Mission Ignition: Igniting the Grid..

Reviews of What is Newly 'Lit' on a Small Endangered Planet.

from Dan Winter, 10/12/99 url: http://www.danwinter.com/reviews

index: http://www.danwinter.com/sitemap.html

subjects covered:

1: Tongue in cheek: Web Dialog- Is Dan Winter A Draco?

2. Comments on "Stargate Conspiracy" book.

3. Note's on David Icke's latest, link to his ET /Drac personal stories review.

4. Comments on Vincent Bridges & Jay Weidner new book: "Monument to the End of Time"

5. Comments on Sitchen's newer "Cosmic Code".

6. Thoughts about "Elixr and the Stone" book in the "Holy Blood Holy Grail" series/

7. Raphiem's helpful study guide notes to:

a.) Anna Hayes "Voyagers" book 1, (ET History of Earth etc.) which is a prologue to my review of her 'Voyager's: Amenti' book 2, http://www.danwinter.com/amenti Suggesting the magnetic geometry of the sub Giza 'Halls of Amenti' as DNA charge accelerator soul harvester is dodeca conic.

b.) Gardner's "Genesis of the Grail Kings"


This Edition of the Dan Winter Newsletter is Formally Dedicated to Lucio Gatto who in EarthFare Deli Solemnly announced to me that he was worried too many friends considered Dan Winter off the deep end cause of his ET memo's. I assured him, that if this was my worst problem, then this was the best news I heard all day. I much prefer this as a reputation to the rest of the supposed scientists on this planet: they find the ET literature confusing so instead choose a more convenient schizophrenic 'let's keep our head in the sand' approach. While our planet genepool treads on the brink of... "It is a privelege to be assimilated, Borgism" facilitated specifically because the kids leaders won't stand up. ... Here is a note to Jerry who Falls Well: Christ never said, you need a boss outside yourself. You recognize HOW compassion embeds, you become shareable as an act of ecstatic WILL, not an act of submission. Preaching Guilt and Submissiveness and self direction only from the outside in, is the first sign of enslavement.

Reptilian-ess is only a name for a MAGnetic worm, like our spine juice, that learns to steer itself. (The heart sounds unfolds ventricle wings in the bird brain, Serpent Bird man. ) Surely 20 years of Kundalini overflow is MAGdalen's drac bloodline in me. Pogo, we HAVE met the enemy and it is us!!

I think my first really juicy kundalini rush was specifically a fear rush, when I tripped on a big snake in the path at the Gurdjieff School, on George Washington's nephew's estate ("Claymont" where we learned Sacred Gymnastic, near the pig farm in West Virginny).

So, in honor of the age old serpent principle of tongue in cheek, let us begin with...:

Thought all my friends should have the benefit of the debate on whether dan winter is a reptile...

(I am proud to say that I have been formally disowned by Duncan Rhodes, of Nexus aka Gardner)

Re: [dragonslayers] Re: Fw: LionPath, Lion Place, Secret Places of the Lion..
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 1, From: "wiolawa" <wiolawa@futureone.com>
To: <dragonslayers@egroups.com>, <winter@primeline.com>

Raphael. i have already told Dan how i feel and anything i say here i send to him..... how do i know? let me count the ways... is more to the essence of the story.......you have your own views about him , but i know him personally...... and will NOT TRAVEL with him anymore..... as he has requested.....
1. he brought Ron Holt into my house for a meeting of 6 friends on the ETS ... HOlt works for Drunvalo
i didnt think it was a good idea.. so what happens .. Ron and Drunvalo attempt to assassinate me and Morning Sky... that is a
long terrifying story.. but true.. it had to be countered with AIM>. btw the police and swat teams knew too and were after
Drunvalo.... Denis BanksAIM .. called Drunvalo and then all problems ceased... for us.
2. He brought a man name Steve to talk with us. on his last visit.( at the home of Helga Morrow) .he worked for Jane Fonda~Satanist and Turner. therefore the UN> therefore the Dracs. if you read Per Sewens material from Springmeier..
3. I let him have my time share in Sedona.. for a meeting and guess what it was?.... a meeting of SNAKES> they even TOLD me they were... with a big picture of SEKMET>.. and they did an all night Crowley ceremony on Bell Butte.. in Sedona.. and wanted me to attend.. i told them" qwpoi35 yveiu4takl;fph ai"
4. IF you follow closely the windings of this recent message it leads you back to Scotland. now if you really understand the Snake Heritage and Andrews. and the Melchizedeks..... its ALL THERE> you have to do the work fo the LINKS> not me.
5. He is buying into the DNA ideas of the major English DRAGON LAURENCE GARDINER> i told DAN NO WAY> the thesis is this from Gardiner if you read closely . WE ARE ALL REPTILES> thats all of our DNA> NO WAY>..
is that enuf.... you must decide for yourself tho....... those are my experiences with DAN . yes he quotes me but goes with
Gardiner and is aligned with TAL> and CROWLEY> this i know because another of his major friends is OTO . all the Way
VINCENT BRIDGES and his wife who does pics of the snake goddess SEKMET all the time.... i know because i have
personally traveled with DAN>.
and i would not take his next request of friends to Monument Valley from the Star Trek group..... NEVER> IVE HAD ENUF!!
and i told Dan i would write a page on the web about him...... eventually... normally i would not write personal material.. but
Dan is influencing many people and needs to be stopped... WE ARE NOT REPTILES!!>.. ah ho Wio, Convert to the Draco heritage is Dan Winter.... my old friend? how they turn in their
WYRM HOLE!> ah ho Wio
Towards Sovereignty on Planet EArth

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From: Raphael SF Zvetkoff
To: dragonslayers@egroups.com
Sent: Monday, October 04, 1999 6:19 PM
Subject: [dragonslayers] Re: Fw: LionPath, Lion Place, Secret Places of the Lion..

