Real Mystery of LORD OF THE RING - Explained - DNA becomes Source of Gravity!

(goes with the book -"Return of Enki')

Implosion Group publishes Dan Winter's SOLUTION to the Genetic SCIENCE behind LORD OF THE RING!!.. ( exerpt from 'Grand Attractor' new book )

lavishly illustrated 22 page - printable exerpt Download here (1.4meg) RingLordScience.pdf

  Connection to Tolkien - & Lord of the Ring..

We present a pictorial interpretation of the science behind Lord of the

DNA microscope photos showing ring torus compressed by letter symmetries forged by BLISS!

In addition we got this nice note from Michael Rice- today.. see if you see the connection between
Tolkien's history and the Sumerian - An / Ea (Ai-nu?) / Enki / Enlil story!

"got a christmas present from....a book about Tolkien.. basically a guide to the whole mythology..

I imagine you know this already, but it tickled me..

basically, his creation story for middle earth began with ERU, the One, who dwelt in the void

he came to earth and gave eternal life through the FLAME IMPERISHABLE. ERU named these creations the AINUR, or the holy ones. they were the first ones
and inhabited the Timeless halls. their were great spirits and had mighty
voices, some proved greater than others, and war ensued among them..

ERU made or fashioned the earth and (wait for it!...) called it EA, and
elves and men later called it ARDA or Earth

After Arda was made the Ainur went down onto this newly created world, where
they became known as the Powers of Arda, and later they were thought by men
to be Gods, those that wrre good were guided by the will or Eru, but others
served their own ends, and although in the Timeless Halls they were beings
of pure spirit, on Arda, they were limited in power..

it is said that in the end of days the y will return and be known as the

so tolkien really rode the big wave here.. more than a little reference and
similarity to the mythology you have been uncovering".. from Michael Rice...

complete story:

What exactly was SHINING Mr. Gardner? ...
The Sacred Geometry of charge / bliss hygiene to ignite DNA into the (Implosive & Radiant) Grail Ring
- Solving the mystery Laurence Gardner poses when he says the SHINING ONES- authored the Grail AND the Lord of the RING
(from 'Realm of the Ring Lords').

Dear Laurence Gardner ('Realm of the Ring Lord') - Why do you suppose - all of the SUCCESSFUL blood lines at the very ROOT ORIGIN of sacred ancestry.. were called: "The SHINING Ones"

We wonder who understands what it takes for the blood to glow charge radiance?..The Magnetic X.. Super DNA.. when DNA braids densely into a RING in the presence of BLISS / charge density.

click to load paper on Biology of DNA as a RING DONUT..


(What Dirk Laureyssens pic&link below -

beautifully describes as Pelastration in his COSMOLGY--)


Compare below to the donut torus shape of hydrogen deuterium - whose emissions (balmer series) are Golden Ratio (Randy Masters) - hydrogen key to implosion - fire in the sun..

below is from: Millenium Twain

What - alphabet of symmetry on the ring torus.. compresses the charge into this trick .. which checks for which waves are shareable?

click here to play pinwheels (why do you see THE ORIGIN OF THE ALPHABET - AND - 7 arrows?)

Origin of symbol: embedding yourself into the center of psychokinesis by tornado steering..

(physics is no-thing if not wormholes)

What - alphabet of symmetry on the ring torus.. compresses the charge into this trick .. which checks for which waves are shareable?

Do YOU think it looks like a grail cup?

We congratulate Laurence Gardner on his scholarship to locate the unity between the Grail and Ring Lord traditions of the Annunaki Draco Queen blood lines.. All that is needed now is to understand the charge hygiene required to teach that as a science of bliss - to assemble the charge density necessary to ignite the DNA to that SHINING ONE - charge radiance.