min peaks for her distribution of fire, Cotterell gets this map. Note how exquisitely this fits over the "Erection of the Holy Cross", Earth/Solar/Galactic Equator magnetic flux convergence map - ANIMATION we did with Nick Fiorenza, to model the Galactic Context of magnetic embedding to trigger to present solar orgasm... at TIMEWAVE: Visualizing A Gravity Lens - ANIMATIONS

Cotterell picture

Maurice Cotterell's essential point is that these "feathers" protruding from the Solar Flare Timing Map.. ARE the Quetzl Coatel Feathered Serpent. (And I might further point out, that if we were to visualize in 3D the Microwave emission measured from the ecstatic human SPINE 'fire' -{kundalini/tantra?}- we would get an analogous map..). Further in his "Tutankhamun Prophecies" he goes on to show how the embedding wratchet of the HEX/PENT is the only way to model the above waves within waves, to predict the solar fires timing!

Cotterell help's us to understand that a primary purpose of the (very parallel if not identical) Tutankhamun AND Pacal Votan/Mayan incarnations was to provide the genetic leadership necessary to squirt our genepool thru a peaking synaptic spark gap of the SUN's orgasm. (also necessary to facilitate the birth of beings who could inhabit stars.. like ours.)

It is fine at one level, (as did Cotterell in his lid of Palenque work) to show how the enzymatic linkages of successful OVULATION require specific solar flare patterns, but that must be added to how self awareness get's breathed into incarnating DNA/souls BECAUSE this arrives thru the Sun's fire. The process of each requires the other.

Another EXAMPLE: Does this Braiding action in the sun's fire pattern look like DNA for a reason?

click to link, Sun's Got the Beat from NASA

Ensoulment is a crude name for genetically sustaining something so penetrating the speed of light, it is like a water spout attempting a SUSTAINABLE tornado.. Only gravity centroids provide sustainable routing for such tornado (wormholes) of the recursion success we call AWARENESS (soul). So even IF you do the hygiene/exercise/work necessary to implode your DNA (life force)(fractal ekg), without a fractal magnetic back yard, planet, and solar neighborhood, you are toast anyway.

That is why our planetary heroes MUST teach us how to inhabit the Sun's fire. (Beside's Tut and Pacal Votan, how many books now document that not only was Moses the historical Akhanaton, but Jesus the historical Tut?.. Such issues of personality worship pale beside ACTING on the principles of HYGIENE behind DNA survival... It is kind of funny how many years it takes religious tradition to wrap itself around the connection between Tantra / 'virgin birth', and dad was ET.. at least Cotterell gingerly touches the issue)

Consider the attraction you feel to the Earth thru the SOULS of your feet, by gravity. If you track that down well with the wormhole router of your awareness, eventually you can use that Earthly wave implosion gravity centroid, as the only possible sling shot available to get you into the Sun's heart. Now from there..... if you should happen to be inhabiting a Star Map of Orion say in your back yard, you might get enough template embed velocity to squirt some "Contact" there. You could then BEGIN to ask where the real leverage / decisions around here emanate from, politically. A body polis is a wave envelope.

Your survival is precisely predicted by the extent to which you and everything about you from your back yard/temple, to your heart, to your computer data, to your DNA, is NON DESTRUCTIVELY COMPRESSIBLE. ( Scale Invariant = Perfect Embedding = Gravity = Self Aware )

Study that in school. There are rules to that. And it definitely does not help to say: oh some things are not physical so that means some things are not lawful. That is called denial/schizophrenia/separateness. How shall we define sin: "failure to embed".

Come touch the sun... here comes the (solar) wind... are you prepared to be nudged toward compression by the wind? For the wind to touch all of you, there must be a spin path to inside out, in you.

Sunspots = Solar Flares = Magnetic Shift = Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream
Currents = Extreme Weather

A Twisted Tale of Sunspots...02/29/00

Two large sunspots near the Sun's central meridian have developed
complex magnetic fields. If solar flares erupt from these
regions Earth could be in for stormy space weather.