(original article on the Lion Path: http://www.danwinter.com/lionpath )

Hi Wio,
Please explain. He has shown us that the Draco is not simply a pipe dream and gives us
some inclination to some of the mechanics both physiologically and geometrically. If
he was truly working to our detriment why does he disclose these things so everyone
would know? Don't you think it is a foolish move to disclose ones secret moves to
ones enemies? I personally don't see that we have the entire story from Dan himself
here on his position rather something that he is disclosing. Maybe I'm missing
something. Maybe you could explain in simple English what their plan is and what to
do about it, otherwise it will be simple to be misled. To show that we have a Draco
presence that goes back to an earlier date and even disclosing their presence does not
sound like something a Draco would want us to know, especially where they have a
lair. Does disclosure of the truth automatically make one an enemy? What about our
biology? He has stated some rather astute things in relation to our biology. I have lots
of questions after reading this. Perhaps I'm not as well versed as you are and maybe
you could help me to understand for I'm really a simpleton in these matters. I know
there sometimes is more to the picture than meets the eye. What do you see?


My comment: actually, the Order of the Golden Dawn, Dee, ritual at Sedona choreographed by Vincent was great learning in the Ophanim bird language.. eventually helped me to get to the Adawi.. Star Elder Cherokee piece.. My view on Gardner is articulated at http://www.danwinter.com/goldpowder

Bird language hypercube symmetry in TRUE Enochian, taught to John Dee ( http://www.danwinter.com/orion bottom ).. is probably closer to Anna Hayes: "Keylonta" review below.

So much closer to pure principle is this Bird Tribe 'Language of the Birds' than the childish fear mongerings of the Bliss juice deprived Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince who wrote 'THE STARGATE CONSPIRACY" (don't waste your money, they don't get it at all). There was a magnetic accelerator design in Giza, but don't depend on this book to teach you how it works. I knew Puharich, Arthur Young, Ira Einhorn, Henry Belk, and that whole crowd, a whole lot better than they. We could sit and tell colorful stories for days.. Basically, this book agrees with Ben Bentov, that Puharich's MIRACLES from the "Nine" were lo grade spooks in action. The only problem is, Picknett and Prince, don't have a clue of the long term agenda of this same "Spectra" group that led Puharich as WELL AS TO SOME EXTENT Jefferson and Franklin, ... around by the nose.

Basically, Picknett and Prince are stuck in a VERY small cage labeled, NO PERSONAL ACCESS TO EITHER THEIR OWN ECSTATIC WIRING, OR the ET's. So they rehash the messed up translations of the same confused kindergardners..

I don't think David Icke deserves to be such a cry baby for getting booted out by Canadian Immigration for teaching reptilian ( http://www.davidicke.com/icke/articles/100899icke.html )

They gave me the same hours of rubber glove searches for just being SUSPECTED of being new age.., (tell them you might TEACH something over there, they go ballistic). The Canadian Immigration people seem to have self appointed themselves as the Christian Moral Guardian's for their flock, a short evolutionary jump from the Inquisition. (The feds who think China should have their patty's slapped for religious intolerance haven't been to Canadian Immigration, to say nothing of their own Bible Belt).

However to Icke's credit is his new reptoid / draco personal experiences archive at

here is an excellent menu exerpt :Archive Menu

Battles Beneath the Earth
- donated by James Vandale
Abductions in the Gingerbread House
- donated by James Vandale
Who Are The Draconions? Case Files - 7 parts
- donated by James Vandale
Dreamland in the Rockies
- donated by James Vandale
Dragons of the Apocalypse
- donated by James Vandale
Calculate the Number of the Beast
- donated by Dani Cheung
Emerald Tablets of Thoth
- donated by Dani Cheung
Mythological ~ Demonology
Demons, Creatures Of The Night, Critters
- donated by James Vandale
Joyce Murphy Sightings Interview 11-2-97
- donated by David Icke
Jazz Singer Reveals Sex Life with Aliens
- donated by James Vandale
The Fascinating Case of Clarita Villanueva
- donated by James Vandale
Reptoid Rape - a 7 page series
- donated by James Vandale
- donated by James Vandale & Jon Hurst
Chanelled Communications:
Biblical and extra-Biblical:
The Testament of Solomon
- donated by James Vandale
The 72 Solomonic Demons
- donated by James Vandale

and speaking of saving money, here are some other books you don't need to buy:

Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner: "Monument to the End of Time" , http://www.sangraal.com/AMET Cross at Hendaye /Rennes le Chateaux, predictor that yep a solar burp will toast the unembedable by 2017. (Old news, seems the Mayan's got the first press release.) Having said that, you definitely don't need the rest of the info in this book. They don't even get around to more than indirectly implying their prime "bombshell": so what if Fulcanelli WAS Schwaller de Lubitz? A great way to distract you with football personalities, so you don't notice the PRINCIPLE:

To say Alchemy's physics was mapped in stone in the Templar Gothic Cathedrals, is boring if you don't mention what & why that IS: The architecture/geometry of embedding/recursion is what squirts your gene (goldlike) magnetics off of little planets, into stars.

