Update: Dec 2010: from Dan Winter - danwinter@fractalfield.com

We have been lecturing about the biologically poisonous effects of incorrectly distributed power for almost 30 years. Here is the fundamental principle:

-life force happens WHEN AND IF CHARGE DISTRIBUTION is efficient.

- that efficiency of distribution (of power and everything- including MONEY- we will reinvent fractal economics BECAUSE fractality by eliminating storage DEFINES abundance creation in distribution)- is defined to be perfect in the physics of FRACTALITY- This is because that is by definition the perfection of compression and therefore distribution( what packs perfectly also unpacks perfectly).

- that perfection is defined electrically in the dimensions- length and time of PLANCK - times GOLDEN RATIO- which I have newly proven by my new elegant equations- is why and how hydrogen came to exist: goldenmean.info/goldenproof , goldenmean.info/coincidence , and fractalfield.com/hydrogen

- this then defines what I have newly proven to be the golden ratio generalized solution to constructive wave interference, goldenmean.info/matrix , and therefore - the solution to compression (and therefore to the unified field) - but also therefore the generalized solution to efficient POWER DISTRIBUTION. (example: how and why a pine cone is alive- from an electrical engineering perspective - is the only teacher a good electrical engineer needs to design the power grid of a city).

In practical terms this means - not only now- do we know WHY 60 cycle (and to some extent 50)- is the frequency medically at which the voltage required to stop the heart is lowest!! Guess what- Edison picked maximum POISON for us all - out of stupidity.

Not only do we now know that- but we know how to fix it.

Phase conjugate harmonics in grid distribution would eventually make the plasma (power field) centripetal and self organizing. Even tho we are not at that stage yet- there are myriad ways- that can be made use of to re-invent power distribution. Simple example: altho it is well documented that particularly women in the (square) corner ROW HOUSE- DIE OF LEUKEMIA MOST OFTEN! The reason your local electrical engineer did not tell you that- is he did not understand the physics of why. The 90 degree angle produced wave interference which was opposite to conjugate ( and therefore poisonous to life). THAT IS EASILY FIXABLE! (check out the internal angles for constructive wave interference:

model: goldenmean.info/kit

animation: goldenmean.info/grail

I have new proof that THAT geometry IS precisely hydrogen - by equation. Hydrogen is fractal- to be central to life (every DNA bond core is hydrogen)- and so should be our power!!

Please team up with me- to REINVENT POWER DISTRIBUTION based on fractality- just like I have successfully re-invented architecture - globally- goldenmean.info/architecture based on fractality.


-- below is how we began teaching this 16 years ago:


Power Line Grounding & What's Poisoning the Farm?

Understanding How Earth's Subtle Magnetism Makes Things Grow,

and What Utility Line Grounds Do to Destroy Life..

TO MIKE VOGEL , Reporter



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Appreciate your interest in the "Stray Ground" problem we are all learning about. Last Evening Keicher's entire family presented their story (the loss of the majority of their farm stock due to the stray ground currents) at length to the engineer's from Adelphia Cable, NYSEG, Niagara Mohawk Public Utilities, and the entire WNY Electrical Inspectors regional meeting.

As the guest speaker for the evening, my position was to emphasize that Power Grid imbalances create very large amperage flow down ground wires into the Earth. This creates drastic rats nests in the geometry of all the magnetic flow lines in the region. Plants use order or coherence in the magnetic or dowsing or ley lines to create ordered water which makes cells grow. Birds get lost when magnetic lines get scrambled. Animals are particularly sensitive to these geopathic zones.

Our Earth regards magnetic flow as an information blood stream. Our power grid is in the habit of using the Earth herself as a huge dump path for hi amperage information pollution in the form of transformer grounding. The cable company's ground lead here appears to me to be only a path for carrying the power grids transformer ground hi amperage waste into the Earth as a kind of magnetic noise, which causes the Earth herself to bleed. Nature never intended the Earth herself to be a return path for billions of electrons needing a way back to the generation plant. The result here was the complete loss of a dairy herd, but those cows were really just being helpful enough to report a problem which is killing people, plants and animals alike. In Europe there is no 110 volt imbalanced transformer center tap. Here in America it is an obscene travesty to the Earth grid, and as Spark Burmaster and other pro's in Wisconsin teach, at the least a complete isolated 4th wire is required to take junk electrons back to the plant, and not to Earth's plants. If we really understood what we were doing to the delicate flower of magnetic lines which make things like underground water flow, we would pass EMERGENCY LEGISLATION making high amperages down ground wires as illegal as dumping mercury in the city water reservoir. They are equally destructive to health.