The NOAA Space Environment Center is forecasting a 70% chance of
significant M-class solar flares from at least one of the
two large sunspots currently visible on the solar disk. Because of their
placement on the Sun, like a double-barreled ray gun,
these two sunspot groups are likely to produce solar flares and coronal
mass ejections (CMEs) aimed toward Earth. Stormy
space weather could be on the way sometime during the next 72 hours.

Solar flares are the biggest explosions in the solar system. A typical
eruption can release the same amount of energy as
millions of 100-megaton hydrogen bombs all exploding at the same time.
The energy source for solar flares is the Sun's
magnetic field. Whenever the magnetic field around a sunspot group
becomes twisted and sheared, like a stretched and
twisted rubber band, an explosive release of energy could be just around
the corner.

Next time you watch one of those lovely pictures of toroidal rubber band like figure 8 squirt guns (Coronal Mass Ejections), coming out from the Sun, (Eye of the Sun: How To Embed Solar.... Imprinting) imagine that was a living thrusting orgasmic body, yearning to penetrate into something that could receive her fire, and give it a surviveable container /womb.

Tutankhamon Prophecies quote: p172:"As the complexity of living (loving?) organisms grew, the electrical activity inside the brain grew to higher voltages. At a given stage in the evolutionary process, the voltage of the brain must have grown to exceed that of the intrinsic magnetic field of the earth (as well as that electrical activity caused by the interaction of the solar wind within the Earth.) It seems that this small but growing voltage became capable of attracting electrical energy equal and opposite to itself, from a place beyond the Earth's atmosphere (the heavens). This growing voltage within the brain of man developed a propensity to 'tear off' a tiny piece of'Godly' energy...."


This quote becomes Cotterell's model of ensoulment. Now if only he had gotten into HOW recursion by PHI embedding gets the faster than light squirt gun going, instead of following this with disempowering gobbeldy gook about a schizophrenic metaphysical world, being not lawful subject to knowable laws.

To his credit, the author then does go on to model how high voltage can get you squirting thru the Earth into the sun, genetically. Remember, voltage is Tesla's word for pressure. And if you have ever felt the internal firey juicey pressures of kundalini and tantra, you KNOW what this means.

There is even some implication for hygiene required in Cotterell's further quote: "If one person hates another, soul voltage falls, as the hate eats away within. ... Souls that have reduced their voltage during their physical lifetime must, within such a framework, return to Earth, on physical death, for another attempt at PURIFICATION."

Cotterell gets so close to understanding that it is CHARGE EMBEDDING perfected by the Golden Ratio (PHI) which is the limit PRINCIPLE of this purification,

(Cotterell picture)

that it becomes almost humerous that he fails to mention the PHI/grail principle.

Soon this leads to Cotterell's lovely discussion about how the Religious notion of how long it takes for a SOUL to return, SUGGESTS THE ACTUAL TIME IN YEARS BETWEEN MAJOR SOLAR CYCLES! This is USEFUL thinking.. as we begin to conceive of how the sun squirts her magnetics, to acheive escape velocity... IS THE PHYSICS WHICH LIMITS WHEN THE SUPERLUMINAL WORMS (OUR SOULS) GET A spin path HOME!!

How wonderful when a physicist actually begins to ask the RIGHT questions, even if with no rules of geometry for faster than light penetration, (Einstien NEVER understood how infinite compression could happen) he has no tools to answer them, at least he is brave enough to ask. (Most physicists allow only the same questions as the Sufi hero who when asked why he is looking under the streetlight for his keys, even tho that is NOT where he lost them, answers: "Because this is where the Light Is". So for today's physics, since they cannot imagine or language where the light in DNA goes out the superluminal worm, they refuse to ask the (critical) question! No bother to them that their immature fear of the unknown is costing us all our genetic survival.)