There, it is simple, why waste a whole book almost but not quite saying that.


And in other MUST MISS categories we have:

Sitchen's new COSMIC CODE, again waste a whole book to tell you Hiburu Gematria in the Hebrew alphabet are a simple quantum symmetry slip knot index to quantum mechanics...

...without telling you how (Phi) embedding makes waves stand.. (inertia storing DEFINES mass)..

all you get is more disempowering distraction in the local politics of lo grade reptilian (Annunaki), screwing with our infantile ancestors.


and WHILE I am being cynical here (actually I am having a fine day)..

I wonder if Baigent and Leigh's profits from Holy Blood Holy Grail, got spent so prematurely that they had to subject us to another mind numbing regurgitation of the religious fairy tales of an immature planet... (New book : The Elixir and the Stone ).. As if they are entitled to entitle a closing chapter "Rediscovery of Meaning" like they invented CONTEXT embedding, without having a clue to it 's geometry OR politics.. (EKG's that embed bend spoons and stars..)

In a word, if we rate the ratio of sentences of pure principle, to those creating distraction into speculation about immature historic personalities... we get: "not much soul food here"..


So here, while I am being ACID about how little there is of REAL LIGHTNING in the writings of a planet widening in the gyre that will not hold (Yeats eat your heart out, no embedding, no centering force, no heart)..

here is my suggestion for your KOAN of the days meditation:

Leave the petty squabble about whether sekhmet /sphinx is a lion face or a snake face.. hero or devil to the annunaki ancestry... and INSTEAD:


and ask your self:

WHY WOULD IT TAKE HEART TO GET THIS NEXT LONGER WAVE EMBEDDED IN MY DNA, (to get my heart's sound waves to map this turning outside in, into my genes) ...

would I have to FEEL for an even BIGGER ' OUTSIDE OF ME' in order to fold THAT (shape map), into INSIDE OF ME... ?!? (...silent space to feel rush .. here...)


There I have said it.

Dan Winter


Sleeping Abductees - Intro + 1
Fri, 08 Oct 1999 14:22:14 GMT
"Raphiem" <raphiem@onebox.com>

Hi All,

Since Dan Winter mentioned these books by Anna Hayes and Amenti etc..
pls see http://http://5thworld.com/voyagers ...........I have had a deep need-ignition
to aquire these books....mainly i feel due to many of my dream encounters of
which some i have posted re: snowcircles /symbols etc which these books may help
me understand more.... well they just arrived..and have just started to sift thru
them....pls read excerpts etc on the above website. If you wish to purchase them
you can from http://www.twiggscompany.com

they were very helpful, and recvd the 2-books in Australia from US on my
doorstep on the 4th day from placement of order.

Anyway, the below are my brief notes which i've just begun as i read thru the two
books. If you wish to know more buy the books. As there are very deep
intricate/complex systems-data (re: Keylonta science/code/symbols language) that i
will not be able to simply summarise, as will require verbatim word4word in
order to understand it...(might as well buy the book)....am happy to share any
notes I make with you...

Sleeping Abductees - Intro + 1

Planets evolve thru fixed-multi-dimensional frequency scales that follow certain
time cycles.

Earth Time Cycle = 26,556 yrs which are broken down into six smaller cycles of
4426 yrs each.

Thru-out the Time Cycle Earth and it's Anti-matter double change

Matter-Earth spends two successive sub-cycles with-in the Anti-Matter-Universe &

The role reversal is done thru Electromagnetic role reversals & the shifting of the
Angular Rotation of particle spin.

When Matter-Earth is in the Anti-Matter-Universe cycle, any physical
creations/buildings etc are made up of Anti-Matter particles. This is likewise for
Ant-Matter-Earth when in Matter-Universe cycle, any creations would be
composed of Matter particles.

Thus when Matter-Earth moves back to the Matter-Universe cycle, most creation
activity will remain in the Anti-Matter-Universe. Usually some remains/evidence
of one planet will remain in the physical base of the other planet.

We can only fully unearth the remains of civilization, when the Earth is back in
the Anti-Matter-Universe cycle (in which the artifacts etc were originally created).
This is approximated to occur between 2000-2017 AD.

Matter-Earth transited into Anti-Matter-Universe in 13,474 BC. Remained there
for two consecutive sub-cycles totalling 8852 yrs (2x 4426 yrs) and returned to
Matter-Universe in 4,622 BC.

Since 198O's, Zeta and Draco's joined forces with a goal/aim to claim sovereignty
over Earth.

Parallel Earth Systems are linked together via Time Portals.

Sometime Inter-Dimensional blled-thru's occur allowing for objects/sightings to
occur which maybe simply a Car/Vehicle or House from another time/dimension.

