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Schumann Awareness:

Earth's Schumann Resonance and The Self-Referrent Earth

approx. harmonics listed for Schumann in Val's Dec 7 editorial

7.8 14 20 26 33 39 45

approx. ratio between each adjacent pair of frequencies

.557 .7 .77 .78 .84 .87

average ratio between harmonics: .7528


above pictures display frequency signature of capacitive charge envelope

around a tree 'embedded' in the Schumann resonance, as effected before

and after by intense human emotion.

(biological capacitive probe designed by Prof.Phil Callahan consisted of

natural hemp soaked in sea water, attached to charge amplifier and

spectrum analysis similar to the EEG/EKG landscape charting of harmonics)

Excellent discussion of geometric origin of Schumann resonance and it's harmonics SERIES...The Musical Octave

The Frequency Harmonics in the Earthís field as picked up by the tree there on the lowest pictured waveform were


9.7hz, 18.5,28,37.2, 46.2

approx ratio between harmonics:


average ratio between harmonics: .685


Worthy of note:

ratio between beats may be approaching .618, which is PHI or the Golden Mean and is the mathematical perfection of embeddedness, which allows systems to be embedded within systems. This is because the only angle at which a wave can re-enter itself without destroying itself is .618. This becomes the geometry of self-reference and therefore self-awareness.

While the most significant or powered harmonic displayed here was near 8.7 hz in the charts, to properly appreciate the dynamic of the Shumann resonance as a living ringing oscillator, the geometry of the ratio of the frequencies contained decides if the rhythmn is music. This is in quite the same way as the ear determines if the notes played are a beautiful chord or arbitrary dissonance.

If you look at the shape of the casting for a bell, you learn about whether itís ring harmonics fit together in a nest which 'braids' or sounds sweet. Earth also, in itís bell like casting seeks eventually to fit the geometry of perfect embedding. This permits Earthís magnetics to fit a larger pattern of embedding, or taken to itís limit: implosion.

As most researchers who have looked at Earthís magnetic geometry have concluded it is dodeca/icos in symmetry, this can have no other frequency signature than the Golden Mean, when complete. This is because the nesting of dodec and icos recursively produces all edge lengths in PHI or Golden Mean ratio.

The evolution of the Shumann resonance of Earth, can be looked at in exactly the same terms as we have looked at the evolution of the cohereing of the harmonics of the human brainwaves. It is appropriate the the Earthís natural Schumann resonance when first shown to doctors was mistaken for a brain wave printout.

Working with brainwaves we discovered that addiction or attention deficit were sustainably eliminated clinically when feedback cues created a harmonic series which was geometrically PHI embedded. More simply, this meant that if a harmonic series of alpha theta delta brainwaves became beautifully caddeuceus like by the ratio PHI, THEN charge was sutainable in the brain, and attention deficit and addictions disappeared. (Marty Wuttke, Psychophysiology Lab, Clayton, GA.)

see web article: presentation at Depok Chopra lab...


We learned that this "charge"-"able to stand" was called "eck" in "stasis", or ecstacy; for which addictive behaviour was only a temporary and unsatisfying substitute once the true feeling awash with embeddedness, was tasted.

The true nature of implosion, is the geometry of turning inside out, which the 5/7 symmetry group makes possible.. This is the shape of the anu, heart, and heart of sun (see article). It is the turning inside out in order to feel, or allow magnetism to embed which we call compassion.

Applying what we have learned of the brain as the oscillator which creates self awareness by creating recursion in itís own resonance, we can now learn for the Earth.

The ET's have informed us of a local time implosion. The frequency signature of the heart of the sun, the spiral in time, and time ratioís of Earth/Mercury/Venus, all approach perfect recursion. This geometrically implies an adding and multiply of wave front spin velocities in our locale, about to approach implosion/embedding. This means connectivity goes to a limit among concentric wormholes, velocities thru the speed of light are penetrated and the time bubble pops. Essentially, many paths and errands meet.

When the spin paths of so many oscillators can couple in this way, a test for the shareable occurs. This symmetry test is all about where the Earth's magnetics are able to nest. The completing of this nesting instinct for planets is reported as the harmonics of their magnetism approach the geometry of perfect embedding: PHI. This sounds like simply a romantic and simplistic metaphor until we realize that the only sustainable heart harmonics at the point of maximum pressure approaching are PHI (literally, the feeling of LOVE.)

There is a practical implication for genepools whose collective emotional magnetism fabricate planet grids to the recursion which makes the gravity which holds atmosphere. Survival of memory/spin becomes the ability to send the magnetism of glands called emotion to add to the recursion nesting glue which holds these tectonic song lines together. Frequency signatures of planets approaching time tornadoís tells them whether enough recursion will permit the data compression necessary to pass thru the wormhole. In other words, feeling the inside out - ness of compassion emotion, produces the ìsubstance of weî feeling sufficiently to create the magnetic bloodstream of coherence necessary to hold things like planets and eventually starsystems thru timelines together.

Even though it keeps sounding simply romantic and the stuff of fairytales, we physicists of glandular emotion need to keep saying...

this skill to choose how to radiate magnetics by emoting coherently (like a laser) is the most powerful tool we have to save our genepool. This ET arrival to gain leverage at the site of the time nexus Earth, corresponds with our maximum need to create global coherent emotion: The Schumann resonance of the planet is often called our collective heartbeat for a reason. Itís power spectra reports on the collected love of our global alphabet of heartbeats.

See heart biofeedback 2000 project.

heart biofeedback 2000: Project 2000- Through One Heart into the New Millenium



note below, the lowest plot is the harmonics of an "ELF" coil, lo frequency sensor,

picking up the Earth's resonance harmonics, including those near 8 hz...


notes addend:

>Hi Dan


>In your page

>you calculate ratios between the various frequencies. It seems to me

>that a more interesting result occurs if you look at the frequencies

>divided by a harmonic number. That is, the frequencies are nearer to an

>arithmetic than a geometric series.


>Schumann 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

>Freq. 7.8 14 20 26 33 39 45

>Freq/n 7.8 7.0 6.7 6.5 6.6 6.5 6.6


>Tree 1 2 3 4 5

>Freq. 9.7 18.5 28 37.2 46.2

>Freq/n 9.7 9.25 9.33 9.30 9.28


>Earth 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

>Freq. 1.342 2.441 3.784 5.004 6.225 7.446 8.666

>Freq/n 1.342 1.221 1.261 1.251 1.245 1.241 1.238


>Heart 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

>Freq. 1.464 2.685 5.371 6.713 8.05 9.277 10.74 12.08

>Freq/n 1.464 1.343 1.342 1.343 1.342 1.325 1.343 1.342


>The 1st order harmonic seems to generally have a higher frequency/n than

>the others but apart from that there is a reasonable consistency.


>What do you think?




>-- Ray Tomes -- -- Harmonics Theory --




wish phil callahan was more active on email so he could comment..


the data I presented much needs more samples at more sites..


however, your point (well taken) that onset arithmetic progression

exists first, may confirm that the nest into geometric progression

has not yet happened.. thus limiting ability of earths magnetic spins

to nest in higher spin systems? (implode??)


admittedly pretty speculative on my part, except for the idea that

participation in implosion limits spin connectivities in general..


example (and I'm hoping you will comment:)


irving dardik article

cycles magazine

vol 46, no 3, 1996,dec.

"Heart Waves"

that amount of fractality in heart rate variability

predicts HEALTH!?


superpose max spin systems agreeably (context richness)

you get health!?


only thing dardik misses is that phi is the folding algorhythmn of that

max fractality


(fern tree ness)


can we apply this to earth schumann?


dan winter