For example, I suggest the follow VERY appropriate questions for your High School and College physics teachers:

-WHY and HOW have a HUGE proportion of visionaries thru history, including MAGDALEN, tantra experiencers in general, and the heroine in last nights "Roswell" TV series reported detailed visual real perception of going thru stars, during BLISS? ( Kundalini: A Web Conversation )

-WHY did virtually every ancient culture with long survival regard making (embedding in) STAR MAPS ON THE LAND, as CRITICAL to allowing that culture to survive? ( ElDorado & The Re-Penting of America:Pictorial Map to America's Geomantic Global Role )

Personally, I think there is a clue here, which will determine which Physics teachers will survive.

exerpt from:Eye of the Sun: How To Embed Solar.... Imprinting

Perhaps Dear Namae, won't mind if we share just a couple sentences from her pioneering but private Heart of the Sun SHAMANIC NAVIGATING group... with acknowledgement to others (Sue Hirschberger ... et al) who work(ed) with her in sharing more about how to shamanically "SEE" thru the heart of the sun.. so critical at this time: (the only sustainable sling shot slip knot outta here.. Heart/Earth's Heart/HeartSun from one center of gravity embedding into the next...braiding the G Ray of Vita..Gravita.)

"....Earlier this year I had a series of shamanic journeys initiated through breathing and sound vibration ceremonies and the most potent, through tantric practice... At the time I felt that it greatly supported me in healing my heart chakra, and my whole being, that the energy flowed into me as fire itself..changing everything.

...I was catapulted out through to the heart of the sun.I felt such intense love and
compassion, amid a swirl of the most extraordinary colours and lights. I
looked into the sun with no harm to my eyes and the colours here seemed
grey in comparison.All longing was gone, my tears now tasted sweet, and I
"knew" where I was and that it is all ok., that my purpose here is to bridge
and bring that beauty back to this planet.

As I lay there, I gave permission for the sun to transform my
body, to pass through me and after 4 hours in the full direct sun that day,
with no hat or sunscreen, I had no sunburn, and I am fair-skinned!! ...
I have since journeyed to that space again, now that I have the
map, and when friends have been with me.On the solstice ,a small group
meditated on the slopes of Haleakala,'the house of the sun' on Maui, with a
link up with Dan and three others, in California and New Zealand.We tuned
into all those meditating,celebrating and praying at that time,and after
going to the crystal of earth, I reached the heart of the sun. I received a
strong sense that we no longer need to go there, that it is coming to us." ...?


related:SUNBURP Practically speaking, the intense magnetic convergence "Time Wave Zero", or Sun Burp, is large scale magnetic long waves, looking for a way to be "spin dense" non-destructively. (You might reference the pent nest symmetry of all five inner planets orbital geometrics in "Book of Coincidences" by John Martineau). In terms of the "evolution of recursion", or "embedding", this is SELF-AWARENESS on the scale of SUNS being born. This is because even waves the size of solar systems do not become self-organizing and thus self aware, until they achieve perfected spin embedding or recursion. This allows a maximum number of even huge wave fronts to continuously share a common central pressure front which permits them to sustain phase lock. In other words, getting even interplanetary magnetics spiraling into PHI, creates "BEiNG BODIES". See the origin of recursion in time in "Spiral Calendar" book by Carolan. Events in time arrange their recursion into the square root of PHI, the Golden Mean, so that timelines arranged this way become self referrential & self aware. This stops bleeding and creates sustainable cauldron for Angel Births.. Ophanim... O Phi in them, the Whirling Ones, Time Lords, Bird Tribes, Adawi, Valnapa.. Sunderos....

Solar Eclipse 99: Grid Magnetics go to Zero, Time for Heart's Re-Pent?


Subject: ,RE: SHAMANIC NAVIGATING, Fri, 3 Mar 2000 , From: Soulariaum@aol.com
Greetings, Dan!