Balls of Light/Lightening are inter-dimensional activity residual.

Types of UFO's
1. Covert Government vehicles.
2. Inter-D anomolies appearing as vessels upon interface.
3. Inter-D craft thru Time/Dimensional Portals.
4. Human/ET craft thru Time-P with-in 3-D universe.

Reptilian-like, little grey with black eyes. Different sub-species can be
Blue skinned Zeta = Zephelium = Administrators of lower Caste Zeta's.

Zeta are not very skilled at shape-shifting and may use frequency modulation
tactics to scramble brainwave patterns. Odd odours/out of normality may indicate
this activity. >>> Carbon is toxic to the Zeta biology. <<<

Zeta have tendency to appear as Angels/Saints etc playing upon core religious
beliefs. Zeta/Draco control interior/underground government.

These are like the big version of the stick praying-Mantis insects. They assist
humans with Zeta encounters. Usually whitish or golden in colour. They work
for peace/brotherhood. Superior to Zeta's in technology and spirituality.

Ranthia / Rhanthunkeana:
>From Distant starts. Responsible for Crop Circles. Guardians/Protectors.
Appear as spherical light formations. Use dream or altered states to communicate.
Ranthia do not interfere, they must be invited.

Subject: Sleeping Abductees 2+3 , Tue, 12 Oct 1999 03:37:53 -0700

Again this is my brief continuation of interpretations/study notes from
"Sleeping Abductees" by Anna Hayes......the information below is just
enough to give a jist of what it's all about...If you wish to dig deeper into
our HIDDEN cosmic heritage i highly recommend you buy the books...as
there is much more in-depth detail than my notes portray.

In Service
"Raphiem" <raphiem@onebox.com>

The Sleeping Abductees - Study Notes

*** Chapter 2 ***
Not all UFO sightings imply live contact with other life forms.

Subtle contact (multi-dimensional) communications can exist with-in the
mind of the receiver (telepathy).

Keylonta = language of light, osund, symbols and energy. It is structure
upon which manifestations are built. Is the language of communicating
thru time/dimensional portals.

The codes of Time-Portals and Dimensional-Lock systems are with-in the
workings of keylonta.

Zeta & Interior Government have programmed the masses into fear and
dis-belief. Basically keep everyone in the dark and dis-empower the
people. Do not give the people knowledge that would better direct their
own lives, health and economic standing/protection.

Subconscious symbol codes are contained with-in the human DNA and
these can be manipulated/used for implant of sensual deception.

Impulse DNA codes can be manipulated and 3D realities over-laid.
Holo-graphic insert.

This can be for or against human developement/growth. Vurrently used
against us by Zeta.

During abduction, the mind-field is accelerated and molecular structure is
slowed. Thus mind and body become split.

There are 2-types of abductions
1. Abductee training/growth, usually soul agreement.
2. Study, Experimentation, genetic seeding, usually self-serving.

Humans who have a healthy connection to soul, usually do not have type-2

ET's in type-2 abduction do not usually intend harm, but also do not

Their view is that, we do not care for our own well being as well as that of
others on this planet, and we do the same to other races/religion/countries
and so they don't see any difference. (talk about reflections).

*** Chapter-3 ***

Main goal of Zeta and Interior govt is to keep humans ignorant and too
busy/complicated in order to dis-empower and not allow humans to work
it out (wake-up)..

..makes things humans easier to control/manipulate.

Basically Zeta's have a problem which they are trying to work out, and
humans are one of their main resources/commodities/soultion to their

Our biggest threat is manipulation and exploitation by forces we don't
even know exist.

Zeta have successfully interbred with human females and are cultivating
these hybrids to engage earth in 400-500 yrs in our future.

There are two types of Hybrids.
1. The Whites which are close to human biology.
2. The Blues/Browns which are dwarfs, have no real intelligence and are
just workers/ guard soldiers usually found in proximity to the White

The ZIONITES are a Zeta/Human/Aethien breed (with positive Zeta's)
which work in non-violation/brotherhood. They are cultivated time

The TURANEUSIAM are considered to be the first human pro-type,
genetically superior, first originated on Earth's 5th dimensional
counterpart planet called Tara about 560 millions yrs ago.

The Human-Turan's were meant to be custodian's of Tara, until a point of
de-evolution occured where Turan's started interbreeding woth other
lifeforms. SOme left Tara to join inter-stellar brothers/susters and rest
remained. Inter-breeding caused genetic fragmentation which could not
carry the higher-intelligence that was intended for the Turan's. Basically
all hell broke loose.

Before Turan's were wiped out, was decided to try another experiment on
3D earth. This time the original 12-DNA genetic imprint would be
broken down in to 12-sub-units. Each of the 12 was polarized. (12-Tribes

The Flood is a translation/slant of the re-seeding. Sodom and Gomorrah is
translation of Atlantis/Lemuria on Tara..

..basically both sides of the battle have been involved with human
training/development. One was to evolve, the other to digress/confuse.

Zionites were involved with ancient egypt and sumerian cultures.

The Zionites went back in time and gave humans the Silicate Matrix or
Crystal Gene. This contains the full 12-DNA code.

Not all humans carry this code. For those that do, needs to be activated
(also known as junk-DNA).