If users were to measure the AMPERAGE of the wasted energy they were paying for going down into their ground rods, they might realize the extent of the electrical garbage which is poisoning the Earth grid. Not only are they paying for this wasted energy, but the "stray" voltage pressures in the soil measureably: -kill all the Earth Worms, -cause dramatic health problems to plants, animals and people.. Gary Skillen reports consistant dramatic soil compaction/ soil death immediately around high voltage public utility metal power line towers. This is a global problem deserving global attention.

It is much harder to properly balance and tune a power distribution grid, so as to dramatically reduce the hi amp ground imbalances at transformers which so poison the Earth. As the catastrophic health impact of these ground problems become understood, we will need laws to severely limit the amperage a power grid can pour as pollution into the Earth's fragile magnetic bloodstream.

Please see enclosures. Our multimedia international education group has 4 related films in distribution on the subject: 1. Tuning Your Land 2. Antenna's of Nature 3. Grid Engineering 4. Energy Ley's and Water. Descriptions Attached.

Mike if you take the time to bring some of these key concepts about how the Earth grid is delicately tuned like a flowering rose to support biology, to your readers.. you would serve an Earth Mother in some severe pain.

Dan Winter

Study: Power Lines Probably Risky  By Paul Boutin

Story location: http://www.wired.com/news/medtech/0,1286,54637,00.html
03:10 PM Aug. 19, 2002 PT

The final report of a contested eight-year, $7 million study soon to be released by the California Department of Health Services may be the most credible statement yet on the connection between electric power lines and a variety of health problems.
"To one degree or another, all three of the DHS scientists are inclined to believe that EMFs (electric and magnetic fields) can cause some degree of increased risk of childhood leukemia, adult brain cancer, Lou Gehrig's disease and miscarriage," states a leaked copy of the final report from the California EMF Program, a study begun in 1993 on behalf of the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC).
But the authors, a trio of professional epidemiologists with backgrounds in physics, medicine and genetics, also wrote that they were not convinced of a connection between EMFs and many other health problems, ranging from cancer to suicide.
The report has been a bone of contention for years. A lawsuit last year charged the department with suppressing the report. The DHS subsequently published a draft version on its website containing much of the data presented in the final report.
The final version contains not only the more strongly worded executive summary, but a chart of the authors' personal degrees of certainty on each issue, removing the guesswork of who thinks what.
While acknowledging the possibility there may be no connection between EMFs and any of the various illnesses, all three estimated the probability of a cause-and-effect relationship at above 50 percent for the four medical problems listed above.
None of the authors could be reached for comment (two have since left the program), but Department of Health spokesman Ken August said the report was "going through the normal review process" and would be publicly released in coming months.
Louis Slesin, editor of the Microwave News newsletter on radiation effects, said the report's conclusions will carry more weight than previous claims about EMF effects.
"This is a health department," Slesin said. "Most of the other people working in this area are more tied into the electric utility industry. When the health people get involved, their objectives are health, not to worry about economic impact.
"No one can say this thing is settled. But what they're saying is that after all this time, they think there's something there."
The 500-plus page report sticks to epidemiology and makes no recommendations for reducing the health risks from power lines. But another recent report for the PUC detailed the high costs of potential fixes, estimating that a $5 billion investment to reduce EMFs from distribution lines running to homes and businesses would save a thousand lives over the 35-year lifetime of the equipment.
And while most sources said it was important to put the information in front of the public to allow informed decision-making, all agreed that probable ranges of certainty could be a tough message to convey to an audience that wants yes or no answers.
"People would prefer to see (whether you are) convinced or not," August said. "We're still trying to convince people that eating fruits and vegetables is good for you."




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