"So ecstatic to have found your website via PHI-grail-trail that lead me to
you....suffice it to say that you have confirmed my visions and knowing that
the true grail is US.. our DNA, , our compassionate e-motion, our
consciousness....that WE are the time travellors ...

always thrilling to achieve holographic resonance...listen to the language in
the spaces between.... as above/within so below/without

ee cummings said:

"so is your heart
of languages
there's none
but well she knows;
and can

perfectly speak
and rainbow mind
and soul
november and

You are familiar with Kryon's assertion that DNA has a magnetic/crystalline
structure that has our natal planetary geometry embedded in it?

<<within that magnetic structure, not only do you have biology, but you have
sacred appropriateness. That's the starseed portion, for it carries your
karmic overlays and also the magnetics of when you were born- where the
planets were in your solar system of birth- a magnetic attribute of DNA">>

<<<<SHAPE - ORDER - LUMINANCE.......The Cosmic Lattice communicates with
Human biology through a series of magnetic resonant frequencies, which land
upon a twelve-segmented crystalline structure........Every single Human Being
in the room and reading this, has the potential for all knowledge. It resides
in the twelve-segmented crystalline structure that wraps itself around the
encoding (DNA), and the encoding is just waiting for a better communication.
......We want to tell you where that better communication is coming from.
It's from the new position of the grid system of Earth. .....>>>>

Also, Mantak Chia's Inner Alchemy of the Tao gives for the heart center the
image of a cowherder who connects to the heavens via the big dipper,
(emanating from the crown), which rotates 360 degrees a year, collecting all
the universal power in the <grail> cup...
It represents the fire of the heart, the guardian, the yang compassion, the
divine child. <christos>
He stands on the "spiral rice grains": the great mystery, the union of heaven
(destiny) and earth (nature), the "world in a grain of sand"....
And, the heart is surrounded by the pericardium:"flaming balls of fire",
the self-cultivation of the energy field, through virtue; accociated with
gold, the "immortal fetus" who lives 10,000 years, the flower that never

Sound familiar? Perhaps this will too:

RE: experiencing planetary gravitational relations erotically...

During the eclipse of Feb 26, 1998, I had the following future vision.
"Eclipse Vision: I was given the message to meditate with love during the
Eclipse. While meditating, I was instructed to hold the Earth in the Violet
Flame. As I did so, I noticed an intense focal point of energy in the Earth's
magnetic grid matrix; I realized it was over the Caribbean, where the eclipse
was total. I was shown that the Eclipse was acting as a dimensional doorway.
Through this portal came vast, golden Beings of immense Love and Light. I
greeted and welcomed them, recognizing many as old familiar friends, who can
only now return because the planetary frequency has been sufficiently raised.
It was a sweet reunion. They and I , and others, took up positions around the
planetary grid, which shines golden, holding the planet in Love. Then a great
being came through who said he was a representation of "the Central Sun" of
the universe. The spirit of the Earth, a beautiful Goddesswoman, stood up
then and greeted this One. There was great happiness. These two came together
and were joined in the Sacred Marriage. This I witnessed and blessed. Great
energy was activated in this coming together. This eclipse, rather than
heralding destruction, has elevated the level of Divine Love in this
dimension. There are many, many beings of infinite love and radience here to
aid us, and the Earth herself had been united with the heart of the universe.
Together, we are ascending into a new vibrational frequency. I was
instructed to share this. Let there be no fear in your hearts, but rejoice in
this union of Heaven and Earth. Through Love, the world is transformed. It
occurrs first on the etheric, and then on the physical level. Let us all hold
compassion in our hearts, for as we think, so we are. LOVE is here, and all
is well. So be it, and so it is. Namaste. Aurora Valarian , Seattle, WA USA -
Thursday, March 05, 1998 at 09:47:48 (PST)"

Another vision I had during that period ( and literally during a tantric
episode) was a trip through the heart of the sun, just like a slingshot; it
was another dimensional doorway, and I/we emerged on the other side, greeted
by loving energies, (I think it was Sirius). We were cocooned in energy and
sent back through the portal, back to earth where we emerged as butterfly
beings, looked kind of like those undersea aliens on the movie the Abyss....
We had to return to birth the new earth......