The BORENDT are known as the Hybrid whites, thru fetal transplants.
They will in future serve as teachers/helpers. Have ability to link minds.
Can be trusted as will not find them working with un-enlightened Zeta.

Un-enlightened Zeta are not "evil monsters"...They act in ignorance, they
are a very fragmented race, in fear of extinction, trying to find a solution
to their demise. Earth/Humans are just a resource for the taking.


Note: bulk-majority of Zeta are enlightened, working with brotherhood
etc...only minority are in violation.

---to be continued-------

Subject: Gene-Isis of Grail Kings, Tue, 12 Oct 1999 ,From:
"Raphiem" <raphiem@onebox.com>
Hi All,

these are my study notes (the way i understood it, and my have mistakes)
from Laurence Gardner's "Genesis of the Grail Kings"....sorry if the notes
are set out like some maths formulae..i do this for a purpose for myself as
i do a lot of sorting/mixing/matching between other study notes....

All Yours/Enjoy..

Genesis of the Grail Kings (Laurence Gardner)

Mesopotamia = Iraq
Cannan = Palestine
North Mesopotamia = Assyria
Central Mesopotamia = Akkad = Bahgdad
Southern Mesopotamia = Sumer (Shumer)
City of Sumer = Uruk = Warka

Abraham = Avram/Abram = Came from Ur of the Chaldees = Son of
Terah (18-generations after Adam) = was a Sumerian.

Terah had two sons 1.Abraham 2. Haran/Lot

Lineage up to Terah = Peleg > Serug > Nahor > Terah

King of Ur (2010 BC) = Ur-Nammu

Elohim (Canaanite) = Jehovah = Lofty One
El Elyon precedes Jehovah
El Elyon principle son was Baal (Lord)
El Elyon = El Shaddai

Other Sons of El Elyon were
Baal = Lord
Yamm = Leviathan = Sea Monster = Rahab = Dragon of the Tehom
Mot = Death
Shahar = Dawn
Shalem = Peace

Daughter of El Elyon was Anath = Queen of Heavens
Elyons female partner = Asherah = Ashtoreth

Other goddess of the era were Padriya, Talliya, Arsiya

Israel = Is-Ra-El = Soldier of El
(note. St.G > Isis-Ra-Elohom)

Beth=El = House of El

King NebuchadnezzarII seized Jerusalem at the instructions of Jehovah
(very interesting)...
why??? because King Manasseh setup a temple to Baal, son of El Elyon

Nimrud = Kalhu = Calah
Babel = Babylon
Accad = Akkad
Kish = Kush = Ciush = modern day Al'Uhaimir
Uruk = Iraq = Warka
Shinar = Sumer

Yaldaboath (Gnostic) = First Father
Sophia = Wisdom
Ruah = Wind

Nefilim = Watchers

Terah = Abraham's father = served other gods and not Jehovah

Amorites = taller/stronger than Jews

Emims = Anakims = Ammon = Giants = ZamZummims

Sons of God not the same as Angels
Angels were not giants
Angel = Messenger/Ambassador
ArchAngel = Chief/Highest Rank Messenger

ArchAngels were upset that the Chief of Tens taught their
offsprings/nephilim too soon the secrets of the angels..

Watchers off-spring slaughter fellow humans (called Eljo) as they
considered themselves to be more supreme..

Watchers (Naphidem) and Eljo were in racial war before the flood.

Anunnaki (Sumer) = Nephilim (Hebrew)

Anunaaki grand assembly met at the temple of Nippur, president was Anu
(Lord of the Sky)

* Apsu (father) & Tiamat (mother/dragon queen/hubbur)
children of = Mummu (son) + Lahma (son) + Lahamu (daughter + Anshar
(s) + Kishar (d)

* Anshar/Kishar produce children = Anu (son) + Antu=Nammu (d) + Ki
(d) (earth mother) = Urash.

* Anu had 2x sons = Enlil (mother was Ki) and Enki (mother was Antu)

* Enki had 2x wives =
1. Damkina who produced a son Marduk,
2. Nin-Khursag (Nin-Mah)

* Enlil had 2x wives =
1. Nin-Khursag who produced a son Ningursu
2. Ninlil who produced two sons, Nanna (Suen) and Nergal (Meslamtaea)

* Nanna (son of Enlil) and his wife Ningal had daughters, Inanna (Ishtar)
and Eresh-Kigal.

* Inanna married Dunu-zi (Tammuz)

* Nergal & Eresh-Kigal had a daughter = Lilith

Eight Kings in pre-flood list reigned for a total of 67x Sha's
1x Sha = 360 passing-orbits
1x Sha = 360 earth years
[note: Shar-on = Orbit (Shar) of Light (On)]

8x Kings reighned for 67x 360yrs = 24120 years

Kings missing from the King List are;
Son of Ubar-tutu of Shuruppak

First King ruled approx 25628 years ago.

Ancient Scots-Gaels migrated to Ireland.

Sumaine (old Irish word) = Serpent/Dragon.


Flood/Deluge was caused ny Enlil + Assembly of Anunnaki.

Nin-Khursag = Lady of Life = opossed the idea.

Enki saved King Zi-U-Sudra who was given advanced warning.

The Flood was decreed by the Anunnaki (Anu + Enlil + Ninurta + Enuggi)

Genesis states that Jehovah caused the flood to reduce population.

Prior flood Enlil tried to reduce the population by plagues and famine.

Adom / Adamah / Adam = Red / Earth / Man

Hu = Mighty (Vedic)
Mannan = Man
Human= Mighty Man

Enki & Nin-Khursag created 14 x new humans after the flood (7-males +

Later Nin-Khursag was to give birth to her own child father by Enki.
This child was Adama (Adapa) = First human of royal seed.

Later Adam's partner was created named Khawa (Eve) = Lady of the
Ava = Haya/Hayat = Life/Serpent


Before the flood Kings of Sumer were Nephilim Guardians appointed by
the Anunnki.

After the flood earthly kings reigned.

Approx 2100 BC King Shulgi of ur was appointed by Anu. Reign was
before Abraham.

After the flood, earth King Ga-??-Ur was unsuccessful and reign was
passed back to Queen Nidaba = mother-in-law of Enlil.

Sunsequent rulers were 7x Nephilim guardians folowed by King Atabba of
Atabba = Atab = Abba = Adapa = Adama =Adam.

Senior royal descent was from CAIN (1st son of Eve) and not Seth (3rd

Flood story belongs before Adam's time, not Noah's time.

Enki was not happy that Enlil was made ruler supreme, as it was his birth

Enki's son Marduk made his own bid for supremacy.

Enlil lost popularity and withdrew altogether. Enlil was also the instigator
of the invasions that be-fell Sumeria s well as the great storms/famines etc.

Abraham remained aligned to Enlil and followed him to Canaan.

Enlil promised Abraham's family/descent higher exaltation above others.

Abraham was not the ruler of Canaan but an immigrant.

El Elyon=Enlil was also god of the Canananites as well as Abraham.

Mardul gained support from invaders and soon babylon became new
power centre.


Serpent was guardian of knowledge.
Serpent = Enki
Enki = Lord of Euphrates.

Enlil = used blackheaded people as slaves
Enki = wanted blackheaded people educated/freed.

Adam was first earthly priest-king of ancient Sumer approx 3800 BC with
wife Nin-Khawa (Eve).

Satan = sons of gods = servants only for aggressive actions of the gods.

Satan = brother/don of Jehovah.

Guardian of the table of destiny was Kingu = son of Tiamat.

Table of Destiny = book of Raziel = inherited by king Solomon.

Adam/Eve = Atabba/Hawah

Eve's first son was Cain = Qayin (Adam was not the father)
2nd son was Hevel = Abel (father was Adam)

Father of Cain was Enki = Samael = Lord of Sama-Mesopotamia.

Mark of Cain is oldest grant of arms = Cross with-in Circle (Ouroberos) =
snake clutching it's tail = Midrash/Phoenicians.

Mark of Cain was legacy of the Tiamat the Dragon Queen.

Royal court of the dragon origins 2170 BC.

Rosy Cross = Rosi-crucis
Rosi = Dew/Waters
Crucis = Cup/Chalice

Enki = lord of the sacred eye

Alchemy = Al (The) Khame (Blackness) = The Blackness

Q as in Queen/Quayin associated with the Moon/Lunar Cycle.
Q = Venus Symbol = Isis = Lilith = Nin-Khursag = Kali.

Lilith and Kali are Titles.

Daleth = Doorway tot eh light.

Qayin = Cain = Kain = Metal-Blade smith.

Tubal-Cain = Vulcan = Knowledge of Internal Heat.

Qayin = Ar-wi-um, King of Kish, son of Masda/Mazdau = successor of
King Atabba/Adama.

Enki = Ahura Mazda (Persian god of light and life)
Enki = Ormuzd = Serpent of the Night.

Ar-wi-um (Sumerian = Awwim (hebrew) = Serpent

Quayin's wife = Luluwa (lunar jewel/pearl) = Daughter of Lilith.

Lilith = Adams consort/wife (non-sexual) before Eve.
Lilith = grandmother of Enlil
Lilith = Daughter of Nergal (son of Enlil)
Lilith = mother was Nin-Enesh-Kigal (cousin of Nergal)
Lilith = Aunt was Queen Inanna
Lilith = pure Anunnali stock
Lilith = daughter is Luluwa by father Enki.

Samael/Enki & Lilith = Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil.


Ashtoreth = Lady of the See = Asherah = Elath
Ashtoreth = mother of jehovah's children (Baal, Anath, Mot, YAMM)
Ashtoreth = Asherah = Elath = Ash-ratu = Atirat = Ninlil = Sud.

Enlil = Llu-Kur-Gal = Ashur = Amurru = El-Elyon = El-Shaddia =

Anath = daughter of Jehovah+Ashtoreth = Queen of Heaven

Hadd = Baal = Baal-zebub = son of Jehovah+Ashtoreth
Mot = Gazir = son of Jehovah+Ashtoreth
YAMM = Nahar = Judge/Satan = son of Jehovah+Ashtoreth

Jeremiah (Prophet) = son of Hilkiah the High Priest.