I alsoraise my hand to the question about tantric star-tripping; I've had a
number of swoons (?) of sacred marriage alchemy at the galactic star
birthing level......and more macro...I could go on, and on, ad inphinitum...

....and now to find out it is measurable in PHI heart harmonics.... .this
has me tingling....the grail of the heart ....the image of the waveforms
embedding, pulls it all together. ...truly comprehensive....

the "world in a grain of sand"....Indeed.....Immense.........
thanks so much for making even more sense of my visions....!

All to do our part to stop angels from bleeding, I suppose?

I can't wait to see what comes out of the PHI harmonic musical work...any
updates on that?

With hearty gratitude,
We Shine On........"

Ron (his dream follows) (& cc other great solar shaman..
you great dreamer.. thank you

solar shamans of the world unite...

I wish buryl payne's articles of years ago showing
dramatic change to solar flares responding to global childrens singing at once..

enough DNA to ring... and the sun quivers expectantly of being embedded/touched...

any chance you can remember more of what the gold carving looked like

pam gomati just showed me the great japanese color book of
micro cluster waters..

showing oriental caligraphy drawn on containers of water
as the light goes thru, the water changes molecularly

cartouche as wave guide...

what .. faces in the sun...

lo phi

Re: Dan Winter
Tue, 21 Mar 2000 14:57:39 -0700
From: Ron Holt
Flower of Life Research LLC <dodeca@floweroflife.org>

Hey Dan....,

I got a query for you, perhaps you may have some comments on this that I
would appreciate very much.

For the last month I have been having very lucid dreams almost every night
involving beings from the sun. These powerful solar beings have been busy
with communicating what seems to me to be internal technologies for taking
the heart frequencies and experiences to exponential proportions.

Although their communications have been quite fast and busy and a bit
beyond my 3-D comprehension, the communications from these beings and their
interactions have been so overwhelming that it would wake me from my dream.
The solar beings busyed themselves demonstrating expansive levels and
expressions of consciousness and made sure that I experienced it. I was
surprised that after being awakened by too much experiential expansion
(data overload) I would fall back into dreaming and these solar beings
would continue with their downloads without missing a beat no matter how
many times I would wake.

On one night, they approached me with a rather large Golden Snake. This
golden snake was made of the most incredible gold I had ever experienced.
It was not like Gold boullion, or golden coins as this gold the solar
beings were handing to me in the form of a large snake was so powerful in
its ability to evoke rapid evolution to a higher transcendent and expansive
state of experience. I felt the room I was in, suddenly grew to
overwhelming proportions in every aspect I could stretch my senses across.
The gold was so provocative in its mystic aura, that it literally invited
you in, as if the gold itself were pure consciousness, then transformed and
exponentially expanded every aspect of reality.

Last Night, I found myself again, facing these solar beings. As they
approached me I found one of them carrying something. My focus was blurred
as they were walking, as they were walking out from the sun.

While the one who was carrying something between his hands got closer I
could make out just what it was. It looked like an oriental calligraphy
character about 20 inches by 20 inches made out of that amazing gold.

This golden character was being handed to me, and as I reached for it, I
began to transcend and expand beyond what I thought I was capable of. In an
instant, I found myself on my bed with my head spinning and feeling
overwhelmed, realizing what had just happened. I tried to get back to sleep
to re-enter what was happening and after a few minutes I returned and I
cannot put into words the amazing experiences that occurred.

The solar flare activities have reached their height and will continue for
a bit longer, I somehow feel that the sun and all she encompasses are
reaching out in dreams and other ways to charge and activate our nervous
systems and maybe DNA to get us to reach a higher frequency. Problem is our
personal level of chemical pollutants as well as emotional and mental
pollutants are acting as blocks to clear reception and processing of the
solar flare ups. I have had to contend with brain pressures and low energy
levels needing lots of sleep for the last month.

Any comments?

Mucho Appreciado!
Ronald L Holt