Metatron = Lilith's father
Metatron = King Nergal
Metatron = Meslamtaea
Metatron = Son of Enlil

Enki/Samael married Lilith, which was arranged by Tanivar the Blind

Lilith was also the consort to Jehovah (her grandfather) as well as Enki
and Adam.

Lilith was said to have re-incarnated as Hagar and Queen Sheba.
Hagar = wife of Moses.
Queen Sheba = wife/consort of Solomon.

Samael = Manda d'Hayye, King of Light (Iraq)
Samael = Ahura Mazda (Iran)
Samael = Enki (Sumerian)
Samael = Samael (Hebrew)

Three messengers (angels) of Jehova were Senoy, Sansenoy, Semangelaf.

Ningirsu, Ningishzida and Ninurta were classified as Great Dragons.

Draco = holy crocodile = head dragon = pendragon.

Camelot = Camu-Lot = sacred kingdom of curved light.

Enlil/Jehovah mad rule to abstain from blood.

StarFire = menstrual blood = elixir rubeus
StarFire = established in the dragon court in 12th Dynasty Queen
Sobeknefru + Priest-Prince
Ankhfn-Khonsu (circa 2170)

Great White Brotherhood of Pharoah Thuthmosis III (c.1450 BC)
White = White Powder

High Council of Brotherhood = 39 men/women in Temple of Kamak in

Egyptian Therapeutate = Heliopolis/Judea = Essenes.

Dragon Queen = Dam (Dame)
Dam = blood

33 degrees of freemasonary = 33 vertebrae of the spinal column.

Kali = black but beautiful
Kali = Coal (English)


Scarlet women were source for starfire.

Scarlet Woman = Sacred woman
Sacred woman = Hierodulai (greek)
Sacred woman = Harlot (english)
Sacred woman = Hores/Whores/beloved Ones (german)

Luluwa = Daughter of Cain & Lilith
Atun = Son of Cain & Lilith
Nenokh = Son of Cain & Lilith

Atun = King of Kish (3500 BC)
Atun = King Etana

Henokh = Enoch

Rose of Sharon = Sha (Orbit) Ron (Light)
Sha-Ra-On = House of Light

Melatonin = Night-Worker (boosts immune)

Iridium was key fire-stone element.

Powder of gold increases melatonin
Powder of Iridium increases Seratonin

5% of brain is composed of iridium and rhodium.

When single ruthenium atoms are placed at each end of the DNA double
helix it becomes 10,000 more conductive.

Anti-aging compounds = iridium & rhodium.

DNA cellular levels contain ruthenium and platinum.

Gold/Platinum in mono-atomic hi-spin rate can activate the endocrinal
glandular system.


Lamech = Akalem (sumerian)
Lamech = Amalek
Amalek = son of Esau
Akalem = Akalem-dug
Lamech = sons of Eve & Enki/Samel
Lamech = had two wives Adah & Zillah
Jabal = son of Lamech & Adah
Jubal = son of Lamech & Adah
Tubal-Cain = son of Lamech & Zillah
Tubal-Cain = son of Akalem
Tubal-Cain = Mes-Kalam-dug
Tubal-Cain = Vulcan/Master craftsmen
Naamah = daughter of Lamech & Zillah

Nin-banda = wife of Tubal-Cain
Nin-banda = daughter of A-bar-gi (Lord of Ur)

Queen Shub-ad of ur = Wife of A-bar-gi
Queen Shub-ad = Nin Pu-abi
Naamah = Queen Shub-ad

Ham = son of Tubal-Cain (bible: son of Noah is incorrect)
Emzarah = wife of Noah
Canaan = son of Noah (not grandson)
Nimrod = grandson of Ham
Nimrod = Father of Anedjib
Anedjib = Yanuf (Egyptian Pharoah, 3000 BC)

Goat of Mendes is associated with Ham.

Ham was archon of 10th Age of Capricorn. His symbol was the inverted

Ham = Khem or Chem
Khem = black ruler of Mendes
Khem = Azazel of Capricorn (Watcher)

Element 51 = Anitomy (Stibium) ,essential for producing the philosphers

Anitomy = Kuhl or Khol = Al-Kuhul = Alcohol.

Azazel linked to Hermetic Alchemy.

Hermes Trismegistus = Thoth/Djedi
Thoth = scribe of the gods.
Thoth = Ham (Grandson of Tubal-Cain) = Egyptian Khem.
Thoth = Melchizadek (wrote book of the dead)
Ham = Zarathustra (Zoroaster (not the son of Noah)

Iran = Aryan (Followed Enki/Samael/Ahura Mazda)

Grail Kingship = Cain, Lamech, Tubal-Cain, Ham, Nimrod.

Methusael = father of Lamech
Methusael = man of god (mutu-sa-ili)

Lamech = Father od Masonic Symbolism
Jabal = Son of Lamech ( Master Geometrician)

Lamach's Children = Jabal, Jubal, Tubal-Cain & Naamah)

Lamech and his Children wrote their science's based on the Table of
Destiny on two pillars (i. Marble to resist fire. ii. Laturus to resist fire.

Japhet = Brother of Ham.
Japhet = son of Tubal-Cain (not Noah as bible has it)

Ham & Japhet = key ancestors of Scots/Gaels.

Japhet = Iaphetus-II
Anu = Iaphetus-I

Ishmael = 1st son of Abraham & Hagar
Isaac = 2nd son of Abraham & Sarah

Abraham and Sarah are half-brother/sister from Father Terah.

Sarah = daughter of Terah & Tohwait
Abraham = son of Terah & Yawnu

Tohwait = Naharyath
Tohwait = Nfry-ta-Tjewnen
Tohwait = Former wife of Pharaoh Amenemhet-I

Very possible that Isaac was son of Pharaoh Senusret-I and not Abraham.

Isaac's wife = cousin Rebecca of Ham.

Esau = twin-son of Isaac & Rebecca
Esau = Edom
Bashemath = Esau's wife
Bashemath = daughter of Ishmael and Mahalath
Mahalath = Nefru-Sobek
Mahalath = daughter of Pharoah Amenemhet-II
Mahalath = g/daughter of Senusret-I

Igrath = Daughter of Esau & Mahalath

SobekNefru = daughter of Igrath and Amenemhet-III
Sobek-Nefru = Dragon Queen

Jacob = twin-son of Isaac & Rebecca
Jacob = renamed to Israel.

Jacob wife's = Rachel and Leah (also had children from wive's
Bilhah = Jacob's handmaiden
Zilpah = Jacob's Handmaiden

Judah = Isaac's grandson
Tamar = wife of Judah

Pharez = son of Judah and Tamar

Thoth = Nimrod's gransdon
Thoth = King Raneb

Hyskos Rulers = Desert Princes = Sheperd Kings = Amorite = Descendants
of Ham.

Hyskos = possible Trojan origin.

Thutmosis-III established Alchemy schools operated by priests of Ptah.

Ptah = Vulcan of Eqypt

Ma'at = goddess of truth and law
Ma'at = sister of Thoth

Edom = Idumaea

Ishmaelites = 12-tribes of Syro-Arabia

Esau's Edomites = Dragon Kings/Queens


Mt Santorini volcanic eruption = Plaque of Darkness 1624 BC

Joseph = son of Jacob
Joseph the Vizier godhead was Ya-Ya = Iouiya = Yahweh = Jehovah

Akhenaten = granson of Joseph the vizier.

Amarna Kings = Akhenaten, Smenkhkare, Tutankhamun.

Israel exodus from Egypt occurred 1333 BC year of Ramesses-I death.

Aaron = Smenkhkare = son of Aye
Moses = Akhenaten
Nefertiti = wife of Moses

Amenhotep-III = father of Moses
Tiye (Queen) = mother of Moses

Tey = mother of Smenkhkare
Aye = father of Smenkhkare
Yusuf-Yuya the Vizier = grandfather of Smenkhkare

Aaron (Smenkhkare) = father of Princess Scota

Niul (Governor of Capacyront by the Red Sea) = Husband of Princess
Niul = Black Sea Prince of Scythia (Scota)

Gael (Gaedheal) = Son of Niul & Scota)
Gael = Born in Egypt at time of Moses

Star-Fire & Milk from goddesses caintained an enzyme called Telomerase
that prolongs life.

Construction of pyramids was made by use of white powder of gold (fire

Pyramid = Pyr (fire) Amid (begotten) = Fire Begotten

Aluminium & Silica are 100% platinum group compound.

Miriam = Sister of Moses and Aaron.

Queen Kiya = Wife of moses (half-sister) = Mery-Kiya
Queen Kiya = daughter of Amenhotep III & wife Gilukhipa.
Tutankhamun = son of Queen Kiya

Gilukhipa = Mother of Kiya
Gilukhipa = daughter of King Shurtana of Mitanni

Kiya = Khiba = Mitannian Goddess.

Jerusalem governor Abda-Khiba (Servant of Khiba) appealed to Moses
(Akhenaten) for help against invading hebrews.

Mitannian dynasts were powerful thru Palestine and their heritage was
thru Lilithian kingly line of Ham.

Moses married Zipporah of Midian (daughter of Jethro)
Zipporah = Thanbis ( Ethiopian Princess)

Jasher = Son of Caleb = Royal Staff Bearer to Moses.

Jethro = Ithra (Midianite)
Jethro = father-in law to Moses.

Lord Jethro gave Moses the 10-commandments at the foor of Mount

Tiy = Tey = Tiye = Jochebed = Mother of Moses & Aaron

Amram = Husband of Jochebed (Father of Moses)


10-Commandments are a copy of SPELL No.125 from the Book of the

Emerald Tablets = Tabula Smaragdina Hermetis.
Emerald Tablets = Table of Ham (Chem-Zarathustra)

Bible = Books of Prophets and Proverbs of Solomon, translated word for
word into Hebrew from the writings of an Egyptian Sage called

Works of Amenemope were extracted from the "Wisdom of Ptah-hotep"
2000 yrs before Solomon.


King Cymbeline of the House of Camu-Lot (AD10) = First Pendragon.

Last Pendragon was Cadwaladr of Gwynedd who died AD.664

Dragon Courts re-emergence was thru Sigismund von Luxemborg King of
Hungary who was descendant of Dragon KIngs of Jerusalem.

Members of the Court was Vlad III of Wallachia who built the citadel of

Vlad III = Count Dracula = son of Dracul (Dragon)